An Update On ISIS Activities

Message to Daesh Daily Readers

Dear Readers,


Our suspension of​​ Daesh Daily​​ operations having continued past our previously estimated time frame, we think we owe you an explanation. As you know, we have distributed​​ Daesh Daily​​ at no cost for about four years, as a​​ public service, with support from various organizations, and also helped by our earnings from other projects. The costs are significant because of the number of personnel required. Our latest funding sources are now themselves on hold, and during the past​​ few weeks we have tried to get new funding, without success to date.​​ 


Certainly, we recognize that​​ Daesh Daily​​ is still needed. Many people think that by losing the territory it controlled, Daesh is not a big threat anymore. As our readers know from our​​ coverage, Daesh is not gone and is still fighting hard, and in additional countries. It will find ways and places to grow. As of now, we don’t see a way to resume a daily newsletter to cover these developments, but do hope we can generate enough support to​​ start a weekly version soon.​​ 


We thank you for your continuing loyalty over the last few years. When we have more definitive news, we will send out another update.


Best to all,


Daesh Daily Team



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