An Update On ISIS Activities

September 28, 2018

September 28, 2018


KRG Elections







Al-Abadi says he’ll back Abd Ul-Mahdi for PM if Sistani does [..]

Daesh reported to be excluding non-Arabs from leadership [..]

Al-Khalidiya IDP camp officially closed​​ [..]

​​ “Huge” weapons cache found near Nimrud [..]

Rockets fired on Basra airport [..]

… and US closes Basra consulate [..]

KRG elections start; high turnout from security services [..]



UN calls on 7 nations to “hasten peaceful solution” in Syria [..]

Russian FM says transfer of terrorists from Idlib “unacceptable” [..]

Merkel agrees with Erdogan to hold Istanbul summit [..]

Fighting between civilians and Syrian intelligence in Daraa [..]

19 Syrian Army and police reported killed by Daesh [..]


Other​​ countries

Lebanon:Daesh disciple arrested in poison plot [..]

Yemen:UN extends mandate of Yemen war crimes investigation [..]







New​​ government

Acting Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi said on Friday that he would support Adel Abd Ul-Mahdi to succeed him as PM if he received the support of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani to do so. In a statement mailed to reporters, Al-Abadi acknowledged the rumors that Abd Ul-Mahdi would be the compromise choice for the next PM, and said that he would support Abd Ul-Mahdi if he was the Grand Ayatollah’s choice, notwithstanding that “the wise Grand Ayatollah does not go into details” regarding political preferences. [Kurdistan24]


Anti-Daesh campaign

A security source said on Friday that Daesh was taking steps to exclude “immigrants,” by which they mean non-Arabs and foreign fighters, from taking leadership roles in the organization. The source said that as Daesh was trying to restructure, they were relying strongly on local members (i.e. Iraqi Daesh members) for leadership. The source added that the “immigrants” had been at odds with Al-Baghdadi and the Iraqi Daesh membership, and that this had caused internal conflicts recently. [BaghdadToday]


While the Coalition’s monthly casualty report gave the number of civilians unintentionally killed by airstrikes since August 2014 at 1,114, as reported on Thursday, the London-based nonprofit group Airwars says the total is much higher, at a minimum of 6,575. [BasNews] [Airwars]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Airwars is one of the major submitters of casualty reports to the Coalition. Their reports are usually dismissed by the Coalition for “insufficient evidence.”



The media office of sitting PM Haider Al-Abadi said on Friday that Al-Abadi had instructed the Ministry of the Interior and intelligence services to focus their efforts on obtaining information regarding recent high-profile assassinations and kidnappings in Basra and Baghdad. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Al-Abadi is​​ referring to the killing of model Tara Fares in Baghdad on Thursday and activist Dr. Suad Al-Hilli in Basra on Tuesday, both of which we covered previously.


North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

A security source said on Friday that​​ two​​ civilians had been wounded by a roadside IED detonation in the Taji area of north Baghdad. [Mawazin]


West​​ (Mansour, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Baghdad Ops Command said on Friday that they had arrested 4 wanted persons, including 1 wanted on terrorism charges, in various locations. The terrorism suspect was arrested in Radwaniya, west Baghdad. Units under Baghdad Ops Command also found 2 IEDs, 1 Katyusha rocket, and 7 155mm shells in west Baghdad, which they said had been left behind by Daesh.​​ [Ghad]​​ 




The Al-Khalidiya IDP camp was officially closed on Friday following the return of the families in it to their home areas, confirming a​​ DaeshDaily​​ source who reported its closure on Thursday. The local official for Al-Khalidiya, Ali Dawoud, said that the local government had helped 80 families from the camp return to their home areas, and that another 60 families had been transferred to the Habbaniya camp. [BasNews]


The Center for Security Information said on Friday that the terrorist known as “Abu Omar” had been arrested in Falluja district. They added that “Abu Omar” is a prominent Daesh leader.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


Daesh said it killed or wounded three policemen with an IED in Falluja city on Wednesday. [A3maq]

In another report, Daesh said the policemen were killed or wounding while trying to defuse the IED. [ICDNSep28]




A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Thursday that​​ two​​ PMF members were killed and​​ two​​ others severely wounded when an IED destroyed their vehicle on the road between Baiji and Tikrit.​​ 

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack. [A3maq]



Daesh said it damaged several shops belong to a tribal PMF member in Tikrit city with an IED, on Wednesday. [ICDNSep28]


Eastern Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

Diyala Ops Command announced on Friday that it had begun the 3rd round in its operation to track Daesh cells in the cities of Al-Udhaim (in Diyala), Tooz, and Amerli (in Tooz district). It said that the first 2 rounds of the operation succeeded in destroying Daesh depots, supplies, and vehicles. [Roj]


Diyala Ops Commander General Mizher Al-Azzawi said on Friday that a Daesh safehouse containing 8 “large” IEDs was found and 2 Daesh vehicles were seized in the Zarqa Bridge area, on the border between Diyala and Salahuddin. [BaghdadToday]



Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that a group of Daesh terrorists killed a Badr Organization commander in his farm in Sadiya subdistrict, Khanaqin district. The source said that Badr Organization units arrested 4 young men after the attack.


Daesh said it damaged an Iraqi Army bulldozer with an IED in Al-Maita village, in Udhaim, on Wednesday. [ICDnSep28]


Daesh said that on Wednesday it targeted a joint Iraq Army and PMF convoy with several IEDs in Albu Juma’a village, in Udhaim, wounding soldiers and PMF fighters, including a commander, and damaging or destroying 6 vehicles. [ICDNSep28]


Daesh said it destroyed an Iraqi Army SUV with an IED on the road between the village of Umm Al-Ghazlan and Qara Tapa, on Wednesday, killing or wounding the soldiers inside. [A3maq] [ICDNSep28]


Daesh said on Friday its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Umm Talil village, western Udhaim. [ICDNSep28]



Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that IFP units arrested 20 Daesh suspects in Al-Khatouniya village. The source said 4 of the arrestees were working openly for Daesh.​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that PMF units stopped a Daesh attack on Al-Zab, killing 2 terrorists.​​ 


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad,​​ Taza,​​ etc.)

Daesh said it set fire to the houses of a​​ mukhtar​​ and an Iraqi government “spy” south of Daquq, on Thursday. [ICDNSep28]


Daesh said it killed or wounded IFP members after targeting their vehicle with an IED near Albu Najm village, southern Daquq, on Wednesday. [ICDNSep28]



Ninewa Chief of Police Hamad Al-Namis said on Friday that about 2,200 total terrorists had been arrested by the Ninewa Police since the liberation of Mosul. [Buratha]


Nineveh Plain (Hamdaniya, Tel Keif, Bashiqa)

The Center for Security Information said on Friday that a “huge” cache of weapons and equipment had been found by the Nimrud Police Directorate. The cache reportedly contained a rocket​​ launcher, 2 rockets, 3 RPG-7 rockets, a “BKC” machine gun, a rifle, a 60mm mortar base, 30 RPG-7 rocket launchers, 3 “SPG-9 rockets,” 200 “BKC” rounds, and 13 Kalashnikov rifles.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


The Ministry of the Interior said on Friday that 6 Daesh members had been arrested in the Nimrud area by units under the Ninewa Police Command. The Ministry added that the detainees had worked for Daesh variously as fighters, in Daesh’s “Islamic Police,” and as a checkpoint officer in Nimrud during Daesh’s control of Mosul. [Sumaria]​​ 


Mosul District

South (Qayara)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that Daesh captured and beheaded​​ two​​ fishermen near Hawi Shakhir village. The source said the two victims were from Al-Hawd village.




CNN​​ reported that rockets were fired at the Basra airport early Friday morning, but did not land inside the airport or the US​​ consulate nearby. Residents in the Abu Sakhair district of northern Basra said that they heard 2 rockets fired at around 1:20 AM local time; eyewitnesses said the rockets landed outside of the airport. A spokesman for the US State Department told​​ CNN​​ that the​​ consulate was not harmed, and that they were monitoring the situation closely. [BasNews]


However, the​​ State Department also announced on Friday that it would close the consulate in Basra, citing “credible threats” from Iranian and “Iranian-backed” forces in Iraq. A US​​ administration official quoted anonymously in the​​ Wall Street Journal​​ named Kata’eb Hezbollah, Asa’eb Ahl Al-Haq, and Harakat Al-Nujaba as among the Iraqi militias that could pose a threat to US personnel. [WSJ]

The​​ Washington Post​​ quoted a “senior Iraqi security official” as saying that the Iraqis were not aware of any intention by Iran to attack American diplomats or the consulate. [WaPo]



The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) for the Kurdistan Region said that there was heavy turnout in its polling stations, which opened on Friday to the Peshmerga and security forces for special voting. The Kurdistan Region IHEC said that 77% of eligible voters for the special vote turned out in Erbil, 80% in Dahuk, 80% in Suleimaniya, and 88% in Halabja. General voting is scheduled for Sunday, September 30th. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The special early voting is for security forces only; hence the high turnout rates may or may not be reflected in the general vote. The Iraqi CoR elections in May had a notably low turnout rate in the early special elections that was reflected in general turnout. However, Peshmerga and Kurdish security forces may be more inclined to voting than the general electorate.




(No reports)





United Nations

The UN Special Envoy to Syria called on the US and 6 other states to “hasten efforts for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.” This statement was made after a meeting between the Foreign Ministers of the US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, France, the UK, and Germany that occurred during the 73rd meeting of the UN General Assembly. The statement also called for a legitimate and inclusive constitutional committee to begin creating a new Syrian constitution and to allow for just elections under UN supervision. [Qasioun]



Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that the transfer of terrorists from Idlib to other areas would be “unacceptable.” He said in a statement that, for example, it would be unacceptable to transfer fighters from Idlib to Afghanistan, and added that maintaining a terrorist hotspot in Syria was also unacceptable. [Ghad]


Foreign policy


On Friday, after a meeting held in Berlin between Germany and Turkey, Angela Merkel stated that she agreed with President Erdogan regarding hosting a meeting in Istanbul in December this year. She said that they would discuss Syria and Idlib with the presence of the Russian and French Presidents. [EnabBiladi]




The YPG reported that on Wednesday it killed 1 fighter with the Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya (the Levant Front), 1 fighter from Ahrar Al-Sham, and a translator working with the Turkish military and the extremist groups in Afrin, in 3 separate operations. [Hawar]




Raqqa city​​ & district

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said that 11​​ SDF​​ members were killed and 11 wounded when a roadside IED targeted their truck near Al-Sakura farm, in Raqqa province.​​ 

Daesh said it killed or wounded 35 SDF members with the IED, on Thursday. [A3maq]


Central and West​​ 


The​​ SOHR​​ reports that Idlib remains very unstable and dangerous, as it has been for the past 5 consecutive months. It reported on Friday that there were 2 explosions in Idlib Province: first, an IED detonated on the path between Samrin and Idlib. Later, an unidentified person threw a hand grenade in Saraqib city, in the interior of Idlib Province. [SyriaHR]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor​​ District

The​​ SOHR​​ reports that Daesh has been taking “revenge” for its casualties and material losses. It reported on Friday that Daesh killed​​ two​​ SDF members on Thursday night near​​ Al-Busayrah, and that​​ three​​ corpses were found with gunshot wounds in their heads. [SyriaHR]


Albu Kamal​​ District

On Friday,​​ Hawar​​ reported that the SDF stormed Al-Safafnah village, in the Al-Susah subdistrict, and liberated “several” points from the control of Daesh. ​​ [Hawar]


The​​ SOHR​​ reports that fighting continues between the SDF and Daesh in Hajin and around Al-Susah. [SyriaHR]


Daesh said it targeted SDF positions in Al-Baghouz with 30 mortars, on Wednesday. [ICDNSep28]


Daesh published photos of a Syrian Army sniper targeted by its snipers in Al-Abbas village, in the Albu Kamal area. [ICDNSep28]




Local sources said that fighting broke out between members of Syrian Air Force Intelligence and a civilian in the town of Al-Harra, rural northern Daraa, in the middle of the night on Wednesday, leading to a fight that lasted several hours. The sources also said that this led to the arrest of 5 civilians​​ for interrogation​​ by the Syrian intelligence services who​​ had been​​ sent to investigate, despite their arrests being contrary to the terms of the local settlement with the Al-Assad government. [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Dorar​​ reported on Thursday that Syrian Air Force intelligence was attempting to conscript Daraa residents into the Army.​​ If the civilians resisted conscription, this​​ would be a plausible reason for​​ Syrian intelligence personnel​​ to​​ end up​​ fighting civilians. However, this story does not explain how​​ one​​ civilian reportedly fought​​ off​​ military personnel for several hours.


On Thursday evening, a landmine exploded in the Yarmouk Basin, western Daraa, killing 2 former members of the FSA. The landmine had been planted by Daesh. [EnabBiladi]



Pro-government​​ newspapers reported that on Thursday Daesh ambushed the 4th Division of the Syrian Army in Tilul Al-Safa, killing 19 soldiers and policemen.​​ Zaman Al-Wasl​​ wrote that the dead included 4 officers. [ZamanAlWasl]


Local sources said that 3 Syrian Army soldiers were killed and others injured, including members of affiliated militias, in a Daesh ambush in the Suwayda desert near Tilul Al-Safa. [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ It’s not a good sign for the Syrian Army when the official version of the story has a higher body count than the version based on “local sources.”




Neighboring countries


The Lebanese Directorate of General Security said that they had arrested a young man on charges of belonging to Daesh, having contact with terrorists inside of Syria, and being sent to carry out​​ terrorist missions in Lebanon. The alleged missions​​ included​​ poisoning water​​ tanks that are used by​​ the Lebanese Army. [Sumaria]



On Friday, the​​ UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) decided to extend the​​ mandate of the​​ international​​ team of​​ investigators​​ looking into​​ human rights violations and war crimes committed during the war in Yemen, despite the objections of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Yemeni government headed by Abdrabbah Mansur Hadi.​​ [Sumaria]






Daesh said it killed a Taliban member and wounded another in “Lokndijil” village in Alingar district, Laghman Province, eastern Afghanistan, on Wednesday. [A3maq]



Daesh said it killed 15 Pakistani Army members and wounded 30 others in clashes in the Shireen Ab area, in Mastung district in Balochistan, on Wednesday. It said it used machine guns, hand grenades, and explosives vests in the clashes, which it said lasted 12 hours. [ICDNSep28] [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We searched Pakistani media and couldn’t find a reference for this attack. The only thing we found is the report below from Iran.​​ 


Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) says it has killed 4 militants on the Saravan border crossing close to Pakistan in the southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province.

In a September 28 statement published by Iranian state media, the IRGC said “Iranian forces killed 4 terrorists and wounded 2.” The statement also said, “Other members of the terrorist group fled to the neighboring country.” [RFERL]




On Thursday, Daesh issued the 149th​​ issue of its Naba’ magazine. In this issue, Daesh published infographic about its operation during the last week in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and other countries. It said it conducted 128 attacks killing or wounding more than 551 people. Daesh also published a photo of its 5 members, masked, who conducted the attack in Ahwaz. [ICDNSep27]





You are invited to add information to or comment on any Daesh Daily story​​ 


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