An Update On ISIS Activities

July 7, 2017








Coalition assessment finds 19% of civilian casualty claims credible, 81% not.​​ [..]

TV reporter & cameraman killed by Daesh in Shirqat. [..]

Daesh-held area dwindling down in Old Mosul. [..]


Trump, Putin agree on no-conflict zone in southwest​​ Syria. [..]

SDF captures two more villages southeast of Raqqa. [..]

Showdown atmosphere continues in northern Syria. [..]


Daesh attack on Egyptian military compound causes heavy casualties. [..]





The Coalition​​ issued a report of its findings regarding civilian casualties from Coalition airstrikes. It​​ says it carried over​​ into the month of May a total of​​ 38 open reports of possible civilian casualties from previous months. It received 61 new reports​​ in May​​ resulting from Coalition strikes in support​​ of partner force operations in Iraq and Syria. It also began assessing​​ 222​​ previous​​ reports of possible civilian casualties received from​​ 

The Coalition completed the assessment of 141 reports, of which 114 were assessed to be non-credible and 27 to be credible​​ and which​​ resulted​​ in 119 unintentional civilian deaths. To date, based on information available, CJTF-OIR assesses that, more likely than not, at least 603 civilians have been unintentionally killed by Coalition strikes since the start of Operation Inherent Resolve. A total of 180 reports were still open and being assessed at the end of the month.​​ [InherentResolve]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We get reports every day about civilian deaths from Coalition airstrikes. It is often impossible to evaluate their credibility, though we have expressed skepticism about many of them and give almost no credibility to the seemingly daily Daesh reports about errant “American” airstrikes​​ that always kill innocent civilians and almost never kill Daesh members. Outside organizations like have a point of view​​ and are not entirely objective. Today’s report shows why many such news stories cannot be taken at face value,​​ with only 19% of them found credible. However, it​​ also shows​​ that​​ the real​​ death toll over time from Coalition airstrikes​​ is significant.​​ The US military deserves a lot of credit for evaluating all these claims, including the dishonest ones, and making an honest accounting.​​ 


The Coalition says it conducted 7 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in the Mosul area (3), Baghdad (2), and in Rawa (2). [InherentResolve]​​ 



Security-related incidents reported

Southwest​​ (Rasheed, etc.)

A police source says two civilians were wounded when a roadside IED exploded near a market in Suwaib. [Sumaria]​​ 




An Iraqi Army 7th​​ division source says the IAA destroyed 2 Daesh vehicles in the Horan Valley in western Anbar, killing 5 terrorists. [Sumaria]




Huna Salahuddin TV says one of its reporters and a cameraman were​​ killed by Daesh in Imam Gharbi village. It says another reporter is still trapped in the village. [ARA]​​ ​​ 

The MoI says Iraqi forces killed a Daesh sniper and freed two journalists in Imam Gharbi.​​ [Ghad]


The​​ Mayor of Shirqat says Iraqi forces surrounded Imam Gharbi village completely. He says 160 Daesh terrorists came from Hawija through areas in east Shirqat and captured the village and trapped around 1,000 families there.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 

Ninewa Operations Command says Iraqi forces captured Imam Gharbi village.​​ [Harbi]

However, a​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh was still in the village around 4 pm. The source also says Iraqi forces killed 3 Daesh local commanders in the village.​​ 


Daesh says it killed five “PMF members” in Imam Gharbi.​​ [A3maq]

A PMF source says​​ a commander in Babelyoun,​​ a​​ Christian PMF faction,​​ was wounded in the​​ fighting​​ in Imam Gharbi village.​​ [Ghad]​​ Babelyoun said it​​ entered​​ the village with CTS units and a Shia PMF faction and​​ freed​​ one of its fighters who was trapped there.​​ [Ghad]

A security source says a Ninewa Guard commander was severely wounded in the village.​​ [Ghad]



PMF Press says PMF artillery shelled Daesh gatherings in the Zuwiya intersection, killing several terrorists and destroying a vehicle. [Ghad]​​ 



A local source says the Daesh​​ wali​​ of the Himrin Basin was killed with other terrorists in infighting in the Mtaibija area. [Harbi]​​ 



Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

A local source says Daesh executed in Hawija its 9th​​ emir​​ of Diyala after he refused to be under the command of a Syrian​​ “wali.” [Hawar]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Nine? In three years? Job tenure in the Daesh organization really stinks.


A local source says Daesh captured one of its own doctors in Hawija. The source says the doctor is in charge of distributing “pink pills” (Captagon), a stimulant used by Daesh terrorists to endure in battles. [Sumaria]


A security source says unknown armed men shot and killed 3 members of Daesh’s​​ A3maq​​ in a village in Al-Zab. [Sumaria]​​ 




Mosul liberation campaign

Canadian Brigadier-General Dave Anderson, who oversees the training of local forces for the​​ Coalition, said Iraqi forces have pushed​​ the remaining​​ Daesh​​ fighters​​ into a small pocket of Mosul’s Old City by the Tigris River.

Anderson told reporters yesterday in a video call from Baghdad that “Iraq forces are within sight of the Tigris River from the west, and are facing an enemy on its absolutely last legs.​​ When asked how many Daesh fighters were left in Mosul, the general said he did not know but added he had “no doubt” there​​ would​​ be none left by next week.​​ [ROJ]​​ 


Central​​ Mosul

The CTS commander says his troops are advancing in the Al-Maidan area and are only few meters away from the Tigris. He says the troops are advancing slowly to avoid causing civilian casualties, but the battle will be over in a day or so. [Etejah]​​ 

Daesh says it attacked the Maidan area in Old Mosul and recaptured several positions. [A3maq]


A CTS source says a woman tried to assassinate a CTS commander while she was leaving Old Mosul with other civilians. The source says she pulled the trigger and also detonated herself but she reacted late and the commander survived (photos.) [Harbi]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Photos of the woman show her carrying a baby.​​ 


A CTS source says a CTS soldier was promoted to an officer after he dressed as a Daesh fighter and broke into Daesh lines in Old Mosul allowing Iraqi forces to advance. [Harbi]


An IFP officer says IFP units captured Al-Najafi Street in Old Mosul and trapped 50 Daesh terrorists. He also says Iraqi Army 16th​​ division killed 70 Daesh terrorists in a nearby area. [Sumaria]

The IFP commander says his troops have finished their mission in Old Mosul and are searching for Daesh sleeper cells. [Ghad]


IWMC says Iraqi Army 9th​​ division killed a Daesh​​ emir​​ and 7 other terrorists in Old Mosul. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ That’s two emirs in one day! What a dangerous job! (See earlier story)​​ 


Daesh says it killed or wounded IFP soldiers by detonating a parked car bomb in the Bab Lakash area. [A3maq]

Daesh says it killed seven IFP soldiers, wounded twenty others, and destroyed 2 bulldozers in clashes near Bab Al-Tob. [A3maq]


A security source says Iraqi forces captured a notable Daesh security official who was trying to flee with civilians from Old Mosul (photo.) [Mawazin]​​ 


A security source says security units captured a Daesh female​​ hisbah​​ member in Old Mosul. [Sumaria]


Daesh’s​​ A3maq​​ says, according to a “local source who was speaking in a hurry,” that one thousand civilians were killed, including women and children, by bombing and shelling in Mosul. The “source” tells​​ A3maq​​ that hundreds of bodies are still in the streets, and that the bombing and shelling intensified without any regard to the lives of civilians. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The​​ video​​ we published yesterday shows clearly that Daesh snipers were laughing while hunting down civilians in Mosul. Daesh trapped hundreds of thousands of people and prevented them from leaving, to increase civilian casualties and to slow down Iraqi forces.​​ 


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

A local source says Daesh deployed its terrorists in Tal Afar after airstrikes on a Daesh convoy killed a commander from an Arab country. [Sumaria] [Sumaria]​​ 


A local source says Daesh cancelled Friday prayers in Tal Afar and distributed leaflets promising a new audio recording from the Daesh leader, Awwad Baghdadi. [Sumaria]


Southern Ninewa


A security source says security units isolated families of Daesh members in​​ the​​ Al-Jada’a​​ IDP camp, near Ihjala, in order to move them to a separate camp. [Ghad]​​ 



A Kurdistan Islamic Group imam was killed by an armed man after Friday prayers in​​ Qaladze in Suleimaniya, according to a source close to the group. [ROJ]​​ ​​ 




Security sources say police units captured 2 Daesh suspects in Manisa, in western​​ Turkey​​ northeast of Izmir. [Anadolu]​​ 




US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin reached an agreement on curbing violence in southwest Syria during their sit-down at the G20 meeting Friday in Germany, according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson, who sat in on the discussion between the two leaders, told reporters the ceasefire was a “defined agreement” and could be a precursor to further cooperation in Syria.​​ “This is our first indication of the US and Russia being able to work together in Syria,” Tillerson said. [CNN]​​ 

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the two presidents agreed on a ceasefire in southwestern Syria. [Dorar]​​ 


The Coalition says it conducted 22 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near Raqqa (9), Deir Ez-Zor (11), and near Albu Kamal (2). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Raqqa city

The SDF captured 1,800 meters (out of 2,500 meters) of the Raqqa historical fence during 3 days of battles. [Hawar] ​​ 

Daesh attacked SDF units near the fence with a vehicle bomb. [Qasioun]​​ ​​ 

Daesh says it detonated a parked car bomb on SDF units near the Old Fence in east Raqqa. [A3maq]


Daesh says its snipers killed nine SDF fighters and wounded four others in different areas of Raqqa city. [A3maq]


South of Raqqa

SDF fighters liberated Ajil village southeast of Raqqa, killing 7 Daesh terrorists and destroying a vehicle bomb. [Hawar] ​​ 

SDF fighters liberated Kasrat Agha Mohammed village, southeast of Raqqa, killing 17 terrorists. [Hawar]​​ 


Daesh says it killed sixteen SDF fighters in a suicide attack in Kasrat Suroor, southeast of Raqqa. [A3maq]


Daesh launched a surprise attack on SDF positions in Kasrat​​ Sheikh​​ Juma’,​​ southwest of Raqqa,​​ reportedly​​ killing several​​ SDF soldiers.​​ [Qasioun]​​ ​​ 


West of Raqqa

Security units captured a Daesh vehicle bomb in Tabaqa city. The vehicle was coming from Abu Assi village, 18 km​​ (11 miles)​​ northwest of Tabaqa, and carrying one ton of explosives. The village was liberated on June 8 (video.) [Hawar] ​​ 

Since the liberation of the city on June 10,​​ EODs​​ have​​ defused 500 IEDs​​ that had been​​ planted by Daesh in civilian houses in Tabaqa. [Hawar]​​ 

A local official says water​​ service has​​ returned to 80% of the houses in Tabaqa.​​ [Hawar]​​ 


Syrian​​ government​​ sources say the Syrian Army Chief of Staff visited Syrian troops and allied militias west of Raqqa. [Qasioun]​​ 


East of Raqqa

SDF units, supported by Coalition planes battled with Daesh near Al-Akirshi.​​ [Qasioun]​​ ​​ 


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/​​ Manbij/Jarabulus

People of villages in the Shahba area are organizing themselves in armed groups to protect their villages from a potential Turkish attack. [Hawar]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The PYD/YPG is of course behind this. North Syria could be part of the Turkey-PKK conflict in a more direct way very soon.​​ ​​ 


Local sources say thousands of displaced people​​ living in​​ several areas​​ controlled by​​ Turkey-allied​​ opposition groups,​​ demonstrated,​​ demanding​​ that the​​ SDF​​ be removed​​ from their areas north of Aleppo. [Dorar]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Remember what we said yesterday about the dubious reliability of many reports attributed to “local sources.” Remember also that certain sources are pro-Turkey.


Kurdish sources say a joint Russian-Iranian military delegation arrived in Afrin to discuss the situation in the area. [Dorar]​​ 


Liwa’ Al-Shimal, a Turkey-allied opposition group, says it stopped an SDF attack on two villages south of Jarabulus, killing or wounding several fighters. [Qasioun]​​ 


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


The Syrian​​ Army captured Hill 23 south of Athariya, killing or wounding several Daesh terrorists. [Syria]​​ ​​ 


Daesh says it damaged a Syrian Army tank east of Salmiya. [A3maq]



Regime sources say five Syrian Army officers and other soldiers were killed​​ in the fighting​​ east of Homs.​​ [Qasioun]​​ 

A military source says the Syrian Army killed several Daesh terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in​​ two​​ areas east of Homs. [SyriaNow]​​ 


Daesh says it attacked Shia militias’ military positions west of the Hamima area, in eastern Homs province. [A3maq]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Usud Al-Sharqiya, a Coalition backed opposition group, says one of its commanders was assassinated by unknown armed men in east Qalamoun. [Qasioun]​​ ​​ 


Jaish Al-Islam, a Saudi backed opposition group, says it destroyed a Daesh military position near Hay Al-Zain south of Damascus, killing or wounding several terrorists. Daesh targeted opposition groups’ positions in the area with mortars. [Qasioun]​​ 


Opposition groups in Daraa removed the name of Tahrir Al-Sham from a statement the groups issued about fighting the Daesh affiliate Jaish Khaled in the Yarmouk Basin area.​​ However, several sources say Tahrir Al-Sham has been fighting in Hait town since it​​ was​​ called​​ Al-Nusra and it participated alongside the other opposition groups in fighting Jaish Khaled. The last battle was during Eid.​​ [EnabBaladi]​​ 




North Africa


There was a major Daesh attack on the Egyptian military in Sinai.​​ Security officials told the Associated Press that the attack targeted a military compound in Al-Barth, southwest of Rafah, where about 60 soldiers were based.

The officials said that a suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into a nearby checkpoint, then dozens of militants arrived in SUVs and fired machine​​ guns at the soldiers for about 30 minutes before​​ leaving​​ the scene.

The Egyptian military said in a statement that 26 soldiers were killed or injured in the attack, but did not provide a breakdown of that​​ figure. The military said 40 assailants were killed in the ensuing clashes. It posted photographs of five alleged assailants dressed in uniforms.​​ 

Security sources say at least 23 Egyptian soldiers​​ were​​ killed and 26 wounded in the attack. [BBC]​​ 

Daesh’s version​​ says it attacked Egyptian Army units and allied militias who were preparing to attack Daesh members in the Al-Barth area south of Rafah. Daesh says one of its terrorists attacked the soldiers with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding “tens of them,​​ destroying 3 Humvees, and damaging 2. Daesh says a group of terrorists entered the building, killing the rest of the soldiers. It says when a reinforcement convoy arrived, another suicide terrorist attacked them with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding many soldiers, destroying 2 Humvees, and damaging another. It says more than sixty soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack, including a colonel. It also says 5 of its​​ men​​ were killed. [ICDNJuly7]


Security sources say Egyptian F-16s bombed the Daesh vehicles that attacked the area, killing 40 terrorists. [AhlMisr]


Eyewitnesses say two people were wounded by an artillery shell that fell on a residential area in Hay Al-Zuhour, in Arish. [AhlMisr]


Security sources say security units captured 3 Daesh members in Minya​​ in Upper Egypt, over 150 miles south of Cairo along the Nile. [AhlMisr]




Videos of the Day


Families of Daesh members secured by Iraqi forces in old Mosul. [PUKMedia]  


Iraqi forces found a large Daesh underground training camp west of Mosul. [Forat]


Iraqi forces freed a Yazidi girl in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya]


Al-Mawsleya TV publishes photos of the Daesh terrorists who were in the video it published yesterday. The video showed civilians targeted by the terrorists who were laughing in the background. [Mawsleya]


IFP units clear Bab Al-Tob. [Mawsleya]


CTS units advance in the Al-Maidan area. [Mawsleya]


Security units freed two Yazidi small girls in Mosul. [Mawsleya]


Rapid Intervention soldiers celebrate finishing their job in Old Mosul [Facebook]


Iraqi soldiers secure a baby girl from under the rubble in Old Mosul. [YouTube]


Families of Daesh members secured by Iraqi forces in old Mosul. [PUKMedia] ​​ 


Iraqi forces find a large Daesh underground training camp west of Mosul. [Forat]



SDF fighters move around in Old Raqqa. [Hawar]​​ ​​ 


People of Al-Ghandoura demonstrating after Sultan Murad Division, a Turkey-backed opposition group, killed a doctor and wounded five paramedics in a medical center in the city. [Hawar] ​​ 




Daesh audio newsletter for today [Bayan]​​ 

July​​ 6, 2017


Old Mosul






UN humanitarian chief in Iraq estimates 20,000 civilians still trapped in Mosul. [..]

Mosul battle continues in downtown streets. [..]

Iraq estimates west Mosul IDPs at 743,000. [..]

Three more Yazidi girls freed. [..]


Turkey detains Amnesty International country director & 9 others. [..]​​ 


Syria asks UN to help stop Turkish attacks in northern Syria. [..]

Latest Astana negotiations fail. [..]

Russia says US presence in Syria is illegitimate. [..]

Syrian Army, Daesh in deadly battle for Sukhnah city in Homs. [..]





The COR approved​​ a​​ resolution that​​ declares the​​ Al-Furat subdistrict​​ in Hit​​ a disaster area, making it eligible for government assistance. The resolution also​​ called​​ Daesh’s​​ crimes against​​ the​​ Albu Nimr tribe genocide and crimes against humanity. Daesh executed hundreds of people from the tribe​​ in​​ 2014​​ and​​ 2015. [Anadolu]


The Coalition says it conducted 5 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in the Mosul area (3), Baiji (1), and Rawa (1). [InherentResolve]​​ 



Security-related incidents reported

North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

A security source says one person was killed and three others wounded when an IED exploded near a commercial area in Taji. [Ghad]​​ 

Daesh says its snipers killed two Iraqi soldiers near the Tarmiya entrance on Wednesday. [DMNJuly6]


Southeast​​ (Mada’in, etc.)

A police source says three civilians were wounded when a roadside IED exploded near a commercial area in Nahrawan. [Sumaria]​​ 


South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The Military Intelligence Service says it confiscated an explosives cache in the Tuwaitha area. [Ghad]


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

The Baghdad Operations Commander says that his units captured 6 vehicle bombs at the Al-Suqour checkpoint during the past few weeks. [Sumaria]​​ 

The Military Intelligence Service says it captured two men on terrorism charges in the Abu Mnaiseer area in Abu Ghraib. [Ghad]​​ 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 6(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 2




The Military Intelligence Service says it confiscated an explosives cache in Al-Jolan, in Falluja. [Ghad]



Daesh says it killed an Iraqi Army officer with an IED in the Albu Ali Al-Jassem area. [DENJuly6]



Daesh says it destroyed a police SUV with an IED in the Suwaib area, east of Hit, killing the policemen inside. [DENJuly6]



An Iraqi Army 7th​​ division source says Coalition planes killed 7 Daesh terrorists and destroyed a vehicle bomb and a vehicle loaded with weapons in Anah District. [Sumaria]


DaeshDaily​​ sources say Daesh used an existing mobile network tower in Al-Qa’im to establish a communications network for its members in the city. ​​​​ 



An Iraqi Army colonel says supported by vehicles and heavy artillery attacked an Iraqi Army unit in​​ the​​ Al-Saqar area east of Rutba. He says Iraqi forces, supported by Iraqi planes, killed 9 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 2 vehicles. However,​​ five soldiers were killed and eleven wounded. [Anadolu]


Daesh says it killed three Iraqi soldiers, destroyed a Humvee, and captured weapons and ammunition in ambush east of Rutba on Wednesday. [DENJuly6]​​ 

Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi Army military position near the Al-Saqqar area with mortars. [DENJuly6]




A local source says 3 Daesh orators disappeared mysteriously with their families in areas east of Shirqat. [Sumaria]​​ 


A local source says Daesh arrested more than 20 of its own fighters in the Makhoul area because they spoke publicly about the disappearance of the Daesh leader, Baghdadi. [Sumaria]​​ 


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in the Ain Al-Baidha intersection with several mortars. It also says it targeted PMFs in Shuwairtan village with 16 mortars. [DMNJuly6]​​ 



Daesh says it destroyed a PMF military position on the road between Baiji and Haditha with a B10 rocket. [DENJuly6]​​ 



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

The Diyala Police chief says Daesh executed 4 of its own commanders because of their failure to attack Diyala during the month of Ramadan. [Sumaria]​​ 

The Dijla Operations Commander says Daesh did not conduct any major attack in Diyala in 2017. [Ghad]​​ 


Daesh says its snipers killed a policeman and wounded another in an ambush in the Anbaqiya area in Khan Bani Saad. [DMNJuly6]​​ 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

Daesh says a Peshmerga EOD officer was wounded by an IED he was defusing in the Saif Saad area in Qara Tapa. [DENJuly6]



Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

Chairman of the Security Committee in the Diyala Provincial Council says Daesh families are leaving Hawija and other areas towards Diyala, using IDs they got from Daesh victims. [Sumaria]​​ 


A local source says Daesh rigged tens of civilian vehicles it confiscated in Hawija with explosives, preparing to launch suicide attacks in unknown areas. [Ghad]​​ 


A security source says unknown persons attacked​​ a Daesh vehicle with a hand grenade in Al-Aslaniya village near Hawija, killing 3 Daesh members, including a commander, and wounding another. [Sumaria]​​ 




Mosul liberation campaign

French Army spokesman says France conducted 600 airstrikes and 1,200 shelling missions on Mosul since the start of the liberation operations. [Sumaria]​​ 


Video taken by Daesh snipers and found later by a Mawsleya media team shows Daesh snipers laughing as they were shooting people in Old City Mosul, with comments by the snipers overheard. They even laughed at a mother crying after they killed her young son, and at a wife crying over her civilian husband’s body after they shot him. [Mawsleya]

Central​​ Mosul

Military sources say heavy battles are ongoing in Souq Al-Sha’arin, Hay Al-Shahwan, and on Daka Baraka Street in Old Mosul. The sources say Iraqi forces killed Abu Yahya Al-Iraqi, a senior aide of the Daesh leader Baghdadi, and 25 other terrorists. A CTS commander says his units are 80 meters​​ away from the Tigris River. He also says his units killed 10 Daesh suicide bombers in Hay Al-Maidan. [BasNews]​​ 

A military source says Iraqi forces killed more than 150 Daesh terrorists in Hay Al-Maidan during the last 48 hours. [Harbi]​​ 

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked IFP units in the “Al-Asharin” area with an explosives vest, killing or wounding several soldiers. Daesh also says its snipers killed five Iraqi soldiers in the “Al-Asharin” and Al-Maidan areas. It says it killed Iraqi soldiers by blowing up 4 booby-trapped houses in the “Al-Asharin” area. [ICDNJuly6]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The area here is “Sha’arin,” not “Asharin.”

IWMC says Iraqi Army 16th division freed a 16-years-old Yazidi girl in the Al-Shahwan area and killed 3 Daesh terrorists who tried to kill the girl while she was escaping. It also says division units killed 17 Daesh suicide bombers in the same area. [Ghad] [AIN]​​ 

A military source says Iraqi forces killed 7 Daesh suicide bombers on Daka Baraka Street in Old Mosul. [Harbi]


Civil Defense units​​ have so far​​ recovered the bodies of 197 civilians, including more than​​ 20​​ children, who were killed by Daesh while they were trying to escape​​ the​​ Al-Zanjili​​ neighborhood. [Anadolu]


The IFP says its units captured Ghazi and Ninewa Streets in Old Mosul. [Waradana]


The IFP commander says his troops secured tens of Daesh families in Old Mosul and provided them with food and medical aid. [Etejah]​​ 


IFP units confiscated 31 tons of explosive materials in west Mosul. [PressIraq]


Informed sources say a Rapid Intervention battalion commander was killed and a major was wounded near the Sarjakhana area. [Karemlash]


Iraqi forces surrounded​​ the Daesh commanders who were left behind to lead the Mosul battles,​​ in Old Mosul. [PressIraq]


IFP units killed 20 Daesh terrorists who were trying to escape Old Mosul across the Tigris River. [Forat]


East Mosul

The Ninewa Police says it captured 30 Daesh members in Hay Al-Intisar in east Mosul. [Harbi]​​ 


Other Daesh reports (unverifiable)

Daesh says it killed twenty IFP soldiers, including an officer, wounded “tens” others, damaged a Humvee, a bulldozer, and a BMP armored vehicle, and shot down a recon drone in battles near Bab Al-Tob and Kornish Street. ​​ [ICDNJuly6]


Human conditions in Mosul

The​​ UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq,​​ Lise Grande,​​ told Agence​​ France​​ Presse​​ that in the final pockets of Old Mosul there could be as​​ many​​ as 20,000​​ civilians still​​ trapped.​​ She also says the​​ civilians are​​ in extreme danger from bombardment​​ and​​ artillery crossfire.​​ She says Daesh terrorists​​ who​​ are still there are still directly targeting civilians​​ who​​ try​​ to​​ leave. [ARA]​​ 


The Minister of Migration and​​ Displacement says 920,000 people,​​ including​​ 743,000 from the west side,​​ have​​ left their houses in Mosul and nearby areas since the start of the military campaign in October. He also says 228,000 people returned to their houses in east Mosul and nearby areas. [Anadolu]​​ 


IWMC says security units freed two Yazidi female children in west Mosul and returned them to their families. [Sumaria]​​ 


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

An Iraqi Army captain says Iraqi Army 15th division continues​​ its preparations​​ for​​ the Tal Afar liberation campaign. Turkmen CoR members urged the government to start the liberation of Tal Afar after Daesh​​ yesterday​​ executed more than 200 civilians who were trying to escape. [Anadolu]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh executed one of its senior commanders, a Tunisian, in Tal Afar after he was caught trying to flee to Syria with​​ four​​ other Daesh members. The source says the execution was conducted by an Arab terrorist from France.​​ 


Southern Ninewa

Hammam Al-Alil

A military source says Iraqi forces stopped 3 Daesh suicide attacks near Qabr Al-Abd village. [Harbi]​​ 


The IFP commander says his units found a large underground Daesh military training camp in Albu Saif village, just south of the Mosul city line. [Mawazin]​​ 



IWMC says Iraqi forces surrounded Imam Gharbi village​​ south of Qayara​​ after Daesh terrorists managed to capture it yesterday, infiltrating from Shirqat. [Mawazin]​​ 

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh looted food supplies and took tens of civilians from the village toward Hawija.​​ 

Daesh publishes photos of battles in Imam Gharbi village. [ICDNJuly6]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The photos show dead bodies of people in civilian clothes. Daesh claims these were PMF fighters.​​ 

Daesh says it killed five PMF fighters in battles near the village. [A3maq]​​ 


Daesh says it attacked Iraqi forces on the road between Qayara and Shirqat,​​ killing five soldiers, destroying 3 military positions, and capturing a T72 tank, a Humvee, and 2 heavy machine guns. Daesh says battles are ongoing. [ICDNJuly6]


Daesh says Coalition planes mistakenly targeted Iraqi forces in Ihjala village, south of Qayara, killing or wounding several soldiers. [ICDNJuly6]

Daesh says it targeted “PMF military positions” in the village with 4 B10 rockets. [DENJuly6]



The Turkish military says its planes targeted PKK positions in the Sinat​​ area in far northwestern Dahuk​​ and​​ the​​ Haftanin​​ area, also​​ in northern​​ Dahuk, killing four PKK fighters and destroying 4 military positions. [Anadolu]




The Kerbala Police Chief says his units captured 3 “dangerous” persons on terrorism charges who were trying to enter the province. He says one is an expert on vehicle bombs. [Sumaria]​​ 




Amnesty International says that Turkish authorities have detained its country director for Turkey, Idil Eser, and taken​​ her to an unknown location.​​ Amnesty International​​ says Eser was taken into custody Wednesday morning with seven other human rights workers and two foreign trainers who were participating in a “routine training event” in a hotel near Istanbul. [Amnesty]​​ 




In two letters,​​ addressed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan​​ of​​ adopting a “policy of aggression and expansionist delusions” in Syria.​​ The letters cited Turkey’s​​ new​​ attacks in the city of Azaz,​​ and​​ the towns​​ of Akhtarin​​ and Kaljibrin​​ in Azaz District. The letters​​ followed​​ the failure​​ of​​ the Astana negotiations yesterday. [Hawar]​​ 

The PYD Chief, Saleh Muslim, threatened on Wednesday to hand over Afrin city to the​​ Assad​​ regime if Russia and the US don’t stop Turkish attacks​​ there. [Dorar]​​ 

The YPG Commander told Reuters that the Turkish military deployment in northwest Syria is on the​​ same​​ level​​ as​​ declaring war. He also said battles could erupt in the coming days. [ZamanAlWasl]​​ 

The YPG issues a statement saying that five people were killed and twelve wounded in Turkish attacks on the Afrin area during the last 5 days. [Hawar]​​ 

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister says Turkey​​ has not​​ announced​​ a​​ war against the YPG. He says the Turkish military preparations in northwest Turkey are “legitimate procedures” against any YPG​​ presence​​ in the Afrin area. [Dorar]​​ 


Russia, Iran, and Turkey failed to determine the 4 de-escalation areas in Syria during the 5th round of the Astana negotiations. [ZamanAlWasl]​​ 

The Chief of the Russian​​ delegation to Astana says the 5th round was not a huge step forward, but it was in the right direction. He also says the US military’s presence in Syria is illegitimate and US troops have no place in Syria after Daesh is destroyed. [SyriaNow]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Read the above statement again,​​ slowly. The US is illegitimate but Russia is not, presumably because its presence has Assad’s approval. Even though the US presence is “illegitimate,” it’s OK with Russia if they destroy Daesh’s presence before they go. After that they are required, by Russia, to leave. Then Assad will have full control of the country and the Russian mission in Syria will be a complete success, as will Putin’s efforts to show Russian superiority over the US. We think an appropriate answer should be forthcoming.


The anti-US tilt was reinforced by​​ Russia’s​​ Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova,​​ who​​ said during her weekly press​​ conference​​ on Thursday that Daesh terrorists in Syria are planning to stage chemical provocations in order to justify US strikes on government forces.​​ She says Daesh has​​ moved​​ chemical laboratories and special equipment for creating chemical bombs​​ from Raqqa​​ to Deir Ez-Zor.​​ Citing the​​ Coalition’s statements claiming the nearly full encirclement of Raqqa, she noted that “the movement of such large-scale equipment from under the nose of the​​ Coalition forces can indicate at least a selective unwillingness to see the facts.” [EnabBaladi]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Of course, this deft bit of propaganda sets up a situation under which the Assad government cannot be clearly blamed for its next chemical attack, but the US can be blamed in part, for letting Daesh develop the weapons and then falsely blaming the innocent Assad government.


Local sources say the PYD is forcing young Arab people to join its ranks in north Syria. The sources says the PYD killed two people who refused to join. [Anadolu]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Any​​ incendiary​​ statement attributed to “local sources” should be regarded with suspicion.


The Coalition says it conducted 29 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near Raqqa (21), Deir Ez-Zor (6), and in Albu Kamal (2). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


A local activist said on Wednesday that Coalition planes targeted a house east of Al-Taraf village in the Tal Al-Jayer area southeast of Shaddadi, killing twelve people. He says the village doesn’t have a military headquarters and is 15​​ km​​ (9 miles)​​ away from the battle area. He says Coalition planes also targeted​​ two​​ houses and a car in Harir Hatim village north of Markada, wounding three children. He says five civilians were killed by a leftover land​​ mine west of Al-Qara village near Shaddadi. [ZamanAlWasl]​​ 



Raqqa city

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights​​ (SOHR)​​ says​​ 224​​ civilians, including 38 children,​​ 28 women,​​ and an SOHR activist​​ have been killed by Coalition airstrikes on Raqqa city since the start of the SDF attack a month ago.​​ It also says 311 Daesh terrorists, including​​ commanders, and 106​​ SDF fighters​​ were killed in the​​ fighting​​ so far.​​ It says five people, including two women, were killed by Coalition airstrikes on Raqqa today. [SyriaHR]​​ 


SDF fighters advanced in Hay Hisham, in east Raqqa, and captured 2 mortars. Earlier in the day, SDF fighters killed 17 Daesh terrorists and destroyed a vehicle bomb in the area. Three SDF fighters were killed and two wounded. [Hawar] [Hawar]​​ 


Daesh publishes photos of battles in east Raqqa. [ICDNJuly6]


Daesh says its snipers killed three SDF fighters in east and south Raqqa. [DMNJuly6]​​ 


Daesh says it killed three SDF fighters and wounded three others with IEDs in Souq Al-Hal in south Raqqa. [DMNJuly6]​​ 


Daesh publishes photos of an SDF fighter targeted by its snipers near the Old Bridge, in south Raqqa. [ICDNJuly6]


Heavy battles continued in Old Raqqa. SDF fighters killed 14 Daesh terrorists, captured 3, and destroyed a vehicle bomb. [Hawar]

SDF fighters also liberated 15 families, mostly women and children, who were trapped near the Old Mosque in Old Raqqa. [Hawar]​​ 

SDF fighters killed 9 Daesh terrorists, including a sniper, and destroyed 2 vehicle bombs in the ongoing heavy battles in Hay Al-Dar’iya, in west Raqqa. [Hawar]​​ 


Daesh tried to break the SDF siege in Hay Al-Qadisiya, in west Raqqa, but SDF units stopped the attack. [Hawar]


Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on SDF units in Hay Al-Jazra, in west Raqqa. [DENJuly6]

Daesh issues a video of the attack. [A3maq]​​ 


Heavy battles also continued in Hay Al-Barid, in west Raqqa. SDF fighters killed 19 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 2 vehicle bombs. One SDF fighter was killed and three others wounded. [Hawar]


West of Raqqa

A military source says Syrian planes targeted Daesh positions in several areas west of Raqqa, killing many terrorists. [SyriaNow]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo/Idlib/Deir Hafer

Three people were killed and three others wounded by a Daesh land​​ mine in Maskanah, in the Manbij District​​ east of Aleppo. [Qasioun]​​ 


Tahrir Al-Sham said on Wednesday it captured a Daesh cell of 9 members in 3 towns west of Aleppo and captured a vehicle bomb, several motorcycles, and several explosive vests, in addition to silenced guns. [Dorar]​​ 


The SOHR says a pregnant woman was killed by a sniper from “Islamic factions” near the Shia Al-Fawaa​​ town northeast of Idlib. [SyriaHR]​​ 


Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/​​ Manbij/Jarabulus

Turkish troops shelled SDF positions in the city of Ain Eissa and Maraanaz village. [SyriaHR]​​ 


An SDF commander and two of his associates were killed and other fighters wounded by land​​ mines planted by Turkeybacked opposition groups near Azaz. [Qasioun]​​ 


Local sources say residents of Al-Ghandoura​​ in Jarabulus District​​ demonstrated against armed​​ militias​​ in the city. The sources say that Sultan Murad Division attacked a hospital and assaulted the staff. They also say Jabha Shamiya members killed an unarmed civilian. [Dorar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


The​​ Governor of Hama says three people were killed and others wounded in an explosion in a bus station in Hama. The police chief says it was a suicide attack. [Hawar]​​ 

Regime supporters say a government backed militia commander and two women were killed and eleven other people wounded when a suicide terrorist blew himself up in the bus station. [Qasioun]​​ 


Fighting​​ erupted between the Syrian Army and Daesh in Al-Hasou village near the highway between Hama and Raqqa. The Army was trying to capture the area, but was​​ unable to advance. Russian planes bombed 4 nearby towns. [Qasioun]​​ 


At least eight Syrian soldiers and​​ allied militiamen were killed in​​ fighting​​ with Daesh south of​​ Athariya. Several Daesh fighters were killed or wounded in the battles. Government forces captured a hill in the area. [SyriaHR] [SyriaHR]​​ 



Heavy battles continued in the eastern desert of Tadmur and on the road between Tadmur and Sukhnah, between Daesh and government forces, causing casualties for both sides. [SyriaHR]​​ 

The SOHR says at least​​ 22 Syrian​​ soldiers and allied militiamen, in addition to 35 Daesh terrorists,​​ were killed in​​ combat​​ since Tuesday. It also says three civilians were killed by airstrikes on Al-Sukhnah​​ city. [SyriaHR]​​ 


Government sources say​​ the​​ Syrian Army is 15​​ km​​ (9 miles)​​ away from Al-Sukhnah​​ city,​​ considered​​ the gateway​​ to Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaNow]


Regime sources said a Syrian National Guard colonel was killed in battles with Daesh in the Al-Sukhnah area east of Homs. [Qasioun]​​ 


Daesh says one of its suicide bombers attacked Syrian troops east of Arak Station, east of Tadmur, with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding several soldiers. It also says its snipers killed four soldiers in the same area. [ICDNJuly6]

Daesh publishes aerial photos of the attack. [ICDNJuly6]


Daesh says it targeted Syrian Army positions in the area with several heavy artillery shells, killing or wounding soldiers. It also says it detonated 2 IEDs on Syrian troops who were trying to advance in the area, killing three soldiers. [DENJuly6] [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Warplanes targeted the Al-Maqaber, Panorama, and the 137th​​ Brigade Camp areas with several airstrikes. Syrian Army units and allied militias continued battles against Daesh in those areas.​​ Daesh targeted government controlled areas in Deir Ez-Zor with heavy artillery and rockets, causing civilian casualties. [Qasioun]​​ 


Coalition planes targeted small oil refineries in several areas east of Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]​​ 


Albu Kamal

A military source says Syrian planes targeted Daesh military positions in the Hamima Desert, 70​​ km​​ (43.5 miles)​​ south of Albu Kamal. [SyriaNow]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Daesh says it killed sixteen opposition fighters and damaged a tank in battles near Adwan and Jillen towns, west of Daraa, yesterday. [A3maq]




North Africa


Daesh says it killed a policeman in Arish city on Wednesday. [A3maq]





Daesh says it assassinated a pro-government militia commander and two of his associates in Quetta. [A3maq]


The Philippines​​ 

Daesh says it killed eleven soldiers in fighting in 3 neighborhoods in Marawi. [A3maq]




Videos of the Day


CTS soldiers hunt down Daesh terrorists in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Harbi]

CTS soldiers wounded in Old Mosul. [Facebook]

CTS units capture Souq Al-Shaarin, Khaled Street, and other areas in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]

CTS units enter Hay Al-Maidan in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya]

Iraqi forces secure civilians from Daka Baraka area in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]

Iraqi soldiers secure families in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]

Iraqi soldiers collect the bodies of civilians killed by Daesh in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya]


Iraqi forces find a Daesh explosives factory in Hay Al-Zuhour, in east Mosul. [Mawsleya]


SDF fighters enter Daesh controlled areas in Raqqa. [Hawar]​​ 


Daesh Media


Daesh Audio Newsletter for Today [Bayan]


Daesh issues a propaganda video about one of its suicide terrorists from Chechnya. [ICDNJuly6]


July 5, 2017


Old Mosul






Daesh stages major attack on Shirqat villages. [..]

55 Daesh fighters reported killed in Diyala’s Ramadan security sweep. [..]

Daesh territory in Old Mosul reduced to almost nothing, as some try to escape. [..]

Daesh executes 200 Turkmen for trying to escape Tal Afar. [..]

15th​​ Army’s artillery reaches Tal Afar city, shells Daesh HQ. [..]


Huge opposition political demonstration targets Erdogan rule. [..]


Russia​​ nears deal with Turkey, Iran to share policing of​​ deconfliction zones. [..]

Coalition drops 27 more airstrikes on Raqqa, 6 on Deir Ez-Zor. [..]

UN leader estimates Raqqa IDPs have risen to 185,000. [..]

Huge anti-Turkey demonstrations break out in Afrin. [..]

Turks continue positioning for attack on Kurdish-held areas in northwest​​ Syria. [..]





Prime Minister Abadi said on Tuesday that Iraq hopes to end the conflict in Syria, and to become a hub for regional peace. He also says any demands to have Iraqi forces fight in Syria are unconstitutional. [ARA]


US Ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, commenting on the planned Kurdistan independence referendum,​​ said “We support a unified and prosperous Iraq , and any change must be in accordance with the Constitution and the agreement between the center and the region.” [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This US position shows continuity with statements made when the​​ Trump Administration took office and with the policy of the Obama Administration. Maintaining this position is absolutely essential, as otherwise the entire Iraq-KRG relationship could break down disastrously. Whether Iraqi Kurdistan should be independent is a reasonable question about which reasonable people could negotiate. We don’t think the idea should be rejected in advance. However, holding a referendum to put pressure on the other side is not a legitimate tactic. Seizing Iraqi territory outside Kurdistan and making territorial claims on other territories is not a legitimate tactic either. There are some ground rules that would facilitate such a negotiation—a subject to which we expect to return.​​ 


The Coalition says it conducted 4 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in the Mosul area (3), and in Hawija (1). [InherentResolve]​​ 



Security-related incidents reported

North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

A police source says one soldier was wounded when armed men shot at an army patrol in the Ibn Sina area in Tarmiya. [Sumaria]​​ 

Daesh says its snipers killed a PMF fighter in the 14 Ramadan area near Tarmiya. [DMNJuly5]​​ 


Southeast​​ (Mada’in, etc.)

A security source says three people were wounded when an IED exploded near a wholesale market in Mada’in. [Ghad]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Military Intelligence Service says its units captured a “serious terrorist” in Ameriya. [Sumaria]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 4(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 1




Sunni politicians demanded an investigation​​ into​​ the killing of a taxi driver from Falluja at the Al-Suqour checkpoint. The MoD says it opened an investigation. [Anadolu]

However, the West Baghdad Operations Commander says​​ that​​ a soldier who​​ failed to​​ secure his weapon accidently killed the driver. [Sumaria]​​ 



The Jazeera Operations commander says Coalition planes targeted Daesh positions north of the Haditha Dam, killing 7 suicide bombers, and destroying a car-rigging factory and a weapons storehouse. [Sumaria]​​ 


Daesh says it killed or wounded several tribal PMF fighters in the Nuaim area west of Hit with 2 IEDs. [DENJuly5]

Daesh says it killed a policeman and wounded others with an IED in the Khazraj area west of Hit. [DENJuly5]




The Mayor of Shirqat says a group of Daesh terrorists infiltrated Khadhraniya, Houriya, and Suwaidan villages north of Shirqat. He says Iraqi forces supported by Tribal PMFs killed 4 Daesh terrorists. He also says two Tribal PMF fighters and a civilian were killed and seven civilians wounded in the attack. He says the situation was brought under control after warplanes bombed Daesh positions in the area. [Sumaria]​​ 

IWMC says Salahuddin Operations Command units stopped a Daesh attack on Khadhraniya village in Shirqat district, killing 43 terrorists. [Sumaria]​​ 


A security source says military reinforcements arrived in Imam Gharbi village and ended the Daesh attack, killing 15 terrorists. [Ghad]

However, a​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh captured the village after tribal fighters and local police fled. Daesh also kidnapped many civilians from Imam Gharbi, in addition to an Iraqi Army​​ lieutenant who was wounded in the fighting. The source also says Coalition planes destroyed a Daesh vehicle in the village killing 7 terrorists, including a local commander. ​​ 

Local sources say Daesh paraded civilians in areas east of Shirqat, including children, whom it had captured during the attack on Imam Gharbi village. [Ghad]

Daesh’s version says it attacked PMF positions in Imam Gharbi village south of Qayara and Khadhraniya and Houriya villages north of Shirqat. Daesh says it killed six fighters and destroyed​​ a military position in Khadhraniya, and killed twenty-one fighters, wounded others, and destroyed a military position and a Humvee in Imam Gharbi. [ICDNJuly5]

Here Daesh says it killed sixteen PMF fighters, destroyed a Humvee and 3 other military vehicles in battles near Imam Gharbi village. It also says it killed more fighters with a rocket in Khadhraniya village. [ICDNJuly5]



The MoD says Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack in the Harariyat area, destroying a vehicle and killing the terrorists inside. [Ghad]​​ 


Southern Salahuddin​​ (Balad,​​ Dujail)

Daesh says it killed five IFP soldiers, wounded three others, and damaged a vehicle in an ambush on the road between Balad and Dhuluiya. [DMNJuly5]



Chairman of the​​ Security​​ Committee in Diyala Provincial Council says security units killed 55 Daesh terrorists during Ramadan and Eid in different areas in Diyala. [Etejah]​​ 


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

The MoD says Iraqi Army 5th​​ division killed a suicide terrorist near Al-Masoudi village, south of Balad Ruz. [Ghad]​​ 




A Kirkuk Police commander says his units captured 3 Daesh members who sneaked from Hawija​​ into Hay Al-Nassr in Kirkuk city. [ARA]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

Daesh says its snipers killed a Peshmerga fighter in Albu Mohammad village southwest of Daquq. [DMNJuly5]




Mosul liberation campaign

The Joint Operations Command (JOC) refuted media reports about setting up a date to announce victory over Daesh. It says Prime Minister Abadi will announce the complete liberation of Mosul. [Sumaria]

A CTS commander says Iraqi forces are only 180 m away from the Tigris River in Old Mosul. [Karemlash]​​ 


Deputy Governor of Ninewa says there are still Daesh foreign terrorists, mostly from Chechnya and the Caucasus, in two small alleys in the Maidan area in Old Mosul. He says the liberation of Mosul might be announced on Thursday after clearing this area. [Etejah]


Central​​ Mosul

A medical source says Civil Defense units secured 300 civilians from within the rubble of Old Mosul. The source also says Daesh deployed tens of female suicide bombers in Old Mosul. [Ghad]​​ 

A military source says Iraqi forces have killed 20 Daesh suicide terrorists, half of them women, in Old Mosul. [Harbi]​​ 


The Ninewa Liberation Commander says Iraqi Army units captured the Al-Tawalib and Al-Khatouniya areas in Old Mosul. [Rudaw]​​ 


The IFP commander says his troops are securing Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street in Old Mosul. [Harbi]​​ 

Daesh says it killed eleven Iraqi soldiers and wounded four others in battles on Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street. [ICDNJuly5]


The IFP commander says Iraqi forces killed 61 Daesh terrorists, including 4 snipers, and destroyed a vehicle bomb in Old Mosul.​​ [Etejah]​​ 


Iraqi Army 16th division says it killed 25 Daesh terrorists in battles in the Al-Shahwan area in Old Mosul. [Ghad]


A security source says Iraqi forces captured a Daesh admin leader and another commander who were trying to flee Mosul toward Qayara. [Harbi]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment. ​​ While some foreign fighters are being left to fight to the death,​​ Daesh is using the chaos in Old Mosul to smuggle its leaders out. This repeats an established pattern of behavior. Over the past few days, DaeshDaily sources followed up on videos shown on Iraqi news channels, like Al-Mawsleya TV, and identified several Daesh commanders who were leaving with their families, posing as civilians. The problem is, some of these terrorists were interviewed by reporters, and they cried about how criminal Daesh was! Our sources sent us​​ photos​​ and names of some of these men.​​ 


Daesh says it attacked IFP positions near Bab Al-Tob, killing or wounding several soldiers, destroying 2 military positions and a weapons storehouse, damaging an armored vehicle, and shooting down​​ two​​ recon​​ drones. [ICDNJuly5]

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked “the infidels” in the Al-Sha’arin area with an explosives vest, killing or wounding several people. [ICDNJuly5]​​ 


An Iraqi Army source says Iraqi forces foiled several attempts by Daesh terrorists to flee from Old Mosul across the Tigris River​​ to east Mosul. [Ghad]​​ 


East Mosul

A security source says Iraqi forces killed 2 Iraqi suicide terrorists who were dressed as policemen in Nabi Yunus market in east Mosul. [Harbi]​​ 


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

Deputy​​ Chairman of the Ninewa Provincial Council says Daesh executed 200 Turkmen civilians, including women and children, who were trying to escape Tal Afar. [Mawazin]​​ 


A​​ military source says Iraqi Army 15th division artillery shelled a Daesh headquarters in Hay Al-Saray in Tal Afar, killing 6 terrorists and wounding 8. [Harbi]​​ 



A military source says PMF units stopped a major Daesh attack near the Syrian border on Tuesday, killing 30 terrorists and destroying 11 vehicle bombs. [Harbi]​​ 

PMF Press says PMF units shot down a Daesh drone near the Syrian border. [Ghad]​​ 


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions near Al-Jughaifi village west of Baaj with 170 mortars and 17 heavy artillery shells. [DENJuly5]


Southern Ninewa


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions near Hatra with 10 mortars. [DMNJuly5]


Daesh issues a video of targeting PMFs in Ihjala south of Qayara​​ city​​ with a rocket. [A3maq]




Turkish Counter Terrorism units captured a Daesh cell of 6 members that planned an attack on opposition protesters in Kocaeli. Since June 15, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of Turkey’s main secular opposition CHP (Republican People’s Party), has been leading a daring 450-kilometer anti-Erdogan protest march from Ankara to Istanbul. [Anadolu]


Media sources say security units captured 37 Daesh suspects in different areas in Turkey. [Sumaria]​​ 




Russian negotiator Alexander Lavrentiev said on Tuesday that Russia may deploy its military to police the borders of planned de-escalation zones in Syria within two to three weeks after finalizing an agreement with Turkey and Iran.

Moscow hopes to sign the final documents with Ankara and Tehran on Wednesday, he told reporters after a series of meetings in the Kazakh capital, Astana. [Reuters]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This is directed at the United States and the Coalition. It is hard not to notice that the US, which is carrying much of the military load in Syria, is being excluded. Perhaps rejecting this agreement as being pro-Assad and mostly self-serving for the signatories would be the proper response.


A Russian journalist says the parties in​​ the​​ Astana 5 negotiations​​ have​​ almost reached an agreement regarding the de-escalation areas in Syria. He says the Russians and the Turks will monitor the areas in the north, and the Russians and the Iranians in the center. He says the Russians are negotiating with the US regarding the southern area. [EnabBaladi]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Someone should ask the Russians who will monitor the Turks and the Iranians under this agreement.

Other sources say there are disputes regarding Idlib. They also say the southern area was withdrawn from the negotiations for now. [ZamanAlWasl]


The YPG general commander says Turkey wouldn’t have entered north Syria and shelled Afrin without​​ getting a​​ green light from Russia. He also says the YPG would fight Daesh in Deir Ez-Zor and Daraa if asked. He says the YPG has an agreement with the Americans to fight Daesh anywhere. [Qasioun]

The commander​​ says the US has 7​​ bases and military airports​​ in SDF controlled areas,​​ including airports in Kobane, Hasaka, Qamishli, and Malikiyah. He also says the Coalition has 1,300 soldiers​​ at​​ a military base in Manbij. [EnabBaladi]


The Coalition says it conducted 33 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near Raqqa (27), and Deir Ez-Zor (6). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


An IED exploded on an SDF vehicle in the Al-Arisha​​ subdistrict, south of Hasaka, wounding several fighters. [SyriaHR]



The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief,​​ Stephen O’Brien, says more than 185,000 people​​ have​​ left their houses in Raqqa since the beginning of April. [ZamanAlWasl]


Deputy commander of Jaish Al-Thuwar, an SDF faction, says the delay in Raqqa’s liberation is because Daesh is using civilians as human shields. He also says Jaish Al-Thuwar would withdraw from the Raqqa campaign and fight the Turkish Army if the Turks attack Afrin. [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


Raqqa city

SDF fighters stopped a Daesh​​ counter-attack on Hay Hisham in Raqqa, killing 12 terrorists and destroying a vehicle bomb. Four SDF fighters were killed and three wounded. [Hawar]


SDF fighters captured Saif Al-Dawla​​ Street, an important road inside Raqqa city,​​ killing 27 terrorists. [Hawar]


SDF fighters killed 9 Daesh terrorists in battles in Old Raqqa. [Hawar]

The SDF advanced 200 meters in Old Raqqa. [SyriaHR]


SDF fighters killed 11 Daesh terrorists and shot down 3 drones in the Al-Dar’iya​​ neighborhood​​ in west Raqqa. One SDF fighter was killed and three wounded in the battles. [Hawar]

Three civilians, including a woman and a 5-month-old baby were killed by a Daesh land​​ mine​​ as​​ they were trying to escape Al-Dar’iya. [Hawar]


Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack with a vehicle bomb on SDF units near Hsaiwa Intersection in west Raqqa. [A3maq]


SDF fighters stopped a Daesh attack in southeast Raqqa, killing 10 terrorists and destroying 2 military vehicles. [Hawar]


Daesh says its snipers killed twelve SDF fighters near Sour Baghdad and in Souq Al-Hal and the Al-Kasrat area.​​ [DMNJuly5]​​ 

Daesh publishes photos of an SDF fighter targeted by its snipers near the Old Bridge in south Raqqa. [ICDNJuly5]

Daesh says it killed three SDF fighters with IEDs in Souq​​ Al-Hal in south Raqqa. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes aerial photos and a video of a suicide attack it conducted on SDF positions near Bab Baghdad in east Raqqa. Daesh also publishes a photo of the suicide terrorist. [ICDNJuly5] [A3maq]


South of Raqqa

SDF fighters killed 3 Daesh terrorists in battles north of Al-Ratla town. [Hawar]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo/Idlib/Deir Hafer

Five children and 3 Tahrir Al-Sham members​​ (2 Saudis and an Egyptian)​​ were killed when a vehicle bomb exploded near a Quranteaching school in Al-Quneitra village, west of Idlib. [ARA]​​ [SyriaNow]

Later on, the director of the Civil Defense Center in Idlib said​​ 15​​ people, including children, were killed and tens wounded. [ZamanAlWasl]


Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/​​ Manbij/Jarabulus

More than 100,000 people demonstrated in Afrin,​​ protesting Turkish attacks in Syria. [Hawar]​​ [SyriaHR]

The Turkish Army shelled and rocketed on Tuesday​​ a​​ village, south of the Ming Military Airport,​​ reportedly​​ killing three members of a family and wounding six others, including women and children. [Hawar]

Local sources say the Turkish Army is digging trenches and preparing to launch an attack on Bulbul subdistrict in Afrin. ​​ [Hawar]


A Russian journalist and Turkish media outlets said that Russia supports the Turkish Army operation in Afrin. They say that Turkey wants to destroy 41 “PYD” positions and that the operation will last 70 days. [Dorar]

Turkish newspapers said on Tuesday that the Turkish Army deployed 7,000 soldiers on the Syria border to start its Euphrates Sword operation in the Afrin area. Media sources say 20,000 opposition fighters will participate in the operation. [Qasioun]

Turkish artillery targeted SDF positions in Harbal, Tal Rifaat, Sheikh Eissa, and near Mare’ city. No casualties were reported. [SyriaHR]


Levels of the water in the Tishrin Dam decreased rapidly after Turkey cut off the water​​ flow upstream from the Dam. This has been the situation​​ for about a month now. ​​ [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


Russian planes launched heavy airstrikes on​​ Aqirbat and Abu Dalia​​ villages east of Hama. Battles continued between the Syrian Army and Daesh near Salmiya. The army had brought military reinforcements to the area. [Qasioun] [Qasioun]

The Russian Ministry of Defense says Russian planes targeted Daesh positions in Aqirbat, destroying a headquarters and 3 large weapons storehouses. Local activists say the airstrikes destroyed a mosque and civilian houses. [Dorar]



The Syrian Army captured several hills and military positions near the Hamima area, southeast of Tadmur. Syrian troops also surrounded the Al-Hail gas field from the west and the southeast. [Qasioun]


Daesh says it killed five Syrian soldiers and wounded others in battles east of the Arak oilfield east of Tadmur. It also says it targeted Syrian Army positions near the field with 12 heavy artillery shells. [DENJuly5]​​ 


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Two civilians were killed by Russian airstrikes on Hatla town, east of Deir Ez-Zor. More civilians were killed or wounded by Russian bombing on Tal Al-Hissan, west of the city. Civilians were also wounded by Daesh mortar shelling on Hay Al-Joura and Hay Harabish in Deir Ez-Zor. Battles erupted between Daesh and the Syrian Army on Al-Sijn (prison)​​ Street in the city. [Qasioun]

Warplanes bombed southeastern areas in Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun]


Local sources say a group of Daesh terrorists attacked a Daesh “police” station, killing a terrorist and capturing another, after their commander was arrested by Daesh west of Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaNow]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Battles between​​ unspecified​​ opposition groups and Daesh continued near Jillen, Hait, Adwan, and Tel Ashtara west of Daraa. The groups destroyed a Daesh tank near Adwan. [Qasioun]

The groups have started a new military operation against​​ the​​ Daesh affiliate, Jaish Khaled, in the area without any advances so far. [EnabBaladi]




Neighboring countries


Association of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon refused to receive the bodies of seven Syrian men who were reportedly killed under torture by the Lebanese Army. The Army launched a campaign on Syrian refugees in Arsal looking for armed men linked to terrorist groups. At least​​ 20​​ people were​​ killed, including suicide bombers and one child, and hundreds were arrested in the campaign. ​​ [ZamanAlWasl]


North Africa


Eyewitnesses say Egyptian Army units shelled​​ takfiri​​ gatherings in Jihad Abu Tabl farms, south of Arish, killing 10 terrorists and wounding 25. [AhlMisr]


A security source says 3 terrorists shot and killed a policeman in his vehicle in Arish. [ElWatan]


A group of terrorists broke into a medical center in Arish and looted medical supplies. [AhlMisr]


Daesh said on Tuesday it killed three Egyptian soldiers and wounded others with 2 IEDs east of Arish. [A3maq]





Daesh says it executed 3 Taliban members after raiding their position in the Sara Qala area in Nangarhar on Tuesday. [DENJuly5]​​ 


Great Britain

Foreign funding for extremism in Britain primarily comes from Saudi Arabia, but the UK government should set up a public inquiry into all Gulf funding sources, a report has said.​​ The​​ report by the Henry Jackson Society also calls for the government to consider requiring UK religious institutions, including mosques, to reveal sources of overseas funding.

The findings come as Theresa May faces pressure to publish the government’s own report into foreign funding of terrorism. The Home Office-led report was completed six months ago, and No 10 says ministers are still deciding whether to publish​​ it. MPs nervous​​ about​​ upsetting strategic relations in the Gulf have also decided not to publish a separate Foreign Office strategy paper on the region. [Guardian]​​ 

Daesh Daily comment.​​ We have often commented that the extreme Wahhabi ideology promoted by Saudi Arabia is a central problem in the Middle East. We are not the only ones to make the point. It has continued as a central problem because western countries have refused to confront it. All the hatred in Daesh ideology, and all the atrocities of the Daesh regime, and many of its attacks in the West, are based on the Wahhabi ideology. The UK is apparently considering whether to continue this policy of avoiding the truth in order to keep the Saudis happy.​​ We hope they will take a stand instead.




Videos of the Day

Iraqi Army units break Daesh defense lines in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya]


A Yazidi girl is secured by Iraqi soldiers in east Mosul. [Mawsleya]

Iraqi forces secure families from Old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya] [Facebook]




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