An Update On ISIS Activities

November 6, 2017









Hostile rhetoric heightens in KRG-Iraq standoff. [..]

PM Barzani suggests previous oil revenue formula may be restored. [..]

Al-Abadi raises the Iraqi flag in Al-Qa’im. [..]

Two coincidental reports suggest Al-Baghdadi is on the move. [..]

Iraqi Army initiates major campaign to clear Daesh pockets in Rutba. [..]

Iraqi Army thwarts Daesh attack on Shia shrine in Samarra. [..]

Daesh double suicide attack on Shia mosque in Kirkuk kills at least 5. [..]


Prime Minister Yildirim making extended visit to Washington. [..]


Daesh suicide attack reported to kill 100 civilians in Deir Ez-Zor. [..]

SDF captures four Deir Ez-Zor villages from Daesh. [..]

Iraqi PMFs, helicopters cross border into Albu Kamal. [..]

Syrian forces recover SW Syria ground lost to Tahrir Al-Sham. [..]


Daesh stages deadly attack on security HQ in Aden. [..]





Victory over Daesh

Monday, Iraqi President Fuad Masoum confirmed that the final victory against Daesh will be soon. According to a statement from Masoum’s press office, Poland held an official reception for Masoum on Monday morning, headed by Polish President Andrzej Duda. The two presidents looked into expanding the bilateral relationships between the two countries across all sectors. [Sumaria]


Iraq-KRG issues

Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and CoR Speaker Salim Al-Jubouri discussed the latest developments in Iraq, with a focus on the crisis with Kurdistan. According to the CoR press office, the two looked into solutions to end the ongoing crises in Iraq, especially the crisis between the central government and the KRG, by emphasizing dialogue in accordance with the constitution. [SotIraq]


Monday, Sumaria published the Federal Court’s document regarding the legality of separation by any Iraqi component, based on the request of the Secretary General of the Ministerial Council to clarify constitutional issues. [Sumaria] Monday, the Federal Court confirmed that the Iraqi constitution contains no passage allowing the separation of any Iraqi component, and noted that the constitution emphasizes the country’s unity. [Sumaria]


Monday, a statement from the office of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said “the Iraqi government confirms its commitment to its constitutional position by maintaining Iraq’s unity, preventing any separatist attempt, and proceeding with necessary measures to impose federal authority. . . . All measures taken by the federal government were within these constitutional provisions and within their powers.” [ROJ]


Monday, Prime Minister Al-Abadi’s office demanded that the KRG explicitly announce its commitment not to separate from Iraq and to abide by the constitution and the Federal Court’s decisions. He cited the Federal Court’s explanation of Article 1 of the constitution which emphasizes Iraqi unity and authorizes the federal government to maintain the unity of Iraq. [Mawsleya]


Monday, Badr Bloc representative, Faleh Hasan Al-Khazali, said he considers the Federal Court decision deeming the Kurdistan referendum null as “the last chance to avoid an armed solution.” Al-Khazali called on former KRG President Masoud Barzani to abide by the law and cancel the referendum’s results. [Sumaria]


Monday, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani expressed his readiness to share the payment of the KRG’s salaries with the federal government while calling on the federal government to “hold a strategic dialogue” and “not play the Kurdish forces card.” Barzani said “the disputes with Baghdad will not be solved through military force, and we call for a permanent ceasefire with the Iraqi forces.” He added that Baghdad’s actions aim to “abolish the political and legal entity of Kurdistan.” [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Inflated political rhetoric from either side will not solve anything. For example, Baghdad’s recent military actions actually aim to put under federal control the non-KRG areas of Iraq that the KRG has occupied by stationing its Peshmerga there and essentially daring Baghdad to do something about it. We don’t hear anyone proposing to abolish the KRG.  


The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is ready to hand over the revenues of oil exports to Baghdad if Iraq’s federal government gives the Kurdish region its 17-percent share of the budget, KRG’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said on Monday. [Anadolu] [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment. Settling this issue would lessen the air of crisis we notice in the KRG and remove one major source of current tensions. 


Monday, a Kurdish representative in the CoR, Najiba Najib, said the 2018 budget is the “worst and most dangerous” to Kurdistan, accusing political parties of seeking to weaken the Kurdish people. Najib also said some parts of the budget are “blatantly unconstitutional,” including changing the name of the Kurdistan Region, which is spelled out in the constitution, to “Northern Iraqi Governorates.” She explained that the 17% Kurdish share of the budget, “which the KRG never received in full,” was reduced even further, adding that all Kurdish parties stand against the 2018 budget until it is adjusted. [BasNews]


Monday, PUK CoR representative, Ms. Rizan Sheikh Dalir, criticized “the Baghdad government’s lack of seriousness to carry out a dialogue with the KRG to resolve their outstanding disputes, despite all of the KRG’s initiatives.” Dalir called Baghdad’s rejection and continued “humiliation” and “provocation” of Kurdish leaders and civilians and the reduction of the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget as “unacceptable.” Dalir also called on the Iraqi government to “reconsider its language which aims to bring back the chauvinism of the previous administration.” [IraqPress]


Monday, PUK official Bakhtyar Shaways announced that he has officially asked Prime Minister Al-Abadi to recognize Halabja as a standalone governorate in the 2018 budget, despite “unconstitutional terminology” appearing in the 2018 federal budget, such as the use of the term “Northern Iraqi Governorates” instead of the “Kurdistan Region – Iraq,” in addition to dropping the Kurdish share from 17% to 12.67% without a census or a legal justification. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. We think changing the “Kurdistan Region” name in the budget is another example of the inflated rhetoric cited above. It may be a small offense but it’s an unnecessary offense. It is encouraging that we are talking about the KRG’s fair share, which is based on restoring a joint oil marketing policy, hopefully under way. The long-established fair share is 17%, but it is always somewhat less due to shared expenses. The dueling budget statements don’t tell us whether CoR members are trying to reduce the fair share or whether the shared expenses are (as usual) the difference. A lot of bombastic political statements in Iraq (including the KRG) are based on a firm belief in other people’s ignorance.


Monday, a member of the CoR Petroleum and Energy Committee, Zaher Al-Abadi, accused former KRG President Masoud Barzani of the “stealth acquisition” of the North Oil Company. Zaher Al-Abadi called on the Iraqi Minister of Petroleum, Jabbar Al-Luaibi, to open an investigation into how 370 technicians from the Kar Company, which he said is owned by Masoud Barzani and runs the Avana and Bai Hassan oil fields, were brought to work in the North Oil Company. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Just for the record, Kar is owned by Kurdish businessman Baz Barzangy.  


Monday, in an interview with NPR, Masoud Barzani reiterated that he does not regret holding the referendum in Kurdistan. Barzani said that the “KRG expected the closure of border crossings and economic sanctions, but not a military attack.” Barzani added that “Russia’s attitude with respect to the procedures taken by Baghdad were more positive than America’s” and that “Kurdistan is re-evaluating its relationship with Washington based on its last stance.” [IraqPress]

DaeshDaily comment. We have noticed after covering Masoud Barzani for a long time that in his own mind and public pronouncements he is never wrong. As for replacing the US relationship with the Russians, let him be the first one on the plane and let’s see how many people follow him.



Security-related incidents reported

South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

Five civilians were injured in a roadside IED explosion in the Dora area in southern Baghdad, police said Saturday. [Sumaria]


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

The PUK Media published confessions of the detained Daesh terrorist called “Abu Amnah” in front of the Central Interrogation Court judge. Abu Amnah was the emir of the Abu Ghraib crossing in the so-called “Wilayat Baghdad.” He confessed to joining Daesh after a one-year imprisonment by the US forces. The article outlines some of Abu Amnahs routines, and how his family did not know of his affiliation with Daesh, and how he used the Telegraph App to communicate. He also detailed his involvement in the recruitment of Daesh members and the manufacturing of IEDs. [PUKMedia] 



Anah (including Rawa)

Al-Iraq News reported that Daesh’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi escaped to Syria on Friday evening from Rawa in a yellow taxi. It is believed that he is in Deir Ez-Zor. Sunday night, Al-Iraq News reported from an intelligence source that Al-Baghdadi called on Daesh members to remain and fight in Al-Qa’im but those able to leave escaped in their personal cars to Syria. [Buratha] [FaceIraq]

DaeshDaily comment. Yet another reported Baghdadi sighting in which he is neither heard nor actually seen. But see the story under Albu Kamal, Syria, below. 



Sunday, Prime Minister Al-Abadi arrived in Al-Qa’im and raised the Iraqi flag in the city and at the Hsaiba Border Crossing. [Anadolu] 


Monday, according to a media source, the PMFs began withdrawing from Al-Qa’im after completing the liberation operation, and the Iraqi Army took over the posts which the PMFs left. [Buratha] 


Monday, the security forces and PMF continued their clearing operations in the Al-Qa’im city following its liberation from Daesh. In addition to IED and mine removal, the security forces are tracking Daesh members hiding in neighborhoods in the city center. [Etejah]


Monday, the EOD discovered a booby-trapping and IED workshop in Al-Qa’im and defused a number of locally-made IEDs. [Baghdadia] 


Sumaria posted a video of a Daesh market found by security forces where Daesh used to sell belongings stolen from Al-Qa’im’s displaced residents. Among the goods stolen were electronic appliances, gas cylinders, and other equipment. Facebook activists said that Daesh moved most of the goods to Syria prior to the start of the liberation operation in Al-Qa’im. [Sumaria] 


Monday, Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi issued guidelines regarding the liberated areas in western Anbar, including Al-Qa’im. Al-Abadi instructed the concerned official entities to make the maximum effort to clear the residential neighborhoods, roads, and institutions from explosives left behind by Daesh and to create the right conditions to bring back basic services to the residents and prepare for the return of IDPs. He also instructed them to examine the demands of residents and government employees, which they presented during his visit to liberated areas on Sunday. [Buratha] 


The Coalition says it conducted one airstrike on a Daesh target in Iraq, near Al-Qa’im. [InherentResolve]



Saturday, West Anbar Operations Command announced that it carried out a large anti-Daesh operation to clear the areas extending towards Al-Rutba, and from Al-Rutba all the way to Kerbala, in which they destroyed 15 Daesh camps and 10 hideouts, and captured 40 villages as well as the Al-Rutba southern airport and Al-Rutba northern airport. [IraqPress]

The commander of the West Anbar Liberation Operation, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, said on Saturday that Iraqi forces, backed by the PMFs, launched an anti-Daesh operation to retake the last Daesh-controlled areas in western Anbar. They recently recaptured the outskirts of Al-Rutba town as well as Al-Sada, Karabela, and Hsaiba, Iraq press reported on Saturday. He further noted that they destroyed 15 Daesh camps and hideouts in the wake of the counterterror offensives, and claimed to have liberated 40 villages in addition to the two air bases north and south of Al-Rutba, bringing the total expanse of liberated areas in western Anbar to 20,000 square kilometers. [IraqPress]

DaeshDaily comment. Count us as skeptical that Daesh still controlled two airports and 40 villages in Rutba. 



Monday, the Diyala Police announced the arrest of 2 terrorists, in Khanaqin in northeast Diyala and Khan Bani Saad southwest of Baquba. [Baghdadia] 



Monday, Diyala Provincial Council Member, Abdul Khaleq Medhat said that an airstrike targeted 4 Daesh locations in the Mtaibija Basin on the border between Diyala and Salahuddin. Medhat added that the repeated strikes on Daesh’s guesthouses and gatherings in Mtaibija contributed to reducing the danger from Daesh activity in nearby areas, including Hawi Al-Udhaim. [Sumaria] 



Commander of Operations in Samarra, Gen. Imad Al-Zahiri, announced on Monday that a major terrorist attack on visitors to a Shia religious shrine in downtown Samarra was thwarted, saying 11 terrorists were arrested and all of their weapons were confiscated. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Shia pilgrims travel to Samarra city to visit the shrines of Ali Al-Hadi and Al-Hasan Al-Askari before heading to the holy city of Kerbala to commemorate Arba’in.  [Rudaw] 



Monday, the Intelligence Service announced the foiling of a planned terrorist attack with two suicide bombers on visitors to the Arba’in processions in Diyala. [Baghdadia] 


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida/Central Diyala

Monday, Head of the Muqdadiya District Council, Adnan Al-Tamimi, said that the military operation in the Nahr Al-Imam village uncovered the hideout location of a wanted Daesh leader called “Al-Jarithi” who is from that village. Al Tamimi also reported that a joint security unit carried out search operations in Nahr Al-Imam, covering the districts and the surrounding agricultural gardens, and seized a Daesh guesthouse containing explosives and IEDs.  [Sumaria] [Sumaria] [Buratha]


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

A local source says a man was kidnapped by a group of 8 people who broke into his house in Al-Islah in Jalawla, northeast Diyala, wearing uniforms of the security forces and took him to an unknown location. [Ghad]




Sunday, at least five people were killed and 14 others were wounded in two suicide attacks on a Shia mosque in Kirkuk, police and medical sources said. [Anadolu]

Monday, Intelligence commander Maen Al-Saadi confirmed that the Sunday incident in Kirkuk was a terrorist attack committed by two foreign Daesh members. The attack targeted a political party, according to Al-Saadi, and was meant to fuel sectarian strife and create confusion, especially now that Kirkuk is under federal control. [Ghad] 


Nevertheless, on Monday Turkmen representative to the CoR, Niazi Memari Uglu accused the Azadi Iranian Movement, the PKK, and Kirkuk’s dismissed Governor Najmaldin Karim of being behind the two explosions in Kirkuk on Sunday. According to Uglu, the Kurds are trying to send the message that the federal rule has not brought security and safety to the province, and that the absence of the Asayesh and the Peshmerga compromised the security in Kirkuk. [Sumaria]


Monday, former Kirkuk Police commander, Sarhad Qader, reported that the head of the Ministry of Interior Police Affairs, Mowaffak Abdulhadi, is set to go to Kirkuk, where the security responsibilities will be divided among Kirkuk’s ethnic components (Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen), with 32% for each. Qader said it is not yet known what the agreement between the KDP and the PUK will be regarding the Kurdish share of responsibilities. Qader said that “if the Peshmerga forces hadn’t retreated on October 16th, the Iraqi Army and PMF would have faced a massacre on Kirkuk’s streets and would have been forced to retreat.” [Rudaw]


Monday, the IWMC announced that a pre-emptive operation led to the arrest of 4 terrorists linked to terrorist military units in “Wilaya Kirkuk.” [Baghdadia]  [BaghdadNews] 


A security source in Kirkuk reported that an unknown person threw two stun grenades at the Baba Gurgur gas station in Kirkuk city center. [Ghad] 


Sunday, a security source reported that a civilian was killed and another was wounded in a grenade explosion in a village in Dibis’ outskirts. [SotIraq]


Sunday evening, two suicide bombers blew themselves up on Atlas Street in Kirkuk’s center, killing 1 person and wounding 16. [Sumaria] [Sumaria]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

Monday, a security source in Kirkuk reported the death of a Hawija PMF member in an IED explosion while the Hawija PMFs were defusing IEDs in the Muzher Al-Assi village in Rashad, in Daquq. [Sumaria]


Sunday, the house of KDP member Shakhwan Kaka’i in Daquq was attacked with a grenade. [SotIraq] 




West Mosul

According to security sources the old neighborhoods of West Mosul are witnessing military operations despite the Iraqi government’s announcement that they have been freed from Daesh control. This is happening as members of the US Congress are seeking to draft a law to impose terrorism sanctions on the PMF’s Asa’eb Al-Haq militia. According to security sources there have been frequent attacks against the security sources in the old neighborhoods of Mosul and there are still many tunnels that the Iraqi forces have not been able to detect, allowing Daesh to resume its activities in old Mosul. [ArabsToday]


Western Ninewa

Tal Afar

Monday, a Peshmerga Commander in the Salihiya area of Zummar, Bahjat Silki, said the Peshmerga detected PMF activity in the area, adding that it “will respond to any movement toward Peshmerga if not pre-coordinated.” [BasNews]


Monday, a security source reported the arrest of 7 Daesh members in Zummar carrying muffled weapons and dozens of cellular phones. [Baghdadia] 



Monday, the 40th brigade of the PMF freed a 16-year old Yazidi girl from a Daesh guesthouse in a pre-emptive operation in the Baaj Desert. [Baghdadia] 



Monday, Minister of Interior, Qassem Al-Aaraji, announced the arrest of a dangerous suspect who was planning to carry out a terrorist attack. Al-Aaraji noted that the MoI has plans in place to “handle sleeper cells and other negative phenomena, such as those holding extremist ideology, several of which have already been arrested in various locations in Kerbala.” [Sumaria]



Monday, a Kurdish Alliance COR representative, Jamal Kochar, denied that the federal forces took over the Ibrahim Al-Khalil border crossing, noting that a delegation from the Joint Operations Command (JOC) visited the Iraqi troops in a Turkish base to participate in a graduation ceremony. Kochar said the Peshmerga units are still in control of the border crossing. [IraqPress]


Sunday, Secretary General of the Peshmerga, Jabbar Yawar, said the Iraqi government is pressuring the Kurdistan delegation to accept its proposed points solely based on negotiations, without referring to the constitution. Yawar added that the Peshmerga does not want to engage in military confrontations with the federal forces in case no agreement is reached. [SotIraq]  




In two phone calls in the past two days, Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, and US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, discussed the bilateral relationship between Turkey and the United States as well as a number of regional issues of mutual interest, especially the Syrian and Iraqi crises. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım is set to visit Washington from Tuesday through November 11th. [BasNews]


The Adviser of the European Center for Counterterrorism in the Middle East, Maj. Gen. Abdul Karim Khalaf, said on Monday that over the past 6 months Turkey has prevented 50,000 Daesh terrorists from entering Syrian territory, saying that Turkey has helped end the supply of weapons, ammunition, and financial funding. [Ghad]





According to informed sources, Russia has decided to postpone the Sochi peace conference on Syria, entitled “Syrian People’s Conference,” to which it invited 32 political factions, after receiving regional and international messages that it should work on a more serious formula and get the approval of influential countries, especially the United States. [ZamanAlWasl]

US Defense Secretary James Mattis responded to reports of a possible conflict between the US and Russia in Syria, saying “the focus is on avoiding a conflict between Russian and US forces as the gap has narrowed between them in Syria [and] . . . the focus is on defeating ISIS in its last few areas.” [Dorar]


Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has expressed Iran’s determination to continue its support for the Syrian government, even after the end of the war in Syria. “Like in the past, we are determined to stand by our Syrian brothers after the war,” Hatami told Syrian Defense Minister Major General Fahd Jassem Al-Freij in a phone conversation on Sunday. [Dorar]

Syria will go ahead in its war against terrorism and its backers across all the Syrian territories until achieving victory and restoring peace and stability to every inch of the Syrian territories, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid Al-Muallem said during his meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader’s Adviser for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati. Al-Muallem and Velayati discussed Syrian-Iranian relations and means of enhancing them in all domains, as well as the latest developments of the situations in Syria and the region in light of the latest political and field changes. Viewpoints were identical on the necessity of strengthening coordination and consultation between the two “brotherly” countries to further enhance the victories achieved by the resistance axis and its allies in the face of terrorism and its backers. [SyriaNow]

DaeshDaily comment. How a Shia theocracy got to be “brothers” with a Baathist regime that has killed several hundred thousand of its own people is one of the mysteries of international politics.


Monday, Alexander Ivanov, the spokesman for the Russia-run Khmeimim air base in Syria, said that “the military option might be the sole option to address those US-baked Kurdish militants that illegally occupied large swathes of territory in northern Syria.” Mustafa Bali, a SDF spokesman, said that Ivanov’s comments are only reflecting his personal contemplations, adding that SDF fighters have enough strength to react to any threat. [Rudaw]


The Syrian forces’ offensive in the Euphrates River valley  will eliminate the last terrorist grouping in the country, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said on Monday. “What has to be done now is to complete the offensive in the southeast of Syria along the Euphrates River. Terrorists are still putting up resistance but their fate is predetermined,” he said in an interview with the Gazeta web-portal. “The agenda now includes issues of post-conflict settlement, reconstruction of damaged infrastructure and provision of essential humanitarian assistance to the population,” the deputy minister said. [SyriaNow]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Daesh says it killed more than 18 SDF fighters, wounded others, and damaged 4 vehicles in clashes on Khurafi Road near Abu Fas village on Saturday. [ICDNNov5]




SOHR reported that warplanes launched more than 25 airstrikes on the villages of Siyala, Maizila and Ramla in southern rural Aleppo since Monday morning. [SyriaHR] [EnabBaladi]


Sunday, Iba’a reported that Tahrir Al-Sham has recaptured Tal Al-Sawan and the Al-Khala village in southern rural Aleppo, after fierce clashes with the Syrian forces, causing significant losses to the Syrian forces. Meanwhile, violent clashes broke out between the Syrian anti-government opposition and the Syrian government forces in a nature reserve, after the latter’s attempt to advance towards Khirbat Huwaish, in rural southern Aleppo, which the Syrian anti-government opposition impeded, killing 11 members of the Syrian forces and wounding others, forcing the Syrian forces to retreat. [Dorar]



According to the journalist Adnan Al-Hussein, the SDF detained about 100 young men 18-31 years old, from Manbij city and rural eastern Aleppo, to be driven to military recruitment. [EnabBaladi] [ZamanAl-Wasl] [Anadolu] Separately, local citizens carried out a general strike and protests, to denounce the forced military recruitment by SDF in the area. [EnabBaladi]


Hawar reports that the Turkish Army targeted positions of the fighters of the Manbij Military Council while the Manbij fighters responded to the attack. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)


They Syrian Army captured the northern village of Sarha from the Nusra Front in northeastern rural Hama according to a SANA correspondent. [SyriaNow]


SOHR reports there are clashes between the Syrian forces on the one hand and Tahrir Al-Sham and Islamic factions on the other in the villages of Sarha, Abu Dali, Al-Musherifa, and Al-Shakousiya in the Salamiyah District of northeast Hama. [SyriaHR]


Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaish Al-Azza seized new positions from the Syrian government’s control on Monday in eastern rural Hama according to the Aba’ news agency. [Dorar]


Homs. Zaman Al-Wasl reports that the Syrian forces have suddenly withdrawn from some of the areas they controlled in the vicinity of the Al-Tanaf border crossing with Iraq. [ZamanAlWasl]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

The Coalition says it conducted 6 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in and near Deir Ez-Zor (2), and Albu Kamal (4). [InherentResolve]


Deir Ez-Zor

Sunday, Hawar News reported more than 100 civilians were killed and others were wounded in a Daesh suicide attack with two booby-trapped cars against civilians trying to flee from the Syrian forces-controlled areas to the SDF-controlled area near Abu Fas village in Hasaka. [Hawar]

A DaeshDaily source says Daesh used a 15-year-old Yazidi boy, who had been kidnapped from Sinjar three years ago, to conduct the attack. 


Monday, the SDF captured the villages of Al-Khaja, Al-Hajna, Tayib Al-Fal, and Sukkar, after fierce clashes with Daesh southeast of Deir Ez-Zor, killing 11 Daesh members. [Hawar] [EnabBaladi] [SyriaHR] [Dorar]


SOHR reported unidentified warplanes launched airstrikes on the villages of Al-Briha east of Deir Ez-Zor city, and Daman, in rural eastern and northeastern Deir Ez-Zor, killing a man and wounding others. Meanwhile, three children were killed in airstrikes by warplanes on Al-Galaa village in rural eastern Deir Ez-Zor.  [SyriaHR]



Daesh says it killed 22 Syrian soldiers, destroyed a BMP armored vehicle and 3 other military vehicles, and captured weapons, ammunition, and 2 more vehicles in attack on government forces west of Mayadin on Sunday. [A3maq] [ICDNNov6] 


Albu Kamal

A DaeshDaily source says a convoy of 13 Daesh vehicles fled from Iraq to Albu Kamal then “disappeared” into the countryside. The source says a high-ranking Daesh official might have been in the convoy.

DaeshDaily comment. You might want to read this in the context of the reported Al-Baghdadi escape from Rawa, above under “Reports from Iraq.” 


Saturday, SOHR reported that clashes broke out between Iraqi PMF units and Daesh in eastern Albu Kamal, after the PMFs advanced into the Syrian area of Al-Hari, after securing control of the Al-Qa’im border crossing with Syria. However, Daesh launched counter attacks on the PMFs and forced them to retreat to the Iraqi border. [Hawar]


Saturday, according to field sources, Iraqi helicopters shelled Daesh-controlled areas in Albu Kamal, destroying a Daesh anti-aircraft gun in Al-Suwaiya town. [Dorar]


Jaafar Al-Husseini, spokesman for the Iraqi Hezbollah militia, said the Iraqi forces will engage in the battle against Daesh in Syria’s Albu Kamal, as it borders Iraq. [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment. Is he speaking with authorization from Iraq’s Commander in Chief or is he breaking ranks? It’s a question with important implications. 


Sunday night, 11 Daesh members were killed and 4 villages in eastern Deir Ez-Zor were liberated in the SDF Al-Jazeera Campaign, following violent battles between the SDF and Daesh. The SDF is less than 17 km (10.5 miles) away from the Iraqi border. [BasNews] 


Dorar reported that violent clashes continue between Daesh and Syrian forces in the vicinity of Albu Kamal, in an attempt by Daesh to impede the Syrian advance towards the city. Likewise, A3maq reported that Daesh destroyed 2 four-wheel vehicles and a tank of the Syrian forces with two guided missiles, near the T2 Second Station, west of Albu Kamal. [Dorar][SyriaHR][EnabBaladi]


Daesh says it killed two Syrian soldiers and destroyed a tank with a rocket near the T2 Station. [A3maq] 

Daesh also says it destroyed 2 Syrian Army SUVs with rockets near the station. [A3maq] 



Damascus/Rif Damashq 

Saturday, the Syrian forces recaptured the areas it lost, on Friday, between Quneitra District and West Ghouta in Rif Damashq, according to the Central Military Media. [EnabBaladi]

In a report released on Monday, the Association of Pharmacists in the besieged Eastern Ghouta said that drug stocks have been exhausted in the Ghouta area during the recent period, which led the medical centers sometimes to use expired medicines to improve the condition of the patient. The Association pointed out that more than 400 patients need to be evacuated to hospitals outside the area. [EnabBaladi]


The Syrian forces resumed their shelling of Jaish Al-Islam-controlled areas in the towns of Bait Al-Naim, Masraba and Douma in Eastern Ghouta in Rif Damashq. [SyriaHR]





A state-run Iranian newspaper, Kayhan, threatened to target 2 US cities after a Houthi militia targeted the airport in Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh. The newspaper warned that the next target will be Dubai in the UAE. [Arabi21]

DaeshDaily comment. Some of the world’s bravest-sounding people sit behind typewriters.



Aden Security forces announced its full control of the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department after Sunday’s Daesh suicide attack on the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department in Khor Maksar district in Aden city in southern Yemen, in which 17 security personnel were killed, and 27 others were wounded, according to the spokesman for the Aden Security Department, Captain Abdul Rahman Al-Naqib. [RT Arabic]

Daesh’s version says one of its suicide terrorists attacked the headquarters with a vehicle bomb, killing 29 security members, wounding others, and destroying 9 vehicles. It says 3 more terrorists entered the headquarters after killing 21 security officers and members and destroying 4 vehicles. It says after 11 hours of battles, one of the terrorists blew himself up while the other two were killed in the clashes, where more than 30 security members were killed and 4 vehicles destroyed. [A3maq] 


Daesh says a group of its terrorists attacked a Houthi military position in the Qifa area on Sunday, killing or wounding many fighters before returning safely. [ICDNNov6]






Afghan officials announced the killing of 7 Daesh terrorists in US airstrikes in Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan. [MasryAlYoum]


Daesh says it shot and killed two policemen in Jalalabad on Sunday. [A3maq] 




Videos of the Day


Prime Minister Abadi raises the Iraqi flag in Al-Qa’im and the Hsaiba border crossing. [Yalla] [Hurra]


An Iraqi soldier meets with his family in Al-Qa’im for the first time in 4 years. [Yalla] 

A Daesh vehicle bomb explodes on Iraqi forces near Al-Qa’im. [YouTube]


Iraqi forces destroy a Daesh vehicle bomb near Al-Qa’im [YouTube] 


IAA aircraft destroy Daesh targets near Al-Qa’im. [Iraqia]


November 3, 2017









Iraqi forces take back Al-Qa’im. [..]

GOI-KRG stalemate continues over troop deployments in disputed areas. [..]

UN says 2,521 civilians killed, 824,000 displaced in Mosul battles. [..]


Army-PKK border clashes leave both with significant casualties. [..] 


Syrian forces now control all of Deir Ez-Zor city. [..]

Tahrir Al-Sham challenges Syrian Army in rural southeast Aleppo. [..]

Daesh fighters in Al-Qa’im move into Albu Kamal; fighters in Deir Ez-Zor move in from opposite direction. [..]

Tahrir Al-Sham in major attack on Syrian forces near Golan Heights. [..]


US airstrikes hit Daesh-affiliated terrorists in northeast Somalia. [..]






Friday, eight US Senators called on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to engage in a dialogue and withdraw PMF units from disputed territories outside of the Kurdistan Region, in fear that the conflict between Baghdad and Erbil will lead to a resurgence of Daesh. [BasNews]


Thursday, eight Members of Parliament and House of Lords in the UK sent a letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May, asking the government to push for an Iraqi-Kurdish dialogue to put an end to the current conflict. [BasNews]


Friday, CoR Representative Ahmad Al-Jubouri expressed concern about the US Ambassador’s presence in Erbil, citing the “vagueness” of US stances while the Peshmerga is making tough statements. Al-Jubouri said the federal government is seeking to impose the law without bloodshed, but the Peshmerga’s military mobilization indicates that the Peshmerga does not plan on handing the disputed areas over peacefully. [Sumaria]


Thursday, State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) General Manager, Alaa Al-Yasiri confirmed that Baghdad wants the KRG to discontinue independent oil exports and to hand over the sales to the government body in charge of oil marketing. [SotIraq]

DaeshDaily comment. Joint marketing had been the policy until disputes led to the KRG deciding to sell its own oil. At this point, KRG interests would be better served by agreeing to restore the previous norm, with SOMO doing all the marketing. This would restore the KRG’s normal revenue stream from oil and gas sales. The normal formula gives each province a share of the oil revenues based on its population, which has meant that the KRG collective share is 17%, minus a share of administrative expenses.


Thursday, Iraqi Turkmen Front representative Hasan Turan called for shutting down the KRG representative’s office in the Iraqi cabinet for stallingby “deliberately” failing to notify the parties involved in the government lawsuit against KRG officials over the constitutionality of the referendum.  [Sumaria]


According to the UN report on the liberation of Mosul, 2,521 civilians were killed during the liberation battles and 824,000 civilians were displaced. The report also said that 74 mass graves were found in Mosul, stressing that Daesh’s crimes fall within the definition of international crimes. Among Daesh’s crimes in Mosul were using human shields, mass arrests, targeting fleeing civilians, and killing civilians indiscriminately. [TRT]


The Coalition says it conducted 4 airstrikes in on Daesh targets in Iraq, near Al-Qa’im (4). [CentCom]



Security-related incidents reported

West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

An IED exploded in Radwaniya in west Baghdad Friday morning, killing one person and wounding four others, according to a security source. [Sumaria] [Sumaria]




Friday, Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced that the Iraqi forces had taken over Al-Qa’im District in “record time.” [Sumaria] He congratulated the joint forces on entering Al-Qa’im and capturing the Hsaiba border crossing. [Baghdadia] 


Friday, Iraqi forces took over the Al-Qa’im center completely. [Baghdadia] The Army, CTS, tribal PMFs, and the PMF raised the Iraqi flag over a number of governmental buildings in Al-Qa’im city. [Sumaria] 


The Coalition congratulated the Iraqi government and armed forces on their victory against Daesh in Al-Qa’im, saying “the liberation of Al Qaim district and the key border crossing with Syria is a significant milestone in the ongoing campaign against ISIS.” [Defense]


Friday, Baghdadia shared a map of the “security forces’ victory lines in Al-Qa’im.” [Baghdadia] 

Harbi shared photos of the Al-Qa’im city center upon its liberation. [Harbi] 


Border crossing

Friday, the Army and PMFs captured the Hsaiba border crossing after killing dozens of Daesh members and destroying their equipment. [Baghdadia] [Harbi] [EnabBaladi]


Friday, the PMF reported that the Iraqi units were advancing on Al-Qa’im’s borders in parallel with a major advance by Syrian forces in border areas in preparation for merging and securing the Iraq-Syria border of Al-Qa’im. [Harbi] 


Al-Qa’im city

Friday, the IWMC announced the liberation of the Al-Qa’im city center and 6 neighborhoods in the district. According to Lieutenant General Abdel Amir Rashid Yarallah, the CTS liberated the Al-Qa’im district center, Al-Jamaheer neighborhood, Al-Salam neighborhood, Risala neighborhood, Yarmouk neighborhood, Al-Amin neighborhood, and Al-Malaab (playground/sports field) area in Al-Qa’im. [Sumaria] [Harbi] 


The IWMC separately announced the liberation of the 7th of Nisan neighborhood in Al-Qa’im. [Baghdadia] 


Friday, a joint force from the Iraqi Army and the tribal PMFs liberated the Al-Sikak and Al-Tanak neighborhoods in southwest Al-Qa’im city, killing several Daesh members in the process. [Baghdadia] [Sumaria]


The Iraqi Army entered the Gaza neighborhood in southern Al-Qa’im city, after security forces destroyed Daesh vehicles in the area. [Baghdadia] [Sumaria]

The PMF organization reported destroying two rigged Daesh vehicles trying to impede the Al-Qa’im center’s invasion. [Harbi] 


Plane and helicopter attacks

The Coalition says it conducted four airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, all in or near Al-Qa’im. [InherentResolve]

Friday, the PMF reported that Iraqi Army Air (IAA) intensified its airstrikes on the Al-Qa’im outskirts against Daesh positions. [Harbi] Friday morning, the IAA had inflicted casualties on Daesh units and destroyed their weapon depots within Al-Qa’im city. [Harbi] 

Friday, the PMF media announced that the Iraqi Army Air (IAA) targeted 6 motorcycles and 4 vehicles carrying Daesh members in Al-Qa’im. [Ghad] 


Friday morning, the PMF reported that Daesh units torched civilian houses in the Gaza neighborhood to obscure the vision of Iraqi Air Force (IAF) pilots. [Harbi] [SNG]


Karabela subdistrict

Friday, a security source reported that security forces killed 2 suicide bombers and destroyed a rigged vehicle. Security forces also targeted Daesh hideouts in the province’s periphery. [Baghdadia] 


Friday, the IWMC announced that several new areas in western Anbar were liberated from Daesh, including the Saada Police Station and surrounding area, Tal Al-Aghawat, the Saada Power Station, Al-Gharra neighborhood, Wadi Al-Battikha, Al-Nahdha neighborhood, and Albu Hajem. [Baghdadia] [Buratha] 



As of Friday morning, PMF brigades and the security forces reached the southern hills adjacent to the Al-Qa’im center and continued advancing from multiple sides in preparation for entering the city. [Harbi] 

PMF brigades then advanced from the southern side of central Al-Qa’im’s towards adjacent Wadi Jabriya. [Harbi] 

PMF artillery shelled Daesh locations on the Al-Qa’im city outskirts. [Harbi] 

The Ali Al-Akbar brigade shelled Daesh hideouts in Al-Qa’im. [Harbi] 


Displaced persons

Friday, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said that the Jazeera Liberation Ops Command and the 7th Infantry Division have provided protection from Daesh to families by allowing hundreds of families to evacuate through safe channels. The MoD also noted that the leaflets dropped by IAF planes contributed significantly in ensuring citizens had instructions to leave via safe channels and stay away from Daesh positions and warehouses. [IraqPress] 


Daesh members

Friday, the Chairman of the Anbar PC Security Committee, Na’eem Al-Kaoud, reported that the majority of Daesh members escaped from Al-Qa’im towards the Horan Valley and desert to the west of the province. [Baghdadia] 


However, a DaeshDaily source says many Daesh terrorists fled north from Al-Qa’im with their families to the desert between Al-Qa’im and Ninewa. The source says some of the terrorists are driving their vehicles aimlessly in the desert. 


Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack with a car bomb on Iraqi forces in the Al-Tanak neighborhood in south Al-Qa’im. [A3maq] 


Daesh says it stopped an Iraqi forces’ attack south of Al-Qa’im, destroying an armored personnel carrier and two other vehicles. [DENNov3]

Daesh says it destroyed 2 Iraqi forces’ bulldozers with 2 rockets in the Al-Kharash area south of Al-Qa’im. [DENNov3]




Daesh publishes a photo of the two terrorists who blew themselves up on Iraqi forces near the Al-Makhazen Bridge yesterday. One of them is a teenager. [ICDNNov3] [ICDNNov3]

Daesh says it targeted a PMF military position on the road between Baiji and Haditha with 3 Katyushas. [DENNov3]

Eastern Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

Friday, Turkmen CoR Representative Jassem Mohammed Jafar described the earlier statements by CoR Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed and Kirkuk Representative Rebwar Taha regarding the Tooz District as “untrue” and “an attempt to brighten up the Peshmerga’s dark image.” Jafar held Daesh and the Peshmerga responsible for the deaths of 2,700 people, the wounding of 7,000, and the destruction of 2,000 homes over the past 10 years. [Sumaria]



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

Daesh says it shot and killed a Shia person in the Al-Waqf area. It says that when people gathered around the victim, it detonated an IED killing three more people. [DENNov3] 

Daesh says it targeted the Shia village of Zaghinya Saghira with 6 mortars. [DENNov3]  

Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

Friday, Diyala Provincial Council member, Abdelkhaleq Al-Azzawi said that the return of residents to the liberated Albu Khubaib village in Hawi Al-Udhaim in northern Diyala contributed to closing the Daesh infiltration gap from the Mtaibija side in Salahuddin. Al-Azzawi called on PM Haider Al-Abadi to reinforce the village’s tribes with arms and services. [Sumaria] 


Friday evening, Mayor of Diyala’s Al-Khalis District, Odai Al-Khadran reported that the Al-Safra customs station, located on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road, was targeted with 2 mortar shells followed by an attack by unknown assailants, which wounded one person and destroyed three trucks. Security forces launched a search to find the attackers. (The “Al-Safra Customs” was established two years ago to collect customs on goods from Kurdistan).  [Sumaria] [Sumaria]

A senior security official in Diyala Province said a security member was killed and two civilians injured in the attack on the Al-Safra customs station. He said that all indications show that Daesh was behind the attack. [Sumaria]

Daesh’s version says it attacked Iraqi Army units near the Al-Safra Border Crossing, killing more than nine soldiers, destroying an armored personnel carrier, a BMP armored vehicle, 5 trucks, and 2 cars, and setting up a military position on fire. It also says it detonated a car bomb on an Iraqi convoy in the same area, destroying a vehicle and killing or wounding the soldiers inside. [ICDNNov3] 


Clashes broke out between the PMF and number of volunteer Peshmerga in the Qara Hanjir area of Kirkuk Province, a heavily Kurdish area. [Rudaw]



Thursday, the Kirkuk Police announced that a body of a dead man was found near a roundabout in north Kirkuk. The police arrested the alleged murderers within 9 hours of their crime. [Buratha]



The Special Military Court issued a death sentence against the former Ninewa Operations Commander Mahdi Al-Ghrawi, who abandoned his position in mid-2104 just as Daesh moved to seize Mosul, fleeing to Erbil. The court document states that government employees have the right to arrest him and are required to report his whereabouts if known. Al-Ghrawi may be in Erbil but is otherwise unlikely to be in Iraq. [Mawsleya] [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Fleeing the country (or perhaps to Erbil) before you can be jailed or executed is an old trick that has been used by many Iraqi officials convicted in absentia.


Southern Ninewa


A DaeshDaily source says a group of young men threw hand grenades on the house of a Daesh commander, who had fled earlier, leaving his family, without causing casualties. 



Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani reiterated Kurdistan’s readiness to hold dialogue with Baghdad, calling on the international community to encourage Iraq to initiate dialogue. [Sumaria]


The KRG said in a statement that Kurdistan PM Nechirvan Barzani and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed during a phone call Tillerson’s concern about the tension between Erbil and Baghdad, stressing America’s support for the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq. [Rudaw]


Friday, Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga, Jabbar Yawar, said that the federal forces’ deployment in disputed areas is a unilateral move on the central government’s part. He explained that there was no agreement between the two parties following their recent meetings. Yawar said that the “federal government sent a memo containing 4 points with the delegation headed by Othman Al-Ghanmi to the Peshmerga Ministry, which then responded with a 5-point draft agreement.” Yawar expressed concern over the fragile situation, saying the federal government is treating Kurdistan like a “foreign country.” [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. The three stories above seem to capture the pattern of KRG strategy since federal troops stopped forcing Peshmerga out of disputed areas in Ninewa under international pressure. (1) They keep reiterating that they welcome dialogue with Baghdad; (2) they apply pressure on US and other foreign leaders to pressure Baghdad against completing its takeover of disputed areas; (3) they defy the Iraqi troops in those areas in the knowledge that they are now constrained from doing anything about it.


A Kurdish source reported that the Turkish Air Force shelled PKK locations in northern Iraqi Kurdistan again on Friday. [Baghdadia] 




Turkish forces confirmed the “neutralization” of 66 PKK fighters during military operations between October 26th and November 2nd, according to an official statement. The statement reported that the terrorists were preparing to target Turkish Army border posts.  [Anadolu]


A provincial office announced that a Turkish policeman and a PKK fighter were killed in Diyarbakir city in Turkey on Friday. Nine other policemen were also wounded in a security operation against the PKK in the city. The clashes broke out when the provincial security units arrived in the area to arrest a PKK member. [PUKMedia] 


A Furat Correspondent reports that the PKK’s Popular Defense Force military operation against the Turkish Army in Shamizinan in Gulmerk, just over the border from Iraqi Kurdistan in southeast Turkey, resulted in the death of 21 Turkish soldiers. [Hawar] 


Turkish President Recep Erdogan said “there are many places in Iraq and Syria that are the focus of terrorism. We have to neutralize the terrorist threat against our country from its source. We do not have to take permission from anyone to do that. . . . We lost nine security members in 2 days, but we managed to neutralize 55 terrorists and our aircraft continue operations against terrorists.” [Anadolu]

Friday, Erdogan said that the Turkish forces are targeting the terrorists within the Iraqi and Syrian borders, so they do not enter Turkey. He noted that Turkey is “not obligated” to ask for anybody’s permission to do so. [Sumaria]






The Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Defense and Security Committee, Viktor Bondarev, said that the “moderate opposition” being created by the US in Syria will end up like its predecessors with the help of the Russian Air Force. [SyriaNow]

DaeshDaily comment. US officials should calculate some overt response to the increasingly aggressive and boastful talk coming from Russian defense officials, in Syria and in Moscow. Read this man’s statement again. He is threatening Russian air force attacks on anti-government opposition groups supported by the US. This talk will likely continue, and become even more threatening, until they actually carry out this threat, having received no pushback from Washington, or until an appropriate response is forthcoming from the US. The Russians’ goals are increasingly clear: (1) to extend Assad in power indefinitely and (2) to humiliate the West and especially the US in the process. 


The Russian Defense Ministry announced that its air force destroyed more than 950 targets of “terrorist organizations” operating in Syria last week.  Human rights organizations accuse Russian aviation of carrying out many massacres against civilians in indiscriminate strikes in areas controlled by Syrian opposition factions and Daesh. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. A more subtle aspect of the aggressive posturing noted in our comment above is the recent frequency of exaggerated Russian claims about the success of its bombing and the central importance of Russia to the soon-to-be-successful anti-Daesh campaign in Syria. It is an ongoing effort to create the myth that Russia is the one true savior of Syria, whereas the Americans and Europeans, and anti-government militias, have been just bit players.


Invitations to the Syrian Conference on National Dialogue, scheduled to be held in Russia’s Sochi on November 18, have been sent to the Syrian government and all the Syrian opposition forces based in Syria and abroad, according to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. [SyriaNow]

DaeshDaily comment. These opposition groups are the same guys the Russian defense official just threatened with destruction by the Russian Air Force. So let’s see, what is the purpose of the Sochi conference?


Russia has prepared a draft submitted to the Security Council in which Russia requests the Joint Investigative Mechanism for the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria to re-evaluate the results of its report accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun. The draft resolution called for “the extension of the mandate of the investigation mechanism for 6 months and sending a team to Khan Sheikhoun as soon as possible to investigate, using necessary methods.” [Anadolu]


A senior official close the Syrian government said a senior US official met with the head of Syrian’s National Security Apparatus this week to discuss a number of intelligence and military issues, including missing Americans (and CIA agents) in Syria. [Dorar]


A few days ago, the Coalition released a list of Daesh leaders who have been killed in Syria and Iraq during the past 2 months. [Qasioun]


The Coalition says it conducted 9 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near Deir Ez-Zor (6), Albu Kamal (1), and Shaddadi (Hasaka) (2), [InherentResolve] 


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


SOHR reported that violent clashes resumed between the SDF and Daesh in different locations in rural southeastern Hasaka, accompanied by shelling, with reports of human losses on both sides. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says one of its Syrian suicide terrorists attacked SDF units in Al-Fadghami village, southeast of Shaddadi, with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding several fighters. [ICDNNov3] 


Raqqa city area

Sources in the SDF say the US has begun to build a new military base in Raqqa city. [BasNews]




According to field sources, Tahrir Al-Sham recaptured Rashidiya town, after it carried out a counter attack on the Syrian forces’ positions in the town. By recapturing Rashidiya, Tahrir Al-Sham has recaptured all the positions it lost in ​​western Khanasir in rural southeastern Aleppo. [Dorar]


Hawar reports that Tahrir Al-Sham captured 3 villages from the Syrian forces in the southern rural areas of Aleppo. [Hawar]



Friday, former co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Saleh Muslim, confirmed that there is coordination between the SDF and Russia in Afrin, in addition to the agreement between the SDF and the US. Muslim noted that “it’s imperative that Russia pressures the Syrian government to solve the crisis peacefully, as the Syrian government so far has tried to solve it through the military.” [Rudaw]


A military source says the Turkish Army has stepped up their shelling of various areas in Afrin Province and the YPG responded to the sources of the shelling. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.) (No reports)


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Syrian Army campaign

SANA quoted a military source as saying the Syrian forces have taken control of the entire city of Deir Ez-Zor. [Hawar]

Friday, the Syrian government announced full control of Deir Ez-Zor city with the support of the Russian Air Force, after Daesh’s withdrew from it. [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]

Friday, the official Syrian TV channel reported that Daesh has been totally expelled from Deir Ez-Zor city. The report added that the Syrian Army Elite Forces and Special Mission units went on to attack and take full control of the neighboring Al-Sheikh Yassin area. [Sumaria] 


Qasioun alleges, based on local sources, that following the announcement of the Syrian forces’ taking full control of Deir Ez-Zor city, Syrian troops executed several civilians from Deir Ez-Zor, including one person with special needs. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. In fairness, and without expressing an opinion on this report, we should mention that Qasioun is notorious for making incendiary charges based on “local sources” they never identify. The pattern has gone on long enough to make objective readers wonder whether, in any given case, those “local sources” actually exist or are just cited as “cover” for the story.


Pro-Syrian sources confirmed that Daesh launched an attack on positions of the Syrian forces in Mahkan village but was unable to gain any ground during the attack, which resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides. [Qasioun]


Rumors are circulating on social networking sites that the Russians are planning to establish a base in Deir Ez-Zor, but in response to these rumors, Khmeimim base says “Russia does not need a military base in Deir Ez-Zor; we have agreements with Tartus and Khmeimim.” [Qasioun]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF units near Jadid Baqara village with mortars. [ICDNNov3] 


SDF campaign

Hawar reports the SDF captured 6 villages in rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor from Daesh, killing 21 Daesh fighters. [Hawar]


The chairman of the Deir Ez-Zor provincial council, Anas Al-Fatih, said that the SDF prevented dozens of civilians, trying to flee Deir Ez-Zor city, from crossing the SDF-controlled left bank of the Euphrates River, northwest of the city. He added that these civilians have been trapped in a village in the middle of the Euphrates River after Syrian forces captured the entire city. [ZamanAlWasl]


Local media sources report that negotiations between the SDF and Daesh have led to Daesh’s departure from SDF-controlled areas towards the eastern rural areas of Deir ez-Zor. A local network reported that the negotiations were carried out to transfer civilians from besieged areas in Hawijat Al-Qata to the SDF-controlled Husseiniya area. [Qasioun]

Local sources say the SDF prevented nearly 1,000 civilians trapped in Hawijat Al-Qata and Husseiniya village from fleeing. [Qasioun]

The General Command of the SDF revealed on Friday that that according to local sources, meetings were held between the Syrian forces and Daesh to coordinate action against the SDF with the Syrian forces facilitating the transfer of Daesh fighters from Deir Ez-Zor city to areas liberated by the SDF on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. Above are three more Qasioun stories based on “local sources,” all alleging some kind of conspiracy. The SDF and Daesh are conspiring; the SDF is preventing desperate people from fleeing; Syrian Army and Daesh are conspiring. All of which raises the question of just whose side these guys are on. They are anti-US, anti-Russia (in other stories), anti-Syria, anti-SDF, which seems to leave only . . .Turkey.



Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF units in the Al-Omar Oilfield with 122mm shells. [ICDNNov3] 

Albu Kamal

According to a number of reliable sources in Albu Kamal, SOHR reported that  a number of vehicles, carrying Daesh members, have entered Albu Kamal, coming from the Iraqi Al-Qa’im border crossing, after Iraqi forces took over the crossing.” [SyriaHR]


SOHR reported that heavy explosions rocked locations in the rural areas of Albu Kamal last night, due to the escalating airstrikes, believed to be from Coalition planes, on different locations in the rural areas of Albu Kamal such as the Al-Salhiya village, where at least 10 civilians were killed and others were wounded. [SyriaHR]


Qasioun reports that unidentified aircraft launched more than 40 airstrikes on Albu Kamal city, and the towns of Al-Hari, Asha’ir, Al-Salhiya, Al-Jalaa, Al-Majawda, Hajin, and Sayal, killing 14 civilians. [Qasioun]

Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army military position near the T2 Station with mortars. [A3maq] 

Daesh says it killed three Syrian Army EOD experts with an IED near the station on Thursday. [A3maq]



Friday, SOHR reported that at least 9 people were killed and more than 23 others were wounded in a Tahrir Al-Sham car bomb attack on a Syrian forces’ position in the Syrian Druze village of Hader, in rural northern Quneitra. [SyriaHR] [Arabi21] [SyriaNow]

According to media sources, a suicide terrorist blew up his car in Hader, resulting in a number of casualties. [Hawar]

Friday, the Syrian government lost control of its entire border with the occupied Golan Heights, following the opposition groups’ attack on the government forces’ positions there, in which it managed to open a corridor, west of Hader town, between their controlled areas in rural Quneitra District and West Ghouta in Rif Damashq. [EnabBaladi] [SyriaHR]


Friday, SOHR reported that violent clashes continue between Tahrir Al-Sham and the Syrian forces in several locations in rural northern Quneitra and rural southwestern Damascus, following Tahrir Al-Sham’s ongoing attacks to widen the path which they opened between both areas. Meanwhile, the Syrian forces carried out a violent counter-attack, during which they recaptured most of the positions they lost in the area, extending from Al-Herra Hill to Al-Hamriyah Hill and Qurs Al-Nafal. As a result, at least 12 Syrian forces members and 7 Tahrir Al-Sham members were reportedly killed, as well as two other unknown persons. [SyriaHR][SyriaHR]


In a joint statement released on Friday, the operations rooms of both Jaish Muhammad and Jabal Al-Sheikh militias announced they launched a battle, entitled “Breaking siege over Hermon,” located in the rural areas of Quneitra, in order to lift the siege, imposed by the Syrian forces, over Bait Jann and Mount Hermon in Western Ghouta area in Rif Dimashq province. [Dorar]




Neighboring countries


Friday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Iran, saying it is devouring state after state: “They have 

The Israeli Army vowed on Friday to protect Hader village, in the Golan Heights area in the southwest corner of Syria, which has been controlled by the Syrian government, falling into the hands of Syrian opposition factions. “The Israeli Army is ready to support the residents of Hader village and will not harm them or occupy the village because of its commitment to the Druze community” said army spokesman Gen. Ronen Manelis. [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment. This sounds like an impending military intervention. See Syria stories above under Quneitra.



Lebanese security forces reported that security units arrested a Daesh terrorist in Tripoli in northern Lebanon. [SANA]


North Africa


Daesh says its snipers killed a police officer and a policeman on Asyut Street in Arish on Thursday. [DENNov3] 



Ahmad Al-Masmari, spokesman for the “Libyan National Army” led by Khalifa Haftar and backed by the Libyan Parliament, said they are seeking to eliminate lone wolves fleeing to Libya. [Anadolu]


The US military command in Africa, AFRICOM, announced the killing of a number of Daesh terrorists in airstrikes in northeast Somalia with the cooperation of the Somali federal government. [Anadolu]





In a statement posted on Twitter on Friday, President Donald Trump pledged that Daesh will pay a “big price” for every attack it stages against the United States, following the New York truck attack by a Daesh loyalist. The US military has hit Daesh “much harder” over the past two days after Daesh claimed the attacker was carried out by one of their soldiers, Trump said.  [Anadolu]


Thursday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions called on the Congress to permanently renew section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), following the terrorist attack in New York. [Sumaria]


In this issue of its Naba’ magazine, Daesh claims responsibility for the New York attack. However, it doesn’t provide information about the attack other than what’s mentioned in the media already. [ICDNNov3] 


Italy. A court in southern Italy says authorities have seized more than 24 Tramadol tablets (pain medicine) that Daesh was planning to sell to fund its attacks around the world. The tablets, worth about 50 million euros, were seized at Italy’s Gioia Tauro port. [Dijlah]




Videos of the Day


Iraqi forces enter Al-Qa’im. [AFP] [Hurra] [YouTube] 

Daesh uses civilian houses as weapons storehouses in Al-Qa’im. [Al-Aan] 

A young boy recovers after losing his leg to a Daesh IED in Baghdadi. [Twitter] 


Russian submarines target Daesh in Albu Kamal with Caliber missiles. [RT] 




On Thursday, Daesh publishes the 104th issue of its Naba’ magazine. In this issue, Daesh publishes reports about its attacks in Iraq, Syria, and other countries. It also publishes an infographic about its operations in Syria during the last Hijri (lunar) year saying it killed or wounded 11,182 Syrian Army and SDF members, conducted 311 suicide attacks, and destroyed 831 vehicles. Daesh also says it killed 40 people in different attack in the north Baghdad area. Daesh also publishes a story and a photo of one of its terrorists from Russia, Abdul Hakim Al-Tatari, and claims he was killed in Baiji. [ICDNNov3]


November 2, 2017