An Update On ISIS Activities

March 11, 2016

Zanqoura Families

Today’s Major Developments


Sadr-promoted demonstrations in Baghdad and southern provinces demand anti-corruption reforms.

Al-Abadi takes action on Daesh chemical weapons in Taza after two child victims die.

IFP raids Daesh outposts in Arab Jabour, south Baghdad.

Iraqi ground forces move closer to Hit, Haditha as more bombs land on Hit and Kubaisa.

Turkey gives the KRG a loan as pipeline resumes operation.





Political developments

Prime Minister Abadi’s office issued a statement saying that Daesh’s use of chemical weapons in its attacks on Taza is a crime against humanity and promised a swift response. Abadi also ordered specialized medical teams to the city. [Mada]


Abadi’s office also issued a statement saying the PM submitted a request to Iraqi political parties and “the different social organizations” to submit names of technocrat candidates for the cabinet. A committee will review the CVs of the candidates and submit the final names to the Prime Minister. [Mada]


Extensive security measures were taken in Baghdad today, where the areas of Salihiya, Zaytoun Street, Abu Nawas Street, Bab Al-Sharqi, Saadoun Street, Tayran Street, and Khayam Street were closed to vehicle traffic. Elite forces are on duty all over these areas and around the Green Zone, while Ahrar, Jamhuriya and Sinak bridges were closed, in anticipation of today’s demonstration. [Sumaria]  Security forces also closed the road leading from Sadr city towards the Ministry of Interior, expected to be used by demonstrators coming from Sadr city to Tahrir Square, and were deployed in force along the sides of the road. [Ghad]

Saraya Al-Salam forces, the Al-Sadr militia, were deployed in Baghdad alongside security forces to ensure protection of demonstrators. [Ghad]


Moqtada Al-Sadr said in a recorded speech to thousands of his followers who demonstrated in Tahrir Square in downtown Baghdad that the reforms should include all the state’s establishments, including the judicial system, the elections commission, and financial establishments. He says corruption is not about changing a minister or two. Sadr accused the Al-Maliki government of politicizing the judicial system and of selling the country to terrorists. [Sumaria]

Sadr also says the demonstrations should continue to put pressure on the government to make substantial reforms. [Sumaria]

The Sadrists were the biggest group in today’s demonstrations in Baghdad. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Sadr himself has an old issue with the legal system because he could still be tried for the murder of imam Abdul Aziz Al-Khoei in 2003. 


Hundreds of people demonstrated in Kerbala, Babel, Qadisiya, Wasit, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Basra, and Samawa demanding a technocrat government, more reforms, and anti-corruption measures. [Sumaria] [Mada] [Mada] [Mada] This is virtually all the provinces in southern Iraq.


The Saudi delegate to the Arab League meeting in Cairo withdrew after Foreign Affairs Minister Jaafari made a speech that praised the PMFs and Hezbollah. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Why would the Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister put local armed groups in the same sentence with an armed group from another country? Iraq has had enough from meddling in other people’s issues and from other people’s interference in Iraqi issues.


Security developments

The Pentagon announced the handover of Sulaiman Dawood Al-Bakar, the Daesh chemical weapons official, to Iraqi authorities, according to Peter Cook, Pentagon spokesman. Cook said Coalition attacks have weakened Daesh chemical capabilities to a large extent, although not eliminating them completely.  Al-Bakar, also known as Al-Afri, was arrested via a special US operation near Zab area last month. [Buratha]


Steve Warren, the Coalition spokesman, said that Iraqi army can liberate Mosul and Falluja at the same time. He added that the Coalition is constantly pressing Daesh which has very limited options left, as its forces, infrastructure, and moneys are being bombed in Mosul and surrounding areas.  [Rassid]


The IFP conducted a clearing operation in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. Sheikh Wael Al-Shimmari, commander of the PMFs’ “Elite Regiments”, told the IWMC that the Daesh presence in Arab Jabour was eliminated and that many Daesh terrorists were killed and captured. Command posts in Madhanik village near Arab Jabour were also destroyed. [Harbi]

DaeshDaily comment. Eliminated? Given all the recent deadly incidents in Arab Jabour, we can only hope the commander’s optimism proves justified, but we suspect this welcome initiative will need some serious follow-up. (See today’s list of security incidents in South Baghdad, below.)


Aws Al-Khafaji, general secretary of Abu Fadhil Al-Abbas faction of the PMFs, survived an assassination attempt by roadside IED in Arab Jabour in South Baghdad. [Mawazin]


The Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) said that total figures from the operations in west Baghdad is 19 terrorists killed, 4 wounded, 3 vehicles destroyed, and 58 IEDs defused. [Harbi]


The Security Committee of Baghdad Provincial Council said the administrative borders of Baghdad are well secured, and that the BOC and supporting PMF units are in control for over 20 km from the city perimeter. Mohammed Al-Rubaie, member of the committee said, that Baghdad’s security situation is good, except for some minor incidents here and there. [AIN]

DaeshDaily comment. We highly disagree with this statement. The esteemed gentleman is obviously not reading Daesh Daily, or reading the local newspapers either.


The following security incidents were reported.

Northwest Baghdad

A major trader in silenced guns was arrested in Shula. The arrest was made based on prior intelligence. 5 silenced guns were found with him. [Ghad]


North Baghdad

An IED killed one civilian and wounded eight others in Hamamiyat, in Taji District north of the city. [Mada]


Southeast Baghdad

An IED placed in a commercial area in Wardiya, in Mada’in District, killed one civilian and wounded five others. [Mada]

11th army division found a weapons cache in Mada’in, containing 40 mortar shells. The information was received from local residents. [Maalomah]


South Baghdad

Arab Jabour. 23rd army brigade found and destroyed 9 booby-trapped houses in Al-Baijiya area of Arab Jabour. [Ghad]

An IED targeting a PMF patrol in Arab Jabour killed two and wounded six. [Mada]

Daesh says its terrorists killed four PMF fighters in Arab Jabour. [A3maq]

Hor Rijab. A roadside IED killed two Sahwa members and wounded another while their patrol was passing through Hor Rijab, in Dora. [Mada]

An attack by hand grenade on a Sahwa checkpoint in Hor Rijab killed one of them and wounded another three. [Maalomah] (might be the same story)

Mahmudiya. Daesh says its terrorists killed two Iraqi officers and two soldiers and wounded seven soldiers with an IED in Mahmudiya in south Baghdad. [A3maq]

A roadside IED wounded three soldiers patrolling Sayed Abdullah village in Mahmudiya. [Baghdadia]


An IED placed near a soccer field in Al-Wihda neighborhood killed 2 civilians and wounded other seven. [Mada]

8 persons wanted on terrorism charges were arrested in Yusufiyah and Bazayez Al-Yusufiyah by temporary checkpoints installed by the 17th army division. [Ghad]


Southwest Baghdad

The body of a man shot to death was found in Al-Jihad neighborhood. [Mada]

Security forces arrested a man wanted on terrorism charges in Suwaib. [Ghad]


West Baghdad

A sticky bomb killed a university professor in his car in Al-Adel neighborhood. [Mada]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   14    (Not an overall total)


The Coalition announced 13 air strikes in Iraq and one in Syria on March 10. Attacks in Iraq were near seven cities, including Ramadi, Hit, and Sinjar, and destroying five tactical units, 12 fighting positions, and various weapons and supply lines. The strike in Syria was near Mare’, destroying one tactical unit. [CJTF]


The UK said that its Tornado and Typhoon warplanes are actively operating against Daesh in Iraq during March. It said that in the past few days, several air attacks were executed in northern and western Iraq, destroying Daesh weapon stores and other targets, including a large-scale attack on a fortified village. [Shafaq]




The IWMC says Iraqi forces killed 27 Daesh terrorists in different areas in Qarma. [Ghad]


Six Daesh terrorists were killed while rigging a car bomb in a workshop north of Falluja. The bomb went off, destroying the whole workshop and four vehicles packed with weapons and explosives ready to move to Qarma, Anbar Operations command (AOC) said. [Mada]

Security forces killed three Daesh terrorists while planting an IED on a main road leading to Saqlawiya, north of Falluja. [Maalomah]


Daesh shelled the residential compound in Ameriyat Al-Falluja, wounding “tens” of people including children. [WarNews]


25th army brigade killed two terrorists and destroyed their motorcycle in Bustan Al-Tikriti south of Falluja according to the BOC. Another terrorist was killed and two others wounded when the army shelled their positions with 82mm mortars. [Ghad]



Ali Dawood, Chair of Khaldiya subdistrict council, said that Iraqi army enforcements are still arriving to Khaldiya to liberate Jazeera Al-Khaldiya while Coalition and Iraqi war planes are bombing Daesh targets there. Full liberation is anticipated very shortly, he said. [IraqPress]


A booby-trapped shovel abandoned by Daesh in Albu Aitha area east of Ramadi exploded when Major Aziz Al-Eithawi, of Anbar tribal mobilization tried to operate it. The officer was killed immediately, according to Major General Tariq Yusuf Al-Asal, commander of Anbar tribal fighters of north Ramadi area. [Rassid]


Ghassan Al-Eithawi, commander of tribal forces in north Ramadi, says he was wounded by a mortar shell in Albu Ubaid north of Ramadi. [Mada]


The Anbar Operations Commander says his troops, supported by Coalition warplanes, killed 14 Daesh terrorists in Hamdhiya and Albu Ubaid north of Ramadi. [BasNews]

The IWMC says troops destroyed 2 Daesh motorcycles that were attacking the forces in Hamdhiya. Iraqi forces also killed 7 Daesh terrorists in the same area. [Ghad]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed an Iraqi Army tank near the Zaidan factories northeast of Ramadi. [A3maq]


A video of Iraqi forces in battles with Daesh terrorists in Zangoura [YouTube]

A video of civilians secured by Iraqi forces in Zangoura [Sumaria]

A video of Iraqi forces saving chicken from a burning cage in Zangoura [JustPaste]


It became more apparent today that the movement of Iraqi forces through western Ramadi is linked to the pending campaign to liberate Hit. Falah Al-Qaragoli, commander of Anbar tribal forces in the western areas said that army and tribal mobilization forces liberated the important Dawar and Qutniya areas, located near the old Ramadi-Hit road. 20 Daesh terrorists were killed in the operation, which was backed by Coalition warplanes. He said that this was part of the process of clearing all areas of Anbar and destroying Daesh defenses surrounding the city of Hit. [Mada]



A military source said Coalition warplanes destroyed over 45 targets in Hit and Kubaisa in the past 72 hours. The targets were fixed and movable, and described as being of strategic and important nature. Tens of Daesh terrorists were killed in these attacks. [Sumaria]


Iraqi warplanes attacked the Kubaisa cement factory, used by Daesh as a command center, killing numerous terrorists inside, IWMC said. [Harbi]


Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh guesthouse killing 20 terrorists in Kubaisa. [MoD Website]

Coalition warplanes destroyed 3 Daesh vehicles coming from Hit towards the Mohammadi area killing the terrorists inside them. [MoD Website]

Coalition warplanes destroyed 3 Daesh vehicles in Wadi Al-Hajiya south of Kubaisa killing the terrorists inside them. [MoD Website]


Ismail Al-Jumaili (Abu Aisha), a major Daesh leader and the mastermind of many terror operations against security forces, was killed by an Army Aviation (IAA) helicopter strike in Hit. The helicopters destroyed a house where Al-Jumaili was staying, and killed 8 of his companions as well, a security source in Anbar said. [Maalomah]


Lt. Saadoun Al-Ubaidi, spokesmen of the 14th Rapid Intervention brigade, said that IAA helicopters bombed Kubaisa and killed Rahim Al-Awadh, the wali of Kubaisa and four of his colleagues. The attack which also destroyed several weapons and vehicles was took advantage of prior intelligence. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. The most dangerous job in the world now is to be a Daesh wali in Iraq.


Iraqi forces killed 6 Daesh terrorists and destroyed a weapons storehouse and 2 rocket launchers near Jawa’na bridge in the Jazeera area east of Baghdadi. [MoD Website]


Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh hideout killing many terrorists in the Dolab area. [MoD Website]


Iraqi forces destroyed a Daesh vehicle carrying a machine gun in Mahboubiya in Hit district. [MoD Website]


Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh hideout killing “tens” of terrorists in the Nuaim area south of Baghdadi. [MoD Website]



Army forces shelled Daesh positions in Baraziya and Jubba in northwestern Hit District toward Haditha, killing seven terrorists and destroying two vehicles, a security source in Anbar said. [Maalomah]


Coalition warplanes destroyed 6 truck bombs in Qusairat in Haditha District based on intelligence provided by the National Security Service, IWMC said. [Baghdadia]


A security source said that Iraqi Abrams tanks are now 50 km (31 miles) from Haditha after clearing all of the north Thirthar area, destroying 4 Daesh car bombs and three positions. (This is part of the military campaign that started in Jazeera Samarra.) Major General Maan Al-Saadi, commander of the 2nd special forces division, said that the next step might be an attack towards Haditha city. [Mawazin]


Iraqi troops destroyed 75 Daesh planted IEDs in Albu Hayat in Haditha. [MoD Website]


Western Anbar

IWMC said that the 1st battalion of Iraqi special forces repelled two Daesh attacks on Makr Al-Na’am border post near the Saudi border. The first attack was with one car bomb and 5 supporting vehicles, and the second with 11 vehicles. The vehicles were destroyed by mortar shells before arriving at their destinations. [Harbi]

Daesh’s version says its terrorists broke through an Iraqi Army brigade’s headquarters west of Nukhaib on the border with Saudi Arabia after 2 suicide attacks with armored vehicle bombs. Daesh says its terrorists entered the headquarters and killed more soldiers and captured weapons and vehicles. [Falh] [A3maq]




Ali Al-Jubouri is an Iraqi young man shot by Daesh while climbing a tower, where he threw down the Daesh flag and raised the Iraqi flag in its place. Al-Jubouri was part of a group in Shirqat operating against Daesh. [IraqPress]



Iraqi forces killed 5 Daesh suicide terrorists in the Siniya-Haditha Road intersection. [MoD Website]



The IWMC says IFP troops shelled Daesh locations near Ajeel oilfield, killing 13 terrorists. [Ghad]

The IWMC says Iraqi forces rocketed Daesh locations in Himrin Mountains, killing 30 terrorists. [Ghad]


The IFP killed 13 terrorists and destroyed 2 mortar units when they responded with Katyusha rockets to 120mm mortar fire by Daesh in Ajeel. Another rocket attack on Daesh in Himrin killed and wounded 30 terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicles and 6 caravans, a statement by the JOC said. [Maalomah]

A video of Iraqi forces destroying a Daesh construction shovel bomb in Himrin Hills [Harbi]



AAH units of the PMF found several “large tunnels” used by Daesh in Jazeera Samarra, according to a statement by the group. It added that large quantities of rockets were found tin these tunnels. [Mawazin]

A video of Daesh tunnels found in Jazeera Samarra by AHH fighters [Harbi]


Iraqi forces found a big Daesh vehicle bomb factory in Jazeera Samarra in addition to a vehicle bomb and tens of IEDs and explosives cans. [Ghad]

A video of Iraqi fighters destroying a charging Daesh vehicle bomb in Jazeera Samarra, with AKs and a lot of luck [YouTube]


A video of Humvees made by Daesh out of wood to deceive warplanes [YouTube]


Iraqi forces destroyed 9 IEDs in the Strategic Line area. [MoD Website]


Lt. General Ra’ed Shakir Jawdat, the commander of IFP said that his forces destroyed a vehicle bomb before it reached the IFP defensive line in the Khashm Al-Thirthar area, northwest of Siniya towards Haditha road. Jawdat also mentioned destroying another attacking car bomb in Qanater north of Baiji [Harbi] [IraqPress]


Iraqi forces destroyed 4 vehicle bombs and 4 tanker bombs in addition to 7 motorcycles and defused 4 booby-trapped houses and 12 IEDs in areas east of Thirthar Lake. [MoD Website]



Three bodies were found decayed in an underground water tank in the Turkmen Bastamali village in Amerli subdistrict northeast of Tuz Khurmatu, a security source said. [Ghad]


Southern Salahuddin

4 persons from an armed group supposed made up of PMF members were killed while drilling a hole in a pipe extending from oil well number 2 in Balad with the objective of stealing oil. The resulting explosion killed the 4 thieves, according to a medical source in Salahuddin. [Ghad]




Major General Jassem Al-Saadi, Chief of Diyala Police, said that the strategic Baghdad-Kirkuk road is fully secured, and that rumors of kidnappings along the road are not true. A recent report spoke about the kidnapping of 8 persons on that road, which Al-Saadi strongly denied. [Sumaria]


Col. Ghalib Al-Attiya, spokesman of Diyala police said that police forces shot dead a Daesh terrorist in the Kubashi area in Himrin who was trying to plant an IED on a power pole on the Mirsad power transmission line from Iran into Diyala. [Mada]

The Diyala Police Commander says the terrorist who was killed was a member of AQI and then became responsible for Daesh sleeper cells in Diyala. He was also responsible for three massacres against civilians in the Himrin area. [Sumaria]


Three mortar shells were fired by Daesh militants on Nahr Al-Imam village northeast of Baquba without causing human casualties, a security source said. The village is located in an agricultural area. [Sumaria]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Tameem tribe issued a statement saying it ended its demonstrations after the government implemented some of its demands. [Mada]



A 3 year old girl who was infected by the Daesh attack on Taza died of suffocation and kidney failure according to Masrour Aswad, a member of the Iraqi Human Rights Commission. He also says that four other people were transported to Baghdad because of their severe cases. [Rudaw]

The Kirkuk health directorate issued a statement advising citizens to stay away from the areas where Daesh rockets fell. [BasNews]

A local source says another baby girl died because of Daesh attack on Taza. [PUKMedia]

A security source says 4 more mortar shells filled with chemicals fell on Taza without giving details about the casualties. [BasNews]


Prime Minister Al-Abadi, ordered medical teams to go to Taza subdistrict immediately to examine the victims of the recent Daesh attacks, allegedly using chlorine, and to make use of international expertise if necessary.  Calling it as a crime against humanity, he threatened a “very cruel retaliation.” The first death among the wounded victims of the shelling was announced yesterday.  [Buratha]


Ahmed Al-Saadi, a spokesman of the PMF Commission, said that Bashir village liberation is useless unless Riyadh and Hawija, and several other surroundings areas are liberated as well. He said it is pointless to start a small attack to liberate Bashir while other nearby larger areas are under Daesh control. He said that once Jazeera Samarra operations are concluded, a comprehensive campaign to liberate the whole area, including Bashir, will be initiated. [Etejah]


The Turkmen mobilization forces are shelling Bashir village with artillery to prevent Daesh from shelling Taza subdistrict, according to Ridha Al-Najjar, of the 16th brigade of Turkmen PMFs. [Mada]


A PMF spokesman says Daesh launched 2 more Katyusha rockets filled with chemicals on Taza without causing any casualties. [Sumaria]


A Daesh leader was arrested by the agency in the vegetable market in Musalla in downtown Kirkuk, a security source said. Intelligence on his whereabouts was received prior to the operation. [Sumaria]




Awwad Al-Baghdadi, the Daesh chief, granted absolute powers to his Arab and foreign commanders in Mosul to manage it in the next phase. Daesh divided Mosul into 10 sectors, and transferred 30 local leaders (mostly from Mosul, to the front lines in Anbar and Salahuddin to avoid any coup attempts, according to Jabbar Al-Maamouri, a PMF commander. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. We don’t know where the commander got this information.  


Local sources say Daesh closed the Faisaliya area in Mosul on Thursday because of a big meeting of Daesh leaders in the area to discuss the upcoming Iraqi forces attack on Ninewa.

Daesh also executed several of its members who defected, in Ghazlani camp. [Karemlash]


A PUK official says Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh IED factory in the Karama area on the east side of Mosul. Coalition warplanes also bombed Daesh locations in Khorsabad, Tel Keif and Aski Mosul. The airstrikes killed 13 terrorists and wounded 18 and destroyed 5 vehicles in addition to Daesh occupied buildings. [MoD Website]


Daesh destroyed the house of the officer heading the protection unit for the Ninewa Operations Commander, in Al-Hod village in Qayara. No human casualties occurred, as the house is empty, according to a security source in Mosul. [Mada]


Local sources say Daesh imposed an additional plastic cover to the khimar used by women in Mosul forcing more women to stay in their houses. [Karemlash]


Nineveh Plain

A PUK official says Daesh terrorists destroyed 42 houses belong to army and police personnel in several areas in Nimrud.  [PUKMedia]



Heavy artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers are arriving to join Iraqi army forces in Makhmur, for the forthcoming Mosul operations, the IWMC said. (photos). [Harbi]


A PUK official says Coalition warplanes bombed Daesh hideouts in Qaraj in Makhmur District, killing 5 terrorists and wounding 3 and destroying a car. [PUKMedia]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Yazidi displaced people say Daesh terrorists started to burn down Yazidi houses and villages after looting them, in villages south of Sinjar still under Daesh control. [BasNews]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked Kurdish forces with a car bomb in the Mudarrajat area west of Sinjar. [A3maq]


Other Governorates  


Turkish planes destroyed two houses in Keshan border village in northern Dahuk, according to an eyewitness. Aziz Keshani said the attack left no human casualties, as the houses were empty, but destroyed the houses and caused material damage to surrounding orchards. [Sumaria]


An oil industry source says Turkey gave 200 million dollars to the KRG to help with the financial crisis. [Sumaria]

Another source says the movement of pipeline oil from the KRG to Ceyhan port in Turkey have resumed. The pipeline was damaged by an explosion in Turkish territory, stopping the flow of oil for more than 3 weeks. [Sumaria]



Dhi Qar

The Dhi Qar governor Yahya Al-Nasiri said that security and army forces in Dhi Qar are ready for any possibilities resulting from Daesh terrorists retreating from Anbar and other liberated areas into southern Iraq. Save for criminal cases, Dhi Qar has been free from any terror activity for the past three years, the Governor said. [Shafaq]



The chairman of the security committee in Babel provincial council says security forces captured another Daesh sleeper cell in north Babel that was planning to conduct terrorist attacks. He says this is the 9th Daesh cell caught since the Al-Athar terrorist attack last week. [Sumaria]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

In a sign of worsening tensions among Kurdish factions in Syria, the Asayesh of the PYD-dominated Self-Administration Area closed the local office of the pro-KDP Kurdish National Council in the village of Sayha in Qamishli, and the office of the “Yekiti Kurdish Party” in the village of Khazna. [Welati]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Daesh says Syrian opposition groups, supported by American warplanes, captured the city of Yani Yaban in Aleppo’s northern countryside. [A3maq]

At first, Daesh says it repelled the attack, killing three Syrian opposition group fighters. [A3maq]

Syrian opposition groups, including the Turkey-backed Sultan Murad Brigade, issued a video announcing they captured Yani Yaban from Daesh. [YouTube]

DaeshDaily comment. It is almost precedent-setting for Daesh to admit losing any battle. They are great at twisting the facts to make it seem like they won.


The pro-YPG Hawar says the “Revolutionaries Army” (Jaysh Al-Thuwar) militia, which is part of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), killed two members of the “National Coalition” and “Kurdish National Council,” whose opposition militias are operating north of Aleppo. Hawar reports that the Revolutionary Army repelled an attack by the militias in the villages of Ayn Daqna, Menagh, and Al-Alqamiya, between Tal Rifaat and Azaz. Clashes are reportedly ongoing according to the report, which says elsewhere that “tens” of opposition militia fighters were killed by the Revolutionaries Army, which also destroyed two militia vehicles. [Hawar]


A YPG field source says Nusra and other armed groups attacked YPG locations in several areas in Azaz and Afrin. The source says 31 Nusra and its allies’ fighters were killed and 2 of their vehicles were destroyed. [BasNews]


The SDF repelled a Daesh attack west of the Tishrin Dam on Friday, destroying five vehicle bombs and killing 10 Daesh militants. [Hawar]

Daesh says two of its suicide terrorists attacked YPG forces, one with an armored vehicle bomb and the other with a car bomb, in two different areas near the Tishrin Dam (photos). [A3maq] [Falh]

Daesh publishes photos of shelling and rocketing YPG locations near the Tishrin Dam. [Falh]


YPG sources say Daesh shelled and rocketed several villages west and south of Kobane from Jarabulus. [BasNews]


The pro-YPG Hawar says that the SDF found a document in Tal Rifaat which shows that Syrian Kurdish militia of the KDP’s Syria branch (“Peshmerga Rojava”) were sent to fight alongside the Ahrar Al-Sham militia, which is allied to the Nusra Front in Aleppo, against the Syria Democratic Forces. [Hawar]

The Kurdish National Council in Syria, close to the Iraqi KDP, denied the reports and said the Rojava Peshmerga are fighting against Daesh in the Iraqi Kurdistan. [ARA]

DaeshDaily comment. If true, then this is significant news. The Peshmerga Rojava are Syrian fighters trained by the KRG in Iraqi Kurdistan to fight Daesh. The YPG refused many times to let them into Syria.  


Coalition planes conducted six airstrikes on Daesh positions in support of opposition militias, who pushed Daesh back inside the city of Ghazl. [ARA]


Daesh launched mortars at the Qarqazuq Bridge Friday morning, Hawar reports. The shelling is reportedly ongoing. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh says Russian warplanes bombed the road between Sukhnah and Tadmur with phosphoric bombs. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of the results of the bombing. [A3maq]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed 2 Syrian Army tanks near the Hazm Mahin hills southeast of Homs. [A3maq] [A3maq]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a Syrian Army tank and an armored BMP vehicle in Dowa west of Tadmur (photos). [A3maq] [Falh]

Daesh publishes photos of the battles in Dowa. [Falh]


Daesh issues a video of the results of Syrian bombing on Hamadi Omar village in eastern Hama’s countryside. [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

In one of its most high-profile executions so far, Daesh put to death the Syrian poet Muhammad Bashir Al-Ani, and his son, some days ago, after accusing them of apostasy and atheism and arresting them two months ago, according to local activists. [Arabi21]


Daesh launched a campaign Friday to close pharmacies in the rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor under the pretext of combating the sale of forbidden medicines. [ARA]



Opposition militias repelled a Daesh attack in the cities of Al-Naqoub and Sakira, in the Daraa countryside, militia sources said. [Qasioun]


Daesh says its terrorists killed 10 Syrian opposition group fighters in an attack on Ain Al-Baidha village in Daraa. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes 2 photos of shelling Syrian troops with mortars in Qalamoun. [Falh]




Neighboring countries


The Arab League declared Lebanon’s Hezbollah a terrorist organization, with objections from Iraq and Lebanon. [BasNews]


Lebanese authorities arrested a Syrian national on suspicion of belonging to Daesh, according to a statement issued on Friday, which also said that the suspect confessed to being in contact with Daesh leaders and helping Daesh move militants into Syria. [Aawsat]


Daesh issues a video message from its terrorists in Raqqa to the people of Lebanon. All Sunnis should join Daesh. All Christians should become Muslims or pay taxes to Daesh or they will be wiped out like the Shia and the Jews. The video also has the usual threats against the Lebanese government and Army. [Falh]


Saudi Arabia

A Saudi security source says Saudi security forces killed 4 Daesh terrorists and captured 2 in a raid on their hideout in Rabaa Al-Bakr Mountain in Ha’il. The terrorists were responsible for killing their own cousin, a Saudi corporal, four weeks ago (as we reported at the time). [Eye2Media]


North Africa


Militants of “Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis,” the organization now calling itself “State of Sinai,” murdered a civilian in his home in front of his family on Friday in North Sinai, a security source said. Three Ansar members stormed the victim’s home in Arish and killed the 50-year-old by smashing his head with a sharp object until he expired on the spot, the family said. The security source said the man was killed for calling for cooperation with the security forces. [ElWatan]


A young man was injured Friday when unknown gunmen fired on him in the village of Zarie Al-Khayr, east of Arish. [VetoGate]



2,750 Daesh terrorists have moved from Syria and Iraq to Libya, making their total number at 7,000 in Sirte only. Tunisia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they were transferred from Turkey to Libya under the eyes of the whole world.  [Shafaq]


Daesh’s Al-Naba newsletter published an interview with the new Daesh “emir” in Libya, a Saudi named Abd Al-Qadir Al-Najdi, who succeeds Abu Nuwayl Al-Anbari, reportedly killed in a US airstrike east of Derna last November. Al-Najdi denounced both governments of Libya (i.e. Tripoli and Tobruk) and said his fighters will conquer Rome. The Daesh state in Libya is in its infancy but will grow, he said, calling for immigrants from Africa to come to Libya to join Daesh. Al-Najdi said he is in regular contact with the Daesh leadership in Syria and Iraq. [Wasat]



Libyan Army troops engaged Daesh in renewed fighting on the western front of Benghazi Friday evening after a day of relative calm in the city, a military source said. The fighting was concentrated near the University of Benghazi, where Libyan troops have been surrounding Daesh since last month. Fighting is ongoing, the source said. Fighting also erupted around the Cement Plant in the Hawari neighborhood and on the seafront area of Garyounis, the source said. A military spokesman said Libyan troops captured new areas in and around the sprawling cement plant complex in the fighting, which claimed the life of one soldier, felled by a Daesh sniper. [Wasat] [Wasat] [Wasat]


A Libyan engineer from the Military Engineering Corps was killed in a land mine explosion on the western front of Benghazi during the fighting with Daesh, the Corps announced. [Libya24]


Libyan MIG fighters have been upgraded with night-vision equipment, an Air Force source said. Libyan planes flew night missions over Benghazi for the first time Thursday evening. [AfriGate]



Two people were killed and four injured in fighting with Daesh elements in the Wadi Marsayt area (60 km/37 miles south of Mizda, 400 km/250 miles southeast of Tripoli) as locals fought battles Thursday and Friday to expel Daesh from the area, a security source said. The fighting came after a Daesh contingent appeared Wednesday in the Mizda area and set up a checkpoint on a main road, detaining and releasing young men and abducting a policeman. [AfriGate] [Wasat]



Troops in Ben Guerdane have surrounded the house of the self-proclaimed Daesh “emir” of Ben Guerdane, “Muhammad Al-Kurdi” in the Siyah neighborhood of the city. [AkhbarLibya]


The deputy governor of Medenine governorate, who was responsible for Ben Guerdane, has been dismissed, the Tunisian authorities announced, without providing specific reasons. [IslamMemo]




Facebook Page of the Day

An anti-Daesh page from Libya


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

An old video of Daesh terrorists torturing Sunni Iraqi men who refused to join Daesh [YouTube]



March 10, 2016

Protests in Taza


Today’s Major Developments


Elite troops diverted to Baghdad in anticipation of Sadrist demonstrations.

Sadrist CoR Security Committee Chairman says UN, other concerns about Daesh chemical weapons are made up.

Iraqi forces capture two more cities northwest of Ramadi District.

Wars of words, Daesh incidents continue to roil Diyala.

Turkmen, Taza residents frustrated by delay in liberating Bashir village in Kirkuk.

Daesh financial problems show up in Mosul.

Daesh fighters in Egypt reported defecting to Al-Qaeda.





Political developments

Prime Minister Abadi issues a statement after a meeting with security commanders and the Ministers of Defense and Interior, asking the security forces to deal with the demonstrators professionally and avoid any frictions with them. He also asked the demonstrators to respect the law and avoid any appearances of armed men outside government control. [Mada]


Abadi’s office issues a statement saying the PM has sent the cabinet reorganization document to political parties and blocs. The document addressed 10 issues including standards for choosing technocratic ministers, evaluation of the current ministries work, and anti-corruption measures. [Mada]


Ján Kubiš, Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), issues a statement after meeting Turkmen CoR members, saying that the UN is concerned about Daesh’s use of chemical weapons in Taza. [Sumaria]


Yahiya Al-Zaidi, the spokesman of the Joint Operations Command, said Daesh does not have mustard gas to use as a chemical weapon. He said that chlorine is a possibility, but this is yet to be confirmed and is being investigated. [AIN]

Hakim Al-Zamili, the Sadrist Chairman of the CoR Security Committee, denied US reports that Daesh has chemical weapons, and even denied the story of the arrest of Sulaiman Dawood Al-Ifri, responsible for the chemical weapons unit of Daesh, supposedly arrested by the US. He says this is a pseudo name. He added that the whole story is a fiction aimed to terrify the Iraqi people. [AIN]


Security developments

The “Golden Division” of the Counter Terrorism forces was deployed around the Green Zone in anticipation of Friday’s demonstrations. Moqtada Al-Sadr called his followers to demonstrate in Tahrir Square instead of the Green Zone. [Mawazin]

DaeshDaily comment. This is exactly what we predicted—the diversion of some of Iraq’s best troops from the war effort in order to deal with Moqtada’s little power play.


The Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) said that the 17th army division arrested a man wanted for terrorism in Bazayez Al-Yusufiyah, two on the main road near Yusufiyah after installing a temporary checkpoint, and another in Al-Rasheed in south Baghdad.  17th division found a weapons cache in Darwishiya, containing an RBK machine gun and 23mm ammunition. It also destroyed two booby-trapped houses and 5 IEDs, according to the MoD. In Sabahiya, in Latifiya, a weapon cache containing 2 mortar shells, explosives wiring, and BKC ammunition were found. In Rakoub, BKC ammunition, 48 mortar capsules, and 10 explosives timers were found. [PUKMedia]


Brigadier General Malik Al-Maliki, the commander of the 7th IFP brigade, said that the person shot and wounded at Al-Darwish junction in Saidiya, southwest Baghdad, is not an officer but rather a member of gang carrying false ID cards. The man approached security forces in the area after being shot, claiming he was an IFP officer. [Sumaria]  An earlier report called him a lieutenant in the Counter Terrorism forces. [Ghad]


The following security incidents were reported.

Northwest Baghdad


North Baghdad

A man was arrested on terrorism charges by a security team in Saba’ Al-Bor. [Maalomah]


East Baghdad

An IED placed near a popular coffee shop in Al-Amin killed two civilians and wounded five others. [Mada]

Unidentified armed men shot a civilian to death in Fudhailiya. [Ghad]


Southeast Baghdad

A woman was kidnapped from her house in Jisr Diyala by unidentified armed men who broke into the house by force. [Ghad]

An IED placed in a popular market in Mada’in killed two civilians and wounded six. [AIN]

An IED placed near commercial shops in Mada’in killed two civilians and wounded eight others. [Mada]

Iraqi forces found 40 120mm mortars in Mada’in. [MoD Website]


South Baghdad

A roadside IED in Arab Jabour in Dora wounded four policemen on patrol. [AIN]

Daesh says its terrorists killed a PMF fighter and wounded another by detonating a sticky IED under their car in Sayafiya in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. [JustPaste]

Bodies of three women shot to death were found buried in a house’s garden in Jurf Al-Naddaf, by an army unit. [IraqPress]

Two soldiers were wounded when an IED exploded on their patrol in Mahmudiya. [Sumaria]


Southwest Baghdad

Two bodies of a man and a woman shot in the head and chest were found in Chukuk. [Maalomah]


West Baghdad

An IED placed in a commercial area in Ghazaliya killed one civilian and wounded six others. [Mada]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   13    (Not an overall total)


The Coalition executed 20 air attacks, 15 of them in Iraq and 5 in Syria. Attacks on Daesh targets in Iraq included Ramadi and Baghdadi; Kirkuk; and Sinjar, Kasik, Tal Afar, Mosul, and Qayara in Ninewa. [CJTF]




Counter Terrorism Service forces are engaging Daesh 2 km (1¼ miles) from the center of Falluja, according to Falluja District Mayor Saadoun Al-Shaalan. He says the CTS, backed by tribal forces, is currently in combat with Daesh in Hayakel, 2 km from the Shuhada neighborhood in the center of Falluja. [Ghad]

The Mayor insists that Falluja be liberated before Hit or Kubaisa, due to its strategic importance and to save its population from famine. He added that tens of thousands of Falluja residents are being used by Daesh as human shields. [Mada]


PMF rocket units destroyed the HQ of the Daesh financial officer in Falluja, the IWMC said. [Harbi]


Daesh is flooding the agricultural areas in Qarma to obstruct the advance of army units. It has already flooded the area of Albu Khanfar in the middle of the district, according to Col. Midhat Al-Jumaili, commander of Qarma police. Daesh has controlled water resources in Qarma for over two years now. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. All of which shows that despite a year’s worth of victory reports from Qarma, Iraq still doesn’t control it. Until it does, its prospects for securing Falluja city, even if it is “liberated,” are uncertain.


PMFs units of Anbar repelled today a Daesh attack in the Al-Jawal area in Qarma, killing 6 attackers and destroying two trucks with machine guns, the IWMC said. [Harbi]

A video of AHH fighters in battles in Qarma [Harbi]


PMFs fighters foiled an attack by Daesh on Saqlawiya, after inflicting heavy casualties on the attacking force, the IWMC said. [Harbi]



The IWMC confirmed the liberation of Zangoura, west of Ramadi, and raising the Iraqi flag on one of its high buildings. It issued a statement saying that Counter Terrorism units and the 16th army division liberated the village after killing over 80 terrorists. Al-Qarya Al-Assriya was liberated yesterday as well. IWMC says this freed 15,000 families from Daesh captivity; over 50 terrorists trying to escape among evacuated families were arrested. [AIN]

The IWMC says Counter Terrorism troops captured 56 terrorists in Qarya Assriya. The IWMC says people of the village helped identify the terrorists who were trying to sneak out with the families. [Ghad]

A video of the Counter Terrorism Commander in Zangoura [MoD]


Videos of families leaving Zangoura [MoD] [Hurra]


CTS forces found the Daesh command center in Al-Qarya Al-Assriya. The center is underground and equipped with computers, communications equipment, and many documents and books. It was a headquarters for Daesh leaders. [AIN]


A security source says Coalition war planes bombed a Daesh convoy heading to Albu Tiban northwest of Ramadi, destroying 3 vehicle bombs. [Baghdadia]


Over 10,000 persons were evacuated from Zangoura and Al-Qarya Al-Assriya to safe locations in Ameriyat Al-Falluja and Khaldiya by army units, according to Ali Dawood, the head of Khaldiya council. [IraqPress]

In a separate and perhaps overlapping report because it includes Al-Qarya Al-Assriya, CTS rescued 7,600 families from Al-Qarya Al-Assriya, Abu Tiban, Mohammadi, and also Hit, and transferred them to safe places, IWMC said. [PUKMedia]

DaeshDaily comment. The IWMC can be frustrating. Government leaflets have urged people in Hit to evacuate, though the liberation campaign on the ground has still not started. If they are now evacuating, it would be nice if someone reported that.


CTS units have cleared the area between Zangoura and Albu Chlaib. Military units in both areas are now directly connected. [AIN]


Three car bombs were destroyed by the engineering units of CT forces. [Harbi]


Daesh says five Iraqi soldiers were killed in clashes with its terrorists in Hamdhiya north of Ramadi. [A3maq]


A video of a Daesh vehicle bomb captured by PMFs west of Thirthar [YouTube]



A Coalition airstrike destroyed the “sharia court” building in Hit, according to Ali Dawood, head of the Khaldiya council. The attack was based on intelligence provided by the 7th army division. It killed Khalid Khalaf Al-Asafi, a major Daesh leader, and several others. [Sumaria]

Coalition planes also destroyed Daesh defense lines in Hit, killing several terrorists, according to a security source in Anbar. The source said that the attacks are preliminary to a major army attack on the city. [Sumaria]


A Coalition airstrike killed 40 terrorists in Kubaisa, including Rahim Nawi, a Daesh leader. A guest house and several vehicles were also destroyed. [PUKMedia]




A female suicide attacker detonated herself in the middle of a Daesh gathering at a public bus stop, waiting to go to Mosul. Tens of terrorists were killed and wounded. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. Another Maalomah report about a suicide attack against Daesh.


Daesh executed three men in Shirqat on charges of opposing Daesh rule and writing anti-Daesh slogans on the walls of the city. [Ghad]



A large rigging and explosives workshop was found near Haditha-Siniya Road, containing 90 20-liter containers packed with ammonia nitrate, 4 Austrian 155mm shells, 100 detonators, 100 sticky bombs, 530 various IEDs, 2 explosives barrels, and 3000 meters of wiring. 60 IEDs were found in the Ayn Al-Faras-Line area, of which 10 were destroyed and 50 defused. [PUKMedia]


Daesh says its terrorists conducted a double suicide attack on Iraqi forces on the road between Baiji and Haditha. [A3maq]


PMF troops repelled a Daesh attack in Makhoul, according to PMF media. The PMFs killed several attackers and burned out a vehicle. [Maalomah]



The 34th armored brigade received the families returning to their homes in Awja after clearing war remains out of their way, and provided them with humanitarian assistance. [PUKMedia]


Daesh says its snipers killed three PMF fighters in Allas oilfield. [JustPaste]



A security source says IFP troops found 18 Daesh rockets ready to be launched in the Khuzaimi area in Jazeera Samarra. [Ghad]

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh is still able to conduct operations in Jazeera Samarra even after most of the area was liberated. It’s time for the Iraqi military media to explain the exact situation in the area, or any other “liberated” area, instead of always spouting the “completely liberated” theme.


Daesh says it blew up a PMF bulldozer in Jalam Al-Dour area. [JustPaste]


PMF units captured a Daesh construction shovel and excavator southeast of Thirthar Lake, according to Saraya Al-Jihad, a PMF militia. Daesh sneaked men into the area to booby-trap the shovel but were forced to retreat when the PMFs advanced.  [AIN]


Jawad Al-Tlebawi, the spokesman of AAH, said Daesh used mustard and chlorine gases against the PMFs in Jazeera Samarra. He said 12 Katyusha rockets containing poisonous materials were fired by Daesh on PMF forces. [Sumaria]


37,884 have returned to their home areas according to the Salahuddin Operations Command (SOC). SOC also arrested 44 Daesh members based on intelligence it received in Jazeera Samarra, according to the MoD. [PUKMedia]


A video of the Iraqi Minister of Defense in Jazeera Samarra [MoD]


A video of Daesh vehicle bombs captured by Saraya Al-Salam in Jazeera Samarra [YouTube]



The body of a Kurdish man was found in the middle of Tuz Khurmatu, near the graveyard, a security source said. [Ghad]



Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

The Diyala Governor denied any serious violations or attacks on government offices or citizens by demonstrators, adding that intelligence units picked up 20 rumors telling false stories about the situation in just two hours, which were passed by social media to various media channels. He added that he supports the demonstrators’ demands, and called on the central government to comply with them. [Mada]

The Governor says PM Abadi approved replacing the commander of the Iraqi Army’s 5th Division, which had been demanded by the Tameem tribe demonstrators, as well as returning two local PMF brigades to the city. Abadi also ordered that the process of compensating the families of the Muqdadiya terrorist attack victims be accelerated. [Mada]


Mohammed Al-Saadi, Diyala Provincial Council member, called on Prime Minster Abadi to send forces from outside the governorate to keep law and order. He added that the Bani Tameem tribe is demonstrating in Muqdadiya and some of its members are terrifying innocent citizens and cutting off roads leading to Balad Ruz and Khalis, as well as the Baghdad-Kirkuk road. The tribe is demonstrating to demand compensation for the latest terror attack and replacement of security commands. [Maalomah]


Daesh says it shelled Zaghniya Kabira village with 5 mortar shells and Abu Saida with 7 mortar shells. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. We need to hear something from Iraqi politicians about this shelling. Daesh wants the tribal problems in Diyala to explode and Iraqi politicians are doing nothing but supporting that.


Diyala Police freed a young man within hours of his kidnapping by an armed group in Muqdadiya. He was found in a house in the Urouba neighborhood in Muqdadiya center. [Mada]


Daesh claimed responsibility for kidnapping and killing two fishermen for sectarian reasons near Himrin Lake, according to official sources in Diyala. The source said that Daesh still has sleeper cells in the area that become active, and require a larger security effort to reveal them. [Sumaria]


An army Lieutenant was killed and two soldiers wounded while trying to defuse an IED in Himrin Hills near Mansouriya subdistrict, a local source in Diyala said. He added that the IED was left over from the Daesh occupation of the area over a year ago. [Sumaria]


A local source says the scheduled return of 425 displaced families to their houses in Saadiya was postponed because of the recent crisis in Muqdadiya. [Sumaria]


Southern Diyala

Dijla Operations Command said that specialized teams defused a car bomb placed near a school in Al-Khalis District. [Maalomah]



A Kirkuk police commander says security forces arrested a Daesh member involved in the assassinations of the chairman of the Arab bloc in Kirkuk Provincial Council and the Chairman of the Hawija District Council, in addition to other terrorist activities. [Sumaria]


Kirkuk city

Daesh claims responsibility for the parked car bomb on the Kirkuk-Suleimaniya road yesterday. Daesh says its terrorists blew up the car from a distance when explosives experts approached it, killing two of them and wounding others. [JustPaste]


A security source says unknown armed men shot and killed a Sudanese civilian while he was driving his car on Al-Quds street in Kirkuk center. [BasNews]



Tens of demonstrators in Taza cut off the Baghdad-Kirkuk international expressway, causing a serious traffic jam on the road used for transport of goods between northern and southern Iraq. The demonstrators demanded that the government send the army and air force to liberate Bashir village and stop the daily Daesh bombardment targeting civilians in Taza. [Mada]


The High Commission of Human Rights in Iraq called for expedient liberation of Bashir village to free the people of Taza from the daily shelling, the latest of which witnessed the use of 40 rockets with chemical weapons. Masrour Aswad, member of the commission, said that this could threaten the city of Kirkuk also. [Mada]

400 cases of suffocation by chlorine were recorded in Taza after 10 hours of Daesh bombardment two days ago, according to the Human Rights commission. [Ghad]

Photos of people hurt by Daesh chemical weapons in Taza, including children. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. In its reports Daesh claims it shelled “PMFs” in Taza; this is what it always says when it attacks civilians. Maybe they can explain how these children could be PMF fighters?


Turkmen Eli party requested the international Coalition and Prime Minister Al-Abadi to take immediate action to liberate Al-Bashir. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The frustration of people in the Taza-Bashir area is more than understandable and more than justified. The bottom line is that Iraq’s leadership has decided that other military objectives have a higher priority. It keeps putting Kirkuk off, which is also an issue in Hawija as we have reported. One factor is that while steady progress is being made against Daesh, it is taking too long, and a lot of people are dying or remain at risk because of that. This could all have a heavy political price.


PMFs artillery shelled Daesh positions in Bashir, killing 8 terrorists and destroying a machine gun mounted truck, a PMF source said. [Sumaria]

A PMF source says the Al-Abbas Combat Division, a PMF unit, renewed its shelling on Daesh in Bashir, killing 27 terrorists and burning several vehicles. [Harbi]


Turkmen mobilization forces destroyed a Daesh armored vehicle carrying rockets to launch towards Taza. 8 Daesh terrorists were killed in the attack.  [Mada]



Coalition warplanes destroyed the strategic Shumait Bridge connecting Hawija to Ninewa through Zab subdistrict, a security source said. The bridge has been part of an important supply line for Daesh. [Sumaria]


Iraqi Air Force attacked Daesh targets in the industrial area, Khan village, Hawija Technical Institute, and the car dealerships street in Hawija, killing 20 terrorists and destroying 3 vehicles and 6 heavy machine guns. [Mada]


Daesh executed a man in his eighties in a public square in Hawija on charges of trying to escape the city, local population sources said. [Maalomah]


Daesh executed three men in Al-Juhaish village of Hawija, on charges of cooperating with security forces. Daesh hung the bodies of the men at the village entrance after the execution. [Mada]


A man was shot dead by unidentified armed men in the middle of Kirkuk, a security source said. [Mawazin]


50 civilians escaping Daesh areas in Zab and Hawija, including women and children, arrived at the Farraj village of Makhmur, controlled by the Peshmerga. [Mada]


Daesh says its snipers killed two Peshmerga fighters in Zarqa. [JustPaste]




A local source in Ninewa says some Daesh members are smuggling citizens from Mosul to the KRG governorates for USD 1,500 per person. The source says Daesh financial problems made some of its terrorists look for other sources of income. [Karemlash]


Local sources say Daesh promised the government employees in Mosul to pay their salaries in full if they accepted to pledge to fight with the terrorists when the city gets attacked by Iraqi forces. [Karemlash]


Three young men were executed by Daesh in Tel Al-Tawba east of Mosul on charges of cooperating with the Peshmerga. They were arrested in the Nabi Younis neighborhood in the city. [BasNews]


Daesh issues a video of burning Christian books in Mosul. [A3maq]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says its fighters detonated an IED on a Daesh vehicle near a checkpoint in Mosul, killing 3 terrorists. [KM Facebook Page]

Kata’eb Al-Mosul also says its fighters shot at a Daesh pickup vehicle in Yaramja, killing 2 terrorists. [KM Facebook Page]


Daesh issues a video of the results of American bombing on the old industrial area in Mosul. [A3maq]


Nineveh Plain

A security source says 2 Katyusha rockets fell on Zilkan camp in Bashiqa, wounding 3 NMF members. [Maalomah]



Daesh fired 15 Katyusha rockets on the 15th army division positions in Makhmur, 3 of them on the division command. No human casualties were reported, according to Rashad Kalali, a PUK official in Makhmur. [PUKMedia]

15th army division artillery based in Makhmur shelled Daesh positions in Sultan Abdullah village in Hamdaniya near the Makhmur border in response to the rocket attack Thursday morning. Several Daesh positions were destroyed but no count of casualties is available. [Mada]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Coalition warplanes killed Ayham Abu Shadhra Al-Atbi, the Daesh military officer of Jazeera and 12 of his colleagues at the gates of Kasik camp. [BasNews]


The Mayor of Sinjar says 5,000 families from Sinjar are still living on Mount Sinjar and not returning to the city because of the lack of basic services. [Mada]


A Peshmerga commander says Daesh launched 50 rockets filled with chemical materials on Peshmerga locations in Domiz, wounding several Kurdish fighters. [Harbi]

A Peshmerga commander says the Kurdish forces artillery shelled several Daesh locations around Sinjar. The Peshmerga suspects that these locations have chemical weapons. [Rudaw]


A KDP Parliament member says the PKK occupies several buildings in Sinjar and the central government is not doing anything about it. He says it’s obvious there is coordination between the PKK, Baghdad and Gorran. [SotKurdistan]


Other Governorates  


The KRG President Masoud Barzani says in a meeting with KDP officials “it is our right to announce independence and we are not ready to abandon it.” He also says it’s not important who announces independence and he will support that person. [Rudaw]


The KRG’s Natural Resources Ministry says the KRG lost 350 million dollars so far because of the halt in exporting oil to Turkey after the oil pipe was blown up in Turkey. Ankara accused the PKK of the explosion. [Rudaw]


A KRG official says the KRG agreed with Iran to send oil and get it refined in Iran. He says there was no agreement about establishing a pipeline and the oil will be transported by tankers. [Rudaw]




Daesh says its terrorists killed a policeman and wounded two others by detonating a sticky IED under their car on the road between Haswa and Hilla. [JustPaste]



Muthanna police denied the rumors that an unidentified plane shelled three Bedouin huts in Samawa desert Wednesday. The police statement said that as soon as the incident was reported, a Rapid Intervention unit went to the area and found out that a plane broke the sound barrier over the area, causing panic among the population, but that no shelling took place. [Ghad]




Turkish artillery reportedly shelled Daesh positions in northern Aleppo governorate today, in support of opposition militias, as militia fighters seized control of a village. Pro-YPG media claimed to have evidence that Turkey is involved in shelling the Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo, including providing poison gas canisters for use in attacks on the area. See reports below under Syria.




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Coalition planes targeted Raqqa in multiple raids late Wednesday night, destroying property. Casualty reports were not available. [ARA]


Daesh issues a video of 2 buildings bombed by American warplanes in Raqqa. [A3maq]


Daesh says 8,500 people entered its sharia education seminars in Tabaqa. Daesh also says 500 mosque imams attended “higher level” seminars. [A3maq]
Daesh says its zakat office distributed 1.2 million dollars in Raqqa and its countryside last month. [A3maq]


A video purportedly shows a wounded Daesh militant being treated by a Syria Democratic Forces fighter in Raqqa (video). [ARA]

A video shows a YPG female fighter helping a wounded Daesh terrorist who was captured in northern Raqqa countryside. [BasNews]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

The pro-YPG Hawar publishes a video purportedly showing a captured opposition militia fighter who said that Turkey provided various opposition militias with chemical agents, including chlorine and phosphorus for attacking the Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo. [Hawar]


A YPG official in Sheikh Maqsoud says the YPG has documents proving Turkey’s involvement in the shelling of Sheikh Maqsoud. [Hawar]


Opposition militias seized control of the predominantly Turkmen village of Qara Kubri in the northern Aleppo countryside with support from Turkish artillery targeting Daesh from across the border with heavy shelling, according to a field commander in the Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya militia. An unspecified number of Daesh fighters were killed in the battle, the militiaman said [ARA]


Opposition militias repelled an attack by the Syria Democratic Forces in the Deir Samaan area of northern Aleppo governorate after several fierce battles, according to Qasioun’s correspondent. Similar battles erupted in the Al-Sakan Al-Shababi neighborhood of Aleppo city. [Qasioun]


Citing “high-level sources,” the pro-YPG Hawar writes that it has learned of a secret agreement between Daesh and the opposition militia factions of the National Alliance to attack areas held by the Syria Democratic Forces in northern Aleppo. [Hawar]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling Syrian troops with 120mm mortars in Tal Al-Taana. [JustPaste]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh and Syrian Army troops fought renewed clashes in the Al-Dowa area near Tadmur (Palmyra) east of Homs, amid heavy artillery shelling by Syrian units. Russian planes struck Tadmur city in multiple sites, destroying civilian property. Syrian artillery units launched heavy attacks on the Shaeir oilfield east of Homs as Daesh and Syrian troops fought intense ground battles in the area. The two sides also fought continuing battles near Qaryatayn city east of Homs. No casualty reports were available. [Qasioun]

Daesh says its terrorists stopped a Syrian Army attack on Dowa and captured a tank. [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh has been exploiting children in Deir Ez-Zor by offering them money in exchange for secrets about weapons hidden by their family, an activist said. Several raids have resulted from information that Daesh has gathered using this method, especially in areas occupied by the Shaitat tribe. [ARA]



Daesh says its snipers killed a Syrian armed group fighter and wounded another in Hay Al-Tadhamun in Damascus. [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video of some of its military operations in Syria. [Isdarat]


A video of a Daesh terrorist captured by Jaish Al-Islam in Dumayr northeast of Damascus [YouTube]





Neighboring countries


One Lebanese soldier was killed and four others wounded in fighting with Daesh militants in Lebanon according to a statement issued by the Lebanese Army. Five Daesh militants were killed in the clashes, which erupted after pre-emptive Army raids on a group of Daesh members who had gathered on a hill in the Ras Baalbek area on Lebanon’s northeastern border with Syria. When Daesh sent reinforcements, the Army responded with heavy gunfire from the air and from the ground. The Army seized control of the hill, a security source said. [DailyStar (English)]

Daesh says a Lebanese soldier was killed and 16 others wounded in a failed attempt to advance in Ras Baalbek. [A3maq]


Saudi Arabia

The “Northern Thunder” military exercises in Saudi Arabia, to which over 20 states of the region sent forces to participate, have concluded. [Erem]


North Africa


A former militant from North Sinai says that some armed groups in North Sinai have withdrawn their allegiance to Daesh and returned to supporting Al-Qaeda’s Ayman Al-Zawahiri, especially in areas around Arish. One such group, which calls itself Al-Murabitoun, is concentrated in areas south and east of Arish city, and carries out attacks from time to time, the source said. Al-Murabitoun is led by a man identified as a Libyan named Hisham Al-Ashmawy. A leadership struggle has erupted between partisans of Daesh and of Al-Qaeda in Arish and is expected to intensify, the source said.

The pro-Qaeda militants broke with Daesh over its stricter mores and its massacres of Muslims, the source added. The pro-Daesh Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis group, which now calls itself Daesh’s “State of Sinai” is carrying out more attacks lately in order to distract from the conflict between pro-Daesh and pro-Qaeda factions in Sinai, the source said. The source also said that Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis has received support from Hamas through the tunnels it controls and the “Army of Islam” in Gaza, the latter of which has sworn allegiance to Daesh. [ElWatan]

DaeshDaily comment: From what we know Hamas is an enemy of Daesh-affiliated groups in Gaza and has suppressed them so far. As we noted earlier, we recommend taking Egyptian allegations of ties between Hamas and Daesh with healthy skepticism. Having said this, it is clear that Hamas and Sinai’s armed groups (whether Daesh, Al-Qaeda, or otherwise) have a mutual interest in the tunnel economy linking Sinai to Gaza, but involvement in the tunnel trade from which Daesh (among many others) benefits in Sinai does not translate into political support for Daesh by Hamas.


Two soldiers were injured in an exchange of gunfire during a raid in Rafah city on Thursday. [VetoGate]


Daesh says it destroyed an Egyptian Army vehicle on the Qasima Hasana road in Sinai. [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video of 3 of its suicide terrorists in Sinai. [Isdarat]




Fighters of the Mujahedin Derna Shura Council (MDSC) killed a Daesh militant as he was trying to plant a mine near an MDSC inspection point. [AfriGate]


The Oil Facilities Protection Guard has announced that it repelled a Daesh attack on oil facilities in Sidra. [AfriGate]


Daesh says it wounded a Libyan armed group fighter by detonating an IED on his car in Derna. [JustPaste]


Libyan Air Force aircraft struck Daesh sites on Wednesday in Benghazi as well as targeting and destroying two boats off the coast of the city, security sources said. [Wasat]


The Red Crescent said it is investigating a mass grave found in the Hawari neighborhood of Benghazi, containing at least 15 unidentified bodies. [Wasat]

Libyan investigators uncovered a Daesh weapons cache containing guns, explosives, and ammunition, in Hawari. [Libya24]


Central coast

Daesh says 3 of its terrorists attacked Bu Qrain gate west of Sirte and killed four Fajr Libya fighters and wounded eight and destroyed several vehicles and captured one before returning safely. Daesh says the attack comes as a response to the Libyan airstrikes that killed children in Sirte. [JustPaste]


Officials in Misrata arrested two Moroccans suspected of belonging to Daesh, according to a statement issued Thursday, which said the arrests came after “days” of surveillance of the two suspects. [Moheet]


Daesh militants attacked a checkpoint at Abu Qarayn south of Misrata on Wednesday, killing three security personnel, a security source said. The militants have since withdrawn, the source reported. [LibyaAkhbar]



Eyewitnesses in the Wadi Zamzam area, south of Mizda, reported that local residents had besieged a group of Daesh fighters in the area on Wednesday. A force of armed tribesmen was reported to have entered the battle as well, engaging Daesh in a firefight and participating in the siege. No further information was available. [AfriGate]



Tunisian MoD and MoI issued a joint statement saying 3 more terrorists were killed in 2 different locations in Ben Guerdane, raising the number killed so far to 46. Thirteen security members and 7 civilians were also killed. The Tunisian government spokesman says most of the dead terrorists were Tunisians, while some sneaked in from Libya. [Rudaw]


Daesh issues a video titled “Tunisia is Ours”. The video is a message from terrorists in Libya to the Tunisian youth to join them. [Isdarat]


A video of Daesh terrorists captured by security forces in Ben Guerdane [YouTube]

A video of several Daesh terrorists killed in Ben Guerdane [YouTube]


Other countries


As is being widely reported, a Daesh defector turned over tens of thousands of documents to German intelligence, who allowed Sky News to see them. Sky’s report can be viewed on this link (video). [Erem]

DaeshDaily comment. Early expert analysis of these documents cast serious doubts about them.




Facebook Page of the Day

Turkmen Eli page


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in Arabic and Russian [JustPaste]


In Ramadi



Today’s Major Developments


Al-Abadi makes televised speech to explain cabinet reorganization; criticizes those trying to undermine him.

Committee helping to select new ministers makes final report to Al-Abadi.

Iraqi forces clearing Daesh from northern Ramadi, approaching restive Jazeera Khaldiya.

Coalition, Iraqi bombs fall on Daesh in Kubaisa.

Minister of Defense in Salahuddin, talks Shirqat liberation.

Dueling press statements add confusion to sectarian tension in Diyala.

Ubaid tribe sheikh upset with lack of priority on Hawija liberation.





Political developments

Prime Minister Abadi says in a televised speech to Iraqi people that the cabinet reorganization will happen soon and it will bring in professional and qualified people. He acknowledged the political issues surrounding it by saying it was natural that the reforms face challenges and obstacles, that they should be done within the constitutional and legal framework, and that they should involve consulting all Iraqi political factions. [Mada]

He also says the government has taken several steps to pursue the high-level corrupt officials and arrest them. [Mada]

Abadi says that reforms should be implemented through cooperation and not by using obstructionist tactics and threatening the security of Baghdad and other governorates. He says terrorists will use this confusion to attack more civilians. He also says that as Commander in Chief he will not allow armed groups to work outside government control, threaten citizen’s safety, or cross checkpoints without being searched. [Mada]

Abadi thanked the people who demonstrated peacefully and promised to keep supporting their rights. [Mada]


A member of the State of Law Coalition says the committee established by PM Abadi to choose the new cabinet has finished its report and submitted it to the Prime Minister. The report included evaluation of the work of current ministers, suggested names for the new cabinet, and a proposed plan for the coming government program. [Mada]


In response to Al-Abadi’s speech, Moqtada Al-Sadr asked people to continue their demonstrations in Al-Tahrir Square in downtown Baghdad but not go to the Green Zone, and says that Abadi should be given a chance to implement his reforms. [Mada]

At the same time, Sadr also says the government is trying to stop the demonstrations of university students and asked the students to continue their demonstrations. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Hundreds of students demonstrated in Muthanna University, objecting to the visit of the Minister of Higher Education, Hussein Al-Shahristani, two weeks ago and prevented him from getting into the University. Since then several, so far low scale demonstrations have occurred at multiple colleges and universities in what is being called “the white shirts revolution.” Many people suspected that the first demonstration was organized by the Sadrists. 


Security developments

The Iraqi Military Industries company said it will start supplying Iraqi armed forces with mortar, artillery, and air force shells and rockets during the second half of this year. [AIN]


The Czech Ministry of Foreign affairs said that Czech trainers will train Iraqi police on defusing IEDs, confronting riots, and dealing with snipers. 10-20 trainers will spend six weeks in Iraq before being rotated. It noted that the Czech Republic has also supplied Iraq with warplanes and ammunition. The first group of trainers will arrive in Iraq in the second half of 2016. [Mawazin]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked an Iraqi Army position with light and mid-size weapons and hand grenades in the Ubaid area in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. Daesh also says one of its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Khtaimiya in Arab Jabour. [JustPaste]


The following security incidents were reported.

Baghdad Center

An IED placed near a popular restaurant in Sheikh Omar killed two civilians and wounded seven others. [Mada]

Security forces found an explosives belt in the Sheikh Maarouf cemetery. [Etejah]


North Baghdad

A sticky bomb attached to a minibus killed one civilian and wounded six others, including the driver, as it drove through Husseiniya. [Mada]

4 IEDs were defused in the Al-Tha’er area by the 25th army brigade. [Harbi]

The bodies of five unknown people, including three women, were found in Hay Tariq in Sadr City.  [Baghdadia]


East Baghdad

The body of a man was found shot in Ma’amel in east Baghdad. The man was kidnapped and his money was stolen after getting a loan from a bank in Baghdad hours earlier. [Mada


Southeast Baghdad

An IED placed near brick factories in Nahrawan killed two civilians and wounded four others. [Mada]

42nd army brigade defused several IEDs in Ja’ara in Mada’in. [Harbi]


South Baghdad

An IED planted in a popular market in Mahmudiya killed 2 civilians and wounded 9 others. [Mada]

An IED unit leader was arrested by the 7th IFP brigade in Harkawi, in Yusufiyah. [Harbi]

Terrorist Rahman Hamid Jassem was arrested by the 17th army division in Bazayez Al-Yusufiyah. Two mortar shells, 235 23mm bullets, a rocket, and a detonator were discovered by the division in Sadr Al-Yusufiyah. 4 IEDs and detonators were found in the Dhubat area in Yusufiyah. [Harbi]


Southwest Baghdad

Unidentified armed men shot dead a civilian in Bayya’. [Ghad]

Unidentified armed men shot dead a civilian in Al-Turath. [Ghad]


West Baghdad

Armed men shot a civilian to death in Ameriya. [Sumaria]

An IED placed near commercial shops in Iskan killed one civilian and wounded seven others. [Baghdadia]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   17    (Not an overall total)




Jawad Al-Tlebawi, spokesman of AAH militia of the PMF, said Daesh keeps large quantities of chlorine and other poisonous gases in Qarma in Falluja and has already used them against Iraqi forces. [Mawazin]


The Anbar Operations Command (AOC) said army units destroyed 3 foreign terrorist guesthouses in Albu Hatim and Albu Aifan in Ameriyat Al-Falluja south of the city and killed 9 Daesh combatants. AOC also said the army is concentrating on the areas west of the Euphrates and Falluja Dam in order to cut off all Daesh supply lines. [Mada]


Army units killed 8 Daesh terrorists and wounded 4 others in Albu Shijil, and destroyed 15 IEDs, the BOC said. [Harbi]


3rd Rapid Intervention brigade destroyed a Daesh observation tower in Harariyat, killing all the men inside, the Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) said. [Harbi]


6 terrorists were killed in Bustan Al-Tikriti south of Falluja, the IWMC said. [Harbi]


Army units repelled an attack in Albu Sawda in Qarma and killed 14 terrorists, the IWMC said. [Harbi]


A BOC Commander says his troops killed a Daesh sniper in Subaihat in Qarma and destroyed a vehicle. [Mawazin]


Major General Ali Al-Maliki, the commander of the 8th army division, said whatever is left to do in the liberation of Ameriyat Al-Falluja will be completed as soon as the division finalizes its capture of Jazeera Khaldiya in Ramadi. He said Daesh is still using some areas in Ameriyat Al-Falluja as supply routes and that these areas are protected by tens of IEDs and mines. [AIN]



In the emerging battle for Jazeera Khaldiya, Counter Terrorism forces, backed by Iraqi army troops and tribesmen, liberated Al-Qarya Al-Assriya north of Ramadi, and raised the Iraqi flag on one of its buildings, according to the security committee of Al-Wafa subdistrict. [Sumaria]

Major General Sami Al-Aridhi, commander of the 3rd CT division announced the rescue of 30 families from Al-Qarya Al-Assriya, mostly women and children, and their transfer to the refugee camp in the Kilo 7 area. [Sumaria]

The Counter Terrorism Service Commander says his troops freed 1,500 civilians in Al-Qarya Al-Assriya and Abu Tiban northwest of Ramadi.  [Ghad]

A video of Iraqi forces in Qarya Assriya [Hurra]

A video of displaced families escaped from Jazeera Khaldiya [Mada]


Major General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, AOC Commander, said Counter Terrorism forces arrived from Dhi Qar to Al-Hamdhiya and Albu Ubaid east of Ramadi. These forces will join the 8th and 10th army divisions in the liberation of Jazeera Khaldiya. [Sumaria]

AOC said Iraqi Army units, including IAA helicopters, killed 12 Daesh terrorists during the clearing of Albu Ubaid northeast of Ramadi. [Maalomah]


Daesh says its fighters, for the second day in a row, stopped an Iraqi Army attack on Hamdhiya and Albu Ubaid northeast of Ramadi. Daesh says it killed 15 soldiers and wounded others and destroyed 2 bulldozers and 2 Humvees in addition to damaging a tank (photos). [JustPaste]


Daesh says 3 of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in Jaraishi north of Ramadi with explosives belts, followed by other terrorists capturing several positions on Jaraishi Street and killing 25 soldiers and destroying 2 vehicles. [JustPaste]

Here Daesh says its terrorists captured 4 military positions. [A3maq]


Ali Dawood, Chairman of Khaldiya subdistrict council, said fierce fighting erupted in Jazeera Khaldiya between tribesmen and Daesh when the latter tried to prevent them from leaving the area. He said that casualties are unknown, but the tension is rising, as Daesh whipped several men in the district on charges of attempting to escape. [Maalomah]

Ali Dawood also said a specialized Daesh unit came from Al-Qa’im and brought 25 Turkish and Syrian passports to Jazeera Khaldiya as a step toward evacuating Daesh leaders from the area as Iraqi forces are advancing. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. We had earlier reports about Daesh evacuating its leaders from Ramadi when Iraqi forces increased their pressure on the city, and some of them left to Syria or Turkey. This is the first time we hear about this specialized unit and the forged passports. 


The IWMC says the 10th army division is advancing in Jazeera Khaldiya and has destroyed an APC, a Humvee bomb, and a machine gun mounted vehicle. 13 IEDs were also destroyed in Albu Bali. [Harbi]


Sukhoi warplanes destroyed 4 Daesh guesthouses, while the IAA killed 39 terrorists and destroyed 4 machine guns and 4 motorcycles in Albu Ali Jassem north of Ramadi. [Harbi]



Two stories appeared about deadly bombing attacks on Kubaisa, just south of Hit. We can’t tell whether there were two separate attacks or two versions of one attack.

The Iraqi Air Force (IAF) bombed the Daesh command center in Kubaisa, located in a mosque, killing over 40 terrorists. Another airstrike destroyed several Daesh vehicles in an orchard near the city, according to Ali Daba’oun the Commander of Jazeera Operations. [AIN]

Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh strategic command center in Kubaisa, killing several Daesh terrorists, including the wali of Kubaisa and another major leader. [Sumaria]


A source in the Jazeera Operations Command said that Army Aviation helicopters destroyed Daesh defensive berms in Kubaisa. [Harbi]


Jazeera Operations Command forces arrested terrorist Saad Hamad, and killed Khalid Al-Ubaidi in Sahal, north of Baghdadi. Army units also destroyed a construction shovel and a vehicle, and shot down a Daesh drone. Coalition warplanes killed 12 terrorists in the same area, according to the IWMC. [Harbi]


Daesh publishes photos of battles in Albu Hayat. [JustPaste]




Daesh issues a video of executing 5 young men who attacked Daesh locations in Shirqat. [DawaAlhaq]


Minister of Defense Khalid Al-Obeidi and top army officials arrived in Salahuddin to inspect army units at the Speicher base training camp near Tikrit, and to discuss with Salahuddin officials the preparations to liberate Shirqat, the last major city of Salahuddin under Daesh control. [Ghad] He also inspected the road connecting Baiji to Haditha, and the units being trained for Mosul liberation, saying that liberation of Mosul is close. [AIN]



A security source says Daesh terrorists attacked the thermal power station in Shawish, northeast of Baiji, killing five policemen and wounding six. Daesh terrorists used light and medium weapons in the attack. [Mada]


A Salahuddin Operations Command source says Army units repelled a Daesh attack that used two truck bombs in Siniya, northwest of Baiji. The army units used Kornet missiles to destroy the two attacking vehicles. [Ghad]


Daesh issues a video of shelling Iraqi forces with 18 rockets on the road out of Baiji to Haditha. [A3maq]


The PMF media said that Ansar Al-Marjaiya units of the PMF killed 20 Daesh terrorists and stopped their attack in the Makhoul Mountains area. [Harbi]

A video of a PMF fighter dying from his wounds in the Makhoul Mountains [YouTube]


Two houses were destroyed and 30 terrorists inside were killed by IAA west of Siniya, where an ammunition storehouse was destroyed, and another 19 terrorists were killed by a second IAA helicopter attack in the same area, the IWMC said. [Harbi]



Mohammed Al-Jawad Units of the Badr forces repelled a Daesh attack on Ajeel oil fields. The attackers retreated under heavy fire. No count of casualties is available. [Maalomah]


Daesh attacked Allas oil fields with 29 120mm mortar shells. The PMF units in the area shelled back at the firing sources, killing several terrorists, a PMF source said. [Mawazin]

Daesh’s version says its terrorists attacked PMFs in Allas oilfield and clashed with them for 3 hours, destroying several military positions. Daesh also says its terrorists shelled 2 other PMF positions in the same area with mortars. [JustPaste]



Karim Al-Nouri, PMF Commission member, said the PMF had the lead role in liberating Jazeera Samarra, and that the battle planned for 30 days was finalized in 3 days due to the surprise factor. He says that more than 6,000 square km (2,300 square miles) were liberated and only 50 square km are left.  A Salahuddin Operations Command spokesman says the battle is still going on for the rest and it will be decided very soon. [Mada]


A security source says Iraqi forces found several explosives and rigging workshops while clearing Watban Street in west Samarra. Large quantities of IEDs, rockets, shells, and locally made explosives were found. [Ghad]


Major General Ra’ed Shakir Jawdat, the commander of the IFP, said the 10th IFP brigade discovered a large explosives cache and recovered the bodies of 7 Daesh terrorists in Jazeera Samarra. (photos). [Harbi]


Saraya Al-Salam units of the PMF found the main supply center of Daesh in Jazeera Samarra in addition to explosives workshop, said the IWMC. (photos) [Harbi] [Harbi]


A video of a PMF commander in a speech in front of hundreds of local men from Jazeera Samarra. He says it wouldn’t have been possible for Daesh to control such an area if it had real men in it. [YouTube]

DaeshDaily comment. This is exactly the kind of attitude that Daesh will use to convince people to support it.


A video of Iraqi fighters destroying a vehicle bomb [YouTube]




A PMF fighter was killed by an IED on a road north of Baquba. [Sumaria]


Governor of Diyala Muthanna Al-Timimi said the demonstrations in Diyala were spontaneous and peaceful, and no armed persons were observed. He added that these people were demanding justice for victims of the Muqdadiya massacre, that all rumors spread by Daesh and their affiliates are lies, and that all roads in Baquba are open for traffic. [Sumaria]


By another account, however, shops and government buildings were closed in Muqdadiya and Baquba after armed men filled the streets according to local sources. Demonstrators demanding the firing of the Diyala Police in Baquba were stopped by armed men. Several mortar shells fell on the demonstrators wounding many of them.  [IraqPress]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

The United Alliance for Reforms, a Sunni CoR bloc headed by former VP Osama Al-Nujaifi, issued a statement saying that the situation in Diyala is unacceptable and demanding that the government send “professional” army troops to control the situation and call an urgent CoR session with the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Defense and Interior, otherwise it would demand international help. The UAR says armed groups are blocking the roads and controlling government buildings and preventing people from going to their work. It also says security forces are not doing anything and many families are forced to leave for the IKR. The UAR says it would communicate with the “countries interested in Iraqi issues” and with their embassies.

Al-Mada reports that tens of people from the Tameem tribe are demonstrating, demanding justice for the victims of the Muqdadiya terrorist attack. [Mada]


A Shia MP from Diyala says the demonstrators cut off major roads, including the Muqdadiya-Baquba and Khalis-Kirkuk roads, and the Governorate is in critical condition because the central government hasn’t responded to the demonstrators’ demands. [Mada]


Daesh says Shia militias are controlling the streets in Diyala and the streets are almost empty, while shops, colleges and universities are closed. Daesh also says that Shia militias burned 3 Sunni mosques, 2 in Kanaan and the third in Buhriz. [A3maq]


DaeshDaily comment. Anyone who is following on what’s happening in Iraq since 2003, or anyone who reads the jihadists rhetoric knows that such statements are exactly what Daesh wants. Attack the Shia, they retaliate, make the Sunnis angry, and so on. As simple as it is, this strategy keeps on thriving, using not only Daesh’s media and supporting incubator media, but also Iraqi politicians who think they can get more support by screaming sectarian appeals and ignoring the crimes against civilians of the other sect. Some statements are actually suspicious, suggesting that the people speaking are closet Daesh supporters.

Northern Diyala

Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a police vehicle with an IED in the Albu Waheed area in Udhaim. Daesh also says it destroyed 2 PMF vehicles in the Albu Slaibi area in Udhaim. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists captured, then killed two “spies” in Saadiya. [JustPaste]


Two PMF fighters were killed while trying to defuse an IED in Taliyaa Al-Aula village in Udhaim subdistrict. [Sumaria]


Daesh says an Iraqi Army captain and several of his soldiers were killed when a booby-trapped house exploded on them in the center of Mansouriya. [JustPaste]



The Ubaid tribe leader says the government’s intentions to start liberating Ninewa before Hawija sends the wrong message to the 400,000 Arabs living under Daesh control in Hawija and its subdistricts west and south of Kirkuk, the message being that the government is not interested in rescuing them from Daesh crimes. [Mada]


Daesh says it shelled “PMFs locations” in Taza with 45 rockets. [JustPaste]


PUK militia units started shelling Daesh positions in the Turkmen Bashir village, using mortars and rocket launchers. People in Taza have been demonstrating against Daesh attacks on their town, demanding that the Iraqi army take action. [Mada]


Two Asayesh (Kurdish security) soldiers were killed when they tried to defuse a car bomb left on Kirkuk-Suleimaniya road, a security source said. Six others were wounded. [Shafaq]




Mohammed Al-Baaj, head of the “Free Officers” anti-Daesh movement, said that Daesh executed 50 members of the Al-Jubour tribe in Mosul. He added that 100 Daesh vehicles arrived from Syria to Mosul. He said clashes between his movement and Daesh are continuing, and that his men destroyed a Daesh radio station in the city and found a Daesh weapons cache of Daesh in the Al-Rasheed neighborhood. [Mawazin]


Daesh is moving all its training camps in Mosul to Raqqa in Syria, according to local sources in Mosul. The source said the step aims to preserve the lives of its fighters, after Coalition air attacks on its training centers in the city and the heavy losses inflicted on their facilities in various parts of Iraq. [Mada]


US warplanes targeted positions believed to be locations containing chemical weapons of Daesh. Results are unknown yet. The information used by the Coalition was provided by an  arrested Daesh member, press sources say. [Sumaria]


A Ninewa police source says Coalition planes bombed Daesh in Hammam Al-Alil, killing Daesh’s wali of the area and 3 of his associates. [BasNews]



The land used by Iraqi army as a gathering point in Makhmur is rented from a Kurdish contractor for $ 150,000, according to Hanin Qado, a Shabak CoR member. He said that this location is already known to Daesh, which has its drones flying over it all the time. [Shafaq]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Suleiman Dawood Al-Ifri, an ex-employee of Iraqi Military Industries and the chemical weapons unit official of Daesh, was arrested by US forces in Tal Afar. The arrest was made last month, press sources said. [Harbi]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a Peshmerga bulldozer in Shandoukha village in Tal Afar. [JustPaste]


Southern Ninewa (Baaj, Hatra)

A Ninewa police source says Coalition warplanes conducted “tens” of airstrikes on Daesh locations in Hatra, killing 13 Daesh terrorists from Libya, Syria, Turkey and the UK. The source also says Daesh arrested 30 civilians from Hatra, accusing them of communicating with the Coalition. [BasNews]


Other Governorates  


The director of the KRG’s Kidnapped Yazidis Affairs office says 31 Yazidis (11 men, 11 women and 9 children) were liberated with help from Arab and Kurdish people, without giving more details. [Harbi]




Hakim Al-Zamili, the chairman of the CoR’s Security Committee, visited the Athar checkpoint, subject of the deadly Daesh attack on Sunday, and promised that modern ultrasound detection equipment will be provided. He also said officials in charge who are proven to be responsible of deficiencies that caused the incident will be punished.  [Maalomah]


A sticky bomb attached to a civilian car exploded as the car passed through Iskan checkpoint in Iskandariya, north of Hilla, causing material damage to the car, according to the Security Committee of the Babel Provincial Council. [Mada]



Qadisiya Police are on full alert and intelligence units are patrolling Diwaniya looking for a truck bomb that entered the city. The truck is touring round Diwaniya until the moment comes, according to police information reported by the Qadisiya PC Security Committee. [Mada]




Turkish artillery units shelled Daesh positions north of Aleppo from across the border.

A captured Daesh militant reportedly confessed that Turkey aided the recent Daesh attack on Tal Abyad. See below under Syria for details and story link.




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


For the first time since it took control of the city, Daesh announced a state of alert in Raqqa, calling on its fighters to advance immediately to the front lines with the Syria Democratic Forces who are advancing in the countryside under Coalition air support and are now no more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the center of Raqqa city. [Qasioun]


The US military says it targeted a top Daesh commander in an airstrike in Syria last week. An initial assessment suggested Tarkhan Batirashvili, a Georgian known as Omar Shishani, was likely killed along with 12 other militants, officials said. [BBC]



A video and report released by the pro-YPG Hawar purportedly shows a Daesh fighter captured in the SDF operation to recapture Tal Abyad from Daesh last month. In the video the speaker appears to describe Turkish support for Daesh’s attack on Tal Abyad, saying that Turkish intelligence provided arms, ammunition, and food supplies to Daesh fighters and that the Turkish Army transported Daesh fighters from Daesh’s stronghold of Jarabulus on the Turkish border through Turkish territory to re-enter Syria at Tal Abyad, where they then attacked. [Hawar] [YouTube (video)]


Kurdish Asayesh intelligence units uncovered a Daesh arms and ammunitions cache in the village of Al-Ghara west of Hasaka on Wednesday, in the Jabal Abd Al-Aziz area. [ARA]


After capturing the village of Makman west of Shaddadi, the spokesman of the Syria Democratic Forces that the SDF respects international law and seeks to be a “good neighbor” to Turkey but reserves the right to respond to any “irresponsible” act by Turkey. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. The connection between Makman and the political statement isn’t clear.


The SDF captured the village of Umm Al-Madfa’ west of Shaddadi with Coalition air support, after battles with Daesh. [ARA]

Photos and video purportedly showing the newly captured village of Umm Al- Madfa’. [Hawar]


In a report from a village 70 km (44 miles) southwest of Hasaka, recently captured by the SDF from Daesh, residents told the pro-YPG Hawar news agency that Daesh compelled them to send their children to the school that its militants ran for them. In the school, residents said, their children were forced to learn about Daesh’s views (photos). [Hawar]


As has been widely reported in English-language media, the Pentagon announced that it believed that Abu Omar Al-Shishani, the notorious red-bearded 30-year-old Daesh “war minister” from Georgia, was likely killed, along with 12 other Daesh fighters, in a Coalition airstrike near Shaddadi on March 4. [ARA] [Qasioun] [Aawsat]


Daesh says 2 of its suicide terrorists attacked YPG troops with 2 vehicle bombs southeast of Al-Hawl, killing or wounding many YPG fighters and destroying their vehicles. [JustPaste]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

North Aleppo

Opposition militias fought ground battles and exchanged artillery fire with Syria Democratic Forces around the village of Ayn Daqna north of Aleppo. [Qasioun]


Opposition militias repelled a Daesh attempt to infiltrate the village of Sheikh Issa north of Aleppo, in fighting that killed and wounded an unspecified number of Daesh militants. [Qasioun]


Five civilians were injured in Daesh shelling of the city of Mare’ north of Aleppo Wednesday, as Daesh targeted opposition militia positions inside the city. The two sides fought ground battles while Turkish units fired artillery shells from across the border targeting Daesh positions, according to a militia field commander. [ARA]


A video of Syrian opposition group fighters in a battle against Daesh in Harbal [YouTube]


East Aleppo

Despite US denials, local sources report that preparations appear to be advancing to establish a US military base in the Kobane countryside. According to Welati’s sources, the US has purchased approximately 300 acres of land from the village of Kharab Ashak east of Kobane through local intermediaries. The US envoy to the Coalition, Brett McGurk, reportedly appeared at the site when he visited Kobane a month ago with French and British officials.  Construction work has already started on the alleged site, locals report. Welati writes that it is not clear at this time if the alleged site is being prepared for use as an airbase, a training center, or a command center or for another purpose. [Welati]


South Aleppo

Syrian Army troops and allied militias seized three villages south of Aleppo after heavy fighting that claimed casualties on both sides. Syrian troops also seized control of three villages near the city of Khanasir southeast of Aleppo after heavy fighting with Daesh. [Qasioun]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh and the Syrian Army fought heavy battles in the Homs countryside, around the Al-Hayan Mountain near the city of Tadmur/Palmyra east of Homs city, amid reports of casualties among the Syrian troops and their militia allies. In the battle, Daesh fighters captured 20 Syrian troops and pro-Assad militiamen, whose fates are still unknown. Daesh also captured tanks, arms, and ammunition from the Syrian side. Renewed fighting also erupted between Daesh and Syrian Army troops in Qaryatayn east of Homs, amid heavy shelling by Syrian artillery units. Daesh and Syrian troops also fought continuing battles in the Jazal and Shaeir oilfields east of Homs, each side shelling the other with heavy and medium-gauge weapons. [Qasioun]


Daesh says a group of its terrorists sneaked into a Syrian Army position in the Qasr Al-Halabat area in Homs, killing several soldiers and forcing the rest to flee. [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video of the results of a Russian airstrike on Sukhnah in Homs countryside. [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

The “Eastern Lions Army” (ELA),, which seized territory inside Deir Ez-Zor governorate from Daesh on Tuesday, has announced through its spokesman that it will not coordinate with the Syria Democratic Forces in the anticipated upcoming battles for territory in Deir Ez-Zor, citing political differences over the future of Syria. The ELA said it is coordinating with the Free Syrian Army in its operations in Deir Ez-Zor, without specifying which factions within the FSA it is working with. [Qasioun]


More than 20 civilians were killed in a Coalition airstrike on the oilfields of Khasham east of Deir Ez-Zor, local sources said. The dead include eight children, the local sources added. At least some are reportedly displaced persons from the Homs Governorate. Coalition strikes also targeted the “Conoco” gas field in the area, destroying the control unit of a generator that provides electricity to the Homs countryside. The Conoco plant reportedly operates according to an agreement between Daesh and the Syrian government which allowed the plant to operate in exchange for the passage of food and medical supplies to Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


Syrian warplanes dropped leaflets over Mayadin east of Deir Ez-Zor, demanding that Daesh militants hand themselves, in as the Syrian Army is nearing the city. [Qasioun]


Russian warplanes struck the Al-Hamidiya and Al-Haweiqa neighborhoods of Deir Ez-Zor city, destroying property. [Qasioun]


Unidentified warplanes, believed to be Syrian, dropped food supplies on besieged areas of Deir Ez-Zor city, local sources said. The supplies were taken by Syrian troops on the ground, the sources said. [Qasioun]



The Yarmouk Army militia accused the Syria regime and Daesh of being behind the recent assassination of one of its commanders in Daraa, in far southern Syria. [ARA]




North Africa


Seventeen members of the Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis organization, which now refers to itself as Daesh’s “State of Sinai,” were reportedly killed in raids in Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid on Tuesday and Tuesday night. [VetoGate]


Gunfights erupted Wednesday in the Muhasina Souq commercial area of central Arish, according to eyewitnesses who said that violent fighting had broken out in the streets and that the Army and Police were not parties to it. [VetoGate]


Daesh publishes photos of attacking an Egyptian Army patrol with an IED near the Gas Station west of Sheikh Zuweid. [JustPaste]

Daesh says two soldiers were killed in the attack. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists scored a “direct hit” on an Egyptian Army Humvee near Qarai’ village south of Arish. [JustPaste]


“High-level security sources” in Sinai have said that 250 Daesh militants are operating inside the Gaza Strip, and are being trained under Hamas leadership in such techniques as car bombing and IED manufacture, in order to conduct terrorist attacks in Sinai before slipping back into Gaza. The source said Hamas’s “Qassam Brigades” military wing was involved in the training in a camp at Tel Al-Zaatar in the Gaza Strip. [ElWatan]

DaeshDaily comment: The allegations against Hamas should be taken with skepticism.  Although the extent of any Daesh presence in Gaza is unclear, it seems unlikely to us that Hamas would have an interest in training Daesh members. Neither group tolerates competition in its territories.




The spokesman for Libyan Special Forces in Benghazi said that the city has seen two days of “cautious calm” interrupted by sporadic clashes with Daesh fighters, denying reports that Daesh had made any new advances in Benghazi.  [Libya24]


Daesh says its terrorists killed a Libyan soldier and damaged a military vehicle in the Al-A’laf area in Benghazi. [JustPaste]


Central coast

Four girls in the same family were killed in an airstrike by an unidentified plane on the Daesh-held city of Sirte, according to “well-placed sources” who said the mother of the family was also injured in the attack. [AfriGate]


Female Egyptian Daesh members were seen Tuesday delivering pro-Daesh lectures in girls’ schools in Sirte, according to a Libyan researcher. [AfriGate]


Daesh says Libyan warplanes launched airstrikes on Sirte killing two children and wounding five people. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes a video of the results of the airstrikes. [A3maq]



The bodies of two Italian hostages and six Daesh-affiliated Tunisians who were all killed in Sabratha earlier in the week have been transferred to Tripoli, according to a statement issued by the Rapid Deterrence Force. [AfriGate]


The Sabratha Operations Room issued a statement Tuesday appealing to residents to donate weapons of any kind, including even collectible items, to the anti-Daesh efforts. [Wasat]


Daesh militants occupied new territory in western Libya before withdrawing, according the president of the municipal council of Mizda in the Libyan interior, who said that Daesh fighters gathered on the road between Mizda and Qaryat, 60 km (37 miles) south of Mizda. The militants arrested a group of young men but released them after determining they were not from the security forces, before abducting a traffic police officer, the Mizda official said. The Daesh militants reportedly established a checkpoint on the road and stopped traffic to ask those passing along the road such questions as their profession, whether they smoke, or if they have recordings of songs in their vehicle. Then the group withdrew to a mountainous area nearby, the source said. [AfriGate]



Tunisia and Libya have traded allegations of “exporting terrorism” after the recent Daesh attack at Ben Guerdane that was repelled by the Tunisian security forces. The row was sparked after Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi said the attackers came from Libya, prompting the spokesman of the Libyan Interim Government to point out that “80 percent” of the foreign terrorists in Libya are not from Libya and many came from Tunisia. A Libyan MP from the Tobruk Parliament also lashed out at Tunis saying “most Daesh leaders” in Libya are Tunisian, and called for Tunis to do more to prevent its citizens from infiltrating Libya. [AkhbarLibya]


Tunisian security units arrested two individuals on Wednesday on suspicion of belonging to Daesh. The first, an employee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, was detained at his home in Kelibia while the second was arrested in Hammamet, both on the northeast coast. [Tunisien]



Algiers has deployed 20 battalions armed with heavy weaponry on its border with Libya and is in a state of “extreme alert” after the attacks at Ben Guerdane. [Ewan]


Other countries

France. The Chief of Staff of the French Air Force has announced that it will not be possible for France to participate in large-scale air campaign over Libya due to prior commitments of French air power, including the Coalition operations against Daesh in Syria and Iraq. French warplanes could operate in Libya in reconnaissance missions or to carry out limited strikes on specific targets, he said. [Libya24]


Kenya. Police in Kenya arrested four people Tuesday on suspicion of trying to leave the country to join Daesh in Libya. [LANA]


Malaysia. Malaysian authorities foiled a Daesh plot to kidnap Prime Minister Najib Razak, along with two other ranking officials, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister told Parliament on Tuesday. [CNN]




Facebook Page of the Day

A pro-Daesh page from Tunisia


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in English, Arabic, French, Russian and Turkic. [JustPaste]

March 8, 2016

Counter Terrorism Fighters

Today’s Major Developments


Joe Biden gives Al-Abadi a call.

Al-Sadr keeps threatening to send people into Green Zone, threatens “occupation embassies”

PMF Commissioners refute statements by Shia militia leaders.

Daesh executes 50 Mahamida tribesmen in Falluja; gets violent response.

Escapees from Hawija cite Daesh’s extreme cruelty to population.

Coalition airstrike on Daesh in Mosul residential area kills 21 civilians.

SDF/YPG forces in Syria capture more villages, fight off Daesh counter-attacks in Shaddadi.





Political developments

Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and US Vice President Joe Biden discussed over the phone the war on Daesh and ways to facilitate return of civilians to their original areas. [Rudaw]

DaeshDaily comment. With all the PM’s political troubles to date, we doubt that Mr. Biden’s call was to talk about returnees.


Moqtada Al-Sadr said that all foreign embassies will be protected in case the “people” break into the Green Zone. He added that the “occupation embassies” should keep quiet and not interfere, as any action from these embassies will be considered as hostile. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment: What’s the real game here? Sadr can do a lot with his large bloc in the CoR without threatening violence. Is Sadr really interested in fighting corruption or is he playing a dangerously self-serving game that will undermine the entire war on Daesh? Sadr is confusing the security situation and forcing the government to deploy military forces back to Baghdad who are needed on the battlefield.  


Security developments

Nadhim Al-Asadi, a PMF Commission member, said that after the liberation of Jazeera Samarra, the next steps will be Falluja and Shirqat, regardless of any statements by politicians here and there. He said that operations were halted for tactical and planning reasons. He stressed that the PMF is an official body under the command of the general commander of chief of armed forces. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. Two of the commissioners spoke out today, obviously in answer to statements we reported yesterday by militia leaders. The second story is under Hit/Haditha below.


General Lloyd Austin, retiring commander of the US Central Command, said the Coalition is defeating Daesh in Iraq and Syria. He also said they are responding by expanding their presence in North Africa. He said defeating Daesh is not easy but will happen in the end. [AynIraq]


The following security incidents were reported.

North Baghdad

A roadside IED killed two soldiers and wounded four as they patrolled Meshahda, in Tarmiya District. [Mada]

Two civilians were killed and 4 wounded when Grad rockets fell on Al-Yarmouk school in Kumaira in Al-Rashidiya. [Baghdadia]

2nd battalion of the 43rd army brigade found 2 IEDs and several weapons in Rashidiya, according to the BOC. [Mawazin]

Security forces arrested Fuad Rezouqi Hussein Al-Ubaidi, wanted on terrorism charges, and found four 155mm shells used as IEDs, in an abandoned orchard in Al-Salman. [Harbi]

A car bomb was detected in Aden square in Khadimiya. Police closed down Muthanna airport road and intended to detonate it under control. [Ghad]

A body of a lawyer shot to death was found in his car in Shula. [Mada]


East Baghdad

Unidentified armed men attacked two civilians in Sadr City, killing one and wounding another. [Ghad]

A man wanted for terrorism was arrested in Al-Amin area. [Ghad]

Five bodies of two men and three women shot to death were found in the Tariq neighborhood in Sadr City. [Madar]


South Baghdad

An IED placed in a commercial area in Abu Dsheer, in Dora, killed one civilian and wounded seven others. [Mada]

A beheaded body of a man was found near Fadhiliya Bridge. [Maalomah]

An armed group threw a hand grenade at a Sahwa checkpoint in Albu Aitha, killing one Sahwa member and wounding another two. [Maalomah]

The BOC announced that the 25th army brigade located a large explosives cache in Latifiya, in Mahmudiya district. The cache contained 8 IEDs, four 120mm mortar shells, 11 hand grenades, 3 smoke grenades, 100 BKC bullets, five 57mm gun shells, machine gun base, mortar shell igniting head, 6 rolls of detonating cables, 5 CK5 rockets, one RPG7 shell, 1 Motorola phone, 2 communication devices, 2 detonation remote controls, and a charger. [Ghad]

17th army division found an IED made from a 5-liter container of ammonia nitrate and two detonators, during a search in Bazayez Al-Yusufia. Two similar IEDs were found by the same division in Ubaid.  [Harbi]

Two terrorists were arrested by the 17th division troops in Shishbar in Latifiya. [Harbi]

A man was arrested terrorism charges in Hor Rijab, in Dora, by a security force. [Ghad]

A sticky bomb attached to the car of a warrant officer in the army exploded in Dora, killing him immediately. [Maalomah]


Southwest Baghdad

Two civilians were shot to death by unidentified armed men near the (Shia) Al-Imam Al-Qa’im mosque in Saidiya. [Sumaria]

An IED placed in a commercial area in Al-Furat neighborhood killed two civilians and wounded four others. [Mada]


West Baghdad

Five Rapid Intervention Force fighters were killed in a car accident at the Baghdad International airport. The driver is said to have lost control of the car which toppled outside the road. High speed is said to be the cause according to initial investigations. [Sumaria]

An IED planted in a popular market place in Bakriya killed three civilians and wounded seven others.  [Mada]

1st battalion of the 24th army brigade found a 2 kg explosive and weapons in Albu Anjour, BOC said. [Mawazin]

A security source said that an explosives cache was found in a graveyard in Ja’efer, containing IEDs and explosive belts.  [Madar]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   23    (Not an overall total)


Coalition command announced 24 airstrikes, 17 over Iraq and 7 on targets in Syria. Iraqi raids targeted Daesh in 12 cities, destroying 8 tactical units, two command centers, and several fighting positions. [Rudaw]




Fighting broke out inside Falluja city between the Mahamida tribe and Daesh after Daesh executed 50 tribesmen arrested earlier, the IWMC said. [Ghad]


The Subaihat and Kubaishat areas in Qarma east of Falluja were liberated, according to Col. Khamis Al-Halbusi, commander of the Qarma Tribal Mobilization brigade. Fierce battles under Coalition air cover left tens of Daesh killed and a vehicle and command center in Rawfa destroyed. [BasNews]


A video of Iraqi soldiers and AHH fighters in Kubaishat and Subaihat [Al-Ahd]


BOC said that armed forces killed 2 terrorists and wounded other 4 in Albu Shijil, as well as destroying a vehicle and two defensive positions.  [Mawazin]



Iraqi forces liberated the village of Zangoura northwest of Ramadi, and lifted the Iraqi flag on of its high buildings, according to the Al-Wafa subdistrict council security committee. It added that Daesh terrorists evacuated their positions and headed towards Hit due to intensive Iraqi and Coalition bombardment, without much resistance. [Sumaria]


A local tribal commander had said Iraqi forces including Army, police, Counter Terrorism troops and tribal fighters, supported by Coalition airpower, launched a major attack from three sides on Zangoura. He said Iraqi forces destroyed 4 Daesh foreign terrorists’ guesthouses, killing “tens” of Daesh members. [Mada]

A video of Iraqi forces entering Zangoura [YouTube]


Army forces liberated the meteorology center located between Zangoura and Al-Qarya Al-Assriya west of Ramadi and raised the Iraqi flag over the building after killing tens of Daesh terrorists, according to the AOC. [Mada ]


Daesh says its terrorists stopped an Iraqi Army attack in the Albu Risha area, northwest of Ramadi, killing 12 soldiers and destroying 3 Humvees. [JustPaste]


Remains of 10 bodies were recovered from under the wreckage of houses destroyed by Daesh in Andalus neighborhood in the middle of Ramadi, Anbar Police source said. The source said it’s evident that Daesh executed these persons inside the houses and left them inside before detonating the houses. More remains are expected to be found under many destroyed houses in the city. [Mada]


Counter Terrorism forces announced today they are joining the operation to liberate Jazeera Al-Khaldiya east of Ramadi, started by the 10th army division.  [AIN]


31st army brigade destroyed 3 vehicles in Albu Bali in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya and destroyed 13 IEDs, IWMC said. In Albu Ali Jassim, Iraqi Sukhoi fighters destroyed 4 Daesh positions while army aviation helicopters killed 39 terrorists, and destroyed 4 machine guns and 4 motorcycles, while the Coalition warplanes destroyed a tunnel and a machine gun. [Ghad]


10th and 8th army divisions broke into Albu Ubaid from the expressway towards the Japanese Bridge, destroying two trucks with machine guns and 36 IEDs along the way, under air cover provided by the Iraqi Air Force (IAF) and Iraqi Army Aviation (IAA) helicopters, the MoI said. [Maalomah]



Karim Al-Nouri, another PMF Commission member, stated that PMF forces are now 50 km away from Haditha, and that breaking the long-standing Daesh siege on Haditha is a matter of 48 hours. He added that the PMF forces are in alert awaiting the Commander in Chief’s (Al-Abadi) orders. He added that the Jazeera Samarra operation has achieved all of its objectives. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. This seems intended to contradict yesterday’s statement by the Badr Commander.


Army helicopters attacked Daesh members planting IEDs on the roads leading to Jubba subdistrict in Haditha. The operation killed tens of terrorists, including foreign jihadis, and destroyed several vehicles, the IWMC said. [Harbi]




Special forces and the PMF repelled a Daesh attack west of Siniya, killing 19 terrorists, and the IAA destroyed two vehicles. [Ghad]

Daesh’s version says its terrorists shelled the Siniya base west of Baiji with more than 200 120mm mortars before attacking the base and burning several military positions and killing or wounding several Iraqi soldiers. [JustPaste]


25 persons, including an Egyptian, were arrested by Salahuddin Operation Commands forces according to an SOC statement. The persons were arrested while checking identities of family members in liberated areas on the Siniya-Haditha road. [AIN]


A “security gap” in northwest Salahuddin towards Haditha used by Daesh to transfer its supplies was closed by PMFs. Now, the Daesh supply lines are under PMF control, the IWMC said. [Mawazin]


General Ra’ed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the IFP, said the 1st armored brigade of the IFP shelled Daesh targets near Shirqat Bridge, destroying a machine gun mounted vehicle. The 5th IFP division destroyed 4 car bombs, and captured two buses and an IED workshop in Albu Jarub near Thirthar, while the 10th brigade recovered bodies of 10 dead Daesh terrorists and captured 22 rifles and 500 IEDs west of Jazeera Samarra. 18th IFP battalion also arrested 12 Daesh terrorists southwest of Ramadi.  [Mawazin]



A booby-trapped house exploded in Rufaiat southwest of Balad, killing one PMF fighter, a source in Salahuddin police said. [Mada]



IFP commander General Jawdat said that the 2nd special forces brigade killed 22 terrorists in Haditha junction in Jazeera Samarra and found a car-rigging workshop in the liberated village of Tel Aswad. The 5th division of the IFP found “Saha Diwan” (Health office) of Daesh in Jazeera Samarra, and captured a Daesh communications station on the border between Anbar and Samarra. (Photos) [Harbi]




Armed men in a pickup truck kidnapped a doctor as he left his house in Baquba, and drove him to an unknown location, a police source said. [Maalomah]


The 1st army brigade found and defused a C4 IED on one of the power poles in Hafayer in eastern Diyala. [Harbi]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

The Chairman of the Muqdadiya District Council says nine Sunni tribes joined the Shia demonstrators to support the claims of the terrorist attack victim’s families (Photos). [Sumaria] [Sumaria]


A security source says 3 IEDs exploded near 3 empty houses 6 km east of Muqdadiya without causing human casualties. [Sumaria]


Northern Diyala

The Dijla Operations Commander says his troops, supported by IAA helicopters, attacked a Daesh training camp near Himrin Lake, killing 8 terrorists and wounding 2 and destroying a vehicle. [Sumaria]


The PUK joined the KDP in rejecting opening a headquarters for the PMF in Khanaqin. Shirko Merwis, a PUK leader, said that Peshmerga forces are protecting the city, and no armed units are allowed therein. He advised Hadi Al-Amiri, the commander of Badr Militia, to concentrate on fighting Daesh and leave these side issues alone. [IraqPress]


A KDP official says PMF troops are still closing the road between Khanaqin and Baquba since Sunday, using the Muqdadiya attack as an excuse. [Rudaw]


Hassan Abdul Amir Alwan Al-Makdani, wanted on terrorism charges by Dujail police, was found in a guest house in Hyaleyeen area and was accordingly arrested by the 9th brigade, which destroyed the guesthouse as well. [Harbi]


Southern Diyala

Daesh says its terrorists killed two Sahwa fighters with an IED in Dayniya village in Balad Ruz. [JustPaste]



200 persons escaped Hawija towards Peshmerga lines in the past few days, according to Rudaw. Many who were interviewed said that Daesh treats the population with extreme cruelty, especially as the pressure has mounted on them recently. All prisoners who were members of the armed forces are sentenced to death. They also confirmed the escape of many Daesh leaders and families towards Mosul. [Rudaw]


Clashes erupted in Hawija between Daesh and Naqshbandi militants (linked to the Baath party) for unknown reasons, resulted in the death of 16 and wounding of 46, from both sides, Mowaffak Abdullah Al-Hadithi, head of the Tribal Support Council, said the fighting lasted for the whole night. [Mawazin]


20 persons were arrested in Al-Nida neighborhood in south Kirkuk, on various charges, including staying without residence permits and committing crimes in various parts of the province. [Sumaria]


Al-Abbas Combat Division of the PMFs and the Turkmen mobilization forces shelled Daesh positions in Bashir village with mortars, killing Mahir Jassim Al-Jawali, the Daesh officer responsible for IEDs and car bombs in the area, a PMF source said. [Mada]


Daesh shelled Taza subdistrict with 11 Katyusha rockets but did not cause any human casualties despite hitting residential areas. A security source in Kirkuk said that the shelling came from Al-Bashir village. [Mada]

However, another security source says Daesh shelled Taza with 37 chlorine-filled rockets, causing several suffocation cases. The source says security members took samples of the fallen rockets to examine them in a lab. [Mada]


National intelligence units captured a cache of 13 locally made IEDs and 30 sticky bombs on agricultural land in Daquq, in southern Kirkuk Province, the MoI said. [Mawazin]




A Coalition air strike on Daesh explosives workshops and storehouses in Al-Yabisa neighborhood in Mosul achieved its targets, but the resulting explosions killed a family of 21 persons (names published), local sources said. The sources added that Daesh places such locations deep into residential areas to avoid bombardment. The local population refused Daesh’s participation in burial ceremonies. [Karemlash]


Daesh is using 10 year old kids to carry out executions in the city, a security source in Mosul said. It added that most children are Yazidi captures brainwashed by Daesh, and are now being used because many of the adult fighters have left. The source said that a recent execution of 20 persons on charges of communicating with Iraqi forces was carried out by 10 year old kids. [Sumaria]


A terrifying report from Quilliam Foundation about Daesh’s use of children. [Quilliam]


Daesh executed 13 of its own members in an empty square in Mosul, on charges of attempting to escape towards Peshmerga lines, according to local sources. [Maalomah]


Daesh has started to booby-trap the perimeter of Mosul, according to local sources. The sources said that thousands of locally made IEDs were transferred by Daesh terrorists from the workshops of Akab valley, in the industrial section of the city, to be planted on city borders in Ghazlani camp in the south, Saddam, Bakir, and Tahrir areas in the east, Arabi and Hadba areas in the north, and Intisar and Dumiz neighborhoods in the southeast. The IEDs are planted in a 2 km perimeter. [Maalomah]

Two IEDs exploded while being planted by Daesh members behind the Ghizlani camp south of Mosul, killing 24 of them, all of non-Iraqi nationalities, according to a local security source. Along with planting IEDs Daesh is spreading car bombs on the roads leading to the city. [Maalomah]


Daesh arrested 215 men (mostly young) in Mosul on charges of refusing to fight for Daesh, Said Memozini, KDP media official said. [Mada]


Civilians are banned from exiting Mosul, according to Gayath Sourachi, to keep as many human shields as possible in the city. [Karemlash]


An unidentified armed group killed Muammar Abdullah Al-Tarabulsi, a Libyan Daesh leader, in Akab valley in the industrial sector on the right (west) side of Mosul, according to Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official. [PUKMedia]


Sourachi also reported that a Coalition airstrike killed Taha Nijris Al-Jebouri, one of the Daesh commanders, in an attack on a Daesh car in Safina village in Qayara south of Mosul. [PUKMedia]


Coalition planes destroyed a secret military training center of Daesh in Baaj killing 6 foreign trainers. [Mawazin]


An IED exploded in a Daesh command center in the Balaij area of Baaj District, killing 4, including a leading figure called Abu Basima Al-Suri, a source in Ninewa said. [Mada]


Coalition warplanes targeted the Daesh-occupied Sunni Endowment building in Al-Nabi Sheeth, on the west side of Mosul, destroying three Daesh vehicles carrying money that were standing parked there. 5 Daesh Imams were killed in the attack, according to a source in Ninewa police. [BasNews]


Nineveh Plain

The KDP spokesman in Ninewa says Peshmerga artillery destroyed a Daesh vehicle in the Azzawi area in Bashiqa, killing 5 terrorists. [Mada]



Coalition warplanes attacked for the second time the bridge connecting Qayara to Makhmur, thus cutting off Daesh supply lines to Makhmur. 150 villages will be isolated as a result of the destruction of this bridge, according to Rashad Kalali, PUK official in Makhmur. [PUKMedia]

Daesh also says Coalition planes bombed Qayara Bridge again, rendering it useless (video). [A3maq] [A3maq]


Peshmerga repelled a Daesh attack on Kushaf village between Makhmur city and Gwer, the second of its kind in 4 days, according to Serwan Al-Barzani, the military commander of Peshmerga in the area. He said there are no casualties among Peshmerga forces, while the Daesh losses were not confirmed. [Rudaw]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a Peshmerga BMP vehicle and 3 other cars and killed four fighters, including an officer, in a series of IED explosions in Makhmur. [JustPaste]


New forces, forming the last group of 15th army division arrived to Makhmur to join the rest of the division that will participate in the liberation of Mosul, according to Rashad Kalali, PUK official in Makhmur. He said armored personnel carriers and medium and heavy weapons arrived with the forces, save for heavy artillery pieces, which are still deployed in Kirkuk. [PUKMedia]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Daesh issues a video of its attack on the Peshmerga in Shandoukha village in Tal Afar. [A3maq]


Other Governorates  


A KRG official says the Iraqi government, the Coalition, and the KRG agreed that only their forces participate in Ninewa liberation. He also says that Mosul is an Iraqi city, and the PKK’s natural place is in Turkey. [Sumaria]


An “informed source” says middlemen are selling weapons provided by Germany and France to Daesh. [Buratha]

DaeshDaily comment. Earlier reports showed that Peshmerga fighters, who have not been paid for awhile, were selling their weapons in markets in Erbil. 




Sadiq Madlul, the Governor of Babel, said investigations about the Al-Athar checkpoint attack have led to real “leads” on the perpetrators. He also said the intelligence search is divided into three parts: one in the city of Hilla, another in surrounding villages and subdistricts, and the third outside the Governorate. Through these three tracks, intelligence was gathered on the planners and attackers, who are still at large. [Sumaria]


The Governor said that 7 Daesh terrorists were arrested by Babel police in Jbala subdistrict, north of Hilla. [Mawazin]


Two videos of the explosion near Al-Athar checkpoint [YouTube] [YouTube]



The Mid-Euphrates Operations Commander says 3 armed men attacked civilians in a gravel pit in Ukhaidher west of Kerbala, killing six people and wounding another. He says the attack was caused by a tribal conflict and refuted earlier reports about it being a Daesh attack. [Sumaria]



Three persons were arrested on terrorism charges by Diwaniya counter terrorism units, the MoI announced.  [SaraPress ]


Dhi Qar

The man accused of attacking the house of Nasariya’s municipal manager with a hand grenade in January was arrested by the special operations battalion, Nasariya police said. The arrestee is already wanted on terror charges. [Mada]



A man wanted for terrorism was arrested in Maysan, according to the MoI. [SaraPress]




The PKK says 26 Turkish soldiers were killed in a battle with the PKK in the Julmair and Ormark areas along the Iraqi border, This followed a large-scale attack by the Army, the PKK said, using planes and heavy artillery. [Sumaria] We don’t have the government version of the story.


At many as eight mortar shells launched from Syrian territory fell near a hospital in the southern Turkish city of Kilis on Tuesday, killing two civilians including a 54 year-old woman and a four year-old child, according to Anadolu’s correspondent and statements issued by Kilis officials. The child’s brother, aged six, was also injured in the attack. Turkish media reported that the shells were launched from areas under Daesh control. [ARA] [Anadolu] [Cumhuriyet]


Turkey shelled YPG positions near Qamishli in northeast Syria, a YPG source said. A YPG spokesman told Reuters that Turkish troops fired on a group of YPG members, critically injuring one and prompting an exchange of fire across the border. Activists in rural Qamishli reported that an exchange of gunfire across the Turkish-Syrian border took place Monday evening between Turkish troops and an unidentified armed group, in which a Turkish soldier may have been injured in the exchange. [Welati] [Welati]

DaeshDaily comment: Thank you to a reader for a tip from the Turkish press.




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Daesh has launched multiple attacks in the last two days against SDF in the Shaddadi countryside. Twelve YPG fighters were killed in Daesh ambushes in the last two days in rural areas around Shaddadi, a YPG source said. An unspecified number have also been captured in the same Daesh operations. The YPG also destroyed three Daesh vehicle bombs in Shaddadi that were targeting their forces. Coalition planes struck nine Daesh targets in the Shaddadi countryside Monday. [ARA]


In spite of that, the SDF has made fresh advances in its week-old “Revenge for Judi and Ellen” campaign, named for two girls murdered by Daesh in its recent assault on Tal Abyad. The SDF, seeking to create a secure buffer in northern Hasaka and Raqqa governorates, gained control of seven villages from Daesh around Jabal Abd Al-Aziz and northeast of Raqqa, advancing with support of Coalition airstrikes. Displaced persons from areas around Jabal Abd Al-Aziz in Hasaka have begun returning to their villages after the Kurdish Asayesh intelligence units opened the road into the area that the SDF seized from Daesh. [ARA] [PUKMedia] [Qasioun]


Daesh publishes photos of destroying a YPG armored vehicle south of Shaddadi. [JustPaste]


Video and photo purportedly show Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) firing rockets on Tuesday at Daesh in response to Daesh mortaring of SDF positions west of Makan village in Raqqa countryside, after the SDF seized control of the village Monday. [Hawar]


Daesh says traffic lights are back in service in Raqqa. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Daesh regained control of the village of Tuqatli north of Aleppo just hours after losing control of the village to opposition militia fighters who had seized the village and the village of Dudyan in heavy clashes on Tuesday. Fighting is ongoing over control of this strategic area near the Turkish borders. At least five Daesh militants have been killed so far in the battles. [Qasioun] [ARA]

Daesh says it recaptured Tuqatli, killing Syrian opposition militia fighters, hours after it was captured by the militias with support from American warplanes. [A3maq] [A3maq]


Opposition and Islamist militias shelled the predominantly Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo on Tuesday. The YPG has alleged that the attacks included shells containing chemical agents, believed to be phosphorous. The militia will formally report the attacks as a violation of the truce agreement, the YPG said. [ARA] [Qasioun]


Low levels of rainfall and the civil war conditions are causing difficulties for livestock farmers in Manbij. In addition to scarce feed due to dry conditions, other necessary things are more expensive in Daesh-controlled areas. Daesh often allows cattle to be smuggled out of the areas it controls, even as far as parts of Iraqi Kurdistan, where the animals could fetch higher prices, in exchange for bribes. However the flow of cattle out of Manbij has put upward pressure on prices in local markets and caused hardship for those living in the area. [Qasioun]


Daesh publishes photos of public executions of two men, one for supporting the Syrian government and the other for supporting opposition groups. [JustPaste]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

The “Eastern Lions Army” (Jaysh Usoud Al-Sharqiya), an opposition militia, seized control of Sariya Al-Wa’r in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside near the border with Homs governorate, east of the Al-Tanaf border crossing with Iraq. The advance, which came with close Coalition air support, represents the first opposition militia gain in Deir Ez-Zor governorate in two years. [Qasioun]


Coalition planes dropped leaflets bearing a message from the “New Syria Army” militia over Bukamal, demanding that the residents withdraw any support to Daesh and offering support to anyone who wishes to defect from Daesh. The commander of the New Syrian Army told Qasioun by telephone that his militia seeks to arrive in Bukamal from the Tanaf border crossing. (photo). [Qasioun]


Daesh convened a meeting recently with tribal leaders in Deir Ez-Zor Governorate in which Daesh representatives sought, and failed, to secure the support of the prominent tribal groups in the Governorate. Daesh reportedly asked the leaders to support them by providing fighters to face the “atheist Kurds” advancing toward Deir Ez-Zor but the tribal leaders refused. This is the third time that Daesh has failed to gain the support of tribal leaders in the Governorate since it came to Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun]


Daesh shelled residential areas in the Al-Joura neighborhood of Deir Ez-Zor, killing at least 14, with over 15 injured. [Qasioun]


Daesh announced the execution of three people in the eastern Deir Ez-Zor countryside on charges of “insulting the caliph.” The executions had been carried out earlier. Two others were executed in western Deir Ez-Zor countryside in the city of Al-Shumaytiya on charges of communicating with the Syrian regime.

Dozens of bodies of Daesh execution victims were discovered in a desert area outside Deir Ez-Zor city, disproving Daesh’s claims that it had given its victims proper Muslim burials. Daesh launched raids in the city of Mayadin and the village of Buqrus, in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside, without declaring the reason. Daesh confiscated over 40 vacant homes to house displaced persons who have fled the recent fighting and the Syria Democratic Forces takeover of Shaddadi. [Qasioun]


A Coalition airstrike near the city of Markada in south Hasaka governorate killed Hussam Al-Shalouf, one of the prominent Daesh commanders in Deir Ez-Zor Governorate. According to Daesh media, Al-Shalouf had traveled to Hasaka to confront the Syria Democratic Forces’ advance in the area. Al-Shalouf joined Daesh before it captured Deir Ez-Zor in 2014, during the time of its battles with Nusra Front, defecting from the Free Syrian Army’s “Saddam Hussein” Brigade which was dissolved after differences and clashes with Nusra Front. [Qasioun]



Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in south Damascus. [JustPaste]




North Africa


Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi said Tuesday that his country has no intention of intervening in Libya to combat Daesh directly there. [Wasat]


In a phone interview on Monday with an Egyptian satellite channel, President Sisi also asked Egyptians for patience in the struggle against terrorism in Sinai, promising that Sinai would be “fully developed” by the end of his term in 2018. The president revealed that he had allocated 10 billion Egyptian pounds ($1.2 billion) to the discretion of the commander of the eastern Egyptian army which operates in Sinai, for the redevelopment of Sinai. Al-Sisi said that several development initiatives were underway there including in the transportation, agriculture, and housing sectors. [EgyptIndependent (English)]


North Sinai

A counter-terrorism soldier was killed Tuesday when a remote-detonated IED exploded on a foot patrol in the village of Mahdiya south of Rafah, a security source said. [ElWatan]

Daesh says its terrorists detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army patrol in Mahdiya. [JustPaste]


Gunfire from an unknown source killed a civilian in Arish on Tuesday. [VetoGate]



Daesh deployed its foreign fighters widely throughout the city of Harawa Monday afternoon, residents reported. Daesh is training its fighters in a rural site near Harawa owned by an intelligence officer of the former Gaddafi regime, “Abdullah Mansour,” now in prison in Tripoli, the sources said. Chadian, Sudanese, and Tunisian Daesh militants are manning inspection points at the entrances of to Harawa as well as conducting a search of homes in which three residents were detained Monday and taken to Daesh headquarters. [Wasat]


Tunisian Daesh members abducted a civilian from his home in the city of Abu Hadi south of Sirte, taking him to Daesh headquarters. [Wasat]


Libyan troops captured a Daesh fighter Monday in the Sidi Bouzid Cemetery in Benghazi, the chief of the Al-Sabri Police center said. [Wasat]



Initial interrogations of Daesh militants captured after the attack at Ben Guerdane have revealed that they crossed into Tunisia from Libya, according to Tunisian media reports. A force of 60 Daesh militants proceeded from Sabratha to attack, and after five of their members were killed by Tunisian border guards who responded to an initial strike, the Daesh attackers called on sleeper cells of supporters within Tunisia who came in from the Al-Jabal Al-Ahmar area. One of those captured and interrogated included a “dangerous” Algerian terrorist who entered with the raiding party from Libya. [Tunisien]


A prominent Daesh leader, “Hasan Bin Hamadi Bu Sabie,” known as “Abu Mueaz,” was killed in the Ben Guerdane attack, the Libyan Special Deterrence Force spokesman said. “Abu Mueaz” is reportedly a Tunisian national born in 1981 who was with Daesh in Sirte and later Sabratha. [AfriGate]


The Tunisian President says Daesh’s aim was to create a “wilaya” (governorate) in Tunisia. He says security forces expected a Daesh attack in the area but not in such size. [Sumaria]




Facebook Page of the Day

Al-Nateq news page from Syria


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media  

Daesh audio newsletter for today in English, Arabic, French and Russian [JustPaste]


The new issue of Daesh’s Al-Naba’ magazine [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video titled “running away won’t help you” about killing the Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently members in Turkey. [Isdarat]



March 7, 2016


Today’s Major Developments


Political crisis grows, as Al-Sadr, Kurdish MPs undermine cabinet reform.

Al-Abadi says anti-corruption effort should focus first on high-level officials.

No significant military progress is reported on any front.

Mosul families moving in anticipation of liberation battle, while US dampens expectations.

Daesh truck bomb kills 36, injures 90 in north Babel.





Political developments

On Sunday the National Coalition (Shia alliance) leaders met in Kerbala to discuss the cabinet reorganization, including PM Abadi, ISCI’s Ammar Al-Hakim and Moqtada Al-Sadr. Some leaders didn’t attend the meeting, most notably former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki. The National Coalition issued a statement after the meeting saying that the Coalition supports PM Abadi’s reforms and it rejects any attempt by any party to monopolize the political decision and any signs of armed men in Baghdad. [Mada] [Sumaria]

However, Moqtada Al-Sadr issued a statement saying the meeting statement doesn’t represent him nor Ammar Al-Hakim. He says the meeting didn’t come up with any results and he will increase his demands (possibly referring to a complete cabinet change including Abadi). He also says that his demonstrations were to support Abadi and his reforms and his attempts to form a technocrat government, and Abadi should make use of them. He says that he will order Al-Ahrar, the Sadrist bloc in the CoR, not to attend any meeting with the National Coalition. [Mada] [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. These reports provide some clarity but not much help. The National Coalition, which includes the Prime Minister, is supporting the reforms and its criticism is obviously directed at Al-Sadr’s power plays. Al-Sadr keeps using his proclaimed support for reforms as a starting point for his own agenda, as evidenced by the bombastic statements intended to promote himself. We wish Ammar Al-Hakim would speak for himself and ISCI, which should be supporting the government on this and not hiding its political motives behind Al-Sadr. It is amazing to think that some politicians are still playing petty politics in the middle of a war. 


On Saturday, Moqtada Al-Sadr ordered that Baha Al-Araji, a Sadrist and former Deputy Prime Minister, be detained in Sadr’s own prison in Najaf, and invited people to submit criminal complaints against him to the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Sadrist Current. Al-Araji had been accused of corruption but has not been charged by the legal system. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Moqtada talks about other people’s corruption but has demonstrated at times that he considers himself above the law. Once the “show” is over, what is the real legal system supposed to do with the results of this unconstitutional procedure?


Prime Minister Abadi says in a meeting with several prosecuting judges that they should stand up to corruption cases regardless of the pressure they face. He also says they should target the “heads of corruption and its base,” (by which he means high officials, not just lower-level officials.)  [Mada]

Abadi’s office issued a statement after the meeting saying that the Anti-Corruption Supreme Council, formed in October, should start with the “head of the corruption” no matter his position or title, and promised all necessary support. Abadi called for a “real revolution” against corruption. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Al-Abadi’s public comments go to the bottom line of the corruption problem. Anti-corruption agencies have lacked political support to go after the corrupt, and those who do get prosecuted tend to be the lower-level personnel who lack political protection. The higher-level officials who are the heart of the problem have often eluded prosecution, one reason being that judges are sometimes targets of the corrupt and it is easier to let people off or impose light sentences than to take the risk of retaliation. Abadi’s reform program is truly brave, because he is trying to face down a large number of corrupt people who have heretofore been able to get away with their crimes, many of which could still be prosecuted. If those people finally do go to jail, they will blame Al-Abadi.

The new Anti-Corruption Supreme Council is apparently intended to put some inter-agency coordination behind the new anti-corruption drive. It is headed by the PM and includes the Commissioner of the Commission of Integrity, the head of the Board of Supreme Audit, the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers and the chief judge of the Supreme Judicial Council.


Prime Minister Abadi met on Sunday with the leaders of the Kurdish blocs in the CoR to discuss the upcoming cabinet change. [Sumaria]

A member of the CoR’s Kurdish Alliance says the meeting discussed the reforms and that the alliance has “good understanding” with Abadi about that. [Sumaria]

However, Deputy CoR Speaker Aram Al-Sheikh Ali, a Kurd, says the meeting also discussed the problems between Baghdad and Erbil and the “representation of Iraqi peoples” in the new cabinet (by which he means the Kurds). [Mada] Another Kurdish CoR member says the Kurds demanded 20% representation in the new cabinet. He also says the National Coalition should decide whether to support Abadi or replace him, because the internal problems in the Shia alliance are creating problems for all parties. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. All of this is discouraging. The message from the Kurds, and from Al-Sadr, and perhaps from ISCI too, is that while they favor reform in principle they still want their share of the pie. Since Iraq’s corruption comes largely from politicians chasing their share of the pie instead of serving the public, the real effect is to undermine the reform effort by undermining the cabinet reorganization that is an essential part of it.

    Al-Abadi’s real support has been in the streets and from Sistani. He seems to understand that the public is fed up with the corruption and that his continued leadership will be impossible if he cannot deliver on this truly difficult promise to reduce corruption.  The pro-reform rhetoric from other political leaders shows they are wary about the emerging public opinion and need to placate it, but that is combined with a belief based on experience that real change at their own expense can always be blocked in spite of public opinion. Behind the scenes, they are putting a lot of pressure on Al-Abadi, who does not have a large political bloc of his own and is therefore vulnerable.


100 CoR members are forming an “Iraq Salvation” alliance to “correct the path of the political process.” A Sadrist CoR member says the new bloc doesn’t belong to any party and the members will continue as members of their political blocs. [Sumaria]


Iraqi president Fuad Masoum is visiting Cairo today and will meet Egyptian president Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi upon his arrival. Joint cooperation in the field of combating terrorism will be the top point of discussions. The Minister of Defense and CoR Speaker already visited Egypt earlier. [Mada]


Security developments

Iraqi forces captured 8 men wanted on terrorism charges in Yusufiyah, Rasheed, Bzaibiz and Hor Rijab. Iraqi forces also found explosives, weapons and ammunitions in Yusufiyah and Latifiya.

[MoD Website]


Iraqi forces defused 3 booby-trapped houses and 2 IEDs in Madhaniq in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. [MoD Website]


A local PMF commander says Iraqi forces cleared the Alimiya area in Arab Jabour. [Harbi]


The following security incidents were reported.

Baghdad Center

An IED exploded in Al-Kifah Street in downtown Baghdad, killing two civilians and wounding five. [Mada]

A woman was shot dead by unknown armed men on Sa’adoon Street. [Sumaria]


Northwest Baghdad

Armed men in a car shot a civilian dead in Hurriya. [Ghad]


North Baghdad

A roadside IED exploded in Husseiniya without causing casualties.[ Ghad]

4 IEDs were defused by the 22nd army brigade in the Al-Salman area. [Harbi]

Grad rockets fell on Kumera in Rashidiya, causing human casualties. No further details available. [Ghad]


Northeast Baghdad

An IED placed in a commercial area in Shaab killed one civilian and wounded seven others. [Mada]


Southeast Baghdad

The bodies of two men shot to death were found in Zafaraniya. [Maalomah]


South Baghdad

An IED placed near a popular coffee shop in Dora killed one civilian and wounded 5 others. [Mada]

An IED exploded near a fish breeding lake in Mada’in, killing one civilian and wounding four others. [Mada]


Southwest Baghdad

Unidentified persons threw a hand grenade at the house of an employee of the Ministry of Finance in Jihad neighborhood, causing material damage to the house.  [Sumaria]

23rd army brigade destroyed 7 IEDs and two booby-trapped houses in Haramsha and Ubaid.  [Harbi]

An IED killed one civilian and wounded six in the Al-Diwanem area. [Mada]

An IED placed at a car dealership in Bayya’ killed one civilian and wounded six others.  [Mada]


West Baghdad

An IED planted in a popular market in Zaidan village, in Abu Ghraib, killed one civilian and wounded seven others. [AIN]

7th IFP brigade arrested a man operating as an “explosives carrier” for Daesh in Abu Ghraib. [Harbi]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   16    (Not an overall total)




DaeshDaily note. It may be noteworthy that very little military action has been reported around Falluja in the past three days, after heavy activity earlier.


The PMF Commission issued a statement saying the IAA killed the Daesh military of Albu Shijil, Ismael Mohammed Al-Yousif, and 20 of his associates as they were meeting in a house in north Falluja.  [Ghad]


A PMF source says a PMF sniper killed a Chechen Daesh sniper in Qarma. [Harbi]


Daesh publishes photos of battles in Zoba’a. [JustPaste] [JustPaste]


IWMC said that 3 terrorists were killed and 2 wounded in Albu Shijil, where a fighting position, a vehicle, and 30 IEDs were also destroyed. [Harbi]


Suhaib Al-Rawi, Governor of Anbar, ordered the reconstruction committee of the province to multiply its efforts to remove war remains and expedite the safe return of families to their original locations. He was speaking in Ameriyat Al-Falluja before the subdistrict council and tribal sheikhs. [Sumaria]

The Governor said in a statement that the technical teams of the Coalition will participate in removing IEDs and war remains from Ramadi and remaining parts of the governorate. Al-Rawi met earlier with technical experts from the Coalition, in Ameriyat Al-Falluja. [Mada]



The 41st and 50th army brigades repelled a Daesh attack on its line of defense in Hamdhiya, east of Ramadi, killing 67 terrorists and destroying 7 machine gun mounted trucks, the AOC said. [Buratha]


IWMC said that Iraqi Army Aviation helicopters killed 10 Daesh terrorists, and destroyed 2 AA guns and 4 motorcycles in Hamdhiya. [Ghad]


The advancing forces to liberate Jazeera Al-Khaldiya east of Ramadi killed 10 terrorists, destroyed 3 Dash vehicles, an 82mm mortar gun, and over 36 IEDs, Anbar Operations command said. It added that this phase aims to liberate Albu Bali and Albu Ubaid. [Baghdadia]


Major General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, commander of the AOC, said army units are advancing along the expressway connecting Hamdhiya to Albu Bali and Albu Ubaid, leaving the IEDs behind and establishing tank positions around the area. Iraqi and Coalition air forces, as well as army artillery, are taking part in the operation.  [AIN]

Al-Mahalawi also said that IEDs and mines are planted by Daesh very close to each other to obstruct engineering units from defusing them, which is delaying the advance of the army in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya. [Mada]


Ali Dawood, the head of Khaldiya subdistrict council, said that tens of Daesh terrorists, including leaders, were killed in the military campaign on Albu Bali, Albu Ubaid, and Khaldiya. He said that army helicopters are providing active support, while artillery has paralyzed Daesh movement in the area. [Maalomah]


Anbar PC announced that 25% of the IEDs and mines have been cleared from Ramadi. It added that many IEDs are difficult to defuse as they were planted connectively, as networks. [Mada]


The “PMF” said that US planes fly at suspiciously low altitudes over its forces near Thirthar Lake. It said it is ready to respond to any attack n by these planes, if they occur. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. This did not come from the PMF organization. The likely real story is that certain pro-Iran Shia militia leaders have been saying for some time that US airpower is not needed to defeat Daesh. They suddenly find themselves in a situation where they are in the same location as Coalition planes. It’s all propaganda that has nothing to do with the war effort, except to undermine it. These militia leaders are in effect another component of the effort to undermine the Prime Minister.


1st Division engineering units defused 48 IEDs and 16 mortar shells east of Thirthar Lake, the IWMC said. [Harbi]


The IFP commander says his troops captured 12 Daesh members west of Ramadi. [Baghdadia]


Daesh issues a video of its earlier attack on the Kilo 18 area west of Ramadi. [Isdarat]


IWMC announced that army units rescued three families that were held in Assriya and Zangoura villages as human shields. The families include 5 children and 11 women. All were transferred to safety in Al-Wafa subdistrict. [Harbi]



Tens of Daesh terrorists, including leaders, were killed when army helicopters initiated attacks on their positions in Hit and Kubaisa. A large number of vehicles and equipment were also destroyed. [Maalomah]


A security source said that “rebelling young men” of Hit killed 5 Daesh terrorists in the city.                         [Baghdadia]


Daesh says 4 people were killed and 3 wounded in an Iraqi airstrike on Hit. [A3maq]


A security source says Iraqi forces destroyed a vehicle carrying rockets for Daesh on the road between Al-Dolab area in Hit and Jazeera Al-Baghdadi northeast of Baghdadi District. [Sumaria]


Hadi Al-Amiri, the commander of the Badr militia, announced that operations aimed at lifting the long-time Daesh siege of Haditha have been halted. He said that the reason is failure of security forces to hold the territories liberated by the PMFs. Capture of roads leading to Haditha and its surroundings was planned, but security forces declined to hold them. [Harbi]

DaeshDaily comment. We can’t take this militia statement at face value either, but the delay suggests a possibly more serious problem in a war effort that seemed to be going great just a week ago.




Daesh terrorists have booby-trapped the bridges of Shirqat and Um Al-Shababet, at the entrance of the city, according to a security source.  Earlier, the terror group did the same to the Qayara Bridge south of Mosul. Plastic bombs and barrels packed with explosives were used in the process. [Ghad]


Jabbar Al-Maamouri, a leading PMF figure, stated that the PMF rescued a family from a booby-trapped house after defusing the IEDs placed under a water tank in the house, located in Jazeera (desert of) Shirqat. Daesh was holding the family as human shields while shooting on advancing forces from the roof, before escaping the house and leaving the IEDs to prevent the family from escaping. [Buratha]



The IFP commander says his troops destroyed a Daesh vehicle carrying a machinegun and killed the terrorists inside it near Shirqat Bridge north of Baiji. [Baghdadia]


Daesh burned down the AT1 oil pump located in Makhoul, behind Tartebat Restaurant, according to a security source in Salahuddin. [Ghad]



The IAF destroyed 2 Daesh vehicles and a construction shovel in Ajeel oilfield. [MoD Website]



The IFP commander says his troops destroyed 4 Daesh vehicle bombs and confiscated 2 buses and an IED factory near Thirthar. [Baghdadia]


The IFP commander says his troops found 12 Daesh dead bodies and confiscated 500 IEDs and 22 rifles west of Jazeera Samarra. [Baghdadia]


Saraya Al-Jihad, a PMF unit, says it liberated 20 km southeast of Thirthar and defused tens of IEDs in addition to securing tens of families in the area. [AIN]


Samarra Operations Command says an Iraqi soldier was killed and an officer and a policeman killed while clearing IEDs in the Strategic Line area. [Etejah]


Daesh publishes photos of battles in Salahuddin. [JustPaste]




Col. Saad Al-Zuhairi, commander of judicial police in Diyala, escaped an assassination attempt by a roadside IED that exploded as he passed through Kanaan subdistrict, east of Baquba, a Diyala Police source said. [Mada]


The body of a girl raped and killed was found in east Baquba, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

The Chairman of Muqdadiya District Council says hundreds of people demonstrated peacefully in Muqdadiya and cut off the main roads in the city, demanding punishment of all the people responsible for the terrorist attack last week, including security and military commanders and the MP accused of interfering in security decisions. [Sumaria]

The Tameem tribe in Diyala says they will move the demonstrations to Baghdad if their demands are not met. [Sumaria]

Prime Minister Abadi sent a representative to meet with the demonstrators and receive their demands. [Mada]


Northern Diyala

Hadi Al-Amiri, the commander of Badr militia, said that the PMF will soon have a headquarters in Khanaqin, speaking to the Kurdish Rudaw news agency, which is close to the KDP.  The KDP, which considers the Khanaqin District as a future part of Kurdistan, rejects the idea, saying that this requires a decision from the KDP political bureau. [Rudaw]

DaeshDaily comment. This otherwise nonsensical story is a microcosm of what is wrong with Iraq. A Shia militia leader with no government authority declares that his and other militias will establish a presence in an ethnically Kurdish provincial district. The KRG has no official authority there, but the KDP, which of course is not officially a government, declares that the militias need their approval. When people talk disparagingly about Iraq, this is the kind of stupidity they have in mind.



Iraqi F-16s attacked selected targets in Hawija, destroying 4 Daesh command centers and four workshops for car rigging, as well as several AA guns. 50 Daesh terrorists were killed including a group from the Caucasus preparing for a suicide attack. The attack was based on intelligence provided by the national intelligence agencies. [Sumaria]


The Daesh sharia judge of Hawija and seven of his companions were killed in the F-16 attack on Hawija. [Mada]


Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh command center in Hawija, killing 10 terrorists and wounding six, a security source in Kirkuk said. [Sumaria]


Iraqi Air Force planes attacked a rocket launching platform used to bomb the army and PMFs, located near Sheikh Saad Sami Al-Assi ‘s house in Sami Al-Assi village, between Taza and Al-Rashad in southwest Kirkuk, according to a security source. The house was badly damaged and the sheikh’s wife was wounded. [Mada]


Daesh executed three civilians from the villages of Hawija on charges of “abandoning the land of the caliphate” a local source in Hawija said. He added that the three were arrested while trying to leave their villages for job opportunities elsewhere. [Sumaria]


A Lt. Colonel in the army was shot dead while in his private car by unidentified armed men east of Kirkuk, a police source said. [Maalomah]


5 civilians were killed by a Daesh IED when passing through Fakhira village on their way to Al-Alam subdistrict east of Tikrit after escaping Hawija. [Mada]


An Intelligence and Investigation Service source says several hawala (money exchange and transfer) offices were caught in Kirkuk transferring large amounts of money to Daesh controlled areas. [Sumaria]




A family of six was killed in a Coalition attack in Al-Shura, according to local sources. [Maalomah]


A PUK official says Daesh is enforcing its defense lines around Mosul and leaving the rural areas around the city. He says Daesh cannot defend these areas because they are vast and because they don’t have enough civilians to use as human shields.  [PUKMedia]


Mosul families are “migrating” to the left (east) side of Mosul, as the anticipated hour of the liberation battle looms. Col. Khalid Al-Jawari of Ninewa Police said the population believes the right (west)  side of Mosul will witness the core of the battle, as Daesh is spread widely there, making use of narrow alleyways and high buildings. Daesh families are moving to the left side as well.  Al-Jawari also speculated that the army, which is surrounding Mosul from the north and east sides, may pass through areas not fully controlled by Daesh when advancing, adding that Daesh already booby-trapped the five bridges of Mosul.  [Buratha]


However, Christopher Carver, spokesman of the Coalition, said Iraqis are a bit optimistic when speaking about liberating Mosul within this year. He said Iraq is still in the stage of planning and consulting with the Coalition to expedite the process. Carver said that 8-12 Iraqi brigades and two Peshmerga brigades, a total of around 30,000 soldiers, will face 10,000 Daesh terrorists in this 2 million population city.  [Karemlash]


Daesh executed 12 ex-Iraqi police officers in Qayara after a ruling by the Daesh religious court. These policemen had “repented” and announced allegiance to Daesh, yet still got executed.  [BasNews]


Three young men–Ahmed Jasim Al-Zuhayri, Hasan Mustafa Al-Zubaidi, and Alwan Abdullah Mohammed–were arrested by Daesh in Rifai neighborhood in central Mosul on charges of cooperating with security forces. [Mada]


Unidentified armed men shot dead Abu Najim Al-Masri, a major Daesh leader, after breaking into his house in Nimrud subdistrict east of Mosul. [Maalomah]


Local sources and a Ninewa police captain told BasNews that Daesh issued orders to its members in Mosul to be extra cautious and shoot at anyone they suspect while dealing with the citizens of Mosul fearing attacks. Daesh also arrested 30 government employees in the city without giving any reason. [BasNews]


A Ninewa police source says Daesh blew up 2 government buildings in Mosul. [BasNews]


Daesh publishes 2 photos of its air defense in Qayara. [JustPaste]

Daesh issues a video of the Qayara bridge after it was destroyed by an American airstrike. [A3maq]


Daesh issues a video of Peshmerga drone its terrorists shot down in Ayadhiya. [A3maq]


Nineveh Plain

A coalition air attack killed 4 Daesh terrorists at the junction of Tel Keif city and destroyed their car. Coalition warplanes destroyed another car in Qayara, killing three Daesh members, according to Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official. [PUKMedia]


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Kharab Daleel village in Bashiqa. [JustPaste]



Daesh is withdrawing its vehicles and equipment from Makhmur to Qayara after the Coalition destroyed the bridge connecting the two districts, said Rashid Kalali, PUK official in Makhmur.  All vehicles and equipment in the villages of Humaidan, Al-Nassr, Al-Salahiya, Al-Khaldiya, Mikok, and Sidawa were withdrawn. [PUKMedia]


A PUK official from Makhmur says Daesh displaced many families in Qaraj whose sons left the area, and confiscated their houses and belongings. [PUKMedia]


A security source says four Iraqi soldiers were killed and others wounded in a Daesh rocket attack in Makhmur. [Mawazin]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

The Turkmen Front says it met with American officials in the American consulate in Erbil to discuss forming a Turkmen military force of 2,000 fighters. The Front also says the Coalition is coordinating with the Iraqi government and the KRG to form a force of 15,000 fighters from Ninewa tribes and fighters from minority communities to hold the ground after Ninewa liberation. [IraqPress]


Daesh says the Peshmerga rocketed Tal Afar killing 5 people and wounding 3. [A3maq]


Daesh says its terrorist shot down an American warplane during the battles in Shandoukha two days ago and it went down south of Erbil according to Daesh sources. [A3maq]


Other Governorates  



The Kerbala Provincial Council announced that 3 terrorists were caught while trying to smuggle a vehicle bomb, including the Anbar police commander’s brother. The PC said there was no connection between the Commander and his brother. [Mada]

The Anbar Police issued a statement on Saturday saying that it was its Commander’s office that provided the information to the IFP about the vehicle bomb that was caught in Kerbala. The Commander also said he disowns his brother, who was caught while trying to smuggle the vehicle. [Facebook]



Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi allocated IQD 5 Billion to rehabilitate the Athar and Keesh checkpoints (north and east of Babil respectively). This comes following a massive terror attack by a truck bomb on Al-Athar checkpoint Sunday, killing 36 and wounding 90.  Babel Governorate has modern ultrasound vehicles for detecting explosives, and will improve these checkpoints by using them, says Chairman Al-Zanbour of the Babel Provincial Council. [Sumaria]


The Chairman of the Security Committee in Babel Provincial Council said on Sunday that a suicide terrorist in a truck loaded with 500 kg of explosives detonated it near the Al-Athar checkpoint in North Babel, in the first attack of its kind in Babel for many years. [Sumaria]


Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack and said an Iraqi suicide terrorist drove his vehicle near the checkpoint, killing or wounding more than 90 people. Daesh says that Iraqi Shia should know that the battle has just started. [JustPaste]

A video and photos of the aftermath of the explosion. [Beladi] [Forat]



Armed men in a speeding car shot dead two persons on the circular road at one of the entrances to Amarah, a Maysan Police source said. [Mada]




Political developments

Turkey is training militia groups to fight in Syria from Turkish territory across the border from the YPG-held city of Afrin, the pro-YPG Hawar agency writes. [Hawar]


Military developments

Turkish troops apprehended two Daesh members at a border crossing between Turkey and Syria, seizing plastic explosives and a suicide vest, according to state media. [AP (English)]


The YPG accused Turkey of shelling its fighters north of Aleppo from across the border. [Welati]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) have seized “65 percent” of the village of Makman, northeast of Raqqa, after fighting with Daesh, and will complete the “liberation” of the village in the coming hours according to SDF sources. SDF destroyed an attacking Daesh vehicle in Makman, killing all those inside, Hawar’s correspondent reports. [Hawar]


In a later report, the YPG says the SDF fully liberated Makman, the last village between Jazeera District and Raqqa. [Xendan]


A list has emerged revealing the names of “tens” of Kurdish captives held by Daesh in Raqqa. Most of the captives on the list are from Kobane originally, and the list includes four children, one 13 year-old and three aged 15 years. The time in detention according to the list ranges from 8 months to two years (photo). [ARA]


Three children were killed in Shaddadi when an unexploded bomb dropped by Coalition planes detonated. Another civilian was killed by a Daesh land mine south of Shaddadi, while a child was injured by another Daesh landmine in southwest Hasaka. [Qasioun]


Coalition planes killed a Daesh commander near Markada south of Shaddadi in an air raid on Sunday. [ARA]


Daesh issues a video of destroying a YPG bulldozer west of Shaddadi. [A3maq]


Five people were injured by an explosion on Quwatli Street in a largely Christian area of Qamishli. A prominent individual in the area posted on his personal Facebook page that the Christian “Sutoro” militia has detained one person on suspicion of connection with the attack. [Welati]

Daesh says it detonated an IED in a Christian neighborhood on Quwatli Street, killing or wounding five people. [JustPaste]


Daesh says one of its Syrian suicide terrorists attacked the YPG with a vehicle bomb west of Mount Abdulaziz, killing or wounding several fighters (photos). [JustPaste]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Battles are ongoing north of Aleppo between opposition militias and Daesh around the Azaz countryside for control of villages on the Turkish-Syrian border, according to the Turkish state-run Anadolu news agency. [Anadolu]


A group of around 42 Daesh members north of Aleppo defected from Daesh to join the Faliq Al-Sham (“Sham Corps”) and will now fight against Daesh, according to a video released by the militia on Saturday. The video does not explain how the Daesh members managed to escape from Daesh. The Sham Corps said that all defected Daesh members would be subject to strict monitoring to confirm their intentions (video).  [Arabi21] [IslamMemo]


Daesh says 6 Syrian soldiers surrendered to its terrorists near Kowaires airbase. [A3maq]


Four civilians from the same family were killed in an IED explosion in Khanasir as they passed by on the main road linking Aleppo to Hama. The section of road is in Syrian Army control but was seized by Daesh recently before Syrian troops with militia allies expelled Daesh from the strategic site. [Qasioun]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh says Syrian warplanes launched 15 airstrikes on Aqirbat in east Hama. [A3maq]


Daesh fought advancing-and-retreating battles with Syrian troops near Mahin north of Homs on Sunday, in which Daesh gained territory at the expense of the Syrian troops, advancing toward the city. The Syrian Army sent reinforcements to Qaryatayn where battles are ongoing with Daesh fighters amid heavy Syrian Army shelling of Daesh positions. The two sides are also battling for control of Hazl oilfield, where the Syrian troops are fighting to stop Daesh’s spread to Al-Tuloul Al-Hamr village which is linked to Qaryatayn. The two sides also fought renewed clashes in Tadmur (Palmyra), where repeated airstrikes targeted Daesh positions. [Qasioun]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

A child was killed Monday in a Russian airstrike on the Hamidiya neighborhood of Deir Ez-Zor city. Russian planes struck multiple sites in the city as well as in Al-Balighiya, causing damage to civilian property. Syrian artillery units shelled Daesh-held villages outside of Deir Ez-Zor city. Casualty reports were not available. [Qasioun]


Daesh issues a video of its terrorists at the Al-Tanaf border crossing between Iraq and Syria. [A3maq]

Several media outlets said that Syrian opposition groups captured Al-Tanaf.


South (Damascus, Rif Dimashq, etc.)

Clashes erupted Monday in Yarmouk camp in Damascus between Daesh and Nusra Front partisans, in the latest breach of an uneasy truce between the two extremist groups in the refugee camp in the Syrian capital. Sources in the area said that the fighting ended when a delegation of unaffiliated civilians in the camp visited both sides to broker a new end to the hostilities in an agreement which included a new truce and the formation of a committee to investigate the cause of the latest outbreak in fighting.  [Arabi21]




North Africa


Daesh claimed responsibility for an IED attack on a police station Sunday near the Omani cultural center in Cairo, which destroyed several cars but did not cause human casualties. [Arabi21]


North Sinai

Two soldiers were killed and three wounded in an IED attack on an armored police vehicle outside of Arish on Monday. [VetoGate]

Daesh says it detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army personnel carrier in the Zare’ Al-Khair area west of Arish, killing or wounding at least five soldiers. Daesh also says its terrorists attacked an Egyptian Army patrol in the same area and caused unspecified casualties. [JustPaste]


Heavy fighting erupted after militants fired on a security detachment west of Arish on Monday. Fighting between the militants and security troops is ongoing. [VetoGate]


Egyptian Army troops killed three members of the Daesh-affiliated group in North Sinai known as “Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis” in heavy fighting in central Sinai, a security source said. [ElWatan]


An Army statement says that troops killed five “terrorists” in a firefight that erupted after the militants fired on Egyptian troops Sunday south of Sheikh Zuweid (photo) [EgyArmySpoxFB]


Two soldiers were killed and another injured Sunday morning when an IED exploded on an armored security vehicle south of Sheikh Zuweid. An ambulance driver transporting the killed and wounded soldiers was injured and later died from his wounds when the ambulance came under attack by gunfire. A security source said the IED had been planted by Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis. Daesh later claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement. [ElWatan] [ElWatan] [Arabi21]

DaeshDaily comment: There have been several recent attacks on ambulances carrying the injured and slain troops after Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis attacks.


Egyptian troops killed 13 Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis members in raids in three sites in North Sinai on Saturday, security sources said. [ElWatan]


Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis militants laid explosives at a school in Sheikh Zuweid on Monday in order to prevent security troops from using the school as a site from which to track the Ansar group’s movements. Students were evacuated, eyewitnesses said. Two schools in Rafah were similarly rigged with explosives by militants earlier in the month. [VetoGate]




A former Egyptian intelligence officer has claimed in a media interview that Awwad Baghdadi, Daesh’s self-proclaimed “caliph,” has been living in Libya since he was injured in Syria and treated in Turkey. [AfriGate]


Libyan special forces troops seized ten thermal rockets in Benghazi from the pro-Daesh Ansar Al-Sharia, the units commander said. He claimed that the rockets were for use against Libyan Air Force planes.

At least four Libyan soldiers died and 36 were wounded over the last two days of fighting in Benghazi, a medical source says. [AfriGate] [AfriGate]


Daesh advanced from Nawfaliya to attack Libyan Army troops in Wadi Al-Faregh southwest of Ajdabiya on Sunday in a bid to seize control of the Amal oilfield, the Ajdabiya Operations Room spokesman said. Libyan troops repelled the attack, killing 11 Daesh fighters, the spokesman said. [AkhbarLibya24]


Central coast

Aircraft from Misrata targeted Daesh in Sirte on Sunday, killing around 18 people, a security source said. Local sources in Sirte said at least one civilian was killed in the attack. [Wasat]


Residents also said jets were heard flying over the city Monday morning. Sources in Misrata confirmed that the planes were launched from Misrata to fly reconnaissance missions. Local sources said Daesh foreign militants from Chad, Tunisia, and Sudan, raided three homes in the Harawa area searching for Libya Dawn–affiliated militiamen and members of the police and the military, taking one young man into custody for interrogation for not having “repented” to Daesh yet. Daesh conducted raids in Wadi Al-Ahmar and Um Al-Qandil searching for weapons and wanted men, seizing rifles and ammunition from one house and arresting two men for smoking. Daesh executed a young man in Harawa and arrested another in front of his house.

Daesh has imposed a fee of 160 dinars (115 US dollars) on Sirte residents for water, electricity, and sanitation services, displaced residents said. It is not clear from the reporting how frequently this payment is due. Residents of Sirte also reported that Daesh required Sirte residents who lived in state-owned housing to pay a surcharge equal to three months’ rent or face eviction. [Wasat]


Over 120 families fled from Bin Jawad to Ras Lanuf on Saturday, citing fears that Daesh would conscript their children to fight. [Wasat]


A Misrata municipal council source denied reports that local fighters clashed with Daesh east of Misrata, saying that Misrata city is safe. [Moheet]


Daesh issues a video of the results of a Libyan bombing on a farm in Sirte. [A3maq]



The armed factions associated with the National Congress have formed a unified operations room based in Tripoli, covering “all Libyan cities” according to a statement issued Sunday. [AfriGate]


The newly formed Sabratha Operations Room issued a statement on Sunday saying that no political loyalties would interfere with its mission of eliminating Daesh from the area. [Wasat]



“Dozens” of Daesh fighters attacked the town of Ben Guerdane on the Libyan border on Monday, storming the town and engaging in firefights with Tunisian Army and Police. The Tunisians killed 33 Daesh fighters and arrested six others in regaining control, the Tunisian Interior Ministry said. Daesh killed ten Tunisian soldiers and at least seven civilians in the attack. It was “not clear” yet from where the fighters had advanced to attack Ben Guerdane. Tunisia closed its border crossings with Libya after the attack and imposed an overnight curfew on Ben Guerdane. [Reuters (English)] [Wasat]


Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said in televised remarks that Daesh attacked in order to establish a “Daesh emirate” in the area. The PM praised the response by Tunisian security forces in repelling the Daesh assault. [Anadolu]


A video of the battle area in Ben Guerdane [YouTube]



Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra has again stated his government’s opposition to foreign military intervention in Libya, in remarks to the Algerian press on Sunday during a press conference with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. [AfriGate]


Other countries


Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has denied reports that Libya would send a ground force of 5,000 troops to Libya, in remarks to Reuters on Sunday. Renzi’s remarks came in response to a claim by the American Ambassador to Italy who said Friday to the Italian press that a force of 3,000 to 5,000 Italian troops was being prepared for deployment to Libya. The idea of sending 5,000 troops “is not on the table” PM Renzi said. [Arabi21] [Wasat]


Two Italian hostages who were held by Daesh in Libya since July and freed in a firefight last week are back in Italy, according to media reports. [Arabiya]




Facebook Page of the Day

Anbar Police Command page


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter in Arabic [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video message from its supporters threatening the United States with an attack similar to Paris and saying they will attack the US with anything they lay their hands on. [VideoWood]



March 4, 2016

Iraqi Soldiers in Anbar


Today’s Major Developments


The US has trained 18,589 Iraqi soldiers since 2014.

Counter Terrorism forces now control area north of Thirthar Lake.

UN team tallies the damage in Ramadi.

Citizens in Taza, Kirkuk protest failure of Iraq to liberate Al-Bashir village.

More Iraqi troops arrive in Ninewa.

Peshmerga turn back Daesh attack west of Mosul.

YPG, SDF move closer to Raqqa with Coalition support.





Political developments

Thousands of Sadrists, and others, demonstrated near the Green Zone today and some said they would break into the Zone if Moqtada Al-Sadr told them to do so. [Mada]

Al-Sadr said in his recorded speech to the demonstrators that he feels surprised that “the same people we demonstrated to support are against the voice of the people”. (He was referring to PM Abadi’s last speech, which criticized Sadr, also without mentioning names.)

However, Sadr called on Iraqi cabinet members to resign in order to form a technocrat government. [Rudaw]

Sadr also asked the foreign embassies in Iraq to leave the Green Zone, especially the ones who claims they defend oppressed Iraqi people. [Mada] Sadr demanded that the CoR remove the “corruption government” and come up with a technocrat government. [Mada]

All roads and bridges leading to the Green Zone in Baghdad were closed by security and anti-riot forces, which deployed intensively in all surrounding areas. The BOC announced that there is no formal license to the Sadrists to demonstrate in the area, holding them responsible for any violations. [Sumaria]

Daesh Daily comment. Sorting out several recent Al-Sadr statements, he is clearly staking out a position as a reformer, probably to keep up with public opinion, but simultaneously trying to separate himself from Al-Abadi, the source and leader of the anti-corruption crusade. As he would help that cause more by showing political solidarity with Al-Abadi, the logical conclusion is that Al-Sadr’s reform initiative is more self-serving than public-spirited.


Al-Sadr’s Saraya Al-Salam militia of the Sadr movement is deployed in various areas of Baghdad. (video) [Ghad]


Ali Al-Timimi, the Governor of Baghdad (a Sadrist), said that the demonstrators have no intention to attack the Green Zone, are under total control, and have all come to pass a message. He said he was confident the demonstration would begin and end without a single problem. [Rudaw]


The government is jamming mobile communications and internet services in the Green Zone and its surroundings, sources in the area said. [Mawazin]


Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Dhi Qar, Diwaniya, Diyala, Najaf, Wasit, Kerbala, Maysan, Babel and Muthanna, protesting corruption and demanding more reforms. Demonstrators in Maysan demanded to “freeze the constitution” and disband the CoR. Demonstrators in Muthanna demanded to disband the CoR and the government and that all political parties who participated in the governments after 2003 should not be part of any new government. [Sumaria] [Sumaria] [Mada] [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. The demonstrations against corruption should be praised, but only the Baath party was in charge before 2003. Is that what the demonstrators, especially the Sadrists, really want? Weren’t they part of the government since 2003? So who are they criticizing, exactly?


Speaker Jubouri met with Brett McGurk, the special Coalition envoy to Iraq, to discuss the war on Daesh. Jubouri asked for more support to help provincial governments to hold the territory in the liberated areas. [Sumaria]


Security developments

The US Embassy in Baghdad said that since 2014, the international Coalition has trained over 18,589 Iraqi soldiers. [AIN]


The BOC announced it had detected and destroyed 6 IEDs in different areas around Baghdad. [AIN]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked an Iraqi Army barrier in Al-Tabi in Tarmiya with light and mid-size weapons. Daesh says the clashes lasted for 2 hours and two Iraqi soldiers were killed. Then, Daesh terrorists drew the Iraqi forces into an IED trap, destroying 2 Humvees and a personnel carrier. Daesh also says it detonated an IED on another Iraqi unit near the Tarmiya fuel station destroying a Humvee and killing some soldiers. Daesh says in total 20 Iraqi soldiers, including a captain, were killed and ten wounded, while all its terrorists returned back safely. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. We think Daesh will receive a phone call from a Hollywood director very soon. Such a good story deserves a movie, probably in the Fantasy genre.


The PMF media announced killing 4 terrorists and defusing 20 IEDs in the Arab Jabour area in south Baghdad. However, Col. Karim Al-Barki of the PMFs was killed in the operation. It said battles in these agricultural lands are not easy due to the difficulty of their terrain. [Harbi]


The following security incidents were reported.

Northwest Baghdad

59th army brigade found an explosives cache in Karbuliya containing several C4 20-liter containers, a missile for a plane, and other munitions. [Harbi]


North Baghdad

An IED placed in a popular market in Husseiniya killed 2 civilians and wounded seven others. [Mada]

Two consecutive IEDs exploded near a joint checkpoint in Tarmiya District followed by a rifle shot from a nearby orchard, killing one soldier and wounding three. [Sumaria]

Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Tarmiya. [JustPaste] It’s not clear if this is about the same incident.


East Baghdad

An IED placed in a commercial area in Al-Ameen killed two civilians and wounded seven others. [Mada]

A hand grenade thrown by an unidentified person killed the owner of a liquor store and wounded three persons standing near the shop in Mashtal. [Ghad]


Southeast Baghdad

Security forces defused an IED placed near the Technology Institute in Zafaraniya. [Ghad]


South Baghdad

An IED placed near commercial shops in Mahmudiya killed one civilian and wounded six others. [Mada]

17th army division defused two planted IEDs in Yusufiyah without any casualties. [AynIraq]

Two mortar shells hit a check point in Arab Jabour, killing one soldier and wounding five. [Mada]

A roadside IED placed in Arab Jabour wounded three soldiers patrolling the area. [Baghdadia]

A body of a Sahwa fighter was found hanged in Arab Jabour. [AIN]

Daesh says its terrorists killed a man and his son, accusing them of being Iraqi Army spies, in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. [JustPaste]

Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Sayafiya in Arab Jabour. Daesh also says its terrorists killed two Iraqi soldiers in Manari preventing Iraqi troops from advancing in the area. [JustPaste]


West Baghdad

The body of a man shot to death was found behind a marketplace in Al-Bakriya. [Maalomah]

An IED killed one civilian and wounded ten others in Wardiya. [Mada]

An explosion of a car bomb under the control of security forces took place in Hittin neighborhood in Mansour without causing any casualties. [Ghad]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   17    (Not an overall total)


Coalition warplanes initiated 8 attacks on Daesh targets–in Sinjar, Kasik, Mosul, and Sultan Abdullah; Baghdadi and Falluja; and Baiji. The attacks destroyed 5 tactical units, 17 vehicles, 7 fighting positions, a storehouse, and 3 heavy machine guns. [Rudaw]



Counter Terrorism forces and PMFs took full control of the northern basin of Thirthar Lake, CT announced today. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. On a map, Thirthar Lake and surrounding desert area looks like the middle of nowhere. From a military perspective, however, it is strategically located, and controlling the area provides access to Samarra to the east, Falluja and Ramadi to the south, and Haditha to the west.


Sabah Karhout, Anbar Council Chairman, called on the government to expediently liberate Falluja and Hit, to end the humanitarian crisis faced by their populations. [Sumaria]



The BOC said that its forces killed 32 terrorists, wounded two others, and destroyed two vehicles, two motorcycles, and an IED in Qarma. Rapid Intervention forces killed 2 terrorists in Nuaimiya south of Falluja, while the first battalion of the same force killed 7 terrorists in Subaihat after destroying their position.  [AIN]


An attack by Daesh with light and medium weapons on security positions in Subaihat and Rofa in Qarma district killed six and wounded 4 Tribal Mobilization fighters and destroyed four of their vehicles. [Mada]


Tribal Mobilization battalion commander Mahmoud Murdhi Al-Jumaili said that an attack by four car bombs in Albu Abd Al-Awda and Qanater near Qarma was foiled by his forces, who destroyed all attacking vehicles. [Mada]


In a recent update of PMF operations in Qarma, the areas liberated so far are Qarma Bridge, Ma’amal Al-Iraqi, the Srab area near the Abu Ghraib silo, Harariyat Bridge, Subaihat, Qarma train station, and the water department.  The forces now are near the asphalt factory and have started clearing the areas of Kubaishat and Abadi, adjacent to Falluja.  5 PMF militias, 1st army Division, 24th army brigade, and BOC forces are participating in operations. [Harbi]


However, Ahmed Karim Badawi, commander of the 3rd battalion of the Tribal Mobilization, called on the government to cut off Daesh supply lines in Qarma. He added that they maintain their supplies through three routes, namely Sajar, Khatar village, and the Al-Askari neighborhood in Falluja. He said that there is no point to the liberation operation unless these daily supply lines are cut off. [Mada]


Daesh publishes photos of its air defense units in Falluja. [JustPaste]



Ibrahim al-Fahdawi, member of Khaldiya subdistrict council, said that army and security forces are about to initiate an attack on Jazeera Khaldiya east of Ramadi. He added that all preparations are made and Daesh supply lines cut off. Daesh is also facing internal conflicts in Jazeera Khaldiya, which makes the timing even better. [Maalomah]


A UN team says the destruction caused by Daesh in Ramadi is staggering and worse than any other place in Iraq. 5,700 buildings were damaged and 2,000 houses destroyed completely. [BasNews]


The Anbar Tribes Council says displaced people will not be returned to Ramadi until the clearing of Jazeera Khaldiya and several areas north of Ramadi. [Sumaria]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked 2 Iraqi Army positions in Albu Risha north of Ramadi and killed 8 soldiers and burned their positions. [JustPaste]



Lt. Saud Harb Al-Ubaidi, spokesman of 14th Rapid Intervention battalion, said Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh convoy in Barwana, heading toward Al-Baghdadi subdistrict. 20 terrorists were killed including an important leader. [Maalomah]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Iraqi forces on the outskirts of Albu Hayat in Haditha, killing or wounding several Iraqi soldiers and tribal fighters. [JustPaste]


Joint Operation Command called on the residents of Hit to stay in their houses, prepare their identification documents, and keep away from Daesh locations. It said that Iraqi Army, Counter Terrorism Service, IFP, and tribesmen will be entering the city under Iraqi and Coalition air cover. [Sumaria]


Western Anbar

The Coalition attacked a Daesh convoy of 6 machine gun-mounted vehicles, destroying 5 of them east of Al-Qa’im District, a security source said. [Baghdadia]




A PMF ambush deep in the desert west of Shirqat killed Abu Hafsa Al-Maghrebi, the logistics officer of Daesh, and three of his companions, who were leading a food convoy from Mosul to Shirqat. Some of the convoy trucks were destroyed, some only partially damaged; all had markings saying “The Islamic State.” The remaining terrorists escaped into the desert. [Sumaria]


An IED wounded four persons escaping Shirqat. All are from the same family and were crossing the Khalid Office area from Shirqat to the Peshmerga lines. [Sumaria]



Daesh says its terrorists destroyed an Iraqi tank with a missile west of Baiji. [A3maq]



The PMF organization said a well-known Daesh field commander, Faiz Al-Sari, was killed by PMFs west of Tikrit. He was the Daesh leader in the battles in Aziz Balad and Al-Rawashid villages. [Ghad]



An army helicopter destroyed a car bomb heading towards army units in Jazeera Samarra and a house used by Daesh in that area. [Ghad]


Large quantities of weapons and ammunition, flags, and cars were found in Daesh guest houses left behind after their speedy escape from Jazeera Samarra, the PMF media said. [Mawazin]


The second phase of the Jazeera Samarra operation is starting, according to the MoD. This phase includes defusing and destroying IEDs, mines, booby-trapped houses, and car bombs left by Daesh in various places. Three car bombs were destroyed under control already. [Baghdadia]


The process of evacuating civilians in Jazeera Samarra to safe locations in Tikrit and Samarra has started, according to Salahuddin Operations Command. [Ghad]


The IWMC said that safe access routes were opened for families evacuating southeast of Thirthar and in the Jazeera Samarra area after clearing all IEDs planted by Daesh. Engineering units of Saraya Al-Jihad militia of the PMFs removed the IEDs, and are also moving civilians to safe areas. [Mawazin]


The Salahuddin Governor says 150 families returned to their houses in Al-Salam village after it was liberated from Daesh. [Sumaria]


A statement by the Sadrist Al-Ahrar party of the CoR claimed that the Sadrist Saraya Al-Salam militia had liberated 29 villages and regained control of the Thirthar Lake area and Jazeera Samarra. [AIN]

DaeshDaily comment. All by themselves? The rest of our news items show that many military organizations contributed to these successes, not just Saraya Al-Salam.


Southern Salahuddin

A unified Sunni-Shia prayer was held in Balad, attended by Sunni and Shia clerics from Salahuddin and Najaf in addition to Muslim clerics from the UK. [Sumaria]




Daesh publishes photos of shelling the Al-Waqf area north of Baquba with mortars. [JustPaste]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

The Tameem tribe in Diyala says Sunday is the last day for the government to open an investigation with security leaders in Muqdadiya and with MPs responsible for changing security forces in the city, which led to the terrorist attack. A tribal leader says the situation in Muqdadiya is very tense and can explode any time.  [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. With the first attack on Muqdadiya, Daesh managed to generate a lot of revenge attacks. Some of them were reportedly fake, and this attack might make things even worse. The Daesh incubator media will make use of this and make the situation worse still. The problem with the political situation in Iraq is that each side complains only about the attacks on its people, ignoring the attacks on other people.


Northern Diyala

The Mayor of Jalawla District in Khanaqin says 500 displaced families of government employees were allowed to return based on an exception. The returns to the city is organized by a schedule. [Sumaria]


Southern Diyala

Daesh says it detonated an IED on an Iraqi Army Humvee in the Al-Nida area in Mandali, destroying it and killing or wounding the 3 soldiers inside. [JustPaste]


Daesh says it detonated an IED on PMFs in Huwaish in predominantly Shia Judaida subdistrict, killing three fighters. [JustPaste]



Hundreds of people demonstrated in Taza subdistrict south of Kirkuk, demanding liberation of Al-Bashir, the Taza council announced. The demonstrators said that Daesh has been shelling them for 21 months without a reaction by the government, whose excuse has been that there will be a comprehensive operation to liberate the whole area of southwest Kirkuk.  They threatened to demonstrate in front of the Green Zone if the government does not respond in 1 week. [Sumaria]


Al-Abbas Combat Division of the PMFs said that it could liberate Al-Bashir village by itself, but said it is consulting with the government, the PMFs, and the Peshmerga. It said that the decision on liberation has been delayed for a long time now, which might force it to act on its own. [Harbi]




A statement by Ninewa Operations command instructed Mosul’s population to listen constantly for directions from its radio station once the liberation operations begin. Initial instructions provided also indicate how to put stickers on windows to avoid being targeted by air attacks and the safe distances required to keep away from projectiles. It also called on the population to avoid listening to Daesh propaganda. [PUKMedia]


Abu Shuaib, the wali of Dijla, and seven of his companions were killed by a Coalition strike on their command center in a village in Qayara south of Mosul, a source in Ninewa said. [Mada]


An anti-Daesh suicide attacker with an explosives belt entered a Daesh command center on his bicycle in Mahalbiya subdistrict west of Mosul and exploded, killing over 20 terrorists and wounding many more, a source in Ninewa said.  [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. Maalomah previously reported a suicide attack against Daesh in Mosul and we couldn’t confirm that from any other source.


Coalition warplanes destroyed two rocket launching platforms and several 155 mm guns in Qayara, the southernmost subdistrict of Mosul. [Sumaria]


Ninewa Operations command said that Daesh deployed long range missiles and artillery pieces in the villages of Zawiya, Tel Al-Sha’ir, and Hawi in Qayara subdistrict to target the anticipated Iraqi forces. [Mada]


Nineveh Plain

15th army division artillery killed 18 Dash terrorists after shelling their positions in Sultan Abdullah, at the south end of Hamdaniya District next to Makhmur, while the Coalition destroyed five rocket launching platforms. [Mada]



A new group of Iraqi army forces arrived to Makhmur late Thursday night, said the Ninewa Operations Command. The 2nd battalion of 72th brigade of the 15th division arrived with its equipment and vehicles and was immediately deployed to the front lines. [Maalomah]


Peshmerga forces repelled a Daesh attack on the Gwer-Makhmur front, killing seven but losing two Peshmerga fighters, said Serwan Al-Barzani, the Peshmerga commander of the area. [Rudaw]


For the second day in a row, Daesh shelled Iraqi army units in Makhmur with Katyusha rockets, but without causing any casualties. [IraqPress]


Daesh says Iraqi forces withdrew from the Karasur camp because of its repeated shelling. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of shelling Peshmerga positions in Makhmur. [JustPaste]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Peshmerga forces repelled a Daesh attack from three directions on its front lines west of Mosul. The attackers came from Kasik, Aski Mosul, and Shandoukha. “Tens” of Daesh bodies were scattered in the battlefield as the terror group failed to recover them, a Peshmerga source said.  [Shafaq] In the same battle, Peshmerga Lt. Col. Mohsen Sulaivani said the attackers used two Humvee bombs that were destroyed by Coalition warplanes. He said intelligence indicated the presence of 300 Daesh fighters and 400 Katyusha rockets in Kasik and Aski Mosul. [IraqPress]

Daesh’s version is that its fighters attacked Peshmerga positions in Shandoukha with light and mid-size weapons, destroying 5 of the Peshmerga positions. Daesh says that after the initial attack, an Azeri (Azerbaijan) suicide terrorist attacked the Peshmerga with a vehicle bomb. At the same time Daesh shelled and rocketed the area while its air defense units forced a Coalition warplane to withdraw from the area. Daesh says “tens” of Peshmerga fighters were killed in the attack. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. It is amazing that in Daesh’s version of all its reported attacks the defenders don’t do anything but die, get wounded or flee. No serious person can believe this. Count us among the skeptical also on Daesh’s claim that its prehistoric air defense units, mentioned above in Falluja reports, could force top-notch Coalition warplanes to escape. Saddam’s minister of information would be very proud of Daesh’s media people.  


Here Daesh says 28 Peshmerga fighters were killed in the attack on Shandoukha, northeast of Tal Afar. [A3maq]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Peshmerga positions in Aski Mosul with heavy and mid-size weapons. Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked the Peshmerga with an explosives vest killing or wounding many of them. Daesh says it shelled the location with 300 120mm mortars. [JustPaste]


Other Governorates  


Kosrat Rasool, the PUK’s first deputy secretary says the lack of transparency caused political, economical and social problems in the IKR. [Sumaria]




Diwaniya security authorities imposed strict security measures in anticipation of Sadrist demonstrations expected on Friday. [Ghad] (See story in Baghdad section))




PKK fighters shot down a Turkey Black Hawk” helicopter in Hakkari in far southeastern Turkey near the Iraqi border. 6 Turkish military were killed in the attack, media sources said. [IraqPress]


A YPG statement issued Friday said its positions in Afrin in northern Aleppo were targeted by Turkish tank shells from across the border. Turkish military sources say they shelled Daesh positions in Syria but deny shelling YPG positions in Afrin. Local sources in Afrin countryside report that Turkey launched four shells on Dikmadash village, which landed without causing casualties. Russia alleged that Turkey shelled YPG units fighting against the Nusra Front in Syria. [Welati] [ARA]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

The YPG made advances in the northern Raqqa countryside on Friday, seizing control of the areas of Tuwal Al-Aba and Al-Haba, south of Kantari. The advances came after heavy fighting with Daesh and with Coalition warplanes backing the YPG fighters. In tandem with the YPG advance, units of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) are advancing toward Raqqa from Shaddadi in Hasaka, taking control on Friday of the area of Luqta, 50 km (30 miles) from Raqqa, also under Coalition air support. YPG units north of Raqqa captured five Daesh militants. [Qasioun]


Raqqa has been two days without water and electricity after Russian planes struck key infrastructure earlier in the week. [Qasioun]


The pro-YPG Hawar continues its series of stories about the aftermath of the Daesh surprise attack on Tal Abyad last week, including a story (with photo) of a 65-year-old civilian who was killed by Daesh in Tal Abyad and a story about the massacre of two families in a nearby village. Both stories allege the involvement of Turkish support for Daesh. [Hawar] [Hawar]


Daesh says 180 YPG fighters and 20 of its supporters were killed in its attack on Tal Abyad and Suluk in February 27. Daesh says Coalition warplanes conducted 50 airstrikes during the battles, and some of them targeted local families. [A3maq]


The SDF killed “tens” of Daesh fighters in the last two days, and captured three villages (Shamandour, East Saraya, and Al-Tarwaziya) southeast of Suluk, a YPG fighter said. Coalition planes struck multiple sites in the Hasaka countryside in support of the SDF advance, killing, among other Daesh members, two of the group’s “emirs,” Abu Al-Athir and Muawiya Al-Halabi, activists said. [Welati] [ARA]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a YPG Humvee southwest of Mount Abdul Aziz. [A3maq]


A 67-year-old man who fled Daesh in Deir Ez-Zor was injured by gunfire from Turkish border troops when he attempted to enter Turkey on Thursday at a border crossing near Ras Al-Ayn. The pro-YPG Hawar headlines its story “He escaped Daesh but he could not escape the Turkish Army.” (photo) [Hawar]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

The city of Aleppo has been without water for 80 days due to the siege imposed by Syrian troops and Daesh on the rebel-held city. Water could arrive this week, says the Public Services Administration, which is under the control of the Nusra Front, but efforts are ongoing to secure fuel to pump it. [Qasioun]


The YPG repelled a Daesh attack in the countryside west of Kobane after a small Daesh force infiltrated into the village of Nasariya east of the Euphrates, sparking clashes between the two militias in which some Daesh fighters were injured before the entire raiding party was forced to flee, a YPG fighter said. [ARA]


Daesh, which controls most of the fuel supply in northern Syria, has allowed fuel and relief supplies to flow into areas controlled by opposition militias north of Aleppo, an activist said. [ARA]


Daesh publishes photos of destroying a YPG Humvee east of Mount Abdul Aziz. [JustPaste]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh and Syrian Army troops battled near the Hazl oilfield east of Homs amid a Syrian attempt to push Daesh back from the strategic area. The two sides also fought continued battles near Al-Dowa east of Homs. [Qasioun]



The Jaysh Al-Islam Sunni Islamist militia announced it is leaving the truce agreement in Syria and will not continue to observe the cease-fire, citing violations by the Syrian government and the YPG. [Erem]




Neighboring countries


Images are circulating on social media of what appear to be affidavits signed by parents or relatives of slain members of a Daesh cell in the northern Jordan city of Irbid, in which the relatives pledge to the government to quickly bury the dead without taking the body home and to avoid public mourning or laying of the body in the mosque (photos). [Arabi21]

DaeshDaily comment. Celebrations for slain terrorists have caused big issues in the past. They prompt gatherings of terrorists celebrating that the terrorist (supposedly) went to Heaven, rather than being an occasion for condolences. Such demonstrations anger relatives of the victims.

Legal sources in Jordan expect that militants captured in the operations against the cell in Irbid will be charged with intention to carry out deadly terrorist acts, which is punishable by death, among other charges. [Erem]


North Africa


Daesh publishes photos of detonating an IED on an Egyptian Army vehicle south of Khariza in central Sinai. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of detonating an IED on an Egyptian Army patrol in Karm Al-Qawadis. [JustPaste]

Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Egyptian soldier near Al-Tawil village east of Arish. [JustPaste]




The spokesman of the Oil Facilities Protection Guard has denied reports that there is a plan to merge the Oil Facilities Protection Guard into the Libyan Army commanded by Lt. Gen. Khalifa Hafter. [Wasat]


Libyan Army troops and allied local militias besieged Daesh inside the Benghazi University Thursday evening in the Garyounis area of west Benghazi city, militia sources said. The source announced that the military had taken control of the areas around the university last month but was pursuing operations to deal with the remaining presence of Daesh and its allied militias. [Wasat]



A sniper in Sirte, Khaled Al-Warfali, killed four Daesh members from atop his house before Daesh discovered his location and killed him by rocketing the house. Al-Warfali killed two Tunisian Daesh members, one Sudanese, and one Libyan as well as destroying some Daesh vehicles. Daesh has also captured the sniper’s father. [QanatLibya]


Two individuals, a Libyan and a Tunisian, have been detained on suspicion of belonging to Daesh, a Misrata Operations Room sources said Thursday. The men were detained in Abu Qurayn, on the road between Sirte and Misrata, as they drove a private car along the road in the direction of Tripoli, the source added. [Wasat]


More than 20 Daesh members have been killed or captured in Sabratha in the last two days, most of them Tunisian nationals, the Sabratha municipal council announced. The 20 were among Daesh members who fled to the Al-Jafara area recently. The statement said Sabratha’s Joint Operations Room would continue its campaign against Daesh in Sabratha. [Wasat]


Two Italian hostages who were kidnapped last summer have been freed in a raid on Friday in Sabratha after two of their abducted companions were killed, possibly in a firefight with Daesh, two days before. [Reuters (English)]


Sabratha Joint Operations Room troops discovered three Tunisian passports bearing the name of Noureddine Bin Tahir Chouchane, one of Tunisia’s most wanted terrorists, who is suspected of involvement in the deadly attack at the Bardo museum in Tunis in 2015. The passports were found in the course of a raid on a Daesh site in Sabratha (photos). [QanatLibya]


Other countries


Spanish police announced the dismantling of a network supplying Daesh and other terror groups with military supplies. 3 containers containing over 20,000 second hand military uniforms intended for terror groups, including Daesh, were confiscated by the police from the ports of Valencia and Alicante. [IraqPress]


Czech Republic

The annual report of Czech MoI stated that many European nationals used Vaclav Havel airport in Prague as a crossing point to the Middle East to join Daesh. It added that some were arrested and returned to their countries, but some crossed to their destination. [Etejah]



Denmark is redeploying its F-16s, withdrawn last year, to Iraq, the Danish Prime Minister said. [Mada] The Danish parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has voted in favor of the Danish president’s request to send 400 Special Forces troops to fight Daesh in Syria and Iraq. The move will come up for a vote on April 15 in the Danish parliament. [Aawsat]




Facebook Page of the Day

Another pro-Daesh page from Libya


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter in Arabic [JustPaste]

Another Daesh promotional video [VideoWood]


March 3, 2016

Abdi in Samarra


Today’s Major Developments


Violent incidents spike in Baghdad as Daesh loses ground elsewhere.

Iraq’s Anbar strategy expands to western Anbar.

Iraqi forces secure strategic Jazeera Samarra; take Daesh territory by Lake Thirthar.

Daesh members attacked inside Mosul.

Daesh attacks in Makhmur leave deaths on both sides.

Political sniping about oil revenue, cash shortage continues in Kurdistan.





Political developments

Prime Minister Abadi had a lot to say, in a meeting for leaders and officials from western Anbar. He says there is an acceptance among political fronts for his calls for a trans-political bloc. He also says that the angry masses are supporting his efforts to fight Daesh and to fight corruption. He says corruption decayed the Iraqi state and helped Daesh to control parts of the country.

He also says that Iraqi forces are on the offensive, have raised the Iraqi flag on Lake Thirthar, and will continue on to liberate west Anbar. He says no one can prevent any Iraqi from liberating Iraqi lands and says military operations should be insulated from political interference. [Mada]

Abadi also said the formula for assembling cabinets up to now aimed at benefiting the political parties instead of the country. [Sumaria]


The Sadrist spokesman says the committee that Moqtada Al-Sadr formed to help choose the new cabinet is “totally independent” and started its work to help the Prime Minister in choosing and evaluating the candidates, but the Prime Minister will have the final decision about the selections. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Just a reminder to the esteemed spokesman that Iraq had elections, and several political parties besides the Sadrists won seats in the Parliament.


Al-Sadr said he received death threats intended to prevent him from leading demonstrations near the Green Zone on Friday this week. He asked potential demonstrators not to enter the Zone and asked them to do that after the announced time limit for the reforms is past. He stressed that the demonstrations should be “angry but peaceful”. [Mada]

Baghdad Operations Command called on the Sadrist demonstrators to define the area of the demonstration, to allow BOC forces to ensure their security. [Ghad]


A Sunni MP from Ninewa says the Ninewa Provincial Council is under the KRG’s control. He says  it should not interfere in military decisions because that is the central government’s responsibility. He also says the PC is very weak and should be disbanded; it should have objected to the Turkish troop presence in Ninewa but it didn’t do anything about it. [SotKurdistan]


A Sunni CoR member asks the government to issue an amnesty for the terrorism suspects who were brainwashed to join Daesh and are trapped in Daesh controlled areas but “don’t have blood on their hands”. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This seems like an innocent request. However, we have to remember that thousands of Daesh members, including some of its top leaders, were previously released under the same “don’t have blood on their hands” banner. So, we have two explanations for this: Either those criminals were innocent people who suddenly became hardcore head-cutting terrorists after they were released from prisons; or they had, and still have, enough political backup to get them released every time they are caught with blood on their hands.     


Security developments

Prime Minister Abadi said today that battles inside Mosul have already started. [Buratha]

[See stories under Mosul below]]

An extensive meeting of top Iraqi and Coalition officers chaired by Khalid al-Ubaidi, the Minister of Defense at MOD, discussed the Mosul liberation process. [Quartas]


The following security incidents were reported:

Northwest Baghdad

An IED placed in a commercial area in the Furat neighborhood killed one civilian and wounded seven others. [Mada]

An IED placed near a popular restaurant in the Al-Jihad neighborhood killed one civilian and wounded five others. [Maalomah]


North Baghdad

Three persons involved in the suicide attack on a mosque in Shula were arrested in Baghdad by the National Intelligence organization. [Mada]

Explosives teams defused a sticky bomb attached to a minibus in Shula without any casualties. [Sumaria]

An IED killed one civilian and wounded 4 others in Suleikh. [Maalomah]

A body of a man shot to death was found in Rashidiya. [Ghad]

Second battalion of the 43rd army brigade detected explosive materials hidden in one of the dried channel beds in Rashidiya, the BOC said. [Ghad]


East Baghdad

Armed men shot and killed an owner of a building materials shop while he was in his car in Ubaidi. [Mada]


Southeast Baghdad

Two bodies of a woman and a child stabbed to death were found in Mada’in. [Mada]

3rd battalion of the 3rd IFP brigade defused an IED in Zafaraniya, the BOC said. [Ghad]

2nd battalion of the IFP 4th brigade detected a weapons cache in Nahrawan containing two RPG7 rocket launchers and several hand grenades, according to the BOC. [Ghad]


South Baghdad

An IED placed in a popular marketplace in Al-Rashid District killed two civilians and wounded five others. [Maalomah]

Armed men broke into a house in Sayafiya in Al-Rashid, killing a man and wounding three women. [Sumaria]

Armed men killed a soldier in his house in Abu Dsheer, in Dora. [Ghad]

An IED placed in Al-Saha residential complex in Dora killed 2 civilians and wounded five. [Mada]

A man wanted on terrorism charges was arrested by a security force in Dora. [Sumaria]

5 persons were arrested on terror charges in Sayed Abdullah village in Yusufiyah. [Maalomah]

An IED placed in a popular vegetables market in Yusufiyah killed two civilians and wounded 7 others. [Mada]

Daesh says its terrorists killed an Iraqi Army “source” in Yusufiyah. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it detonated an IED on an Iraqi Army Humvees in Yusufiyah killing a lieutenant and three of his soldiers. [JustPaste]


West Baghdad

7 mortar shells fell on Al-Nassr wa Al-Salam in Abu Ghraib, killing 3 civilians and wounding another 11. [Baghdadia]

Mortar shells fell on Al-Haswa in Abu Ghraib, killing two civilians and wounding three. [Maalomah]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   22    (Not an overall total)

This is an unusually high total for one day. Over half of these incidents occurred in South or Southeast Baghdad.


The US announced 29 Coalition airstrikes, 21 of them in Iraq that destroyed tactical units, vehicles, and fighting and defensive positions, and attacked supply lines. [PUKMedia]




An army helicopter attacked a house where a Daesh meeting was being held in south Falluja, killing “tens” of them including several leaders. Several vehicles were also destroyed in the attack, which was followed by artillery shelling of the area, according to Khdeyer Al-Rashid, member of Ameriyat Al-Falluja subdistrict council. [Maalomah]


However, Mr. Al-Rashid also reported that a booby-trapped house in Albu Daaij, south of Falluja, exploded, killing two Tribal Mobilization fighters and wounding three. [Maalomah]


Daesh says its terrorists damaged an Iraqi Abrams tank with a rocket in Ameriyat Al-Falluja. [JustPaste]


Col. Jumaa Faza’ Al-Jumaili, commander of Tribal Mobilization of Qarma, said that a wide scale operation to liberate the center of Qarma subdistrict has started from two directions, with the participation 1st and 6th army divisions and Tribal Mobilization forces. Al-Jumaili said that Daesh is using car bombs and suicide attackers to slow down the army’s advance, adding that two suicide bombers were killed and three vehicle bombs destroyed. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. For the last few months it was obvious that that the attack on Qarma was not going anywhere. Let’s hope things are different this time. Liberating Qarma might be the most important step towards liberating the entire district of Falluja.


Joint Operations Command said that military units advancing from the southern sector towards Qarma subdistrict center liberated the Harariyat bridge south of Qarma, east of Falluja from Daesh terrorists, and repelled a Daesh attack by 4 vehicle bombs aimed at the advancing forces. [Mada]


Iraqi Air Force attacked a Daesh command center in the Subaihat area near Al-Masna’ Al-Iraqi, in Qarma subdistrict. The raid killed Riyadh Ahmed Eissa Al-Khalifawi, Daesh military commander of Subaihat, described as a “very serious terrorist”. [Sumaria]


PMF units destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb with a Kornet rocket in Subaihat. [Harbi]


Daesh says one of its Tajik suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces’ positions in Subaihat with a vehicle bomb, killing “tens” of them, then other terrorists attacked and captured the positions and burned them (photos and video). [DawaAlhaq] [Vid.Me]


BOC said its forces are continuing clearance of the Albu Shijil area, killing two terrorists, and destroying a construction shovel and a motorcycle. [Ghad]



Most main and side roads of Ramadi are now opened after being cleared of IEDs, mines, and war remains, according to Adhal Al-Fahdawi, member of Anbar Provincial Council.  He said that very shortly, public parks and buildings will be declared safe in the city. Siddiqiya, Sajariya, Sufiya, and other areas east of Ramadi will be cleared in the coming few days. [Maalomah]


Coalition warplanes killed 9 terrorists and destroyed two vehicles in Albu Bali, north of Ramadi, a security source said. [Baghdadia]



Lt. Saoud Al-Ubaidi, spokesman of the 14th battalion of Anbar police, said that the first stage in the liberation of Hit, Kubaisa, and Rawa has been completed, by cutting off Daesh supply lines. He said that army and security forces are ready to initiate the liberation operation shortly under Iraqi Air Force and Coalition air cover. Tribesmen will play a major role in this operation, he said. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. This seems to support our hunch expressed yesterday that Iraq is now pursuing a western Anbar strategy in combination with the anticipated Hit offensive. The Prime Minister seemed to reinforce this today. The reference to Rawa essentially includes Anah, as the two cities are close together.


A new group of Abrams tanks and BMP1 APCs arrived at Ain Al-Asad base in Baghdadi, west of Ramadi a security source said. He added that this equipment will be used in the Hit and Kubaisa operation next week. [Buratha]


Daesh publishes photos of one of its security checkpoints in Hit. [JustPaste]


Western Anbar

Daesh publishes photos of the graduation ceremonies of new recruits in one of its camps in Anbar. [JustPaste]




Daesh broke into the house of Abd Al-Masaoudi, a jeweler in Shirqat, and robbed IQD 100 million (about $83,000) and gold jewelry, local sources said. He filed a complaint to Daesh complaint authorities, who responded that this was not them but a gang impersonating Daesh fighters. [Mawazin]



A Daesh vehicle bomb attacked a military base in Siniya, west of Baiji, killing 5 and wounding 14 soldiers, Salahuddin Operations Command said. [Ghad]


An IFP source says Daesh tried to compensate for its losses in Jazeera Samarra by launching a “failed” attack in the Himrin Mountains area. The source says 30 Daesh terrorists were killed and 6 vehicles destroyed. [Harbi]


Ali Al-Akbar Brigade, a PMF unit, says it found a mass grave of 43 Daesh terrorists in the Baiji refinery. [Mawazin]



Army and security forces repelled another Daesh attack on Allas and Ajeel oil fields, destroying three Daesh vehicles including a truck bomb, a PMF source said. [Ghad]



Prime Minister Abadi arrives in Jazeera Samarra, visits the liberated areas, and meets with the military leaders. [Mawazin]

Thirthar area

Coalition warplanes destroyed a convoy of 40 Daesh vehicles heading from Anbar to Salahuddin, General Maan Al-Saadi, commander of the 2nd Counter Terrorism division in Jazeera Samarra said. The convoy moved from the Thirthar area north of Ramadi toward Salahuddin, and intelligence was passed from the CT to the Coalition, which took immediate action. All vehicles of the convoy, including several truck bombs, were destroyed and all Daesh personnel in the convoy were killed. [Sumaria]


The IWMC said that the Iraqi flag was raised on the banks of Thirthar Lake, and that Um Al-Araneb village was liberated by the Rapid Intervention forces and special forces with the assistance of the IFP coming from the north. IFP and PMF forces advancing from the middle sector reached the village of Um Al-Asafir west of Samarra, thus cutting off Daesh supply lines. [Sumaria]  Um Al-Asafir village was liberated by the 5th IFP division and the PMF forces. [Mada]


Hakim Al-Zamili, member of the Defense and Security committee of the CoR, said that Daesh is collapsing in the areas around Thirthar Lake, leaving its weapons and ammunition behind. He confirmed the arrival of army units at the lake banks. [Ghad]


Jazeera Samarra

The IWMC says more than 400 Daesh terrorists were killed and more than 50 vehicles destroyed in Jazeera Samarra military operations. [Mawazin]


A Coalition airstrike in Jazeera Samarra killed 70 terrorists and destroyed 13 vehicles, IWMC said. [Ghad]


Saraya Al-Salam units of the PMFs said that it defeated an elite force sent by Daesh from Mosul to Jazeera Samarra. [Maalomah]


A video of Iraqi forces in Jazeera Samarra [Sumaria]


The PMF media said that PMF units are continuing the clearance of the recaptured territory in Jazeera Samarra from IEDs and booby-trapped houses. They are also transferring civilian families to safe area pending clearance of their areas. [Mada]


A CoR member from Salahuddin says more than 5,000 people left their houses because of the recent military operations in Jazeera Samarra and the number could go up to 20,000 in the coming days. He asked the government to form an emergency unit to deal with issue. He also says the Ministry of Migration and Displacement prepared “good” amounts of food supplies, but it is still not enough. [Sumaria]


IWMC said that forces advancing in Jazeera Samarra had liberated the villages of Al-Salam, Joza, Ayn Al-Faras, Salihiya, and Fayadhia, in addition in addition to all other villages scattered over the northern sector. [Mawazin]  The PMFs media said that by the liberation of these villages, the whole sector of west Tikrit is free from Daesh now. [PUKMedia]


The IWMC says Counter Terrorism forces, in coordination with Coalition warplanes, destroyed 3 Daesh tanker bombs, 8 pickups and 11 motorcycles in Shadhra village north of Jazeera Samarra. [Etejah]


Daesh says fifteen Iraqi soldiers were killed in a suicide attack west of Samarra. [A3maq]


The IWMC said that the outcome of operations of Samarra Command forces (army, IFP, Rapid Intervention, and PMFs) is 167 terrorists killed and 13 vehicle bombs, 23 machine gun-mounted trucks, 15 centers, 5 motorcycles, and numerous ammunition caches destroyed. [Ghad]


Videos of PMFs destroying Daesh vehicle bomb in Jazeera Samarra [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

DaeshDaily comment. Without thermal rockets it would have been almost impossible to counter this large number of Daesh vehicle bombs.


Daesh publishes photos of battles in Salahuddin. [JustPaste]

A video shot by a drone of several Daesh vehicles escaping from Jazeera Samarra towards Mosul [YouTube]

DaeshDaily comment. The scene was perfect for an airstrike.


General Hamid Al-Maliki, commander of Iraqi Army Aviation (IAA), said that army helicopters initiated 96 attacks in the first day and 77 in the second day of operations. In the Samarra sector, a Daesh military commander was killed along with several other terrorists, while the Daesh security officer of Jazeera was killed along with 13 others at the Albu Nimr power station. 17 vehicle bombs were destroyed. [AIN]


Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, deputy chairman of the PMF commission, says in a press conference in the Salahuddin Operations Command headquarters that Jazeera Samarra was liberated completely, depriving Daesh of a very important base area it used to attack Samarra and Tikrit. He also says Shirqat will be liberated in the coming weeks. He says the Coalition didn’t have any role in the operations. He also says PMFs are only 1 km away from Falluja and their participation in liberating the city depends on the Prime Minister’s orders. [Mada]


Nadhum Al-Asadi, a PMF leader, said that 90% of Jazeera Samarra is liberated, and that the remaining 10% is clearing of mines and IEDs. He added that the quick, surprise advance of security troops deprived Daesh of the time needed to plant more IEDs, and that the next step is Falluja and Shirqat. The sequence of the liberation is subject to technical and logistic considerations. [Maalomah]


The IWMC said that the outcome of operations of Samarra Command forces (army, IFP, Rapid Intervention, and PMFs) is 167 terrorists killed and 13 vehicle bombs, 23 machine gun-mounted trucks, 15 centers, 5 motorcycles, and numerous ammunition caches destroyed. [Ghad]



Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

A Sunni parliament member says the Governor of Diyala recent statement led to the killing yesterday of two cousins of Naheda Al-Daini, an MP from Diyala, and asks the Governor to represent his governorate instead of his tribe. The Governor accused Daini of being responsible for moving a security unit from Diyala, which led to the attack which killed many members of the Governor’s tribe. [Mada]


The Diyala Governor’s tribe (Bani Tamim) gave the government 24 hours to investigate the officials responsible for the Muqdadiya attack, threatening demonstrations in 10 governorates. The tribe members are holding a sit-in at the location of the suicide attack. [Sumaria]


A civilian was shot dead by unidentified armed men near Al-Ahaymar village east of Muqdadiya, a security source in Diyala said. [Sumaria]


Four mortar shells fell on the orchards of Jaqjaq village north of Muqdadiya, without causing human casualties, a security source said. [Sumaria]


An extensive deployment of AAH militia in Muqdadiya caused local populations to stay on roofs of their houses in fear, according to a security source. AAH are patrolling all parts of Muqdadiya. [Ghad]


Northern Diyala

A KDP official says Iran deployed a big force equipped with heavy weapons in the area of Marwari, between Khanaqin in northeast Diyala and Kalar in southern Suleimaniya, inside Kurdistan. Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa said top Iranian officers were seen the area. He added that the Badr militia of the PMF intended earlier to deploy forces in Khanaqin on pretext of protecting the Shia population, which he considers a destabilizing move. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. In context, this is not so confusing. Khanaqin is largely Kurdish and the KRG wants it moved into Kurdistan. Shia militias have persistently opposed Kurdish territorial moves in areas where there are significant Shia populations. Iran’s interest is in supporting the Shia in Iraq. All of this has nothing to do with fighting Daesh. It’s all about the end game in Iraq.



A local source says a 14 year old girl committed suicide in a displaced persons camp in Laylan, 25 km (15.5 miles) southeast of Kirkuk. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The displacement is one of the major elements of Daesh existence in Iraq, and unfortunately the government and the international community are not doing enough to help. The displaced people are not only the victims of Daesh, but also an important source of recruits, especially young people. Suicide incidents are sometimes reported in the displaced persons camps. It’s a difficult situation for young people, who suffer from the unbearable life in the camps, to committing suicide or joining Daesh, or any other armed group.


Daesh shelled Taza subdistrict south of Kirkuk with three Katyusha rockets, without causing human casualties, a Turkmen PMF spokesman said. [Mada]


The body of a woman stabbed to death was found in east Kirkuk, a security source said. [Maalomah]




A surprising attack on Daesh locations in Mosul by masked men in speeding cars killed many terrorists on the left (east) side of the city. [Maalomah]

The masked men also captured 3 Daesh members from Arab countries. [Maalomah]


In its first operation in Mosul, the Iraqi Army’s 15th division artillery shelled Daesh positions in Saba’awiyeen south of Mosul city, and killed Hashim Ahmed (Abu Suhaib) commander of Saba’awiyeen sector of Daesh and seven other terrorists, a security source said. [AIN]


A source in Ninewa Police said that 13 Daesh terrorists, including 5 Arab leaders, were killed in a Coalition airstrike at the entrance to Badoush, just west of Mosul. [BasNews]


Daesh imposed a curfew in Mosul city after several of its flags were torn off on the right (west) side of the city. Daesh installed several checkpoints in the city. [Sumaria]


Daesh shelled the villages of Hanka and Hardan in northwest Mosul with chlorine packed shells, wounding 15 Peshmerga fighters who started to suffer suffocation symptoms, the Peshmerga command said. [Ghad]


Daesh issues a video of how it cares for orphans in Ninewa. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. Classic Daesh propaganda! As things deteriorate, they issue nice videos and pictures to show its supporters that everything is fine.


Nineveh Plain

Coalition warplanes attacked the areas of Qaraqosh, Bartella, and Salamiya several hours ago, according to local sources. The sources said that these attacks have occurred on daily basis for a week now. [Karemlash]



15 Katyusha rockets fired by Daesh on Iraqi army units in Makhmur killed 4 soldiers and wounded 22, a security source said. [Baghdadia]


Daesh shelled Iraqi units based in Makhmur with mortar shells wounding two soldiers, a Peshmerga source said. 15th army division is mobilizing in Makhmur for Mosul liberation operation. [Sumaria]


A Peshmerga commander says Daesh launched an attack on the Kurdish front lines in Makhmur but the Peshmerga stopped the attack, killing 7 Daesh terrorists and destroying their heavy weapons. Two Peshmerga fighters were killed. [Rudaw]


Daesh says it shelled Iraqi Army and PMFs positions in Makhmur with 8 155mm artillery shells and 11 Grad rockets, killing 26 soldiers. [JustPaste]

Daesh issues a video, taken by a drone, of the shelling. [A3maq] [Vid.Me]

DaeshDaily comment. However, the drone couldn’t possibly specify 26 casualties. Can we ask Daesh where it got this number from? (Out of the air, perhaps)


Other Governorates  


Rudaw press agency (close to the KDP) said that the Daesh figure arrested by a special US force is the wali of the entire Kirkuk area, and was a top officer in the Iraqi army in the Saddam regime. The arrest was made in the Al-Zab area in Kirkuk province. While the US is planning to hand him over in Baghdad after finishing interrogations, the KRG wants to keep him for further investigation. [Rudaw]


A Kurdistan Islamic Union member of the KRG’s Parliament says the KRG’s monthly oil revenue, 1 billion USD according to the Parliament’s financial and energy committees, is enough to pay the USD 700 million salaries, and blamed the KDP for the current financial crisis. [Sumaria]


Deputy KRG Prime Minister Qubad Talabani says the IKR citizens are suspicious about the numbers on oil revenues provided by the KRG. He says “we asked the international community for help regarding auditing the oil revenues”. [Sumaria]


The KRG’s Kurdistan National Security Council issues a statement saying that Kurdish counter terrorism troops saved the Swedish teenager who was lured to join Daesh, from Daesh controlled areas. The Council refutes media reports that suspected the rescue operation. The Council says some “opportunistic people” tried to take money from the girl’s family but they didn’t do anything and then the family contacted the KNSC. [Rudaw]




4 persons carrying unlicensed ammunition were arrested at the entry checkpoint to Diwaniya, according to the Diwaniya Police department. [Ghad]


Dhi Qar

A former leader in the dissolved Baath party was arrested in Qalat Sukkar north of Nasariya, on terrorism charges, the Dhi Qar Police said.  [Mada]




Political developments

A report in Turkish media alleges that a Daesh militant named Talas Al-Surour infiltrated the Syrian opposition media based in Turkey in 2015 and worked for the Syrian opposition media outlet “Ein Al-Watan” for six months, during which time he gathered information on Syrian media activists and journalists working in Turkey, and their sources in Raqqa, before murdering a Syrian journalist in Urfa in October. Al-Surour allegedly presented himself to the opposition media networks in Turkey as having fled from Daesh in Raqqa. His story was reportedly more credible because he had relatives fighting in the Free Syrian Army. After the attack in Turkey, Daesh reportedly killed 80 people in Raqqa who were allegedly identified by Al-Surour as providing information to opposition media about events in Raqqa. [Cihan]


Military developments

Unknown gunmen opened fire on a security headquarters in the Bayram Basha district of Istanbul on Thursday before fleeing the scene, security sources said. One of the attackers was reportedly injured in an exchange of gunfire during the attack. [Cihan]

State-run Anadolu reports a similar attack on a police vehicle in Istanbul. No injuries were reported in that attack. It is unclear from Anadolu’s story if it is reporting the same event that was reported in Cihan in Bayram Basha or a separate attack. [Anadolu]




A Lebanese website reported details of an alleged prisoner swap between Daesh and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Syria, in which Daesh allegedly captured the body of Ali Fayyad, a prominent Hezbollah commander who died in the assault on Khanasir south of Aleppo. Daesh reportedly arranged a prisoner exchange with Hezbollah in which Daesh returned the body of Fayyad and other dead fighters in exchange for Daesh prisoners and the captured bodies of fallen Daesh fighters. However the Lebanese website says that Hezbollah claimed publicly that it had conducted a military operation to recapture the bodies of its slain fighters from Daesh. [Arabi21]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

The Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) have announced a new campaign to seize the areas around Shaddadi and Tal Abyad from Daesh and establish a defensive perimeter around the areas that Daesh assaulted last week. The campaign will be codenamed “Revenge for Joudi and Eleen,” two young girls who were killed in Daesh’s recent assault on Tal Abyad. Under the rubric of the “Revenge” campaign, the SDF announced that it took control of the village of Bir Haba 47 km (29 miles) south of Suluk. [ARA] [Hawar]


A photo reportedly shows a 26-year-old resident of Tal Abyad who was murdered by Daesh in Tal Abyad last week. [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment: The stories about Tal Abyad and the SDF response to the Daesh assault there last week are still alleging that Daesh fighters infiltrated the area from the Turkish side of the border.


A video of Syria Democratic Forces destroying a Daesh vehicle bomb south of Tal Abyad on March 2 [YouTube]


Raqqa is facing an acute shortage of medications due to the increasing military campaign against it and the closing of the Turkish border, activists have said, warning of grave humanitarian consequences for the city’s inhabitants. [Arabi21]


Daesh says its terrorists killed three YPG fighters in an ambush northwest of Shaddadi. [JustPaste]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Daesh attacked two cities north of Aleppo on Thursday in a broad assault on opposition militia-held areas, a militia commander said.  Daesh fighters attacked at Aqida and Baraghida but were repelled by allied opposition militias in fighting that killed six Daesh militants and wounded others, the militia source said. Two Daesh fighters were taken captive at Baraghida, he added. Coalition planes struck Daesh positions in two airstrikes at Al-Raei and Qara Kubri, while Daesh mortared a refugee camp near Aqida on the Turkish border, he said. Two landmines that Daesh planted in the area exploded near Al-Raei, killing two people and wounding several others, he added. [ARA]


Battles erupted between Daesh and the Syrian military on multiple fronts east of Aleppo on Thursday, resulting in an exchange of territory as both sides made gains at the expense of the other in different areas, an activist said. Syrian troops re-took the city of Fah near Al-Bab city after heavy fighting and Russian airstrikes on Daesh positions, the activist said. Daesh for its part launched a fierce attack on Syrian positions in Nasariya east of Al-Bab, forcing the Syrian troops to retreat towards the city of Sheikh Ahmad, the activist said. [ARA]


The road connecting areas north of Aleppo under opposition militia control to areas east of the city under Daesh control (Al-Bab, Manbij) has been reopened to food and fuel shipments after being closed for two weeks during fighting in which the SDF seized control of Tal Rifaat, through which the road runs. Qasioun’s correspondent explained that the road provides fuel to rebel-held areas north of Aleppo and food to Daesh-held areas to the east. [Qasioun]


Daesh publishes photos of its road maintenance activities in Manbij. [JustPaste]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Russian planes raided areas in the Daesh-held city of Palmyra (Tadmur) east of Homs on Thursday, killing at least six civilians and injuring at least 10 others. Syrian ground troops fought pitched battles with Daesh as they attempted to seize control of the road connecting Mahin and Qaryatayn in the Homs countryside. [Qasioun]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh has ordered the confiscation of all homes of all absent residents of Mayadin and has begun taking possession of empty homes in the city, in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside, an activist said. The activist said the order applied to property of any absent resident, regardless of whether they were involved with the Syrian Army or opposition factions or not. [ARA]


In the ongoing battle for Deir Ez-Zor, the Syrian military has adopted the Daesh tactic of arresting residents and sending them to the front lines to dig trenches and construct barricades. Residents of the Al-Jura neighborhood were pressed into such work recently, during which two were killed by Daesh gunfire while digging trenches on the front lines in the Rashidiya neighborhood. Syrian troops arrested fifteen residents of Al-Jura Thursday without providing further details. At least 20 residents of Daesh-held areas have died from Syrian Army fire after being pressed by Daesh into labor on its front lines with the Syrian military. [Qasioun]



Renewed battles erupted between fighters from a pro-Daesh faction and the Nusra Front in Yarmouk Camp in southern Damascus Wednesday evening and continued into Thursday. “Abu Khadir,” an emir of the “Ansar al-Islam” group, which has pledged allegiance to Daesh, was killed in the fighting, which reportedly broke out after Nusra Front and Ansar militants launched arrest campaigns targeting each others’ fighters in the camp, according to an activist. The Ansar faction reportedly was attempting to create an Islamic State organization in the camp, according to the activist. A truce has been brokered between the two factions, according to Qasioun’s correspondent, involving a ceasefire, the removal of checkpoints, release of detainees, and allowing Nusra members to circulate freely in the camp. Fighters from both parties were reportedly killed in the fighting but specific figures were not available. [ARA] [Qasioun]




Neighboring countries


Jordanian police have cordoned off areas of Irbid city, the site of a foiled Daesh attack on Tuesday, and are conducting search operations for weapons, a security source said.  [Arabi21]



Israeli media reported Thursday that Israeli authorities are interrogating a suspected Daesh cell from the Galilee region in the north of the country that was allegedly planning attacks inside Israeli territory. A source told Israeli media that the cell had planned to strike three targets, without specifying. Two suspects were arrested and are alleged to have been plotting attacks on Jewish targets inside the country. The investigation was reportedly opened after a relative of one of the suspects was apprehended by Turkish authorities on the Turkish-Syrian border and sent to Israeli custody in August. Israeli courts placed a gag order on the case but the ban on publishing information about the case was partially lifted Thursday. [Erem]


Saudi Arabia/Philippines

Philippine investigators have revealed that a bag apparently belonging to the assailant who was killed after a shooting attack that injured the Saudi preacher A’id Al-Qarni contained evidence that he was a 21-year-old Philippine national, Rughsan Miswari. The bag also contained evidence suggesting that suspect was an engineering student at Western Mindanao University, but authorities warned that the evidence could be faked. Investigations are still ongoing with two other suspects who are in custody, Majid Abu Bakr (age 31) and Junaid Qadri Salih (age 36). Al-Qarni’s name recently appeared among a list of other Saudi clerics in Daesh’s Dabiq publication under the headline “Kill the Kafir Clerics,” prompting suspicion that Daesh may be involved in the attack. [Rudaw]


North Africa


Italy resumed its flights to Sharm El-Sheikh international airport on Thursday, for the first time since the deadly crash of a Russian airliner last October that has been attributed to a Daesh terrorist attack. [CairoPost (English)]


A security source said that highly trained militants are infiltrating into North Sinai from Gaza and were conducting attacks on Egyptian troops there. [ElWatan]


Egyptian Apache attack helicopters struck an Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis gathering south of Rafah killing 18 militants and injuring 30 others, a security source said. Arrest raids in the same area resulted in the capture of six militants, the source added. [ElWatan]


Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis, the militant group that calls itself Daesh’s “State of Sinai” has planted a “large number” of IEDs in two schools in Rafah in order to impede the advance of security units, a security source said. A state of emergency is in effect in the area and instruction has been cancelled in the two schools, the source added. [VetoGate]


An IED exploded on a passing security column near a police department in Arish on Thursday. No further details were available at the time. [VetoGate]


A soldier died in North Sinai on Thursday after accidentally discharging his weapon into his abdomen while he was cleaning it. [VetoGate]




Libyan authorities have deported a Tunisian national who was suspected of belonging to an extremist group. [AfriGate]



Two Libyan soldiers were killed in two landmine explosions in Benghazi. [AfriGate]



At least five Daesh members were killed in Sirte Wednesday night when a young man engaged Daesh militants in a firefight after they were sent to detain him, according to local sources. As many as ten Daesh vehicles arrived at the man’s house in Sirte’s “2nd” neighborhood, but as Daesh militants were raiding the house a firefight erupted which lasted for several hours and in which the young man killed five Daesh militants. The battle ended when Daesh attacked the house with rocket and mortar shells, destroying the building and killing the young man, local sources said. Daesh launched a wide-ranging arrest campaign in various neighborhoods of Sirte including “2nd”, “700” and Bouhadi. [AfriGate]


Daesh militants abducted four young men in Harawa on Thursday, local sources said, without knowing the reason. As many as 20 Daesh Toyota vehicles passed through Harawa, heading toward Sirte, the sources said. [Wasat]


Unknown warplanes struck a Daesh site in Bin Jawad on Wednesday, local sources said. Daesh had occupied the site some days ago, the sources said. No information was available as to casualty figures from the airstrike. [Arabiya]


Daesh has launched an appeal to the youth of Sirte in a public assembly in the city. (photos). [Wasat]



Italy’s foreign ministry has announced that two of its citizens, who were reportedly abducted last summer, have been killed in an exchange of gunfire in Sabratha. [Erem]


Eight Daesh members including two women were killed in fighting in western Libya south of Sabratha that erupted after raids by anti-Daesh groups operating under the rubric of the Sabratha Joint Operations Room. [Wasat]



As many as 30 Daesh vehicles attempted to storm the Tunisian border on Wednesday, prompting fighting on the Libyan-Tunisian border near Ben Guerdane. A detachment of Tunisian special forces responded to the Daesh attack. At least five Tunisians were killed in the fighting, four of whom have been identified. Details remain sketchy as to the outcome of the fighting. [Jarida] [Ewan] [Libyens] [Tunisien]


Video of Tunisian security troops in the fighting in Ben Guerdane. [YouTube]



Algeria will build new camps in the southern border province of Illizi in preparation for an anticipated influx of Libyan refugees in case of Western intervention in Libya. [Wasat]



A Daesh cell that was captured by Moroccan authorities last month was planning deadly biological attacks, the Moroccan Interior Ministry announced. [Tunisien]


Other countries


Nigerian officials arrested 13 Nigerians who were planning to travel to Libya to join Daesh. [Ewan]




Facebook Page of the Day

Abu Omar Al-Shanqiti, a defected Mauritanian Daesh sharia judge in Derna, page

DaeshDaily comment. Well, we can’t say it’s a successful change in this man, as he is more of Al-Qaeda supporter now!


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in English, Arabic and Russian [JustPaste]


Daesh infographics of Iraqi and Syrian casualties for February [JustPaste]


March 2, 2016


Today’s Major Developments


Air-dropped leaflets tell Hit residents to get ready for liberation; same message to west Anbar cities.

Jazeera Samarra campaign clears Daesh out, keeps on moving.

PKK wants to participate in Mosul liberation.

Coalition bomb kills 62 Daesh fighters and family members in convoy out of Mosul.

Barzani continues anti-corruption assault on people with hidden wealth; Gorran attacks his.

Russian, Turkish foreign ministers have hostile exchange of charges, counter-charges.

Libyan Army moving toward Daesh in Sirte.





Political developments

The Prime Minister’s office issues a statement saying Abadi received a phone call from Vice President Biden, who congratulated Iraq for the recent victories against Daesh and gave his condolences about the recent terrorist attacks. Biden also stressed on the US’s support for Iraq’s unity and sovereignty.  They also discuss the US military help to Iraq and the financial reforms and the importance of having international experts to help Iraq during the financial crisis. [Mada]


President Masoum, PM Abadi, Speaker Jubouri and the leaders of the political parties are agreed on the necessity of having a cabinet changeover, according to a statement issued by the President’s office. [Rudaw]


Prime Minister Abadi met in his office with the NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, to discuss the war on terrorism and NATO’s arming and training of Iraq forces. The Secretary General said that he stands with Iraq on its unity and on sovereignty over its territory, referring to the Turkish troops in Ninewa, according to statement from Abadi’s office. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. A legitimate question here would be: When has the Turkish military willingly left any land it occupied? 

The Secretary General issued a statement saying that the NATO will start training Iraqi Army members in Jordan starting in March. [Mada]


The spokesman of PM Abadi says the American military operations in Iraq will help weaken Daesh and eliminate its leaders. He also says operations are being done either based on requests from the Iraqi government or in coordination with it. [Sumaria]

CNN reported 2 days ago that the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force operations to target, capture or kill top Daesh operatives have begun in Iraq.


The American Embassy in Baghdad says the Coalition’s special envoy to Iraq, Bret McGurk, has arrived to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi officials. [Sumaria]


Iraq’s Minister of Interior withdrew from the Arab interior ministers’ meeting to protest a proposal to declare Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a terrorist group. The resolution was proposed by Gulf countries. [Shafaq]


Security developments

Extensive security measures are being taken around the Green Zone following the call of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr for his supporters to demonstrate in front of it next Friday. Security deployments and fences were spread around the area. Al-Sadr stressed the peaceful nature of the demonstration. [AIN]


17th Army, operating in the south of Baghdad, located an explosives cache in the Arab Jassim area in Yusufiyah, containing 4 containers of machine gun ammunition, a 5 liter container packed with C4, and 3 Austrian 155mm shells modified into IEDs. [AIN]


A joint force captured an ammunition cache in Tarmiya in northern Baghdad Governorate belonging to alleged terrorist Hamid Abdullah Halbus, including six 20-liter containers of C4.  Another unit detected and captured two 20-liter containers, a detonator, and three motorcycles during a search in three areas, and arrested Nouriddin Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani, wanted for terrorism. [AIN]


Security forces arrested in Baghdad 2 escapees from Badoush prison in Mosul, MoI said. [Maalomah]


The following security incidents were reported:

North Baghdad

An IED killed one civilian and wounded seven in Husseiniya. [Mada]

The body of an unknown man was found shot in Husseiniya. [Maalomah]

A Ministry of Electricity driver was killed and a passer-by civilian wounded when a sticker IED exploded under a Ministry’s vehicle in Meshahda area in Tarmiya. [Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. Many of the complaints in areas infected with insurgents in Iraq are about the lack of services in those areas. Corruption is a major reason for bad services, but it would help a little if people stop killing civil servants.


East Baghdad

A university professor was killed when a sticky bomb attached to his car exploded as he drove through the Baladiyat neighborhood. [Mada]

An IED placed near a private generator in Ubaidi killed the generator owner and wounded four others. [Mada]


Southeast Baghdad

An IED placed in a marketplace in Nahrawan killed one civilian and wounded six. [Maalomah]

An IED placed in a road junction in Nahrawan killed two civilians and wounded eight. [Mada]

An IED killed two civilians and wounded eight in Karaghouliya village in Nahrawan. [Mada]

An IED placed near an electronic games hall killed one civilian and wounded 6 others in Jisr Diyala. [Mada]


South Baghdad

Unknown armed men broke into a civilian house in Rasheed District, seized the house owner and his son and shot them outside the house. [Baghdadia]

Three civilians were wounded when a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded in Mada’in. [Sumaria]


West Baghdad

An IED exploded in an alley in Iskan, and caused damage to a nearby house without causing human casualties. [Ghad]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   12    (Not an overall total)


Coalition warplanes executed 21 airstrikes on targets in Iraq and Syria. 14 raids in Iraq targeted Al-Qa’im, Albu Hayat, Habbaniya, Ramadi, and Falluja; Mosul and Sinjar; and Baiji. [Sumaria]




A local tribal fighters’ commander says Daesh fighters withdrew completely from Hay Al-Dhubat neighborhood in Falluja city. [Mawazin]


A security source says an IED targeted a Daesh checkpoint near Al-Wihda Bridge west of Falluja, killing 7 Daesh members and destroying 2 vehicles. [Baghdadia]


The IWMC said that clearing of Albu Shijil, Qarma, and Taqsim is continuing, and that 5 terrorists were killed and 33 IEDs and two vehicles destroyed. It added that 55th army brigade killed 15 terrorists, including 5 suicide attackers, in Bustan Al-Tikriti. Rapid Intervention force killed 2 terrorists in Hitawiyeen, while the 24th brigade killed one terrorist and arrested several others, and destroyed 5 booby-trapped houses and 3 IEDs in Ma’amir, Hamdaniya, and Kadhem Al-Adhab areas.  [Maalomah]


Liwa Al-Marjiya PMF force said it is advancing towards Falluja amidst heavy fighting, after repelling a major Daesh attack on Ameriyat al-Falluja yesterday. [Sumaria]


Anbar Operations Command said that army units repelled a Daesh attack on areas recently liberated in Sadda, Nuaimiya, and Hitawiyeen south of Falluja, killing 13 attackers, and destroying 4 machine gun-mounted vehicles, a rocket launching platform, and four hosting locations. [Mada]


A security source says security forces killed 3 Daesh terrorists trying to plant an IED near Subaihat in Qarma. [Maalomah]


A member of Ameriyat Al-Falluja subdistrict council says Iraqi troops supported by tribal fighters and PMFs stopped a Daesh attack in Zoba’a, killing “tens” of terrorists. [Maalomah]


The Anbar Operations (AOC) Commander says they found 3 Daesh tunnels in Fahailat near Ameriyat Al-Falluja and defused 13 IEDs in the same area. [Buratha]



9th army division repelled a Daesh attack in Hamdhiya east of Ramadi, killing “tens” of them. Abu Tabarek Al-Farraji, a Daesh leader, was killed in action, according to the MoD.  [AIN]

10th army division repelled Daesh attacks in Hamdhiya, Albu Farraj, and Albu Dhiab, while Coalition warplanes destroyed 2 vehicles in Albu Ubaid. 103 IEDs were defused in Sajariya and Albu Harrat, the MoD announced. [AIN]


70 IEDs were defused in Al-Andalus neighborhood in the middle of Ramadi by army engineering units, a security source said. [Baghdadia]


A video of Iraqi forces destroying a vehicle bomb in Anbar [YouTube]



IWMC said that Iraqi warplanes dropped thousands of leaflets over the city of Hit asking the population to get ready for liberation from Daesh control. [Mada]

Later, warplanes dropped similar materials on Kubaisa, but also on Anah and Rawa farther west. [AIN]

DaeshDaily comment. Anah and Rawa are well into western Anbar along the river, so this story suggests that Iraq intends to continue expanding westward in Anbar. If you like to think about how separate pieces of information might come together, take this report, added to the latest Coalition airstrike in Al-Qa’im in the far west, added to yesterday’s news under Samarra that Counter Terrorism Service forces, perhaps Iraq’s best troops, were on the road to Haditha. Anah and Rawa are between Haditha and Al-Qa’im. Of course, it could also be a tactic to keep Daesh guessing about the next move.


Iraqi Air Force destroyed 4 car bombs and killed 4 terrorists in the Haditha stores area, the MoD said, while Iraqi Army Aviation helicopters destroyed 8 Daesh boats in Qadisiya Lake near Haditha Dam. The 3rd battalion of the Jazeera Operations Command killed 4 suicide attackers that tried to attack its HQ. [AIN]


A video shows Iraqi fighters surrounding Daesh terrorists in a house in Haqlaniya in Haditha, then one of the terrorists detonates himself. [YouTube]

DaeshDaily comment. Most likely no Iraqi fighter was killed in this video, but the mass gathering around the house shows how Daesh suicide terrorists could kill many Iraqi fighters. The naïve fighters in this video looked like children circling around an ice cream truck.


Western Anbar

See first story above under Hit/Haditha.




Abu Othman, the leader of Daesh in Shirqat, and his assistant were killed in clashes with joint forces in Shirqat, the IWMC said. [IraqPress]



Ali Al-Akbar PMF brigade repelled a major Daesh attack in Makhoul Mountains from several directions, the brigade said in a statement. It said that Daesh bodies were scattered in the valleys of Makhoul. [Mawazin] 5 Daesh leaders of Saudi, Chechen, Caucasus, and American nationalities were killed in the battle. [Mawazin]


Salahuddin Operations Command forces repelled a Daesh attack in the northern Siniya-Thirthar valley, killing 5 terrorists. Army helicopters destroyed a machine gun-mounted vehicle west of Siniya, and killed 6 terrorists southwest of Speicher, the MoD said. [AIN]


A car bomb attacked PMF units west of Siniya, killing 5 and wounding 12 PMF fighters, a security source said. [Baghdadia]


A video shows Iraqi forces arriving at the Siniya-Haditha Road in a location west of Baiji. [ISOF]



Daesh publishes photos of shelling PMFs in Ajeel oilfield with SPG9 rockets. [JustPaste]


Iraqi forces destroyed a Daesh vehicle west of Majid Al-Timimi (Speicher) base, the MoD said. [AIN]

DaeshDaily comment. The base was renamed for the Iraqi helicopter pilot who died while saving Yazidi families in Sinjar.



Counter Terrorism troops announced capture of 21 square km of Jazeera Samarra, advancing from five different directions. Major General Maan Al-Saadi, commander of the Second CT division, said that the objective is to put Daesh under siege in separate locations. He said Daesh is using modified rockets of 13 km range to shell Tikrit and Al-Alam. [Mada


Iraqi planes dropped thousands of leaflets over Jazeera Samarra instructing the population to identify themselves to the advancing security forces, IWMC said. [Sumaria]


Major General Thamer Ismail, commander of Rapid Intervention forces said 125 families were cleared to safety in Jazeera Samarra, while 45 terrorists were killed and two car bombs destroyed in Al-Shagra, west of Samarra. He added that the area will be liberated in a short period. [Mawazin]

A security source said the advancing forces in Jazeera Samarra liberated 50 families held by Daesh as hostages near the Strategic Line area north of Samarra. [Mada]

Army and PMF units rescued 200 families from Jazeera Samarra and moved them to safe areas away from battlefields. [AIN]


Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, deputy chairman of the PMF commission, said that the thousands of kilometers of Jazeera Samarra have been liberated in full by the PMF, Counter Terrorism forces, army, and police with the assistance of IAF and IAA. He said this achievement is difficult to match even by the best and largest armies in the world. He added that once remaining Daesh pockets here and there are cleared, an official liberation statement will be announced. [Sumaria]


The Daesh security official of Jazeera Samarra, Hayawi Mohammed, and his assistant Bashar Al-Bazi were killed along with 14 others, by an attack from an Abrams tank and an SPG 9 unit in the middle of Jazeera Samarra, according to the IWMC. [AIN]


Albu Jarush village on the outskirts of Jazeera Samarra was liberated by the army and the Iraqi flag was raised there by the army, press sources said. [AIN]


PMF media said that Daesh is withdrawing from Jazeera Samarra areas towards Mosul, following the heavy losses inflicted on them by the army and the PMFs. [Mawazin]


Sami Al-Masoudi, supervisor of Waadallah PMF forces, reported that his fighters are advancing westward alongside army units towards Al-Thirthar Lake, and that Daesh terrorists are escaping from Jazeera Samarra. [Sumaria]


An IAA helicopter destroyed a car bomb heading towards army and security forces in the Strategic Line area north of Samarra, and destroyed a house used by Daesh as a command center in the same area. [Mada]


Iraqi warplanes destroyed two Daesh vehicles west of Siniya, the IWMC said. [Mawazin]


The PMF said that Daesh leaders escaped Albu Jawad, Albu Yasin, and Awda Mirza Hamad villages towards Shirqat as PMF units approached. [Mawazin]

PMF media said that Jund Al-Imam PMF units defused 60 IEDs of 250 kg each near Makhmur village in the Line area, and are chasing Daesh terrorists escaping from Albu Ali Al-Ghota and Albu Hamoud areas. [Mawazin]


A security source says Samarra Operations commandos liberated Albu Nimr village, 3 km west of the Strategic Line and destroyed a booby-trapped house. The IAA destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb in the area. [AIN]


Major General Ra’ed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the IFP, said that IFP forces killed 17 terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicles. The IFP also defused 13 houses and 34 IEDs, and raised the Iraqi flag over Al-Salam village near Baiji and Rashidiya. [Mawazin]


Destruction of 11 car bombs, 7 vehicles, and 9 camps was the outcome of the second day of operations in Jazeera Samarra. [Maalomah]


Daesh says 5 of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces north and west of Samarra, two near Siniya and the fifth in Al-Salam northwest of Tikrit, killing “tens” of Iraqi soldiers. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of 3 of the 5 terrorists (a Moroccan, a Libyan and an Iraqi). [JustPaste]


Daesh says 2 of its suicide terrorists (a Palestinian and an Iraqi) attacked Iraqi forces with vehicle bombs, one in Al-Salam and the other on the road between Baiji and Haditha, killing more than 40 soldiers and destroying several vehicles. [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video of 10 of its terrorists who were killed in battles in Salahuddin. Some of them participated in the Speicher massacre. [VideoWood]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in the Khuzaymi Street in Jazeera Samarra with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding many soldiers and destroying several vehicles and damaging a tank. Daesh also its terrorists battled Iraqi forces near Ain Al-Faras, killing 21 soldiers and destroying a tank and 10 vehicles. [JustPaste]


Daesh says in total it targeted Iraqi forces with 9 suicide attacks near Baiji, Samarra and Tikrit on Tuesday. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. These claims are of course supposed to distract you from the defeats they suffered elsewhere in the area, and ignore the fact that most suicide attacks are unsuccessful.


Daesh publishes photos of battles near Samarra Dam. [JustPaste]


Saraya Al-Salam units of the PMF destroyed five Daesh car bombs in Al-Nakhwa area west of Samarra, the PMF media said. [Mawazin] A suicide attacker was killed and a Daesh armored personnel carrier was destroyed in the area. [Mawazin]


A video of Iraqi forces destroying a Daesh vehicle bomb west of Samarra [YouTube]


The PMF media said that the PMF forces are advancing southwest of Speicher camp towards Joza village amidst heavy fighting. The PMF recovered the oil company premises and pumps in Jazeera area. [Mawazin]


Army units destroyed a machine gun-mounted vehicle and killed three terrorists during its advance in South Samarra. IAA destroyed two vehicle bombs north of Samarra, the IWMC said. [AIN]


Daesh leaders escaped Qanater north of Thirthar Lake, leaving their fighters to face the PMFs, the PMF media said. [Etejah]




The Diyala Provincial Council held an emergency meeting and demanded that the government investigate 7 deadly attacks in the Governorate that killed or wounded around one thousand people during the last eight months. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. It might be just a coincidence that these deadly attacks started to happen directly after the previous Governor, a Sunni, was replaced in late May 2015.


A dentist was kidnapped by armed men east of Baquba, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Two Daesh terrorists were arrested in Khan Bani Saad subdistrict, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Major General Jassem Al-Saadi, commander of Diyala Police, denied the existence of any case of forced displacement of families in Muqdadiya. He called the national broadcasting and communications authority to intervene to stop the “flood of lies” by some satellite TV channels. [Sumaria]


A civilian was shot dead by armed men in Hurriya neighborhood east of Muqdadiya, a security source said. [Sumaria]


A woman was wounded after 4 mortar shells fell on Talib village northeast of Muqdadiya, a security source said. [Sumaria]


Northern Diyala

Daesh publishes photos of beheading a man in Qara Tapa after accusing him of “spying”. [JustPaste]



A local source says Daesh beheaded four former security forces members in Hawija. The source says the execution was done by the hands of Daesh local members from the city. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. That’s not good for those local supporters if Daesh is defeated. This means they are more likely to fight to the death, knowing that tribal revenge is coming otherwise.


Armed men in a speeding car shot dead Major Najat Kamal Shikho of the communications police of Kirkuk near Tariq Company in east Kirkuk city, a security source said. [Sumaria]


Ali Al-Husseini, the spokesman of the Turkmen PMFs, said that an IED killed two and wounded two fighters near a defense line near Bashir village, south of Kirkuk. [Sumaria]


A PMF source says Turkmen PMFs destroyed a Daesh construction shovel bomb as the driver was trying to reach their positions near Bashir. [Mawazin]




Akid Kalari, a PKK leader, said that the party will participate in the liberation of Mosul, and that it has 4,000 fighters ready for the mission. He added that Iraqi army and the Peshmerga cannot liberate Mosul alone due to ethnic and religious complications, while the Turkish army is not welcome by all factions in the city; therefore, PKK intervention could tip the balance in this battle. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment.  We suspect that others planning to participate will prefer to decline the offer. 


A Daesh 12 year old girl executed 5 women from Mosul, including a doctor who refused to treat Daesh terrorists wounded in a Coalition air attack. The execution took place in Ghizlani camp in Mosul. [Sumaria]


Unidentified armed men killed 4 Daesh terrorists in their car in Mahalbiya, in west Mosul. They used silenced guns, local sources said. [Maalomah]


The Daesh deputy wali of Jazeera and Badiya, Ghassan Al-Ubaidi, and his driver were killed by a sticky bomb attached to their car in Atshana, near the north bus station in downtown Mosul, a security source in Ninewa said. [Mada]


A Ninewa Police source says Coalition warplanes bombed a convoy carrying the families of Daesh members who were leaving the city towards Syria. The source says 62 people were killed in the airstrike. [BasNews]


A source in Ninewa police says Daesh vacated all the hotels its members were staying in, fearing Coalition airstrikes, including the Ninewa International Hotel. The source says Daesh moved a lot of its terrorists to areas south, east and north of Mosul. Daesh also blew up 2 police stations. [BasNews]


A PUK official says Daesh executed a PUK member in Mosul. The victim and his wife were arrested by Daesh in Sinjar District. His wife’s fate is unknown. [PUKMedia]


Nineveh Plain

Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh command center in Hamdaniya District, killing 7 terrorists, a source in Ninewa said.  [Mada]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Thousands of leaflets were dropped by the IAF over Tal Afar stating that “Daesh’s days are ending”, the IWMC said. [Sumaria]


Other Governorates  


The KRG President Barzani says in a meeting with the KDP bloc in the KRG Parliament that the people who gathered their wealth legally in Kurdistan should pay taxes, while the fortunes of the people who got them illegally should be confiscated within the law. [Rudaw]


The KRG’s Parliament Speaker, from Gorran, says the Barzani family is responsible for the vanishing of 130 billion dollars of revenues during the last 10 years. [SotKurdistan]


Gorran issued a statement demanding a national salvation government in the IKR, and asking citizens to demand their rights peacefully. [Rudaw]


Gorran denies KDP media reports about Gorran and PKK demonstrators’ intentions to attack other parties’ headquarters and foreign consulates in the anniversary celebration of the 1991 Kurdish revolution. [SotKurdistan]


The Peshmerga Ministry general secretary says the Ministry had no knowledge of any American airborne operation. [SotKurdistan]


Italy’s Minister of Defense says his country will send 4 A129 Mangusta combat helicopters and 4 NH90 multi-role helicopters, in addition to 130 soldiers, to Erbil for combat and search and rescue missions. [Rudaw]




A former administrator in the Basra Education Directorate was shot dead in the middle of Basra by unidentified armed men, a source in Basra police said. [Sumaria]


Half of Iraq’s customs revenues in the 9 customs inlets of Basra will be held by Basra Governorate to support the province’s revenues, said Abdulilah Al-Nasrawi, the Governor. He claimed this move is in compliance with article 45 of the Iraq budget law of 2016. [IraqPress]



Two persons were arrested on terrorism charges in Iskandariya subdistrict north of Hilla. [Mada]



Sunni Muslim scholars from the UK issued a statement in Kerbala saying that Daesh doesn’t represent Sunnis and asking for an international Islamic conference in Iraq to expose Daesh and show its crimes against people and to support Iraqis in their fight against Daesh. The scholars also said that there are campaigns in the UK now that try to show that the Shia in Iraq are killing the Sunnis in order for Daesh to commit more crimes against the Shia. They said they are gathering facts about Daesh in order to show them to people and to discourage young men from joining it. [Mada]




Political developments

Turkey and Russia traded sharply worded statements on Wednesday concerning Turkey’s border with Syria. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Turkey should close its border to the flow of arms in light of the cease-fire, implying that Turkey was supporting Daesh and Nusra Front by not completely closing the border, since these two groups are not covered by the truce.

Lavrov’s remarks drew a response from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, whose spokesman said Wednesday that the Russian FM’s statements were “malicious” and should not be taken seriously, and were an attempt by Russia to cover up Russian “war crimes” in Syria. The spokesman also alleged that Moscow and Damascus were violating the truce agreement by conducting attacks against Syrian opposition groups. [Anadolu] [Arabi21]


State-run Anadolu continued its series of stories criticizing the PYD, writing on Wednesday that the Syrian Kurdish party is “spreading terrorism” in Turkey by providing arms and ammunition to the PKK. [Anadolu]


Turkey is ready to cooperate with Nigeria against terrorism, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday in a joint press conference in Abuja with his Nigerian counterpart. [Anadolu]


Military developments

Turkish Army units have been shooting “provocative” gunfire at YPG positions in the Syrian village of Ayn Daywar across the border in Hasaka Governorate over the last few days, residents report. Residents say that Turkish gunfire has hit civilian homes and prevented residents from going outside. [Hawar]




There were seven Coalition airstrikes in Syria, targeting Raqqa; Manbij and Mare’; and Al-Hola in Homs. [Sumaria]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has issued a statement denying earlier reports that Daesh had executed eight Dutch national Daesh members in Raqqa and arrested dozens of others, reporting that its sources said that there was no such execution in Raqqa in the specified time, nor is there a specifically Dutch fighting unit within the Daesh ranks, as reported earlier. [SOHR (English)] This completely contradicts the report we received and cited yesterday.


Syria Democratic Forces cleared 11 km (7 miles) east of Suluk and destroyed two Daesh vehicle bombs, killing three Daesh assailants inside, Hawar’s correspondent reports. The SDF have launched a new campaign to clear Daesh from areas east of Suluk, in the northeastern Raqqa countryside. [Hawar]


The YPG General Command held a press conference announcing the results of the recent fighting in Tal Abyad, saying that 43 YPG fighters were killed, including 19 ethnic Arabs, and that 291 Daesh fighters were killed and six captured. Eight civilians were killed by Daesh in Hammam Al-Turkmen, including two Turkmen, three Arabs, and three Kurds. The YPG spokesman alleged that Turkey had provided support for the attacks with cross-border fire and by allowing Daesh to bring the bodies of its dead across the border. [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment: In its reporting on the aftermath of the fighting in Tal Abyad, the pro-YPG Hawar repeats, in multiple places, its allegation that Daesh infiltrated the area from the Turkish side of the border with Turkish support. 


Photos of the YPG fighters who died in the recent fighting in and around Tal Abyad [Hawar]

Photos of two girls, aged 9 and 12, who were killed by Daesh in Tal Abyad as they tried to escape. [Hawar]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked YPG fighters with a vehicle bomb in Tal Sharqi south of Suluk, killing or wounding many fighters and destroying a vehicle. [JustPaste]

Here Daesh says 14 YPG fighters were killed in the attack (southeast of Suluk). [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling a village east of Ain Eissa, with mortars. [JustPaste]

Daesh says 7 people were killed and 71 wounded in Russian cluster bomb airstrikes on Raqqa. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says Russian warplanes launched 3 airstrikes on Raqqa’s outskirts, one of which used cluster bombs. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of the results of the airstrikes. [A3maq]



Asayesh intelligence units of the “Self-Administration” Government captured five suspected members of a Daesh cell in a raid in the “Arab sector” of the village of Suwaydiya near the Iraq border area north of Hasaka. [ARA]


Daesh says its terrorists killed three YPG fighters in an ambush northwest of Shaddadi. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Opposition militias repelled a Daesh attack at Baraghida village north of Aleppo, killing a number of Daesh fighters in fighting that followed Daesh’s assault. Daesh mortared around the Ikda Camp near the Turkish-Syrian border. Russian warplanes carried out 12 raids on residential areas of Al-Bab city east of Aleppo, destroying property. Casualty figures were not available. [Qasioun]


Daesh attacked Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) positions west of Tishrin Dam on Wednesday, sparking heavy fighting that claimed casualties on both sides. Daesh also targeted SDF positions with mortars and heavy machine gun fire, killing and injuring an unspecified number of SDF fighters. Coalition planes targeted Daesh positions around the dam, causing casualties among the Daesh ranks according to preliminary reports. [Qasioun]


Electricity from the Tishrin Dam has begun to supply Kobane and other parts of eastern Aleppo Governorate after being out of commission for over a year while it was under Daesh control. [ARA]


The SDF fought with Nusra Front and allied Islamist militias around Sheikh Maqsoud, Ashrafiya, and Bani Zaid in Aleppo city. [ARA]


Daesh publishes 2 photos of people in the Al-Khasfa area pledging allegiance. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting and killing a YPG fighter near the Tishrin Dam. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its snipers killed two YPG fighters near the Dam. Daesh also says Coalition warplanes launched 6 airstrikes on the area after the shooting. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists near the Turkish border in Aleppo’s northern countryside. [JustPaste]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh fought with Syrian Army troops and Shia militia allies near the Jazl and Shaeir oilfields east of Homs. Casualties from the fighting are reported on both sides. The battles spread to areas around Al-Dawra where Syrian artillery units targeted Daesh with heavy rocket fire and shelling. Russian planes carried out “tens” of raids on residential buildings in Tadmur/Palmyra destroying property. There are no reports on casualty figures from the Tadmur air raids. [Qasioun]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling Al-Barda village east of Qaryatayn. [JustPaste]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh attacked a Syrian military site in Deir Ez-Zor’s Al-Sinaa neighborhood with a vehicle bomb, killing and injuring an unspecified number of Syrian troops and allied militiamen on Wednesday. The attack came as Daesh attempted to advance into besieged Syrian-held territory in the city amid heavy ground fighting and Syrian artillery and rocket fire. Russian warplanes conducted airstrikes on Daesh positions in Al-Sinaa, causing an unspecified number of casualties among Daesh’s militants. Daesh and Syrian troops also engaged in heavy fighting in the Al-Rusafa neighborhood of Deir Ez-Zor city, amid Daesh mortar attacks on the city. No casualty figures are available from the battles. Daesh targeted the Deir Ez-Zor military airport with mortars and heavy machine guns, while Syrian artillery shelled in areas around the airport. [Qasioun]


A Daesh commander in Deir Ez-Zor stole “a large sum” of cash, estimated in the millions of dollars, from Daesh and fled with a group of Daesh members from Hatla village east of Deir Ez-Zor, a local source said. The fleeing Daesh leader is of Iraqi nationality and is suspected to be trying to pass into Daesh-held areas of Iraq and then enter into other parts of the country which are not in Daesh’s grasp, the source said. Daesh has increased its patrols on the Iraqi border and begun a search campaign for the fleeing Iraqi militant. [ARA]


South (Damascus, Rif Dimashq, Quneitra, Daraa)

A deadly suicide vehicle bomb attack in the Quneitra countryside near the border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights targeted a meeting of commanders of the “Syrian Revolutionaries Front” militia, killing “many people” most of them militia commanders, witnesses said. Suspicion in the city of Al-Isha points to Daesh although no group has claimed responsibility as yet. [ARA]




Neighboring countries


Jordanian troops foiled a Daesh attack in the northern province of Irbid on Tuesday, killing seven attackers who were wearing suicide belts and firing at security troops, Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour announced. Special units ended their clearing operations Wednesday morning, the PM said, in clashes with the attackers that lasted several hours in the city of Irbid. Twenty-two suspects were arrested after the attack, and one Jordanian soldier was killed in the fighting. [Aawsat]

A video of the clashes in Irbid [YouTube]


Saudi Arabia/Philippines

A shooting attack on a Saudi preacher in the Philippines last week has prompted some speculation that Daesh could be involved, according to media reports. One shooter in the attack that injured A’id Al-Qarni was killed but remains unidentified, while two suspects have been arrested. Unproven theories concerning what could be behind the attack include an Iranian attempt to press its rivalry with Saudi Arabia and a Daesh attack on a Saudi preacher, whom it previously denounced in its publications. [Arabi21]


North Africa


Egypt and France are conducting joint naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the French defense ministry, in exercises code-named “Ramses 2016,” which could signal preparations for operations against Daesh in Libya. [AfriGate]


North Sinai

As many as three soldiers were killed in an IED attack on armored security vehicles south of Sheikh Zuweid on Wednesday, according to security sources.  As many as three soldiers were wounded in the attack, but it is unclear from the reporting if the death tally includes victims who later died from their wounds. Initial reports said that one soldier died and three others were injured. [Arabi21] [VetoGate]


Daesh publishes photos of detonating an IED on an Egyptian Army patrol near the same area. [JustPaste]

Here Daesh says three soldiers were killed in the attack. [JustPaste]

Daesh says two Egyptian soldiers were killed in 2 attacks on their patrols southeast of Sheikh Zuweid. [JustPaste]


New details have emerged regarding the gruesome attack in Arish, reported yesterday, in which militants murdered two citizens in public, which Daesh later claimed. Eyewitnesses confirm the Daesh account that the assailants murdered a man and his son in front of their family, and named the victims as 55 year-old Radi Sulayman Al-Barakat, who was first shot in the foot and then beheaded in front of passers-by and his severed head placed on his body’s chest. His son attempted to intervene to save his father and was shot dead by the militants with four gunshots to the head, killing him on the spot, witnesses said. [ElWatan]


Unknown assailants opened fire on a police patrol 18 km (11 miles) west of Arish, without causing any casualties. [VetoGate]


An IED attack struck an ambulance carrying wounded soldiers in central Sinai on Wednesday, injuring the driver and damaging the vehicle. Initial reports said that the attack was a shooting attack on the ambulance. The soldiers were reportedly wounded in raiding operations in North Sinai. [VetoGate] [VetoGate]

Daesh says the Egyptian soldiers shot mistakenly on the ambulance after they were targeted by IEDs. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment: This is the second attack on an ambulance reported in North Sinai this week. We also note that the initial injuries to the soldiers–which prompted the ambulance journey in the first place–were unreported elsewhere.


Daesh says its terrorists stopped Egyptian Army attacks in central Sinai. Daesh says its terrorists detonated 3 IEDs on Egyptian Army convoys killing or wounding many soldiers and destroying several vehicles. [JustPaste]

Here Daesh says 3 vehicles were destroyed in IED attacks on 2 convoys. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of several of its recent attacks in Sinai. [JustPaste]




The Libyan Army is advancing on a cement plant in Harawa, considered one of Daesh’s last bastions in the city. Libyan troops killed eight Daesh fighters in battles that resumed today after two days of bad weather when fighting subsided. The Libyan force also captured a Tunisian Daesh member who will be transferred to the security authorities for interrogation. [Wasat]


Daesh used a female suicide bomber in Libya for the first time, according to media reports which say that a woman in an explosive vest tried to blow herself up in an unspecified attack. Last week the Libyan Army reportedly arrested seven Daesh women fighters and killed three others. [AfriGate]


A photo shows a domestically produced armored personnel carrier created by Libyan Army engineers to upgrade Libyan military capabilities in the face of the international arms embargo on Libya. [Erem]


A Libyan military source says it was Libyan Army aircraft that struck a Daesh boat in the water near the Sirte port recently. [AfriGate]


Daesh publishes photos of one of its PR gatherings in Sirte. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. As usual, most of Daesh attention was on young boys.



Photos show a Daesh weapons cache uncovered in Sabratha, according to the Sabratha Operations Room. [AlJarida]


A baby girl from Tunisia survived a recent US airstrike in Sabratha after her two parents were killed in the attack. The airstrike last month killed around 50 people, most of them considered to be Daesh members. [AfriGate]


Interrogations are underway with four Tunisian women detained in Sabratha on suspicions of ties to Daesh. [Tunisien]



News is breaking that the Tunisian military is battling with unidentified militants on the Tunisian-Libyan border. [ElWatan]


Other countries


Italy is prepared to lead an international operation against Daesh in Libya, on the condition that it be asked to do so by a government of national accord on the Libyan side, the Italian Foreign Minister said on Tuesday. [AfriGate]


Some Italian MPs are objecting to possible Italian participation in combat operations against Daesh in Libya without parliamentary approval, citing restrictions on the power to declare war in the Italian constitution. [AfriGate]



A Kazakh senior official says more than 200 Kazakhs are fighting with terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. [Xendan]




Facebook Page of the Day

Ean Libya News page


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in Arabic [JustPaste]


March 1, 2016


Tikrit Map


Today’s Major Developments


Daesh suicide attack kills general, several other soldiers near Haditha Dam.

Army, PMFs launch wide-area major offensive from Samarra area into the desert.

Recriminations abound over Muqdadiya bombings.

Joint Chiefs Chairman says Mosul liberation is already in motion.

Debate rages on about PMFs participating in Ninewa liberation.

Barzani tells investigative officials they can investigate any KRG official.





Political developments

A counter-terrorism committee of the UN Security Council estimated the number of foreign Daesh members at 30,000, one-third of them women. The report was based on intelligence reports from over 100 countries. Daesh recruits come from over 100 countries, and are joining Daesh at the rate of 100 per month, mainly recruited through social media. [Rudaw]


Tens of family members of Monday’s suicide attack demonstrated in Sadr City demanding the departure of the government which failed to protect their lives, and to impose reforms, according to their slogans, press sources said. [Baghdadia]


Saad Al-Mutalibi, member of the Security Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, predicted dire consequences if Moqtada Al-Sadr supporters demonstrate in front of the green zone next Friday in response to his call.  He said that clashes can be anticipated, as the government is not likely to approve the demonstration in such a location. [AynIraq]


Security developments

670 Iraqis were killed and 1290 wounded during February, UNAMI said.  [Mawazin]


The Baghdad PC Security Committee says 95% of car bombs exploding in Baghdad are entering from the areas surrounding Baghdad through checkpoints that are not equipped with adequate detection tools. [Mawazin]


Saad Al-Mutalibi of the Baghdad PC said that the delay in liberating Qarma, Saqlawiya, and Falluja poses a serious threat to Baghdad’s security, as evidenced by the recent Daesh attack on Abu Ghraib. He said these areas should be given priority ahead of Mosul, due to their vicinity to Baghdad. [Mada]


Lt. General Othman Al-Ghanemi, Army Chief of Staff, ordered formation of a special force entrusted with the protection of Baghdad. The unit members will be selected from the units that received the best specialized training in the field. [AIN]


A security source says three gardeners from the Huwaish tribe were beheaded in Rashidiya in north Baghdad. The source says the tribe of the victims is gathering its fighters to attack the area. The tribe lives in the Judaidat area in south Diyala. [Ghad]

DaeshDaily comment. Many poor people from rural areas go to Baghdad to work as gardeners. Daesh, and the AQI before that, have targeted these men in order to create sectarian tensions.


The following security incidents were reported.

North Baghdad

An IED planted near a popular restaurant in Saba’ Al-Bor killed two civilians and wounded seven. [Mada]

A roadside IED killed two tribal mobilization fighters and wounded three as they drove through the Falahat area in Tarmiya District. [Mada]


East Baghdad

A university student was killed and his car stolen in Fudhailiya. [Mada]


Southeast Baghdad

An IED placed near a popular football field in Mada’in District killed one civilian and wounded seven.  [Baghdadia]

The body of an unknown man was found shot in Zafaraniya. [Ghad]


South Baghdad

A soldier was wounded and his wife killed in an attack by unidentified armed men on their house in Yusufiyah. [Sumaria]

An IED placed in a commercial area in Dora killed two civilians and wounded four. [Mada]

The body of a man shot to death was found in Dora. [Sumaria]


Southwest Baghdad

An IED placed in a cattle market in Suwaib killed one civilian and wounded six. [Mada]

Unidentified armed men opened fire and killed a civilian in Al-Jihad neighborhood. [Ghad]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   10    (Not an overall total)


Abu Ghraib has returned to normal after Daesh’s attack on Sunday. The acting Minister of Trade speculated that the attack might have been linked to a corruption case where 15 officials of the Abu Ghraib silo have been on trial for corruption charges since mid-February, although Daesh didn’t burn the silo’s offices to get rid of any documents. Daesh online supporters say that Daesh stole wheat from the silo that could cover Falluja needs for a year, although local witnesses say Daesh terrorists couldn’t take anything from the silo at that time.

DaeshDaily comment. Were the corrupt officials providing Daesh in Falluja with wheat for some time and the Daesh operation was conducted to cover that? No one knows how terrorists from the trapped Falluja area could get to Abu Ghraib, and many of them then disappear later. 


The Coalition initiated 15 airstrikes in Iraq, on targets in Falluja, Habbaniya, and Ramadi; Tikrit; and Sinjar, Tal Afar, and Sultan Abdullah. [Baghdadia]



Sufian Al-Ethawi, spokesman of tribal affairs in Anbar said that liberation of Falluja, and of Hit and Kubaisa, depends on securing a safe exit way to their families. He added that all liberation plans are ready but are pending until a safe exit way is secured. [AynIraq]


Military intelligence said a fully equipped workshop for manufacturing of explosives was found in Anbar after intelligence provided by the local population, without specifying the exact location. The workshop contained two turning machines, two “Jahannam” cannons, 25 locally made bombs, 82 plastic and iron IEDs, BKC machinegun bases, and C4 explosives (video). [Mawazin] [MoD Website]



55th Army and Liwa Al-Marjaaiya PMF units jointly repelled a Daesh attack on the Bustan Al-Tikriti area south of Fallujah, killing all attackers, the IWMC said. [Mada]


Liwa Al-Marjaaiya militia said it intercepted a major Daesh attack on Ameriyat Al-Falluja, killing 50 attackers and capturing large quantities of weapon. However, the PMFs lost 12 fighters in the battle. [Buratha]


Army units liberated the Al-Badran camp and West Siniya train station on Haditha road in Qarma. [AIN]

The Baghdad Operations Command said its forces are continuing to clear Albu Shijil, Qarma, and Taqsim areas, killing 13 terrorists and wounding 2, and destroying two defensive positions. 24th Army destroyed 5 booby-trapped houses and 3 IEDs, and found a weapons cache in Tilal Abu Habba, in Janabat. [Ghad]


Ala Al-Ubaidi, member of Falluja Rescue Council, said that Daesh is hiding its top commanders in shelters in the mosques of the city. He added that 50 suicide bombers will form their front defense line against army forces and that placement of IEDs all around the city had started. [Mada]


Bassem Al-Salami, a leading figure in Badr Militia of the PMF, said they are ready to liberate Qarma and Saqlawiya upon receipt of orders, saying his forces have Daesh movements under close scrutiny. [Mawazin]


Salam Al-Halbusi, member of Falluja District Council, said the Ministry of Defense approved the formation of two battalions of Falluja tribesmen to participate in the liberation of their city. [Mada]


Daesh says its terrorists stopped the attack by Iraqi forces on the Abadi area southeast of Falluja for the second day in a row, killing or wounding many soldiers and destroying 5 Humvees. [JustPaste] Apparently in an earlier report, Daesh says 11 Iraqi soldiers were killed in the battle and a Humvee was destroyed. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of battles in the Abadi area. [JustPaste]


A member of Anbar PCC says a tribal commander was wounded while he was trying to defuse an IED in Albu Daaij in Ameriyat Al-Falluja. [Sumaria] By another report, Lt. Colonel Sabah Enad was wounded while defusing an IED in Albu Daaij, a source in Ameriyat Al-Falluja local council said. [Maalomah]


Col. Jumaa Faza’ Al-Jumaili, commander of the Qarmat Al-Falluja tribal mobilization brigade, said Coalition warplanes attacked the Sajar military camp north of Falluja used by Daesh for training and gathering of fighters. 16 Daesh were killed; five vehicles, three rocket launching platforms, and a large oil storage facility were destroyed. The raid also destroyed all buildings of the camp. [Mada]


Al-Jumaili also says Iraqi troops supported by tribal fighters attacked a Daesh hideout in Subaihat in Qarma, killing Khaled Al-Luhaibi, the Daesh military commander of east Falluja, and 4 of his associates.    [Maalomah]


A source in Falluja hospital said the hospital received 60 Daesh terrorists’ bodies following an airstrike on their positions. [Mawazin]


Daesh claims it attacked Iraqi forces in the Al-Talaa area in Zoba’a, south of Falluja, killing 20 soldiers and destroying a Humvee in addition to several military positions. [JustPaste]

Daesh says six more soldiers were killed by its snipers in the same area. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of battles in the Al-Talaa area. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. It seems like every time it loses ground somewhere else, Daesh claims some kind of victory in Zoba’a.



A grave containing 8 bodies of Facilities Protection Service soldiers including a 1st Lieutenant was found in Sufiya, east of Ramadi, according to General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, commander of Anbar Operations (AOC). [Sumaria]


General Al-Mahalawi said the 8th Army stopped a Daesh attack on Hamdhiya east of Ramadi with the assistance of Coalition airstrikes, while engineering units defused 103 IEDs in Sajariya. [AIN]

The MoD said Iraqi Army units killed 10 terrorists in Hamdhiya and destroyed 2 motorcycles and 2 vehicles. [Maalomah]

Joint forces with army aviation support repelled a Daesh attack on Al-Hamdhiya and Albu Farraj, killing “tens” of attackers and destroying three car bombs. [Baghdadia]

Major General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, commander of Anbar Operations said that Daesh attacks on army units in Albu Dhiab and Albu Farraj, north and east of Ramadi, were foiled, and that attackers retreated after heavy casualties. [Sumaria]


The MoD says Iraqi Army’s 10th Infantry Division killed several Daesh terrorists and captured another in Jaraishi (video). [MoD Website]


A video of Iraqi forces defusing IEDs and booby-trapped houses in Hamdhiya. [MoD Website]



A Daesh suicide attack with explosives belts on the 3rd Army battalion command based near Haditha Dam killed Brigadier General Ali Abboud,  Chief of Staff of the Al-Jazeera Operations Command and Lt. Col. Farhan Ibrahim, commander of the support company of the Operations command, according to the Jazeera Operations commander, Major General Ali Dab’oun. Several other soldiers were also killed or wounded. [Sumaria]

The Chairman of Haditha District Council says four soldiers were killed and seven wounded in the attack. A security source says 3 Daesh suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces near the Haditha Dam. [Mada]

Daesh says 2 of its Syrian suicide terrorists clashed with Iraqi forces, then detonated their explosives vests on the River Police headquarters near Haditha, killing many officers including General Abboud, Colonel Omar Al-Nimrawi, Colonel Farhan Ibrahim and Captain Ahmed Mahdi. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of the two suicide terrorists. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. Two terrorists entering a heavy guarded area in such a sensitive place with explosive belts raises a lot of questions about security. Recently, Daesh has been using its sleeper cells more than usual.


The Jazeera Operations Commander also reported that his troops killed 4 Daesh terrorists who tried to sneak into a military headquarters east of Haditha. [Sumaria]


Coalition warplanes bombed the Sakalat area in the middle of Hit, killing 14 terrorists and destroying two vehicles, Lt. Aysar Al-Ubaidi, of tribal mobilization intelligence said. [Mada]


Daesh publishes photos of executing two young men accusing them of communicating with security forces in Haditha and Baghdadi. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. One of the victims has a father and a brother in Baghdadi, and the other has a policeman friend in Baghdadi. These are serious crimes for Daesh. 




A PMF commander says Iraqi troops supported by PMFs conducted a military operation in the desert near and west of Shirqat and killed 12 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 6 vehicle bombs. He says the operation aimed at cutting off Daesh’s use of the road between Shirqat and Haditha. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This important military action is related to the major offensive launched from the Samarra area, directed both west and north on the desert side of the Tigris. (See long Samarra report below) Shirqat is also on the river.



Daesh says 3 of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces with vehicle bombs in Ain Al-Faras, near the Speicher base, and near Al-Salam, killing or wounding “tens” of soldiers. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. In this report Daesh described the three locations as being in Tikrit city!

Daesh says 50 Iraqi soldiers were killed and ten vehicles and an Abrams tank were destroyed in the first attack in Ain Al-Faras, while another tank was destroyed and more soldiers killed in a fourth attack in Jazeera Samarra. Daesh says it doesn’t have exact numbers about the other two operations. [A3maq]


A car bomb killed 4 PMF fighters and wounded 18, among them Wael Al-Shimmari, PMF media official of Diyala. The attack took place in Jazeera Tikrit, north of the city. [Mada]


An IFP source says IFP commandos destroyed 8 vehicle bombs and defused 10 booby-trapped houses and 20 IEDs and captured a weapons cache in addition to killing 10 Daesh terrorists in Jazeera Tikrit. [Baghdadia]


General Ra’ed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the IFP, said that joint forces cleared the area of Al-Dhiba’i south of Tikrit, destroying 4 trucks, 9 defensive positions, and killing 4 terrorists. [Baghdadia]


A group of Daesh terrorists tried to sneak into Allas and Ajeel oil fields northeast of Tikrit late Monday night but were detected by the security forces, which killed 4 of them, forcing the others to retreat, according to a security source in Salahuddin. [Ghad]


A security source says 3 more mass graves were found west of Tikrit. The source says the bodies might belong to Speicher massacre victims. [Baghdadia]



The Joint Operations Command (JOC) announced the start of a major operation targeting Jazeera Samarra, directly west of Samarra city, and other places west of the Tigris. The force is composed of army units, counter terrorism forces, IFP, and PMFs under artillery and air cover provided by Iraqi Air Force, Iraqi Army Aviation, and the Coalition. [Sumaria]

The PMF organization described the campaign as a firm answer to recent Daesh terror attacks. [Mada]


Ahmed Al-Asadi, PMF spokesman, said the Jazeera Samarra campaign will cover Mkaishifa, Al-Salam village, areas west of Siniya and west of Tikrit and the desert area to the west, extending to Taqsim Dam and Thirthar in Anbar, and to the Hatra District in southern Ninewa, north and west of Samarra. This would isolate Daesh in Mosul and provide the army with adequate supply lines. He added that all of the vast desert areas will be liberated in this operation. [Maalomah]


In early military action after the announcement:

  • PMF troops cleared Al-Salam village and advanced to 10 km (6 miles) west of Siniya, a PMF statement said. [AIN].
  • A security source says Iraqi forces killed 3 Daesh suicide terrorists who tried to target the troops in Jazeera Samarra. [Mada]
  • During their advance in Jazeera Samarra, PMFs units captured 8 Daesh vehicles left by the terrorists. [AIN]
  • Advancing army units in Jazeera Samarra repelled a car bomb attack in the nearby Strategic Line area, and defused 16 IEDs planted by Daesh, a Samarra Operations Command source said.
  • An Abrams tank destroyed an attacking truck bomb west of Jazeera Samarra. [AIN]
  • IWMC said that two Daesh hideouts were destroyed and 7 terrorists were killed in Ismail Al-Abbasi village in west Samarra. Two vehicles bombs were also destroyed. [Baghdadia]
  • [Mada] Two soldiers were wounded when an IED destroyed their vehicle in the Strategic Line area. [Mada]
  • Al-Zor area west of Jazeera Samarra was liberated by Saraya Al-Salam units of the PMF, the IWMC said. [Mawazin] Saraya Al-Salam also killed a Daesh leader in the Khuzaymi area, nicknamed Abu Serhan. [Mawazin]

Hostages were the focus of some of the military activity.

  • IWMC announced liberating 150 families that were held by Daesh as human shields during the Jazirat Samarra operations. IFP transferred the families to safety in Abbasia School near Line area west of Samarra. [Shafaq]
  • The IWMC says Daesh terrorists in 8 vehicles were surrounding Taha Al-Azzawi village and prevented the residents from leaving, but PMFs units arrived and secured the families. [Etejah]
  • PMFs are advancing towards Joza village where Daesh is holding civilians as human shields. [AynIraq]
  • Two more villages were liberated and 15 IEDs destroyed by Iraqi special forces. [AIN]

In military action from the air:

  • Iraqi Sukhoi warplanes attacked the guesthouse of Abdul Fattah Al-Ka’em, west of Samarra, killing 15 Daesh terrorists inside, according to Joint Operations Command. The resulting explosion indicated a large quantity of ammunition in the location. [Mada]
  • IAA helicopters destroyed “the largest Daesh hideout” in the area. [AIN]
  • A security source says the IAA attacked a Daesh vehicle bomb workshop west of the Strategic Line area. [Ghad]
  • IAA killed 8 terrorists in Ahmed Al-Salman village and three in the middle sector of Jazeera Samarra, IWMC said. [AynIraq]
  • A Salahuddin Operations Command source says the IAA destroyed 5 Daesh vehicles, including 2 vehicle bombs in Jazeera Samarra. [Ghad]

However, 30 PMF fighters were killed or wounded in a suicide car bomb attack west of Tikrit, a security source said. [Ghad]


A car bomb targeting advancing forces west of the Strategic Line area in Jazeera Samarra exploded wounded Col. Hussein Alwan al-Jubouri, commander of the 2nd Battalion of Samarra Operations forces and 5 other soldiers. [Mada]


Moving west and north from the Samarra area,

– A security source says Iraqi troops supported by PMFs and tribal fighters liberated 4 more villages west of Jazeera Samarra and started to reopen the road between Baiji and Haditha. [AIN]

–  The PMFs announced that their forces crossed the Strategic Line area and are now engaged in heavy fighting near ex-Iraqi Army storehouses west of the Speicher and Mkaishifa areas. The 25 square km (10 sq. miles) storehouses fell to Daesh after the fall of Mosul in 2014. [Mada]

–  Waadallah militia of FTP advanced 7 km from the Line area in West Samarra, liberating the villages of Saleh Al-Ahmadi, Dawajin, Aran Abu Mahmoud, and Ziyad Al-Salah. It now controls Al-Fatha area and Daesh command centers in Kahldi Ibn al-Waleed and Anas bin Malik mosques. 132 IEDs were defused in the process, according to IFP media. [AynIraq]

–  Security forces advanced 21 km towards Thirthar Lake southwest of Siniya, capturing large quantities of weapons and ammunition left by retreating Daesh fighters. [Baghdadia]

– Security sources said optimistically that the advancing forces, led by Counter Terrorism troops, are now 20 km past Jazeera Samarra, and it’s a matter of hours before they reach the outskirts of Haditha. [Ghad]

The AAH spokesman says that when the Jazeera Samarra operation is completed, the road between Ninewa and Anbar will be cut off. He says Iraqi forces, supported by Iraqi airpower, started the operation to clear Jazeera Samarra, which is the source of many Daesh attacks on the liberated areas in Siniya and Baiji and was also used by Daesh to shell Samarra and the Speicher base. He says the 4,500 square km (1,757 square miles) area is mostly agricultural and needs troops trained on fighting in such an environment. [Sumaria]




Daesh publishes 2 photos of blowing up a “PMFs” vehicle with an IED in Zaghniya Kabira. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. The photos show a Humvee and a small civilian vehicle coming from the other direction. The IED destroyed the civilian vehicle. [JustPaste


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Shia CoR members hold some Sunni politicians accountable for the Muqdadiya attack, saying they helped to precipitate the attack by spreading rumors about the security situation in Diyala to increase sectarian tensions. The Shia alliance in the CoR asked Speaker Jubouri to stop today’s CoR session in protest against the attack. The session was postponed till tomorrow. [Mada]


The Diyala Governor went to court to sue Naheda Al-Daini, a Sunni CoR member from Diyala. The Governor says she provided false information about the security situation in Diyala and urged the government to move military troops from Muqdadiya, which led to a security vacuum. [Sumaria]


Diyala Police arrested two persons in Muqdadiya, on charges of “spreading rumors” regarding the security situation. Col. Ghalib Al-Atiya, Diyala Police spokesman, said that such actions will not be tolerated under these circumstances. [Sumaria]


Major General Jasim Al-Saadi, commander of Diyala Police, told politicians that their tense statements will not help to preserve security in Diyala. He said that they have an equal responsibility for civilian lives. However, their ill rumors in support of Daesh activity will not bring down security in this well controlled province, he said. [Sumaria]


The Ministry of Justice denied the rumors about breaking into the Muqdadiya prison, adding that all of the Ministry’s prisons in Iraq are safe. [AynIraq]


A school guard was shot dead by unidentified armed men near his house in west Muqdadiya, security sources said. [Sumaria]


Daesh fired 13 mortar shells on Al-Lahib and Albu Musa villages in north and northeast Muqdadiya without causing human casualties. This was reported by Adnan Al-Nuaimi, Chairman of the Muqdadiya District Council. He says Daesh is present in the Al-Zor area, 12 km (7.5 miles) north of Baquba and demands that the government take immediate action to eliminate the threat. [Sumaria]


Northern Diyala

Daesh says its terrorists blew up 2 electricity towers in the Al-Hafayer area in Sadiya subdistrict in Khanaqin. Daesh says the towers provide electricity coming from Iran to the Shia in Baghdad. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. More phony bravado about being the protectors of Sunnis. Of course we all know that Sunnis in Baghdad don’t use electricity.

Daesh says its terrorists blew up a PMFs water tanker in the same area. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists blew up another electricity tower (from Kirkuk to Baghdad) in Udhaim. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists blew up a police vehicle with an IED in the Albu Waheed area in Udhaim, killing the policemen inside. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it blew up a PMF vehicle in the Wihda area in Udhaim, killing or wounding the fighters inside. [JustPaste]

Here Daesh says three PMFs and three policemen were killed in the two attacks. [A3maq]



In what could be a significant story, 50 Humvees carrying top Daesh leaders and fighters have left Hawija heading to Mosul according to local sources. The sources said that Daesh terrorists were talking about their inability with remaining manpower to confront anticipated attacks on Hawija and Shirqat.  [Maalomah]


Abu Hamza Al-Dulaimi, Daesh’s official responsible for training and bomb-setting in Hawija was killed by tribesmen in Hawija, said Sheikh Abdullah Al-Alyan, chief of Anti-Daesh tribal council of Hawija. [Mawazin]


A security source says an oil pipe was damaged by an IED near Sargaran subdistrict, 65 km west of Kirkuk. The source says the pipe was not in service but it had oil in it. [Mada]


A local source says 15 Daesh terrorists, including 3 foreigners, were killed in intra-Daesh clashes in Abbasi subdistrict in Hawija.  [Sumaria]


Daesh says its terrorists killed three Peshmerga fighters using guns with silencers on the road between Kirkuk and Rahimawa. [JustPaste]


A Turkmen CoR member says Daesh rocketed Taza from Al-Bashir village in Kirkuk with Katyushas. He urges the government to liberate Al-Bashir and warns that if the shelling continues, people will be forced to leave the Taza and a new wave of displacement will happen. [Ghad] All schools in Taza were closed due to the Daesh bombardment, a security source said. [Ghad]


Three Turkmen soldiers were wounded and two others are missing after trying to plant an IED to obstruct Daesh terrorists near Taza. Search operations for the missing were obstructed by Daesh sniper and mortar fire from Bashir village. [Mada]


Abu Ridha Al-Najjar, supervisor of the Turkmen PMF, said his soldiers will take orders from the Commander-in Chief, Haider Al-Abadi, regarding participating in Ninewa’s liberation, not from the traitors who sold their land to Daesh (referring to Al-Nujaifi). [Mada]




General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the Mosul campaign has already started, adding that consultations and planning with the Iraqi military are continuing. He said that Mosul is being isolated; so is Raqqa, prior to the start of actual battles in Ninewa. [Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. We believe this statement reflects the major military operation launched today from the Samarra area, one prong of which is intended to reach southern Ninewa.


Coalition warplanes bombed Al-Kindi military camp on the left (east) side of Mosul, used by Daesh as a command center, with 6 missiles, killing over 20 terrorists and destroying several weapons and vehicles, according to Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official. [PUKMedia]

The warplanes also attacked a convoy of 15 cars on the right (west) side of Mosul, killing 11 terrorists including a field leader called Khalil Muhajir Al-Ifri (Abu Ibrahim), Sourachi said. [PUKMedia]


A Ninewa Police source says Daesh abandoned the North Ninewa Oil Directorate building and stole its furniture before blowing the building up. The source says Daesh had used the building as a hideout for its terrorists. He also says Daesh blew up the Social Care directorate in east Mosul. [BasNews]


A Ninewa police source says Daesh executed 20 civilians in east Mosul, including former government employees. [BasNews]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says its fighters detonated an IED on a Daesh SUV, killing 4 terrorists inside it, including a local military commander. [KM Facebook Page]


A Shia Turkmen MP from Ninewa says in a press conference with other MPs from Ninewa that only PM Abadi can decide on the participation of the PMFs in Ninewa liberation. He also says “no one can prevent the Christians, the Yazidis, the Shabak and the Turkmen from participating in liberating our houses and our areas”.

A Sunni MP from Ninewa says the Governor and the Provincial Council were pressured to issue the resolution yesterday. He demanded they announce a clear position regarding the Turkish presence in the Governorate. [Mada]

Another Sunni MP says 20 MPs from Ninewa want the PMFs to participate in Ninewa liberation and only 5 refuse. He says the CoR vote was based on the PMFs, who are an official military force, but some armed groups are not under the command of the Prime Minister. [Sumaria]


Local sources say Abdul Aziz Al-Khdhiar, a Daesh local leader who appeared in many Daesh public punishment publications and was responsible for killing many people from Ninewa in addition to participating in the Speicher massacre, left the house he used to occupy in Mosul with his family to an unknown location. The terrorist is the brother of a member of the Ninewa Provincial Council. [Karemlash]


Other Governorates  


The KRG President Masoud Barzani met with the KRG’s COI officials, judges and the Board of Audit and told them they have his full support to investigate any KRG official regarding corruption cases. [Rudaw]


Eyewitnesses say Turkish warplanes destroyed an 1,100 year old shrine 10 km (6 miles) south of Amedi in northern Dahuk. [Sumaria]


Regarding yesterday’s report that Turkey was holding the KRG’s oil money, KNN TV, close to Gorran, says KRG’s deputy Prime Minister said in a meeting with the PUK bloc in the KRG Parliament that the oil money is transferred from Turkey’s Khalq Bank to an intermediary in Germany, then to a Kurdistan bank. The chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources committee in the KRG Parliament says the money will never arrive in full to Kurdistan as long as there is an intermediary. [SotKurdistan]


The director of Misnak, a Kurdish transport company, accused PMFs of kidnapping two Kurdish drivers from Erbil on the Khalis-Udhaim road, after stopping them as they were transporting electrical generation supplies to Baghdad. The shipments were not touched, but the drivers were taken away to an unknown location. [Rudaw]


Kurdish sources said the Kirkuk-Erbil oil pipeline was targeted with an explosion of some kind. No further details are available. Kurdish security surrounded the blast area. [BasNews]




Political developments

According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, Customs in Bulgaria announced that Daesh fuel is being sold in the country. Sputnik says the fuel comes through Turkish ports. [Xendan]


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Lutfi Elvan called for the UN to include the PYD and the PKK on its lists of terrorist organizations according to remarks to state-run Turkish media after a UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. [Anadolu (English)]


Turkey’s state-run Anadolu published a piece on its Arabic-language web service tracing what it says are the connections between the PKK and the PYD, saying that the PKK “controls the strings” of the PYD.  [Anadolu]


A report on the pro-YPG Hawar website alleges that Daesh had artillery support from Turkish units across the border in its recent attack on Tal Abyad in northern Raqqa governorate. [Hawar]


Military developments

Turkey says its howitzers shelled Daesh positions inside Syria on Monday.




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

The YPG says that Daesh committed a massacre in the village of Hammam Al-Turkmen on February 26, killing at least 20 Arabs from the village and burning the bodies. The YPG alleges that the Daesh attackers infiltrated from the Turkish side of the border. [Hawar]


For over a year Daesh has held 12 individuals from one family in the village of Tal Majdal, on the old road between Hasaka city and Tal Tamr, according to a source close to the Syrian government. The family was supportive of the Syrian Army in fighting against Daesh in the area, the source said. The detainees include women and children, the source said. [ARA]


Daesh executed eight of its own militants, all Dutch nationals, in Raqqa last Friday, local sources said, on allegations of attempting to defect from Daesh. Daesh did not report the executions in its media, locals noted. The anti-Daesh website “Raqqa Is Being Silently Slaughtered” (RBSS) reported that at least 60 others holding Dutch citizenship have been arrested by Daesh. The Dutch nationals, many of Moroccan extraction, were organized into a separate unit within Daesh’s organization but when Daesh suspected that the group was moving to defect after Daesh’s recent defeats, it issued arrest warrants for all fighters from Holland, RBSS reports. [ARA] [Erem]


Coalition air raids targeted a Daesh vehicle on Tuesday, killing and injuring those inside. Daesh ordered two young men’s hands to be removed on allegations of theft in Raqqa. The Syria Democratic Forces have launched a search and raiding campaign in villages that Daesh briefly occupied in its attack on Tal Abyad earlier in the week. [Qasioun]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Daesh seized control of the village of Nasariya southeast of Jarabulus Tuesday, in fighting with Syria Democratic Forces east of the Euphrates River. Two Daesh militants were killed near the village, a YPG fighter said. The village is considered a strategic position for the anticipated battles for Daesh-held territory west of the Euphrates. Intermittent fighting and shelling is ongoing between the two sides. Ten Daesh militants were killed by YPG sniper fire on Tuesday in the village of Jarabulus Tahtani 3 km (2 miles) south of Jarabulus city, the YPG fighter said. [ARA] [Qasioun]


Opposition militias made gains into Daesh-held territory north of Aleppo near the Turkish borders on Tuesday with the assistance of Turkish cross-border artillery shelling and Coalition airstrikes. A Jabha Shamiya commander said that allied opposition militias launched attacks on Daesh in the border cities of Tal Battal and Al-Azzatiya, prompting heavy fighting that claimed casualties on both sides. Turkish artillery shelled Daesh in Tal Battal while Coalition planes struck Daesh positions in Al-Azzatiya, allowing the militias to advance against Daesh, he said. Battles are still ongoing, the militiaman added. [ARA]


Daesh issues a video of shelling Syrian troops between Khanasir and Rasm Al-Nafal. [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh has been dumping bodies of men, women, and children on the main roads of Deir Ez-Zor for the last two days, an activist said. Neighborhood residents do not recognize the slain victims and Daesh did not provide any indication as to their identity or the source of the bodies, the activist said. The body dumps appear to include entire families of men, women and children, the activist said. [ARA]


Daesh clashed with Syrian Army troops and their Lebanese Hezbollah militia allies in the city of Al-Baghiliya west of Deir Ez-Zor on Tuesday. Casualties are reported on both sides of the fighting. Syrian units shelled and rocketed the Al-Sinaa neighborhood in Deir Ez-Zor city, amid intermittent ground battles between Daesh and the Syrian Army in the area as Syrian Army troops attempted to storm Al-Sinaa and Al-Haweiqa neighborhoods. Syrian artillery also shelled the Al-Marieiya neighborhood near Deir Ez-Zor military airport, damaging civilian property. Daesh mortared and fired heavy guns on Syrian positions around the airport. Daesh mortar shells killed a civilian and injured four others in Al-Jawra neighborhood of Deir Ez-Zor. Russian warplanes struck the Hawijat Sakr island outside Deir Ez-Zor city amid Syrian artillery shelling of the area. Daesh conducted raids and arrests in Al-Shahil city in Deir Ez-Zor countryside, without announcing the reason for the arrests. [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


Daesh says three Syrian soldiers were killed and ten wounded in clashes in 2 neighborhoods in Deir Ez-Zor. [A3maq]



Daesh militants infiltrated the Daraa countryside and planted four IEDs on the road between Al-Dahr and Al-Mudawara villages, as well as attacking a checkpoint run by opposition militias, sparking heavy fighting between the militias and Daesh. A militia field commander in the “Free Tribes Army” said his fighters repelled the attack, killing a number of Daesh fighters. [Qasioun]


An interview with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is due to air on German television Tuesday, in which he reportedly says that he will offer an amnesty to “terrorists” in Syria if they agree to lay down their arms. It is not clear from the reporting if Nusra Front and Daesh militants are included in the offer, although this appears doubtful given that these two groups are excluded from the peace negotiations and cessation of hostilities agreement in force in Syria. [Arabi21]




Neighboring countries


A security source says a police officer was killed and two policemen and two civilians wounded in a security operation against terrorists in Irbid in north Jordan. Eyewitnesses say heavy clashes erupted between Jordanian security forces and Daesh linked terrorists in the Irbid camp. [Ammon] [BasNews]


North Africa


Unknown “takfiris” killed two young men with gunfire in plain daylight in a public square in the Al-Fawakhirya neighborhood of central Arish city on Tuesday, before fleeing the scene, eyewitnesses said (graphic photos). [VetoGate]

Daesh says it killed a man and his son in a public square in downtown Arish city accusing them of spying. [JustPaste]


Egyptian troops in Rafah killed Ziyad Abu Farig, a 38-year-old commander in the Daesh-affiliated armed group known as Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis in the course of battles between the militia and security troops in Rafah’s Al-Rasm neighborhood. Ansar companions of Abu Farig fled the scene in the same “Hyundai Vera” in which Abu Farig was killed.  [VetoGate] [ElWatan]


An IED exploded on a police detachment in Rafah on Monday, injuring five policemen. Another policeman was injured in a shootout with “takfiris” in Rafah’s Al-Rasm neighborhood. A seventh policeman was injured in Rafah on Monday when a police firearm discharged accidentally. [VetoGate]


Egyptian troops killed at least 20 suspected Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis members in raids south of Rafah on Tuesday, as well as injuring 30 and capturing eight.  [VetoGate]


Daesh says its terrorists detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army patrol in Rafah. [JustPaste]


Daesh issues a video of Egyptian soldiers moving supplies using “primeval methods” after Daesh repeated attacks on their vehicles. [A3maq]




Libyan military units are engaging Daesh on the western outskirts of Benghazi, after heavy fighting Monday as Daesh attempted to advance on the Tika area southwest of the city that began with an attempted suicide vehicle attack which was foiled by Libyan troops. Libyan Army troops launched a surprise attack at dawn on Tuesday in the Tika area, a military source said taking territory from Daesh, the source said. Two Libyan soldiers have died so far along with an unspecified number of Daesh fighters, the source also said. [Wasat] [AfriGate]


Libyan troops in Benghazi arrested seven women, of various foreign nationalities, who were fighting in Daesh ranks in Libya, a military source said. [Erem]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a Libyan Army vehicle in Saberi in Benghazi. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of battles in Benghazi. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists killed two Libyan armed group fighters in 2 different areas in Derna. [JustPaste]



Daesh has announced a state of alert in Sirte and has deployed foreign fighters to positions along the coastal road, local sources said. The same sources also said Daesh had installed security gates in various areas of the city to search pedestrians and vehicles as they pass, especially to check the mobile phones of Sirte’s denizens as Daesh sites face airstrikes. A source in the Misrata operations room said Sunday the flow of displaced families out of Sirte had increased in the previous 24 hours, during which time the Abu Qurayn military security gate west of Sirte had recorded the entry of 121 fleeing families headed to Misrata, Tripoli, and other points west of Sirte, the source said. [Wasat]


Two militias seized control of the “Akhshoum Al-Khayl Gate” 60 km (37 miles) south of Sirte on Monday, according to a member of the Sabha local council. The “Sabha Martyrs” militia and the “Taqafarat” militia from Jufra district attacked the site and drove Daesh from it, the council member said. Sabha and Jufra are both located in the Libyan interior south of Sirte. [Wasat] [AfriGate]


Libyan troops led by Gen. Khalifa Haftar                will advance on Sirte after achieving full control of Benghazi, according to media reports. Preparations for the attack on Sirte include bringing the Oil Facilities Protection force under the leadership of the Libyan Army, “knowledgeable sources” said. [AfriGate]



AfriGate points out that the major countries of the Arab Maghreb region (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia) are all categorically opposed to foreign intervention in Libya to fight Daesh, fearing the spillover of instability from Libya across their own borders. Mauritania, considered another Arab Maghreb state, has not yet taken a position. [AfriGate]


Germany, Tunisia, and Libya are in discussions to develop a program that would bring Libyan troops to Tunisia for training, according to the Tunisia defense minister. [Tunisien]


Tunisian aviation authorities have extended the ban on flights from Libya from landing at Tunis-Carthage International Airport in Tunis until March 8, according to media reports. [AfriGate]



Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was in Algiers Monday to discuss the Libyan and Syrian files as well as the state of the global oil market with his Algerian counterpart and with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and other high-ranking officials. After the meeting Lavrov said that the two countries shared the view that the Libyan crisis was brought on by the earlier NATO-led intervention in Libya and that the rebuilding of the country should come in a process of comprehensive national dialogue. [Wasat] [Wasat]


Other countries


Daesh says its terrorists killed a Pakistani “spy” in Inayat Ali area in Bajaur, in the Tribal Areas. [JustPaste]




Facebook Page of the Day

A pro-Daesh page from Libya


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh’s new issue of its Al-Naba’ magazine [JustPaste]


Daesh audio newsletter in Arabic and Russian [JustPaste]


February 29, 2016

Mosul Dam


Today’s Major Developments


Leaders react to deadly weekend bombings in Baghdad.

Government booklet reflects anxiety about possible flood disaster from Mosul Dam.

Daesh makes unsuccessful attacks on Haqlaniya in Haditha.

Daesh attack on condolence ceremony in Muqdadiya kills 34, including PMF leaders.

Baghdadi’s German wife disappears from Mosul; he puts a trace on her.

Coalition airstrikes kill 45 Daesh members and destroy three Daesh buildings in Mosul.

PUK official alleges that the cash crisis in KRG is because Turkey is holding their money.





Political developments

The UNAMI rep in Iraq issued a statement denouncing the Sunday attack in Sadr City, saying it aims at creating sectarian violence. Ninety-six people were killed or wounded in a double attack. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack. [Mada]


Prime Minister Abadi met in Baghdad Operations Command with security leaders and formed a committee to investigate the terrorist attacks in Shula and Sadr City. Security leaders gave a briefing about the Daesh attack on Abu Ghraib and how security forces controlled the situation and killed the terrorists. [Mada]

Abadi also visited the explosion location in Sadr City and says such cowardly terrorist attacks against civilians will not stop Iraq from fighting and defeating terrorism. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Reading Daesh supporters’ (and others’) comments about these attacks against civilians is sickening, to say the least. Many are happy when innocent civilians, including women and children, get killed in such terrorist attacks. The gloating over murders of innocent people is one discovery from the social media phenomenon. But these enablers are part of a long history of dehumanizing people.

    Much of the motive is just sectarian hatred. The general idea is to kill all the Shia or force them to leave the “lands of Islam”. One clear example is a pro-government/anti-Daesh Saudi cleric, called Hamoud bin Ali Al-Omari. He said in 2013: “The Shia are infidels . . . and they are no different than the infidels in the Prophet’s days, if not worse. The only solution to the Shia is beheading”. The same message is being repeated by Saudi funded mosques all over the world. Millions of people are being raised on this rhetoric of hatred, where the “others” are not human beings. The results are reflected in the actions of Al-Qaeda and Daesh, among others. Only a few can see the larger truth–that this is just a part of the unholy power struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The rest believe it’s a religious war.


The Iraqi Minister of Justice says in a speech in the UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva that Daesh crimes should be documented and exposed in front of the world. He also says Daesh should not be referred to as Islamic because it doesn’t represent Islam. [Sumaria]


Moqtada Al-Sadr calls for a “peaceful and angry” demonstration near the Green Zone on Friday. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. In the time when Iraq is bleeding, Sadr is trying to score political points. He also expects Al-Abadi to choose new ministers from a list of “independent” people submitted by the Sadrists. Al-Abadi appeared on TV and criticized Sadr, without naming him.


In a startling development, the Iraqi government issued a booklet calling on people living along the banks of the Tigris to temporarily move away from the river bank in case of flooding due to the Mosul Dam problem. The booklet called on the people of Mosul to move 6 km from the river; those in Tikrit 5 km; those between Tikrit and Samarra 6.5 km; and greater distances were recommended for populations living east of the river. [Keremlash]

DaeshDaily comment. After numerous reassurances, this suggests that the government has actually been worried about the Dam, whose failure could be catastrophic. The explanation behind the booklet is either that they got worried enough to get honest or that the recent expert evaluation has lowered their confidence in the Dam’s reliability.

The American Embassy in Baghdad refuted local media reports that they were downsizing the Embassy’s staff because of warnings about the collapse of the Mosul Dam. [Rudaw]


The Ninewa Provincial Council met in its temporary location in Alqosh, 40 km (25 miles) north of Mosul near Dahuk, and voted against the participation of the PMFs in Ninewa’s liberation, 22 to 10. [Mada] A dissenting member of the council issued a statement rejecting the resolution, saying the PC  doesn’t have the authority to prevent the PMFs from participating, and the decision belongs to PM Abadi, the Commander-in-Chief. [Mada]


The “United” coalition, the Sunni CoR bloc led by Osama Al-Nujaifi, welcomed the Ninewa provincial council “brave” resolution and asks the government to arm and train people from Ninewa to be the main force to liberate the governorate. [Sumaria]

A Sunni MP from Ninewa says the participation of the PMFs in Ninewa liberation is a decision that belongs to the Prime Minister. He also says the Ninewa Provincial Council talks about PMF crimes but keeps silent about the Peshmerga crimes in Ninewa. [Sumaria]

Likewise, a member of the PMF Commission says the participation of the PMFs in Ninewa liberation will be decided by PM Abadi. He also says that Daesh is thanking the Ninewa provincial council for its resolution. [Sumaria]

Jabbar Yawer, the general secretary of the KRG’s Ministry of Peshmerga, said the agreement with Baghdad covers the presence of only the Iraqi army in Makhmur and no other force will be allowed. [PUKMedia]

DaeshDaily comment. This story seems straightforward, but the sub-plots are the problem. There are Shia PMFs, who want to participate but have so far been excluded by Al-Abadi, mostly to avoid sectarian and political complications. There are smaller groups of religious minorities, including Shia Turkmen, Christians, and Shabaks, who also want to be included, some working with the government and some with the Peshmerga. Then there are Nujaifi’s separatist NMFs, who are pariahs to the government but keep making noises about participating in the liberation. These include some of the same people who abandoned Mosul in 2014. Yes, the Iraqi Army didn’t do its job in protecting the city, but 30,000 local policemen suddenly disappeared or joined Daesh? How could the minorities in Ninewa, who were bossed around and then abandoned by the former governor and his gang, accept to be excluded while Nujaifi’s men surface again, this time under a Turkish flag.  


Khalil Al-Ubaidi, the Minister of Defense, discussed the Ninewa liberation preparations with General Sean McFarland, commander of the Coalition forces in Iraq, and Stuart Jones, the US Ambassador. [AIN]

Ashton Carter, the US Secretary of Defense, said Iraqi forces will lead the effort to liberate Mosul and that the US will provide all the support required, just like what happened in Ramadi. He said “the momentum is ours now”. [AIN]


Security developments

Hadi Al-Amiri, the commander of Badr militia of the PMF, personally oversaw security arrangements in Abu Ghraib in west Baghdad following the foiled Daesh attack on the area Sunday that reached and occupied the silo of Khan Dhari before the intervention of Counter Terror forces killed the attackers. Al-Amiri said that the attack shows the importance of liberating Falluja as soon as possible. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. We endorse that opinion. Much of the threat to Baghdad derives from its location next to Anbar. The Abu Ghraib District, in Baghdad Governorate but not in the city, is next to Anbar and the Falluja District. Taking Daesh out of Falluja should make Baghdad safer.


Sabah Noman, the spokesman of the Counter Terrorism Service says the CTS is ready to repel any operation in Baghdad, as happened in Abu Ghraib on Sunday. He added that “we are highly trained and well equipped, and all our units, including the tactical unit, is in full state of readiness”. [Maalomah]

A video of Iraqi security forces in Abu Ghraib. [Sumaria]


The Joint Operations Command spokesman says Daesh is trying to gain a media victory and it attacked Abu Ghraib to take advantage of the bad weather conditions. He thanked the tribal fighters in Abu Ghraib who helped Iraqi forces to annihilate the attackers. He also says the coming days will bring major victories for Iraqi forces. [Sumaria]


A curfew was imposed in Abu Ghraib following Daesh’s Sunday attacks, but was lifted today, a police source said. [Maalomah] [Sumaria]


Daesh published photos of its Abu Ghraib operation. [Rudaw]


The CoR Defense and Security Committee held the Baghdad Operations Command responsible for the terrorist attacks in Sadr City and earlier in Shula. Iskander Witwit, member of the committee, said that he will ask the committee to summon the BOC Commander for questioning. The Prime Minister ordered that a special committee investigate the two incidents. [Maalomah]

Mohammed Al-Rubaie deputy chairman of the Committee, said General Abdul Ameer Al-Shimmari, the BOC Commander, will be questioned by the CoR on Wednesday. [Mawazin]


55th Army found an IED and two mortar shells in Karaghoul, in far southern Baghdad, the BOC said. [PUK]


The Iraqi Air Force (IAF) command and the Czech Ministry of Defense discussed designating Iraqi pilots to train on the L-159 Czech warplanes in the Czech Republic, and placement of Czech trainers at Balad airbase in Salahuddin for the same purpose.  [Maalomah]


The following security incidents were reported:

North Baghdad

The bodies of two men shot to death were found in Rashidiya. [Maalomah]

An IED near commercial shops in Hamamiyat village in Taji District killed one civilian and wounded eight. [Mada]

A security source says security forces captured four suspects wanted on terrorism charges and destroyed 3 booby-trapped houses in Tarmiya District. [Maalomah]

Armed men in a 4-wheel drive car opened fire and wounded a civilian in the Ur neighborhood in Shaab. [Ghad]

A Katyusha rocket was fired on the Saba’ Al-Bor area. The rocket caused damage to a house but no human casualties.  [Sumaria]


East Baghdad

Two armed men on a motorcycle shot and killed two civilians in a civilian car in Binouk neighborhood. [Sumaria]


Southeast Baghdad

An IED near a coffee shop in Zafaraniya killed two civilians and wounded seven.[ Mada]

Daesh says its terrorists assassinated three Iraqi intelligence officers in Mada’in District on Sunday. [A3maq]


South Baghdad

The bodies of two men shot to death were found behind the Al-Rasheed vegetable market in the Abu Dsheer area of Dora. [Mada]

Daesh says it detonated an IED yesterday on a PMFs’ gathering in Abu Dsheer, killing two of them. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it killed an Iraqi Army source with an IED in Arab Jabour. [JustPaste]

An IED in a popular market in Al-Qasr Al-Awsat in Yusufiyah killed one civilian and wounded three. [Maalomah]

A booby-trapped house was found in Sadr Al-Yusufiyah by the 17th Army. 4 IEDs were found in the house, the IWMC said. [Ghad]


Southwest Baghdad

An IED in a popular market in the Al-Turath neighborhood of southwest Baghdad killed two civilians and wounded two. [Mada]

Armed men opened fire and killed a hairdresser in his car in Saidiya. [Mada]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   15    (Not an overall total)


Coalition warplanes executed 13 raids over Iraq, targeting selected targets in Jubba, Dolab, and Ramadi; Tal Afar and Sinjar; and Shirqat–destroying a car bomb, supply lines, 7 Daesh positions, two gathering centers, rocket launching platforms, and a mortar position. [Ghad]




BOC said in a statement that its forces are continuing to clear Albu Shijil, Qarma, and Taqsim and have killed 4 terrorists and destroyed 33 IEDs and 3 vehicles in the process. Rapid Intervention forces killed one terrorist in the Hitawiyeen area. [PUK]


A statement by the PMF of Falluja said army and security forces liberated Hamdaniya and Al-Masna’ Al-Iraqi southeast of Qarma District, including areas from which Sunday’s attacks on Abu Ghraib were launched. 16 Daesh terrorists were killed and 5 vehicles were destroyed. [Mada]

Col. Juma’a Faza’ Al-Jumaili, commander of the tribal mobilization in Qarma, said tribal forces participated in the Al-Masna’ Al-Iraqi operation and that 50% of it was liberated. He said that the coming few hours will witness its full liberation. [Maalomah]


A Ministry of Interior sources says a suicide terrorist in a car bomb attacked a joint Iraqi Army and PMFs checkpoint in Subaihat in Qarma, killing five fighters and wounding ten. [Rudaw]


Daesh says a “Farsi” suicide terrorist attacked Iraqi forces with car bomb near Abadi in Qarma, killing many soldiers and PMF fighters and destroying 5 vehicles. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists stopped an Iraqi forces attack on the same area killing 11 soldiers and destroying a vehicle. Daesh says 30 soldiers were killed in the suicide attack mentioned above. [A3maq]


Daesh says 35 Iraqi soldiers and 17 tribal fighters were killed when its terrorists rocketed them in Albu Daaij near Ameriyat Al-Falluja. [A3maq]
Daesh says Coalition warplanes mistakenly bombed Iraqi forces twice near Al-Mazraa camp east of Falluja. [A3maq]


Daesh issues a video of battles in Zoba’a. [VideoWood]

Daesh publishes photos of a mosque and farms in Nuaimiya. [JustPaste]



A member of the Anbar Provincial Council says tribal leaders, including Majid Al-Ali Al-Suleiman and others, arrived in Ramadi and areas east of the city to reopen their Madhafat (tribal guesthouses) as part of the effort to restore normal life in Ramadi. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh destroyed many houses of Ramadi tribal leaders and killed some of their family members when it captured the city.


35 Daesh terrorists were killed by the 10th infantry division, which repelled a wide scale attack in Hamdhiya. The 50th Army battalion killed 13 more and Coalition war planes 4 more in the same area, IWMC said. [Ghad]


Ali Dawood, Chairman of the Khaldiya subdistrict council, said Coalition warplanes destroyed the largest Daesh oil storage facility in Albu Bali in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya, as well as all oil and diesel tankers used by Daesh for fueling.  [Sumaria]


6 Coalition air raids in Ramadi killed 20 terrorists, two gathering positions, a defensive position, and a heavy weapons location, IWMC said. [Ghad]



The IWMC said army troops killed 6 suicide attackers in two separate incidents in Haqlaniya subdistrict. In the first incident, a man in civilian clothes attacked a Rapid Intervention command center checkpoint, but was shot dead. In the second, 5 suicide attackers trying to attack a command center were shot dead by Rapid Intervention soldiers. [Sumaria]


In what appears to be reporting on the same incidents, with different numbers, an attack by Daesh terrorists in Haqlaniya using medium and heavy weapons killed 5 tribal fighters and wounded two policemen. The attack was repelled by the security forces, according to an Anbar Operations Command source. [Mada] In a separate report from the same media source, 7 Daesh terrorists were killed and 3 arrested in a foiled Daesh attack on Haqlaniya. Three machine gun mounted vehicles and a rocket launching platform were destroyed, according to the PMFs of Haditha. [Mada]


Daesh’s version says 5 of its suicide terrorists attacked the Emergency Police checkpoint in Haqlaniya killing everyone there, then attacked the police station and nearby military positions before detonating themselves, killing a lot of Iraqi forces fighters. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. The 5 terrorists appearing in Daesh’s photo are masked. Why would they mask themselves if they were going to die anyway? As in the Abu Ghraib attack, however, Daesh sleeper cells likely played an important role in this one.

Here Daesh publishes a photo of 8 terrorists saying they were the ones who attacked Haqlaniya. The faces of four of them were erased. [JustPaste]


A comprehensive curfew was imposed on Haditha and all of its surrounding areas, according to Saoud Harb Al-Dulaimi, commander of the 14th Rapid Intervention battalion. He said that after a series of Daesh attacks, army and security forces are on alert in anticipation of more possible attacks. [Mada]


107th artillery regiment killed 5 terrorists in an artillery shelling on Daesh positions in Jubba, north of Baghdadi in Hit District, IWMC said. [Ghad]


Western Anbar

Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh convoy heading from Rutba to the Kilo 35 area in Ramadi to attack a military command center. The convoy took a desert route but was destroyed, and all those in the convoy were killed.  [Sumaria]




Salahuddin Operation Command said 1,000 soldiers in addition to tanks and armored vehicles arrived in Baiji and were deployed south of Shirqat District in preparation for the anticipated liberation of the city. The source says the situation in the city is deteriorating and people are suffering from the lack of food and from Daesh’s daily crimes. [Ghad]

Fresh PMF forces also arrived in the area, coming from Kut camp, for the same purpose, the IWMC said. [Mawazin]



The Security Committee of Salahuddin denied rumors that poisonous chemicals were released by Daesh rocket attacks on Al-Zuhur in Tikrit. A bad smell that accompanied the fall of these rockets terrified people in the local population. [Mawazin]


Coalition warplanes attacked Daesh terrorists approaching Allas and Ajeel oil fields, killing 16 and wounding 10, the IWMC said. [Ghad]



The 1st battalion of Salahuddin Police repelled a Daesh attack on its front lines in Abbasiya, northwest of Samarra, killing five attackers, a security source said. [Ghad]


Iraqi F16s bombed a Daesh gathering, communication towers, and machine gun mounted vehicles in Jazeera Samarra, destroying the targets and killing over 50 terrorists, while an army CH4 drone destroyed a car bomb preparing to attack army forces in the same area, the IWMC said. [Ghad]


Waadallah militia of the PMF repelled a Daesh attack on the Buhayrat (dried lakes) area in the Strategic Line area west of Samarra. The militia said Daesh is trying to recover this area, taken from it earlier, and that such attacks are expected. [Ayn Iraq]


Daesh says its terrorists shot at and struck an Iraqi helicopter and forced it to make an emergency landing at Samarra Operations Command headquarters. [A3maq]
Daesh publishes photos of shelling Iraqi forces with Grads west of Samarra. [DawaAlhaq]




Unidentified armed men with automatic rifles opened fire and killed a Ministry of Interior colonel as he left his house in Hibhib subdistrict, southwest of Baquba, a source in Diyala Police said. [Maalomah]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

There was a deadly attack on a condolence ceremony in Muqdadiya. The final count for casualties in Muqdadiya was 34 killed and 43 wounded. [Sumaria] A suicide bomber attacked the gathering this past evening. 4 PMF local leaders were killed in the attack. [Mawazin] Ali Hamad, an AAH leader in Muqdadiya, was killed in the explosion. [Mawazin] 3 days mourning was announced by the District. [Sumaria]

A curfew was imposed, according to Col. Ghalib Al-Attiya, media spokesman of Diyala Police. [Baghdadia]

Daesh officially claimed responsibility through its electronic websites. It named the suicide attacker as Abu Ayub al-Badri, and claims he killed 60 including 4 AAH leaders and wounded 100. [Shafaq] Parliament Speaker Saleem Al-Jubouri, who is from Diyala, strongly denounced the attack, saying Daesh is trying to compensate for its major defeats. [Ghad] [Ghad]

Clashes erupted between the army and the PMF following the condolence session attack for unknown reasons, a security source in Muqdadiya said. [Ghad]

DaeshDaily comment. We haven’t yet confirmed the last report from any other source.


Daesh publishes 2 photos of destroyed an Iraqi Army Humvee with an IED in Zaghniya Kabira village in Abbara subdistrict. [JustPaste]


The Diyala Governor denied the reports about armed men capturing the police station of Muqdadiya and asked people not to believe rumors. [Sumaria]

He also says (Sunni) MPs from Diyala should be held accountable for the Muqdadiya attack because they directly intervened and moved a police emergency battalion from the city a week ago, exposing it to terrorist attacks. [Sumaria]

A Sunni MP from Diyala responded by saying the Governor should not blame other people and the governorate is facing a “security collapse.” He asked for troops from outside the governorate. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. We just wonder why a group of legislators would even be in position to make a police department decision. 



Daesh executed three men in Hawija for writing statements on walls against Daesh’s leader and demanding that Daesh leave the city. The bodies and heads of the executed men were hung on power poles in the city, a source in the city said. [Sumaria]


Daesh shelled Taza subdistrict with 5 locally made rockets without causing human casualties, a security source in Kirkuk said. A Coalition air attack also took place on a Daesh convoy of four vehicles heading to Tarqiya village. The convoy was destroyed; the exact casualty figures are unavailable. [Mada]




The German wife of Awwad Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh, disappeared mysteriously with two of her closest servants, a source in Ninewa said. The source added that Al-Baghdadi ordered a special unit of Daesh to trace the woman and arrest her. She held a position that allowed her to oversee women’s issues. Iraqi and German intelligence reportedly have full details on the woman and her activities. [Karemlash]


Daesh hisbah office arrested 30 men in the marketplace in downtown Qayara, and moved them to an unknown location, according to a Ninewa Police source. The source added that Daesh’s pressure on men in Qayara is constantly increasing amidst news of Iraqi forces closing in on the city. [BasNews]


Daesh executed two mosque Imams, Azhar Nouriddin Al-Habbal and Qasim Yahya Al-Nuaimai, in the Ghabat area north of Mosul, The official reason was their rejection of compulsory recruitment of young men to fight for Daesh. [BasNews]


A Coalition air raid killed over 30 terrorists (most of them Syrians) in a Daesh command center near Mosul city. The raid also destroyed 40 large trucks assigned for foodstuff transfers between Raqqa and Mosul. However, the raid accidentally killed 5 civilians. [Mada]


Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official, said a Daesh command center in the cultural complex on the east side of Mosul was destroyed and 15 terrorists killed by Coalition airstrikes. The warplanes also bombed the university campus in Al-Shifa’ neighborhood, manned by Daesh terrorists, and the university print house used by Daesh for training, killing “tens” of terrorists. [PUKMedia]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says its fighters attacked a Daesh “media center” in the Domiz intersection in the Palestine neighborhood in Mosul, killing a Daesh member. [KM Facebook Page]


Nineveh Plain

Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official said Coalition warplanes bombed Daesh in Terjella village in Bartella and destroyed two Daesh vehicle bombs. The vehicles were prepared to attack Peshmerga locations in Bashiqa. [PUKMedia]


Coalition warplanes bombed Kahnash village in Bartella, killing the new wali of Kahnash, Abu Dhabi Tammam Al-Hamad, a Saudi national, and burning out 29 or more vehicles, the IWMC said. [Ghad]



New army units of the 71st brigade of the 15th army division arrived in Makhmur to join forces already there in preparation for the liberation of Mosul, military sources in Makhmur said. [Ghad]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official, said 5 terrorists including two snipers were killed by Coalition airstrikes on Hamadan checkpoint and Tel Al-Qasab complex in Sinjar. [PUKMedia]


Other Governorates  


A PUK official says Turkey has been holding the KRG’s oil revenues for the last six months, demanding that the PUK and Gorran change their positions regarding the “Kurdish people’s struggle in Turkey and Syria”. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. It’s a bombshell if it’s true, but it seems hard to believe and needs to be verified. The irony is that the KRG’s oil money is in the hands of the Turks because the Kurds chose recently to spite Baghdad and sell its oil directly, for which Turkey was the conduit.

    Whatever the truth of the allegation, we have a source in Suleimaniya saying that there is a major cash crisis there, and that people are not receiving their salaries, with personnel defined as essential forced to work without salaries. This raises a critical question: If the KRG is selling its own oil, why is it so badly off it can’t pay people? The oil-price crisis is one reason but can’t explain it all. This adds credibility to the Turkey allegation.                           

    The PUK official’s allegation infers that policy toward the PKK is the issue. President Barzani turned publicly against the PKK—a major political development—to strengthen his political alliance with Erdogan. There have been suspicions, however, that the PUK is still friendly with the PKK, and PKK soldiers have been seen in Kirkuk. The PYD/YPG Kurds in Syria who work with the American military are considered part of PKK by Erdogan, thus making political parties other than the KDP the friends of traitors in his mind.

    Add to this the political crisis in the KRG, with Barzani having no legal position now and thus acting without authority, but still preventing Gorran ministers from serving in the government, which the PUK has also opposed.


Turkish planes bombed the Nerwa Rekan area in the Amedi District in northern Dahuk, targeting PKK positions. The bombardment lasted over 30 minutes. [Sumaria]




Southern Areas Customs Department found unlicensed military supplies inside clothing containers intended to be smuggled into the country. The shipment includes night vision equipment, military outfits, and surveillance cameras. [Baghdadia]



Ibtisam Al-Hilali, CoR member for the State of Law bloc, escaped an assassination attempt when two men on a motorcycle shot at her convoy in Al-Zuhur neighborhood in north Kerbala, causing damage to some of the convoy vehicles. [Baghdadia]



One suspect was arrested on terrorism charges in Iskandariya in northern Babel, among 10 others arrested for different charges, a security source said. [Sumaria]


A member of Babel PC says security forces started the procedures to check the files of families that want to return to Jurf Al-Sakhar, to make sure family members were not involved in terrorism and killing Iraqis. [Sumaria]




Political developments

Turkish President Erdogan said Monday that “there is no cease-fire throughout Syria presently,” saying that “unfortunately attacks are continuing in some areas as they were before.” [Anadolu]


Military developments

Turkish military units shelled ten Daesh sites north of Aleppo from across the border on Sunday, a security source said. The sites included ammunition stores, and rocket launchers, the source said. [Anadolu]




The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Daesh executed 2142 civilians, including 87 children and 121 women, in Syria since announcing its caliphate 20 months ago. [BasNews]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Syria Democratic Forces fighters battled Daesh in villages between Shaddadi and Markada on Sunday, amid Coalition airstrikes on Daesh positions, a local source said. A YPG commander said his troops had advanced 10 km (6 miles) south of Shaddadi city in operations to secure the area around the city which the SDF recently captured from Daesh. [ARA]


Two landmines planted by Daesh exploded in the Hasaka countryside, the Asayesh announced, one west of Hasaka city near the Abyad Bridge, which killed two civilians and wounded others, and another south of Shaddadi which injured two people on a motorcycle. [ARA]


Daesh pilfered all of the electricity and gas plant equipment from the power station serving Shaddadi, the sector’s electricity official said after a field visit to the site of the plant. [Hawar]


Daesh rocketed areas west of Tishrin Dam on Saturday, Hawar’s correspondent reports. [Hawar]


Daesh issues a video of its foreign suicide bombers in Raqqa. [VideoWood]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked a YPG security barrier east of Suluk subdistrict in Raqqa, killing or wounding many YPG fighters. Daesh says at the same time 20 other terrorists attacked 3 villages east of the Tishrin Dam killing some YPG fighters before returning safely. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists cut off the road between Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad after they retreated from Tal Abyad.  (See below) [A3maq] [DawaAlhaq]

Daesh issues a video of battles near Suluk. [A3maq]


Tal Abyad

Several explosions were reported Monday in the Tal Abyad countryside north of Raqqa in what appeared to be mine-clearing operations by the YPG of mines laid by Daesh during its brief control of the area over the weekend. Local activists said that in its clearing operations the YPG bulldozed all but one building in the village of Al-Uwaydiya, and seized the remaining structure for use as the militia’s field headquarters.

Daesh launched an assault on the city of Tal Abyad north of Raqqa on Saturday, holding territory overnight before being pushed back on Sunday by the Syria Democratic Forces with heavy Coalition air support. Daesh executed Asad Bashir Al-Yasin, a Turkmen sheikh, while it briefly controlled the city of Ain Al-Arous, a few miles from Tal Abyad. Daesh lost 70 fighters in the fighting for Tal Abyad while the YPG lost 11, a YPG source said Monday. The YPG also reportedly captured 30 Daesh fighters.

[Reuters (English)] [ARA] [Qasioun] [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


On Monday the Syria Democratic Forces announced that the city of Hammam Al-Turkmen was free of Daesh presence after heavy fighting. Daesh fighters infiltrated into the area on Saturday during the Tal Abyad fighting. [Welati]


A YPG commander in Tal Abyad blames Turkey for sending Daesh to Tal Abyad. [Hawar]


Photo and video of Daesh weapons and equipment seized from Tal Abyad. [Hawar]


Graphic photos of mopping-up a Daesh cell in Ain Al-Arous. [Hawar]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo, East

Heavy fighting erupted west of Kobane around the city of Al-Shuyoukh Foqani on Monday after Daesh militants crossed the Euphrates River and attacked YPG and SDF positions on the river’s eastern bank, a YPG fighter said. The fighting is concentrated especially around the village of Nasariya, the fighter added. The two sides have been trading artillery fire, the fighter said, explaining that Daesh is shelling from its positions in Jarabulus west of the Euphrates. Coalition planes are supporting the SDF and YPG fighters in the battle, which is still ongoing, the source said. [ARA]


Syrian Army troops and allied militias are in complete control of the Khanasir–Aleppo road southeast of Aleppo as of Monday, an activist said, describing heavy fighting between the Syrian troops and allies on the one side and Daesh on the other amid Russian airstrikes on Daesh positions.  Syrian Army troops suffered heavy losses in fighting with Daesh around the city of Athariya southeast of Aleppo on Saturday in its bid to seize territory around the strategic road that links Aleppo to Hama. [ARA] [Qasioun]


Daesh says its terrorists killed 60 Hezbollah and Iranian militia fighters and destroyed 4 tanks and an armored vehicle and recaptured Al-Maghara and Al-Hammam villages between Athariya and Khanasir. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of the weapons and ammunitions it captured in the Al-Hammam area south of Khanasir. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of battles between Athariya and Silmiya. [JustPaste]
Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a Syrian Army tank in the same area. [A3maq]


Aleppo and north

One of the most prominent Al-Qaeda leaders in Syria was killed in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo, activists said. Saif Al-Islam Al-Shishani was reportedly killed by Kurdish militia fighters in battles around Sheikh Maqsoud in the last week. The slain militant, originally from the Caucasus region, is said to have been close to Salah Al-Din Al-Shishani, who led attacks by foreign fighters against Kurdish militias in the area. [Rudaw]


The Jaysh Al-Thuwar/Revolutionaries Army militia, which is part of the Syria Democratic Forces, announced it found three Nusra Front explosives factories in Tal Rifaat in far northern Aleppo (photos). [Hawar]


Daesh says its terrorists stopped a Syrian armed groups attack, supported by American airpower and Turkish artillery, on Tal Battal, Qara Kubri and Azzatiya villages in Aleppo’s northern countryside. Daesh says its terrorists clashed with the armed groups’ fighters for 5 hours before forcing them to enter a landmine field. Daesh says its terrorists killed many of the fighters and wounded others and captured one and forced the rest to flee. [A3maq] [A3maq]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh publishes a photo of a Russian drone its terrorists shot down in Hama’s eastern countryside. [JustPaste]


Daesh executed several of its own members, including an Algerian and a Tunisian, in Mayadin and Deir Ez-Zor over the last several days, some on announced charges including sexual misconduct and others without announcing the reasons, according to local sources. [Arabi21]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Russian warplanes struck residential areas of a village west of Deir Ez-Zor on Saturday, killing and injuring civilians. The same day, Daesh fought heavy ground battles with Syrian troops in the Baghiliya area amid Russian airstrikes on Daesh positions. Daesh mortared residential buildings in Deir Ez-Zor, killing two civilians and injuring “tens” of others, amid heavy fighting Saturday between Daesh and Syrian troops in areas around Deir Ez-Zor military airport. Syrian troops fired artillery at Daesh-held areas destroying buildings. [Qasioun]



Opposition militias fought with Daesh on Sunday in the Al-Zayn neighborhood in south Damascus, on the border between the “Black Rock” area and the small city of Yelda. The militias fired heavy machine guns at Daesh positions causing damage. [Qasioun]


Jaysh Al-Islam militia captured a “prominent Daesh commander” and several other Daesh fighters in Al-Dumeir city in Rif Damashq, the militia announced. The capture of the Daesh members came after Daesh attacked buildings in the area, killing innocent civilians and sparking clashes between Daesh on the one side and Jaysh Al-Islam and “The Martyr Ahmad Abdu Forces” on the other, the statement said. Further and more violent fighting is expected, the statement adds, saying that coming days will see the complete elimination of the Daesh presence in Al-Dumeir. [ARA]




North Africa

Egyptian troops killed 11 suspected Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis members in two operations in North Sinai, including one air operation in which an Apache helicopter struck a 4-wheel drive vehicle killing five people inside, in villages south of Sheikh Zuweid Monday. [ElWatan]


A police officer was killed Sunday when masked gunmen opened fire on him in front of his house in North Sinai. [ElWatan]

An IED exploded Monday on policemen performing clearing operations south of Sheikh Zuweid, injuring four. Another IED exploded on a security vehicle south of Arish on Monday, injuring a police officer and a policeman. [ElWatan] [VetoGate]


Unknown gunmen fired on an ambulance carrying wounded soldiers from Sheikh Zuweid on Monday, damaging the vehicle. [VetoGate]


An IED exploded Saturday killing two soldiers and injuring two others south of Rafah. A security source said Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis had planted the device. [ElWatan] [Arabi21]

Two soldiers were injured in an IED blast targeting a security vehicle south of Rafah on Saturday. Two officers were injured on Saturday when gunmen opened fire on them south of Rafah. [ElWatan] [ElWatan]


Daesh says it detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army patrol east of Arish killing three soldiers and wounding two. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it detonated another IED on an Egyptian Army patrol near Karm Al-Qawadees. [JustPaste]


Security sources in North Sinai denied reports that the Assistant Director of North Sinai Security, Maj. Gen. Sami Khadar, was involved in an IED attack near the entrance to Arish city on Sunday. Troops found a device at the site of the alleged attack and safely detonated it, the source said. [ElWatan]


Three loud blasts were heard by residents in Arish Monday, which a security source attributed later to raiding operations in the city and in Sheikh Zuweid. [VetoGate] [VetoGate]



The Libyan Dar Al-Ifta which issues religious opinions, issued a fatwa on Monday calling for Libyans to unify their ranks to combat Daesh. [AfriGate]



Daesh says its terrorists killed ten Libyan soldiers and wounded four with an IED in Hawari southwest of Benghazi. [JustPaste]

Daesh says one of its snipers killed another soldier in the same area. [JustPaste]


The Libyan Religious Affairs Commission and civil society activists warn that some Daesh’s victims’ families are burning and destroying the houses of Daesh members in Benghazi. [TWIMG] [TWIMG] [TWIMG]

DaeshDaily comment. Basically, they are saying this is just wrong, even if it’s Daesh members who are the victims.


Daesh says its snipers killed two Libyan armed group fighters and wounded a third in two different areas in Derna. [JustPaste]



Foreign warplanes believed to be French conducted four raids on four different Daesh sites on Sunday, striking at Sirte, Saddada, Wadi Shamikh and Wadi Targhalat, local sources said. Local sources in Sirte also report the arrival of more Daesh fighters of various Arab and African nationalities and equipment to Sirte, traveling by sea in small boats that the Libyans call 8“bulldozers.” The same sources also report that Daesh whiplashed young men in central Sirte after declaring it found images of figures from the previous regime and pro-independence symbols on their phones, in raids conducted in Sirte. [Wasat] [Aawsat]


Daesh has opened a center for the collection of zakat (religious alms) and charity in Sirte and has called on Sirte’s citizens to give zakat from their wealth and deliver it to the center. An Eritrean national is in charge of the center, according to Daesh’s announcements, which state that all citizens are required to register their assets with the center so Daesh can collect the appropriate amount of zakat. Daesh also threatened with penalties those who fail to comply or who hide their wealth. [AfriGate]


Daesh abducted two people from the Awlad Sulayman tribe in Harawa, 50 km (30 miles) east of Sirte a local source said, because they had joined a local militia before Daesh took over the city. [Wasat]



Unknown warplanes struck a Daesh column southwest of Tripoli as it was traveling from Sirte toward Sabratha in an apparent attempt to relieve the siege on Daesh fighters there, a Libyan military source said, suggesting that the plane could be American. A Pentagon spokesman denied that the US was involved. [Arabi21] [Wasat]


The General Command of the Libyan Army announced on Monday the formation of a joint operations room in Sabratha to coordinate operations against Daesh in the city, and called for citizens not to obstruct the efforts of the operations room. [AfriGate]


Joint forces in Sabratha arrested two Daesh commanders there on Sunday, eyewitnesses said. The two men surrendered after fighting between Daesh and the joint forces, the sources added. [AfriGate]


Algeria. Algerian authorities have broken up five networks that were working to recruit Algerians to join Daesh in Libya and Syria, according to Algerian media reports on Sunday (video). [Wasat]


Other countries


Yemen. A suicide vehicle bomb detonated at a security checkpoint in the residential Sheikh Othman neighborhood of Aden on Monday, causing an unspecified number of causalities from among security personnel and civilians.  [Erem] [Arabi21]




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