An Update On ISIS Activities

March 23, 2018


Arnaud Beltrame (AP)







State Dept. honors Sunni widow who sheltered Shia soldiers from Speicher Massacre. [..]

Daesh attacks continue in Baghdad’s Tarmiya District. [..]

Numerous Daesh members returning with IDP families arrested in Mosul. [..]

Daesh attacks two more Mukhtars. [..] 

PKK units withdraw from Sinjar. [..]

CoR member accuses PMFs of crimes against Sunnis in western Ninewa. [..]

Daesh attack on Jurf Al-Sakhar in Babel leaves 25 dead. [..]



Civil Defense organization accuses Russia of napalm attack in East Ghouta. [..]

6,000 civilians and some opposition fighters leave East Ghouta under Russia-brokered deal. [..]

Coalition airstrikes continue in Albu Kamal. [..]

Erdogan appoints a governor for Afrin. [..]

Coalition spokesman confirms US has no deal with Turkey on Afrin. [..]

Anti-government militants resume fighting each other in Idlib, Aleppo. [..]

Coalition airstrikes force Syrian troops to back away from US positions in Deir Ez-Zor. [..]


Other countries

France:   French hero cop dies after Daesh supporter goes wild in southern France. [..]

 Great Britain:  London subway bomber sentenced to 34 years. [..]   





Anti-Daesh Campaign

The State Department honored Um Qusay, naming her as one of the ten bravest women in the world. Um Qusay, a Sunni widow, won the International Women of Courage award for hiding, protecting, and securing a safe exit for 58 mostly Shia Iraqi soldiers during Daesh’s infamous Speicher massacre in mid-2014. [Sumaria]


The Coalition says it conducted 5 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq between March 16 and March 22, near Tal Afar (1), Hawija (2), Al-Qa’im (1), and Ramadi (1). [InherentResolve] 


The Coalition says it is still pursuing Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi despite rumors of his death. The Coalition spokesman told a Russian news agency that as soon as he is detected, he will immediately be attacked. [Ghad]



Thursday, the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights reported that certain political party representatives in Anbar are promoting the sale of voter cards for $100, while other parties are promising to release prisoners who are from the governorate. The observatory called on the IHEC to monitor the behavior of the nominees and impose strict punishments against those who are resorting to unethical means of gaining votes. According to the report, the situation in Salahuddin’s IDP camps is similar, as they are constantly visited by a number of nominees who distribute basic food commodities among the IDPs. [NRTTV]


Former Ninewa Governor, Atheel Al-Nujaifi, says Daesh’s return could be enabled by the US’ escalation against Iran. He says Iraq will be the arena of a coming US-Iran struggle and questioned whether Iraq is ready for this possibility. [BaghdadToday]


Iraq-KRG Issues

The leader of the Turkmen Front has expressed opposition to the return of Peshmerga units to disputed areas, holding Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi responsible for predicted dire consequences. He says Al-Abadi’s approval to deploy Peshmerga units alongside the Iraqi forces will cause conflicts among Kurds, Turkmen, and Arabs. [Sumaria]



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)

Daesh says it ambushed an Iraqi Army and PMF convoy in the Albu Farraj area in Tarmiya, Daesh says it detonated 2 IEDs, destroying a Humvee and an SUV, and killing or wounding the soldiers inside. It also says it killed or wounded seven soldiers in clashes after the attack. It says all its terrorists returned safely. [ICDNMar23]

Daesh says it severely wounded a National Security Service official and damaged his vehicle with an IED in the Sheikh Hamad area in Tarmiya, on Wednesday. [ICDNMar23]




A DaeshDaily source reports that PMF units found 40 IEDs in a tunnel near Falluja and arrested 3 Daesh terrorists who confessed they were planning terrorist attacks to prevent people from participating in the elections. The source sent us photos of the IEDs. 



A security source in Anbar says an IED from Daesh’s remnants exploded in Albu Dhiab north of Ramadi, targeting an army patrol, and killed an army captain. [Sumaria]

Daesh’s version says it killed an Iraqi Army captain and another soldier and destroyed their vehicle with an IED in the Albu Dhiab area on Thursday. [ICDNMar23]



A DaeshDaily source says 2 Hezbollah fighters were killed and 4 others wounded when their military position was targeted by a locally made rocket near the Akashat compound south of Al-Qa’im.



A DaeshDaily source says Daesh terrorists captured four Border Police members, including an officer, at a fake checkpoint between Rutba and Ramadi and took them to an unknown location.   




A DaeshDaily source says Salahuddin Operations Command Intelligence units captured two wanted Daesh members in the Abu Aqrab area, in Tikrit. 

Friday, the MIS in Salahuddin reported capturing two Daesh operatives in a pre-set ambush at the Abu Aqrab checkpoint in northern Tikrit.[Baghdadia] [Sumaria]



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

Daesh says it targeted a Sahwa position with light weapons in south Baquba on Thursday. [ICDNMar23]


Friday, the Security Committee in the Diyala PC announced that joint security units captured three wanted suspects on terrorist charges in operations in Baquba District and its subdistricts. [Sumaria][Sumaria]


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

The 110th PMF brigade says it captured a Daesh vehicle packed with weapons following a pursuit in northeast Diyala near Sadiya subdistrict. [Youm7] [Sumaria]


Friday, the 110th PMF brigade announced the seizure of a “Daesh vehicle” in an operation in Sadiya. The 110th brigade is responsible for large areas of northeast Diyala, especially in the Himrin vicinity and Sadiya. [Sumaria]


A DaeshDaily source says Daesh attacked PMF units in the Himrin Basin area, killing three fighters, capturing two, and stealing a machine gunmounted vehicle. 


Daesh says it targeted the headquarters of an Iraqi Army battalion in Udhaim with 2 mortars on Thursday. [ICDNMar23]


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

Friday, Diyala representative Ra’ad Almas said the security situation in Al-Nida Basin is “concerning” in light of recent security incidents, most recently the death and wounding of four soldiers by an IED. He added that “Daesh’s noticeable emergence in a strategic area raises a lot of question marks.” [Sumaria]

Friday, the Security Committee in the Diyala PC announced that an IED exploded on an Army patrol in Al-Nida area, killing three soldiers and wounding one other on Thursday evening.[Sumaria]
Daesh’s version says it attacked a PMF military position in Mandali with light and mid-sized weapons on Thursday night. Daesh also says it destroyed a PMF reinforcement Humvee with an IED, killing or wounding the fighters inside. Daesh says at least four PMF fighters were killed in the attack. [ICDNMar23] 




Friday, Turkmen Front leader Arshad Al-Salehi announced that “an explosion of an unknown nature” happened during a Turkmen celebration at the Kirkuk Citadel, noting that the CTS managed to capture one of the perpetrators of the attack. A security source reported that a locally-manufactured sound bomb exploded on Friday during a large celebration organized by the Turkmen Front at the Kirkuk Citadel without damage. [Sumaria]


London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi says Daesh is regrouping near Kirkuk city, and more intense attacks are expected in the upcoming period. It also says local populations fear a possible Daesh attack on the center of Kirkuk city. Iraqi army divisions and a US special forces unit are stationed near Kirkuk. [BaghdadToday]


Thursday, PMF spokesman Ali Al-Husseini said that the PMF calls on Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to return the PMF to Kirkuk and task it with street security, in an area from southern Kirkuk, passing Tuz Khurmatu, to Injana. He said that after the PMF withdrew and the Iraqi Army was replaced by the IFP in Tuz Khurmatu, a 30 km area has lacked security, making it easy for Daesh to take advantage. He also noted the lack of coordination between 3 military operations commands (Kirkuk, Salahuddin, and Tigris). [Shafaaq]


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

Friday, the MIS announced that a number of its units, in cooperation with the IFP’s 20th brigade seized an underground IED depot in the Al-Jamali area of Hawija. The MIS added that the depot contained 14 boxes of 120 mm mortar shell projectiles, a 100 mm tank projectile, and medical equipment used for treating wounds and minor surgeries.[IraqPress]


A DaeshDaily source says PMF units captured 3 commanders hiding in a tunnel in Najatiya village. 


A DaeshDaily source says 4 Daesh terrorists attacked the house of the Mukhtar of Al-Muraba’ village, in Abbasi, and wounded him severely. The source says PMF units arrived at the area and killed the 4 terrorists.


Daesh says a group of its terrorists attacked PMF members’ houses in Kana’na village, west of Riyadh, destroying 9 houses and 4 vehicles. It also says it destroyed a PMF vehicle with an IED near the village, killing or wounding the fighters inside. Daesh says its terrorists remained in the village for several hours before retreating safely. [ICDNMar23]


Daesh says it destroyed a PMF vehicle with an IED west of Riyadh. [ICDNMar23]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

A security source in Kirkuk says Daesh attacked an IFP patrol escorting an electricity team making repairs in Daquq district. The gun battle was still ongoing as a PMF unit arrived to provide support. [BaghdadToday]



Friday, Ninewa PC member Husam Al-Abbar announced that tens of Daesh operatives were arrested among the large number of IDP families returning to their areas. The cooperation of local populations was a major factor in detecting them. He adds that security forces have initiated a large-scale arrest campaign in parts of Mosul. [Ghad]



A DaeshDaily source says two tribal PMF fighters were killed when a group of Daesh terrorists attacked Hay Mushairifa in west Mosul. The source says the terrorists fled back to the Badoush area after the attack. 


A DaeshDaily source says local police arrested 4 Daesh terrorists who planted an IED near the house of the Mukhtar of Arbajiya, in east Mosul. The source says the terrorists lived in the same area and they were trying to kill the Mukhtar, who had refused to endorse the return of Daesh families to the area. Security units usually allow displaced families to return after these families get an endorsement from the Mukhtar of the area. 


Southern Ninewa

Mosul subdistrict/ Hammam Al-Alil/Shura

Friday, the MIS stated that its 20th infantry division seized a Russian heavy cannon (130 mm) that Daesh used to impede the advance of liberation forces in areas south of Mosul. [Sumaria]



Friday, the PMF media stated that its EOD and National Defense Saraya Forces located weapons, ammunition, and belts belonging to Daesh in Masha’if village in Hatra. [Ghad]


The Coalition says it received late reports of two strikes consisting of three engagements

conducted near Makhmur on March 11, 2018, engaging a Daesh tactical unit and destroying a tunnel network. [InherentResolve]




A PKK spokesman says its units have withdrawn from Sinjar city, saying that their stay is no longer needed after the threat of Daesh has been removedfrom the area. He says Yazidis in the area are ready to defend their city in coordination with the Iraqi forces. He says his group does not want to create problems for the citizens in the area.[Sumaria]


Friday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that “Turkey welcomes the rapprochement between Erbil and Baghdad and resolving the outstanding differences between them, noting that Turkey has no animosity towards the Kurds in Iraq.” Cavusoglu noted that “we are preparing an attack on Qandil and Sinjar, and our Army will do what it did in Afrin” and that all areas with PKK presence are legitimate targets of Turkey. [SotIraq]



A CoR member accused the PMFs of committing abuses in Ninewa, after one of the militias arrested a young man in Baaj who was eventually killed. She says that PMFs are committing crimes against Sunni Arabs on the road between Baaj and Sinjar. [Rudaw]

Friday, Ninewa CoR representative Jamila Al-Abidi said “the so-called Al-Imam Ali brigades captured a young man from Baaj days ago, tortured him, and killed him in cold blood before disposing of his body in the open.” She added that the PMF commits “horrifying crimes” against civilians and Sunni-Arab enlistees, particularly on the road connecting Baaj and Sinjar, for the security of which it is responsible.  She noted that the Baaj Police confirmed that there has been more than one abduction case on that road with “sectarian revenge” motives. Al-Abidi also noted that some of the PMF units in Mosul are accused of robbing houses and commercial shops and abducting well-off people. PMF commander Abdullah Mahdi Al-Maksousyan said the Ali Al-Akbar brigades are in need of more time to secure the Baaj-Sinjar road as it is a very long road with gang and terrorist activity. [MEonline]


The PMF stated on Friday evening that the 28th brigade shelled a Daesh gathering of 15 members inside Syria who were planning to attack PMF and security units in Tal Safouk on the Iraqi-Syrian border. [SNGIQ]


A DaeshDaily source says PMF units defused 22 land mines planted by Daesh near the Syrian border. The source says Daesh planted land mines and IEDs in the area and then withdrew to Syria. 




A DaeshDaily source says 15 PMF fighters and at least 10 Daesh terrorists were killed when 11 Daesh machine gunmounted vehicles attacked the Jurf Al-Sakhar area. The source says the terrorists came from the desert between Jurf Al-Sakhar and Falluja. The source also says Daesh launched an attack with mortars on the area.

DaeshDaily comment. Jurf Al-Sakhar was the first Daesh-held area to be liberated by Iraqi forces more than 3 years ago. However, many of the displaced people in the area were not allowed to return because of fear of Daesh sleeper cells. Our sources say that some people in the area are still loyal to Daesh and they help it with its attacks. 




Friday, Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that the flight ban on Erbil has been lifted. “Turkey has opened its airspace for flights to Erbil as of today. However, there will be no flights to Suleimaniya,” Yildirim said. “Commercial flights will be available from either Turkey or Europe to Erbil,” he added. [EnabBaladi]


Friday, Anadolu reported that the Turkish Army destroyed 5 PKK caves and 12 hideouts during its military operations against the PKK in Hakurk and Kani Rash in northern Iraq. [Anadolu]



Thursday, ROJ news reported that Turkish aircraft attacked the Niroh and Rikan villages in the Badinan area in the Amedi District of Dahuk, destroying a bridge that linked several villages in the region. [ROJ]





A symposium held in Moscow discussed the overall situation in Afrin and Syria. A Russian expert says the major concern is possible demographic changes forced by Turkey in Afrin by settling Arabs and Turkmen in the place of Kurds. He also says that any Russian victory in Syria would undermine the US role in that country.The conclusion was that Turkey is the main beneficiary of the situation in Syria. [Rudaw]


Friday, Coalition Spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon told Sputnik “we continue to go after these senior leaders and we continue to look for Al-Baghdadi, and if we knew where he was we would have our professionals head over and hit him right now.” [IraqPress] 

DaeshDaily comment. Well maybeor maybe years and decades from now, Baghdadi may be the Amelia Earhart of his time. As Daesh Daily readers know, we have been skeptical about all the reported Baghdadi sightings, none of which has been accompanied by a photo.


East Ghouta

Friday, Rif Damashq Civil Defense reported that Russian aircraft attacked a shelter in Arbin city with napalm, killing over 37 civilians, mostly women and children. [Dorar]


Dorar reported that a new agreement has been reached between Failaq Al-Sham and Russia. Under that agreement, the fighters, as well as the civilians who are willing to leave, will be able to get out of East Ghouta and head to the opposition-held areas in northern Syria. [Dorar] [SyriaHR]


Dorar news reported that the second batch of IDPs left Harasta towards opposition-held northern Syria under the Russia-brokered agreement between Ahrar Al-Sham and the Syrian government. According to local sources, 11 buses carrying 655 people, including 164 women, 275 children and 176 fighters, left Harasta, probably heading to Azaz. [Dorar] [Hawar]


Syria Now reported that the Syrian forces secured the exit of over 6,000 civilians from northeast Ghouta to the Al-Wafidain camp crossing. [SyriaNow]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


A DaeshDaily source says one civilian was killed and others wounded when PMF artillery in the Baaj District in Iraq targeted civilian houses in the Dashisha area across the border. The source says hundreds of people left their houses in the area because of the continuous shelling. 




Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced appointment of a wali (governor) of Afrin city in Syria. He will also appoint administrative staff to run the city. The nationality and ethnicity of the new wali is unknown. [BasNews]


Friday, according to independent Kurdish sources, Dorar reported that Turkey has formed a local police force from Afrin residents. Abdul Aziz Al-Tammu, head of the Syrian Association of Independent Kurds (AIK) and member of Afrin Local Council, said that “the youth will be tasked with the responsibility of keeping peace in Afrin, after the “Olive Branch” troops have finished clearing Afrin center of terrorists. Turkey will train about 1,000 Syrian young men from Afrin as policemen over 3-6 months as a first stage, with the aim of establishing security in Afrin center and its surrounding villages, amounting to about 300 villages,” he added. [Dorar]


The Turkish Army and affiliate militias closed down on the last area held by Kurdish fighters southeast of Afrin separating the city from Syrian government-controlled Nubl and Zahra’a towns. [BasNews]


Friday, Dorar reported that the Turkish Army and the “Free Syrian Army” have captured 3 villages near Jinderes, including Farfirtin, Burjke and Kabashin, following battles with the YPG. [Dorar]


YPG units announced they killed 10 soldiers of Turkey and allied Syrian factions in Afrin, while Turkey says it captured 4 more villages. A bomb exploded Thursday in the center of Afrin, killing 3 Turkish soldiers and wounding several others. [Rudaw]


Friday, Hawar reported that the YPG carried out a “special operation” in Kimar village in Afrin subdistrict, killing 6 members of the Turkish Army and its allied militias, and wounding others. [Hawar]



Friday, Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said that “Olive Branch Operation” hasn’t ended yet, and it will be extended to Idlib province and Manbij. [EnabBaladi] [Anadolu]


Friday, Dorar reported that the US-led International Coalition has denied reaching an understanding with Turkey over Manbij. Coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon told the Russian “Novosti” news agency that the Coalition doesn’t know what “understanding” Ankara claims to have reached with Washington over Manbij. [Dorar]


Friday, SOHR reported that clashes broke out between the Syrian opposition factions and the Syrian forces in Tadif, just SE of Al-Bab, accompanied by mutual shelling, without any reports of casualties.  [SyriaHR]



Friday, SOHR reported that clashes have resumed between Tahrir Al-Sham and Suqur Al-Sham on the outskirts of Al-Jarada village in northern Maarat Al-Numan. [SyriaHR]


Friday, Enab Baladi reported that 4 members of Failaq Al-Sham were killed in an attack by members of Jund Al-Aqsa on the Failaq Al-Sham headquarters in western Jisr Al-Shughur in rural Idlib. [EnabBaladi]


Friday, SOHR reported that clashes have resumed between Tahrir Al-Sham and Noureddine Zenki in Mikilbis (in Angara town) and Blinta villages in western Aleppo, accompanied by mutual shelling, with reports of casualties on both sides. [SyriaHR


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.) (No reports)


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Friday, based on local media reports, Dorar said that the Coalition airstrikes have forced the Syrian forces to withdraw from the eastern outskirts of Khasham town, fronting Conoco oilfield, where the SDF and US troops are stationed. [Dorar]


Albu Kamal

The Coalition says it conducted airstrikes 9 on Daesh targets in Syria between March 16 and March 22, 8 of them in or near Albu Kamal, the other one in Shaddadi in southern Hasaka. [InherentResolve] 


Daesh publishes photos of targeting a Syrian Army military position near Albu Kamal with an SPG9 rocket. [ICDNMar23]



Damascus/Rif Damashq 

According to the 124th issue of its Naba’ magazine published on Thursday, Daesh said it captured 90% of the Al-Qadam neighborhood, which was previously handed over by opposition groups to the government when they agreed to leave, during the ongoing battles with the Syrian forces. [EnabBaladi]


Daesh publishes photos of publicly cutting off the hands of two “thieves” in the Al-Hajar Al-Aswad area. [ICDNMar23]




Neighboring countries


The Aden Police says it arrested a major Daesh leader involved in several attacks, bombings, and assassinations targeting Arab coalition, Aden security, and the security belt. The arrest was made in Mansoura city inside Aden where explosive belts and detonators were also found. Initial confessions of the arrestee revealed a serious Daesh plot. [Alkhaleej]


Daesh says it killed a Houthi member with an IED in the Qifa area on Thursday. [ICDNMar23]

Here Daesh says it killed a Houthi member with an IED in the Wald Rabi’a area, northwest of Bayda, on Thursday. [A3maq]


North Africa


Daesh issues a propaganda video about its attacks in the Sinai area. Daesh claims that the Egyptian Army military campaign in the area has failed. [ICDNMar23]






Friday, Anadolu reported that at least three people were killed, and 16 others wounded in southern France after a Daesh gunman stole a car, fired at police officers and took hostages in a supermarket.



Friday, Agence France-Presse reported from French security units that a person claiming to belong to Daesh was holding hostages in a supermarket in Trebes in southern France. One policeman was wounded and another was being held hostage inside the supermarket at the time of the report. [Sumaria] 


Friday, Sky News Arabia said Daesh claimed responsibility for the hostage incident in southern France. [Sumaria] 


Friday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Mahjoub said Iraqi condemns the shooting that targeted the French police and hostages in Trebes city in southern France, and it extends its condolences to the families of the victims. [Sumaria]



A French police officer who offered himself up to a Daesh extremist gunman in exchange for a hostage died of his injuries, raising the death toll in the attack to four, and the officer was honored Saturday as a national hero of “exceptional courage and selflessness.” [AP]

The officer took the place of a female hostage in a supermarket standoff and was fighting for his life in a hospital. Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame helped end the rampage that killed three people and injured 12.

Mr. Beltrame has been hailed as a hero after volunteering to trade himself for the hostage while managing to leave his mobile phone on throughout the siege so that police outside the supermarket in Trebes could hear what was happening inside the building.

Authorities confirmed that when they heard shots ring out inside the supermarket, police stormed inside and shot the gunman—25 year old Redouane Lakdim—dead. 

French President Emmanuel Macron applauded the efforts of Mr. Beltrame in helping bring to an end the standoff.

Lakdim, a petty criminal under police surveillance, stormed the supermarket in Trebes and took hostages around 11am local time (Friday 9pm AEDT) after he held up a car, killed one person and wounded another. He then fired six shots at police officers who were on their way back from jogging near the city of Carcassonne on Friday morning. 

The police were not in uniform but were wearing athletic clothes with police insignia. One police officer was shot in the shoulder, but none of them were killed.

Lakdim then entered a Super U supermarket in Trebes, 100km southeast of Toulouse, taking an unknown number of people hostage. The shooter killed another two people in the supermarket.

The report said Lakdim claimed allegiance to Daesh and that he demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the prime surviving suspect in the ISIS attacks that killed 130 people in Paris in 2015.

The hostage situation lasted several hours but most employees and customers at the supermarket “managed to flee.” [9News] 

Daesh’s A3maq says that the terrorist is one of Daesh’s “soldiers.” [ICDNMar23]


Great Britain

Friday, a teenager Iraqi asylum seeker who had told police he had received training by Daesh was sentenced to at least 34 years in prison for bombing the London underground in September 2017, wounding 51 people. [Baghdadia] 




Agence France-Press reported from Afghan officials that Afghan security captured a French woman with 5 Daesh members in Jowzjan, Daesh’s stronghold in north Afghanistan, on Thursday evening. [Dijlah]




Daesh issues a propaganda video attacking the concept of Democracy. [ICDNMar23]

DaeshDaily comment. Several Daesh publications and messages are appearing these days with the same theme. Daesh is trying to undermine the elections in Iraq and Egypt. 


March 22, 2018


Kabul (BBC)







Turkmen leader accuses PUK leaders of using Daesh members to create instability in Kirkuk. [..]

Chairman of CoR Security & Defense Committee Chairman wants proof of Turkey’s claim that Iraq will help them remove PKK members from Ninewa. [..]

Daesh cells in Baghdad’s Tarmiya District an emerging issue. [..]

Daesh ambushes kills 6 Iraqi soldiers, 4 border guards  in Anbar. [..]

Daesh killed Shia civilians, including children, on a bus. [..]

Daesh continues to target mukhtars for assassination. [..]

4 civilians killed by Turkish anti-PKK airstrike in rural Erbil. [..]



State Dept. spokesman denies Turkey’s claim of deal with US on Manbij; says US troops there not leaving. [..] 

Merkel condemns Turkey’s invasion of Afrin. [..]

Guterres raises alarm, demands UN action on reported Assad chemical attacks. [..]

White Helmets say 28 killed, 26 wounded by airstrikes in northern Idlib. [..]

Russia negotiating with another militia for its departure from East Ghouta. [..]


Other countries

Afghanistan: Daesh suicide bomb kills at least 32 in Kabul on Nawroz holiday. [..]





Anti-Daesh Campaign

The Coalition says a service member with Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve died March 21, 2018 in a non-combat-related incident in Iraq. It says the incident is under investigation. [InherentResolve]


Council of Representatives

Thursday, Turkmen CoR representative Niazi Memar Uglu accused unnamed Kurdish parties of “incubating and training” 3,000 Daesh members who surrendered themselves to the Peshmerga. He emphasized the need for the federal government to reinforce security units in Tooz District and Kirkuk Province with additional units. 

Uglu said that “there are certain Kurdish officials, including Sheikh Lahur [= Lahur Talabani] and Kosrat Rasul [a PUK leader], who have been showing off their muscles for a while, and today they are trying to fuel sectarian strife to recreate an environment of national conflict in Iraq.” [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This seems like a petty political issue, but should be taken seriously. The Kurds schemed for years to control Kirkuk, and in mid-2014 the Daesh invasion gave them an opportunity to seize the city and most of the province. This power play pleased Kurds but further alienated Kirkuk’s Arabs and Turkmen against them. Now the central government is back in control, and in political control as well as military control. This pleased the Arabs and Turkmen, but now the Kurds in Kirkuk (and Kurdistan) are alienated. So while Daesh attacks in the province continue to be a problem, the numerous recent comments by Kurdish and non-Kurdish leaders about security in Kirkuk are less about security and more about politics and the future political status of Kirkuk. Uglu is basically accusing PUK leaders of deliberately undermining security by playing politics with it, and of creating security incidents themselves as part of the strategy, using former Daesh members so as to avoid blame for the incidents.


Chairman of the CoR Security and Defense Committee, Hakim Al-Zamili, said that the CoR “has no knowledge of any agreement between Baghdad and Ankara about Turkish military operations on the border with Iraq to expel PKK members.” He added that “if the Iraqi government were serious in expelling PKK units from northern Iraq, then Iraq has the capability to do so without needing help from Turkey.” He added that the Committee has a meeting with key government officials in the next few days and will request a clarification about the Turkish statement indicating such an agreement. [Rudaw]



Thursday, a possible corruption issue arose over a foreign contract. An informed source reported that Minister of the Interior Qassem Al-Aaraji ordered the creation of a supreme investigation committee to look into a Bulgarian Arsenal Armament contract over questions about prices, product type, and manufacturing year. The source, who requested to remain anonymous, noted there are significant suspicions of corruption in the contract. [Sumaria]


Iraq-KRG Issues

Thursday, State of the Law representative Zainab Al-Sheikh Aref Al-Basri stated that President Fuad Masoum is intentionally postponing the implementation of budget because he believes it violates the constitution and the law by failing to give the Kurdistan Region 17% of the budget. [Sumaria]


Thursday, the New York Times published an article titled “After Months of Acrimony, Baghdad Strikes Deal with Kurds,” in which former KRG President Masoud Barzani is quoted as saying “We hope that such a breakthrough can help alleviate some of the economic hardships that our people are suffering right now.”[BasNews] [NYTimes]


Foreign relations 

Al-Arabiya showed a video of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri defending the Muslim Brotherhood in response to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The Prince pledged to eradicate the “Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology which has invaded the Kingdom’s schools.” Zawahiri also said that Daesh had refused to “cooperate” with Al-Qaeda to stand up to the US and Coalition. [Sumaria]



Security-related incidents reported

Rudaw reports that armed robberies are spreading at an increasing rate against currency exchanges, gold dealers, and commercial markets, leading many businessmen to leave Baghdad in fear of falling victim to these crimes committed by armed gangs and militias. [Rudaw]


North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)

The PMF organization says the 8th PMF brigade has taken over the protection of Tarmiya District in north Baghdad from the Army forces. [Sumaria] 

Former CoR Speaker, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani, in a discussion with Ammar Al-Hakim, leader of Hikma party, stressed the point that security there should be under the command of the commander-in-chief of armed forces, i.e., the Prime Minister, not the PMF. [Sngiq]


DaeshDaily sources say that Daesh sleeper cells in Tarmiya District area have been “activated.” The sources say that many Daesh terrorists are hiding in the Al-Hawra (marshland) area and organizing attacks on civilians, tribal fighters, and security forces in the District. The government is reluctant to attack these elements for political reasons, which come down to the concern that a government assault in Sunni neighborhoods risks resurfacing familiar issues about oppression of Sunnis by the government.


Daesh says in its media that it initiated an attack on Tarmiya in north Baghdad without going into much detail. [PUKMedia] 

DaeshDaily comment. We doubt that shifting the deployments between regular Army and PMF units is the real solution. Iraq needs to deploy more troops of whatever force in Tarmiya. This “suburban” District in Baghdad Governorate is likely the most Daesh-affected location in the country now, and appears to be the District least changed since Daesh was supposedly defeated. There are constant deadly incidents and no real indication that the situation is getting better.  


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

Daesh said on Tuesday that it killed a Sahwa commander in an ambush in Yusufiyah. [ICDNMar20]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   4(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   0




Daesh said on Tuesday that it destroyed an Iraqi Army vehicle with an IED in the Zoba’a area. [ICDNMar20]



A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that MoI Intelligence units captured 8 persons on terrorism charges in the Street 20 area, in Ramadi city. 



A DaeshDaily source said on Wednesday that six Iraqi soldiers were killed in a Daesh ambush on the road between Haditha and Ramadi. The source says the soldiers were returning from the Ayn Al-Asad Base to their houses.


A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that Daesh targeted a PMF food supplies truck with an IED on the road between Haditha and Ramadi, killing the driver.  


Anah (including Rawa)/Al-Qa’im

A DaeshDaily source said on Wednesday that a Kata’eb Hezbollah unit found a Daesh weapons and explosives cache in a tunnel near Al-Qa’im. 



Wednesday, a security source in Anbar reported that 4 border control guards were killed in a Daesh trap on the highway near the Trebil border crossing with Jordan in western Anbar. The soldiers were in vehicles leaving their position on leave when attacked. [Sumaria]

Daesh’s version says a group of its terrorists ambushed a Border Police convoy near the Jordan border, killing six soldiers, wounding one, and destroying a vehicle, before returning safely. [ICDNMar22]


Wednesday, a security source in Anbar reported that a border control unit foiled a Daesh attack on a police station near the Iraqi-Saudi border, killing some of the attackers. [Sumaria]




A DaeshDaily source said on Wednesday that four PMF fighters were killed in a Daesh attack on Jazeera Siniya. The source says the terrorists also stole a pickup truck, weapons, and ammunition before fleeing the area.


A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that PMFs stopped a Daesh attack in the Jazeera Siniya area, killing a Daesh Iraqi commander and a Saudi commander. 



Daesh published on Tuesday photos of detonating an IED on an Emergency Police vehicle on the road between Tikrit and Tuz Khurmatu. [ICDNMar20]


Daesh said it attacked an Oil Facilities Protection unit in the Allas Oilfield on Tuesday killing five members, wounding others, and destroying four vehicles. Daesh published photos of the attack. [ICDNMar22]



Thursday, Chairman of the Diyala PC Security Committee Sadeq Al-Husseini announced that joint security units captured 5 wanted suspects, including 1 on terrorism charges in raids in various parts of Diyala.[Sumaria] 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

Thursday, head of the Udhaim Subdistrict Council, Mohammed Dhaifan Al-Abidi, announced that 2 mortar shells fell in Udhaim’s center, in the third shelling of its kind in the past 72 hours. [Sumaria] 


Thursday, Diyala PC Security Council member Abdulkhaleq Medhat confirmed that 80 mm mortar shells in Daesh’s possession were used in the shelling on Udhaim in the past two days. [Sumaria]


Daesh said it blew up part of an oil pipeline between Nafut Khana and Baghdad with an IED on Wednesday. [ICDNMar22]


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

Thursday, Diyala Police commander Brig. Gen. Jassem Al-Saadi announced that the Diyala Police dismantled one of the most dangerous Daesh cells in the Al-Nida Basin and captured 2 of its members.[Baghdadia] 


Daesh said it severely wounded the Mukhtar of Qurtuba village in Mandali with a sticky IED under his vehicle on Tuesday. They claim he is a Badr member. [ICDNMar22]



According to an Etejah Press reporter, a terrorist group set up a fake checkpoint in the area separating Tuz Khurmatu and Daquq and shot at a tourism bus, killing 6 people and wounding others, including children. The reporter added that PMF and security units closed the road and began searching the area. 

Wednesday, Daesh claimed responsibility for an attack on a passenger bus on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road claiming it killed and wounded 35 Shia visitors on the bus. [ICDNMar22]


Daesh said on Wednesday that it blew up 3 oil tanker trucks with machine guns on the road between Kirkuk and Baghdad. [ICDNMar21]


Daesh said on Wednesday that it killed two “PMF members” and captured 13 others on the road between Kirkuk and Baghdad. [ICDNMar21]


Thursday, the Turkmeneli political party claimed that there are “breaches” in the IHEC’s work in the Kirkuk governorate on the election. It says IHEC did not allow monitoring of the process of giving out voter cards and is giving out more than one card per person. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This could raise a large issue in Kirkuk, where after 2003 there were many thousands of Kurdish voters who did not actually live in Kirkuk. Kirkuk has been unable to hold proper elections because it was impossible to produce a reliable voter roll. Whatever the truth of the allegation, it dredges up some controversial history. As with the security allegations commented on above under National News, the larger issue is with the future political status of Kirkuk.



A PMF commander says security the situation in Kirkuk is stable, but warned of sleeper cells activities. He also demanded that a new plan be set to pursue secessionist groups. The commander says most security breaches take place within a 30 km area between Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu, and are perpetrated by two terrorist groups, one of them the “Khobaghash” group formed by Kurdish secessionists. [Etejah] 


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

The Saudi Al-Sharq Al-Awsat says that Daesh fugitives who escaped Hawija are behind recent terror operations in Kirkuk. It says Daesh fugitives regrouped in Kurdistan and started the recent series of attacks, the worst of which was in Sadouniya village, where 27 PMF fighters were killed, and the attack on the civilian bus on the Kirkuk-Daquq road. The paper described the group as a Kurdish version of Daesh, and called it extremely dangerous.  Kurdistan has handed over 850 Daesh prisoners while it has kept over 2000 prisoners according to a Shia MP. [SNGIQ]


Daesh said it killed five PMF fighters in an ambush in Al-Hilwat village, near Al-Zab, on Tuesday. [ICDNMar21]


Daesh said it blew up an electricity tower between Hawija and Kirkuk with an IED on Tuesday. [ICDNMar22]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

Thursday, a source in the Christian Babelyoun brigades affiliated with the PMF said that an IED was discovered inside a Kaka’i shrine and another one near the shrine, located in Zanqar village just outside Daquq city. He added that “the specialized forces” were alerted but did not come to the village, and the first IED exploded, causing damage. [SotIraq] Another report says the shrine was destroyed.

Daesh’s version is that it blew up 2 Sufi shrines in the Tal Hama area, in Daquq. [ICDNMar21]

Daesh said on Thursday it blew up a Sufi shrine in Zanqar village. [ICDNMar22]


Daesh said on Tuesday that it destroyed an Iraqi Army armored personnel carrier with an IED south of Daquq. [ICDNMar20]


Thursday, Kirkuk deputy governor Mohammed Othman called on Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to intensify security presence in the Tooz and Daquq areas in order to curb these security breaches. [Sumaria]



Nineveh Plain (Hamdaniya, Tel Keif, etc.)

A DaeshDaily source said on Wednesday that Ninewa SWAT units arrested a Daesh female member in Kokjali, at the entrance to east Mosul. The source says the woman, who was wanted on terrorism charges since 2016, admitted she was distributing payments to Daesh members in Mosul. 



East Mosul

A DaeshDaily source said on Wednesday that the Mukhtar of Hay Sumer was severely wounded by an IED exploded by his house. The source also said another IED exploded near the house of the Mukhtar of Hay Al-Zahra, without causing casualties. 


Daesh said on Tuesday that it captured a tribal PMF commander from his house in the Rajm Hadid area, then beheaded him later. Daesh published photos of the beheading. It also said it killed the Mukhtar of Hay Al-Qadisiya and one of his associates with a sticky IED under their vehicle. It also said it planted and then detonated 2 IEDs at the offices of the Mukhtars of Hay Al-Bakr and Hay Al-Tameem. [ICDNMar20]

A DaeshDaily source confirmed the attacks. The source said security units captured tens of suspects. 


A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that Daesh beheaded a man in his house in Hay Al-Tanak. The source says the man had helped security units to capture many Daesh members in the area.  


A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that security units in Mosul captured the Daesh group that attacked an Iraqi Army unit in Badoush last week.


West Mosul

A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that a construction shovel driver was severely wounded when an IED exploded on his shovel near the Baghdad Circle in west Mosul. The source says the driver works as a contractor in the Ghizlani Camp for the Iraqi Army. 


MoI spokesman Gen. Saad Ma’en said that during a road opening operation in the Al-Maydan area of Old Mosul, the emergency police division found weapons and equipment belonging to Daesh, including 27 Kalashnikov rifles, 1 Glock handgun, and an M4 Motorola device.[Baghdadia] 


Southern Ninewa

 Hammam Al-Alil

Thursday, Captain Raad Al-Hayali of the Ninewa Police said that an IED exploded in Hammam Al-Alil, killing 1 policeman and wounding 5 others. Al-Hayali added that security units arrested 18 suspects in connection with this incident. [BasNews]



Daesh said it shot and wounded a PMF member and damaged his vehicle near Sarma village, northeast of Makhmur, on Wednesday. [ICDNMar22]




PMF units repelled an infiltration by Daesh terrorists in Sinjar District, killing three of them. [Ikh]



A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that 2 Nujaba’ Movement PMFs were killed when a roadside IED exploded on their vehicle near the Syrian border. 




A DaeshDaily source said that Daesh launched an attack on PMF units in the Jurf Al-Sakhar area. The sources say that local residents are acting as Daesh sleeper cells. 


Dhi Qar

A member of the Dhi Qar PC Security Committee, Dakhel Radhi, says that Daesh ambushed a group of security personnel from Dhi Qar in Rutba, killing 9 of them. Daesh also kidnapped 4 other security personnel from the same province in Kirkuk. This has produced a bad atmosphere in the province. [Ghad] [Baghdadia] 



Thursday, Chairman of the Development and Construction committee in the Basra PC, Zahra Hamza Al-Bajari, said that the Ministry of Planning has not approved any new projects for Basra since 2014, and hundreds of projects were stopped before completion under a federal government decision to stop the implementation of projects that are less than 90% complete. Al-Bajari added that the local government owes over 100 IQD to brokers and companies for projects in sewage, roads, hospitals, and schools. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The obvious problem here was Iraq’s financial crisis, caused by the drop in oil prices. War expenditures were favored over domestic expenditures in the competition for scarce resources. However, Iraq needs to implement a national economic plan, not just reconstruction projects in liberated areas. Basra plays a vital role in Iraq’s economy. With all the billions pledged by foreign donors for reconstruction, some of it should be going toward finishing those interrupted projects.


Thursday, an unnamed military source said that shipments of weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles, short and long-range aerial defense systems, and tank transporters have arrived at the Basra harbor from Russia, and were being unloaded for transportation to Iraqi Army locations. [Rudaw]




Thursday, an eyewitness in the Choman District in Erbil, next to Soran and Iran, reported that Turkish airstrikes on the Wasan, Mawnan, and Sarkan villages in Choman killed four civilians and destroyed several civilian houses.[Sumaria]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Ahmed Mahjoub said in a press statement that the “Iraqi MoFA condemns in the continued attacks and abuses by the Turkish forces in the Iraqi border” that killed a number of civilians in villages in Erbil’s northern Soran District. [Sumaria]


Thursday, ROJ news reported that the KRG held the PKK responsible for the death of the four civilians in Erbil, but residents said there were no PKK members in the area. [ROJ]


Thursday, the KRG demanded that the PKK stay away from residential villages and areas to spare civilian lives. KRG spokesman Safeen Dizayee said “At the time that Kurdistan’s residents were celebrating the Nawroz holidays, four civilians died due to Turkish warplanes on Thursday” due to the proximity of militant locations to those villages. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The PKK’s camps are in remote, far northern and northwestern areas along the borders of Dahuk, Erbil, and Suleimaniya provinces, in areas with few if any residents. Most Turkish raids on the PKK in northern Kurdistan have frightened but not struck local residents. The fact that there were casualties in the Soran and Choman districts suggests that either a few residents were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that PKK fighters have moved toward more populated villages to be less exposed to Turkish attacks.


Thursday, Sky News Arabia reported from Turkish sources that the Turkish Army is preparing to establish a temporary military base in Hakork in northern Iraq. [Sumaria]




Thursday, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Sinjar, Qandil Mountains, and all the other places where the YPG/PKK members exist are legal targets for Turkey.  Regarding claims of looting in Afrin, Cavusoglu said that Turkey is “seriously” looking into those allegations. “Our soldiers and the Free Syrian Army cannot be like the YPG/PKK terrorists,” he added. [Anadolu]

Cavusoglu told the press that “President Erdogan followed words with actions when he said“ we will attack Afrin suddenly one night.”The same thing applies to Sinjar and Qandil,” and any place with PKK presence. [Rudaw]





Thursday, US Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said that there are US forces present in Manbij and they do not intend to leave the area, as is being stated by the Turkish government. [Rudaw]


On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the Turkish attack on Afrin. Germany’s Deputy parliament Speaker Claudia Roth said that the Turkish attack on Afrin is against international law and German tanks are being used by the Turks. She warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan against moving Syrian refugees from Turkey to northern Syria to create a demographic change there. [BasNews]


Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced alarm over allegations of chemical attacks in Syria. He said that the use of chemical weapons, under any circumstances, is “unjustifiable and abhorrent,” and urged the Security Council to take action. 

This appeal came after Guterres met on Tuesday with the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which has investigated more than 70 cases of toxic gas attacks in Syria since 2014. “The secretary-general is alarmed at the persistent allegations of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic,” said a UN statement. While the use of chemical weapons is “unjustifiable and abhorrent,” “equally unjustifiable is a lack of response to such use,” said the statement. “Impunity cannot prevail with respect to such serious crimes.” [Qasioun]




Thursday, Qasioun reported that the Turkey-allied Syrian militia, Failaq Al-Sham, captured 3 strategic villages near Jinderes, including Basofan, Kafr Nabu and Baghi, following battles with the YPG, putting the Turkey-allied militias only 3 km 2 miles) away from the Syrian-held towns of Nubl and Al-Zahra’a, east of Afrin. [Qasioun]


Thursday, Anadolu reported that “3 members of the Turkish Army were killed, and three others were wounded when an IED planted by the YPG/ PKK terrorists exploded during de-mining operations in Afrin.” [Anadolu]


Thursday, Hawar reported that the YPG carried out a “special operation” against the Turkey-allied militias in the center of Afrin city, killing at least 10 members of those militias. [Hawar]

Thursday, Hawar reported that the YPG fighters carried out a “special operation” against the Turkish Army in Kafr Janneh in Shara subdistrict, destroying a Turkish military vehicle and killing 3 members of the Turkish Army. [Hawar]



Thursday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara will unilaterally drive the YPG from the Syrian border if it does not reach an agreement with US on a plan to remove them from Syria’s Manbij. “If this plan is not realized, the only option left will be clearing away terrorists. This is not just valid for Syria, but also for Iraq,” Cavusoglu said. [Qasioun]


 Thursday, the pro-PYD Hawar said that a high-ranking US military and diplomatic delegation, including Major General Jimmy Gerrard and US envoy William Robak, visited the city of Manbij in an attempt to reassure the people there that US troops will not withdraw from the city and that they will protect it from any external attack. The Co-Chair of the Executive Council, Ibrahim Al-Kaftan, said that “the Coalition delegation confirmed that they will militarily and politically support the SDF against any Turkish threat or attack.” [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment. These are two stories from the opposite ends of the conflict. Cavusoglu is apparently acknowledging implicitly that Turkey in fact does NOT have a deal with the US that would allow Turkey to remove the SDF from Manbij; in other words, he was bluffing all along. So he is threatening to seize territory elsewhere in northern Syria. This is another trial balloon to test US reaction. Hawar is reporting that the US issued a security guarantee to Manbij residents. However, this could also be an attempt to influence the US to adopt the stance attributed to them. The PYD has offered similar interpretations before of US intentions, and the strategy has not always worked, as Afrin shows.


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa) 


A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that PMFs in Baaj, Iraq targeted the Dashisha area on the other side of the Syria border with 30 rockets, damaging civilian houses. 



Thursday, Qasioun reported that 32 civilians were killed and about 63 wounded in Russian airstrikes on Harem city, north of Idlib. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. As is usual, this story cannot be evaluated on its own because Qasioun’s airstrike stories are always solely about alleged civilian casualties. But see next story.

Thursday, Director of Civil Defense (White Helmets) Mustapha Haj Hashim said that 28 civilians were killed and 26 others wounded in an airstrike on a popular market in Harem city. According to the Syrian opposition-run aircraft observatory, “Russian planes took off from Khmeimim Airbase in Latakia and attacked Harem city.” [Anadolu]


A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that Tahrir Al-Sham imposed taxes on trucks and oil tankers in areas under its control. The source says truck drivers staged a protest in Hizano but Tahrir Al-Sham members shot bullets in the air and forced the drivers to withdraw. 


A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that Tahrir Al-Sham terrorists broke into Kafr Lusin camp for displaced people near the Turkish border and arrested 30 young men. The source says many people fled towards Turkey after the raid. 


A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that Tahrir Al-Sham raided a school in Idlib and arrested two teachers after accusing them of provoking the students against Tahrir Al-Sham. The source said the teachers were taken to a notorious Tahrir Al-Sham prison in the area where many people have been executed. 


A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that 4 Tahrir Al-Sham members were killed when Nour Al-Din Zenki armed men ambushed them near Hizano. 


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.) (No reports)


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Thursday, according to local sources, Yeni Şafak newspaper reported that dozens of US soldiers, equipment and military vehicles have been recently transported by two US “Black Hawk” helicopters into Al-Omar oilfield in Deir Ez-Zor in preparation for establishing a new US base there. [Dorar]


Thursday, “Deir Ez-Zor unified media Office” said on its Facebook page that “in anticipation of a possible Coalition airstrike, the Syrian forces in Eastern Euphrates took down their banners and flags from their headquarters, extending from Al-Husseiniya to Khasham and Tabiya Jazira in rural Deir Ez-Zor.”  [Dorar]



A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that 2 Nujaba’ Movement fighters were killed when a land mine exploded on their vehicle on Street 40 in Mayadin. 


Albu Kamal

A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that Daesh captured the T2 pumping station after a surprise attack on government forces.


A DaeshDaily source said on Tuesday that a group of Daesh terrorists, led by a Tunisian commander, arrested four young men in Susah after accusing them of cooperating with the SDF. 


Daesh said on Thursday it targeted Syrian Army positions near Albu Kamal with 5 SPG9 rockets. Daesh issued a video of one of the attacks. [ICDNMar22] 


Daesh issued on Tuesday a propaganda video about its battles in the Albu Kamal area. [ICDNMar20]



Damascus/Rif Damashq 

Thursday, Failaq Al-Rahman announced that it reached a ceasefire agreement with Russia. According to special sources, “the ceasefire agreement will cover the Failaq Al-Sham-held areas of Jobar, Arbin, Ain Tarma and Zamalka, starting at 12 midnight tonight, at which negotiations will be held between Failaq Al-Rahman and Russia.” “Russia will likely try to reach the same agreement it previously signed with Ahrar Al-Sham in Harasta in order to drive Failaq Al-Rahman out of its areas of control towards northern Syria,” the same sources added. [Dorar]


Thursday, Enab Baladi reported that the Syrian forces captured Ain Tarma valley, following clashes with Failaq Al-Rahman. [EnabBaladi]


Wednesday, Qasioun reported that the Syrian forces targeted Zamalka city in East Ghouta with over 46 airstrikes and heavy artillery shelling, killing and wounding dozens of civilians. [Qasioun]


Thursday, Qasioun reported that 3 civilians were killed, and dozens wounded in Syrian airstrikes on Arbin city in East Ghouta. [Qasioun]


Thursday, Jaish Al-Islam spokesman Hamza Berqad denied the news circulated by the Russian and Syrian media about opening corridors for civilians to massively get out of East Ghouta in coordination with Jaish Al-Islam, calling it a “pure fabrication” by the Syrian government to cause desperation to the people of East Ghouta. [Dorar]


Thursday, Syria Now reported that the Syrian forces secured the exit of over 2000 civilians, mostly women and children, from northeastern Ghouta to Al-Wafidain camp crossing. [SyriaNow]


Thursday, SOHR reported that over 2,400 civilians, including hundreds of children and women, moved from the Jaish Al-Islam-held Douma city to the Syrian forces-held areas in East Ghouta through Al-Wafidain camp crossing during the past 24 hours. [SyriaHR


Thursday, Dorar reported that under the Russia-backed agreement reached between Ahrar Al-Sham and the Syrian government, the Red Crescent vehicles have started to evacuate about 1500 members of Ahrar Al-Sham and 6,000 of their families from Harasta city to Idlib. [Dorar] [Qasioun]


A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that Daesh beheaded 2 Tahrir Al-Sham members publicly in the Yarmouk Basin area. 


A DaeshDaily source said on Thursday that government forces captured Kafr Batna town after making an agreement with opposition groups. The source says government forces found large quantities of food supplies, weapons, ammunition, in addition to vehicles and large tunnel diggers.



Daesh published on Tuesday photos of publicly beheading a Syrian soldier in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad. [ICDNMar20]


Daesh published on Tuesday a video of a Syrian soldier targeted by its snipers in Hay Al-Qadam. [ICDNMar20]


Daesh published on Tuesday an infographic about its battles south of Damascus in 7 days. It says it killed 175 soldiers and destroyed 2 tanks, a BMP armored vehicle, a rocket launcher, and a bulldozer, and damaged 2 tanks.  [ICDNMar20]

Daesh sources say that opposition groups are jamming Daesh wireless communications in south Damascus. [




Neighboring countries


The Aden Police said they captured a senior Daesh commander in Bariqa city, near Aden. [YemenMonitor]  


North Africa


The General Prosecutor Office sent 30 Daesh suspects to the Supreme Court of State Security, following the dismantling of a terror cells that attacked a Christian church and a military airport, saying that they were planning to target Christians. Cell members were trained in Syria and Libya. [Baghdad] [NewKhalij]  





United States 

The US has listed a French citizen on a terrorist wanted list, accusing him of assisting Daesh with chemical expertise to manufacture chemical weapons deployed by Daesh in Syria. In addition to the French citizen, the Uzbek “Imam Bukhari” militia, allied to Qaeda, was also added to the list. [SkyNews]



The Chechnya’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said that on March 20 a terrorist wounded a policeman and was killed by return fire in the Staropromyslovsky District of Grozny. It said that an unknown attacker opened fire with an unidentified type of firearm and wounded an assistant to the on-duty officer at police station No. 4 of the Ministry’s department in Grozny. [Kavkaz] 

Daesh said one of its “fighters” attacked policemen in Grozny on Tuesday. [ICDNMar21]

The terrorist appeared in a short video, published by Daesh’s A3maq, pledging allegiance to the Daesh leader, Baghdadi. [LWJ]




Thursday, Reuters reported that a major explosion took place in a Mogadishu hotel. [Sumaria]


Daesh said on Wednesday that it shot and killed a policeman in Afgooye. [ICDNMar21]




A suicide bomber blew himself up near a shrine in Kabul on Wednesday, 21 March, killing at least 32 people and wounding dozens, as the Afghan capital celebrated the Nawroz holiday marking the start of the Persian New Year. 

Kabul had been on alert for attacks over the Nawroz holiday, but the bomber was still able to detonate his explosives as people were leaving the Kart-e Sakhi shrine, in the west of the city. [TheQuint]

Daesh said on Wednesday that one of its suicide terrorists attacked Shia celebrating Nawroz in Kabul with an explosives vest, killing or wounding 100 people. [ICDNMar21]

Daesh published a photo of the terrorist. [ICDNMar21]

Daesh published photos of its terrorists in the Wazir Tanki area. [ICDNMar22]


Daesh said it shot and killed a Taliban military commander in Chaparhar on Monday. [ICDNMar20]


Daesh said on Tuesday that it shot and killed a Taliban member in Jalalabad. [ICDNMar20]




Daesh published the 124th issue of its Naba’ magazine, which repeats earlier reports about its attacks in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Russia, and the Philippines. In this issue also, Daesh asks its terrorists to prepare for a “long struggle with Russia and its allies” in different areas of the world. In this issue also, Daesh published the first article of a series about security procedures for its members and wannabe terrorists. Daesh also published news about the explosions in Houston, without mentioning that the bomber had been killed. [ICDNMar22]

[Note to readers: Due to the Nawroz holiday in Iraq and another priority, Daesh Daily is taking two days off and will resume on Thursday. We will catch up with ongoing developments at that time.]


March 19, 2018


Daesh Terrorist Captured in Shirqat







US 10th Mountain Division takes over for 1st Armored Division. [..]

Erdogan’s aggressive line threatens Sinjar incursion too. [..]

11 captured in Shirqat intended to assassinate election candidates. [..]

De-mining teams have dismantled 27,000 IEDs in Mosul, and are far from finished. [..]

Yazidi CoR members want Yazidi boys brainwashed to fight with Daesh treated as victims instead of combatants. [..]  



Erdogan declares victory in Afrin; threatens the rest of Kurd-held northern Syria. [..]



East Ghouta civilian deaths rise to 1,411, as thousands more flee. [..]

Human Rights Watch flags Syrian use of chemical weapons in East Ghouta. [..]

Mysterious US military operation reported near Qamishli. [..]

Daesh attacks Syrian Army units in Deir Ez-Zor. [..]





Anti-Daesh Campaign

Monday, CENTOM announced a transfer of authority in Iraq wherein “the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division assumed authority of Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve from the U.S. Army’s 1st Armored Division during a transfer of authority ceremony at Union III, Iraq.” This step is “another step forward in reducing U.S. troop levels in accordance with the request of the Government of Iraq.” [CENTCOM]



Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi congratulated the Iraqi people on the occasion of lifting the ban imposed by FIFA on Iraq hosting football matches. He promised the people to continue efforts to lift this ban completely in the shortest time possible. FIFA cancelled the ban on three Iraqi cities, not including the capital Baghdad. [Sumaria]


Foreign relations

Monday, Iraqi government spokesman Saad Al-Hadithi denied having information indicating a Turkish incursion is taking place in Iraq. He added that the “Iraqi government is committed to ensuring no hostile actions are launched from within Iraq onto neighboring countries.” Sunday evening, a KRG official had announced that the Turkish Army entered 15 km deep in Iraq and set up 12 military barracks, and confirmed military clashes with the PKK in which Turkey used heavy weapons and planes. [Arabi21]


Monday, the Gorran (Taghyir) bloc in the CoR called on the federal government to complain to the UN, Arab League, and Islamic Labor Organization against the “Turkish aggression on Iraqi territory.” [ROJ]


See later stories under Turkey, Syria National News



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

Daesh published on Sunday photos of burning down houses of “apostates” in Tarmiya. [ICDNMar18]

Daesh said on Saturday it blew up the houses of an MoI captain, an Iraqi Army lieutenant, and an IFP member in Tarmiya’s river area. [ICDNMar17] 


Daesh said on Saturday it killed a tribal PMF member with an IED in the river area, in Tarmiya. [ICDNMar17]


Daesh said on Saturday it blew up a PMF recon tower in the Al-Khan area in Tarmiya. It said that when a tribal PMF force arrived at the area, another IED exploded on them severely wounding two fighters. [ICDNMar17]


Southeast (Mada’in, etc.)

Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) announced on Monday that it had arrested a woman in Mada’in on charges of kidnapping, and that it found Daesh war remnants including several IEDs and explosives during a search campaign in Obeidi, Ihraba, and Albu Awsaj in east and southeast Baghdad. [Sumaria]

In an apparently overlapping report, the BOC and Baghdad’s new anti-crime office captured a girl accused of abduction in the Mashtal neighborhood in eastern Baghdad and another person in Al-Mada’in/Panorama in southeastern Baghdad. [Buratha]


Monday, the BOC announced that a search in the areas of Obeid, Ihraba, and Albu Awsaj led to the discovery of 2 IEDs and 12 mortar shells. [Buratha]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   6(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   3




The Ministry of Defense says that 2nd special forces brigade of Anbar Operations command destroyed a Daesh camp where quantities of weapons were located. The force also destroyed a Daesh tunnel in the area. Meanwhile, the 1st army division arrested 3 men wanted for terror charges in the Amij area, wounding one of them during the crossfire. [Baghdadia] 


A DaeshDaily source said on Sunday that East Anbar Operations Command units arrested 2 persons on terrorism charges, 1 in Falluja city and 1 in Saqlawiya. The source also says the units captured an explosives cache in Qarma subdistrict. 



A DaeshDaily source said on Saturday that Anbar Police captured Hassan Ibrahim, aka Abu Talha, the Daesh security official of Rawa, who was hiding in Ramadi city and using a forged ID.


Anah (including Rawa)/Al-Qa’im

Jaish Al-Kifah (Army of Struggle), a new anti-Coalition armed group in Anbar, claimed in a YouTube video that it was responsible for shooting down the US Army helicopter in Al-Qa’im last week. It said it would publish a video of the attack. The group had announced itself in January and claimed responsibility for two rocket attacks on US bases in west Anbar. [YouTube]  

DaeshDaily comment. The group has more than 1,000 “likes” on its Facebook page. However, all the comments on this page are negative. People are obviously fed up with such lawlessness. It is interesting that the group uses the new Iraqi flag in its logo. Baathist groups used Saddam’s flag, and radical groups don’t use the Iraqi flag at all. US officials have not said that the helicopter was shot down. 



A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that IAA helicopters conducted an airdrop operation in the west Anbar desert and captured several terrorists. 

This was in effect confirmed by Joint Ops Command spokesman Gen. Yahya Rasoul, who announced the arrest of 2 “important Daesh targets” in an airdrop operation in the Anbar desert. [Sumaria]




A DaeshDaily source said on Saturday that security units captured 11 Daesh terrorists in a house in Shirqat and confiscated silenced weapons. The terrorists confessed that they were planning to assassinate election candidates. The source sent us photos of the captured terrorists. 



A DaeshDaily source said on Sunday that PMF units captured a Daesh commander in Albu Ajil village. The source said that a PMF member, who was also arrested, was hiding the terrorist in the village.



IWMC says 313rd army brigade engaged Daesh terrorists in Hawijat northeast of Samarra on Monday and burned down three guesthouses. A search campaign following the battle resulted in finding a weapons cache and two boats. [IraqPress] 


Monday, Samarra Ops Commander Imad Al-Zuheiri announced the arrival of large military reinforcements from the MoD, MoI, emergency divisions, and security and intelligence units to support the Samarra Ops units in providing protection during the commemoration of the birth and death of Imam Ali Al-Hadi. [Sumaria]


A DaeshDaily source said on Sunday that Samarra Operations Command units captured a group of Daesh terrorists in Al-Mu’tasem.


Daesh said on Saturday it killed an IFP soldier and wounded another in clashes near Al-Tayoub, north of Samarra. [ICDNMar17]


Daesh said it severely wounded an Iraqi government “spy” after targeting him with 2 IEDs in the Jalam Samarra area, on Friday. [ICDNMar17]


Southern Salahuddin (Balad, Dujail)

Daesh said a group of its terrorists attacked the houses of an Iraqi Army general and a first lieutenant in the Jumhuriya area, in Dujail, on Thursday, killing three soldiers, wounding eight others, and destroying a vehicle, before returning safely. [ICDNMar17]


Eastern Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

A DaeshDaily source said on Sunday that security units found a Daesh weapons and food supplies storehouse north of Tuz Khurmatu.



Monday, the Baquba, Jalawla, and Mandali police announced the arrest of 6 wanted suspects on criminal and terrorist charges in various parts of Diyala. [IraqPress]


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

Monday, the War Media Cell reported that brigade 24 units and Diyala Ops Command carried out the Martyrs’ Avenge military ops to raid adjacent to the Qaraqosh base and near two villages in eastern Balad Ruz. It added that the operation destroyed several guesthouses and captured a number of suspects on terrorist charges. A joint security unit backed by the Iraqi Air Force (IAF) began a large-scale military operation on Sunday evening to secure Al-Nida basin. [IraqPress]



Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

Daesh said on Saturday it blew up the house of two PMF fighters and an Iraqi Army soldier east of Hawija. [ICDNMar17]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

Daesh said on Monday its snipers killed an Iraqi Army member near Al-Sumoud village, south of Daquq. Daesh published photos of the attack. [ICDNMar19]


Daesh said it blew up the houses of two PMF fighters near Albu Mohammed village, on Friday. [ICDNMar17]




Monday, Ninewa Ops Commander Najm Al-Jubouri was reported to have said that the Imam of Al-Islah Al-Zira’i area in west Mosul was arrested late Sunday night and then died due to torture wounds inflicted by an officer in the 20th Division. The officer was arrested to stand trial in military court. [Sumaria]

It was also reported by a DaeshDaily source that the Ninewa Operations Commander says that security units captured an Iraqi Army 20th division first lieutenant who was responsible for torturing and killing a mosque imam in west Mosul. 

However, the Security Media Center quickly denied that such an incident took place and said that Al-Jubouri did not make any statements on the topic. [Sumaria]


Sunday Times newspapers published a report about the situation in Mosul, noting that 8 months after its liberation the city remains destroyed and has unexploded mortar shells and hand grenades as if the war just ended. However, a UN official working with the Iraqi Army to demine Mosul reports that demining teams have so far dismantled 27,000 mines in Mosul. [SotIraq]

The UN de-mining program says that placing such number of explosives in one place before leaving it is unprecedented in history. It also says that UN teams found hundreds of workshops for manufacturing of explosives. The deputy commander of British Forces in the Coalition says Daesh even booby-trapped food cans, baby food, books, and household furniture, to target returnees and de-mining teams. [Baghdadia] 


Monday, the MIS announced the seizure of a large ammunition depot in southern Mosul. It contained 458 locally made mortar shells, 62 IEDs, and 9 gas cylinders. [Sumaria]


A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that the National Security Service and Iraqi Army 20th division captured at a checkpoint near Badoush in northern Mosul a truck loaded with large quantities of weapons and explosives hidden under loads of vegetables. The source says the truck had come from Syria. 


Southern Ninewa

Mosul subdistrict/ Hammam Al-Alil/Shura

A DaeshDaily source said on Saturday that a would-be Daesh suicide bomber surrendered to PMF units in Dahla village, in Shura. The source said he came out of a tunnel, but hesitated when he approached the PMFs. The source sent us photos of the bomber. 


Military intelligence says 20th army division found a large ammunition cache in Shura area south of Mosul including 458 mortar shells and 62 IEDs as well as other explosive materials. [Sumaria]


A police source in Ninewa says a joint force of army and local police units arrested on Monday a leading figure responsible of confiscating security and army personnel houses and properties in Shura south of Mosul, in addition to several others. It also says 30 more Daesh suspects were arrested in the Tanak, Yabisat, and Muhammara neighborhoods. [Mawazin] 




Military intelligence announced on Monday the breakup of a Daesh cell that planned to initiate terror attacks in Qayara, south of Mosul city. The group, all wanted on terror charges, was arrested by a unit of the 20th army division. [Baghdadia] [PressIraq]

A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that Iraqi Army 20th division captured a Daesh cell in the Qayara area. The source says the cell was planning terrorist attacks. 


A DaeshDaily source said on Saturday that Iraqi Army and PMF units captured a Daesh terrorist who was hiding in a village in Qayara. The source says the mukhtar of the village provided information that led to the capturing of the terrorist. The source says the terrorist was a hisbah official in west Mosul and was responsible for public punishments that included cutting off hands of many people. The source sent us photos of the captured terrorist. 





A DaeshDaily source said on Sunday that PMF units stopped a Daesh attack on Khunaifis village, north of Hatra, killing 3 terrorists. The source says a PMF fighter was wounded in the attack.


A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that a tribal PMF commander prevented 30 families of Daesh members from returning to their houses in Hatra and sent them back to a camp in Qayara.  



A DaeshDaily source said on Saturday that more than 200 Daesh terrorists, led by Mullah Khaled Al-Kurdi, are hiding in the Qarah Dagh Mountains and planning to attack Makhmur and Qaraj. 


Western Ninewa


A Yezidi MP says Daesh is holding 120 10-13 years old Yazidi kids, mostly  from Sinjar, in areas still under their control in  Syria. They were all brainwashed and recruited to fight with Daesh. Yazidi CoR member Vian Dakhil called on Iraqi forces to treat those children as victims, not as Daesh warriors.

She says that Daesh had about 1060 Yezidi kids in custody, and trained them to fight in its ranks. Many were killed in battles and airstrikes, while some are still held by Daesh. [Sumaria]


Monday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged to expand the Turkish military operation in Syria to the Iraqi border, hinting at the possibility of a military operation in Sinjar to clear it of the PKK. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. Having done Iraq immeasurable harm in recent years, the Sultan is now doubling down. 




Babil Police command says a joint force of army, police, and intelligence units initiated a search in Iskandariya and Musayyib in northern Babel, finding two weapons caches and arresting 14 wanted persons. [Ghad] 




Turkish military sources told Anatolia press agency that Turkish army units killed 5 PKK fighters in Hakurk and Hani Rash in northern Iraqi Kurdistan. The sources say the total number of PKK fighters killed in this operation is 18 since March 10. [Mawazin] 



Enab Baladi reported that the “Free Army” factions take over Afrin fueled a dispute between Erbil and Suleimaniya in Iraq. Suleimaniya governor Hafal Abu Bakr announced a 3-day mourning period in the governorate hours after the “Free Army” entered Afrin, canceling Nawroz celebrations. Erbil considered this move outside of Suleimaniya’s authority. [EnabBaladi]




Turkey’s President Erdogan on Sunday claimed victory in the cross-border operation he launched in January to expel the YPG from Afrin, a town along the Turkish border. While the loss of Afrin delivered a major blow to the YPG’s hopes to establish a contiguous autonomous region, Turkey has resolved to clear the separatist fighters from other areas near its frontier.

Erdogan, buoyed by his army’s capture of Afrin, threatened to extend the offensive against separatist Kurdish militants to eastern Syria and northern Iraq.

Turkey’s military will shift their campaign to several towns under the control of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, including Manbij, Ayn al-Arab, Tal Abyad, Ras Al-Ayn and Qamishli, “until this terror corridor is fully eliminated,” Erdogan said Monday. 

Turkey has served notice to the Iraqi government in Baghdad that its forces would attack the major PKK camp on Mount Sinjar near the Syrian border unless Iraq takes action.

“If you are going to handle this, you do it,” Erdogan said in remarks directed at Iraq. “If you can’t handle it, then we may suddenly enter Sinjar one night and clear out the PKK there.” [Bloomberg] 

DaeshDaily comment. As we have pointed out repeatedly, Erdogan WILL make good on all of these threats until someone stands up to him. So far, the US government has complained a lot but not done much. Manbij is his next target. 





Monday, a “western diplomat” told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that Bashar Al-Assad chaired a National Council meeting on Saturday attended by military and security leaders. In the meeting it was decided to follow a series of precautionary procedures such as sending messages to Russia and Iran to provide protection in case of a US military strike. The Russian Army has distributed some of its forces in sensitive locations of the Syrian government in order to deter Washington. [Dorar]


Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric told reporters that the UN has received reports of arrests of civilians and looting of private property in Afrin, emphasizing the need to apply the ceasefire across all of Syria. [Rudaw]


Monday, the UN called on member states to extend urgent assistance and funding to alleviate the situation of tens of thousands of East Ghouta and Afrin residents. [Rudaw]


Monday, in a phone call with President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed concern over the situation in Afrin and East Ghouta, calling on Russia to do what it can to stop the battles and the civilian casualties. Macron also urged Putin “to come clean on any arms programmes that may not have been declared to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.” [BasNews] [Reuters]


East Ghouta

SOHR reported that the number of victims killed due to the intensified airstrikes and shelling on Douma city has reached 4, raising the total number of victims since the start of the attack on Ghouta to 1,411. The Russian MoD reports that over 3,500 people left East Ghouta on Monday. [Hawar]

Monday morning, opposition factions captured a number of Syrian government soldiers in Kafr Batna town in East Ghouta. In the past 2 weeks, the Syrian government forces killed over 250 members of the Jaysh Al-Islam (Islam Army) on Jabhat Al-Rihan (the Rihan Front) in East Ghouta. The Islamic Army reports that among the Syrian government’s dead members are officers mostly from the 4th division.  6 tanks were also destroyed. [Qasioun]


SOHR reported that over 4,000 residents left the southwestern pocket of Eastern Ghouta towards areas controlled by the Syrian government via the Hamouriya crossing. Monday, SOHR also reported that clashes broke out between the Islamic Army on the one hand and Syrian government forces on the other, in the Douma vicinity from the Masraba side. The clashes broke out after a new attack by Islamic Army fighters on the area in an attempt to advance into the area. [SyriaHR]


A Dorar Al-Shamiya Network reported says that Tahrir Al-Sham carried out a counter-attack on Syrian government locations in Kafar Batna in East Ghouta with a booby-trapped car, killing and wounding dozens of Syrian government and Iranian militiamen. [Dorar]


Sunday, the Human Rights Watch documented the Syrian government’s use of internationally-prohibited weapons during its last campaign to take over Eat Ghouta. The HRW called on the UN Security Council to “urgently demand a United Nations monitoring team be granted immediate access to areas of Eastern Ghouta now under government control. The team should document any crimes already committed; their presence may deter further violations. They should also visit sites to which the government is transferring Eastern Ghouta residents, as there are significant concerns about their treatment.” [EnabBaladi]


Thousands of civilians left Eastern Ghouta via safe passages in rural Damascus secured by Syrian Army units in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. [SyriaNow]




Monday, the US Department of State said that the US is deeply concerned over the events in Afrin as most residents have fled the threat of Turkish attacks. The statement urged all concerned parties in the area, including Turkey, Russia, and the Syrian government, to allow international humanitarian organizations access to the area. [BasNews] [State]


British Telegraph newspaper reported that British national Anna Campbell was killed on March 15 while fighting alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin. [EnabBaladi]


Thursday evening, 11 people were killed by an explosion of a bomb-rigged 4-story residential building in Ahmed Shahawi neighborhood, as Turkey-allied militia units searched the building, according to Anadolu. [Qasioun]


The People’s Protection Units (YPG) carried out an operation against the Turkish Army in Afrin on Monday evening. It claims to have killed 50 of them, according to ROJ news. [ROJ]


Turkish government spokesman Bekir Bozdag said in a press statement that Turkey will not remain in Afrin permanently; its goal is to clear it of terrorists and bring peace and stability before handing it back to its owners. [Anadolu]


Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey is now stabilizing Afrin “so, there will be work to do in days to come but, at the same time, we will continue to provide humanitarian aid and also work with the locals to make sure they govern themselves – that their needs are provided.” He added that Afrin has been fully cleared of PKK terrorism and is under Turkish and Syrian Army control, and it is now being cleared of mines and explosives.  [Anadolu]


Sunday evening, a number of opposition groups participating in Operation Olive Branch decided to stop its members from entering Afrin City without formal permission after its capture from the YPG, according to announcements from Failaq Al-Sham and Sultan Suleiman Shah brigade. Sunday evening the second division of the third “Failaq” announced suspending two of its members for their involvement in theft and violating civilian rights. [Dorar]




Monday morning, an activist called Muhammad Al-Yousef said US forces carried out an air landing in the vicinity of an agricultural project between the Al-Hanwa Al-Kabira and Al-Tarrahiya villages southwest of Tal Hamis near a YPG military base near Qamishli. Al-Yousef added that the plane warned residents, with speakers, to remain in their locations before firing their heavy machine guns twice between 2:003:00 am. He added that the US planes hovered above the area throughout the raids of the houses in the area near the Iraqi border south of Qamishli. Al-Yousef explained that the operation took place following a meeting between US forces and military commanders in the YPG amid tightened security and plane surveillance. He also noted that US-Kurdish forces arrested two people believed to be connected to Daesh after raiding a village in southern Hasaka countryside days ago. [ZamanAlWasl]


A Zaman Al-Wasl reporter says that two civilians were killed and others were wounded in the past 2 days in car accidents involving YPG military vehicles in the streets of Hasaka. The reporter says a man was killed and his son was wounded after their motorcycle crashed into a speeding YPG military vehicle in Al-Sina’a neighborhood. In another incident, a Kurdish commander in the YPG ran over Abdulqader Maajoun due to speeding near the intersection between Al-Mufti and Tal Hajar neighborhoods, killing him on the spot. A member of the YPG was wounded due to speeding on his motorcycle on Tal Hajar Street. [ZamanAlWasl]


Central and West 


A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that 9 Tahrir Al-Sham members were killed and 2 wounded when an IED exploded on their vehicle in Idlib city. 


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Monday evening, 10 Syrian Army soldiers were killed in battles with Daesh. Qasioun also reports that a number of Syrian Army units were killed due to a mine left behind by Daesh. Local sources report the withdrawal of Syrian units from their locations on the outskirts of Mayadin in eastern rural Deir Ez-Zor toward SDF controlled-locations. [Qasioun]


The confrontations between the Syrian government forces and Daesh in southeastern rural Deir Ez-Zor and the Homs desert adjacent to the Deir Ez-Zor administrative borders are ongoing, as part of an ongoing attack by Daesh. SOHR reports that at least 14 Syrian government militants of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities were killed. According to unconfirmed information, Daesh also incurred deaths among its units. [SyriaHR]


Albu Kamal

Sunday evening, a number of Syrian government units were killed in Daesh attacks on their locations in eastern rural Deir Ez-Zor. Local sources report that the latter carried out a violent attack on Syrian government posts in Albu Kamal, leading to the death and capture of a number of units on the Al-Hamdan checkpoint from the desert side. Meanwhile, A3maq reported that 8 units of the Syrian government forces were killed after their locations were targeted with projectile missiles in Albu Kamal vicinity, eastern Deir Ez-Zor. [Dorar]


Daesh said on Monday its snipers killed a Syrian soldier near Albu Kamal. It also said it targeted Syrian Army positions in the city with 6 SPG9 rockets. [ICDNMar19]

Daesh said its snipers killed two Syrian soldiers near Albu Kamal on Saturday. [ICDNMar18]

Daesh said it targeted Syrian Army positions near Albu Kamal with 3 SPG9 rockets on Saturday. [ICDNMar18]

Daesh published on Sunday photos of targeting a Syrian Army position near Albu Kamal with an SPG9 rocket. [ICDNMar18]

Daesh issued a video on Sunday of targeting 2 Syrian Army positions near Albu Kamal with SPG9 rockets. [ICDNMar18]

Daesh said on Sunday it killed eight Syrian soldiers with an SPG9 rocket near Albu Kamal. [ICDNMar18]


Daesh said on Sunday it destroyed a Syrian Army 130mm cannon and damaged another with 2 rockets in Al-Hamdan village, northwest of Albu Kamal. Daesh published photos of the attack. [ICDNMar18]


Daesh published on Sunday a photo of the sunset in Albu Kamal. [ICDNMar18]



Damascus/Rif Damashq 

Daesh said on Monday it continued its attack on government forces in Hay Al-Qadam, south of Damascus, and captured most of the area that was handed over by opposition groups to the government when they agreed to leave. Daesh said it killed more than 20 soldiers, and the battles were ongoing. [ICDNMar19]  

Daesh published photos of the Syrian Army casualties in Hay Al-Qadam. [ICDNMar19]


Daesh said on Saturday a group of its terrorists sneaked to a Syrian Army position in Hay Al-Qadam and killed 25 soldiers. [ICDNMar17]

Daesh published on Monday photos of publicly executing two men in Hay Al-Qadam. [ICDNMar19] 


Daesh issued a video on Sunday of Syrian bombing on Hay Al-Qadam. Daesh also issued a video of Syrian Army casualties and a destroyed BMP vehicle in the same area. [ICDNMar18]

Daesh said on Saturday it destroyed a Syrian Army tank and damaged another, with a rocket and with an IED, in Hay Al-Qadam. [ICDNMar17]


Daesh published photos on Saturday of Syrian bombing on Hay Al-Qadam. Daesh also published photos of Syrian Army casualties. [ICDNMar17]



Daesh published on Sunday photos of religious seminars conducted by its affiliate, Jaish Khaled, in a village northwest of Daraa. [ICDNMar18]


A DaeshDaily source said on Monday that Daesh cut off the hands of two young men in Sahm Al-Jolan after accusing them of theft. 




Neighboring countries


Monday, Lebanese media reported the death of Lebanese Hezbollah commander Ali Ridha Hussein Tarhini, who was also head of “engineering” in southern Syria. [EnabBaladi]


North Africa


A spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces says they are continuing their Sinai 18 operation against the terrorist presence in Sinai. He says that the Egyptian air force destroyed a vehicle and 12 other targets while land units destroyed a vehicle bomb approaching their security position southwest of Arish. During the armed clashes, 30 terrorists were killed in north and central Sinai, while 6 others were killed in Arish. 345 terrorists were arrested, 386 positions, tunnels, and storehouses were destroyed , and 17 vehicles of various types were either captured or destroyed. 1 army officer and 3 soldiers were killed, while 8 others, including two officers were wounded. [AhlMisr]



National Guards found a rifle, munitions, grenades, an explosives belt, and a motorcycle in a cave in Ben Guerdane, after chasing and killing two terrorists, one of whom detonated himself with a hand grenade. [Tunisien]

Tunisian MoI says the second terrorist, who accompanied the one who detonated himself, was killed by the chasing security troops. The two terrorists are yet to be identified. [Tunisien]






Daesh said on Monday it shot and killed a policeman in Mogadishu. [ICDNMar19]




Daesh published on Monday photos of the spring in Jorjari and Wazir Tanki. [ICDNMar19]


Officials said that three people were killed and at least eight more wounded when a motorcycle bomb exploded in eastern Afghanistan on March 19 outside a rally being held by a veteran warlord who made peace with the government last year.

Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor, told the media that the former commander, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, was not hurt in the blast that came 10 minutes after his rally ended, in the city of Jalalabad, as people were leaving the site. [RFERL] 

Daesh said on Monday it killed four pro-government militiamen and wounded ten by detonating a parked motorcycle bomb in Jalalabad. [ICDNMar19]


Daesh said on Monday that it wounded three Afghan Border Police members, including an officer, by detonating an IED on their vehicle in the Mohmand area, in Nangarhar. [ICDNMar19]



Daesh said on Sunday it shot and killed a policeman in Khairpur, in Sindh province. [ICDNMar18]




Daesh published a photo on Saturday of one of its Iraqi terrorists, claiming that he was killed in the Salahuddin area. [ICDNMar17]

DaeshDaily comment. You might ask why Daesh would lie about that, but we have reported cases of Daesh members pronounced dead by Daesh who showed up in later battles. The purpose of the stratagem is to make authorities believe the person is dead, and so stop looking for him.


Daesh issued a propaganda video about its history in Iraq. [ICDNMar18]


Daesh issued a propaganda video about the Mosul battles. [ICDNMar18] 


Daesh issued a propaganda video about its “achievements” and how it implemented its sharia law. [ICDNMar18]


Daesh issued 2 propaganda videos about opposition group fighters who left their groups and joined Daesh in the Aleppo area. [ICDNMar17] [ICDNMar17]