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October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015






The spokesman of the Iraq War Media Cell (IWMC) now says he didn’t refute the reports about Coalition artillery fighting in Anbar. The Commander of the Iraqi 7th Division had said Coalition rocket-launchers had participated in the Anbar battles. The IWMC said in a statement on September 28 that the Coalition artillery did not participate in Anbar. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. So now he is refuting his reported refutation, while leaving obviously important questions unanswered. We have to say we are not so impressed in general by the IWMC’s work. Their reports are not comprehensive, don’t cover all military operations, simply ignore bad news (and some good news), and are difficult to read most of the time because IWMC issues the reports in a disorganized way.



Baghdad Operations Command troops killed 6 terrorists, arrested 3 terrorism suspects, and destroyed 3 vehicles and a hideout in Qarma. [IWMC Report]

A video of the Iraqi forces destroying a vehicle bomb and other targets in Qarma. [YouTube]


A source in the 1st Rapid Intervention Division says the Division killed 2 Daesh fighters and destroyed a rocket launcher and a vehicle east of Falluja. [Sumaria]


A PMF commander says Iraqi forces killed a Daesh fighter wearing an explosive belt and trying to attack them in Saqlawiya. [Sumaria]

A video of Daesh IEDs in Saqlawiya [YouTube]


A video of PMFs having fun with a Daesh sniper [YouTube]



The IFP killed 18 Daesh fighters and destroyed 5 vehicles in Hsaiba east of Ramadi. [IWMC Report]


The IFP Commander says the IFP’s artillery shelled Daesh in Juwaiba, 16 km (10 miles) east of Ramadi, killing 22, including 6 foreign jihadis, and destroyed 6 vehicles. [Sumaria]

The Chairman of the security committee in Khaldiya says in a separate story that the Coalition bombed Daesh in Juwaiba, killing 27 and wounding 12. [Baghdadia]


The Chairman also says Iraqi forces killed 10 Daesh combatants, including a Saudi commander, near the stadium area. [Sumaria]


IWMC says the Iraqi 8th Division artillery destroyed Daesh rocket launchers and killed 3 terrorists and wounded 3 in Khaldiya. [Ghad]


The IFP destroyed a vehicle bomb and the Coalition destroyed 2 in Albu Aitha and Albu Bali north of Ramadi. [IWMC Report]

The Coalition also destroyed Daesh hideouts east of Albu Aitha. [IWMC Report]


IAA helicopters destroyed 2 construction shovel bombs and killed 6 combatants, and the Coalition killed 8, while the artillery and tanks killed 12 in Jaraishi north of Ramadi. [IWMC Report]


Photos of a Daesh drone shot down near Ramadi. [Facebook]



The Jazeera Operations Commander says his troops shelled a Daesh gathering near Baghdadi, killing 3 and destroying a truck loaded with weapons and rockets. [Mada]


The MoD publishes a video of 3 Coalition airstrikes, on Hit and Kubaisa and on Baiji in Salahuddin. [MoD Website]




Al-Nujaba Movement says their troops rocketed Daesh in Siniya, killing “dozens” of terrorists and destroying an armored vehicle bomb. [Mada]


The IFP killed 5 Daesh fighters in Tal Abu Jarad. [IWMC Report]


The PMFs say they destroyed a Daesh truck with 25 barrels of C4 explosives attacking the defense lines in Baiji. [Etejah]



Salahuddin Operations Command arrested a terrorism suspect at Tikrit’s southern entrance. [IWMC Report]


A video of the PMFs in Allas oil field east of Tikrit [YouTube]



Daesh publishes photos of the fights west of Samarra. [Just Paste]



President Masoum welcomes the Russian airstrikes on Daesh in Syria and asks for “integration” of the Coalition and Russian efforts in the war against Daesh. [Rudaw]


The Deputy Governor of Baghdad Governorate says all infrastructure projects were stopped in Tarmiya and Abu Ghraib because of the deterioration in the security situation. Some of these projects will be given to more secure areas in Baghdad. [Ghad]

DaeshDaily comment. This is part of the “vicious cycle” in Iraq. Terrorist activities stop government projects, which deprives people of services and creates more resentment, which leads to more people joining terrorist groups, then more terrorist activities.


A Sunni MP says many people are being kidnapped in Adhamiya (Sunni) north of Baghdad and ask PM Abadi and the security forces to protect the citizens there. [Sumaria]


Russian intelligence officers arrived in Baghdad to represent Russia in the new joint intelligence center. [Qurtas]


PM Abadi says there are only 110 Iranian advisors in Iraq and there are no Iranian ground troops. [AIN]

Abadi also says he has not discussed airstrikes with the Russians but said he would study the request if they submit it. [Mirbad] A Russian official says that if Iraq asks the Russian government to conduct airstrikes on Daesh in Iraq then his government will “evaluate” the request. [Sumaria]


The major Sunni bloc in the Iraqi CoR expresses its “strong reservations” towards the “Coalition of 4” and says they were not consulted about it.  [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. During his visit to New York, Abadi is facing a lot of criticism at home–from Sunni, Shia and Kurdish MPs. Some of it seems petty. A Shia MP close to Maliki described Abadi’s speech as “shameful;” a Kurdish MP criticized him for not mentioning the Kurds; a Yazidi MP criticized him for not mentioning the Yazidis; a PMF spokesman criticized him for not mentioning them.


The Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs says after a meeting with his South Korean counterpart that Iraq needs a lot of support on the security, humanitarian, and infrastructure levels and that help from the international community has been “shy” so far. He says that he requested military help from Korea. [Buratha]


According to security sources:

  • A roadside IED exploded in Taji in north Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and wounding 5. [Baghdadia]
  • A civilian was killed and 6 wounded when an IED exploded near a commercial area in Baladiyat in east Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An Iraqi Army officer was wounded when unknown armed men shot him in his car in Talbiya in east Baghdad. [AIN]
  • A sniper shot at an Iraqi Army checkpoint in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad, killing a soldier and wounding 2. [Mada]
  • A roadside IED exploded on a small bus in Wardiya in south Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and wounding 5. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a popular soccer field in Zafaraniya in south Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding 6. [Mada]
  • A police man was killed and 4 wounded when an IED exploded on their patrol in Yusufiyah in south Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a popular market in Mahmudiya in south Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding 8. [Etejah]
  • An IED exploded near a popular restaurant in Bayya in southwest Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and wounding 6. [Mada]


Overall, the IAF conducted 23 sorties and the IAA 40.

The Coalition conducted 34 sorties, killing many terrorists and destroying 5 heavy machineguns, a tunnel, 24 locations, 3 vehicles and a cannon. [IWMC Report]




The Chairman of the security committee in Diyala GC says security forces arrested a terrorism suspect in west Baquba. [Sumaria]


A security source says a roadside IED exploded in Kanaan east of Baquba, killing a civilian and wounding 4. [Baghdadia]


Muqdadiya/ Abu Saida

A security source says a roadside IED exploded on a police patrol in Abu Saida, killing a policeman and wounding 3. [Baghdadia]


A security source says an IED exploded Muqdadiya, killing 2 civilians and wounding 5. [Baghdadia] A second IED in Muqdadiya killed 2 civilians and wounded 7. [Baghdadia]


A security source says unknown armed men kidnapped 3 truck drivers with their trucks on the road between Muqdadiya and Khanaqin. [Baghdadia]



A Peshmerga source says 16 Kurdish fighters were killed and 32 wounded during the advances southwest of Kirkuk city. [Mada]


A field source says the Peshmerga are only 15 km (9 miles) away from Hawija center. The source also says 150 Daesh terrorists were killed or wounded in the fights yesterday. [BasNews]

Photos of the Peshmerga in southwest Kirkuk [PUKMedia]

Daesh says it stopped the Peshmerga attack and forced them to retreat after killing many of them. [Dump]


A security source says Daesh shelled the North Gas Company, 15 km (9 miles) southwest of Kirkuk, with 3 Katyusha rockets without causing human casualties. [Mada]


A local source says Daesh executed 3 of its own members in Hawija, after accusing them of cooperating with the security forces. [Buratha]


The Chairman of the Arab bloc in Kirkuk GC says the Iraqi government gave its approval to establish a military force from Arab tribes to help liberate the areas in southwest Kirkuk. He says they will participate in the battles alongside the Peshmerga and the Iraqi security forces. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. So far there has been no confirmation from the Iraqi government.



A security source says the Coalition again bombed Daesh at the Qayara refinery, killing or wounding more than 50 and destroying vehicles and equipment. [Mada]

The PUK official says Qayara hospital received the dead bodies of 32 Daesh members. [PUKMedia]


A Kurdish source says the Coalition bombed Daesh near Makhmur, killing or wounding more than 30. The source says the airstrike came after Daesh shelled the Peshmerga with mortars from that area. [Mada]


A member of Ninewa GC says American troops are needed to liberate Mosul, not just advisors. [Karemlash]

The Shinkal (Sinjar) Resistance Units say they killed 2 Daesh terrorists and wounded another and destroyed a vehicle in 2 operations in Sinjar. [ROJ]


A PUK official says the Coalition bombed the house of Daesh commander of the right side of Mosul killing him and his wife. He also says unknown armed men shot and killed a Daesh commander in the left side of the city. [PUKMedia]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul said yesterday they detonated an IED on a Daesh commander’s vehicle killing him and 2 of his bodyguards. [KM Facebook Page]


A Ninewa police source says an IED exploded on a Daesh police patrol in Shoura, killing 7 terrorists and destroying 3 vehicles. [BasNews]


Daesh publishes photos of executing a man in Mosul for killing his father. [Just Paste]



Southern Iraq

The director of the National Security Service in Babel says his troops arrested 12 Daesh members in the northern areas of the governorate. [Mada]


The Anti-Explosives Service defused an IED planted near a police officer’s house in Basra. [Mirbad]



The YPG Commander asks the Russian government for weapons and to coordinate with them in the fight against Daesh. [ARA]

Katibat Al-Tawheed Wa Al-Jihad, a radical group fighting the Syrian regime, announce their allegiance to Nusra Front and ask all the other armed groups to do the same to face the “American-Iranian-Russian coalition.” [Welati]

DaeshDaily comment. We might expect similar moves soon. There are actually many anti-government radical groups in Syria; we suspect more of them will start merging with each other.


A Kuwaiti Nusra commander offers 2 million Syrian liras for anyone who captures a Russian soldier and an extra million for his unit. [Shahba]


A military source says an IED exploded on a YPG military vehicle south of Tal Abyad, wounding 3 fighters. [BasNews]

Daesh says it killed 4 YPG fighters and wounded 4 with 4 IEDs in northwest Hasaka. [A3maq]

A local activist says 5 beheaded bodies of Daesh terrorists, including a Chechen commander, were found between Hasaka and Deir Al-Zor. A note was found beside the bodies saying “blood for blood”. The 5 terrorists were “kidnapped” 2 months ago in Deir Al-Zor. [ARA]

The local activist also says Daesh declared emergency and curfew on Thursday and ordered all the shops to be closed after a group of its North African and local terrorists tried to escape Mayadin city in Deir Al-Zor governorate. [ARA]

Daesh infographics about their operations for the last 15 days [A3maq]


Libya. Media sources say Daesh terrorists attacked the gate of Sidra Port in Sirte and killed 3 guards and wounded others. [AfriGate]


Somalia. Daesh sends 3 video messages to its terrorists in Somalia. [Archive] [Archive] [Archive]


Afghanistan. Daesh says it captured an Afghan Army headquarters in Nangarhar after killing “dozens” of soldiers and destroying 2 BMP vehicles. It also says the clashes are continuing. [Dump]


Daesh daily audio newsletter in English [Archive]



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