An Update On ISIS Activities

October 5, 2105

October 5, 2105



We noticed today that Daesh’s media got reactivated after almost a week of partial hiatus.




A local PMF commander says his troops killed a Daesh local leader and 4 of his associates in a hideout in Rashad in Qarma. [Maalomah]


Baghdad Operations Command troops killed 9 Daesh fighters and wounded 6 and destroyed 3 vehicles in Qarma. [IWMC Report]


An Iraqi Rapid Intervention unit killed a Daesh fighter and destroyed a vehicle carrying Daesh fighters in Subaihat in Qarma. [BOC Facebook Page]


A source in Falluja hospital says 2 children were wounded in the Iraqi forces shelling on Falluja. [Rudaw]


The Iraqi Army’s 59th Brigade defused 3 IEDs in Zoba’a. [BOC Facebook Page]

Daesh publishes photos of the fighting in Zoba’a. [Just Paste]



The leader of Albu Nimr tribe says Daesh executed 70 members of his tribe in Thirthar north of Ramadi. He says the victims were relatives of police, Army and Sahwa fighters.  [Baghdadia]


Anbar Operations Command troops continued its advances from Albu Aitha towards Albu Farraj Bridge in the north and towards the stadium area in the west. [IWMC Report]

The IWMC says the Iraqi 10th Division destroyed 3 Daesh vehicles and killed the terrorists inside them in Albu Aitha. [Mada]


Daesh says it stopped for the 3rd day Iraqi forces attempts to advance to Albu Chlaib west of Ramadi. It says it trapped an Iraqi convoy in a landmine field, then a Saudi terrorist detonated a vehicle bomb on the remainder of the convoy, killing everyone. [Dump]


Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi Army shovel, tank, and landmine destroyer near the stadium in Ramadi. [Just Paste]


IWMC says the Coalition bombed Daesh in Zangoura, on the western outskirts of Ramadi, killing or wounding “dozens” of terrorists. [Mada]


The IFP Command issued a statement saying its artillery shelled Daesh east of Ramadi, killing 8. [Maalomah]


A source in Anbar Operations Command says Iraqi forces conducted a military operation 7 km (4 miles) east of Ramadi, killing 16 terrorists and destroying a supply truck and 6 other vehicles. [Mada]


A tribal leader from Anbar says his tribe has 450 fighters and asks PM Abadi to let them participate in the training camps in Habbaniya and provide them with weapons. The Commander of Al-Assad (the Lion) Brigade (a group of tribal fighters from Baghdadi and Barwana in Haditha) also asks Abadi for the same thing. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment: The Iraqi government is training and arming tribal fighters from Anbar but many Shia politicians say that some of these fighters were part of other Sunni armed groups that were fighting the Coalition and the government since 2003 but refused to join Daesh later.



The Jazeera Operations Commander says the Coalition bombed Daesh near Baghdadi, destroying a rocket launcher and heavy machine guns. [Mada]


IWMC says the Coalition destroyed 2 Daesh car bomb shops in Hit, killing or wounding at least 20. [Baghdadia]


Jazeera Operations Command troops defused 4 IEDs in Alus in Haditha. [IWMC Report]


Western Anbar

A security source says “dozens” of terrorists were killed in airstrikes organized by Al-Suqoor Intelligence Cell in Al-Qa’im. [Baghdadia]




Daesh publishes photos of the fights south and west of Baiji. [Alors]


A video of the PMFs in Siniya. [YouTube]


A video of the AAH in Baiji. [Facebook]



A security source says Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack on the oil fields east of Tikrit, killing or wounding “dozens” of Daesh fighters and destroying their vehicles. [Baghdadia]


Daesh publishes photos of the fights north of Tikrit. [Alors]



A security source says 15 Daesh members were killed and 15 wounded while trying to sneak to the Strategic Line. [Maalomah] A PMF source says Saraya Al-Salam stopped a big Daesh attack on the Strategic Line. [Maalomah]

A Saraya Al-Salam commander says on Sunday they liberated the Strategic Line completely from Daesh and removed dozens of IEDs, killing many Daesh members. He also says Daesh executed 8 of its own members, accusing them of cowardice after Saraya Al-Salam’s troops advanced west of Samarra. [Mada]


A video of Saraya Al-Salam in Samarra. [YouTube]


Elsewhere in Salahuddin

The Iraqi Army’s 17th Infantry Brigade captured 4 men wanted on terrorism charges in Dujail in southern Salahuddin. [IWMC Report]



PM Abadi opened part of the Green Zone to citizens on Sunday. [Sabah] A member of Baghdad GC says the security procedures will be the same as for those who regularly enter the GZ. He also says two more gates will be open soon. [Mada] Baghdad Operations Command opened more streets in north Baghdad. [Baghdadia]


An MP from Dawa bloc in the CoR says there are disputes between Abadi and others in the Shia Coalition because Abadi is depending on the advice of his executive team without consulting his partners in the Shia Coalition. [Maalomah] Another Dawa MP asked PM Abadi to explain his remarks 2 days ago where he allegedly compared former PM Maliki to Saddam. [Maalomah]


The Badr Commander says he respects the Iraqi government decision to allow the Coalition to bomb Daesh in Iraq but they have 3 “red lines:” establishing an American base in Iraq, bringing in American ground troops, and arming people outside the government. He also says he supports the Russians’ involvement in the war because they are “serious”. He says if the Coalition were serious they would have stopped Turkey from sending thousands of terrorists to Iraq and Syria. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Aside from the anti-American slant now coming from the Badr militia, this arrogant statement highlights one of Iraq’s core problems: the instinct to be sectarian no matter what the cost to the country. Some people are slow learners. The even larger problem is having militia leaders presuming to speak as if they were the prime minister.


The Russian Foreign Affairs Minister says Iraq didn’t request Russian airstrikes. [Xendan]


Baghdad Health Directorate says 979 cholera cases were registered in Baghdad and 95% of them were cured. [BasNews] The source didn’t account for the other 5%.


A unit from the Iraqi 11th Division found weapons and explosives in several areas in north Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page]


According to security sources:

  • A car bomb in a parked car exploded near a popular restaurant in Husseiniya in north Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding 6. [Ghad] A source in the MoI says the explosion killed 5 people and wounded 18. [Mada]
  • A doctor in Husseiniya hospital was killed when unknown armed men shot him while he was leaving the hospital in north Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a popular café in Nuwab Al-Dhubat in northeast Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and wounding 6. [Mada]
  • Two civilians were killed and 5 wounded when an IED exploded in Talbiya in east Baghdad. [Mada]
  • Security forces captured 4 men on terrorism charges in Mada’in in south Baghdad. [Mada]
  • A civilian was killed and 7 wounded in an IED explosion near a wholesale market in Yusufiyah in south Baghdad. [Etejah]
  • The Iraqi Army 60th Brigade killed 7 terrorists and wounded 2 and destroyed a hideout in different areas in south Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page]
  • A civilian was killed and 2 wounded when unknown armed men shot them in Bayya in southwest Baghdad. [Mada]
  • Daesh says it detonated an IED in Zaidan in west Baghdad, killing an Iraqi Army captain and 7 of his bodyguards. [Dump]
  • An IFP unit defused 5 IEDs in Dhabtiya in west Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page]
  • Two men wanted for terrorism charges were arrested in Mansour in west Baghdad. [Maalomah]


The IAF conducted 1 sortie.

IWMC reports that the Coalition conducted 10 sorties, killing many terrorists and destroying 5 hideouts, 6 vehicles, 3 combat locations, 4 rocket launchers and 4 mortars. [IWMC Report]


The Iraqi TV publishes a video of terrorists admitting their crimes. [YouTube]



A security source says a car bomb exploded near an area of car dealerships in Khalis, killing 2 civilians and wounding 6. [Baghdadia] The Mayor of Khalis says 36 people were killed and more than 50 wounded in the car bomb explosion. [Mada]



The Diyala Police Commander says his forces stopped and defused a car bomb carrying 60 kg of explosives, as it was trying to enter Baquba city from its eastern entrance. [Buratha]


Northern Diyala

An Iraqi JOC source says a Syrian Daesh commander was killed in an Iraqi airstrike in northern Diyala near the Kirkuk border. The source says Abu Talal Al-Tayyar came from Raqqa a couple of weeks ago. [Mada] Another source says the Coalition bombed Daesh in Qara Tapa, killing at least 40 including Tayyar. [Ghad]



An Arab MP from Kirkuk asks the Peshmerga to allow around a thousand displaced families who ran away from Daesh controlled areas in Dibis, Rashad and Hawija to enter Kirkuk city. He says these families have no food, water, or means of transportation. [Mada]


The Peshmerga announced the start of the liberation operations for Shirqat and Hawija in cooperation with local fighters from the 2 cities. [Sumaria]


A security source says 4 Daesh Katyusha rockets fell on the headquarters of the North Gas Company, 20 km (12.5 miles) southwest of Kirkuk, with no casualties. [Sumaria]

A security source says the Coalition bombed Daesh between Riyadh and Rashad west of Kirkuk city, killing or wounding “dozens” and destroying Daesh rocket launchers used to attack the oil and gas facilities in Kirkuk. [Mada]


A Peshmerga commander says the Kurdish fighters stopped a Daesh attack on the recently liberated areas in western Kirkuk, killing 9 terrorists and wounding 10. One of the dead terrorists was a Libyan commander called Abu Shaher. [Mada]


A security source says the IAA targeted Daesh south of Kirkuk, killing or wounding 12 including a local terrorist responsible for Daesh IEDs in the area. [Maalomah]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling the PMFs in Daquq with mortars. [Alors]


A security source says Daesh shelled the PMFs in Taza south of Kirkuk with 15 mortar shells, without giving more details. [Ghad]


A security source says 2 Peshmerga officers were wounded when an IED exploded in Mansouriya village, 30 km (19 miles) southwest of Kirkuk. The village was liberated from Daesh recently. [Sumaria]


The Governor of Kirkuk says he will have to depend on other resource, like collecting electricity and services fees from the citizens, if the central government doesn’t pay Kirkuk’s allocations. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. This raises a question. The KRG seized Kirkuk city and some surrounding area when the Iraqi Army collapsed there in June 2014. How much is the KRG contributing to Kirkuk’s budget?



Ninewa GC elects Nawaf Hamadi Al-Aqoub as the new Governor. [Mada] Former Governor Atheel Al-Nujaifi says electing Al-Aqoub will make the local government “lose its popularity.” Nujaifi supported another candidate. [Mada] Nujaifi also says he doesn’t trust the new Governor and will not support him. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. We are moved to ask how much popularity the Ninewa government has left to lose.


A Yazidi girl who was kidnapped and kept in Daesh leader Awwad Baghdadi’s house, and repeatedly raped by him, tells her story following her escape. [Rudaw]


A security source says Daesh executed 6 contractors from Mosul, accusing them of dealing with the Iraqi government. The contractors were captured 8 months ago. [BasNews]


The Iraqi Observatory for Journalism Freedoms says Daesh executed another TV reporter in Mosul, nine months after he was captured. [Karemlash]


An eyewitness from Mosul says Daesh opened 76 “marriage offices” to organize the marriage of unmarried girls and widows in Mosul. Daesh registered more than 500 women in those offices, especially the women who were caught not following Daesh’s dress code. A widow said Daesh forced her to marry a man 26 years older than her; otherwise they would take her only child. [Ittihad]


A Ninewa Police source says the Coalition launched extensive airstrikes and destroyed Daesh weapons and explosives storehouses in Qayara, Hammam Al-Alil and Shura. [BasNews]


A source in Ninewa Police says the Coalition bombed a Daesh gathering in Hatra in southern Ninewa, killing 16 Daesh leaders including foreign terrorists. Another military source says Daesh withdrew from its posts in several areas and went to Mosul after the heavy Coalition heavy bombing. [Karemlash]


A security source says the Coalition bombed Daesh in Tal Afar, killing 5. [Ghad]


The Peshmerga issued a statement saying the Coalition launched airstrikes on Daesh in Aski northwest of Mosul, killing many Daesh fighters and destroying their vehicles. [BasNews]


A Peshmerga commander says Daesh shelled the Peshmerga near Khorsabad; the Peshmerga responded with heavy shelling and then the Coalition also bombed the area. [Xendan]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling the Peshmerga in Bashiqa and in Gwer. [Just Paste] [Just Paste]


Daesh publishes a video of its training camps south of Mosul. [Archive]


Daesh vehicle registration services in Qayara [Just Paste]


Daesh publishes a video and photos of the fights in Sinjar. [Archive] [Just Paste]



Southern Iraq

An official source says a car bomb exploded in a popular market in Zubayr west of Basra, killing or wounding many civilians. [Mirbad] The security committee in Basra GC says 25 civilians were killed and 11 wounded in the explosion, including women and children. [Ghad] A video of the first moments after the explosion. [Maalomah]

Daesh claims responsibility for the car bomb and says it killed or wounded 70 Shia. [Dump]



The Syrian Director of Antiquities says Daesh destroyed the Triumphal Arches in Tadmur. [Youm7]


The YPG says their troops have killed 106 Daesh fighters and cleared 17 villages north and west of Mount Abdulaziz, in Hasaka province, since Daesh started its failed attack on 10/2. The YPG, supported by the Coalition airpower, started a counterattack in the area. [PUKMedia]


However, a local source from Tal Tamr says Daesh launched several attacks on the YPG in Hasaka and captured several YPG fighters including a female, in addition to 2 vehicles near Ras Al-Ain. Local sources say the Coalition continued its airstrikes after Daesh advances in Hasaka and the YPG managed to get back some of the areas it lost near Mount Abdulaziz. [ARA]

Daesh publishes photos of the fighting near Mount Abdulaziz. [Alors]

Daesh publishes photos of the result of the bombing in Al-Bab. [Just Paste] Daesh says the bombing might have been by Russian jets (video). [A3maq]

Daesh prohibits people from using the Syrian currency starting mid-October. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment: Another way of stealing people’s money.


The YPG’s Asayesh releases 44 people arrested earlier in Tal Abyad on suspicion of dealing with Daesh. [BasNews]


Medical sources in Kobane say 12 people were killed this week by Daesh landmines. The sources say more than 100 people have been killed and 200 wounded by landmines since the liberation of Kobane from Daesh. [BasNews]

People in Kobane are still suffering from Daesh landmines and Turkey refuses to allow the anti-mines equipment to go through to Kobane. [Hawar]

55 Saudi clerics issued a statement asking the Syrian armed groups to unite and fight the Russians. [Shahba]

A local activist says an explosion at a military fuel station in Qamishli killed or wounded many Syrian soldiers. [BasNews]

Daesh publishes photos of the results of the bombing on Aleppo. [Store2] [Store2]

Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Aleppo. [Alors]

Daesh publishes photos of stoning a man to death in Aleppo. [Dump] And beheading another man for blasphemy. [Dump]

Daesh “education” activities in Aleppo. [Just Paste]

Daesh fire department in Manbij. [Just Paste]

Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Daraa. [Just Paste]


Tunisia. Tunisian authorities captures 3 cells of 11 people smuggling terrorists to Libya. [Tunisian]  


Algeria. Al-Qaeda announces that Mukhtar Bel Mukhtar, its leader in Algeria, was killed. [Ennahar TV]


Afghanistan. Daesh says it killed 11 Afghani soldiers in an attack on their barracks in Nangarhar. [Dump]


Daesh publishes a video of beheading an Afghani “spy”. [Archive]


Daesh audio newsletter in English. [Archive]



Facebook Page of the Day

A Syrian Opposition page.


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