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Book Launch

Book Launch

An important book on Iraq by one of our Co-Editors has just been released: Thomas M. Renahan: The Struggle for Iraq: A View from the Ground Up, published by Potomac Books. The book describes Dr. Tom’s three civilian tours of duty in Iraq, on USAID and KRG projects, working in all three major areas of Iraq. It has a summary chapter on USAID with policy recommendations; and includes timely policy recommendations for both the Iraqi and US governments. One chapter provides a precise outline of how to settle the major issues between Iraq and the Kurds.

If you work in foreign policy or international development, or are otherwise engaged in Iraq issues, The Struggle for Iraq could be valuable to you.

If you would like to purchase the book, click on one of the links below. To buy directly from Potomac Books (University of Nebraska Press), at a promotional discount of 30%, use this link:

Then enter discount code 6AS17.

If you prefer to buy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, at their discount, click on one of the links below the cover photo.

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