An Update On ISIS Activities

November 28, 2018

November 28, 2018


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Iraqi Forces in Southern Ninewa (DD Nov 22)







Incendiary article accuses PMFs of major corruption in Mosul.​​ [..]

Western tribes declare no confidence in AAH border​​ security. [..]

WHO sends 13 tons of medical supplies to Shirqat Hospital. [..]

7 PMFs killed in 3 Daesh attacks on Baiji-Haditha Road. [..]

Daesh terrorist group arrested in Hawija were identified by security camera. [..]

1,900 bodies recovered from wreckage in west Mosul.​​ [..]

UN announces 33,000 explosive devices cleared in Mosul since July.​​ [..]

Daesh forces Army retreat from Al-Barit, Hatra. [..]



All representatives to Astana conference have arrived in Kazakhstan. [..]

Russia warns of possible Daesh chemical attack in Hajin. [..]

US sets up​​ observation station in Tal Abyad. [..]

SOHR says Daesh gained ground on SDF, Coalition in past month.​​ [..]





New government

Ayad Allawi,​​ leader​​ of the Wataniya (“National”) bloc, said it nominated 7 candidates for consideration for Minister of Defense. The 7 do not include Hisham Al-Daraji, proposed earlier by the media. [Basnews]

DaeshDaily comment. The​​ Minister of Defense has generally been a Sunni.



Prime Minister Adel Abd Ul-Mahdi and Jan Kubis, the head of UN Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI), discussed reconstruction, the formation of the new government, allowing investment companies​​ into the country, and UN sanctions on Iran. [Rudaw]



On Tuesday evening, Al-Khaleej Online published an article that described the PMF actions in Mosul as following “in the​​ footsteps of Daesh.” The author said that after Mosul citizens put their own effort into rebuilding Mosul economically, PMFs took over large parts of their initiative and some investment and economic opportunities, taking advantage of those initiatives “for their own interests.” A source says that the PMF divided more than 10 locations among themselves, including a multi-level parking lot and a large shopping mall. According to the piece, the PMFs are “terrifying” the people of Mosul. [Alkhaleej]


The Iraqi judiciary released former Minister of Trade Abdul Falah Al-Sudani who had been charged with corruption, saying he is covered by the general amnesty resolution of August 25, 2016. [BaghdadToday]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Part of Iraq’s pattern of endemic corruption is legislation that covers the corrupt retroactively. Al-Sudani is among the most​​ famous of Iraq’s corrupt officials and the latest to beat the system.


Iraq-KRG Issues

Masoud Barzani, the head of KDP, says Prime Minister Adel Abd Ul-Mahdi does not want to harm the people of Kurdistan. He said that the Kurds have shown good intentions​​ without compromising their basic principles. [Sumaria]


Heather Nauert, State Department spokeswoman, denied any US role in the recent visit by Masoud Barzani to Baghdad. She says the US always encourages meetings and dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil. [Sumaria]

Daesh Daily comment.​​ In our opinion they​​ have encouraged too many such meetings, too many of which have been used to create the illusion of progress and generate self-serving press releases.


Anti-Daesh campaign

In a press conference, on Wednesday, Barzani stated that Daesh has returned to​​ Salahuddin, Ninewa, and Diyala, and is “worse than before.” He said that Daesh returned because the underlying causes of its emergence in the first place have still not been treated. [Shafaaq]​​ 


Iraqi tribes in the west and northwest of Iraq rejected the announcement of the Secretary-General of Asa’eb Ahl Al-Haq (AAH), Qais Al-Khazali, to take over securing the border with Syria. A spokesman for the tribes said that they rejected the “spread of the Iranian PMF” along the border with Syria and Iraq because the tribes believed that AAH’s intentions were most likely to loot the areas and to arrest civilians in order to release them with high bail amounts. [Qasioun]


Foreign ​​ policy

The US Senate approved sanctions on the AAH and Hezbollah militias on charges of helping Iran. The law also impacts​​ Afghan and Pakistan militias supporting the Syrian government. [Dilah]


The Central Bank of Iraq instructed banks and exchange companies not to sell US dollars to persons traveling to Iran. [Sumaria]



South​​ (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

On Wednesday morning, a civilian was killed by an armed attack in the Dora neighborhood. [Sumaria]




A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said that one PMF member was killed and two others severely wounded when an IED exploded on them near​​ Al-Ba’eed village, in Haditha District, on Saturday. The source said the PMFs arrested 4 Daesh suspects after the attack.​​ 




The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement released on Wednesday that it sent a shipment of more than 13 tons of “life-saving” medication and medical supplies to the Shirqat Hospital. It said that the shipment should be enough for 10,000 people over the course of 3 months. [Basnews]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Wednesday that the body of a school headmaster was found near the Tigris in Shirqat city. The Source said the victim had been kidnapped hours earlier after he finished his dawn prayer in a nearby mosque.​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Monday that security units captured 2 men near Ain Sadid village on Shirqat’s western border who were smuggling food supplies and winter clothing to Daesh terrorists hiding in the Makhoul Mountains. The source said the 2 men used motorcycles to deliver the materials. ​​ 



PMF media says PMF is starting an operation to remove Daesh war remnants from Siniya subdistrict in Baiji District, resulted so far in clearing 11 explosives caches and 65 IEDs.​​ [Massala]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said that two PMF members were killed when Daesh rocketed their military position on the road between Baiji and​​ Haditha on Sunday. The source said that 2 more PMF members were killed and 3 others wounded when Daesh targeted another PMF position on the same road with mortars, on Monday.​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Sunday that three PMF fighters were killed while stopping a Daesh attack on a military position on the road between Baiji and Haditha. The source said that around 30 terrorists on motorcycles conducted the attack. The source said the PMFs killed 4 terrorists and forced the rest to flee.​​ 


Daesh said it killed or wounded “Iraqi forces members” in an ambush in the Al-Fatha area northwest of Baiji, on Tuesday. [A3maq]



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

On Wednesday, the Diyala Ops Commander announced that army and police units, with air support would begin a campaign on Wednesday morning to hunt down the last Daesh cells in the area. The operation would target​​ Kanaan and​​ Buhriz.​​ [Mawazin]​​ [Baghdadia]




IFP command says 6th​​ IFP division started an operation to clear five villages in Kirkuk from Daesh’s remaining presence. Three safehouses, and several IEDs were destroyed in process. [Baghdadia]​​ 


Former Governor of Kirkuk Najmaldin Karim, who was dismissed previously by former Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, says Kirkuk is facing the danger of Arabization, an increased crime rate, undisciplined PMF factions, and the re-emergence of Daesh in the province. [BaghdadToday]


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Tuesday that one IFP member was killed and two others wounded when an IED exploded on them on the road between Riyadh and Rashad. The source said the IFP​​ arrested the group of Daesh terrorists who planted the IED after getting their photos from a security camera in a nearby commercial shop.


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Tuesday that IFP units ambushed and killed 2 Daesh terrorists near Tal Al-Ward village, in Riyadh subdistrict. ​​ 


On Wednesday, a security source reported that security forces found equipment and weapons in a house in Riyadh subdistrict. [PressIraq]


Daesh said on Wednesday it captured and then killed a tribal PMF member near a grain silo in the Riyadh area. [ICDNNov28]

Daesh published photos of the victim. [ICDNNov28]



Mosul city

Iraq Civil Defense Commission says 1,900 bodies were salvaged from under the wreckage on the west side of Mosul city. The Civil Defense teams started salvaging Daesh​​ fighters’ bodies after they finished ​​ salvaging the bodies of civilians. [Anadolu]


The UN reports that Mosul has been cleared of 33,000 explosive devices, including 450 explosive belts, since it was liberated in July this year. [SotIraq]


Mosul District

South (Hammam Al-Alil/Shura/Qayara)

On​​ Tuesday evening, 3 Daesh members were killed and 8 arrested in Mosul. [AlKhaleej]


Western Ninewa

On Wednesday, the Center for Security Information​​ announced that Ninewa Operations Command arrested a terrorist and destroyed 67 IEDs in Al-Hassan, 22 more in Al-Asriya village, and 4 others nearby. [Mawazin]​​ [Ghad]


Southern Ninewa


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Wednesday that Iraqi forces withdrew 10 km (6 miles) in the Hatra desert area. The source said the force had reached Al-Barit village, but retreated because of heavy Daesh counterattacks. The source said that six Iraqi soldiers were killed and four others wounded when a Daesh suicide bomber blew himself up near Al-Barit village on Friday. The source also said that four PMF members were severely wounded when a Daesh IED destroyed their vehicle near the village on Sunday. The source said that Daesh killed four PMF members and captured 4 others in an attack south of Hatra, on Sunday.  ​​​​ 


The source said that Iraqi forces also advanced from west Anbar, surrounding Daesh in the desert between Ninewa and Anbar.​​ 

 ​​ ​​​​ 

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Tuesday that PMF units started a search between Hatra and the Tilul Al-Baj area and found IEDs and other explosives. The source said most of the villages in the area are still empty because of the fear of Daesh attacks.​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Monday that a group of Daesh terrorists in pickup vehicles kidnapped a civilian man in Kharbat Hamad village, west of Hatra city,​​ after accusing him of cooperating with the Iraqi military.​​ 



Babel police said it arrested a man on terror charges at Iskandariya checkpoint in Babel. [Ghad]





Hussein Karkouki, a leader in the Kurdistan Freedom Party, says the KRG decision to close down KFP offices on charges of supporting the PKK is politically motivated and legally baseless. He says his​​ party has been licensed by federal authorities since 2008. [Sumaria]






You are invited to add information to or​​ comment on any Daesh Daily story, about Iraq or other countries​​ 




Political developments

Turkish National Security Council stated that Turkey will continue its operations against terrorism in Syria and Iraq. It also expressed willingness to enhance cooperation with the new Iraqi government. The council met in Ankara under the chairmanship of President Erdogan who said that Turkey cannot ignore terror practices of the PKK. [Sumaria]


The Turkish army announced on Wednesday that it had “neutralized” 3 PKK terrorists in airstrikes in Iraqi Kurdistan. [Anadolu]


Military & security developments

HPG, military arm of PKK, says it initiated attacks on the Turkish army in Qalaban, Sirnak inside Turkey killing 10 Turkish soldiers. It says it lost two of its fighters ​​ to Turkish air bombing. [Hawar]





United Nations

The UN called on the Syrian regime to reveal the fate of detainees and missing persons. [Qasioun]


Political developments

The Kazakhstan foreign ministry says representatives of all states invited to the 11th​​ session of Astana talks have arrived in the city, including the Syrian opposition and the UN delegation. [Zamanalwasl]


The bilateral meetings related to the 11th​​ session of Syrian guarantor countries started in Astana. Russian and Syrian representatives met to discuss the constitutional committee, Idlib, IDPs, and terrorism. [Qasioun]



A Russian official participating in the Astana talks said on Wednesday that there was a deal to exchange 50 prisoners each between the Syrian Army and militia opposition before the​​ next year. [Eldorar]​​ [Qasioun]


The Russian news agency Interfax reported that a member of the Russian delegation to Astana noted that the formation of a constitution was a challenge for both sides. He also said that Russia wanted to create the new constitution before the end of the next year, and that 75% of the members have been agreed upon. They have yet to consider ​​ 15-16 candidates from civil society representatives. [Eldorar]


Anti-Daesh campaign

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Daesh is preparing to attack the SDF in areas around Hajin and in the village of Kashma in Deir Ez-Zor District with chemical​​ weapons. [Basnews]


The Combined Joint Task Force Public Affairs Office released its weekly summary on Wednesday for November 18-24. The document states that it conducted 185 strikes and 248 engagements in Syria and Iraq. It is notable that this week the Coalition increased its activities in Iraq whereas in previous weeks it documented strikes only in Syria. [CJTF]​​ 



No reports




A motorcycle bomb attack killed 2 SDF fighters on the 47th​​ Road south of Hasaka. No party has claimed responsibility so far. [Qasioun]


SDF started digging a trench outside Ras Al-Ayn city in Hasaka. The 20 km (12 miles) trench is aimed to block possible Turkish advances in the area. The US also established an observation station in Tal Abyad. [Qasioun]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Wednesday that SDF units found a Yazidi family​​ of a woman and her four children in the Hasaka area. The source said the SDF is coordinating with the authorities in Dahuk to send the family home.​​ 


Central and West​​ 


“Incite the Believers” Islamic operations room claimed that it killed 24 Syrian​​ soldiers last Friday. The attack was shown in a movie produced by the organization in Latakia. [EnabBaladi]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor District

SOHR​​ says Daesh is enjoying the first​​ month of its recovery of lands taken by SDF earlier and has since then initiated several attacks using car bombs and tunnels, taking advantage of bad weather conditions, which impede Coalition planes from actively interfering.​​ SOHR​​ reports that 612 were killed in the area since the start of operations, including 232 civilians. The civilian casualties include 87 children and 62 women, while 243 Daesh and 137 SDF fighters were killed. [SyriaHR]

SDF says it is​​ about to start a major operation with the Coalition to eliminate Daesh presence east of the Euphrates. The SDF received large reinforcements that are deployed along the front line. Thousands of well-equipped fighters from Jaish Al-Thuwar and other Arab factions, arrived to the area to join the SDF. [Basnews]

Albu Kamal District

Daesh said on Wednesday that SDF prisoners it had captured were killed or wounded when Coalition planes targeted a prison in which it was holding them in Al-Kashma village. [A3maq]


The Syrian Army and Iraqi PMF shelled Daesh held areas east of Deir Ez-Zor with rockets and artillery fire. The PMF shelled Daesh positions in Baghouz, and Daesh targeted areas inside Iraqi territories, and Albu Kamal city, which is held by the Syrian government​​ in response to Syrian bombing of its positions. [Qasioun]

Daesh said on Wednesday its snipers killed a Syrian soldier in Al-Sukkariya town, north of Albu Kamal. [A3maq]


Daesh said it destroyed 2​​ Syrian Army military positions with 3 SPG9 rockets in the Albu Kamal area on Tuesday, killing or wounding the soldiers inside. [ICDNNov28]


Daesh published on Wednesday a photo of one of its Asian terrorists claiming he was killed in the Albu Kamal area. [ICDNNov28]



No reports




Neighboring countries


On Wednesday, the US Treasury added 2 Iranians to the Specially Designated Nationals list, Ali Khorashadizadeh and Mohammad Ghorbaniyan, due to malicious cyber activities. ​​ [Basnews] [Treasury]


An Iranian border guards 1st ​​​​ Lieutenant was killed in clashes with smugglers near the Iraqi border,​​ Fars News Agency​​ says. ​​ [BaghdadToday]


Saudi Arabia/Yemen

A security source of the Czech Republic says the Saudi Embassy in Prague has sent funds to a terror suspect in Syria, saying the man​​ escaped to Mauritania and then Jordan, before entering Syria. The​​ Saudi Embassy kept funding the suspect with the awareness of the Czech justice system. [SyriaNow]


Yeni Shafaq, a Turkish daily, says UAE and Saudi Arabia have plans for Syria and Iraq. It says Mohammed Bin Zayed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, is trying to have closer relations with Iraq and Syria. [Eldorar]


The Yemen Army says​​ it started a fresh operation west of Mukalla, in Hadhramaut. [Hawar]






Daesh said that an “American” recon drone was shot down in the Achin area in Nangarhar, on Tuesday. [A3maq]


Daesh published on Wednesday a photo of one of its terrorists, saying he was killed in the Afghanistan/Pakistan area. [ICDNNov28]



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