An Update On ISIS Activities

November 14, 2017


Tribal Meeting in Haj Ali Village







KRG Prime Minister calls Baghdad’s KRG budget unfair. [..]

Estimated 40 remaining Daesh fighters in Rawa reported surrounded. [..]

Search operations under way in northern Diyala, other locations, to find Daesh members. [..]

Daesh attacks in Hawija kill several soldiers. [..]

Mass grave with hundreds of Daesh victims found in Hawija. [..]

Tribal leaders in​​ Al-Qa’im,​​ Qayara village plan to oust Daesh families. [..]


Erdogan to meet with Putin in Moscow on Syria, following YPG’s​​ visit. [..]


Daesh stages deadly suicide attack at Deir Ez-Zor military airport. [..]

SDF captures Basira, village, major oilfield in SE Deir Ez-Zor. [..]

Daesh still controls Albu Kamal city after bogus Syrian news report. [..]

WHO accuses Syria of starvation strategy against own citizens. [..]





Monday, the US mission in Iraq expressed its “deep sorrow” over the earthquake in Iraqi on Sunday which resulted in human losses and casualties. [Sumaria]​​ The earthquake struck primarily in Kermanshah province in Iran but also killed people on the Iraq side of the border, including the​​ Halabja area.​​ Halabja is within several miles of the border. At least 450 people have died from the earthquake and several thousand are injured.


Monday, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani called on Baghdad to think about the stability of Iraq and Kurdistan, accusing Baghdad of using double standards. He added that the federal budget is the “worst” and it aims to “abolish the political entity of the Kurdistan Region,” reiterating the Kurdish Region’s entitlement to 17% of the budget. [Sumaria]​​ In response, the Iraqi government issued a statement saying it respects the Kurdistan Region as an entity validated by the constitution, and that the Iraqi government does not intend to deal with the KRG governorates directly. [BasNews]

Nechirvan Barzani revealed that the KRG addressed an official letter to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi containing notes regarding Kurdistan’s share in the federal budget of 2018. According to Barzani, Al-Abadi has not yet responded, and the KRG pledged to pay the salaries of the KRG employees for November and December. [Rudaw]


Monday,​​ in​​ a meeting with EU Ambassador to Iraq, Ramon Blecua, Head of Kurdistan’s Regional Security Council, Masrour Barzani, called for holding a comprehensive dialogue to resolve all​​ pending​​ issues between Erbil and Baghdad in accordance with the constitution. Barzani noted the importance of international sponsorship​​ of the dialogue to spare the Kurdish people from suffering. [BasNews]


Monday, the Kurdistan groups in both the KRG Parliament and the central government CoR reiterated the necessity of holding a dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve disputes. The​​ KRG Parliament held a session to look into the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, and heads of Kurdish political parties agreed that the withdrawal of Kurds from the political process is an “option” in case the federal government refuses to engage in a dialogue. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The Kurdish leadership would do better by not pretending that they have more “options” than they really have.​​ 


Monday, CoR Speaker Salim Al-Jubouri headed to the US on an official visit. He will be meeting with his counterpart, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, to​​ discuss​​ the situation in Iraq and the region, according to a statement by the​​ Speaker’s office. [Sumaria]


Monday, CoR Defense and Security Committee member Iskander Watut, warned of “internal and external agendas” which will facilitate the return of Daesh to liberated areas. He described “leaving traitorous politicians free and without being held accountable for what happened in their provinces as ‘an omen.’” [BaghdadToday]


According to Russian Sputnik news agency, Daesh wives, who are​​ on a military base in northern Iraq, hold “dangerous secrets,” especially the foreign ones who lost their husbands and children in military operations. The Sputnik report says the women are hiding the fate of the Yazidi children who were abducted from their mothers in August 2014. It is estimated that there are between 150-250 Yazidi children with Daesh women in Hammam Al-Alil. [BaghdadToday]


CoR’s​​ Women, Family, and Childhood Committee member, Rizan Sheikh Dalir, reported that signatures were collected to resolve the crisis of children recruited by Daesh. Dalir said the​​ signatures were submitted to Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, without a response. She clarified that dozens of children were Daesh victims, recruited against their will, and they are now on the streets or imprisoned on charges of terrorism. [Mawazin]


CoR’s Sunni Coalition,​​ Ittihad Al-Qiwa (Forces’ League) representative, Mohammed Al-Abedrabbo​​ says​​ the return of IDPs is a condition to holding the elections set for April 2018, as reported from Kurdish and Sunni opinion​​ sources. [Mada]​​ 


A Muslim hacker group vowed to “wipe Daesh off the internet,” according to a report by​​ Newsweek. The group is​​ planning​​ to attack Daesh’s servers on November 17th. [Newsweek] [Sputnik]



Security-related incidents reported

Center​​ (Rusafa, Karkh, etc.)

Monday the MoD announced that a terrorist in the Daesh “Wilayat Diyala” was arrested in Karkh. The terrorist arrested worked as a transporter of weapons and terrorists.​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 


North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

Security sources say Sunday an IED planted near shops exploded, killing one civilian and wounding five others in Taji District. [IraqPress]


Sunday, security units seized a rigged vehicle and defused it in the Albu Khalid area in north Baghdad, according to a Baghdad Operations Command statement. [Mawazin]​​ 


South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The Baghdad Operations Command announced that security units defused 7 Daesh IEDs in search operations in Al-Hamid and Al-Khudeir. [Baghdadia]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Sunday, the Military Intelligence Service reported the arrest of 2 terrorists who infiltrated with the IDPs to Baghdad. The 2 terrorists lived in the Ameriya neighborhood in west Baghdad. [Mawazin]​​ 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 6(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 4




According to a Baghdad Operations Command statement, security units carried out a search operation in Hitawiyeen south of Falluja, which led to the discovery of various Daesh explosives, in addition to the arrest of a number of wanted suspects on various charges. [Mawazin]​​ 



MoD announced in a statement that the Anbar Police arrested 30 people for belonging to Daesh and found 20 Daesh IEDs in the Al-Sufiya area. [MoD Website]


MoD announced in a statement that the Anbar Operations Command’s​​ 10th​​ brigade arrested 2 men for conspiring with Daesh in the Kilo 18 camp in the Abu Al-Jir region west of Ramadi. The 10th​​ brigade seized a pile of 3 rifles, 12 machine guns, 4 sniper rifles, and 10 Kalashnikovs.​​ It​​ also confiscated a container of C4 and 3 detonation devices. [MoD Website]


Anah​​ (including Rawa)

Head of the Anbar Security Committee Na’eem Al-Ka’oud stated that the Coalition killed 17 Daesh terrorists in an airstrike in Rawa on Monday. According to Al-Ka’oud only about 40 Daesh members are left in Rawa, and they are cornered by the Iraqi forces. [Sputnik]


Monday, Joint Operations Command spokesman, General Yahya Rasul, confirmed that Daesh units remaining in west Anbar​​ have​​ lost their ability to fight and their control over the residents. The JOC explained that liberating the Rawa district is only a matter of time, with​​ protecting​​ civilian life a top priority. [Etejah]​​ 


Monday,​​ Tribal​​ PMF commander Qatri Al-Samarmadi said that 13 displaced families were able to flee from Rawa by boat after Daesh withdrew from areas adjacent to the Euphrates River. The families were provided with necessities in order to be transported to IDP camps. [Etejah]​​ 


Monday, a military source in Anbar reported that the units from the Army’s 7th​​ division liberated six villages in west Rawa after Daesh members escaped to the desert. [Sumaria]​​ 



The commander of the 7th​​ division of the Iraqi Army announced on Saturday the full recovery of Al-Rummana subdistrict from Daesh. [IraqPress]


Former Anbar military operations commander, Ismail Al-Mahlawi, said that the Albu Mahal tribal sheikhs held a meeting with the rest of the tribes in Al-Qa’im and surrounding areas and decided to stand united against Daesh supporters. Anbar tribal leaders unanimously agreed that it will be “impossible” to treat Daesh members with tolerance, and it is imperative to punish them. This agreement led several Daesh families to flee. [Mawazin]​​ [BaghdadToday]​​ [Baghdadia] ​​ 



The MoD reported that EOD units went to the Ajil oil filed to inspect the area and remove Daesh remnants. The EDO team units found 85 types of explosives that were detonated safely and 8 terrorists​​ were killed. [MoD Website]​​ 


The MoD announced that​​ the total number of displaced families who have returned to Salahuddin is​​ 146,666, each​​ after successfully completing their security checks.​​ 32,503 families have returned to Shirqat District, 56,032 families have returned to Baiji District, 42,650 families have returned to Tikrit city, 2,751 families have returned to Al-Daur Province south of Tikrit, and 5,169 families have returned to Albu Ajil village southeast of Tikrit.​​ [MoD Website]​​ 


Sunday, the IWMC says a 3 Daesh members were killed as they tried to infiltrate northern Salahuddin.​​ [IraqPress]


Saturday, the IWMC announced that a pre-emptive operation resulted in the killing of 13 suicide terrorists who were hiding in a tunnel in Salahuddin.​​ [Sumaria]



Sunday, Shirqat Mayor Ali Al-Dodah confirmed that over 70% of​​ Shirqat’s​​ displaced families returned to​​ the district​​ Shirqat after its​​ complete​​ liberation from Daesh. According to Al-Dodah, there is “great anger” among the Shirqat tribes,​​ who refuse to allow the return of Daesh families. Al-Dodah added that the water project has been activated, schools and health centers are operating, but the power stations have not yet been​​ returned to service. He also added that the EOD promised to work to re-open the bridge connecting the two​​ sides​​ of Shirqat in the next couple of days.​​ [BaghdadToday] [Mawazin]​​ 



The MoD announced that the 5th​​ infantry division units carried out pre-emptive operations​​ in the Zalou and​​ Wadi Thalab areas​​ in the Himrin Mountains in search of Daesh cells. The​​ units found explosive devices and a 20-gallon barrel containing 4 types of material, which they detonated safely. The units also found a tunnel in Wadi Thalab. [MoD Website]


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions near the Al-Makhazen Bridge, north of Baiji, and on the road between Baiji and Haditha with a rocket and 6 mortars. [DENNov13]


Daesh says 6 of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi Army positions on Al-Nafut Street in Tikrit city. It says 3 of the terrorists blew themselves up after heavy clashes. It says 20 Iraqi soldiers were killed, including eight officers, and others were wounded in the attack. [ICDNNov13]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ What happened to the other 3?



The MoD reported the arrest of 2 men wanted on charges of terrorism in Ishaqi city. [MoD Website]​​ 



Daesh publishes photos of manufacturing IEDs in Diyala. [ICDNNov13]​​ 

Baquba/Southeast Diyala

Daesh says it damaged an Iraqi Army minesweeper with an IED in the Bizayez Buhriz area, killing or wounding the soldiers inside. [DENNov13]

Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

Monday, Dijla Ops Commander Lieutenant General Mizhar Al-Azzawi announced the launch of a large-scale military operation to track Daesh cells in Hawi Al-Udhaim in northern Diyala, with support from the IAA. [Sumaria]

Al-Azzawi, announced that a Daesh vehicle was destroyed in Hawi Al-Udhaim, killing the two terrorists aboard. [Ghad]


Monday, Diyala Provincial Council member, Abdulkhaleq Al-Azzawi, reported that 2 Daesh terrorists were killed in an IAA airstrike on their vehicle in​​ the​​ Al-Mita area near the Diyala-Salahuddin border. [Youm7]

Monday, Head of Al-Udhaim Council, Mohammed Daifan Al-Abidi reported that an IAA helicopter tracked and killed an armed Daesh cell made up of three members in the hills near Albu Jumaa on the border between Diyala and Salahuddin.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Daesh says it destroyed the houses of an Iraqi Intelligence officer, his cousin (an MoI employee), and his son (a policeman) with IEDs in Qara Tapa village. It also says it detonated 2 IEDs on a Tribal PMF reinforcement unit that arrived in the area, wounding several fighters. [DENNov13] ​​ 

Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

Monday, the Basra Criminal Court issued an execution sentence against a Daesh members on charges of planting an IED in a civilian car in Balad Ruz in Diyala and detonating it remotely, killing 2 civilians,​​ in September 2009. [Baghdadia]​​ 


Daesh says it destroyed with an IED an oil pipe that provides oil to Baghdad from Nafut Khana​​ in Diyala, in Mandali. [A3maq]



Monday, a security source reported that 4 Daesh members, including two suicide terrorists, were killed in the Batma village​​ in Dibis,​​ near Himrin Mountains. The source reported that clashes were ongoing. [Baghdadia]​​ 

Monday, Kirkuk operations commander, General Ali Fadel Imran announced the deaths of 6 terrorists, including 3 in the Batma village in Dibis and 3 others in the Al-Jada’a village in Hawija, and the arrest of 14 others. He also noted that security units defused 152 IEDs in Kirkuk and located a large Daesh hideout containing explosives and ammunition. [Sumaria]​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 


Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

Kirkuk Provincial Administration announced on Saturday the discovery of a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of civilians executed by Daesh at the former US Al-Bakara base in Hawija. [Sumaria]

Sunday, Mawazin reported that security units found a mass grave containing approximately 2,000 dead bodies in the Hawija outskirts, based on information from the residents. [Mawazin]​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says 2 Daesh suicide terrorists blew themselves near School Street in Hawija after they were surrounded by Tribal PMFs and local residents. The source says several people were killed or wounded.​​ 

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh attacked several villages in the Hawija area, killing or wounding several IFP and PMF members. The source also says Daesh killed several civilians they accused of cooperating with Iraqi forces.​​ 


West​​ Mosul

A Ninewa Police source reported on Monday that a family of four and two accompanying PMF members were killed in a house explosion in Ranbusi in northwest Mosul. The house had been rigged by Daesh and it exploded once the family returned to it. Security units forbade IDPs from returning until the search operations for booby-traps are completed. [BasNews]


According to Judge Abdulsattar Baqiraqdar, on Monday the Central Criminal Court issued a death sentence against a Daesh member who was involved in several terrorist operations, including the theft and destruction of historical artifacts in the Mosul museum. [Baghdadia]​​ 


Southern Ninewa


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Monday that leader of Jubour and Luhaib tribes from Haj Ali village in Qayara had a meeting and agreed on displacing the families of Daesh members, and any tribal leader who intervenes, within 72 hours. They also agreed to destroy the houses of Daesh members, hand over any Daesh member from both tribes to security forces, and kill anyone who hides a Daesh member and destroy their houses.​​ 

Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

A DaeshDaily source said on Saturday that an EOD lieutenant colonel and four other soldiers were killed while trying to defuse a booby-trapped house in Tal Afar. The source says hundreds of houses are still booby-trapped in the city.​​ 



Monday, the US mission in Iraq extended its condolences for the deaths of the Iraqi security units whose helicopter crashed in Wasit during a training. [Sumaria]




KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said on Monday that elections will be scheduled after consultation with the Kurdish political parties, pointing out that “the current government is temporary and was extended by Parliament.” [ROJ]


Monday, in a press meeting, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani confirmed that he has not set an appointment to visit Baghdad, expressing hope for a serious dialogue to be held between the central government and the KRG in accordance with the constitution. [Sumaria]


Lahur Sheikh Talabani, the director of the KRGs Information Protection Service, said on Friday that the negotiations between the central government and the KRG are only about 36 oilfields in the disputed areas. He says revenues of these fields go to one family. He says the talks don’t aim at having the Peshmerga return to disputed areas. However, he says the Peshmerga will return.​​ 



The Turkish Air Force attacked the PKK in Bradost subdistrict in northern Erbil. According to the head of the Sidekan town, Ihsan Abdulqadir, the shelling led to the death of several PKK fighters and the destruction of a vehicle. [Rudaw]​​ According to eyewitnesses, a civilian was killed in the Turkish airstrikes on Sidekan. [Sumaria]  ​​​​ 



The KRG Council of Ministers thanked the Turkish Republic for sending rescue aid to help those affected by the earthquake on Sunday. The KRG Council of Ministers also called on the Iraqi​​ government to provide needed help to the victims. The KRG also extended its condolences to the families of the victims in Halabja, Garmian, and other affected areas in Kurdistan and Iran. [Rudaw]


Iranian Revolutionary Guards​​ shelled Mount Asus which is controlled by the PUK in Suleimaniya. [ROJ]





Turkey’s Hakkari Province announced on Monday evening the​​ neutralization​​ of 10 PKK terrorists, including 2 commanders, by the Turkish Air Force. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This could just be the Turkish report on the incident reported above under Erbil/Dahuk


Monday, Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan said that those who do not believe in a military solution in Syria should pull their troops out, after Russia and the United States said no military solution was possible in Syria. “I am having trouble understanding these comments. If a military solution is out of the question, then those who say this should pull their troops out,” Erdogan told reporters before flying to Russia. [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]

Hawar reports that Turkish President Recep Erdogan arrived in Russia to meet his counterpart Vladimir Putin. Their meeting will focus on Turkey’s initiatives in Afrin.​​ [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Hawar, which is pro-PYD and​​ anti-Erdogan,​​ is hardly the reliable news source on the agenda for a meeting between Erdogan and Putin.





Russian Deputy​​ Chairman​​ of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Russian Senate,​​ Ziad Sabisby,​​ says that Russia will adhere to a neutral stance in the fighting between the Syrian Army and the SDF, indicating that Russia insists on the permanent participation of the Kurds in the conferences and meetings concerning the Syrian crisis.​​ 

During a joint press conference between the YPG and Russian military leadership on Monday, the YPG General Command handed over a number of​​ Kazakh, Dagestan, Chechen and​​ Russian​​ Daesh​​ families​​ who​​ are Russian citizens​​ to the Russian Federation, including 13 women and 29 children. [ROJ]​​ [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This Russian statement on the SDF looks like good news, but it’s confusing, as it contradicts several statements to the contrary that were reported in Daesh Daily. ​​ Russia’s intentions matter in this context, as the SDF and its territorial holdings could come under a lot of pressure from the Assad regime after Daesh is fully defeated in Syria.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that the fight against terrorism in Syria on the battlefield has ended, stressing that it is time to create conditions for a political process in Syria. [SyriaHR]


Monday, Russian Presidential​​ aide Yuri Ushakov said no new date has been set yet for holding the Syrian National Dialogue conference​​ in Sochi.​​ [Dorar]


Turkish Foreign Minister Mawlood Jawish Oglu said on Monday that Turkey does not in principle oppose holding a conference to resolve the Syrian crisis, but does not agree to the invitation of terrorist groups to the conference. [Anadolu]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Daesh says it killed five SDF members with an IED at an intersection south of Markada. [A3maq]​​ 

Here Daesh says it killed four SDF members with an IED in Markada city on Sunday. [A3maq]


West Raqqa​​ (Tabaqa, etc.)

The SDF announced that they released 19 Daesh members from their headquarters in Al-Mahmoudli village west of Raqqa. The SDF said in a statement that this move came after an initiative by the Tabaqa Civil Council and tribal elders and the completion of an investigation that confirmed that these Daesh members had not “stained their hands with blood.” [ZamanAlWasl]




Monday, Russian warplanes carried out three airstrikes on the Al-Atarib market, in western Aleppo, killing and wounding 30 civilians, according to a field source. [Dorar]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says a Tahrir Al-Sham leader was killed and his house was set on fire by a group of armed men in Idlib province on Saturday. The source says the leader had executed several Daesh members.​​ 


Hawar reports the Turkish Army shelled the hills of​​ Aska​​ village in Shirawa District in Afrin and the YPG responded to the source of the shelling. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


Syria Now reports the Syrian Army recovered the villages of Al-Hasnawi and Abu​​ Al-Ghar in northeastern Hama from Tahrir Al-Sham. [SyriaNow]


A member of the Tahrir Al-Sham council, Abdu Al-Rahim Atwa, admitted, in a video, to Tahrir Al-Sham’s military loss to the Syrian Army in the recent battles in rural northern Hama. [SyriaNow]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Syrian Army offensive

Monday, a large number of Syrian forces, including officers, were killed and wounded in a Daesh suicide attack on a group of Syrian​​ soldiers​​ at the entrance of the Deir Ez-Zor military airport. [Dorar]

SOHR reports there was an explosion near the Deir Ez-Zor military airport but there is no word yet as to the cause of the explosion and whether it was a Daesh attack on the Syrian forces or something else. [SyriaHR]


Hawar reports that Syrian forces stormed Hawija Qata in eastern rural Deir Ez-Zor. [Hawar]


Monday, the Syrian government forces refused to negotiate with Daesh assailants to evacuate civilians and Daesh fighters from Hawija Qata in return for Daesh handing over the bodies of three Russian fighters. [UAE71]


SDF offensive

Hawar reports the SDF captured Al-Sahil Al-Gharbi village in southeastern Deir Ez-Zor, killing 11 Daesh terrorists, destroying a Daesh vehicle, and seizing weapons and ammunition. [Hawar]


Sunday, the SDF announced its full control of Al-Basira city, after clashes with Daesh in the east of Deir Ez-Zor, backed by Coalition aircraft. And so, the SDF have captured the entire Khabur​​ Basin. [ZamanAlWasl]



Daesh said on Sunday that 6 of its suicide terrorists attacked SDF units in the Al-Omar Oilfield. It said 2 of the terrorists blew themselves up. It said many SDF fighters were killed or wounded in the attack. It also said it targeted SDF positions east of Basira village with 2 Katyushas. [ICDNNov12]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Again, what happened to the other 4?​​ 


SOHR reports that the SDF is making progress​​ against Daesh​​ in Al-Shuhail town, next to the Al-Omar oilfield, and the nearby Al-Zar village against Daesh. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army tank with a rocket south of Mayadin. [A3maq]

Monday, the SDF media center reported that the SDF captured the Al-Tanak oil field, close to Al-Omar, after violent battles with Daesh, resulting in the killing of 19 Daesh members. [Dorar]

“Local sources” are quoted as saying that the​​ (PYD)​​ terrorist organization took over the Al-Tanak oilfield, the second largest oilfield in Deir Ez-Zor, after Daesh withdrew from it. [Anadolu]


Albu Kamal

Confusion reigns over what happened in Albu Kamal city, previously reported captured by Syrian forces. This turned out not to be true. There are several conflicting stories of what happened, but as of tonight, Syria is not close to capturing the city.


According to a​​ Daesh Daily​​ source, the Iraqi Nujaba’ militia entered Syria from the border crossing at Hsaiba. At Albu Kamal, they were joined by Lebanese Hezbollah troops and Syrian militiamen coming from the west. Syrian forces from Sukkariya were to be airdropped in, but no Syrian troops were actually there. By simply hiding, the Daesh units lulled the militiamen into thinking that there was no one defending the city, so the militiamen rushed into the city. As they advanced, Daesh first let them in, then ambushed them. The Syrian Army was not in the city, leaving the militias to go it alone against the Daesh fighters. This is how 32 militiamen died, many of them Iraqis. Airstrikes​​ intended to hit Daesh, mostly likely by the Russians, who have been bombing heavily in Albu Kamal, reportedly hit the PMFs by mistake


Daesh militants regained control of Albu Kamal, their last stronghold in Syria, after Iranian-backed militias who claimed to have captured the city a few days earlier were ambushed and forced to retreat, tribal leaders, residents and a war monitor said on Monday.​​ Daesh fighters were hiding in tunnels in the heart of Albu Kamal, allowing the Syrian forces to think that Daesh had left.​​ [Reuters]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We have reported this from one of our sources and from SOHR on Thursday. We think it is important to mention here that the Iranian “advisors” who lead these militias have one “advantage”: They​​ have a reputation for not​​ ​​ caring​​ about their casualties. During the Iraqi-Iranian war, where most of these generals participated, Iranian commanders send thousands of soldiers to be killed within hours just to get some minor tactical gain. It is sad that young men, from Iraq and elsewhere,​​ are​​ under the​​ command of these “advisors.”​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Saturday that Daesh beheaded two Iraqi militiamen it had captured earlier in Albu Kamal city. The source also said that Daesh executed several civilians after accusing them of collaborating with the attacking forces.​​ 


The Syrian​​ Army conceded its​​ failure to achieve “permanent victory” in Albu Kamal city,​​ and began​​ operations to seize Albu Kamal again from a new axis. [SyriaHR]

A Syrian Army commander denied, however, that Daesh returned and took control of Albu Kamal, saying “there is no truth to the news that some of the media have reported of the return of armed​​ men… The Syrian Army and its allied forces are still pursuing Daesh fighters in the vicinity of the city.” [SyriaNow]


According to confirmed information, Zaman Al-Wasl reported on Monday​​ that​​ “the Syrian forces have never entered Albu Kamal. In fact, the Iraqi forces had slightly broken into the city from the Iraqi side, after carrying out a surprise attack on Daesh, which was preparing to fight the Syrian forces from the other side. As a result, the Iraqi forces had captured a limited area in the southeast of Albu Kamal, but they soon retreated under Daesh counter-attacks. ​​ [ZamanAlWasl]


However,​​ the Commander of the Russian armed forces deployed to Syria, Sergey Sorokin, said that Daesh’s announcement of recapturing Albu Kamal is “baseless propaganda,” adding that “the entire city has been under the Syrian forces’ control since Friday.” [EnabBaladi]


According to a Syrian press report, the Syrian forces are 35km (21 miles) west of Albu Kamal on the outskirts of the last oil field controlled by Daesh in Syria. [SyriaHR]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The apparent reason for the confusion is that the Syrian government lied. It said it had captured Albu Kamal. As the war was collapsing on Daesh at the time, it seemed quite plausible, but it was a false story. ​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily source​​ said on Sunday that unidentified warplanes bombed 4 civilian houses used by Daesh members in Sukkariya village near Albu Kamal, killing 8 terrorists and several “Ashbal Al-Khilafa (caliphate cubs) boys.​​ 

Daesh says its snipers killed eight Syrian soldiers in the Hizam area, south of Albu Kamal on Sunday. [A3maq]

Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army bulldozer with a rocket near the Albu Kamal Silos, south of the city. [A3maq]

Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army bulldozer and a machine gun mounted vehicle with rockets in the Albu Hamdan area, northwest of Albu Kamal, on Sunday. [A3maq]

Daesh said on​​ Sunday it stopped a Syrian Army attack near the area, killing or wounding several soldiers and destroying several vehicles. It also says its snipers killed three more soldiers. [ICDNNov12]​​ 


Damascus/Rif Damashq​​ 

Sunday evening, the UN World Health Organization sent an urgent request to the Syrian government and the military groups operating in Eastern Ghouta in Rif Damashq to facilitate immediate medical evacuations, and allow safe passage of medical supplies. “The situation is heartbreaking. We have now reached a critical point, where the lives of hundreds of people, including many children, are at stake. If they do not immediately get the medical care they urgently need, they will most likely die,” said Elizabeth Hoff, the head of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) operation in Syria. [Dorar]


In a report published on Monday, Amnesty International says the Syrian government has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes by subjecting the civilians in the Syrian​​ opposition-controlled areas to unlawful sieges, using “surrender or starve” tactics, which have forced them to live in dire conditions and caused widespread displacements. [Dorar]



Monday, the military council in Alma town, located in rural eastern Daraa, said it dismantled a fake IED, planted by the Syrian government’s agents in front of Alma’s preparatory school, containing a threatening message to the Syrian anti-government opposition sent by the Iranian 313 Brigade, recently formed in rural northern Daraa.​​ [Dorar]





Monday, Jordan, in coordination with the UAE and Germany, hosted a meeting​​ of​​ the Stability Support Group affiliated with the Coalition. During the meeting, Adviser to the Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs, Nawaf​​ Al-Tal emphasized that Jordan will continue to support Iraq in the fight against terrorism. [Youm7]


Monday, the Jordanian National Security Court charged 4 Daesh proponents with promoting the criminal ideology of Daesh and attempting to join​​ a​​ terrorist organization. [Petra]


Monday, the Lebanese General Bureau for Internal Security Forces announced that a Palestinian man was arrested in northern Lebanon near the Syrian border. The statement added that the man confessed to membership​​ in​​ Daesh, and that he left Ayn Al-Hilwa Camp​​ for​​ Syria with 8 others. [Youm7]


North Africa


Jund Al-Islam, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, issued an audio statement on Sunday saying it attacked a Daesh group in Sinai on October 11. It says it aimed at capturing the Daesh members but ended up killing them. It says 2 of its members own members were also killed. The group accused Daesh of repeatedly attacking “Muslims” in Sinai and threatened to eradicate Daesh if it doesn’t stop. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Several media reports mentioned that since the “caliphate” is crumbling, some Daesh members in Sinai have joined Jund Al-Islam. In general, Daesh terrorists might not find anyone other than Al-Qaeda to host them.​​ 






Daesh says it killed four soldiers and damaged an Afghani Army minesweeper with an IED in Kot district in Nangarhar on Sunday. [A3maq]

Daesh says it assassinated an Afghani Intelligence member in Surkh Rod district in Nangarhar on Sunday. [DENNov13]​​ 




Videos of the Day


PMF fighters rescue one of their colleagues under fire. [Facebook]​​ 

Iraqi forces found Daesh tunnels in Al-Qa’im. [Facebook]​​ 

Note to readers: Due to the Veterans Day holiday, Daesh Daily will take a day off on Friday.


November 9, 2017


Arba’in Ceremony







Startling report outlines how Daesh recruits children. [..]

Rawa manager says Daesh has no more than 20 men left in Rawa. [..]

3,226 Yazidis are still held by Daesh. [..]



Turkey security personnel conduct major anti-Daesh sweep in Ankara. [..]



The SDF captures Markada. [..]

Syrian Army struggling to dislodge Tahrir Al-Sham from NE Hama. [..]

SOHR says Albu Kamal not yet entirely in Syrian control. [..]





Prime Minister

Thursday, Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi confirmed that Daesh’s “military end” is coming soon. He also said the political challenge​​ now is to​​ intensify the intelligence effort and the citizens’ cooperation with security​​ agencies. Al-Abadi’s press office stated that​​ he​​ met with the national intelligence coordination cell and discussed​​ intelligence​​ operations and plans​​ for​​ the post-Daesh phase. [Sumaria]​​ [ROJ]


Al-Abadi extended his condolences to the Iraqi people in commemoration of the Arba’in of Imam Hussein and stressed that all government parties exert maximum effort to ensure the safe return of​​ foreign​​ visitors. Al-Abadi​​ also​​ pledged to defeat corruption just as Daesh was defeated. [Sumaria]


Thursday, Vice President Osama Al-Nujaifi said he will support a new term for PM Haider Al-Abadi if he meets certain conditions, including​​ making​​ the PMF militias follow state authority and bringing balance to foreign relations. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ To have a major Sunni politician suggest he will endorse a Shia Prime Minister for re-election is a significant development. To his credit, Al-Abadi is already working hard to meet both of these conditions, but he will have to keep working at both because they require delicate balancing acts.​​ 


Iraq-KRG issues

Thursday, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and Acting Minister of Industry, Mohammed Shayaa Al-Sudani explained that the federal government decided to reduce the Kurdistan Region’s share​​ of the budget​​ from 17% to 12.6% due to the KRG’s manipulation of the numbers of employees and security units. [Sumaria]

CoR Finance Committee member Ahmad Haji Rashid, a Kurd,​​ said on Thursday that 200,000 people are receiving pensions illegally in the Kurdistan Region. He emphasized that the Kurdistan Region’s problem is not with bankruptcy but with financial management. Rashid went on to note that in the past 10 years the Kurdistan Region has received 100 trillion dinars and if that money had been spent on developing infrastructure, the Kurdistan Region would not be facing its current problems.​​ [Buratha]


KRG Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani spoke to the leader of the Sadrist Movement,​​ Muqtada Al-Sadr on Thursday,​​ asking Al-Sadr to mediate a dialogue between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government. Commenting on the request, Al-Sadr stressed that the referendum was not constitutional​​ and​​ its results must be canceled. On the subject of the federal budget Al-Sadr said “the state is going through a difficult economic period and Iraqi people in the south and center are no different than the situation in the [Kurdistan] Region.” [Sumaria]


Former KRG President Masoud Barzani alleges that the process of control of the Iraqi forces over Kirkuk was led by Iranian, US, and British collusion, saying that the US and the international community can prevent any clashes, meaning that if fighting broke out, it only happened because the international community gave them the green light. Barzani renewed his defense of the Kurdistan independence referendum, saying “I think the referendum has ensured the future of the Kurdish people,” explaining that the timing of the referendum was good considering that he believes the Iraqi forces were planning to take over disputed areas before the referendum even took place and are “using the referendum as a pretext to cover their plan of conspiracy against the Kurdish people.” [ZamanAlWasl]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The leader of the dynasty has his story and he is sticking to it. Unfortunately for Barzani, others including many Kurds will say that the crisis developed and continued because of his own decisions, and that this latest effort to take advantage of a weak central government backfired​​ as a result.​​ 


External developments

Thursday,​​ Lebanon’s​​ Al-Akhbar​​ newspaper published the content of the “plea letter” which former KRG President Barzani sent to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander, Qassem Soleimani. Al-Akhbar reports that Masoud Barzani sent a condolence letter to Soleimani for the loss of his father, which was announced by the Iranian Consulate in Erbil, and the media missed the second part of the letter, which contained expressions of regret and complaints. The letter reportedly pleads​​ with​​ Soleimani to urge Baghdad to engage in a dialogue with Erbil and to stop the escalation and military confrontations. The letter also reportedly contained an apology and the expression of willingness to start a “new page” in cooperation with Iran. [Sumaria]


The Coalition held a meeting,​​ headed by US Defense Secretary James Mattis, in Brussels on Thursday, with participation from Iraq and Gulf states. [Sumaria]​​ In the meeting, Mattis said that the Kurdistan referendum caused tension, and the US is working to resolve disputes between Baghdad and Erbil in accordance with the constitution. He also described the Peshmerga and Iraqi efforts to eliminate Daesh as “important,” noting that 95% of​​ Daesh-held​​ land has been recovered​​ from​​ its​​ control. [Rudaw]


In a session about the Middle East, US Senator John McCain said that Iran aims to create more disputes and tensions between Baghdad and Erbil through Soleimani. McCain also said Iran wants to use the upcoming elections in Iraq to expand its influence in Iraq and weaken the US position there. [BasNews]


Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed a letter to KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, reiterating France’s support of the KRG’s role in the war against Daesh. [Rudaw]



A report from the Department of Conflict and Terrorism Studies revealed that Daesh goes through 6 stages in its process of raising children to compensate for the shortage in its ranks. The first stage is seduction, which includes presenting​​ them​​ extremist ideas and practices through indirect meetings with Daesh members and public events. The 2nd​​ stage is education, in which children are taught intensively and meet with Daesh leaders face to face. 3rd​​ is a “stimulating” phase in which Daesh discovers the child’s abilities and strengths. In the 4th​​ stage Daesh programs the child’s mentality through brutal physical and psychological training,​​ which involves isolating the child from his family, forcing him to wear a uniform, and deepening​​ his commitment to Daesh through the sense of sacrifice and Daesh values. In the 5th​​ phase the child goes through specialized training. The 6th​​ stage is recruitment,​​ in which the child is recruited into Daesh’s ranks and appointed a role according to his abilities. Sometimes that role is to attract other children to Daesh. [Forat]



Security-related incidents reported

West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Thursday, a security source reported that 3 civilians were wounded in an IED explosion near the Khirnabat shopping area in west Baghdad. [Baghdadia]​​ 


Thursday, the Baghdad Operations Command announced that security units carried out a search operation in the Zaidan area in​​ Abu Ghraib, in which they discovered a Daesh hideout containing 2 suicide belts, 4 IEDs, 22 mortar shells, and 4 stun grenades. [Baghdadia]




Thursday, Baghdadi leader Shurahbil Al-Abidi announced that several Daesh IEDs exploded in Baghdadi’s villages due to rain and humidity.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Anah​​ (including Rawa)

The​​ Rawa​​ district manager,​​ Hussein Al-Aqidi,​​ said​​ that the number of Daesh members remaining in Rawa does not exceed 20. [BaghdadToday]



Thursday, the PMF’s 13th​​ brigade located a large Daesh vehicle rigging workshop in Al-Qa’im District, according to a PMF statement.​​ [Baghdadia]


Thursday, Commander of the 7th​​ division of the Iraqi Army, Numan Abdulzoba’i announced that a 7th​​ division unit killed 4 suicide terrorists wearing explosive belts who tried to infiltrate into Iraq from Syria.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 

SALAHUDDIN​​ (No reports)



Thursday, the Chairman of the Diyala Provincial Council, Ali Al-Dayni, reported that thousands of​​ Sahwa fighters​​ have not received their salaries for the past 3 months, for unknown reasons. [Sumaria]


Chairman​​ of the Diyala​​ PC’s​​ Security Committee, Sadeq Al-Husseini, announced on Thursday that security units foiled 4​​ intended​​ terrorist​​ attacks​​ targeting the Arba’in processions.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


The Diyala Police announced on Thursday that it arrested 5 suspects on terrorist charges and 3 on criminal charges in various areas in the province. [Sumaria]​​ 


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida/Central Diyala

The​​ Chairman​​ of the Muqdadiya District​​ Council,​​ Adnan Al-Tamimi,​​ said on Thursday that 60 families have informed officials that they intend to migrate from their homes if the Daesh cell activity in Nahr Al-Imam village in Muqdadiya Province continues, including both​​ IEDs and mortar shells being fired from an unknown direction.​​ “The residents are demanding that security forces intervene and secure the village once and for all” Said Al-Tamimi, calling on security forces to “speed up their plans to end any activity threatening the lives of innocent people in the village.” ​​ [Ghad]


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

Thursday, a security source says the PMF foiled a Daesh attack on security points in Albu Eissa village in northern Diyala​​ by the Salahuddin border. [BaghdadToday]


An anonymous source in Diyala reported on Thursday that 2 civilians on an agricultural tractor were wounded in an IED explosion in the Albu Eissa vicinity. [Sumaria]​​ 



A security source said a terrorist armed group attacked a joint patrol with an RPG-type missile, causing no injuries,​​ in northern Kirkuk Province.​​ [Sumaria]


Political sources say a Turkmen delegation met with Turkish President Recep Erdogan and asked Turkey to help form an “armed force”​​ of Turkmen​​ in Kirkuk Province and Tal Afar District in western Ninewa.​​ [Sumaria]



Thursday evening, a security source reported that unknown assailants attacked an Iraqi forces’ post in the Shorja area in Kirkuk’s center. The source reported that the clashes led to the destruction of the security units​​ Hummer. [Baghdadia]​​ [Rudaw]

However, CTS spokesman Sabah Al-Noman denied there were clashes with assailants in the Shorja area in Kirkuk, noting that the area is under control. [Sumaria]​​ 


Thursday, a security source reported that unknown​​ assailants attacked a CTS and Emergency Police joint patrol unit with a RPG rocket in the Ronaki neighborhood in Kirkuk. The rocket missed the​​ Hummer and hit a nearby building. [Sumaria]​​ 


Thursday, PUK representative Rebwar Taha asked the government to give the Kurdish residents in Kirkuk “extra reassurance,” and he noted that some of the Kurds who left Kirkuk on October 16th​​ have not returned yet. Taha explained that after the security units liberated Hawija, Riyadh, and areas adjacent to Kirkuk, there have been more complaints about Daesh sleeper cells in those​​ areas, in addition to complaints about the families of Daesh members who provided support to Daesh in carrying out terrorist operations and provided them with shelter. [Sumaria]


Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

Thursday, Hawija PMF leader, Hassan Al-Sufi revealed that a joint force arrested 2 suicide terrorists in possession of suicide belts,​​ in a Daesh guesthouse in southwest Kirkuk. The arrests were part of a search of a Daesh hideout in the Makhoul Mountains near Riyadh. The first one arrested was from Tal Afar and the second from Al-Abbasi​​ in Hawija. [Sumaria]​​ 



West​​ Mosul

Thursday, a security source in west Mosul reported that a mother and a child were wounded in an IED explosion in the​​ Al-Tanak neighborhood in west Mosul. There are still some neighborhoods​​ with​​ Daesh IEDs that have yet to be defused by Iraqi security units. [Baghdadia]


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

Thursday, an official source said people in Aski Mosul have forced 15 families to leave the city for having supported Daesh. People attacked these families’ homes with light arms and grenades for 3 days before the families were able to get out of the region. ​​ [Shafaaq]


Thursday, a security source in western Ninewa announced that the IFP arrested a Daesh​​ judge​​ and a leader in a mosque​​ diwan​​ who incited fighting against the Iraqi forces. The arrests happened​​ in cooperation with local residents, who drove out the Daesh families who took advantage of the security shifts in disputed areas to return to their homes in Aski Mosul.​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 


Thursday, a security source says Daesh equipment and weapons were found buried in a house in Tal Afar District. Security units launched an extensive search campaign in the same area, looking for other weapons​​ that might​​ have been buried by Daesh before they fled the District. [SNG]



Thursday, head of the Yazidi Affairs​​ office​​ at the KRG’s Awqaf and Religious Affairs Ministry, Khairi Buzani, reported that so far 3,191 Yazidis abducted by Daesh, including 1,128 women,​​ have returned. 3,226 Yazidis are still​​ held​​ by Daesh, of whom​​ 1,520 are female.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


Thursday, the head of the KRG Parliament published a statement announcing the official approval of the distribution of the powers of the KRG presidency among the legislative, executive, and judicial KRG institutions.​​ [IraqPress]​​ [SotIraq]



In a meeting with the Australian Deputy Ambassador in Erbil, KRG regional security chief, Masrour Barzani, reiterated the KRG’s readiness to engage in a comprehensive dialogue on solving the issues between Erbil and Baghdad in accordance with the constitution. Barzani said “Kurdistan has always preferred to solve problems peacefully, and the referendum was one of the peaceful and democratic means the Kurdish people used to re-order the relationship between Kurdistan and Iraq.” [BasNews]


Thursday, First Deputy for the Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Kosrat Rasul, met with a delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which included Karsten Karlsson, Advisor and First Secretary in the Norwegian Embassy in Amman, and a number of MENA advisors

According to a statement by Rasul’s office, the meeting concluded with 6 agreed points, with the first point reiterating that the referendum was a Kurdish right of expression, and the results do not have to be executed right away, especially​​ given​​ that the results have been frozen. The other points concerned the disputes with Iraq and emphasized the importance of holding a dialogue with Baghdad in accordance with the constitution in order to secure Kurdistan and disputed areas. The last point emphasized the​​ need to​​ focus on the fight against Daesh. [Rudaw]



The manager of the Garmian area in southern Suleimaniya denied reports that there was a Daesh attack in the Nogul area, clarifying that there was a security operation carried out by the Asayesh against Daesh in response to intelligence information but that was in Tuz Khurmatu in Salahuddin. [Shafaaq]​​ [SotIraq]




Thursday, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported that Turkish security teams consisting of 1,500 personnel stopped 101 out of 245 suspected Daesh members in a​​ major​​ search operation in various neighborhoods of Ankara. The security teams found various electronics and documents with Daesh symbols. [Sumaria]​​ 

According to security sources, Anadolu reported the Turkish Security forces raided 250 homes, arresting 101 Daesh suspects, whose nationalities weren’t revealed, and confiscating Daesh-related digital devices and other material in a massive anti-terror operation in Ankara on Thursday. [Dorar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Turkey has made a big deal of its efforts to fight Daesh, portraying itself as the major opponent of terrorism in the region. However, these claims are in part a response to all the critics who complained about their prior cooperation with Daesh recruits and operatives moving in and out of Turkey. Today’s arrests and other recent law enforcement success stories seem to show that Daesh infiltration of Turkey was much greater than the Turks have been willing to admit and is still a big problem.





Turkish​​ Minister of National Defense Nurettin Canikli​​ said on Thursday that Turkey’s goal in Syria’s Idlib Province is to bring peace and stability and that Ankara will use all means possible before resorting to a military option to achieve this goal. [Anadolu]


Canikli noted that he gave his counterparts in the NATO meeting sufficient evidence showing the connection between the PYD and the PKK. Canikli told US Defense Secretary James Mattis that “the active PYD units in northern Syria are a front​​ for​​ the terrorist PKK organization, and they both drink from the same terrorist well.” [Rudaw]


In an interview, Buthaina Shaaban, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s adviser, said “the Nasib border crossing with Jordan should exclusively be supervised by the Syrian government and the Syrian​​ Army, and the government will not accept any kind of partnership in supervising it. ”In return, the Jaish Al-Thawra opposition group said, on Wednesday, that “only the one who controls the Nasib border crossing can impose his conditions.” ​​ [Dorar]


Wednesday, Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, apologized after a tweet from her account praising Syria for signing the Paris Agreement on climate change, saying that the now-deleted tweet was “clearly a mistake” and “not acceptable at all,” according to Al-Arabiya News. [Dorar]


“We have won in Raqqa, and the coming weeks and months, I am quite sure, will allow us to achieve complete military victory in the Iraq-Syria theatre. But that won’t be the end of this struggle. Long-term stabilization and combating terrorist groups will be indispensable complements to the inclusive and pluralist political solution we want to see emerge in the region,” French President Emmanuel Macron told French naval personnel deployed in Abu Dhabi for the war against Daesh on Thursday, according to France 24.” [Dorar]


In its special monthly report released on November 9th, SOHR reported that Syrian warplanes carried out no less than 534 barrel bomb attacks in October, leading to the deaths of 6 civilians, including 3 children, in Deir Ez-Zor. [EnabBaladi]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Thursday, Hawar News reported the SDF captured Markada city, Daesh’s last stronghold in Hasaka, and 24 villages, four days after violent clashes with Daesh, killing many Daesh members, and seizing their weapons. [Hawar] [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]



Raqqa city​​ area

Wednesday, SOHR reported a young man was killed in a land​​ mine explosion in Raqqa. [SyriaHR]


Thursday, Hawar News reported the SDF found a Daesh two-story prison near Al-Baida’a Park in Raqqa, in which civilians were tortured. [Hawar]




Turkey ordered the members of the Turkestan Islamic Party to transfer their families from their positions in Idlib, especially in rural Jisr Al-Shughur, to the Euphrates Shield militia-controlled areas in rural northern Aleppo, in an attempt by Turkey to contain the expected angry reactions of the locals due to the ongoing attacks on private property and​​ public infrastructure in the province, opposition sources said on Thursday. [SyriaNow]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


SOHR reports that clashes continue between the Syrian forces and Tahrir Al-Sham in the northeastern rural Al-Hamawi​​ area. [SyriaHR]


Wednesday, SOHR reported at least 8 members of the Syrian forces, including a colonel, and 13 members of Tahrir Al-Sham were killed during the ongoing fighting in rural northeastern Hama. [SyriaHR]


According to an informed military source in Daraa, the Syrian forces have withdrawn 300 members of the National Defense militia, fighting with them, from Daraa province to support them in the ongoing battles in eastern Hama, days after the Syrian forces failed to advance in eastern Hama. [EnabBaladi]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

SOHR alleges that more than 800 civilians were killed, 2,200 were injured, and tens of thousands were displaced in the last 2 months of military operations in Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]

Deir Ez-Zor

Syrian Army offensive

SOHR reports that the humanitarian situation in Hawijat​​ Al-Qata​​ in eastern Deir Ez-Zor District​​ is deteriorating daily as the area is besieged and Daesh will not let civilians leave, detaining 150 civilians to use as human shields as Daesh attempts to withdraw from the area. The Russians are refusing to let Daesh withdraw​​ until it​​ releases 2 Russian prisoners that Daesh captured in Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]


SDF offensive

SOHR reports clashes continue between the SDF and Daesh in Basira town, one of the remaining important Daesh centers in Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]


Hawar reports the SDF captured Ali Shahi village from Daesh and foiled a Daesh attack on Tawamiya​​ village, killing 18 Daesh terrorists. [Hawar]


Wednesday, SOHR reported 6 people were killed in unidentified airstrikes by warplanes on different locations in Hariza village in rural eastern Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]



Wednesday, SOHR reported a man and his son were killed in airstrikes by warplanes on locations near Al-Quriya, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it killed four Syrian soldiers in clashes south of Mayadin. [A3maq]​​ 


Albu Kamal

Thursday, the Syrian government has announced its full control of Albu Kamal city, Daesh’s last stronghold in rural southeastern Deir Ez-Zor, after Daesh withdrew from it. “The Syrian forces have stormed Albu Kamal city, and engaged in violent clashes with Daesh in the city,” according to an​​ Army statement released by​​ the​​ state-run Syrian news agency SANA. [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]


The General Command of the Syrian Army said that the Albu Kamal liberation is a “strategic achievement and a declaration of the fall of the terrorist Daesh agenda in the region and the collapse of its patrons’ fantasies.” [SyriaNow]


Another report says that Syrian forces’ units have begun search operations in Albu Kamal to find and eliminate Daesh-planted mines and explosive devises. [SyriaHR]


SOHR reports, however,​​ that clashes continue between the Syrian forces and the Iraqi PMF on one hand and Daesh on the other in Albu Kamal city. [SyriaHR]

In an earlier report,​​ SOHR reported​​ heavy fighting between the Syrian forces and Daesh in Albu Kamal city. SOHR reported​​ that the Syrian forces had​​ managed to capture half of Albu Kamal city. [SyriaHR]

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh managed to recapture parts of Albu Kamal after launching a massive counterattack forcing Al-Nujaba’ militia to escape.​​ 


SOHR reported that the PMF, Hezbollah, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have entered Albu Kamal city and now control 50% of it. Al-Arabiya Saudi channel reported a SOHR source as saying “Daesh fighters were given a pathway to pass into Daesh-controlled areas in the Syrian desert and Deir Ez-Zor.” The source said that “if it were not for US approval, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would not have been able to reach Albu Kamal.” [Sumaria]


According the Furat Post journalist, Suhaib Jaber, the Syrian forces, backed by the Iraqi PMF, captured the Al-Hamadan and Al-Hari rural subdistricts in Albu Kamal from Daesh, hours after​​ continuous shelling of the city, forcing Daesh to withdraw. He also pointed out that Al-Hari subdistrict has come under the PMF’s control. [ZamanAlWasl]


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army ammunition truck with a rocket south of Albu Kamal. [A3maq] ​​ 

Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army BMP armored vehicle and 2 SUVs with rockets near Albu Kamal. [A3maq]

Daesh says it stopped a Syrian Army attack on Albu Kamal. [ICDNNov9]

Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on government forces near Al-Hari village, east of Albu Kamal. [A3maq]​​ 



Damascus/Rif Damashq​​ 

SOHR reported 3 civilians were killed, on Wednesday, in airstrikes by warplanes on different locations in Douma in Arbin in Eastern Ghouta in Rif Damashq. Meanwhile, 3 others were killed by the artillery shells landing on locations in central Damascus. [SyriaHR]





Daesh publishes the 105th​​ issue of its Naba’ magazine. In this issue, Daesh republishes reports about its attacks in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries. In this issue also, Daesh provides instructions to its “mujahedeen”​​ all over the world. [ICDNNov9]

November 8, 2017


Iraqi Forces in West Anbar







War of words continues in Baghdad​​ &​​ Erbil. [..]

Battle for Rawa looms as Iraqi troops surround city with civilians at risk. [..]

Shammar tribe forcing Daesh families in northern Tal Afar to leave. [..]



Syrian opposition leader calls Russia’s​​ proposed​​ Sochi conference a deliberate diversion​​ from Geneva conference. [..]

Syria, Iran spokesmen make threatening statements toward SDF. [..]

Russia again slams UN report on chemical weapons use in Khan Sheikhoun. [..]

Foreign Policy​​ magazine​​ publishes expose on black market sales of US weapons. [..]​​ 

Syrian Army captures Albu Kamal​​ with Iraqi help. [..]





Iraq-KRG issues

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said that he has ordered armed forces to fight Daesh even within Syrian territory. ​​ Abadi also said that there are joint efforts with Iraq’s neighboring countries to protect the borders from any threat Daesh may pose, according to Al-Arabia News. [Dorar]​​ [See stories below under Albu Kamal, Syria]


Wednesday, the Iraqi Central Bank ordered that the currency exchange institutions of Iraq stop the operations of their branches in Kurdistan and warned of penalties against those who do not abide by the decision within a week and until further notice. [Rudaw]


In the context of Kurdish CoR representatives who participated in the Kurdistan referendum and Kurdistan’s unwillingness to throw out the results of the referendum, CoR sources say that according to Article 156 of the constitution, the penalty for CoR representatives for non-compliance with court decisions could extend to the death penalty and Kurdish CoR representatives will be punished within the confines of this article.​​ 

Head of the CoR Committee on the Kurdistan Referendum,​​ Kamal Al-Zaidi,​​ cites more than 15 Kurdish​​ CoR members​​ who violated the constitution according to 2 different articles, recommending that these​​ MPs​​ have their membership suspended and that they be turned over to the justice system. The Committee prepared its report on the separatist deputies but a quorum problem forced the vote on the report to be postponed, according to Al-Zaidi. [IraqPress]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Kurdish officials who undermine Iraq are a problem, but elected officials who propose severe criminal punishments for political offenses, thus inflaming the situation further in order to score political points, are a much bigger problem.


KRG regional security chief, Masrour Barzani, reiterated on Wednesday that the military option against Kurdistan will not bring any results and will only complicate the situation further. [Rudaw]

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and former KRG President Masoud Barzani​​ alleged that​​ “the seizure of Kirkuk was led by the Iranians with the knowledge of American and British officials,” pointing out that “Iraqi forces had this plan even before the referendum.”​​ [IraqPress]

Tuesday, the KDP said in a statement that Iraqi forces and the Iranian-backed PMFs had plans to attack Kirkuk before the referendum even took place and that Arabization will not change the identity of the Kurdistan regions. The statement went on to say that “the attack launched by the​​ PMF and the Iraqi forces on Kirkuk and Kurdish areas outside the [Kurdistan] Region on the night of October 15​​ . . .​​ caused the displacement of thousands of Kurdish, Arab, and Turkmen families, the martyrdom of many civilians, and violations by members of the PMF in Tuz Khurmatu and other Kurdish areas.” The statement added, “The​​ attack was under the pretext of holding a referendum, but the fact is that the attack had been planned and was prepared before the referendum took place. . . .​​ The Iraqi government is clearly violating the constitution and interpreting articles in the constitution selectively according to its interests, rather than choosing dialogue.” [SotIraq]


International developments

Wednesday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, reiterated that the events​​ on Kurdistan are not an Arabic stance against the Kurds, noting that the Kurdistan Region has privileges no other state or region in the world has. He also said that what happened was a “provocation” outside the bounds of the law. [Sumaria]​​ 

In​​ a​​ joint press conference with Al-Jaafari, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, urged Iraq to hold a dialogue with the Kurdistan Region in order to solve the current disputes, and he encouraged the protection of minority rights, including those of the Kurds. Al-Thani reiterated the importance of the Qatari-Iraqi relationship and developing the relationship on a strategic level. He said Doha will play an active role in rebuilding Iraq. [BasNews]


Wednesday, Masrour Barzani and Norwegian Special Envoy to the Middle East Knut Langeland, discussed the bilateral relationship between Norway and the Kurdistan Region, recent developments in the region, and the Baghdad-Erbil crisis. The Norwegian Envoy expressed support​​ for the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil on the basis of the constitution and​​ the​​ hope that the two sides will prepare for the post-Daesh phase and rebuilding the country. [BasNews]


Wednesday, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned that withdrawing German forces from Iraq will send the wrong message, and it will increase the risk of a new civil war. Gabriel called on the German parliament to extend the military mission to train the Peshmerga in northern Iraq, and he called on the candidates for the next KRG​​ parliament​​ to not object to the extension of the German training. [Sumaria]



Tuesday, Gen. Andrew A. Croft, Deputy Commanding GeneralAir, reported that the Coalition airstrikes in Syria and Iraq went down by 70% in October, due to the defeats imposed on Daesh. The airstrikes went down from an average of 1,800-2,600 in previous months to 850 in October, which indicates the decline in the areas Daesh controls, now reduced to about 4-5% of the total area it previously occupied. [Mawazin]



Security-related incidents reported

Northeast​​ (Adhamiya, etc.)

Wednesday, security forces arrested a wanted terrorist in the Husseiniya​​ area​​ in northeast Baghdad during​​ a​​ pre-emptive operation to prevent attacks on the Arba’in processions. [Baghdadia]


South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

Wednesday,​​ four​​ people were wounded in a roadside IED explosion in the Old Jisr Diyala area in southern Baghdad, according to an IFP source. [Sumaria]​​ 


Wednesday, security units carried out search operations in​​ two areas in​​ south Baghdad, which found 1 IED, 1 locally-made rocket, 7 grenades, 16 explosive batteries, and various​​ kinds of​​ ammunition left behind by Daesh.​​ [BOC Facebook Page]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 3(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 2



Wednesday, security expert Fadel Abu Ragheef revealed​​ what he described as a​​ tribal uprising by the Anbar tribes to expel whoever has links to Daesh in addition to their families.​​ 

Abu Ragheef​​ noted that​​ the prominent Daesh leaders have​​ almost all​​ been killed by​​ airstrikes prompted by intelligence from Iraq’s​​ Suqour Intelligence Cell,​​ leaving​​ only​​ a few Daesh cells in hiding. [Mawazin]​​ 



Wednesday, security units carried out a search operation in the Ma’amir area in Zoba’a, where 14 IEDs were defused, and 32 mortar shells, 15 grenades and more ammunition from Daesh remnants were located. Additionally, a number of wanted suspects were arrested on various charges.​​ [BOC Facebook Page]​​ 


Anah​​ (including Rawa)

According to intelligence​​ reports, the Daesh units left in Rawa​​ have​​ “fully surrendered,” especially now that the armed forces completed the military and logistical preparations for Rawa’s liberation. Based on MoD data, after closing the border​​ with​​ Al-Qa’im and cutting the Daesh supply lines, Daesh is cornered, which will make the liberation battle easy. [Harbi]​​ 


The Iraqi Human Rights Commission, an independent​​ agency, said on Wednesday that Daesh is holding about 10,000 civilians as human shields in Rawa. It says​​ Daesh is tightening its grip on the detained population and preventing them from reaching the safe passages designated for their departure by the Iraqi forces. [Anadolu]​​ [Sumaria]



Baghdadi Tribal PMF Commander, Qatari Al-Abidi, announced the launch of a campaign to liberate Rummana in north Al-Qa’im on Wednesday, with participation from security forces and tribes. [Sumaria]


Wednesday, a military source in Anbar reported that a​​ bomb-rigged vehicle driven by a suicide terrorist attempted to attack the Iraqi Army at the entrance of Rummana in north Al-Qa’im. Members of the 8th​​ division destroyed the vehicle, killing the terrorist driving it.​​ [Sumaria]


Wednesday, the PMF announced that the PMF 13th​​ brigade discovered a large Daesh rigging workshop in Al-Qa’im​​ District during a search operation. The PMF statement added that the brigade is working to clear the city and to provide basic necessities to the residents. [Mawazin]​​ 


Wednesday, the EOD cleared 20 booby-trapped houses and the Al-Qa’im Power Station of Daesh explosives and mines, according to PMF media.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


SALAHUDDIN​​ (No reports)



Wednesday,​​ Diyala Police spokesman, Gen. Ghalib Al-Atiya reported that the level of terrorist violence incidents is at its lowest since 2014, with a limited presence of extremists. The Diyala Police Command​​ also​​ revealed that it​​ has​​ detected criminal offenses committed with Daesh tools, such as IEDs and mines,​​ but by other people,​​ attempting​​ to escape justice​​ (by creating the impression Daesh did it).​​ Al-Atiya said investigations revealed that many crimes originally documented as terrorist crimes were later discovered to have criminal motives. [Sumaria]​​ 


Baquba/Southeast Diyala

Wednesday, Dijla Ops Commander Mizhar Al-Azzawi announced the launch of a search operation targeting terrorists in Kanaan, 20 km (12.5​​ miles) east of Baquba. Al-Azzawi elaborated that the operation is based on precise intelligence data and aims to eliminate sleeper cells. [Sumaria]


Wednesday, a security source revealed the details of the terrorist attack on the remote Al-Jeel village, 20 km south of Buhriz in southern Baquba. The attack resulted in the death of a woman, wounding of 2 others, and the destruction of a car and a guesthouse belonging to the family targeted. The residents of the village responded to the assailants,​​ and​​ the clashes lasted for over an hour and a half, after which the terrorists fled the scene. According to a security source, it is​​ suspected that the assailants were Daesh members, but the motives remain unclear. [Sumaria] [Etejah]​​ 


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida/Central Diyala

Wednesday, Diyala Provincial Council​​ member​​ Ali Al-Dayni said that mortar shells by unknown parties are threatening to displace hundreds of families in the Nahr Al-Imam village in Muqdadiya in northeast Diyala. He called on security leaders to devise an emergency plan to protect civilian life. [Sumaria]


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi Army armored personnel carrier with an IED in Albu Eissa village, in Udhaim. [A3maq]​​ 




Wednesday, Kirkuk representative Khalid Al-Mufraji announced that a high-level security meeting was held in Kirkuk with CTS Commander Abdulghani Al-Asadi, PMF Commander Hadi Al-Amiri, and Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah, to look into reinforcing security in Kirkuk and​​ implementing​​ federal decisions forbidding​​ the presence of security entities other than the federal units in Kirkuk. The security leaders also agreed on a large-scale security operation to clear areas with a Daesh presence such as Hawija, Kirkuk, and a number of locations south and southwest of Kirkuk. [Sumaria]


Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

Hawija Local Council member Ahmad Khurshid announced on Wednesday that the Hawija​​ District is “still a ghost town void of residents” and confirmed that there are Daesh members hiding in guesthouses in desert areas. Khurshid added that although hundreds of IDPs returned to their villages following the clearance of explosives, the lack of services and the presence of explosives in some neighborhoods​​ make​​ the return of the majority of Hawija’s residents dangerous. He added that the​​ District​​ Council and Hawija schools have resumed their operations, but there are still about 200 Daesh members hiding in guesthouses. [Baghdadia] [Sumaria]



Southern Ninewa

Hammam Al-Alil

Wednesday, security units foiled a Daesh infiltration near Hammam Al-Alil. A security source reported that 3 Daesh members disguised in military uniforms were aiming to attack residents from the western side of the area. [Etejah]​​ [PressIraq]



A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh launched an attack on Kata’eb Hezbollah in Khunaifis village, northwest of Hatra town, killing or wounding several fighters. ​​ 


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Shammar Tribe members gave the families of Daesh members in Rabi’a subdistrict an ultimatum to leave the area in 24 hours. The source says 30 Daesh families left​​ for​​ displacement camps in Qayara and Hammam Al-Alil. The source sent a​​ video​​ of a group of tribal men threatening men related to Daesh. One of the tribal men says “Your women should leave​​ too;​​ otherwise we will enslave them like you enslaved Yazidi women.”​​ 



Wednesday, Kurdish energy expert Govand Sherwani said that the Kurdistan Region will be able to compensate for the loss of oilfields in Kirkuk, which are now under federal control, and discover new oilfields. Sherwani added that there are a number of gas and oil fields in Kurdistan that have not yet been tapped into. He also said there are 15 foreign companies working in Kurdistan, and their work will contribute to increasing the number of oilfields in Kurdistan. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ If we can just get back to the coordinated energy policy and away from the dueling energy policies that resulted mostly from KRG decisions, this would not be a problem. Even if Kurdistan becomes an independent country some day, it could still have a coordinated energy policy with Iraq. No one in Kurdistan should be disadvantaged because the federal government resumed control of the Kirkuk oilfields.



Wednesday,​​ a​​ Turkmen​​ leader in the KRG parliament,​​ Majid Bazargan rejected​​ the idea of​​ forming​​ a transitional government for the Kurdistan Region. He noted that the current government already has the parliament’s confidence and they can work together with regards to the ministers and​​ officials who are in default. He added that the parliament at this time will work on the projects concerning the conditions of residents and preserving the Kurdistan revenues. [Sumaria]


Wednesday, the KRG called on Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to revise the KRG salaries budget, clarifying that the federal budget did not contain an item for the Peshmerga forces. [Sumaria]




Security sources say Turkish security units arrested the Daesh terrorist Abdul Khaliq Abdul Qadir Ali and 3 other people who have links to him in the central Turkey​​ Kayseri Province.​​ The Iraqi terrorist had appeared in a video shooting and killing his own brother, who opposed Daesh.​​ [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ According to DaeshDaily sources, hundreds of Daesh Iraqi members fled to Turkey since the start of the liberation operations.​​ 





Mohammed Sabra, the chief negotiator of the Syrian Opposition Delegation for the Syrian Peace Talks in Geneva, said that the “Sochi conference is a Russian attempt to circumvent the UN-sponsored Geneva negotiations and international resolutions on political transition in Syria, which we consider a necessary and primary path to solve the conflict in Syria. He emphasized that whoever participates in the Sochi conference should be excluded from the “Riyadh 2” conference. ​​ [ZamanAlWasl]


In an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV on Tuesday, Buthaina Shaaban, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s adviser, said “everything is up to the Syrians and to dialogue between the Syrians, and there cannot be any dialogue about the division or cutting up of a part of the country, or on so-called federalism.” She added that what happened recently in the Iraqi Kurdistan region “should be a lesson” to the SDF. ​​ [EnabBaladi]


Ali Akbar Velayati, Adviser to the Supreme Leader of Iran, said on Tuesday that the Syrian forces will soon begin operations to recover the Idlib region in northwest Syria after the Syrian Army takes over Raqqa. Velayati explained that the Iranian delegation’s visit to Aleppo is confirmation of the readiness of the Iranian people to stand by Syria in the war and in the reconstruction phase. [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We notice the more than coincidental pattern of subtle threats against the SDF, which are also subtle but hostile messages​​ directed at​​ the US. These messages will continue until one of two things happens: (1) Syria actually does attack the SDF and YPG, perhaps with Russian and/or Iranian help; or (2) the US does something to​​ deal with​​ the threats.​​ The SDF is not threatening Syrian troops and has at times cooperated with the government. The way out of the emerging situation is to negotiate some kind of autonomous zone for Syrian Kurds in northern Syria that does not compromise the territorial integrity of Syria. This would be a big improvement for the Syrian government over having that area controlled by Daesh.


During a UN meeting on the extension of the investigation mission’s mandate on Tuesday,​​ Russia’s deputy U.N. envoy, Vladimir Safronkov,​​ slammed the UN chemical weapons report, which blames​​ the Syrian government for the sarin gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun which killed more than 80 civilians. [Dorar]


Wednesday, Sergei Rybakov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, said that “Russia is opposing a draft of the UN resolution to extend the mandate of an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in Syria,” Russian media reported. [ZamanAlWasl]

Wednesday, a statement by the foreign ministers of Germany, France, UK, and the US urged the International Security Council to renew the investigations into the chemical attacks in Khan Sheikhoun in Syria and to hold the perpetrators accountable. [Rudaw]


Foreign Policy​​ magazine published an expose​​ on​​ the extent of black-market sales of US weapons to opposition groups in Syria.​​ Foreign Policy​​ says weapons are bought via the encrypted messaging app Telegram;​​ there are over 5,000 Telegram users catering to weapons buyers and sellers primarily based in Idlib Province in northwest Syria.​​ Foreign Policy​​ says that while the area is host to a “diverse array of rebel groups, the Al-Qaeda affiliate​​ Tahrir Al-Sham​​ represents the strongest faction in the area that is benefiting from these black-market sales.​​ Foreign Policy​​ says that most of these weapons entered Syria​​ as part of an effort to train and equip fighters in northern Syria to fight Daesha​​ ​​ program the US​​ ended in 2015 after US-trained commanders were kidnapped and their weapons stolen by Al-Qaeda.​​ Foreign Policy​​ published photos of arms being sold in illicit markets, and according to a list of serial numbers, many of the weapons are the same as those provided by the US to opposition groups under the US “Syria Train and Equip” program.​​ [SyriaNow] [ForeignPolicy]


In a report released on its website on Wednesday, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said it has documented the deaths of 3,607 Palestinians in Syria, including 462 women, between the beginning of 2017 and November 2017, along with 1,640 Palestinian detainees in the Syrian government’s prisons, 105 of which are women. [EnabBaladi]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Raqqa city​​ area

Wednesday, the SDF found a number of Russian and homemade missiles and some weapons and ammunition, as well as tools that Daesh used to behead civilians, in a number of Daesh warehouses in Raqqa. [Hawar]




SOHR reports clashes between the SDF on one hand and Islamic factions and Turkish-backed factions on the other near the villages of Shuyoukh and Al-Amarna in northeastern rural Aleppo. [SyriaHR]


Tahrir Al-Sham’s Security Office raided a Daesh headquarters in the Al-Nairab village in rural Idlib, eliminating a Daesh assassination cell of four members, a security source in Tahrir Al-Sham said on Tuesday. ​​ [Dorar]


Anadolu reported on Wednesday that civilians were killed on October 21 by the Syrian forces’ bombardment of parts of Syria’s Idlib, Latakia and Hama provinces that fall within the de-escalation Zone. [ZamanAlWasl]


Daesh sources say a vehicle bomb exploded on a Tahrir Al-Sham security barrier near the Sarmada city entrance, near the Turkish border. [ICDNNov8]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


SOHR reports clashes between the Syrian forces and Tahrir Al-Sham northeast of Al-Hamawi. [SyriaHR]


SOHR reports​​ the Syrian forces captured Tal​​ Khazim from Tahrir Al-Sham as heavy clashes continue between them​​ in northeastern Hama.​​ [SyriaHR]


Wednesday, Syrian forces recaptured Balil village in rural eastern Hama after violent clashes with the Jaish Al-Izza opposition group, according to Syrian government media sources. [EnabBaladi]


Daesh sources say Tahrir Al-Sham suffered “massive losses” when it tried to capture 4 “alleged” Daesh members who were barricading in a house in Qala’at Madiq​​ northeast of​​ Hama​​ city. The sources say 2 of the terrorists blew themselves up while the other two were killed in the clashes. The 4 terrorists were accused of killing a goldsmith and his three sons and stealing their money and jewelry. [ICDNNov8]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ In this report we have​​ two​​ types of terrorists. The first type is the one that kills and steals in the name of a “caliphate,” while the second type is trying to show it is a “legitimate” law enforcement entity. ​​ 


Daesh sources say Daesh stopped a second Tahrir Al-Sham attack on​​ Aniq Bajra Hills, in Salamiyah District, killing or wounding several Tahrir Al-Sham fighters. [ICDNNov8]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

SOHR reports violent clashes are taking place​​ between the SDF and Daesh​​ in Towamiya village northeast of Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]


The SDF captured the Khan village, 32 km east of Deir Ez-Zor, after battles with Daesh, killing 5 Daesh members.[Hawar]



SOHR reports clashes between the SDF and Daesh near Al-Busayrah town north of Mayadin and Al-Sabkha village south of Raqqa where the SDF is making progress in Daesh-controlled sites. SOHR confirms that large military reinforcements arrived in Syria for the SDF in preparation for the battle to take control of the entire east bank of the Euphrates River. [SyriaHR]


Zaman Al-Wasl reported that Syrian and Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on Al-Quriya city (Mayadin) and Al-Kashma village, just across the river in Albu Kamal.​​ [ZamanAlWasl]


Albu Kamal

The Syrian forces, backed by the Iraqi PMF, have entirely captured Albu Kamal city, Daesh’s last stronghold in Syria, after Daesh members fled the city towards the eastern side of the Euphrates River, RT News reported on Wednesday.​​ [RT]​​ [Sumaria]​​ [Rudaw]

Daesh says it stopped a Syrian Army “attempt to advance” to Albu Kamal. [A3maq]​​ 


Wednesday, the Syrian forces entirely surrounded Albu Kamal, Daesh’s last stronghold in Syria, and started to enter the city, according the Syrian Central Military Media. This came hours after the Syrian forces announced they met the Iraqi forces on the Syrian-Iraqi border, 24 km south of Albu Kamal. [EnabBaladi]​​ [SyriaNow]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says a Nujaba Movement commander and 3 of his associates were killed in a Daesh attack near the Iraqi border.​​ 


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army BMP armored vehicle with a rocket near Al-Hari village, near the Iraqi border. [A3maq] ​​ 


SOHR reports clashes continue between the Syrian forces and Daesh in the Albu Kamal desert 15​​ km (9 miles) from Albu Kamal city. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army tank and an armored vehicle with 2 rockets near the T2 Station. [A3maq]​​ 

Daesh also says it conducted a suicide attack on government forces near the station. [A3maq]​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says heavy clashes erupted after Daesh launched an attack on government forces north of Albu Kamal.​​ 



Damascus/Rif Damashq​​ 

Wednesday morning, the media activist Osama Al-Masri reported that under the cover of rockets and artillery shelling, Syrian warplanes launched about 30 airstrikes​​ in the Damascus area​​ on Jobar​​ (in Damascus),​​ and​​ Ain Tarma, Kafr Batna, Saqba, Hamouriya and Douma​​ (eastern suburbs of Damascus)​​ while targeting Harasta city with 4​​ napalm missiles. As a result, a number of civilians, including women and children, were killed and wounded. These airstrikes were accompanied​​ by​​ violent clashes between the Syrian forces and the Al-Rahman Corps in the region. [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]




The Director of Information Technology in the international Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Wajdi Al-Quliti announced the OIC’s plans to launch a cyber​​ security center to combat cyber terrorism. [Anadolu]




The Italian Interior Ministry announced the deportation of a Moroccan citizen from Italy for “reasons related to state security.” The man was found to have fought with Daesh in Syria and Iraq and has close ties to extremist Islamic organizations in Belgium, where he lived for several years before moving to Italy. [Anadolu]




A UN report revealed that the number of followers of a Daesh affiliated militant group in Somalia increased from a few dozen last year to 200 this year. US forces bombed the militant group for the first time​​ on​​ Friday November 3rd. Security officials fear the group could​​ provide​​ a safe haven for Daesh members fleeing Syria or Iraq [Forat]




Daesh publishes photos of 2 masked terrorists, saying they were the ones who attacked the Shamshad TV station. [ICDNNov8]




Videos of the Day


CTS units arrive 2​​ km from the Syrian Border. [YouTube]​​ 


PMFs stop a Daesh attack near Al-Qa’im. [YouTube]



Nujaba Movement meets with the Syrian Army in Albu Kamal. [YouTube]​​ 

November 7,​​ 2017