An Update On ISIS Activities

November 2, 2017









KRG-Iraq conflict over troop deployments in disputed areas continues. [..]

Iraqi troops move closer to city of Al-Qa’im. [..]

Ninewa Governor in armed standoff with Ninewa PC members who fired him. [..]


Clashes near Iraqi Kurdistan Border deadly for Turkey soldiers & PKK fighters. [..]


UN, Syrian opposition skeptical about Russia’s Sochi conference. [..]

Syrian Army, Lebanese Hezbollah attack Tahrir Al-Sham in southern Aleppo. [..]

Israel confirms its air attack in Homs targeted a Hezbollah weapons site. [..]

Russian air attack hits Daesh locations in Albu Kamal. [..]


Russia’s deputy foreign minister declares solidarity with Iran on Syria. [..]






United Nations

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said in a report on Thursday that Iraq was​​ incapable of​​ conducting​​ trials to​​ adjudicate​​ the atrocities committed by Daesh during the battle of Mosul and so it must find other ways to achieve justice, such as resorting to the International Criminal Court.​​ 

The report said at least 2,521 civilians were killed during the 9-month long battle, including 741 executed. Most of the dead were killed by Daesh attacks. The report stated that “Iraqi courts and tribunals do not have the jurisdiction to consider international crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes). Prosecutors, police investigators, and judges lack the capacity to investigate, indict, and prosecute people for such crimes.” [Alaan]

The report calls on international bodies, including the UN Security Council, to hold Daesh accountable for its crimes against humanity. It also calls on Iraqi authorities to investigate the Iraqi security forces’ human rights violations in Mosul. [UN] [Sumaria] [Xendan]​​ [ROJ]


This week, the UNHCR began its winter assessment program for internally displaced Iraqis and Syrians. 100,000 families will benefit from this aid in the next four months.​​ [PUKMedia]​​ 


The US sponsored a meeting between a delegation from the Ministry of the Peshmerga and an Iraqi military delegation in Mosul to negotiate deployment of Iraqi forces in disputed areas. [BasNews]


Deployment of federal troops

Thursday, PM Haider Al-Abadi emphasized that the federal government does not want to fight with the KRG. He said the federal government demands to deploy federal forces across all regions, to have exclusive authority, and​​ to have​​ federal authority​​ exercised​​ on​​ the Kurdistan Region’s borders.​​ [IraqPress]


The UN reported on Thursday that more than 180,000 people, mostly Kurds, have been displaced by the​​ military actions of​​ the PMF and Iraqi security forces on Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan Region. [BasNews]


The US Embassy in Iraq put out a statement saying that Ambassador Douglas Silliman met with KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talabani,​​ and during their meeting Silliman stressed that the Kurdistan Region is a strong part of Iraq’s framework and necessary to a stable federal union and to Daesh’s defeat. [Sumaria]


Thursday, the KRG presented a proposal for a joint Kurdish-Iraqi deployment on the Ibrahim Al-Khalil border crossing with Turkey, to be supervised by the Coalition.​​ [Sumaria]


Thursday, Ministry of Peshmerga, via General​​ Halgurd Hikmet, said Baghdad’s demands are unconstitutional and impossible.​​ [SotIraq]


Wednesday, the​​ KRG’s​​ Zeravani​​ organization (military police)​​ issued orders to mobilize forces in Al-Khazer (Hamdaniya), Gwer (Makhmur), and the outskirts of Makhmur. [Buratha]​​ 


Thursday, the KRG warned that pushing the current situation into combat will lead to a catastrophe for the Iraqi people. The KRG says it signed no agreement with Baghdad, despite Al-Abadi’s claim that Erbil backed away from an agreement between the Iraqi military delegation and the Peshmerga Ministry. The KRG again called for an open, constructive dialogue to build a secure future for all Iraqis.​​ [Sumaria]


Thursday, the Federal Court issued a clarification saying it cannot give its opinion on the constitutionality of the Kurdistan referendum while there are ongoing lawsuits and before notifying the KRG. [Buratha]


Council of Representatives

Thursday, the​​ COR’s​​ ​​ State of Law Coalition announced that Masoud Barzani’s stepping down from​​ the​​ presidency and distribution of​​ his powers by the parliament will not excuse him from legal accountability for his actions against Iraqis, especially the Kurds. State of Law Coalition member Ali Al-Maliki said “Barzani’s hostile policies against the federal government, his theft of petroleum proceeds, and depriving the Kurdish employees of their salaries are​​ grounds​​ to sue him.”​​ [IraqPress]


Patriotic Union of Kurdistan​​ (PUK) CoR Representative​​ Rankin Abdullah said that a KRG delegation will visit Baghdad on Friday to discuss financial issues and the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget. [ROJ]


CoR Speaker Salim Al-Jubouri said on Thursday that the post-terrorism era will require the tribes to play an active role in community reconciliation among all segments of society. [Ghad]


Other news

The Iraqi Air Force Command announced that 3 F16s would reach Iraq Thursday afternoon, to be added to the IAF​​ fleet. [Sumaria]



The Coalition says it conducted 6 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq (3 near Rawa, 1 near Al-Qa’im, and 2 near Qayara.) [InherentResolve]​​ 




Security-related incidents reported

Center​​ (Rusafa, Karkh, etc.)

Thursday, the US Embassy in Iraq published the following warning: “U.S. Mission Iraq has received credible threat information that the Baghdad Mall may be the target of a terrorist attack.  U.S. citizens are advised to avoid the Baghdad Mall.” [Sumaria] [USembassy]


North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

Thursday, a security source reported an IED exploded near a shopping area in Rashidiya, killing one civilian and wounding five others. [Baghdadia]


Thursday, a security source reported that Daesh members forced a citizen to get out of his car before shooting him and setting his car on fire in Tarmiya. The source added that the Daesh members ran away, and once security units arrived at the scene, an IED placed near the car by Daesh exploded. [Ghad]​​ 


South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

Thursday, a security source reported that a former police​​ officer​​ was killed by an IED attached to the bottom of his car in Latifiya. [Sumaria]​​ 


Total Baghdad incidents reported: ​​ ​​​​ 4 ​​ ​​​​ (Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 3




Thursday, the Joint Operations Command issued a clarification regarding the story​​ about​​ hundreds of troops missing in Saqlawiya, warning that legal action will be taken against whoever shares false stories. The story emerged during the Falluja Liberation Operations in 2016, where some media outlets reported the discovery of a mass grave containing the bodies of over 400 fallen soldiers. [Sumaria]



Thursday, an intelligence source in Anbar reported that an IAF airstrike killed a group of Daesh members escaping to Syria, including the so-called​​ wali​​ of Al-Qa’im, Abu Ahmad Al-Iraqi. Also destroyed in the attack were 10 vehicles carrying medium and light weapons.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


A security source says Daesh is executing Daesh escapees from Al-Qa’im, saying Daesh has executed 2 leaders for trying to escape the battle. [Ghad]


Thursday, Sumaria shared photos taken in Ubaidi​​ subdistrict’s neighborhoods and streets two days after its liberation from Daesh. The pictures show the high morale of the security forces and tribal​​ members who seized the area. The photos also show residents lining up for security background checks to be allowed to return to their homes. Also shown in the photos are the infrastructure and houses, which​​ were not harmed in the liberation operation. [Sumaria]​​ 


Thursday, the PMF reported that its units completed the​​ first phase​​ of its military operations after reaching the Al-Qa’im​​ city area. PMF 17th​​ brigade (Saraya Al-Jihad) Commander, Haj Abu Kadhim Al-Mayahi, said the 17th​​ brigade is 6 km (3.7 miles) away from​​ the​​ city.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


Thursday, the IWMC reported that​​ Iraqi​​ forces, now on the 8th​​ day of the west Anbar liberation campaign, are at the Al-Qa’im​​ District​​ border, after liberating 70​​ km2​​ on​​ its​​ southern side with backing from​​ Iraqi Army Air (IAA)​​ over the past week. [IraqPress]​​ 


Thursday, the Human Rights Watch reported that Iraqi security officials are preventing internally displaced families from returning to liberated areas in Anbar, due to their “perception” that those families have links with Daesh. The report also says that the Iraqi authorities are forcing​​ other​​ families to return to their homes, despite those families having fears that their homes are unsafe or destroyed. The concern about the IDPs in Anbar is heightened due to the current operations to liberate Al-Qa’im and Rawa. [BasNews] [HRW]



Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi Army tank and a bulldozer with 2 rockets​​ north of ​​​​ Akashat. [A3maq]​​ 

Here Daesh added it shot down an Iraqi forces’ drone in the same area.​​ [DENNov2]




Daesh says it conducted 2 suicide attacks on Iraqi forces near the Makhazen Bridge, north of Baiji.​​ [A3maq]


Eastern Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

Thursday, CoR Deputy Speaker, Aram Sheikh Mohammed addressed Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, demanding that he take charge of the security file in Tuz Khurmatu, where the federal forces have entered. He cited the large percentage of Tuz Khurmatu residents who fled due to “some irresponsible reactions and retaliations which led to losses of life and property.” [Rudaw]


Thursday, Deputy​​ head of the PUK office in Tuz Khurmatu, Hassan Baram, announced that the PMF released four​​ Peshmerga​​ “prisoners” on Wednesday evening. The four were arrested in mid-October during the federal operation​​ in Tuz Khurmatu. [Buratha]



The Diyala Police Command announced on Thursday the arrest of 10 wanted suspects on criminal and terrorist charges in different parts of Diyala. [Sumaria]



Daesh says it shot and killed six Shia people and wounded five in the Parwana Saghira area in Muqdadiya city. [A3maq]​​ 

Here Daesh says the victims were Iraqi soldiers.​​ [DENNov2]​​ ​​ 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

Thursday, a security source reported the destruction of a Daesh military base and 6 guesthouses in a security operation at the Nafut Khana intersection in Khanaqin District, northeast Diyala. [Baghdadia]


Thursday, the PMF announced that it launched an operation to track Daesh sleeper cells in the Himrin Mountains who are planning attacks on the Arba’in processions. According to intelligence data, sleeper cells in Al-Sallab village are planning to attack the visitors in the Arba’in processions. ​​ [Etejah]​​ 



Hawija (Riyadh,​​ Al-Zab,​​ etc.)

A security source said 2 Daesh members were arrested near Hawija as they were trying to escape the province heading toward Mosul. [Youm7]


A local source says around 925 Daesh members surrendered themselves to the Peshmerga during the liberation of Hawija [BaghdadToday]



Thursday, a government source reported that the dismissed Ninewa Governor, Nofal Al-Akoub, ordered dozens of tribal PMFs to deploy around the governorate building in the Al-Falah​​ neighborhood in east Mosul. According to the source, Al-Akoub told his assailants to detain any member​​ of​​ the​​ Governorate​​ Council who voted for his dismissal on grounds of corruption in the special session held on Wednesday. The source said that Al-Akoub is now present in the building with dozens of​​ armed men,​​ carrying out illegal actions against the employees, such as confiscating their phones and swearing at them.​​ [Karemlash]​​ 



Ninewa Police Chief Gen. Wathiq Al-Hamadani said the police have received reports that 500 oil pipes were stolen by Daesh and are hidden among the houses in the neighborhood of Al-Wuzara’ in Mosul. [Ghad]


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

Wednesday, a military source reported that the federal forces were attacked with mortar shells in Zummar and Rabi’a​​ in northern Tal Afar, from Peshmerga locations in the Zummar and Rabi’a periphery. Earlier on Wednesday, the Zeravani forces of the Peshmerga had issued a mobilization order​​ for these areas.​​ [Buratha]​​ 




Thursday, the​​ Babel Police announced that a joint unit from the west Hamza Police and the EOD carried out a pre-emptive operation in the Al-Imam neighborhood in southern Babel. The operation led to the discovery of hand grenades hidden behind a driver seat. [Baghdadia]



Thursday, the Military Intelligence Services announced the arrest of two wanted terrorists in Wasit in​​ a​​ pre-emptive operation to prevent attacks on the Arba’in processions. [Etejah]​​ 




Thursday, a PUK leadership source said that the PUK will see radical changes in its leadership, intended​​ ​​ to bring the PUK back to its leading status in the political process. The PUK is set to have a meeting this Saturday to look into forming an interim leadership until the PUK’s 4th conference in February.​​ [Buratha]


Thursday, Kurdish Islamic Group​​ spokesman​​ Shwan Rabar said the head of the KRG asked them not to form a national​​ salvation government, in a meeting with the group’s leader Ali Bapir. The KIG emphasized the need to remove corrupt officials from authority and to recover money smuggled abroad.​​ [Sumaria]


Thursday, Secretary General of​​ the​​ Reform and Development​​ party, Mohammed Bazyani, said that the Kurdistan Region is close to overcoming the current phase with attempts to reinforce its internal lines and remove​​ tensions among its political factions. Bazyani noted the reinforcement of the front Peshmerga locations with “deadly weapons” in case of a PMF advance. Bazyani noted that there has been a tangible change in the policies of major countries towards Kurdistan,​​ especially with respect to the Faysh Khabur border crossing, which is the sole crossing through which the US sends its weapons to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in Syria. ​​ [Sumaria]




Thursday, the Turkish Army announced the deaths of 8 Turkish soldiers and the wounding of 2 others in clashes with PKK fighters in Hakkari, southeastern Turkey, just across the border from northern Kurdistan. Five PKK members were killed in the ongoing clashes. [BasNews]​​ 

Turkey announced the killing of 11 terrorists from the PKK Thursday evening in southeastern Turkey. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ It’s not clear whether these are two incidents or two differing reports on the same incident.


Turkish media reported that eight Turkish soldiers were killed during the battles that broke out at Wednesday’s night against the​​ PKK​​ in the Shamizinan area in ​​the state of Gulmerk. [ROJ]






Stephen Dugrick, spokesman​​ for​​ the UN Secretary-General,​​ told a news conference that Russia’s conference on Syria in Sochi is not a UN meeting. He says​​ the UN is studying​​ the matter​​ and does not want to comment on the conference at this time. [Dorar]


In a statement released on Thursday, the Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee officially rejected the Russian call for a conference in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, which is to be held on the 18th of this month, describing the conference as an attempt to circumvent the international desire for political transition in Syria, assuring that it will not participate in any negotiations with the Syrian government outside the Geneva venue or without UN sponsorship. [Dorar]


The Thawra military force put out a statement on Thursday refusing to participate in the conference of the “People of Syria” to be held in Sochi Russia, calling on Moscow to prove neutrality before holding conferences. [Dorar]


Wednesday the White House called on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to renew its investigation into the Syrian government’s killing of Syrians by chemical weapons. The White House criticized Russia’s use of veto power to block the UN from continuing its​​ own​​ investigation, saying in a statement,​​ “Russia’s attempts to undermine and eliminate the Joint Investigation Mechanism show a callous disregard for the suffering and loss of life caused by the use of chemical weapons and an utter lack of respect for international norms.” [Reuters]​​ [Dorar]


Zaman Al-Wasl​​ received​​ an official document condemning the Bashar Al-Assad government and revealing the government’s manipulation of the case of handing over its entire chemical weapons stockpile days before the experts began steps to disarm the weapons in a Russian-American deal between the parties (UN binding resolution number 2118). The document was signed by Dr.​​ Mohammed Khaled Nasri and addressed to the Director General of the Center for Scientific Studies and Research. [ZamanAlWasl]


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said it is too early to talk about creating a fifth tension reduction zone in Syria, referring to America’s suggestion during the​​ Astana​​ 7 talks for a fifth zone. [EnabBaladi]


Turkey’s UN representative Feridun Sinirlioglu accused the YPG of recruiting 15-year-old children to carry out “terrorist” attacks. During an open session of the Security Council, Sinirioglu called on the international community to take action to address the matter of children in war. [Dorar]


The Coalition says it conducted 5 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria (3 near Deir Ez-Zor, 1 near Albu Kamal, and 1 near Shaddadi.) [InherentResolve]​​ 


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)​​ ​​ 


Daesh publishes photos of its air defense units in the Hasaka area. [ICDNNov2]​​ 





In a press statement, the head of the Iranian delegation at the Astana talks, Hossein Jaberi Ansari said on Wednesday that guarantor states, namely Iran, Russia and Turkey, agreed to set up 12 observation posts in Syria’s Idlib aimed at implementing the de-escalation agreement. [SyriaNow]


Zaman Al-Wasl reported that Tahrir Al-Sham repelled an attack by a group of Syrian forces on the hill and village of Um Khazim in rural southern Idlib, killing and wounding most of the group. [ZamanAlWasl]


SOHR reported violent clashes have broken out since Thursday afternoon between Tahrir Al-Sham and Syrian forces, following a Syrian forces’ attack on Tahrir Al-Sham-controlled areas in Khanasir town in the southern rural areas of Aleppo, during which the Syrian forces recaptured the villages of Jubb Awad, Hijara Kabira and Hijara Saghira in southern rural Aleppo. [SyriaHR]

The Lebanese Hezbollah, backed by the Syrian Air Force, attacked Tahrir Al-Sham on Thursday in the villages of Rashidiya , Hijara, and Al-Hawayni south of Aleppo. [Dorar]

SOHR reported clashes continue between the Syrian forces and the Islamic opposition groups in Hijara village, with reports of human losses on both sides, following a Syrian forces’ attack on the region. [SyriaHR]



The Turkish Army reinforced its positions on the Turkish-Syrian border in the Raju area near Afrin, increasing the number of soldiers and weapons. [Hawar]


Al-Bab/ Manbij/Jarabulus

The Manbij Military Council said the General Commander of the council, Mohammed Abu Abdel was targeted last night by an IED in his car, resulting in injuries but no deaths. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


Wednesday, a military source in Tahrir Al-Sham said they repelled a Daesh attack on some of the areas ​​ Tahrir Al-Sham recently recaptured in eastern rural Hama. He says​​ Tahrir Al-Sham has recaptured the Al-Suruj Hills, Al-Khazan, Abu Hreji and Aniq, killing 6 Daesh members and wounding others, according to Iba’a. [Dorar]


SOHR reported violent clashes resumed between Tahrir Al-Sham and Daesh in the villages of Aniq Bajra, Totah,​​ and Jubb Al-Zarqa, located in the northeastern rural areas of Hama, following a violent attack by Tahrir Al-Sham on the area, in which Tahrir Al-Sham captured Jubb Al-Azraq village, days after it was captured by Daesh. [SyriaHR]



Israel’s Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said “smuggling weapons to the Lebanese Hezbollah is a red line in our view.” Israeli aircraft carried out an airstrike on a factory in southern Homs on Wednesday that is believed to have been a Hezbollah weapons storage facility. [EnabBaladi]


Syrian media sources confirmed that yesterday’s Israeli Air Force attack in Homs targeted military sites in the industrial area of Hasiya in southern Homs. Some believe the sites were weapons stores belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. [Qasioun]


The official spokesman of Jaish Maghawir Al-Thawra,​​ Mohammed Mustafa Jarrah,​​ says that the Iranian militias and Lebanese Hezbollah have begun withdrawing from the Syrian​​ Desert. Jarrah believes this suggests the Syrian Army’s imminent departure from the region, pointing out that the Syrian forces cannot cover the whole Syrian desert, but the Russian forces and the Coalition will cover the area. [Qasioun]


The leader of Jaish Maghawir Al-Thawra confirmed on Wednesday that Jaish Maghawir Al-Thawra will remain at Al-Tanaf base, despite the international pressure to leave and is rearranging its ranks in preparation for expected military action. [Qasioun]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov responded to​​ Coalition​​ Special Operations Commander James Gerrard’s statement about people fleeing south from Deir Ez-Zor, saying that Mayadin has been liberated for 2 weeks now and the people heading south are not fleeing Deir Ez-Zor but are returning home. Konashenkov called Gerrard’s statement “geographical absurdity.” [Qasioun]


Syrian Army campaign

Qasioun reports the Syrian forces captured several areas in Deir Ez-Zor city and advanced in Al-Jubayla and parts of the neighborhoods of Al-Bajin, the old garage, the Sharia School, Masaken Al-Hizb, and​​ Masaken​​ Al-Tarbiya. [Qasioun]


Sumaria reports the Syrian forces and the Coalition-backed forces captured the last Deash-controlled areas in Deir Ez-Zor city on Thursday. [Sumaria]


SOHR reported Russian and Syrian warplanes have conducted more than 60 airstrikes on Daesh-controlled areas in Deir Ez-Zor city since Thursday’s dawn. Meanwhile, the Syrian forces have captured 95% of Deir Ez-Zor city during the ongoing battles against Daesh in the city. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it destroyed 2 Syrian Army SUVs with 2 rockets east of the T2 Station, killing or wounding the soldiers inside.​​ [DENNov2]


SDF campaign

SOHR reported clashes continue between the SDF and Daesh on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River in the eastern rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor, during which the SDF captured the villages of Jadid Baqara and Jadid Aqaidat from Daesh. [SyriaHR]


Hawar reports that during a search campaign in Al-Bakari village the SDF found 8 Daesh terrorist bodies and a store of weapons and ammunition. [Hawar]


Daesh says it targeted SDF units in the Al-Omar Oilfield and Harijiya village with 10 artillery shells and 3 Grad rockets. [DENNov2]​​ 



Qasioun​​ reports the SDF captured Bu Khair near the banks of the Euphrates in eastern Deir Ez-Zor and proceeded south to Dahla village where there were clashes between the SDF and Daesh.​​ [Qasioun]


Qasioun reports that the Syrian forces and Daesh have been quiet in terms of military operations in Mayadin over the past 7 days. [Qasioun]


Daesh says it damaged a Syrian Army cannon with artillery shells southwest of Mayadin.​​ [A3maq]

Here Daesh says it targeted Al-Rahba Castle, west of Mayadin, with 25 heavy artillery shells, damaging a cannon.​​ [DENNov2]


Albu Kamal

Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 6 Russian warplanes, which took off from Russia, struck Daesh​​ locations​​ in Deir Ez-Zor, destroying Daesh weapon depots, hideouts, and administrative​​ positions​​ in Albu Kamal. [Sumaria]


Thursday, a security source reported that Daesh executed two high-level commanders in Albu Kamal,​​ who had escaped the battles in Al-Ubaidi, by setting them on fire. [Ghad]​​ 


Qasioun reports the Syrian forces captured new military positions east of the T2 station. The Syrian forces are 45​​ km​​ (28 miles)​​ from Albu Kamal. [Qasioun]


SOHR reported violent clashes continue between the Syrian forces and Daesh in the southwestern desert of Albu Kamal. [SyriaHR]


In a statement published on its official website, the international coalition said 9 Daesh leaders were killed in Coalition airstrikes​​ in Albu Kamal and Mayadin, in addition to two others in Iraq in a drone attack, during October. [Dorar]


Local sources say Daesh executed two people in Albu Kamal on Thursday. Meanwhile Albu Kamal is seeing waves of displacement as people flee towards Sayal town because of the heavy shelling Albu Kamal is being exposed to. [Qasioun]



Damascus/Rif Damashq​​ 

Syria HR reported clashes continue between the Syrian forces and Tahrir Al-Sham in the southwestern rural areas of Damascus, as part of the Syrian forces’ ongoing operations to control the area and eliminate the Syrian anti-government opposition groups completely from the Syrian-Lebanese border. [SyriaHR]


SOHR reported 4 civilians, including a girl and a woman, were killed, and more than 20 others were injured in three airstrikes on locations in Douma city, in Eastern Ghouta, Jaish Al-Islam militia’s stronghold. SOHR also reported the vicinity of Jobar neighborhood was targeted by more than 10 missiles, while the warplanes targeted the Jobar-Ain Tarma area, in and just outside of Damascus,​​ with 6 missiles. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says its snipers killed two opposition fighters in Hay Al-Tadhamun.​​ [A3maq]



Daesh publishes photos of “education activities” of its affiliate Jaish Khaled. [ICDNNov2]​​ 




Neighboring countries


Wednesday, Sergei Rybakov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, slammed the US sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as “illegal,” stating that “there are no differences between Russia and Iran on the Syrian issue,” according to “Russia Today.” [Dorar]



Thursday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said a war between Lebanon and Israel is unlikely, but in case of a war, Lebanon will win. Aoun added​​ “yes, we are a small country, but we have reestablished our national unity, and part of that is the united opposition to anyone who attacks our country.” Aoun told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai. “All the Lebanese are prepared to fight against Israel,” he added, after Israel struck a Hezbollah weapons depot in Syria. Aoun opined about the political situation in Syria saying “global powers want a partition, but lately, what happened in Iraq removed such speculations. And we hope there will not be a partition because it would weaken Arab countries’ power and unity.”​​ [Buratha]

North Africa


The Egyptian Army says it foiled an attempted attack on a security patrol in Sinai. The terrorists escaped but the Air Force launched an airstrike that killed 5 of the terrorists and wounded 6 others. [Hawar]



In a report published on its website Wednesday, the UN support mission in Libya said in various conflict zones in Libya last October, 23 civilians, including 11 men, 3 women and 9 children, were killed, and 15 others were injured,​​ mainly by airstrikes. [Anadolu]



Interior Ministry Spokesman Yasser Mesbah said a Tunisian police officer died on Thursday after being stabbed in front of the People’s Assembly (Parliament) on Wednesday when two police officers were stabbed​​ in​​ Tunis, Tunisia. The attacker was arrested and confessed to adopting​​ takfiri​​ ideology​​ 3 years ago.​​ [Anadolu]


Thursday, a land​​ mine explosion injured a shepherd near Mount Chambi in Kasserine, Tunisia. [Tunisien]

Wednesday, the National Guard Research and Inspection Division arrested a 26-year-old man on charges of terrorism in Bizerte. [Tunisien]




Daesh says it killed a pro-government militia commander and wounded three of his associates with an IED in​​ Pachir district in​​ Nangarhar​​ on Wednesday.​​ [A3maq]



Congressmen​​ Adriano Espaillat and Daniel Donovan introduced a bill in October​​ that​​ “would provide funding to cities for the installation of critical safety bollards to protect pedestrians in high traffic areas like New York’s Times Square,” Sumaria reported, in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on pedestrians in New York on Tuesday, which killed 8 people.​​ [Sumaria] [House]


November 1, 2017









Baghdad, Erbil still arguing over security control in disputed areas. [..]

Iraqi forces advance in rural areas of Al-Qa’im. [..]

Many Daesh leaders, fighters in Al-Qa’im rumored to have left for Albu Kamal. [..]

Daesh Daily source reports 30 Iranian military advisors​​ arrived​​ in Hatra. [..]​​ 

Barzani’s departure date arrives; PUK official blasts his job performance. [..]


Russia calls Turkey’s planned bases in Syria unacceptable. [..]

Russia slams UN chemical weapons report on Syria. [..]

Israeli aircraft bombs industrial facility in rural Homs. [..]

Russian long-range bombers hit Daesh in Albu Kamal. [..]


NY Gov. Cuomo says truck rampage suspect is “Daesh associate.” [..]





PM Haider Al-Abadi said that the government does not want to fight with the Kurdistan Region. “In recent days Iraq has declared its liberation from the control of Daesh​​ and believes that we have played a major role in defeating terrorism.” He added that Iraq is seeing victory over terrorism but​​ “the disparity between peoples creates chaos in countries.”​​ He also says “there are problems in Tuz, and the talk about the presence of PMFs in Kirkuk is not true.”[Rudaw]


Wednesday, the KRG called on Council​​ of​​ Ministers not to approve the draft of the federal budget for 2018 without​​ its​​ participation. It noted that​​ “for the first time since 2003 the name of the Kurdistan Region was deleted and the names​​ of the Kurdistan provinces were used instead… this step is a clear violation of the constitution, which recognizes the Kurdistan Region and tis powers as a federal region with legal, executive, and judicial powers.” [Sumaria]


PM Haider Al-Abadi stressed that “all federal authorities must be exercised within the borders of the [Kurdistan] Region,” while renewing the federal government’s precondition​​ that the​​ independence​​ referendum​​ must be canceled​​ before beginning negotiations with Erbil. [Anadolu]


Wednesday, CoR Speaker Salim Al-Jubouri stressed the importance of giving an opportunity for dialogue and a search for ways to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil​​ as the​​ representatives​​ of the KDP return to​​ CoR​​ meetings. [Sumaria]


Security control issue in disputed areas

In​​ a statement, Interior Minister Qasim Mohammed Jalal Al-Araji said that their second meeting with the KRG in Erbil, regarding the disputed areas between Bagdad and Erbil, ended with the KRG’s approval to hand over disputed areas to the Iraqi government. [Hawar]


Wednesday, the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported a security source saying that the Iraqis have established posts between Turkish and KRG checkpoints at the Faysh Khabur border crossing, which means “vehicles crossing the border must now pass through 3 checkpoints: Turkish, Iraqi, and Kurdish.” [Sumaria]


However, it appears that some reportedly settled issues have not been settled.

The Directorate of the Ibrahim Al-Khalil crossing on the Iraqi-Turkish border issued a statement saying that “all of the allegations are incorrect on the control of​​ the crossing by​​ Iraqi forces,​​ and the aim of these allegations is psychological warfare.”​​ He insisted that​​ “the trade and tourism movement between the two sides of the border is normal.​​ [Rudaw]


The Joint Operations Command (JOC) accused the Kurdish security delegation, which negotiated with the federal government delegation, of retracting the agreement drafted​​ on Tuesday evening. The JOC stated that this was a manipulative maneuver on the part of the KRG to buy time, as it kept mobilizing its forces and building new fortifications to impede the federal forces’ deployments. The JOC added that although the federal forces are following strict instructions to not engage in confrontations, the federal forces will have to respond to any attack and will track anybody who instigates clashes and attempts to​​ undermine​​ security. [Mawsleya] [Rudaw]


Wednesday the Peshmerga Ministry responded to the​​ JOC, saying that​​ its​​ demands included unconstitutional provisions. ​​ It emphasized​​ that the forces in their current positions are defending the will and dignity of millions of people in Kurdistan. [Sumaria]


Adviser to President Masoud Barzani, Hemin Hawrami, said “the Iraqi government is escalating against the Kurdistan Region and does not want dialogue. The Joint Military Command issued an inflammatory statement rejecting Kurdistan’s proposal for joint cooperation, and the Iraqi CoR voted to reject joint administration in disputed areas.” [Rudaw]


Other news

In his press statement on Wednesday, Speaker Al-Jubouri warned of “parties using weapons” to influence the civilians’ votes in the upcoming elections by force. He called for the implementation of the PMF law​​ that​​ distinguishes​​ between political and military activities.​​ Commenting further on the election,​​ Al-Jubouri emphasized that IDPs must return to liberated areas before the elections are held, and that armed parties should not participate in the elections. [Sumaria]


Wednesday, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) reported that 114 Iraqi civilians were killed and 244 were wounded in terrorist, violent, and armed attacks in the month of October. [Baghdadia]​​ [@UNIraq]


Tuesday, the Pentagon reported that US forces transferred a pregnant American minor from Syria to Iraq. The girl, originally from Kansas, was brought to Syria by her pro-Daesh father. [AIN]​​ [Qasioun]



Wednesday, security units arrested 18 suspects on charges of murder, theft, armed robbery, and terrorism in various areas of Baghdad. [Baghdadia]​​ 


Security-related incidents reported

North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

Daesh says its snipers wounded an Iraqi soldier in Amsha village, near Meshahda. It also says it targeted an Iraqi Army military position with 3 rockets in the same area.​​ [DENNov1]

Northeast​​ (Adhamiya, etc.)

Wednesday, the Military Intelligence Service announced the arrest of a terrorist in the Shaab area in northeast Baghdad as part of the broader pre-emptive operations to prevent attacks on the Arba’in processions. The Intelligence Services set up a trap for the terrorist, who was one of​​ the​​ terrorists who escaped Mosul and​​ got into​​ Baghdad. [Ghad]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Wednesday, a security source reported the explosion of an IED placed near the Industrial neighborhood in Abu Ghraib, wounding 3 civilians. ​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 4(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 1




The Anbar Police carried out search operations in the areas of Sufiya, Al-Sura, and the Albu Khalifa road east of Ramadi, leading to the arrest of 18 wanted suspects, according to the MoD. [MoD Website]


According to the MoD statement, the 10th​​ division arrested 6 suspects in the Albu Farraj and Albu Ubaid areas. [MoD Website]


The MoD reported that the 10th​​ division units found and destroyed 47 IEDs in the Zangoura Dawajen (Poultry) fields. [MoD Website]



According to a military source,​​ Iraqi​​ forces liberated the​​ villages of​​ Fayadiya and Jreijeb in​​ Karabela subdistrict​​ east of Al-Qa’im city,​​ on Wednesday. [Harbi]​​ 


The Coalition announced on Wednesday that over 45 Daesh members were killed in airstrikes in the center of Al-Qa’im. [Ghad]​​ 

The Coalition says it conducted three airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, all near Al-Qa’im. [InherentResolve]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says the streets of Al-Ubour are empty.​​ The source sent photos of the area.​​ He says warplanes​​ continued to​​ fly over the city, allowing​​ hundreds of families to escape​​ while Daesh terrorists were hiding.  ​​​​ 

The PMF reported that the joint forces, on the 7th​​ day of operations, are nearing the district’s center. The statement added that a large number of Daesh members​​ have​​ fled to Albu Kamal​​ on​​ the Syrian side of the border.​​ [Baghdadia]

Wednesday, Anbar Provincial Council member Farhan Mohammed Al-Dulaimi reported that there are about 500 local Daesh leaders and fighters​​ remaining​​ in Al-Qa’im, and they are living in a state of panic and frustration due to dozens of their leaders and members fleeing to Albu Kamal. Al-Dulaimi added that most of the residential neighborhoods in the city have been rid of Daesh control, which allowed dozens of families to flee the city. He also pointed out that pro-Daesh media outlets exaggerate Daesh’s numbers in west Anbar to mislead the PMF and security forces in their operations. [Etejah]​​ 

According to a security source in Anbar, on Wednesday, Daesh addressed its members in Al-Qa’im urging them not to escape, saying that “whoever escapes betrays their religion and their​​ pledge to the Caliph.” [Ghad]​​ 


Wednesday, a PMF statement said that the PMFs are advancing towards the​​ Hsaiba Farms in south Al-Qa’im from the southern side of the district.​​ [Ghad]​​ 


As of Wednesday afternoon, the Al-Abbas Combat Division liberated several villages in the Al-Mazare’ (farms) area near the border with Syria, securing civilian IDPs in the area. Iraqi Army Aviation aircrafts​​ supported the Al-Abbas Combat Division​​ as it​​ headed to the Syrian-Iraqi border. [Harbi]​​ 


Wednesday, Iraqi forces evacuated dozens of families and defused booby-trapped houses in the Al-Qa’im vicinity and desert. The PMF Security Bureau moved the families to safe areas and provided them with medical services, according to a PMF statement.​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 

Wednesday, the IWMC reported that the 41st​​ brigade defused a number of rigged houses in the Al-Qa’im desert. [IraqPress]


The 1st​​ division units carried out a​​ wide-scale operation to find Daesh remnants in the Okaz 1 and Okaz 2 oilfields, Um Tina, Ma’ezla, Umm Al-Waz, Danhash, Al-Oweiji, and the train station. The 1st​​ division also destroyed a military base and a guesthouse belonging to Daesh in Wadi Al-Dabaa. They also cleared the Okaz well, which Daesh used to distill petroleum products. [MoD Website]



Wednesday, the IWMC reported that​​ security forces foiled a Daesh attack on the Iraqi-Syrian border in the Anbar desert, destroying the Daesh vehicle and all its passengers.​​ [IraqPress]


According to the MoD statement on Wednesday, the 1st​​ Division arrested 3 suspects​​ at Al-Rumaitha​​ Checkpoint​​ at Rutba’s entrance. [MoD Website]



The MoD reported that​​ the number of internally displaced families returning to their homes in the province is now up to​​ 145,681; each passes a​​ security background check. The MoD also provides a breakdown by district. [MoD Website]



Daesh says 2 of its Iraqi terrorists attacked 2 PMF military positions on the road between Baiji and Haditha, killing or wounding several fighters. It says one of the terrorists blew himself up while the other was killed in clashes. [ICDNNov1]​​ 



The MoD​​ said​​ a security unit of the Salahuddin Operations Command killed a number of terrorists in Shiha village in west Tikrit. [Etejah]​​ [MoD Website]


EOD​​ units​​ carried out a search operation in the Al-Hawi area and found 1 IED, according to​​ an​​ MoD statement. [MoD Website]



The MoD reported that 10th​​ Division units arrested 11 terrorists in the Mas’ouliya intersection. [MoD Website]



Wednesday, a security source warned of a Daesh plan to carry out attacks in the cities of Diyala. According to the source, there are 200​​ Daesh​​ terrorists in the Mtaibija​​ border area​​ between Diyala and Salahuddin, plus 38 vehicles. The unnamed source clarified that Daesh’s activity and infiltration indicates that​​ it​​ may attempt to reform in Mtaibija, following its defeats. [Etejah]​​ 




Wednesday, the Ministry of Defense announced that​​ Iraqi Federal Police (IFP)​​ working within the Salahuddin Ops​​ Command​​ destroyed two Daesh guesthouses and 20 IEDs in Dibis. [MoD Website]




West​​ Mosul

A Ninewa Police source reported on Wednesday that a parked​​ bomb-rigged vehicle exploded as PMF vehicles arrived at the​​ entrance to​​ Rashidiya​​ in northwest Mosul,​​ north of the Tigris,​​ killing 5 PMFs and 1 civilian, in addition to wounding 4 civilians nearby. [BasNews]​​ 


Wednesday, a police source reported that 4 civilians from one family were wounded in an IED explosion near their house in the Bab Al-Jadid neighborhood in central Mosul. [Sumaria]​​ [Dijlah]


Wednesday, the IWMC reported that EOD​​ units​​ cleared the Rabi’a Police Station and nearby areas in west Mosul. 11 IEDs left behind by Daesh were defused. [IraqPress]​​ 


Southern Ninewa


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says more than 30 Iranian military advisors arrived in Hatra to join Kata’eb Hezbollah.​​ 



Head of the KDP​​ bloc in the KRG Parliament, Omid Khoshnaw,​​ reflected on​​ the end of Masoud Barzani’s term on Wednesday, November 1st. The​​ KRG parliament​​ has​​ distributed the president’s powers among the government, parliament, and judiciary. [SotIraq]​​ 


Wednesday, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said in a press conference that “Everyone expects the Erbil administration to pronounce this [illegitimate] referendum null and void and move on” at the request of the international community, not just Turkey. Furthermore, Kalin said that​​ the KRG​​ PM Nechirvan Barzani’s request to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will first be “evaluated” and ultimately decided by Erdogan. [Sumaria] Ibrahim Kalin also reported that Turkey agreed with PM Haider Al-Abadi to eliminate the terrorist PKK organization from Iraq, as it​​ did​​ with Daesh. [IraqPress]

Kalin said on Wednesday that Erdogan is in the process of setting a date for the reception of PM of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani, saying “we do not hold enmity to any race or sect and what we want is the unity of Iraq, as proof of​​ which​​ we have not closed our crossings to the citizens of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.” [BasNews]


Wednesday, Peshmerga commander,​​ Kamal Kirkuki reported that​​ PMFs and Iraqi forces have received orders to prepare for an offensive​​ against​​ the Peshmerga. He added “we hope there won’t be a fight, but if there is one, the Peshmerga will defend itself to its full power as it recently did in Altun Kupri, Makhmur, and Zummar.” He also said: “nobody can alienate the Kurdish people, and the Iraqi government will be defeated again if it occupies Kurdish areas by force.” [BasNews]


Tuesday, Lahur Sheikh Jangi, head of the Kurdistan Region Intelligence Agency​​ and a PUK official, criticized former President Masoud Barzani and held him responsible for the situation in Kurdistan, including the financial problems and internal divides, which he​​ says Barzani​​ “fueled in order to cover up his failure.” Jangi also criticized the PUK and its media for their “negligence” and “silence in the face of Barzani’s accusations and Kirkuk’s events.” [SotIraq]


Wednesday, local sources reported that the Turkish Army shelled areas​​ around​​ Kharok and Mukhar villages in northern Iraqi Kurdistan​​ near the Turkish border.​​ [Hawar] [ROJ]




Wednesday, PM Haider Al-Abadi ​​ said that the return of displaced people of​​ Jurf Al-Sakhar (Jurf Al-Nasr)​​ north of Babel, is a security and political issue, stressing that he asked the PMF to redeploy to these areas. [Sumaria]




“Turkey cannot accept the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia being invited to the 7th​​ round of Syria talks in Astana,” Erdogan’s​​ presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın said on Wednesday. [Dorar]




A​​ Russian spokesman at the​​ Khmeimim base said Turkey’s establishment of military bases in Syria is illegal. According to spokesman Alexander Ivanov,​​ Turkey’s “moves on the ground are illegal as long​​ as they are done without coordination with the regime in Damascus.” Ivanov added “Turkey plans to establish 8 military bases on Syrian territory and will complete the first one within days in the western rural area of Aleppo.” [Dorar]


In a statement released on Wednesday, the Russian Mission to the UN​​ stated​​ that the report of the international investigation committee on using chemical weapons in Syria is flimsy and based on predictions and selection of facts, saying it cannot be taken seriously as “it seems that it has been prepared by a group of amateurs.”[EnabBaladi]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Its real offense is that it is inconvenient for Russia’s main purpose in Syria, to keep Assad in power.


In​​ Iran President Hassan Rouhani’s meeting in Tehran with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Rouhani stressed that the coordination between Iran and Russia in Syria has had a great impact on the anti-terrorism operation in the region, adding that the Iranian-Russian cooperation in Syria will continue until the elimination of terrorists in Syria. [SyriaNow]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ You have to love Iran’s ecumenical spirit. It embraces Baathists and Communists simultaneously.​​ 


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)​​ (No reports)


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)


Hawar reports the Turkish Army bombed​​ Aska​​ village in the Shirawa​​ subdistrict. [Hawar]



According to local Syrian websites, Turkey has resumed establishing​​ and equipping of its first military base at the top of Sheikh Barakat Mountain in the western rural areas of Aleppo,​​ allegedly​​ under the protection of Tahrir Al-Sham.​​ [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


SOHR reported, on Wednesday, that violent clashes broke out between the Syrian forces and Tahrir Al-Sham, in different locations in the northeastern rural areas of Hama. The clashes focused in the vicinity of Sarha village. SOHR also reported that warplanes launched several airstrikes on areas in the villages of Al-Rahjan, Sarha, Abu Dali, Al-Shatib, Al-Tubiya, Jana Al-Sawarnah, Al-Farka, Al-Musherifa, Tal Khanzir and Al-Zaferiya as well as Al-Hamra​​ subdistrict, located in the northeastern rural areas of Hama. [SyriaHR]


Tahrir Al-Sham’s news agency reports that despite intensive Russian airstrikes, the Syrian forces were unable to enter Tahrir Al-Sham’s positions today. Tahrir Al-Sham destroyed 2 Syrian tanks and killed a number of members of the Syrian forces as they advanced on​​ two villages. [EnabBaladi]​​ [Dorar]


Qasioun news agency reports that Daesh has retreated during the past few days to Totah and Aniq villages, following battles against Tahrir Al-Sham in the eastern rural areas of Hama. [Qasioun]



Israeli newspaper​​ Yedioth Ahronoth​​ reported that Israeli aircraft carried out an airstrike on an industrial facility in the Hasiya’ area in rural Homs Wednesday night. The Syrian Army responded with a 72-ton air-to-surface missile towards the Israeli aircraft. [SyriaNow]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

The Coalition says it conducted 5 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, near Deir Ez-Zor (2), and near Albu Kamal (3). [InherentResolve]


Deir Ez-Zor

Syrian Army campaign

According to SANA the Syrian forces have carried out intensive operations against Daesh in the Deir Ez-Zor neighborhoods of Al-Hamidiya, Al-Jubayla, Al-Rashidiya, Al-Hawija, Al-Raqi, Al-Ardhi, and Al-Sheikh Yassin. [SyriaNow]​​ [Hawar]


Qasioun news agency reports the Syrian forces have entered the Haweiqa and Rushdiya neighborhoods in Deir Ez-Zor city, after violent battles with Daesh that led to deaths and injuries on both sides. [Qasioun]


Government​​ forces said they captured Ghassan Abboud square from​​ the​​ Omal neighborhood side, and advanced towards the Khasrat neighborhood and Soyof Square in Deir Ez-Zor city, after the Russian​​ Navy launched​​ Caliber missiles​​ on​​ Daesh-controlled locations in the city.[Qasioun]


Wednesday, SOHR reported that Daesh-controlled areas in Deir Ez-Zor city are being shelled by the Syrian forces, in conjunction with the ongoing clashes between the Syrian forces and Daesh, leading to more deaths and injuries on both sides. [SyriaHR]


Syria HR reported that warplanes targeted the villages and towns located in the eastern rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor, near the banks of the Euphrates River, without any reports of human losses. [SyriaHR]


SDF campaign

The SDF announced on Wednesday that it had captured Al-Talabah village northeast of Deir Ez-Zor.​​ It also​​ killed 29 Daesh fighters in its battle for Jadid Aqaidat,​​ which the SDF recently captured. [Qasioun]

Daesh says it targeted SDF positions in Jadid Aqaidat village with 25 mortars.​​ [DENNov1]

The violent clashes continue between the SDF and Daesh in the northeastern rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor, and other areas on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River, especially in the Harika​​ area​​ and Jadida Aqaidat village,​​ with​​ confirmed information about casualties on both sides. [SyriaHR]


Qasioun news agency reports that Daesh recently retreated to the villages of Al-Sukkar and Daman near the Khabur River, located in the northern rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor, after the SDF advanced in the Namliya and Harija Sharqiya villages and their outskirts. [Qasioun]



Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army bulldozer and a tank with rockets, south and southeast of Mayadin. [A3maq] [A3maq]​​ 


Albu Kamal

Wednesday, the Syrian Central Military Media reported the Syrian forces have made progress at Daesh’s expense in Albu Kamal and advanced 11 kilometers​​ in rural areas​​ east of the T2 second station, after clashes with Daesh. [EnabBaladi] [Qasioun]


Six Tu-22M3 long-range bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted airstrikes​​ on Daesh terrorist targets near Albu Kamal in Deir Ez-Zor province. The strategic bombers took off from an airfield in Russia and flew over territories of Iraq and Iran to carry out the strike against Daesh strongholds, ammunition and armament depots. The bombers were provided escort by Su-30SM fighter jets, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.[Anadolu]


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army bulldozer east of the T2 Station. [A3maq]​​ 



Damascus/Rif Damashq​​ 

Sources say a number of Daesh members were killed in an attack by the Syrian opposition faction the Al-Ababil Army which carried out an attack on one of Daesh’s fortified buildings south of Damascus. [Qasioun]


Daesh says it stopped a Jaish Al-Ababil opposition group attack in south Damascus. It says it snipers killed two fighters. [DENNov1]​​ 

Daesh says its snipers killed a Syrian soldier in the Al-Hajar Al-Aswad area on Tuesday. [A3maq]​​ 



Tuesday, fighters of the Syrian anti-government opposition foiled an attempt by a group of the Syrian forces to sneak​​ in​​ and plant IEDs in the Zimrin area in the northern rural areas of Daraa, controlled by the Syrian opposition, according to field sources. [Dorar]




North Africa


Wednesday, the Tunisian Ministry of Interior announced that an “Islamist” suspect wounded two traffic policemen near the parliament building in Bardo. [Sumaria]​​ 





Daesh publishes photos of a religious school for young boys in Nangarhar. [ICDNNov1]​​ 



In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the suspect behind Tuesday’s NYC terror attack, which left eight people dead after a truck plowed through lower Manhattan, “was associated with Daesh, and he was radicalized domestically after he came to the United States.” [Anadolu]




Videos of the Day


Al-Mayadin TV crew survives​​ a Daesh vehicle bomb attack south of Al-Qa’im. [MayadinTV]​​ 


PMFs destroy a Daesh vehicle bomb near Al-Qa’im. [YouTube]​​ 

October 31, 2017







Al-Abadi criticizes inflammatory Kurdish media coverage. [..]

Negotiations ongoing on management of border crossings. [..]

Tillerson promises US will stay in Iraq until Daesh is defeated. [..]

Iraqi forces capture several villages east of Al-Qa’im city. [..]


Human Rights Watch accuses Syria, Russia of killing civilians. [..]

Mattis says Raqqa​​ campaign killed one American, 600 SDF soldiers. [..]


A cowardly act of terror​​ kills eight​​ people​​ in New York. [..] ​​​​ 

Italian priest was killed by Daesh after being abducted. [..]

Daesh suicide terrorist in deadly attack on Kabul diplomatic quarter. [..]






Troops in disputed areas

In his weekly press conference held on Tuesday,​​ Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said​​ that the federal forces have​​ been deployed in​​ all the​​ areas​​ disputed with the Iraqi Kurdistan region.​​ 

He also complained about hostile language from Kurdish media.​​ “Today, there are those who are trying to return​​ to​​ the hate speech that led to the emergence of Daesh years ago,” he said. “The media in the region has clearly incited the killing of federal forces and this is a war crime,” he added. [Anadolu]

CoR Speaker Salim Al-Jubouri said on Tuesday that the deployment of federal forces in the disputed areas can address many problems, while stressing the need to deliver a message of reassurance to all​​ Iraqi people, including the Kurds. [Sumaria]


The IWMC called upon all of the media in Iraq “to be accurate in covering the news of security operations and the redeployment of federal forces and to take the official position exclusively from the media office of the Prime Minister and the IWMC.” [Rudaw]


Following the halt in the clashes between the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga, the Iraqi government military delegation held three meetings with the KRG delegation, under US supervision.​​ 

Tuesday,​​ the​​ Secretary General of the KRG Peshmerga Ministry, Jabbar Yawar, confirmed that​​ the two sides agree on the deployment of joint forces in disputed areas, but they disagree about the​​ border crossings at​​ Faysh Khabur​​ (between Tal Afar and Turkey)​​ and Ibrahim Al-Khalil​​ (between Zakho in Dahuk and Turkey).​​ [Rudaw]


MP for the National Alliance Ali Al-Safi said the CoR voted on the wording of a decision limiting the security presence in Kirkuk Province and disputed areas with the Kurdistan Region. The decision closes the possibility of Peshmerga forces returning to points past the 2003 lines in disputed areas. [Anadolu]


Border crossings

Turkish PM Binali Yildirim said the Ibrahim Al-Khalil border crossing, which had been under KRG administration,​​ was handed over to the Iraqi central government on Tuesday. [Anadolu]


James Gerrard, a spokesman for the Coalition,​​ said on Tuesday that the Coalition has the role of overseeing meetings of military delegations of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region. He​​ expressed​​ the Coalition’s readiness to deploy its forces at border checkpoints at Baghdad’s request and with the approval of the Peshmerga. [Rudaw]


The IWMC reported that on Tuesday a technical military team, headed by the Iraqi Army Chief of Staff, General Othman Al-Ghanmi, visited the Faysh Khabur and Ibrahim Al-Khalil border crossings. [Sumaria]

Tuesday,​​ the former​​ Army Chief​​ of Staff​​ and​​ now​​ Peshmerga commander Babakir Zebari announced that no Iraqi​​ troops​​ have been stationed in the Faysh Khabur and Ibrahim Al-Khalil border crossings. Zebari said the Peshmerga and the Iraqi Army are on the same page, and an Iraqi military delegation visited the military academy in Zakho. [Rudaw]


Anti-Daesh campaign

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US will remain in Iraq “until ISIS is defeated,“​​ as authorized​​ under the 2001 and 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Tillerson added that the US is there “at the invitation of the Iraqi government and Prime Minister Abadi has given me no indication that he’s in​​ any​​ particular hurry for us to depart.” [Sumaria] [CBS]​​ [ROJ]


Al-Abadi warned Tuesday​​ at his press conference about​​ Daesh attacks after Daesh loses the last of its strongholds in Iraq, saying “there is still a continuing problem of recruiting terrorists and deviant thinking.” [Shafaaq] [Sumaria]


CoR Speaker​​ Al-Jubouri​​ and​​ Ambassador​​ Douglas Silliman​​ met on Tuesday to discuss ways of cooperation between Washington and Baghdad in the fight against terrorism and to discuss the “positive results” of the process of extending federal authority in the disputed areas. [Sumaria]


The​​ deputy​​ head of the PMF,​​ Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis announced on Tuesday that the PMF has the most powerful intelligence and artillery in Iraq, saying “PMF fighters get half the rights that their counterparts receive in other state defense and interior agencies,”​​ but​​ “despite the scarcity of financial allocations, the PMF has the strongest artillery weapons nationwide, in addition to the possession of the most powerful intelligence body in Iraq.” [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ It sounds like he is bragging about Iran’s assistance.


The Coalition announced on Tuesday that it had eliminated 11 senior Daesh leaders in Syrian and Iraq over the past 2 months. [Sputnik]



Security-related incidents reported

Daesh says it killed an Iraqi EOD expert with an IED near Meshahda. It also says its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier near Tarmiya on Monday. [A3maq]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Tuesday, a security source reported that an IED explosion in the Bakriya area in western Baghdad left 4 people dead​​ and​​ 3 wounded. [Ghad]​​ 




Daesh says it destroyed 4 Iraqi military vehicles with IEDs near Rawa. [DENOct31]



Tuesday, the IWMC announced the seizure of the State Company for Phosphate, the phosphate waste station, and the Al-Astaf residential compound in Al-Qa’im​​ District. The operation killed 12 Daesh members, destroyed 2 booby-trapped vehicles, and defused 40 mines. [Baghdadia] [Harbi]​​ 


As of Tuesday afternoon, the West Anbar Liberation Ops Commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Amir Rashid Yarallah, reported that the Jazeera Ops and PMFs liberated Old​​ Al-Ubaidi​​ and New Al-Ubaidi east of Al-Qa’im, the residential compound, and the following​​ small​​ villages: Al-Bert, Afit, Al-Jarn, and Al-Safra. [Harbi]​​ 

Tuesday afternoon, a military source reported that Jazeera Ops​​ Command​​ units liberated Al-Ubaidi completely and raised the Iraqi flag over its buildings. [Harbi]​​ 

Iraqi Army 28th​​ brigade commander, Gen. Qutaiba Al-Jubouri said 17 Daesh members were killed during the liberation of Al-Ubaidi. [Youm7]


Tuesday, a military source in Anbar reported that the 8th​​ division in south Al-Qa’im destroyed a rigged vehicle using Cornet missiles, killing the suicide attacker driving it.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Tuesday, the IWMC announced the liberation of several sites on the Al-Qa’im’s periphery. The military units are now 13 km (8 miles) away from the district’s center. Other units advanced to the Al-Ubaidi intersection in northern Al-Qa’im from the Rawa side and liberated several villages adjacent to the intersection​​ [as detailed in above story]. Troops​​ also reached the phosphate mine in Akashat​​ to the​​ south.​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 


The Coalition says it conducted 4 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, all near Al-Qa’im. [InherentResolve]


Athal Al-Fahdawi,​​ a member of the Anbar Provincial Council,​​ said on Tuesday Iraqi authorities evacuated 500 families from areas in Al-Qa’im and Rawa to an IDP camp. [Anadolu]​​ 

According to a PMF statement, 300 Al-Qa’im families​​ were evacuated​​ through safe channels on Tuesday.​​ Iraqi units​​ provided the families with medical aid and set up camps for shelter. [Ghad]​​ 


Tuesday, the Al-Abbas Combat Division reported that the advance of the liberation forces caused 1,000 Daesh members to escape towards Syria. Sheikh Maythem Al-Zaidi, a supervisor in the Al-Abbas Combat Division, said the Daesh survivors have no option but to surrender themselves as the invasion of the city looms. [Harbi]​​ 

According to​​ intelligence data, Daesh members​​ have​​ transferred their families to locations on the borders in fear of airstrikes. [Ghad]


Daesh says it targeted Iraqi forces in the Al-Qa’im area with 6 mortars and 3 Grad rockets. [DENOct31]


The leader of the Anbar PMFs,​​ Shuaib Barzan Al-Obeidi, said the Daesh leader Atheer Abu Fatima Al-Hardani fled Al-Qa’im with an amount of money estimated at one million dollars. [Ghad]



Tuesday, the IWMC announced that the West Anbar​​ liberation​​ campaign​​ seized the Umm Al-Walaf, Hussein Al-Ali, and Um Tina villages, in addition to the Okaz​​ 1 and Okaz 2​​ oilfields. [Baghdadia]​​ 




Daesh says it targeted PMF positions near the Shirqat Intersection with 6 mortars. [DENOct31]



Daesh says it destroyed a PMF military position near Al-Makhazen Bridge with a B10 rocket. [DENOct31]



A security source says a member of a security unit was killed and another wounded in clashes with 2 suicide terrorists wearing explosive belts in Tikrit. The​​ security unit killed the suicide terrorists. [Sumaria]



Tuesday, the Salahuddin Police announced the arrest of a Daesh member in Samarra who fought against the security forces in Mosul. [Ghad]​​ 


DIYALA​​ (No reports)


KIRKUK​​ (No reports)




West​​ Mosul

According to a security source,​​ nine civilians, including a seven-member family, were killed in a booby-trapped house explosion in Al-Thawra neighborhood in western Mosul, and in another booby-trapped house explosion in the​​ 17​​ Tammuz neighborhood in northwest Mosul once the residents entered it. [Baghdadia]


Tuesday, security sources discovered new tunnels in Old Mosul containing weapons, ammunition, and explosives. The first tunnel was found in Zanjili and contained explosives and light weapons. The second tunnel was found in Tawalib thanks to information from nearby residents, and it contained advanced weapons and mortar shells. The security forces are conducting more searches​​ in Mosul.​​ [Baghdadia]​​ 



Tuesday,​​ former Gorran​​ politician Mohammed Kayani said the Kurdistan Region will see a new political era following Masoud Barzani’s departure from the presidency. He emphasized​​ the importance of working to instill democratic values and respecting the law, freedoms, pluralism, and institutional governance. [Sumaria]


Tuesday, the​​ State​​ Department commended Masoud Barzani’s decision to step down from his position. It​​ called on​​ all Kurdish parties to support the KRG as it works to resolve pending issues during the remainder of its term and prepare for elections in 2018.” [State] [Sumaria]​​ 


PM Haider Al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the federal government has the intention to pay salaries to employees of the Kurdistan Region and the Peshmerga “soon,” while accusing Kurdish media of inciting the killing of federal forces,​​ which he called​​ a “war crime.” [Sumaria]


Tuesday, the Suleimaniya Police announced that a group of assailants attacked a group of 4 civilians in the Joum Balagh village, killing 2 and wounding the other 2.​​ An​​ investigation​​ is​​ ongoing to find out the motive behind the killings. [Sumaria]​​ 




Babel Police announced on Tuesday the arrest of 2 wanted persons on terrorism charges and the search for 3 others in Jurf Al-Sakhar​​ as a pre-emptive security operation. [BaghdadToday]




Tuesday, Turkish​​ security units​​ arrested​​ 3 Iraqis in three different areas in northern Turkey, on suspicions of membership in Daesh. The first suspect was arrested by the Qastamuni Counterterrorism Units, who then gave information that helped arrest two others in Cankiri and Duzce. ​​ [Baghdadia]​​ [Anadolu]




In a report published on Tuesday, Human Rights Watch said that “the Russian-Syrian joint military operation has carried out unlawful airstrikes in recent weeks that have killed civilians trapped in northern Syria.” “Evidence Human Rights Watch collected indicates that some of the attacks struck markets and populated residential areas, including camps for the displaced. The attacks used cluster munitions and explosive weapons with wide-area effect in populated areas,”​​ it added. [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]​​ [Qasioun]


The UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock told the Security Council, on Monday, that 6.3 million people out of 13 millions inside Syria are vulnerable and in acute need unless they are resettled. [EnabBaladi]


Diplomatic sources said on Tuesday evening that the parties meeting​​ at​​ the Astana 7 talks failed make a “decision on the exchange of prisoners and detainees.” The source added that “the parties also failed to reach a solution on the continuous introduction of aid to areas besieged by the Syrian regime and its allies in Syria.” [Dorar]


In a press conference held on Tuesday by the Syrian anti-government opposition participating in the Astana 7 talks in the Kazakh capital, Yahya Al-Aridi, a spokesman for the Syrian anti-government opposition, condemned the Russian call for a Syrian national dialogue congress while the Syrians are being shelled and held as detainees by the Syrian government. “One of our major purposes to participate in the Astana 7 talks is to find a serious solution to release the captives and hostages, whose number has exceeded a quarter million and no one knows how many people were killed under brutal torture,” Al-Aridi added. [Anadolu]


Tuesday, Russia called on 33 Syrian parties to attend the Syrian Conference on National Dialogue,​​ which will be held​​ at​​ the Black Sea​​ resort​​ city​​ of Sochi on November 18. Russian officials​​ say they​​ hope the conference will examine features of a “new constitution for Syria” and discuss possible political reforms. Russian negotiator for the Astana talks Alexander Lavrentiev,​​ warned against boycotting the conference, saying that parties who choose to boycott “risk marginalization.”​​ [Dorar]​​ [BasNews]​​ The Russian Ministry of Defense published the list of invitees on its website. [BasNews]


Russia expects all “terrorists” in Syria to be destroyed by the end of the year and then plans to keep enough troops in the country to prevent any new conflict, a prominent Russian senator Viktor Bondarev said on Monday. “We will leave in Syria only those troops necessary to avert a possible repeat of this terrorism.” [ZamanAlWasl]


Tuesday, Sihanuk Debo, the advisor to the PYD co-leaders, denied any negotiations took place with the Syrian government in Qamishli regarding Kurdish autonomy. He said that some groups,​​ whether Syrian, regional, or international, try to “cut corners” in the political process in Syria and turn public attention to shortcuts by making false statements. [BasNews]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Raqqa city

US Defense Secretary James Mattis announced that one US soldier and more than 600 SDF troops were killed in the process of liberating Raqqa from Daesh. [Qasioun]


Tuesday, according to local sources two civilians were killed and three others were wounded in a land​​ mine explosion in the Shehatha neighborhood. [Qasioun]


Zaman Al-Wasl​​ said it has obtained confidential documents, issued by Syrian political intelligence, including nominal lists of Kurdish fighters living in Syria, specifically in Raqqa, who​​ previously fought​​ with the PKK against the Turkish government inside Turkey. ​​ It added that​​ Damascus officials​​ had never​​ been asked​​ to take any​​ action against them in accordance with​​ the​​ Adana agreement between the Syrian government and Turkey in 1998 which​​ requires that​​ the Syrian government not provide any support for PKK fighters. [ZamanAlWasl]


East of Raqqa

Hawar reports clashes between the SDF and Daesh in Haraka village. [Hawar]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)​​ (No reports)


Central and West (Homs, Hama,​​ etc.)


Syrian Army units have captured the villages of Abu Laffa, Jubb Al-Jamlan and Rasm Mayal, located in the northeastern rural areas of Hama, after eliminating the last groups and fortifications of the Nusra Front there, according to the SANA correspondent in Hama. [SyriaNow]


Qasioun reports Tahrir Al-Sham regained control over several areas in eastern Hama following fierce battles with Daesh and Syrian​​ government​​ forces. Tahrir Al-Sham tightened its grip on the Abu Laffa area after using a car bomb against Syrian forces, killing a number of members of the Syrian forces. Meanwhile, Tahrir Al-Sham expelled Daesh from the Al-Nofliya area and its surroundings. [Qasioun]

According to local sources, 30 members of the Syrian forces were killed and wounded in battles with opposition factions and Tahrir Al-Sham on Tuesday in Hama. [Qasioun]


Emad Al-Din Mujahid,​​ director of Tahrir Al-Sham’s media relations,​​ said Daesh is trapped in the Totah and Aniq villages in rural eastern Hama. [Qasioun]


Qasioun reports Russian fighter jets carried out dozens of airstrikes in 8 towns in eastern Hama. The region is witnessing a mass exodus in the past few days of people fleeing the military operations towards Idlib and its northern and western rural areas. [Qasioun]



SOHR reported that warplanes targeted Daesh groups in the vicinity of Hamima and Al-Heel in the eastern rural areas of Homs. [SyriaHR]



Russia’s Khmeimim Base announced the arrival of Russian reinforcements of tanks and armored vehicles. [Qasioun]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

The Coalition says it conducted 4 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, 2 near Albu Kamal and 2 near Deir Ez-Zor. [InherentResolve]


Syrian Army campaign

Qasioun reports that initiatives were launched, in order to protect the 6,000 civilians in Deir Ez-Zor, to allow Daesh members and their families leave​​ to​​ Deir Ez-Zor, but the Syrian forces refused to let the Daesh members leave with their weapons,​​ which has hindered the negotiations. [Qasioun]


Syrian local sources said that negotiations are being held between Daesh and the Syrian forces in order for Daesh to withdraw from the areas it controls in Deir Ez-Zor city, but Syrian government media denied it. [Arabi21]


SOHR reported, on Tuesday, that violent clashes, accompanied by mutual shelling, continued between the Syrian forces and Daesh in Deir Ez-Zor city, during which the Syrian forces captured​​ the entire Kanamat, Old Airport and Al-Khasrat neighborhoods, amid continuous violent clashes in the “strategic” Hamidiya neighborhood​​ in Deir Ez-Zor city. [SyriaHR] [EnabBaladi]​​ [Qasioun]


Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Veliky Novgorod attack submarine targeted Daesh locations in Deir Ez-Zor with​​ Caliber cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, destroying Daesh command posts, fortifications, and weapon warehouses. [Sumaria]


The pro-SDF Hawar claims that the Syrian forces made an agreement with Daesh to attack SDF positions. It says the Syrian forces will open a road from Deir Ez-Zor city and allow Daesh passage with their weapons and ammunition to SDF positions. [Hawar]


SDF campaign

Qasioun reports the SDF has taken control of the entire bank of the Khabur River north of Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun]


Hawar reports the SDF captured Hariqa village while clashes continue between the SDF and Daesh in Al-Aqaidat village. As a result of clashes, 13 Daesh fighters were killed and arms and ammunition were seized by the SDF. [Hawar]

Hawar reports that after the liberation of Hariqa village, the SDF moved towards Tal Abba village. [Hawar]



A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says government soldiers executed 4 Daesh captured Iraqi terrorists in Mayadin after a Daesh shell killed a Syrian Army captain. ​​ 


The Syrian Army units have found thousands of tons of stolen wheat, flour and fertilizers hidden inside a Daesh warehouse in the rural areas of Deir Ez-Zor. Deir Ez-Zor Governor Mohammad Ibrahim Samra said that 1000 tons of flour were found at one of the Daesh’s hideouts in Mayadin, Syria’s state news agency, SANA, reported. [SyriaNow]


Albu Kamal

Qasioun reports the Syrian forces advanced 7 km​​ (4 miles)​​ east of the​​ T2​​ Station and are on the Iraqi border south of Albu Kamal. The progress of the Syrian forces in the region follows​​ a report​​ that the US has agreed to involve the Syrian opposition in the battle for Albu Kamal. ​​ [Qasioun]


SOHR reports that violent clashes continue between the Syrian forces and Daesh in different locations​​ around​​ the T2 Station, which is located in the southwestern desert of Albu Kamal, where the Syrian forces managed to absorb the Daesh counter attack and carried out a new attack against Daesh under the cover of intensive shelling, enabling​​ them to advance to​​ within​​ 50 km​​ (31 miles) of​​ Albu Kamal​​ city. The number of the casualties of the Syrian forces has reportedly increased to 98 members at least, while the number of Daesh’s casualties has increased to 124 members​​ from​​ October​​ 23 to​​ 31. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it damaged a Syrian Army bulldozer with a rocket north of the T2 Station. [DENOct31]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh confiscated personal weapons it had given to its supporters in Albu Kamal after an unknown assailant shot at a Daesh headquarters in the city. The source also says Daesh is digging tunnels under houses it had confiscated to hide its terrorists after Coalition airstrikes killed many Daesh members. ​​ 



Damascus/Rif Damashq​​ 

Anadolu reports five civilians, including three children, were killed on Tuesday in an attack by the Syrian forces on a school in Jisreen town in eastern Al-Ghouta which is​​ officially​​ part of​​ a​​ tension reduction zone. [Anadolu]​​ [EnabBaladi]


Daesh issue a propaganda video about its attacks on opposition groups in south Damascus. [ICDNOct31]​​ 




North Africa


Egypt’s​​ Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday the elimination of “terrorist” elements that participated in the targeting of police forces on October 20th​​ on the​​ Oasis​​ Road in western Egypt which killed 16 policemen, including 11 officers. The Ministry of Defense announced that the air force attacked a terrorist hideout on the Oasis​​ Road in a mountainous area. [Anadolu]


Sources say four civilians were killed and nine others were wounded when a rocket propelled grenade hit a house in Al-Tawil region south of Sheikh Zuweid in Sinai. [AhlMisr]



The US

In what New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called a “cowardly act of terror,” a man driving a rental truck struck and killed eight people​​ and wounding 3​​ on a bike path a few blocks away from One World Trade Center Tuesday afternoon.

Witness Andrew Howell said he was walking along the path when he saw a truck plow into two cyclists riding about 20 feet in front of him; he said the impact sent one of the victims straight up into the air, and the man was motionless when he landed back on the ground. The driver then continued at a high speed before crashing, Howell said.​​ 

After the collision, the truck driver exited the vehicle brandishing what appeared to be two handguns, police said. A uniformed police officer confronted the suspect and shot him in the abdomen, police said.

A suspect is in custody and was identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov of Tampa, Florida, multiple law enforcement officials told ABC News.​​ The officials also say​​ Saipov left a note saying he carried out the attack on behalf of​​ Daesh. [ABCNews]​​ 




In an interview with the Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, a Moroccan Daesh fighter said on Tuesday that the Italian priest Paolo Dall’Oglio was killed by a Daesh leader called Abu Luqman Al-Raqawi, days after he was abducted. [EnabBaladi]



A 19-year-old Syrian was arrested in the city of Schwerin for allegedly planning a bomb attack, using highly explosive materials, federal prosecutors said on Tuesday. They said the man, whose identity was only given as Yaman A., was motivated by extremist Islamic ideology. [ZamanAlWasl]




The Afghan Interior of Ministry and Police confirmed​​ that​​ a powerful explosion rocked the diplomatic district of Kabul on Tuesday in a heavily fortified area. According to officials, the initial toll of the attack was at least three dead and 15 wounded. A motorcyclist is believed to have blown himself up in the diplomatic quarter. [Arabi21]​​ [Sharaaq]

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked Wazir Akbar Khan, the diplomatic area, in Kabul with an explosives vest, targeting employees of the Canadian Embassy, the UK Embassy, the World Bank, and Afghani TV, killing 30 people and wounding 30. Daesh publishes a photo of the suicide terrorist. [ICDNOct31]​​ 


Daesh says one of its terrorists killed in Kabul the chief of judge of Laghman Province​​ in eastern Afghanistan. [DENOct31]



Tuesday, the Indonesian Counterterrorism Police units killed 2 extremists in a gunfire exchange​​ on Sumbawa island​​ in central Indonesia. The extremists killed are suspected to have had links to a network loyal to Daesh called “Ansar Al-Dawla.” The gunfire exchange occurred as the counterterrorism units raided 4 extremists in a search operation near Bima city, and the 2 remaining extremists escaped. [Sumaria]​​ 




Videos of the Day


Iraqi forces enter Ubaidi subdistrict. [YouTube] [YouTube]​​ 


PMF fighters captured a Daesh armored bulldozer in the Al-Qa’im area. [YouTube]​​ 




Daesh publishes a photo of one of its Iraqi terrorists, claiming he was killed in the Kirkuk area. [DENOct31]

October 30, 2017


General Othman Al-Ghanmi in Faysh Khabur







Barzani steps down; KRG parliament redistributes presidential powers. [..]​​ 

Armed pro-Barzani protestors invade Kurdish parliament. [..]

Army, Peshmerga sorting out authority in disputed areas & at borders. [..]

Iraqi military claims continued progress in Al-Qa’im despite bad-weather. [..]

Anbar PC Security Committee member warns Iraq must also remove Daesh from Anbar desert locations. [..]


Russia, Syria​​ suggest possible accommodations with PYD-held areas. [..]

Russia arranging its own future-of-Syria conference, in Sochi. [..]

Deir Ez-Zor battle edging into Albu Kamal District. [..]


Daesh threatens Cristiano Ronaldo. [..]






Barzani leaves office

Sunday, in a televised address to the Kurdish people and global public opinion, long-time KRG President Masoud Barzani announced he will step down effective November 1st. ​​ Barzani said he will not renew his presidency “under any circumstances.”​​ 

He reiterated his advocacy for the Kurdish right to self-determination, calling himself “a member of the Peshmerga.” He also questioned why the US did not stop the Iraqi attacks on Kurdistan. [SotIraq] Barzani went on to argue that the Iraqi government had ill intentions toward Kurdistan for a long time and used the referendum as a pretext to attack the region. He defended​​ his stance on the referendum as a solution to the outstanding issues between Kurdistan and Iraq. He added that the KRG is ready for dialogue regardless of how long it will take. [BasNews] [Reuters]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We predicted this historic development in Friday night’s issue, based on some inside information from a Daesh Daily source in Erbil. You’ll​​ have to excuse us for​​ a little self-congratulation.​​ 


Sunday a​​ Turkmen​​ MP in the Kurdistan parliament, Aydin Maruf, said the powers of the President of the Kurdistan Region will be distributed among the government, the parliament, and the judiciary. Maruf added that the majority of the parliament members agreed to transfer Masoud Barzani’s power and cancel the office of the President. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ It seems unlikely that this can be done legally without some kind of constitutional change. (That said, the KDP and PUK have made many decisions without regard to constitutional or legal constraints.) One could suspect that the real motive may be to prevent the constitutionally designated successor, the parliament Speaker, currently a Gorran member, from succeeding to the position.​​ 


The Kurdistan parliament met on Sunday to discuss Barzani’s speech, where 70 members voted for approving Barzani’s decision, and 23 voted against. The parliament was invaded by armed pro-Barzani protestors, which caused many parliament members to hide in their offices. [SotIraq] A​​ PUK official accused the KDP supporters of torching the PUK and Gorran offices as well as the​​ PUK’s​​ Ashti radio station in Zakho, Dahuk. [Sumaria]


Sunday, Masoud Barzani​​ described his independence​​ referendum as an attempt to resolve what he described as the “existing problems” with Iraq, while stressing that the Kurds’ choice is dialogue. [Sumaria]


Monday, Barzani reiterated that the Peshmerga would defend Kurdistan’s dignity with all its power if Baghdad continues using the language of threat and imposing its governance over Kurdish areas. Barzani said the threats and government actions are unconstitutional. [Sumaria]


Military tensions

The US welcomed Barzani’s decision to step down from his position. Monday, the Department of State urged the Iraqi government and the KRG to resolve their disputes in accordance with the constitution. [Arabi21]​​ [Sumaria] [Reuters]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This seems to imply that the US thinks Barzani’s departure will make resolution more likely.


Sunday evening, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson made phone calls to the KRG​​ Prime Minister​​ Nechirvan Barzani and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, urging both to continue de-escalating the tensions and to agree to a timeline for negotiation. Johnson reiterated the UK’s support for Iraqi unity and the importance of maintaining focus on the fight against Daesh. Johnson also​​ welcomed the opportunity that KRG President Masoud Barzani’s resignation presents to the younger Kurdish generation to join leadership. [UKGov] [Rudaw]


Monday, Iraqi federal authorities​​ took over control of​​ the Rabia crossing and the Faysh Khabur crossing between Iraq and Syria,​​ according to Russian Today. [Dorar]

Monday evening, the Iraqi Army Chief of Staff, General Othman Al-Ghanmi, arrived at the Faysh Khabur border crossing and raised the Iraqi flag above it, according to a source in the Ministry of Defense.​​ 

Earlier on Monday, Kurdish media outlets reported that the federal forces and the Peshmerga reached an agreement to deploy joint Kurdish-Iraqi forces in 8 disputed areas in the Ninewa province. [Buratha]


Monday, following official talks that went on for two days, the Iraqi and Kurdish military delegations agreed on a few points concerning the redeployment of Iraqi forces and Peshmerga forces in Kurdish areas outside the KRG. One of the points agreed upon is that the current​​ dividing​​ lines are​​ based on​​ the KRG​​ boundary.

According to a Kurdistan 24 report, in the second Iraqi-Kurdish meeting, the two sides agreed to form a joint force to be in charge of security in disputed areas​​ that had been​​ under Peshmerga control, such as the Nineveh Plain. It was agreed that the Faysh Khabur border crossing would be controlled by an Iraqi border guard unit and a Peshmerga unit, in addition to the US presence in the area. [BasNews]

Sunday, negotiations between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi​​ military had been reported​​ at a standstill, as the two sides​​ could not agree on returning Kurdish forces to the 2003 borders or on handing over the border posts.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Other news

Monday, General Joseph L. Votel, Commander of the US Central Command, visited PM Haider Al-Abadi, where the two discussed the Iraqi forces’ advance in the Al-Qa’im Liberation Operations and their achievements to date. They also discussed the deployment of federal forces in Kirkuk and other areas. Votel reiterated the US support for Iraqi unity and for Al-Abadi’s steps in imposing federal authority and controlling Iraqi borders. [IraqPress]


Monday, Reuters reported from a Kurdish shipping source that crude oil flows from the Kurdistan Region to the Ceyhan port in Turkey have resumed, albeit at a reduced volume, after a “technical stoppage for several hours.” [Rudaw] [Reuters]



Security-related incidents reported

North​​ (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)​​ 

Baghdad Operations Command reported four people were killed in a suicide attack on a funeral home in​​ the Meshahda area. [BasNews]

Daesh said on Sunday that one of its suicide terrorists attacked​​ PMFs and Tribal PMFs​​ in the Meshahda area with an explosives vest, killing five fighters and wounding 25.​​ [ICDNOct29]


Monday, a police source reported that 3 civilians were wounded in an IED explosion on a roadside in Saba’ Al-Bor in northern Baghdad. [Sumaria


Daesh says it killed two brothers in their house in Sitta village in Meshahda on Sunday. [DENOct30]


Daesh​​ said​​ on Sunday​​ it killed an Iraqi Army officer and two soldiers in an ambush in Tarmiya District, and killed a Tribal PMF fighter in another ambush near Tarmiya. [ICDNOct29]


South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

According to a police source, 5 civilians were wounded in an IED explosion near a shopping area in Latifiya in southern Baghdad. [Sumaria]​​ 


According to a statement by the Baghdad Operations Command (BOC), BOC security​​ personnel​​ continue targeting Daesh members and carrying out search operations in the areas of Al-Lahib, Albu Hussein, and Duwailiba in Baghdad. Daesh remnants found in the search operations included 144 IEDs,​​ which were all destroyed, 22 stun grenades, 4 other explosives, and a mobile device. [BOC Facebook Page]​​ 


West​​ (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Monday, the Military Intelligence Services and Abu Ghraib​​ security​​ arrested a suspect in the Abu Mnaiseer area in Abu Ghraib on charges of terrorism. The arrest was carried out as part of the broader pre-emptive operation to prevent terrorist attacks on the Arba’in processions. [Baghdadia]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  ​​​​ 8(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:  ​​​​ 4



Hit, Haditha

According to Haditha’s Mayor, Abdulhakim Al-Jughaifi, residents have paid Daesh smugglers to take them out of Al-Qa’im. Daesh has used this as a means to get funding, as 100,000 Al-Qa’im residents have fled towards Rutba and Haditha. Al-Jughaifi estimates that there are 30,000 people in Al-Qa’im who do not have sufficient money to escape, mostly the elderly. According to recent reports, most Daesh leaders have fled from Al-Qa’im to Africa, and most of its fighters in Al-Qa’im are locals. There were also reports about tribal mediation to “neutralize” a number of local fighters in Al-Qa’im in exchange for receiving fair trials. According to Al-Jughaifi, although Daesh is declining it has deployed units to obstruct the forces advancing east and south of Al-Qa’im. [Mada]


Baghdadi Tribal PMF Commander,​​ Qatari Al-Abidi, reported that there is information about​​ Daesh forcefully recruiting children in west Anbar to compensate for the shortages resulting from Daesh members escaping to the desert area between Albu Kamal and the Iraqi border. Daesh is threatening to exterminate the families of the children if the parents refuse to let their children fight. Daesh is facing internal divides and executed some of the members who decided to abandon their weapons. [Mada]​​ 



A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh executed four of its members near Rawa after accusing them of treason.​​ 


Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi Army Humvee with an IED on the road between Anah and Rawa. [DENOct30]



Monday, as the Al-Qa’im campaign entered its 5th​​ day, the​​ Counter Terrorism Service (CTS)​​ joined the liberation forces, one day after the joint forces announced the surrounding of Al-Qa’im city​​ in preparation for its invasion. [Mada] The task of entering the district will be given to Army 9th​​ Division and the CTS, which is considered as the most skillful Iraqi force​​ in street fighting, because Daesh is using civilians as human shields. [Mada]


As of Sunday, the liberation forces had reached the Al-Abidi outskirts, less than 20 km (12.5 miles) east of Al-Qa’im. Prior to that, they had managed to isolate Al-Qa’im from Rawa; the cities are 90 km (56 miles) apart. At the same time, the Iraqi Army and PMFs have taken over vast areas in south Al-Qa’im and cleared the road connecting it with Akashat to the south. [Mada]​​ 


Military operations continued Sunday despite bad weather. The Iraqi Army, backed by the PMF, has successfully liberated a number of villages and destroyed Daesh defensive barriers and IEDs along the way. The Iraqi Army and PMFs have reportedly killed a large number of terrorists. [MoD Website]​​ 

A military source in west Anbar reported that with a visibility​​ range​​ of 1​​ meter, the sandstorms impeded the advance of liberation operations in Al-Qa’im, who are also following orders to prioritize​​ the protection of​​ civilian life. [Mada] [MoD Website]​​ 


Saturday, the Joint Operations Command (JOC) confirmed the deaths of 75 assailants in the first few days of the military operation, the destruction of 9 booby-trapped vehicles,​​ and​​ the detonation of 378 IEDs. In addition, 3 command bases, 4 vehicle rigging factories, and 7 weapon hideouts were also destroyed.​​ [Mada]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source says Daesh deployed its terrorists, mostly foreigners, near Al-Qa’im in order to prevent local terrorists from fleeing to Syria.​​ The source says Daesh captured 11 so far, and has​​ 

confiscated the national IDs of many citizens in order to prevent them from leaving the area.​​ 

The source also says Coalition planes killed Ibrahim Al-Ajili, a senior Daesh official, in an airstrike near Al-Qa’im on Sunday. The source says Coalition planes targeted several Daesh vehicles, forcing the terrorists to use civilian vehicles in their movement.​​ [DENOct30