An Update On ISIS Activities

May 12, 2017









Ninewa Christian leaders say Christians are afraid to return. [..]

Issue of Jurf Al-Sakhar resident refused re-entry to homes renewed. [..]

Iraqi & Coalition forces attack Anbar desert area north of Haditha. [..]

Iraqi forces keep gaining in northwest, far west Mosul. [..]

PMFs launch major campaign to capture large subdistrict in Sinjar. [..]


Erdogan, Yildirim still talking against US arming of YPG. [..]


SDF clearing Tabaqa area; captures three villages closer to Raqqa. [..]

Turkey maneuvering for justification to invade Idlib. [..]

Syrian Army moving quickly toward border crossing area where US-supported militia group is organizing for southern Syria campaign. [..]


Daesh roadside bomb kills 27, wounds 30 in Pakistan. [..] 






Heads of Christian churches in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain issued a statement saying that Christian people are afraid of returning to their areas. They demand international protection and a self-governing area in the Nineveh Plain. [Sumaria] 


The PMF spokesman says that Karim Al-Nouri, a PMF Commission member, is not the PMF spokesman and his statements don’t represent the official view point of the PMFs. [Sumaria] 

Al-Nouri had said that most of the 2,600 Sunni who were allegedly detained by PMFs had been killed by Iraqi forces while they were fighting for Daesh. A Sunni CoR Coalition had issued a statement accusing a Al-Nouri of hiding the truth about 2,900 Sunnis from different areas who were taken by PMF units and disappeared. [Sumaria


Reports from Iraq say that only 5% of the displaced population Jurf al-Sakhar in Babel province, liberated in 2015 by PMFs, has been allowed to return to their homes. Some say the militia controlling the city is the same one involved in kidnapping Qatari hunters, recently released after lengthy negotiations. A local Sheikh says tribal delegations went to Tehran to seek help to return the civilians to their homes, but without results. Prime Minister Al-Abadi told the tribal sheikhs that everybody will return after their relationship with Daesh is rechecked by security.  [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment. Jurf Al-Sakhar is a Sunni-majority city with a nasty sectarian undercurrent. It was the first major Daesh territory retaken by the government, with huge Shia militias playing the major role. Those not allowed to return are Sunnis suspected, often but not always with good reason, of being Daesh members and supporters. Their exclusion is thus argued to be a security measure. However, arrangements have been made in Salahuddin, Diyala, and Anbar for displaced people to return, after security checks. We suspect Jurf Al-Sakhar is an exception because it is controlled more by PMFs than the government, which has made political accommodations in other places to bring people home. Al-Abadi’s leadership was positive in those situations. He needs to do the same for Jurf Al-Sakhar, whose liberation preceded all the other places, perhaps by restoring a larger measure of government control. His excuse about needing security checks first sounds rather hollow after such a long time.


The Coalition says it conducted 11 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, near Mosul (6), Tal Afar (3), and Sinjar (2). [InherentResolve] 



Security-related incidents reported

Northwest (Kadhimiya, etc.)

Daesh says it detonated a parked car bomb on Shia in Shula, a Shia area, killing twenty people and wounding ten. [ICDNMay12]

A security source said yesterday that a car exploded in Shula, killing eight people and wounding six. [Sumaria] [Qurtas]  


Southeast (Mada’in, etc.)

A police source says an IED explosion wounded two civilians in Mada’in. [Ghad]


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

Police sources say an IED explosion in a popular marketplace in Al-Rashid wounded two civilians. [Ghad] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   3(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   3




MoD says 8th army division killed two Daesh combatants , one a Sudanese national, and destroyed two vehicles, a motorcycle, 16 IEDs, 6 explosive belts, 6 sticky bomb, an anti-tank mine,  and an AK-47 rifle. [MoD Website]



A joint operation by the 7th army division special forces and Tribal Mobilization, backed by army helicopters and Coalition planes, moved 100 km deep into the west Anbar desert, killing tens of Daesh combatants and destroying 3 vehicle bombs and several explosives caches. The operation is taking place in Haditha desert, north of the Euphrates, and in the long desert area between Baiji and Haditha. [MoD Website]  


MoD says army units destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb near the Mohammadi checkpoint. [MoD Website]

A commander in Army 7th division says the cooperation with the population and valuable information it provided revealed many sleeper cells in the city and surrounding area. He described the battle with Daesh as a battle of information more than anything else. [Sumaria] 


Northwest Anbar

The MoD says Iraqi forces killed “tens” of Daesh terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicle bombs in the ongoing military operations in west Anbar. [Maalomah] 


The MoD says Iraqi forces killed 2 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 2 vehicles, a motorcycle, 6 IEDs, and 3 explosives vests west of Haditha. [Harbi] 


MoD Says 29th army brigade intercepted a car bomb heading from Al-Qa’im to Hit, and destroyed it under control. [MoD Website]



The MoD says Iraqi forces destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb near Rutba. [Harbi] 




MoD says an Iraqi Abrams tank attacked a gathering of Daesh combatants in Tala‘a in Shirqat, killing three of them. Army units arrested 4 men wanted on terror charges in the area. [MoD Website] [Harbi]


The MoD says security units captured 4 men on terrorism charges at checkpoint in Shirqat. [Harbi] 


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in the Ain Al-Baidha area south of Shirqat with 8 mortars. [DENMay12] 


Daesh says it killed a PMF fighter and captured weapons and ammunition in an attack on Shayala Al-Imam village. [A3maq] Daesh issues a video of the attack. [A3maq] 



Daesh says it targeted PMF positions on the road between Baiji and Haditha and nearby areas with 22 mortars and 3 B10 rockets. [DENMay12] 



Salahuddin SWAT forces found 15 IEDs during a search campaign in various parts of the province. [MoD Website]


Salahuddin Operations Command says total families returning to their areas in Salahuddin are up to 88,185 families. [MoD Website]

DaeshDaily comment. Multiplying by 5 gives you an idea of the scale of the displacement, and many others have not yet returned. Contrast this with the Jurf Sakhar story under the National News above.



Samarra Operations Command says the 15th IFP brigade found a large explosives cache while searching the Shadhra and Nakhwa areas in the desert west of Samarra. [MoD Website]


MoD says military intelligence found a large ammunition cache in the Abbasiya desert west of Samarra. [MoD Website]


Southern Salahuddin (Balad, Dujail)

Daesh says it severely wounded an IFP Intelligence Service member and destroyed his vehicle with an IED in the Al-Alwaniyah area in Ishaqi. It also says it hit a PMF SUV with an IED in the same area, killing or wounding the fighters inside. [DENMay12] 


Daesh says its snipers killed a PMF fighter in the Balad station. [DENMay12] 



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

A security source says a policeman was killed and a police major wounded when three IEDs targeted their patrol in Gubba, northeast of Baquba. [Ghad] 


Dijla Operations Commander says a large operation has started to clear the Daesh presence from just northeast of Baquba up to Qara Tapa, with participation of the 5th army division, police, and PMFs, backed by army helicopters. [Sumaria] 


PMF says a surprise operation by Army, PMF and Diyala police personnel in the areas between Himrin Lake and Qara Tapa resulted in destroying 4 Daesh guesthouses and a tunnel network and destroying weapons storehouses inside the guesthouses. [Ghad] 


Daesh says it killed three members of a joint army and police patrol, wounded four others, and damaged a Humvee and an SUV by detonating 2 IEDs in Al-Qubba village in Al-Waqf, east of Baquba. [DENMay12] 


A local source says a civilian was killed when an IED exploded under his vehicle near Buhriz. [Sumaria] 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

Daesh says it severely wounded two PMF fighters by detonating an IED on their car in Albu Eissa village in Udhaim. [DENMay12] 




IWMC says two raids by the IAF on Daesh positions in Hawija destroyed a sniper center in the city, killing 11 snipers training inside, and the HQ of the Daesh security commander in Al-Abbasi, killing and wounding several terrorists inside. [Sumaria]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

A security source says 2 Daesh mortars fell on Al-Bashir village, causing damage to a vehicle. [Sumaria] 

Daesh says it targeted Al-Bashir village with 8 mortars. [DENMay12] 




Mosul liberation campaign

MoD says army helicopters killed 13 Daesh combatants and destroyed 6 vehicles in support of Rapid Response units in west Mosul. [MoD Website]


Central Mosul

The IFP commander says his forces liberated Al-Noor hospital and a school used as a car bomb-rigging workshop south of old Mosul, and killed Daesh religious and rations officials in addition to three suicide attackers near the Bilal Al-Habashi mosque. [Sumaria] 


Southwest Mosul

Daesh says its snipers killed two IFP soldiers in the Ras Al-Jadda area. It also says it destroyed an IFP military position with an SPG9 rocket in the same area. [DENMay12] 


West-central Mosul

Ninewa Liberation Operation command says CTS forces liberated the Islah Al-Zira’i Al-Aula neighborhood. [Sumaria] 


CTS commander says Islah Al-Zira’i is an important communications junction among various areas in far western Mosul, and liberating it is therefore a major step towards final elimination of Daesh. There is no area left in west Mosul that can be considered a Daesh stronghold where it could lean on local support or organize defenses there. [Sumaria] 


Daesh says it killed four CTS soldiers and wounded others in battles in Islah Al-Zira’i. [DENMay12] 


North & northwest Mosul

Ninewa Liberation Operations command says Rapid Response units and the 9th army division finalized liberation of the 2nd Haramat neighborhood in northwest Mosul. [Forat]


A military source says army helicopters killed 5 Daesh leaders in an air attack in west Mosul. [Ghad]

The leaders killed are the security official of the Sahha, Zanjili, and Al-Uraybi neighborhoods and the Caliphate Scouts recruitment official. [Waradana]


IAF F16s destroyed the Daesh military affairs office in Al-Najjar neighborhood southeast of 17 Tammuz. [MoD Website]


Iraqi forces found a Daesh rockets storehouse in the Hawi Al-Kanisa area, now under government control. [MoD Website]


East Mosul

A security source reported large fires in the Ghabat (forests) area of Mosul. Some sources say Daesh shelling was the cause of the fires, while others say the cause is unknown. [Maalomah] 


Northwest Ninewa

Tal Afar

IAF F16s destroyed a Daesh anti-aircraft gun position in Tal Afar. [MoD Website]



PMFs started a large operation Friday morning to liberate the Qayrawan subdistrict in Sinjar District, adjoining the Syrian border, where army helicopters killed 27 Daesh combatants and destroyed 3 vehicles. PMF secured safe routes for exit of civilians from the battle areas. Qayrawan, one of two Sinjar subdistricts, also forms the gateway of Baaj District to the southwest. It has been an important Daesh stronghold. [Ghad] 


PMFs announced the liberation of two villages east of Qayrawan neighborhood, in the first stage of the campaign to liberate Qayrawan, west of Tal Afar. [Ghad] 


PMF announced the liberation of Abu Lahaf village north of Qayrawan and is now entering Butha village, after inflicting heavy casualties on Daesh. [Ghad] 


Army helicopters destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb in Tal Banat north of Qayrawan. [Ghad] 


PMFs say they liberated 4 villages east and north of Qayrawan subdistrict, are surrounding 4 others, and expect to enter the subdistrict center in the coming hours. It says it killed 57 Dash combatants and destroyed over 10 vehicles and many weapons and explosives caches.


Military sources say the intense fire of army helicopters helped the PMFs move rapidly towards Qayrawan. About 400 civilians have been moved to safe areas from the captured villages so far. [Rudaw] 


PMF Command says its units destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb near Um Daghash, east of Qayrawan. (photos.) [Sumaria] 


Daesh says it killed or wounded PMF fighters and destroyed 2 tanks, 2 Humvees, 4 SUVs, and other vehicles in 5 suicide attacks southwest of Tal Afar. [A3maq] [A3maq]


Daesh issues a video of targeting a PMF armored vehicle with a rocket in Abu Rasain village, southwest of Tal Afar. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of the attack. [A3maq] 


PMF destroyed 2 vehicle bombs and kills 6 combatants in Um Al-Shababit village while army helicopters destroyed two vehicle bombs in Mahdi Mahal and Tal Hajem villages. [Harbi] 

PMFs captured a Daesh communications system in the liberated Tal Hajem village in northern Qayrawan subdistrict. [Ghad] 

Daesh says it destroyed a PMF Humvee near Tal Hajem village, southwest of Tal Afar. [A3maq]


Daesh says it destroyed a PMF Abrams tank, a Humvee, personnel carrier near Mekeibra village, southwest of Tal Afar. [A3maq]


PMF says it shelled five villages with artillery and rockets, killing 20 combatants and destroying two vehicles and two Daesh positions. [PressIraq]


The Peshmerga say that they are in full alert after the PMF attack on Qayrawan, saying that there are 9 areas that used to be inhabited by Yazidis in the area, and that Peshmerga will move to capture them when orders are issued. [Anadolu]




Speaking in a press conference in Ankara, Turkey’s President Erdogan says his country will fight Daesh, PKK, and PYD until the end. He again criticized US decision to arm the YPG, saying “it is not right to see the US lining up with a terrorist group.” He insisted that his country is the only one fighting Daesh, while others are “just talking,” saying that he will discuss the issue with his US counterpart during their upcoming meeting in Washington. [ARA]


Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says using one terrorist group to combat another “is inappropriate behavior for serious countries,” referring to the US arming of the YPG. Speaking in London at a conference on Somalia, he says Daesh and PKK are alike, and that President Erdogan will discuss this issue with President Trump during his US visit. [Anadolu]


Turkish media reported the arrival of the first batch of US weapons to YPG. The shipment arrived at Erbil airport and was then transported by land through the Simalka border crossing to Hasaka. Papers say the weapons included TOW anti-armor missiles, British launchers, Spanish mortar shells, and 4-barrel machine guns among other things. Britain joined Turkey in criticizing the US arming of the YPG units. [EnabBaladi]




The Coalition says it conducted 23 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, near Tabaqa (11), Raqqa (8), Deir Ez-Zor (3), and Albu Kamal (1)). [InherentResolve] 


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Battles between PYD Asayesh (security) and a local tribe resulted in killing three Asayesh personnel. The Kurdish security men were chasing an Arab deserter in Abu Rasen village, found him, and killed him along with his brother. They arrested 25 of the deserter’s family members including 4 women. [SyriaHR]


Russia spoke of local councils to run the “safe areas” covered by the recent agreement to stop escalation. It says “it is understood that local councils would run their areas, but this does not mean overruling the central government as the state should never fall apart.” It adds that the anti-government opposition and government should move toward political coordination as well. [Dorar]



Coalition attacks on Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zor and other areas in Syria allegedly killed 26 civilians. The raids killed 13 in Bir Al-Hasham north of Raqqa and three on a motorcycle in Kano village west of Raqqa and two in Hamrat Balasim south of Raqqa. [Qasioun]


West of Raqqa

An SDF commander says all Tabaqa civilians will be back in the city after SDF finishes clearing war remnants. He says Raqqa is now isolated but there is no fixed timetable to liberate it. He adds that SDF forces are enough to liberate Raqqa, and more areas after Raqqa, and there is no need for any additional forces. [Hawar]


SDF issued a statement describing the liberation process of Tabaqa and Euphrates Dam, thanking the Coalition for its valuable support, and the population for their utmost cooperation. It says the city will be handed over to a civil council and internal police force to manage it once clearing of war remnants is finished. It also called young men of the city to join SDF to protect their areas. The statement added that Euphrates Dam is a national Syrian institution and will serve the whole of Syria.  [PUKMedia]


A video shows the liberated Dam area and the moment of taking down the Daesh flag from the Dam buildings. [PUKMedia]


Daesh claimed it killing 104 SDF fighters in counterattacks, 56 in Karam and Judaidat villages and 48 in Ajrawi village and the military airport areas. SDF says its forces repelled a Daesh attack on Um Al-Tanak village, killing 7, and liberated Kharbat Al-Khan village north of Raqqa. Meanwhile, Coalition planes allegedly killed 14 civilians in a village north of Raqqa, according to local activists. [ZamanAlWasl]

DaeshDaily comment. Based on experience, we have learned to discount explosive allegations by “local activists.”


The Coalition says Daesh had to withdraw from Tabaqa after losing over 70 combatants in battles. It says that Raqqa is totally isolated now. [Anadolu]


US sources say Daesh combatants handed over the remaining parts of the city and the Dam without fighting, leaving their heavy weapons behind, in exchange for allowing them to withdraw to Raqqa. The source says they even removed the explosives they placed in the Dam by themselves before withdrawing. SDF and Daesh had been negotiating the withdrawal for a week after two months of bloody battles in the Tabaqa area. [Arabi21]


A Daesh land mine exploded in Jarbo’ village, killing two female children and wounding 4 of their family members. [Hawar]


North of Raqqa

SDF says it liberated Ansar village northwest of Raqqa after two days of fighting. [Hawar]


SDF says it liberated Rafiqa village northwest of Raqqa and captured a Daesh training camp there, killing tens of its combatants. It says it has liberated 169 sq. km in the last three days.  SDF lost one fighter due to a land mine explosion.  [Hawar]


Battles between SDF and Daesh in Rafiqa and Ansar are about 14-18 km away from Raqqa. SOHR says SDF captured both villages after inflicting heavy casualties on Daesh. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says its snipers killed an SDF fighter in Sanina village northwest of Raqqa. [DENMay12] 


Daesh says seven people were killed and forty-five wounded in “American” bombing and shelling on Sanina and Al-Rashid villages, north of Raqqa. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of the results of the airstrikes. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF units in Royan village, north of Raqqa, with a rocket. [ICDNMay12]


East of Raqqa

Daesh says its snipers killed two SDF fighters in a village west of Al-Karama. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes two photos of targeting SDF units in Al-Babeli village, east of Raqqa, with mortars. [ICDNMay12]


Raqqa city

Military sources expect the battle for Raqqa city to start at the beginning of summer. SDF says it will fight the battle by itself with Coalition support. Tabaqa, captured recently, is 55 km (34 miles) away from Raqqa. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. However, SDF also holds villages a lot closer to Raqqa, as noted above.


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo/Idlib/Deir Hafer

SOHR reports that Turkey is seeking religious clerics in Idlib to issue a fatwa to fight against hard-line jihadist groups in the city, mainly Nusra (Tahrir Al-Sham) so as to provide a pretext for a Turkish intervention similar to that in Al-Bab city earlier this year. Turkey’s allies and Tahrir Al-Sham are already in a standoff as the latter started preemptive movements against its rivals in anticipation of such an attack. [SyriaHR]


SOHR reported continued battles and air raids around Al-Jarrah military airport, held by Daesh east of Aleppo. [SyriaHR]

Daesh says it targeted Syrian Army positions in Kashish village (Al-Jarrah) with 75 mortars and several tank shells, killing or wounding soldiers and damaging a vehicle. [DENMay12] 


SOHR reported intense air activity and continued bombing by government planes on Maskana city held by Daesh. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it killed 25 government soldiers in an attack on the Khanasir-Athariya road south of Aleppo, resulting in closure of the road. Russian planes attacked Al- Jarrah airport and Maskana city causing material damage only. [Qasioun]

Further reports say Syrian Army lost six officers in the Daesh attack in addition to 30 soldiers wounded, but it reopened the road again after repelling the attack, killing 20 combatants. It says the road is safe for civilian drivers now. [EnabBaladi] [SyriaNow]


Daesh publishes photos of one of its “air-defense” units targeting Russian planes east of Salmiya. [ICDNMay12]


Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/ Jarabulus

YPG sources say fighting in Shahba stopped after a failed attack by Turkeybacked Fath Al-Sham was blocked by YPG troops, killing one attacker. Opposition units continued shelling 7 villages held by YPG in the area, causing damage. [Hawar]


Turkish artillery shelled Sheikh Eissa village near Azaz, held by SDF, using heavy artillery, while SDF shelled opposition positions in Mare’ city in response. Russian planes initiated intense attacks on Hammam city south of Jarabulus, targeting civilian neighborhoods and wounding several people. [Qasioun]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

SOHR says over 4 government soldiers and 20 other affiliated combatants and media personnel were killed by Daesh shelling of government forces east of Homs. [SyriaHR]


Opposition sources confirmed the incident, saying that Daesh targeted the media team including correspondents from several pro-regime media outlets with a heat-seeking missile, also killing some commanding officers of the National Defense forces. [EnabBaladi]


Fighting between Daesh and government forces continues in the grain silos area and Talila junction amid casualties from both sides. [SyriaHR]


Government planes attacked Hawla and Wazi’iya villages held by Daesh in east Homs. [SyriaHR]


Syrian government says its forces attacked six areas held by Daesh east of Homs and recaptured three areas from it in the area after inflicting heavy casualties to then in personnel and equipment. [SyriaNow]

Syrian Army says it captured the strategic Subaihiya Mountains overlooking the Palmyra-Baghdad Road in addition to adjacent hills. [SyriaNow]


Syrian government says its army captured Mesherfa Al-Janoubia from Daesh east of the Shumariya Mountains, captured by the Syrian Army earlier. [SyriaNow]

Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army heavy machine gun with a rocket on the Al-Shumariya Mountains, east of Homs. [A3maq]

Daesh says it stopped a Syrian Army attack on the mountains, killing two soldiers and a commander and wounding others. [A3maq]


Daesh says it damaged a Syrian Army tank with a rocket near the Tadmur silos. [A3maq]


Daesh says it killed nine Syrian soldiers, wounded others, and destroyed a T72 tank in an attack on 3 military positions on the road between Ithariya and Salmiya. [ICDNMay12] [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Coalition planes destroyed a Daesh weapons storehouse in Mayadin near Deir Ez-Zor, killing several combatants and some nearby civilians, and reportedly killed four civilians in a raid on Markada, held by Daesh south of Hasaka. [Qasioun]


Government planes attacked the Al-Maamel area north of Deir Ez-Zor, while Coalition planes attacked Ashara, east of the city. [SyriaHR]


SOHR says Coalition planes attacked Haweiqa and Quriya east of Deir Ez-Zor, killing several Daesh combatants. Daesh kidnapped two men from Jazrat Albu Shams village held by SDF, while SDF arrested two Daesh operatives, one of them a Moroccan. [SyriaHR]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Syrian Army says it advanced for 65 km along the Damascus-Tanaf expressway and has only 100 km left to reach the Al-Tanaf border crossing. [SyriaNow]


Government forces captured a junction east of Saba’ Bayar in the Syrian desert, securing the international roads between Damascus and Baghdad and between Damascus and Amman after defeating opposition forces. Opposition sources confirmed the advance. [EnabBaladi]


Reports say that Tahrir al-Sham (Nusra) assigned 30 of its leaders to Daraa in the south, and that they are carrying millions of dollars to recruit fighters and buy weapons. Observers believe such a move will confuse Jordanian plans to move against Jaish Khaled (Daesh affiliate) in Daraa). [EnabBaladi]


Syrian opposition says it made advances against Daesh in Mahsa and Jabal Manqoura in east Qalamoun in battles that are still continuing amid artillery shelling from both sides. The opposition accused Syrian government forces of supporting Daesh with tank and artillery shelling. [Qasioun]


Daesh shelled Hit city west of Daraa with artillery, causing damage. [Qasioun]





Daesh publishes photos of targeting Houthi positions in different areas in Qifa with mortars and heavy machine guns. [ICDNMay12]





Pakistani officials said least 27 people were killed, while over 30 others, including the Deputy Senate Chairman were injured on Friday in a roadside blast in Baluchistan.

The deputy chairman was returning from an event at Jamia Masjid Muhammadia when the explosion took place. [Geo] 

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked the convoy with an explosives vest, killing thirty people and wounding forty, including the deputy. [ICDNMay12]

Daesh publishes a photo of the suicide terrorist. [ICDNMay12]



Daesh says it attacked a police barrier in Malgobek in Ingushetia. [A3maq]




Videos of the Day


CTS units secure civilians in Islah Al-Zira’i. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]

Iraqi forces secure a family trapped in a house in west Mosul. [Facebook]

Iraqi soldiers help civilians in west Mosul. [Facebook]


Iraqi aircraft target Daesh in west Mosul. [MoD]



A Coalition airstrike destroys Daesh financial infrastructure in Mayadin on May 6. [CJTFOIR]


DAESH MEDIA                                                                                                                                                   


Daesh Audio Newsletter for Today [Bayan]


Daesh publishes photos of some of its dead terrorists. [ICDNMay12]


Daesh publishes the 80th issue of its Al-Naba’ magazine. In this issue, Daesh publishes reports about its operations in Iraq, Syria, and other countries. It says 425 young men joined its ranks in the Deir Ez-Zor area, while 7,250 “renewed their pledge of allegiance.” In this issue, Daesh also announce the death of one of its Bahraini terrorists. It published an infographic about the results of “1000 days of airstrikes.” It says the Coalition conducted 21,767 airstrikes. It also says this cost the Coalition 15.6 billion dollars.  [ICDNMay12] 



May 11, 2017



Mosul University Library







Car bomb kills 8 in northwest Baghdad. [..]

KDP CoR bloc still insists on an independence referendum. [..]

New study documents horrifying scale of Yazidi disaster. [..]

Coordinated Iraqi forces, Coalition targeting Daesh in west Anbar. [..]

CTS fights off 13 vehicle bombs in major Islah Al-Zira’I battle. [..]

CTS, IFP, Army troops keep winning in northwest Mosul. [..]

Iraqi historian declares a book drive for Mosul U. (You can help too). [..]


Russia demands US clear south Syria military plans with Syrian government. [..]

SOHR says Coalition airstrikes have killed 83 civilians since May 1. [..]

SDF clearing Tabaqa city; Daesh counter-attacks west and south of city. [..]






A KDP CoR member says Prime Minister Abadi met with the KDP CoR bloc in his office to discuss the relationships between Erbil and Baghdad. He says the bloc told Abadi that the KRG insists on holding the independence referendum. He also says they discussed the situation in Sinjar and the PKK presence in the area. [Rudaw]


Prime Minister Abadi’s office says Abadi met with the CENTCOM commander, General Joseph Votel, to discuss the Mosul liberation and the training of Iraqi forces. [Sumaria] 


Prime Minister Abadi met with a group of US congresswomen headed by Congresswoman Martha Ruby to discuss relationships between Iraq and the US and support for Iraqi women. [Sumaria] 


Prime Minister Abadi‘s spokesman denied that the Prime Minister would interfere in any way with judicial issues. The statement came in response to a claim by Vice President Usama Nujaifi who said that Abadi promised to solve the issues of former Deputy PM Rafi Al-Eissawi. Eissawi was implicated in terrorism charges and was accused of allowing Daesh to capture Anbar. [Sumaria] 


PLOS Medicine estimated that 2.5% of the Yazidi population was either killed or kidnapped over the course of a few days in August 2014, amounting to 9,900 people in total. An estimated 3,100 were killed, with nearly half of them executed—either shot, beheaded, or burned alive—while the rest died on Mount Sinjar from starvation, dehydration, or injuries during the Daesh siege. The estimated number kidnapped is 6,800. 

Escapees recounted the abuses they had suffered, including forced religious conversion, torture, and sex slavery. Over one-third of those reported kidnapped were still missing at the time of the survey. All Yazidis were targeted regardless of age and sex, but children were disproportionately affected. They were as likely as adults to be executed but constituted 93.0% of those who died on Mount Sinjar. Moreover, children only accounted for 18.8% of those who managed to escape captivity. [PLOS] 


A Sunni CoR Coalition issued a statement accusing a PMF leader of hiding the truth about 2,900 Sunnis from different areas who were taken by PMF units and disappeared. The PMF leader had said most of these people had been killed by Iraqi forces while they were fighting for Daesh. [Sumaria] 


The Coalition says it conducted 7 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in or near Mosul (3), Tal Afar (3), and Rawa (1). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

Northwest (Kadhimiya, etc.)

A police source says a car exploded in Shula, killing two civilians and wounding four others. [Sumaria] 

A later report says eight people were killed and six wounded. [Sumaria] [Qurtas]  


North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

Military intelligence says it captured a large Daesh explosives cache including C4 containers in Albu Khaled, in the Buhayrat area of Tarmiya. [Ghad] 


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The BOC says 17th army division destroyed a booby-trapped house during a search campaign in the Manari, Duwailiba, and Zambraniya areas. [BOC Facebook Page]


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

A security source says a search campaign in Ghazaliya resulted in arresting two men wanted on terror charges. [Ghad] 

A police source says an IED placed in a marketplace in Agargouf wounded two civilians. [Ghad] 

Military Intelligence says it arrested a Daesh operative accused of several terrorist attacks in Abu Ghraib. [Etejah] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   6(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   3



The Iraqi government says it found 3 mass graves with civilians and security members executed by Daesh in Qarma, Azraqiya, and Ramadi city. [Rudaw]



An Anbar Operations Command source says security units killed 3 Daesh suicide terrorists who were trying to sneak through the desert to Ameriyat Al-Fallujah. The source also says the security units destroyed a vehicle bomb (photos.) [BasNews] [Sumaria]



Commander of Anbar Operation says 8th army division killed two suicide attackers armed with explosives belts who were trying to infiltrate the Razaza Lake area. [Sumaria] 



A military source in Hit says 7th army division found a vehicle bomb parked in Al-Aqba, east of Hit near Ramadi Province, and destroyed it under control without any casualties. [Sumaria] 


Daesh issues a video of Iraqi forces vehicles destroyed in the suicide attack in the Al-Mudhim area southwest of Haditha on Monday. [A3maq]


Northwest Anbar

A Tribal PMF commander says Iraqi forces supported by Coalition airpower continued their operations to clear areas in west Anbar. He says Iraqi forces cut off Daesh supply lines between Rawa and Anah and destroyed 3 camps, an explosives storehouse, and 3 fuel tanker trucks. [BasNews]



The Anbar Operations Commander says Iraqi forces, supported by the Coalition planes and IAA helicopters, started a large military campaign to clear the southern desert of Rutba. [Sumaria]


Saraya Al-Salam, the Sadrist PMF says it stopped a Daesh attack on the Wadi Al-Ghadhaf area. [Harbi] 




Daesh says it targeted PMF positions on the road between Baiji and Haditha and several areas north of Baiji with 36 mortars and 2 P10 rockets. [DMNMay11]



Daesh says its snipers killed three PMF fighters in Allas oilfield. [A3maq]



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

Head of Diyala Provincial council Security committee says a PMF rocket attack in Al-Zoor, northwest of Al-Khalis, killed Abu Qutayba, the founder of the recently formed Al-Farisi regiment of Daesh. The terrorist killed was close to Al-Baghdadi and prayed behind him in the famous recording of the Mosul Grand Mosque speech. [Buratha] 


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Dijla Operations destroyed a vehicle-rigging workshop and two explosives caches in the Isawid and Arda areas.  [MoD Website]


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

A PMF commander asks security agencies to investigate Daesh terrorists who are sneaking from Hawija toward the Al-Nida area. He says Daesh is establishing sleeper cells and hideouts in the area. [Sumaria]


Daesh says it detonated an IED on a “vehicle carrying a group of Shia”, destroying it and killing the people inside in Al-Dainiya. [DMNMay11]




A security source says an armed man shot and killed a policeman in the Rahimawa area in north Kirkuk. [Sumaria]



The IWMC says the IAF destroyed a Daesh sniper headquarters in Hawija district, killing or wounding several terrorists. It also says the IAF destroyed a Daesh headquarters in Al-Abbasi, killing or wounding more terrorists. [Sumaria] 


Chairman of the Arab bloc in the Kirkuk Provincial Council says all promises about liberating Hawija soon are not true. He says people in areas southwest of Kirkuk are living under catastrophic conditions and they suffer lack of food, water, and other basic needs. He says Daesh informed farmers in the Hawija area to prepare for the grains harvest season after the month of Ramadan. [Sumaria]