An Update On ISIS Activities

March 27, 2017​​ ​​ 





Today’s Major Developments


Al-Abadi, Votel​​ react to deadly Mosul Al-Jadida bombing incident. [..]​​ ​​ 

Coalition airstrikes hit Daesh facilities in Anah. [..]

Army repels major Daesh attack in Shirqat. [..]

Mass grave found in Khanaqin, northern Diyala. [..]

PUK peshmerga occupy​​ government​​ oil company land in Kirkuk, in KRG dispute. [..]​​ 

Iraqi forces closer to capturing Grand Mosque, as standoff continues. [..]

CTS captures four more neighborhoods in southwest Mosul. [..]


Daesh launches major attack in southern Hasaka. [..]

Daesh warnings on Tabaqa Dam deemed exaggerated. [..]

SDF captures Tabaqa airport, more villages in move toward Raqqa. [..]

Syrian Army, southern opposition groups take 15 villages from Daesh. [..]






Prime Minister Abadi says since the start of the Mosul liberation he has ordered Iraqi forces to prioritize people lives over capturing territory. He says the same people who are crying today about civilian casualties in Mosul were silent when Daesh was killing the people of Mosul. He says these people want to stop the international support for Iraq in its war against terrorism. He also says the investigations about the​​ airstrike​​ incident in Al-Mosul Al-Jadida, where more than 100 civilians were killed, are providing more clues to what actually happened. [Sumaria] ​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ There are reports that Daesh booby-trapped houses before forcing people to stay in them. ​​ 

The mass-casualty Coalition airstrike in Mosul is having major reverberations. Gen. Joseph Votel of CENTCOM says the death of civilians in the west Mosul fighting is a major catastrophe. He says “as we are investigating what happened, we still taking extreme measures to avoid fall of civilians. He stressed that the battle is very difficult, as Daesh combatants are shielded behind civilians. [Sumaria]



Prime Minister Abadi met in his office with the US Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, to discuss the Mosul battles and arming and developing Iraqi forces, according to a statement from Abadi’s office. The general praised the development in the capabilities of Iraqi forces and affirmed US support to Iraq in the war on terrorism. [Sumaria]​​ 


The Coalition says it conducted 15 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in and near Mosul (7),​​ Qayara (1),​​ Tal Afar (2), Sinjar (1), Baiji (1), Al-Qa’im (1), and Rawa (2). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The BOC says 17th​​ army division found an explosives cache during a search in Amya and Karaghoul.​​ [BOC Facebook Page]​​ 

A police source says a security​​ unit​​ arrested​​ a man​​ on terrorism​​ charges​​ in Dora.​​ [Maalomah]​​ 


Southwest​​ (Rasheed, etc.)

A police source says an IED placed in a popular market in Radwaniya wounded two civilians.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

The MoD says army units arrested a man wanted on terror charges in in Abu Ghraib.​​ [MoD Website]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 4(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 1




An Anbar Police source says two civilians were killed when an IED exploded in the Nuaimiya area.​​ [Maalomah]​​ 


Daesh says it killed four Iraqi soldiers and damaged a vehicle by detonating 2 IEDs in the Al-Annaz area in Zoba’a. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



Anbar Ops Command says 8th​​ army division found 26 IEDs in​​ Albu Alwan and 17 in Albu Risha, as well as a large ammunition cache in “White residential department complex” in Tamim, and destroyed all on site.​​ [MoD Website]


Northwest Anbar

A Tribal PMF commander says the IAA killed a notable Daesh leader in Al-Qa’im and several of his associates. [Etejah]​​ 


The Jazeera Operations Commander says Coalition planes launched several airstrikes on Daesh in Anah, killing 10 terrorists and destroying a drone storehouse, a vehicle bomb factory, a weapons storehouse, and a construction shovel truck bomb.[Mawazin]​​ 



A military source says an IED targeting a border guard patrol in Trebil, on the Jordanian border, wounding​​ an officer and two soldiers.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Daesh publishes photos of detonating 2 IEDs on an Iraqi Army Humvee in the Kilo 40 area, north of Rutba. It says two Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Anbar Operations Command says an IED targeting a military vehicle exploded in​​ the​​ Kilo 160 area, wounding several soldiers.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 

Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi Army military position in the Kilo 160 area east of Rutba with 6 mortars. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 




MoD says army units repelled a​​ major​​ Daesh attack on Khanuqa​​ in Shirqat,​​ killing 49 attackers and destroying 2 vehicles. In the same area, 66th infantry brigade repelled a Daesh attack in Khanuqa,​​ destroying a Daesh Hummer vehicle. Meanwhile, 60th​​ infantry brigade engaged Daesh attackers in Aitha village in Shirqat with the support of army helicopters, which killed 15 attackers forcing them to withdraw to the east side of the​​ river, which is still not liberated. [MoD Website]


Daesh says it attacked PMF positions near Ain Al-Baidha village southwest of Shirqat, killing five fighters, wounding others, and destroying 3 military positions. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


A local source says unidentified armed men attacked a Daesh security squad on an agricultural road east of Shirqat, killing one combatant and wounding two others.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Daesh says it targeted “PMF positions” in Shirqat city and nearby villages with 126 mortars. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



The PMF Press says PMF units stopped a major Daesh attack on the road between Siniya and Haditha. It says Daesh used 22 vehicles and tens of terrorists in the attack. [Ghad]​​ 


MoD says 5th​​ army division blocked a Daesh attack in Hawi south of Tikrit,​​ without going into further details.​​ [MoD Website]


Salahuddin​​ Operations​​ Command says​​ the​​ total number of families returning to their home areas in​​ various parts of Salahuddin is​​ up to​​ 139,104. [MoD Website]



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

The MoD says​​ 5th​​ army​​ division arrested several​​ persons​​ on terrorism​​ charges in various​​ areas​​ of Diyala.​​ [MoD Website]


A security source says local police captured 3 Daesh members in a house in Kanaan, east of Baquba. [Maalomah]​​ 


Daesh says it killed an AAH​​ militia​​ member by detonating a sticky IED under his car in the Al-Qatoun area. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, etc.)

A human rights NGO in Diyala says confessions of a Daesh combatant arrested by the Peshmerga led to discovery of a mass grave in Sadiya, in Khanaqin District,​​ containing bodies of persons executed by Daesh during its​​ control of the city.​​ The​​ fate​​ of over 100 civilians arrested by Daesh in Sadiya is still unknown.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


A local source says Daesh executed 3 members of the Tribal Mobilization near Sadiya, while the​​ fate​​ of a fourth member is still unknown. Daesh kidnapped the four on Sunday in Jubour village near Himrin.​​ [Ghad]​​ 

Daesh says it captured three PMF fighters and executed them in the Himrin area in Sadiya subdistrict. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 




PUK says its​​ peshmerga​​ forces will not withdraw from​​ the​​ Northern Oil​​ Company complex until the demands of the PUK are​​ met, including establishment of​​ an oil refinery in Kirkuk, and meet the interests of​​ the​​ Kirkuk population.​​ The​​ KDP criticized the PUK move,​​ calling it illegal.​​ [ROJ]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This is more of the ongoing hostility between the KDP and the Suleimaniya parties (PUK and Gorran). (Gorran does not have peshmerga.) The real issue is over which party controls the oil coming from Kirkuk. Politics has reached a sad state in the KRG.​​ 


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

A security source says a security unit captured a man on terrorism charges at a checkpoint in Taza subdistrict. [Sumaria]​​ 




Mosul liberation campaign

Military Times​​ says an unknown number of 82nd​​ Airborne personnel, based at Fort Bragg, are heading to northern Iraq to participate in Mosul operations. Another 1,000 might be deployed in Syria later.​​ [Maalomah]​​ 


Daesh says​​ 85​​ people were killed and 215 wounded by bombing or shelling on areas in west Mosul during the last 2 days. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Central Mosul

Daesh issues a video of the results of a Coalition airstrike on a hospital in Hay Al-Zanjili, northwest of downtown Mosul near the river. [A3maq]


A military source says that the IFP is adopting a new tactic that employs sniper attacks and army helicopter assaults, to decrease Coalition strikes in the crowded areas of west Mosul.​​ [BasNews]​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh burned down the Ministry of Health storehouses in west Mosul.​​ 

A security source says Daesh burned down medicine storehouses and the blood bank west of Mosul after security forces​​ approached. The source says that a black cloud of smoke was seen over the burning buildings.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Ninewa Operations Commander says Daesh is holding hundreds of civilian hostages near the Grand Mosque, many of them women and children. Iraqi Human Rights Watch said earlier that Daesh is holding 197 children in that area. ​​ [Maalomah]​​ 


However, A CTS commander says Daesh defense lines around the Grand Mosque are destroyed, and it is only a matter of a short time before Iraqi forces recover the mosque buildings. [Maalomah]​​ 


An IFP commander says IFP and Rapid Response units are advancing towards Al-Farouq and Qadhib Al-Ban areas in old Mosul. He says that a route to allow Daesh combatants to leave the city was opened, as well as three others for civilians to escape battle areas. Daesh is now surrounded at 360 degrees, says the commander.​​ [Mawazin]​​ 

A local source says 13 Daesh terrorists were killed and 8 wounded in Coalition airstrikes on the Al-Farouq and Al-Mashhad areas. [Harbi]​​ 

The​​ IFP commander says that by reaching Qadhib Al-Ban, IFP units are 300 meters away from the Al-Hadba Minaret of the​​ Grand​​ Mosque.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


A security source says Coalition warplanes killed 13 Daesh combatants and wounded 8 others in an airstrike on Al-Farouq and Mashahida.​​ [IraqPress]


Daesh says it killed three IFP soldiers, wounded others, and damaged a bulldozer, a Humvee, and an SUV in battles in the Al-Mahata (Train Station) area. Daesh says​​ that​​ when IFP units withdrew, Coalition planes targeted them with 3 airstrikes. It also says it battled Iraqi forces in the Bab Al-Jadid area, killing five soldiers, including a colonel and four other soldiers. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

Daesh issues a video of an attack on Iraqi forces in the Bab Al-Jadid area. [A3maq]


Daesh says it destroyed 2 IFP military positions in the Al-Dawasa area and near Bab Al-Tob. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Daesh says it shot down an Iraqi Army recon drone in Hay Al-Zanjili. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Southwest Mosul

CTS says it liberated Arouba and the industrial area neighborhoods and raised​​ the Iraqi flag over its buildings.​​ [BasNews]


On Sunday, CTS liberated Ayn​​ Al-Janoubi and Rajm Hadid neighborhoods. [Anadolu]


Daesh issues a video of battles near Hay Ras Al-Jadda. [A3maq]


West-central Mosul

Daesh says its snipers killed a CTS soldier in Al-Mosul Al-Jadida. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

A security source says civil defense units recovered the bodies of six civilians killed by Daesh mortar shelling on their house in Al-Mosul Al-Jadida. [Maalomah]​​ 

Daesh says one of its Iraqi suicide terrorists targeted a Rapid Intervention unit near the old Sina’a area in far western Mosul, killing or wounding several soldiers. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


North Mosul

Ninewa Liberation Operations command says 9th​​ army division captured the Badoush Dam and he cement factory and raised the Iraqi flag over their buildings. The Dam has remained unfinished since the Iran-Iraq War broke out in 1980.​​ [Anadolu]


The PMF Press says PMF units secured 500 civilians from the Badoush area. [AIN]

East Mosul

The number of civilian casualties from a Daesh rocket attack on Nabi Yunus in east Mosul is now 16 killed and over 50 wounded, say local sources.​​ [IraqPress]​​ 


Other stories

MoD says army helicopters killed 15 Daesh combatants, and destroyed a shovel and a tanker in the Al-Malaab (stadium) area.​​ [MoD Website]


Eyewitnesses say a Daesh sniper killed three brothers and their child-age sister as they tried to escape towards army units in west Mosul. [IraqPress]​​ 


Daesh says it targeted “Iraqi Army and militias” in different areas in west Mosul with 285 mortars and 26 Katyushas. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Daesh says it shot an Iraqi Army helicopter in west Mosul, forcing it to take an emergency landing. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Daesh publishes photos of some of its men in west Mosul. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Human conditions in Mosul

Daesh shot and killed a mosque​​ imam​​ as he was distributing food to people in Agaydat in central Mosul.​​ [Mawsleya]​​ The Chairman of the Sunni Endowment in Ninewa says a member of the Ninewa Provincial Council survived a Daesh assassination attempt while he was distributing aid in Al-Agaydat. The mosque imam was killed and two of the PC member bodyguards were wounded in the attack. [Sumaria]​​ 


Daesh publishes photos of throwing a young man from the roof of a building in Ninewa, after accusing him of homosexuality. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This is another human tragedy in a long list. We suspect this tragedy won’t get mentioned by the sectarian incubator media, where alleged government crimes against Sunnis are an issue but Daesh crimes against innocent civilians are not.​​ 


A report says that the army uses tens of abandoned schools in west Mosul as field hospitals. One of these schools receives​​ an average of 100​​ patients​​ per day, both civilian and military.​​ [Karemlash]​​ 



The MoI says Ninewa Police killed a Daesh suicide bomber who crossed the river to Al-Jamsa village. [Sumaria]​​ 

However,​​ Daesh says it attacked PMF positions in Al-Shabali, Al-Jamsa, and Al-Aidha villages south of Qayara, killing more than ten fighters, wounding others, destroying 3 military positions and 2 Humvees, and capturing weapons and ammunition. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Northwest (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Commander of Ninewa Liberation Operations says Iraqi F16s destroyed a Daesh IED workshop, a carrigging workshop, two storehouses for rockets and weapons, a​​ hisbah​​ office, and a guesthouse in Tal Afar. [Harbi]​​ 

Military intelligence says the airstrikes​​ killed three major Daesh commanders in Tal Afar. [IraqPress]​​ 


A local source says Daesh’s​​ Tal Afar police commander and his wife were killed when a sticky bomb attached to their car exploded near his house south of Tal Afar.​​ [Sumaria]


PMF​​ command​​ says​​ PMFs​​ blocked a large Daesh attack on Qamishliya west of​​ Tal Afar, destroying 6 vehicle bombs. The PMF says Daesh was trying to open a gap to escape towards Qayrawan and Baaj,​​ to the​​ west.​​ [Waradana]


Daesh publishes photos of an attack on PMF positions south of the Tal Afar Airport. [DawaAlhaq]


The IWMC says the IAF killed 50 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 10 vehicles as the men were trying to cross the border from Syria to​​ Qayrawan​​ subdistrict​​ in Sinjar. It also says the IAF destroyed a guesthouse in​​ Qayrawan, killing 12 terrorists. [Mawazin]​​ 

A Swedish newspaper says the PKK kidnapped a Swedish citizen who fights with the Peshmerga in Sinjar. [BasNews]​​ 



The Coalition says it conducted 19 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near​​ Tabaqa (7),​​ Raqqa (9),​​ Palmyra (1),​​ Deir Ez-Zor (1), and Albu Kamal (1). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


A major battle story in three versions:

A source close to the SDF says Daesh launched a major attack on Azzawi village​​ south of Shaddadi,​​ using​​ vehicle bombs and​​ large numbers of terrorists and​​ other​​ vehicles.​​ The SDF stopped the attack, killing 25 Daesh terrorists and destroying​​ 6 vehicle bombs, a tank, 2 armored vehicles, 8 cars, and 7 motorcycles. [ARA]​​ 

Daesh’s version​​ 1​​ says 6 of its terrorists attacked the SDF headquarters in Azzawi. Daesh says their terrorists battled with SDF fighters for hours, then 3 of them detonated their explosives​​ vests and the other 3 were killed during battles​​ [a rare admission]. It says a “large number” of SDF fighters were killed in the attack. It says​​ its terrorists​​ simultaneously​​ attacked SDF positions near Kashkash Jubour village, destroying a vehicle, and​​ conducted a suicide attack in the same village, destroying an armored vehicle. It also says “American” planes mistakenly targeted SDF positions in the same village, killing or wounding several fighters and destroying a heavy machine gun. Finally, Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on​​ rear-defense​​ SDF military positions near Al-Azzawi. [DawaAlhaq]

Daesh’s version 2​​ tells the story differently. It says a group of its terrorists attacked SDF positions in Kashkash Jubour and on Safiya Hill south of Shaddadi. Daesh says one of its Syrian suicide terrorists attacked SDF with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding several of them. It says another group attacked the SDF military headquarters in Al-Azzawi village and battles erupted, then one of the suicide terrorists detonated his explosive vest, killing or wounding “tens” of fighters, while the rest of the terrorists returned safely. [StoreUp]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We are all too familiar with Daesh propaganda by now. Certain elements of its battle stories seem to come from boilerplate on file for the purpose. It is never defeated and never retreats.​​ Its always-brave terrorists almost always return safely unless they detonated explosives vests and killed themselves, which is counted as a success.​​ The number of enemy casualties is usually grossly exaggerated.​​ References to inaccurate Coalition airstrikes are​​ commonly added to these stories but are routinely​​ made up;​​ if there Is an actual inaccurate strike, it is acknowledged by the Coalition. When​​ Daesh​​ writes a story in two places, one version typically contradicts parts of the other.​​ 



Al-Tabaqa Dam

The Coalition said on Sunday it is taking every precaution to ensure​​ the integrity of the​​ Al-Tabaqa​​ (Euphrates)​​ Dam. It said it does not assess the dam to be in imminent danger unless Daesh plans to destroy it. It said the SDF are in control of a spillway north of the dam that provides water to an irrigation reclamation canal which can be used to alleviate pressure on the dam if need be. If the lake reaches dangerous levels the SDF can relieve the pressure through alternative means.

It also said the dam has not been structurally damaged to its knowledge and​​ that​​ the Coalition seeks to preserve the integrity of the dam as a vital resource to the people of Syria. The Coalition does not target the dam with​​ airstrikes and when​​ it​​ strikes​​ military targets in the vicinity​​ it​​ uses​​ non-cratering munitions so as not to cause damage to the dam. The SDF has a robust plan in place to care for the dam​​ after​​ liberation from Daesh, based on​​ recognizing​​ the importance of the dam to Syria’s economy, agriculture, basic human needs and security. [CJTFOIR]​​ 


Daesh​​ had​​ said on Sunday that the Al-Tabaqa Dam could collapse at any moment because of “American” strikes and because of the high level of water. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video about damage​​ at​​ the dam, allegedly caused by Coalition airstrikes. [A3maq]


SDF says it postponed the operation around the dam for 4 hours to allow the engineering team to inspect it. The SDF spokeswoman says it turned out that the Dam is not damaged and Daesh allegations of its impending collapse are baseless and part of a psychological war to terrify the local population. She says the Coalition did not initiate any strikes on the Dam.​​ Military operations resumed after 5 pm. [Hawar] [Hawar]​​ 


SOHR has demanded that SDF allow 200 technicians of Euphrates Dam, still being paid by the government, to enter the Dam area to operate the Dam, saying that they need several days to have it operational. The reasons for the Dam being non-operational are still not clear. However, Daesh still controls large parts of the Dam facilities. [SyriaHR]


Reports from Syria say Daesh warned of the collapse of​​ the​​ dam,​​ blaming​​ Coalition bombardment and war operations around it,​​ saying this​​ threatened​​ the lives of over 3​​ million Syrians.​​ However,​​ Daesh boobytrapped large areas of the Dam and damaged the control rooms to obstruct opening​​ of​​ the​​ dam​​ gates to​​ release​​ excessive water. The Dam is not operational at the moment, but Daesh still controls the turbines and operations facilities.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


SOHR says SDF forces are now closing on the Euphrates Dam after capturing another village east of Suwaidiya Al-Kabira village. It says​​ that it was difficult to​​ move forward​​ from this​​ area​​ in the past few weeks due to large quantities of mines placed by Daesh.​​ [SyriaHR]


West of Raqqa

SDF forces destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb before​​ it could​​ reach its target​​ in Ajil village​​ south of Tabaqa​​ airport.​​ [Hawar]


SDF says it killed Abu Omar Al-Almani (a German national) and three of his associates​​ in​​ fighting​​ near Tabaqa city. Al-Almani​​ was the​​ Daesh​​ military commander in the area. [ROJ]


A land​​ mine wounded a civilian near Tabaqa, who was transferred by SDF units to Hasaka for treatment. [Hawar]


SDF forces recaptured two more villages from Daesh west of Tabaqa. The SDF units stormed the villages of Sahl Al-Khashab and Wadyan, opening safe routes for 420 civilians to leave the villages to safer areas.​​ [Hawar]


SDF is engaging Daesh in Abu Rashid village between Tabaqa airport and the city of Tabaqa. The village was captured by SDF earlier, but Daesh is trying to take it back. SDF has killed 4 Daesh combatants and arrested 3 there, so far.​​ [Hawar]


On Sunday, SDF captured the Tabaqa Military airport. They thereby moved closer to Tabaqa city from that side and are now surrounding the city from 3 directions.​​ [ZamanAlWasl] [Hawar]


SDF sent​​ reinforcements,​​ including heavy weapons to south Euphrates areas near Tabaqa, to assist in the ongoing assault in the area.​​ Overall, the​​ Tabaqa military airport and 14 villages and farms​​ have been​​ recaptured​​ by SDF and assisting​​ US and​​ Coalition forces since the​​ personnel​​ airdrop on March 21st. ​​ [Hawar]


Raqqa city

Daesh issues a video of the results of Friday and Saturday’s Russian airstrikes on Raqqa city. [A3maq]


SOHR says that 80​​ Daesh commanders and their families, mostly foreigners, escaped Raqqa towards​​ the​​ south. It says that 300 families of Daesh commanders left the city earlier. It also says Daesh allowed hundreds of refugees escaping​​ from​​ battles in east Raqqa areas to enter the city, including​​ many Daesh combatants.​​ [SyriaHR]


Saleh Muslim, the PYD Co-President, says he expects that Raqqa will join the federal system the SDF is establishing in north Syria. [Rudaw]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We may need to talk about that.


East of Raqqa

Daesh says a group of its terrorists attacked SDF positions in Khas Da’kour village east of Raqqa, killing six fighters and wounding others before returning safely. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)


Local sources say Coalition warplanes attacked a​​ minibus transporting​​ a​​ Tahrir Al-Sham (Nusra)​​ commander​​ and five of his associates on the road between Sarmada and Kafr Daryan village north of Idlib, killing them all. [Qasioun]

The victim was identified as Mohammed Al-Amadi (Abu Jabir Al-Hamawi), the​​ judge of Tahrir Al-Sham and the head of​​ the​​ Fateh​​ Al-Sham “court” in Idlib.​​ [EnabBaladi]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting Syrian Army positions in Abu Maqbara village, east of Dar Al-Fateh,​​ with mortars. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

Daesh says it targeted the Syrian Army in the area with 19 heavy artillery shells, 16 tank shells, and 15 mortars. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



Turkish backed opposition says it repelled an SDF attack on their positions in two villages east of Jarabulus, killing and wounding at least 5 attackers.​​ [Qasioun]



A​​ Turkey-supported​​ opposition​​ faction​​ says it blocked a​​ Syrian Army attack on Sukkariya Al-Saghira village​​ east of​​ Al-Bab, killing one soldier.​​ [EnabBaladi]



Turkish backed opposition and Turkish artillery in Tal Rifaat shelled two villages controlled by SDF.​​ [EnabBaladi]



While clashes between Turkish​​ Army and the YPG units continued, Turkish artillery shelled over 5 villages in Afrin province,​​ killing 4 YPG combatants.​​ [ARA]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Syrian forces, backed by Russian​​ ground​​ units, attacked Daesh positions in Jabal Al-Hayd and Jabal Al-Dhalil north of Hayan Gas fields east of Homs. No battle results are available so far. Government forces recaptured​​ the​​ Hayan gas fields earlier.​​ [Qasioun]

They claim to have captured​​ Jabal Al-Hayd, Jabal Al-Dhalil, and​​ the​​ Jabal Marbat Antar mountains after inflicting heavy casualties​​ on​​ Daesh​​ combatants,​​ 12 and 14 km​​ (8-9 miles)​​ northwest of Palmyra.​​ They​​ also say​​ they​​ blocked​​ a​​ Daesh attack on a military point north of Homs.​​ [SyriaNow]


Brigadier Abdul​​ Gaffar Al-Abdullah, of the Syrian 5th​​ army corps, was killed in​​ battles with Daesh east of Palmyra.​​ [ZamanAlWasl]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Syrian​​ Army says it killed 9 Daesh combatants in​​ the​​ Maqaber area​​ of​​ Deir Ez-Zor, and destroyed an entire​​ Daesh unit that tried to enter​​ the​​ Tanmiya sector west of the city. [SyriaNow]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in Sbaikhan town in Deir Ez-Zor province. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

Daesh publishes photos of its religious activities in Albu Kamal. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

Daesh publishes photos of constructing a new market in Albu Kamal city. [JustPaste]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

SOHR says both Syrian Army and opposition units are advancing towards Daesh villages in Suwayda, coming from two different directions. Daesh lost over 15 villages and locations in the area in the past few days.​​ [SyriaHR]

The​​ Syrian opposition​​ in southern Iraq​​ says​​ they captured three more Daesh locations near Suwayda. They​​ say their operations will continue until​​ they reach​​ Bir Qasab,​​ to expel Daesh​​ completely​​ from​​ the area. [Qasioun]

However, the​​ Syrian​​ Army says it​​ captured​​ Bir Qasab after the withdrawal of Daesh forces there. [SyriaNow]


Daesh publishes photos of its affiliate Jaish Khalid’s PR activities in Sham Al-Jolan. [DawaAlhaq]




North Africa


Medical sources say a 10-year-old girl was wounded by unknown armed men in Sheikh Zuweid city. The sources also say a 27-year-old man was wounded south of Arish. [VetoGate]


Daesh says its snipers killed or wounded four Egyptian soldiers in different areas in Arish. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Eyewitnesses say security units shot at 4 armed men in their vehicle west of Rafah, wounding 2 of them. [ElWatan]

Daesh says it stopped an Egyptian Army attack on the Atwal area west of Rafah on Sunday, killing or wounding several soldiers. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Daesh says it killed a policeman on the July 26th Street in Rafah city on Sunday. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



The Tunisian Ministry of Interior says security units captured 15 terrorism suspects and 4 wanted​​ takfiris in different​​ parts of​​ Tunisia during​​ the past week. [Tunisien]





Daesh says it assassinated a pro-government militia commander in Jalalabad on Sunday. [A3maq]



Daesh says it assassinated a Somali Intelligence Service member north of Mogadishu. [A3maq]




Videos of the Day

Many civilians​​ are​​ killed in Daesh shelling on Nabi Yunus Market in​​ east​​ Mosul. [Mawsleya]


Iraqi forces capture Bab Al-Jadid in central Mosul. [Mawsleya]​​ 


Iraqi forces capture Old Sina’a in far west-central Mosul. [Mawsleya]

Daesh targets more civilians in Old Sina’a. [Mawsleya]


Iraqi forces find a Daesh car rigging factory in Al-Tawafa in west Mosul. [Mawsleya]

Iraqi forces in close-quarters battles in west Mosul. [Facebook] [Facebook] [Facebook]


Iraqi aircraft hunt Daesh terrorists. [MoD]

A Daesh vehicle bomb destroyed by an airstrike. [Facebook]





Daesh issues a video from its “Diyala province,​​ announcing the establishment of a battalion of Iranian fighters in Iraq near the Iranian border. Three Iranian Daesh members appeared in the video, threatening the Shia religion and urging Iran to revolt against the Iranian regime. They​​ verbally​​ attacked and threatened Shia people. They also beheaded four Iraqis, including, they say,​​ a​​ Badr​​ commander. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The theme of the video is that Iran used to be a Sunni country hundreds of years ago and that all its Shia, tens of millions of people, should either convert or get killed. A call for a genocide against tens of millions of people goes almost unnoticed world-wide. This is not only Daesh propaganda. Some countries in the region hate the regime in Iran so much that they are supporting this line of thinking in their media and their mosques. Daesh just echoes these calls for genocide. ​​ 


Daesh publishes a photo of one of its Iraqi media members who might have been killed in the Baghdad area. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in Deir Ez-Zor, west Anbar, and southwest Kirkuk. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

March 24, 2017​​ 


West Mosul (Yalla)



Today’s Major Developments


Iraqi troops making tactical adjustments to offset Daesh human shield​​ strategy. [..]

Iraqi units making slow progress in downtown Mosul. [..]


Turkey-supported opposition groups suspend fighting as Defense Minister criticizes the Russians for being nice to the YPG. [..]

Coalition unloads 22 more airstrikes on Raqqa area; SDF reaches Tabaqa Dam. [..]

Syrian forces dislodge Daesh from Deir Hafer. [..]





The Ministry of Defense says the IAF received 4 more F16s​​ at​​ the Balad Airbase,​​ part of the​​ earlier​​ deal with the United States. [Sumaria]​​ 


Muqtada Al-Sadr says he received death threats due to his persistence in​​ pursuing his​​ reform project. Speaking to his supporters​​ at​​ Friday’s demonstrations,​​ he told​​ them to continue demonstrating even if he​​ gets​​ killed. He​​ emphasized​​ his support​​ for​​ army and security forces fighting Daesh, saying that Iraqi lands should be held by Iraqi forces. He adds that if the elections law and commission are not changed, his supporters will boycott the elections.​​ [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ If true, the death threats came most likely from​​ former​​ Muqtada​​ militia​​ associates. What goes around comes around.​​ 


The Coalition says it conducted 13 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in and near Mosul (4), Tal Afar (1),​​ Sinjar (2),​​ Kasik (1),​​ and​​ Rawa (5). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

East​​ (Sadr City, New Baghdad, etc.)

A police source says two people were wounded when an IED exploded near a commercial area in Al-Ameen. [Sumaria]​​ 


Southeast​​ (Mada’in, etc.)

A police source says an IED placed in a fish market in Wardiya, Mada’in killed one civilian and wounded four others.​​ [Sumaria]


South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

A police source says a roadside IED exploded in Hor Rijab targeting a police patrol, killing one policeman and wounding two others.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Military Intelligence says it arrested a man wanted on terror charges in Yarmouk neighborhood.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 4(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 3




An Anbar police source says a roadside IED killed two civilians in Nuaimiya , south of Falluja. ​​ [Maalomah]​​ 




Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in the Al-Badou Compound area with 16 mortars. [JustPaste]


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in Al-Dibis village and nearby areas with 14 mortars. [JustPaste]



Daesh says it killed three PMF fighters in an ambush in the Al-Hamra area south of Baiji on Wednesday. [A3maq]


Southeast Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

PMF spokesman says Daesh initiated a major attack on Jardaghli, Abboud, and Hafriya, in Amerli subdistrict​​ in Tooz, and was intercepted by Turkmen PMF units in a battle that lasted from Thursday afternoon until early morning hours Friday. The PMFs are now in control of the situation after killing 10 Daesh combatants and wounding 7 others. However, two PMF fighters were killed, while seven civilians were killed and six wounded.​​ [Sumaria]


DIYALA​​ (No reports)​​ 




Kirkuk Asayesh says it captured 2 terrorists, originally from Tooz, in Hay Penja Ali and confiscated quantities of C4 explosives. [BasNews]​​ 




Mosul liberation campaign

An MP from Ninewa says Daesh terrorists are targeting Iraqi forces and Coalition planes from the roofs of houses​​ they have​​ packed with people. He asks Iraqi and Coalition forces not to use weapons that impact the entire building while fighting the terrorists. [Sumaria]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Leave it to Daesh to find new ways to kill people. This is just another sort of suicide attack, in which​​ the terrorist shoots at soldiers or planes knowing they will shoot back and hit civilians.​​ 


Osama Al-Nujaifi,​​ Vice​​ President, demanded that Iraqi forces stop shelling west Mosul and change the rules of engagement because of the large number of civilian casualties in the city. [Rudaw]

Al-Nujaifi says that excessive use of artillery, rockets, and air attacks is causing casualties among civilians, whose safety should be the​​ main priority. [Anadolu]


Central Mosul

Ninewa Liberation Operations says the liberation of the remaining part of old Mosul will be done by forces on foot due the nature of these areas, characterized by density of old houses, while providing humanitarian support to civilians whenever possible. [Karemlash]​​ 


Rapid Response Commander says his units are adopting new tactics that suit the fight in the old city, adding that​​ the suspension of the troop​​ advances on Friday was for that reason. He also says that liberation of west Mosul is in its final stage.​​ [IraqPress]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says IFP units captured a Daesh brigade headquarters in the old city.​​ 


A​​ PMF commander says his forces are closing down on the​​ Grand​​ Mosque while engaging in house-to-house battles in old Mosul. Earlier, PMF units captured​​ Daesh’s​​ “Riyad al-Saliheen”​​ brigade​​ HQ and captured large quantities of documents, weapons, and communications​​ equipment.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


The Ninewa Police Chief says his​​ men​​ killed a suicide terrorist wearing an explosives​​ vest after the terrorist crossed the river near the 5th Bridge. [Harbi] [Maalomah]


A source in Ninewa​​ Police says Daesh mortar shelling of Nabi Sheeth, Meshahda, and Bab Lagash neighborhoods killed 12 civilians and wounded 6 others.​​ [BasNews]


Daesh issues a video of battles on the west side of Mosul. The video also shows an Iraqi forces recon drone Daesh shot down. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says its snipers killed five IFP soldiers near Bab Al-Tob. [A3maq]


Southwest Mosul

CTS commander says his units liberated 18 neighborhoods in Mosul by itself since the start of west Mosul operations in February 19.​​ [Rudaw]


Daesh says it killed six CTS soldiers in battles near Rajm Hadid and Al-Yarmouk Apartments. [A3maq]


West-central Mosul

A JOC source says Daesh executed 20 civilians, including several women, who were​​ trying to escape Yarmouk neighborhood to New Mosul. The execution took place in Yarmouk. [BasNews]​​ 


CTS says it is now taking over large areas of old Sina’a and Rajm Hadid neighborhoods in old Mosul while battles with Daesh continue.​​ [PressIraq]


Daesh says it killed three CTS soldiers and wounded one in battles in the Al-Yarmouk Apartments area. [JustPaste]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh moved 50 kidnapped Yazidi women from Hay Al-Tanak to Mushairifa,​​ using ambulances.​​ 

Daesh says it shot down an Iraqi Army recon drone in Al-Tanak. [A3maq]


North Mosul

Deputy Commander of 9th​​ army division says that it finalized liberation of 95% of its sector, leaving only Hawi Al-Kanisa and Mushairifa​​ villages, which will be liberated shortly. He also says Daesh even lost its ability to deploy vehicle bombs, which were its main weapon in the first days of battle.​​ [SotIraq]


Daesh issues a video of a suicide attack it conducted against Iraqi forces in Badoush on Thursday. The video just shows an explosion from a distance. [A3maq]


A local source says Daesh terrorists lashed an old woman and her husband who were trying to escape Hay 17 Tammuz and threw them in the street.​​ Neighbors took them to their homes. [Sumaria]​​ 


A KRG counter-terrorism source​​ says Abu Obeida, a major security Daesh commander, was killed in a Coalition strike near Bahaaldin​​ Mosque in Al-Najjar neighborhood​​ southeast of 17 Tammuz.​​ [IraqPress]


Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi Army position in the Al-Ghabat area with an SPG9 rocket. It also says that on Thursday its snipers killed two soldiers in the same area. [JustPaste]


PMF command says its soldiers discovered a large tunnel used by Daesh to move personnel and transport weapons. It did not report the exact location.​​ [Maalomah]​​ 


Other reports

Daesh says its snipers killed twenty-one CTS and IFP soldiers in several areas on the west side of Mosul. [A3maq]


Daesh says it targeted “Iraqi Army and militias” in several areas in west Mosul with SPG9 rockets, 93 mortars, 8 Katyushas, and 4 heavy artillery shells. [JustPaste]

Daesh says eleven people were killed and fourteen wounded by bombing and shelling on several areas in west Mosul. [A3maq]


Hammam Al-Alil/​​ Mosul subdistrict

Daesh says it damaged a PMF military vehicle near Al-Badriya village southwest of Mosul with an IED, wounding the fighters inside. [JustPaste]


Northwest (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in several villages near the Tal Afar Airport with 30 mortars. [JustPaste]



Turkish warplanes attacked Jamjamo and Avashin in Badinan, Dahuk at 11:00 AM Friday morning.​​ [ROJ]




Fikri Işık, Turkish​​ Minister of Defense, expressed Turkey’s​​ criticism​​ of Russian cooperation with the YPG.​​ The basis of his criticism was​​ photos of a​​ Nawroz​​ festivity attended by Russian military​​ commanders​​ who​​ put YPG​​ badges​​ on their​​ uniform sleeves. He says “we kept telling the US and Russia that one terror group should not be replaced by another.”​​ [Dorar]


A​​ leader​​ in the Turkey-backed opposition says the​​ suspension of their campaign is​​ due to​​ the​​ conflicting interests​​ of​​ Turkey​​ on​​ one side and Russia and the US​​ on the​​ other. He says those countries support YPG and the Russians are already in Manbij. He says the initial​​ opposition groups​​ plan to attack​​ Manbij, Raqqa, and Deir Ez-Zor is halted until an understanding among these countries is reached. He says YPG does not have enough manpower to cover all these parts of Syria.​​ [ZamanAlWasl]


Muslim Brotherhood sources say Abu​​ Al-Ila Abd Rabbo, who killed​​ the Christian​​ Egyptian writer Farag​​ Foda back in 1992,​​ was​​ killed in Syria while fighting​​ with​​ Daesh.​​ He had been released under an amnesty in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.​​ [Youm7]


SOHR says that over 100 were killed​​ under​​ various circumstances in Syria on Thursday including 26 Syrian soldiers, and 28 civilians. 19 Daesh combatants and 22 opposition fighters were also killed. The death toll of Coalition attack on a school in Mansoura a few days​​ ago rose​​ to 32.​​ [SyriaHR]


The Coalition says it conducted​​ 22​​ airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, all of them in or near Raqqa. [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


A PUK source denied a report from sources close​​ to​​ the YPG​​ that​​ PUK Peshmerga arrived​​ in​​ Kobane on a training mission to​​ help train a military force envisioned to be​​ 100,000 men. US helicopters​​ reportedly​​ transported the troops to Kobane.​​ The media source, ARA, is a Syrian Kurdish news outlet linked to Barzani and the KDP.​​ [ARA]



West of Raqqa

SDF units, supported by Coalition troops, captured large parts of Al-Tabaqa (Al-Furat) Dam. [Xeber24]​​ 

Battles are still ongoing between the SDF and Daesh near the northern entrance of the Al-Furat Dam. [Hawar]​​ 


Daesh says that on Thursday it stopped a Coalition and SDF attack on the​​ dam. It says the troops, supported by American air and artillery cover, tried to advance to Suwaidiya Kabira village north of Tabaqa toward the Dam. It says it killed or wounded several of them after heavy battles. It also says an American unit tried to do an airdrop operation on the Dam, but Daesh terrorists responded with different kinds of weapons and forced them to retreat. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 

Here Daesh says Coalition planes, Apaches, and drones participated in the attack. [A3maq]


After crossing the Euphrates with the US forces following the airdrop in Tabaqa, SDF is now advancing on both sides of the Euphrates. Raqqa-Aleppo road is now under SDF control. [ARA]


The SDF​​ reportedly​​ liberated 8 villages and large number of farms west of the Euphrates, killing at least 16 Daesh terrorists. [Hawar]​​ 


East of Raqqa

A source in SDF says​​ the​​ Raqqa​​ city​​ campaign has been launched​​ from the eastern side with participation of Coalition forces, which deployed sophisticated weapons in the area and​​ has​​ already started targeting Daesh targets in the city. He says the operation started immediately after​​ the SDF​​ captured​​ the Daesh stronghold of​​ Karama subdistrict early Friday.​​ [Qasioun]

SDF fighters destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb in Al-Karama. [Hawar]​​ 


SDF forces liberated Farsat Abu Ismail village, 25 km​​ (15 miles)​​ east of Raqqa. This was the​​ fourth village​​ captured by SDF Friday.​​ [PUKMedia]​​ 


SOHR says three civilians​​ were​​ killed in an airstrike of​​ by an​​ unknown​​ aircraft​​ (believed to be​​ the​​ Coalition’s) on Sabkha, east of Raqqa. [SyriaHR]


Daesh issues a video report about the results of Coalition airstrikes on Al-Tabaqa. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF positions east of Jab Sha’er, north of Raqqa, with mortars. [DawaAlhaq]


Raqqa city

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Defense Minister, expects the battle for Raqqa city to start in a few days. He says the battle will be difficult, but it’s important.​​ [Hawar]


An SDF spokesman says SDF would approve the participation of Syrian government forces in the Raqqa battle if the US agrees. He described the government forces as a “national party” with rights that others​​ do not​​ have. [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Sounds like we are rationalizing a de facto alliance here.​​ 


Daesh says two women and a child were killed by “Russian” bombing on a residential area in Raqqa city. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)


Syrian government forces captured​​ Deir Hafer city east of Aleppo.​​ Daesh​​ forces withdrew to​​ Maskana,​​ the only remaining city in the hands of Daesh east of Aleppo. Daesh combatants were allowed to withdraw with their personal arms only. Russian planes continued​​ their​​ attacks on the​​ areas​​ surrounding Deir Hafer and Maskana.​​ [BasNews]​​ 


Sources say the government has now secured Kowaires airport and all surrounding areas in east Aleppo. Daesh is regrouping in Maskana for an anticipated government attack, while Russian air raids continue.​​ [ARA]


Daesh says it killed a Syrian soldier and wounded two others after targeting their military positions in Jafr Mansour east of Dar Al-Fateh, with a​​ bomb​​ dropped from a drone. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it targeted Syrian Army positions east of Dar Al-Fateh with 15 mortars, in addition to tank and heavy artillery shells. [JustPaste]



Turkish​​ Army attacked the strategic Gir Mountain,​​ overlooking​​ a​​ wide border area controlled by the YPG. Intensive shelling with heavy machine gun and tank fire started the battle, which​​ brought an​​ intense response from YPG units.​​ [ARA]


SOHR confirmed the battles, saying that these came a few days after Russian troops deployed near Afrin. The SOHR says that Russian​​ special​​ forces and armored vehicles around Afrin could be a step towards establishing a Russian military base in the area.​​ [SyriaHR]



Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Battles east of Homs followed​​ a​​ Daesh counterattack to recapture areas​​ it lost in​​ recent​​ days east of Palmyra.​​ Casualties​​ were recorded​​ on both sides but not revealed.​​ The​​ Syrian​​ Army​​ also shelled Hawla​​ , north of Homs.​​ [Qasioun]


SOHR says government forces captured more villages and hills on the road between Sukhnah​​ and​​ Palmyra. Heavy air and artillery shelling on Daesh positions are accompanying the advance.​​ [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it targeted religious shrines in Al-Masoudiya village in Homs province with 12 mortar shells. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Part of Daesh’s Wahhabi ideology is attacking shrines, not only Shia ones. And it doesn’t care if the people who get killed in these shrine​​ attacks​​ are civilians. This​​ Wahhabi​​ ideology​​ and its rationalization of killing people​​ used to be a Middle East​​ issue, but​​ has been responded to with silence​​ for a long time. This silence has its consequences, and shows up in incidents like the one this week in London, and many other incidents.


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Activist in Raqqa say Daesh is intending to move its “capital” to Deir Ez-Zor,​​ as it nears​​ losing Mosul and Raqqa. Daesh leaders are already moving to the city. Sources say that if it can​​ expel government forces from ​​ parts of Deir Ez-Zor and its military airport, it will​​ be announced as​​ the​​ capital;​​ otherwise, either Albu Kamal or Mayadin will be announced as​​ the capital. [Maalomah]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We suspect that once Raqqa is lost, the rest of Daesh’s​​ Syria​​ territory will soon follow. The location of a temporary capital will be mostly irrelevant.


SOHR says unidentified warplanes attacked Rashdiya neighborhood in Deir Ez-Zor, with no reports​​ of​​ casualties.​​ [SyriaHR]


Daesh issues a propaganda video about its operations in Deir Ez-Zor. In this video, Daesh attacks opposition groups, especially Nusra, and calls Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri​​ demented.​​ It also says this​​ crusaders​​ campaign is the last one, and after that, Daesh will invade Rome and Istanbul. Daesh​​ also talks in the video about its media men and how they filmed battles and showed some​​ it says​​ were killed. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 


Daesh publishes 2 photos of targeting SDF positions northwest of Al-Kabar village [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes a photo of heavy rain in Deir Ez-Zor. [JustPaste]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Battles between government forces and opposition combatants continued in Jobar, on the outskirts of Damascus,​​ under heavy air cover from Syrian planes. Syrian government used artillery and missiles to strike Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. [Qasioun]


Opposition units say the expelled Daesh combatants from Hosh Hammad in Lajat, Hama. [Qasioun]


Sources say Daesh’s​​ withdrawal was sudden and without fighting.​​ Daesh​​ moved its units to Bir Qasab, east of Suwayda. [EnabBaladi]


Daraa Martyrs​​ Registration office says​​ Jaish Khaled (Daesh​​ Affiliate)​​ ​​ executed​​ 43 of its prisoners since the beginning of the year in west Daraa, 36 of them Free​​ Army ​​ prisoners. [EnabBaladi]


The Tribal Southern Congregation says it is fighting Daesh in the Syrian Desert, Nataf​​ (in Homs near Iraq border), and Suwayda; it​​ asserts that​​ the only country​​ it has​​ contact with is Jordan. It says its 7,000man army is part of the Free Army. [ZamanAlWasl]




North Africa


Egyptian security says one civilian​​ was​​ killed and three wounded in​​ the​​ Ma’adi neighborhood south of ​​ Cairo by​​ the​​ explosion of​​ an​​ “unidentified object.”​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


A security source says security units destroyed 3 IEDs in Rafah city. [AhlMisr]


Eyewitnesses say four armed men threatened shop owners and ordered them to remove security cameras from their shops on Al-Qahera Street in Arish city within 24 hours, threatening​​ to​​ blow up their businesses if they did not remove the cameras. [ElWatan]


Daesh issues a video of the results of “Israeli” bombing on Shaibana village south of Rafah last week. [A3maq]



The Tunisian Ministry of Interior say security units captured a​​ takfiri​​ cell of 4 members in the capital. The Ministry says the cell members admitted their links to Daesh terrorists, and that they were communicating with Daesh terrorists via Facebook outside of the country. [Tunisien]




Great Britain​​ 

London Police say that persons arrested following​​ the Westminster terror attack are suspected of planning​​ more​​ terror attacks. The search is continuing in Birmingham, England and in Wales. The police identified the terror attacker killed in the operation as Khalid Masood, who had a criminal record but no previous terrorism record.​​ [Sumaria]

British says that the man carried several aliases, and was an electrician, then became a mosque preacher. His operation in London killed 5 and wounded 50. [Anadolu]



Local media reported that six Russian soldiers were killed early Friday in a Daesh attack on a Russian National Guard base in Chechnya.​​ 

According to Russian news agency TASS,​​ the attack took place around 2.30 a.m. (2330GMT) in northwestern Naurskaya village of Chechnya by unidentified armed militants.

Quoting the National Antiterrorism Committee, TASS said “During the fighting, all the gang members were neutralized.” [WorldBulletin]

Daesh says six of its terrorists broke into a Russian military base near Naurskaya village northwest of Grozny, Chechnya. It says the terrorists clashed with Russian soldiers for hours, killing at least six soldiers and wounding three before getting killed. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



Daesh says it stopped a Houthi attack on Wadi Amer in Qifa. Daesh publishes photos of the battles. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



Daesh publishes a photo of an “American” recon drone it shot down in the Dih Bala area in Nangarhar. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 



A young man, suspected to be a suicide bomber, blew himself up at the international airport in Dhaka on Friday, nearly a week after a similar attack on a nearby camp of Bangladesh’s elite Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) force.

The man, said to be in his 30s, blew himself up in front of a police outpost near the Shah​​ Jalal​​ Airport.​​ 

The terrorist exploded a bomb in an​​ apparent​​ attempt to target security personnel at the entrance of the airport, killing himself.​​ The attacker could not be identified immediately.​​ The​​ Armed Police Battalion Assistant Commissioner told the news outlet that the incident happened around 7 pm local time. She says the terrorist died on the spot, and no one else was hurt. [FirstPost]​​ 

Daesh says one of its Bengali suicide terrorists detonated his explosives​​ vest among policemen at a checkpoint near the​​ international​​ airport in Dhaka, killing or wounding many of them. [DawaAlhaq]​​ 




Videos of the Day

Children injured by Daesh shelling on west Mosul. [Yalla]​​ 

Residents of Mosul talk about Daesh crimes against them. [Mawsleya]​​ 


Iraqi forces capture Al-Yabisat, Al-Sina’a,​​ Rajm Hadid, and Al-Yarmouk Apartments in west Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]​​ 


IAA helicopters destroy Daesh targets. [Yalla]​​ 

PMFs destroy a Daesh vehicle bomb. [Harbi]


Life is returning to the east side of Mosul. [Yalla]​​ 




Daesh audio newsletter for today​​ [Bayan]