An Update On ISIS Activities

May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016

Peshmerga Fighters Killed in Tesgofa

Today’s Major Developments

Daesh stages surprise major attack on Peshmerga near Mosul; US Navy Seal, British volunteer killed.

Al-Abadi confers with National Security Council on Baghdad security.

20 Iraqi journalists were killed in the last 12 months

Iraqi forces advance on all sides of Falluja.

Iraqi forces have captured all villages between Hit and Baghdadi.

Iraq declares the siege on Haditha broken.





Prime Minister Al-Abadi’s office issues a statement saying the Prime Minister met with the National Security Council to discuss the security situation in Baghdad and the procedures to protect the government establishments. Abadi says demonstrators should commit to using only the designated areas. [Mada]


A State of Law MP says his party refuses the idea of moving COR sessions outside of Baghdad. [Mada]


The Deputy Minister of Health says the Ministry will send a specialized team to check the chemical pollution resulting from Daesh chemical attacks in Salahuddin, Kirkuk, and Anbar. [Mada]


The Iraqi Observatory for Journalism Freedom says 20 Iraqi journalists were killed by Daesh between June 2015 and May 2016. It also says 435 photographers and media technicians were killed since 2003. [Sumaria]


The Combined Joint Task Force says the Coalition conducted 25 airstrikes against Daesh targets in Iraq: Falluja (6), Ramadi (1), Hit (1), Baghdadi (1), Albu Hayat (1), Rutba (1), Bashir (1), Baiji (2), Mosul (7), and Qayara (4).




Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)

A local police source says the body of a Sahwa member was found shot in Falahat village in Tarmiya. [Maalomah]


South (Dora, Mahmudiya)

A police source says an IED exploded in a farm in Sayafiya, killing the owner of the farm. [Sumaria]

An MoI source says an IED exploded near a bulk produce market in Yusufiyah, killing two people and wounding eight. [Mada]


Southwest (Rasheed)

A police source says 3 Iraqi soldiers were wounded when a roadside IED exploded on their vehicle in Rasheed. [Sumaria]


West (Mansour, Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib)

An MoI source says General Ghalib Al-Bahadli, a senior MoD consultant, was killed by armed men in his vehicle in Mansour. The source says Daesh’s Baghdad wilayat claimed responsibility for the attack. [Mada]

An MoI source says an IED exploded near a commercial area in Ghazaliya, killing one person and wounding seven. [Mada]

The Iraq Federal Police (IFP) Commander says his troops found a rocket launcher in Radwaniya. [Harbi]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   7      (Includes only incidents reported)




Falluja city. Al-Tayar Al-Risali, a Shia PMF unit, says it rocketed a Daesh meeting in Falluja city, killing 11 terrorists and wounding others. [Mawazin]


South of Falluja. The Anbar Provincial Council announced today that Iraqi forces started the liberation campaign in south Falluja District and captured the Albu Youssef and Fahailat areas in Ameriyat Al-Falluja, killing 20 terrorists and destroying 3 vehicles. The operation aims to open secure routes for families trapped in the city. [Mada] [Maalomah]


A member of the Ameriyat Al-Falluja subdistrict says Iraqi forces liberated the Albu Hassan area south of Falluja, and defused “tens” of booby-trapped houses and IEDs. [Maalomah]


A tribal PMF commander says Iraqi forces liberated the Albu Assi area, south of Falluja, killing “tens” of terrorists and destroying a vehicle bomb. [Mada]


The Anbar Operations Commander says Iraqi forces, supported by Coalition and Iraqi airpower killed 60 Daesh and destroyed a vehicle bomb and 10 guesthouses, and took control of 4 km (2.5 miles) on the road between Ameriyat Al-Falluja and Al-Salam intersection. [Sumaria] [Sumaria]


Daesh says Iraqi forces, supported by Coalition warplanes, attacked its locations in the Jaffa area near Ameriyat Al-Falluja. Daesh says one of its Iraqi terrorists conducted a suicide attack on the Iraqi forces, killing or wounding “tens”, including a brigade commander, and destroying 6 vehicles. Daesh says the clashes are ongoing. [JustPaste]


The Anbar Operations Commander says Coalition warplanes destroyed 3 Daesh tunnels, killing terrorists inside during military operations south of Falluja. [Sumaria]

An Anbar Operations Command source says Coalition warplanes and IAA helicopters destroyed 4 Daesh headquarters and a vehicle bomb and killed 12 terrorists during the operations south of Falluja. [Harbi]


An Anbar police source says the commander of the Ameriyat Al-Falluja PMF brigade was wounded with 3 of his associates during the battles with Daesh. [BasNews]


The subdistrict council of Ameriyat Al-Falluja announced a curfew until further notice after Daesh attacked the residential compound with rockets and mortars. [Mada]


West of Falluja. The Chairman of Khaldiya subdistrict council says Iraqi forces broke through Daesh defense lines in the Albu Abdul Hassan and Sadda areas west of Falluja, killing 20 terrorists. [Maalomah]


A tribal PMF commander says Iraqi forces attacked Daesh location in Saqlawiya, west-northwest of the city, killing the Daesh military leader of Falluja, a Syrian terrorist called Hashim Al-Halabi, and 7 of his associates. [BasNews]


North and east of Falluja. Iraqi Army 14th division artillery shelled Daesh locations in Saqlawiya, Qarma center, and Rofa (in Qarma subdistrict), killing 9 terrorists and wounding 15, destroying a machine gun-mounted vehicle. 14th Division troops killed 3 terrorists and wounded 2, and destroyed a vehicle, 32 IEDs, and 10 hideouts. [BOC Facebook Page]


Coalition warplanes destroyed 7 Daesh guest houses, a weapons and ammunition storehouse, 9 boats, 2 vehicles, and combat locations in Albu Shijil (northwest), Albu Ali Al-Jassem (east), and Rofa.

Iraqi Army 60th brigade troops killed 13 Daesh terrorists and wounded 4, destroying 2 guest houses in Maamir. [BOC Facebook Page]


Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Rofa. Daesh also says it attacked Iraqi forces in the area with an SBG9 rocket. [JustPaste]


A PMF source says PMF units ambushed and killed 7 Daesh terrorists and destroyed a vehicle in Qarma. [Harbi]



The Khaldiya council Chairman says the IAA killed the Daesh wali of Jazeera Khaldiya, Abu Muslim Al-Muhajir, and 3 of his associates during an attack on a Daesh hideout in the area. [Maalomah]


The IWMC says Coalition warplanes bombed a Daesh meeting in the Albu Ali Al-Jassem north of Ramadi, killing 20 terrorists and destroying 3 vehicles. [Mada]


Daesh publishes photos of a PMF vehicle destroyed by an IED in the Thumail area, southeast of Ramadi. [JustPaste]



The Jazeera Operations Commander says Iraqi forces have liberated all of the villages between Hit and Baghdadi. [Etejah]


The Joint Operations Command (JOC) says Iraqi forces, supported by the IAF and IAA, cleared liberated 13 villages on the road between Hit and Baghdadi during the last few days. The JOC also says 259 terrorists were killed and 21 wounded, and that 33 vehicles, 11 motorcycles and more than 3,000 IEDs, 14 tunnels, and other weapons and explosives were destroyed. 12 booby-trapped houses were defused during the operation. [Harbi]


Daesh issues a propaganda video about its attacks on Iraqi forces. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. We don’t know why they’re celebrating.



The JOC announced officially, after the Hit operation, that Iraqi forces have broken the siege on Haditha. He declared the roads between Hit, Haditha, Baghdadi, and Ramadi open. [Harbi]


The Mayor of Haditha District asks the Iraqi Government to reopen government offices and restore services in Haditha and Baghdadi, requesting food and fuel now that the Daesh siege has been broken. [Sumaria]


The JOC says Iraqi forces found an underground weapons and explosives storehouse in the Alus area. [Harbi]


A tribal PMF commander says the air flights between Baghdad and the Ain Al-Asad base will now be stopped because Iraqi forces control the road to Haditha. The air flight arrangement was put in place when the road to Haditha was occupied by Daesh. [Maalomah]


Rutba/Western Anbar

The IWMC says Iraqi F-16s destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb factory and other Daesh hideouts in Al-Qa’im, killing “tens” of terrorists. [Buratha]




An Iraqi special forces commander says Iraqi forces stopped a massive Daesh attack during the last 3 days in the thermal station area of Baiji, killing more than 130 terrorists, most of them from Asia. [Mawazin]


A Salahuddin Operations command source says the IAA destroyed a Daesh hideout in Fatha, killing 4 terrorists and destroying a weapons cache. [Ghad]


Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi Army Humvee, killing several soldiers, in an attack near Albu Juwari, north of Baiji, on Monday. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says battles continued near Albu Juwari. Daesh says after targeting Iraqi Army positions with 30 mortars and 15 Katyushas, its terrorists clashed with Iraqi forces, killing or wounding several soldiers and destroying a Humvee. [JustPaste]


The IFP Commander says his troops destroyed 3 machine gun mounted vehicles and a rocket launcher in the Makhoul Mountains. [Harbi]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting Iraqi units in the Asmeda area with heavy artillery. [JustPaste]



Daesh says it destroyed a PMF SUV in the Laqlaq area north of Al-Alam, killing or wounding several fighters. [A3maq]



The JOC says Salahuddin Operations command troops defused 16 IEDs in the Dayoum area. [Harbi]


Southern Salahuddin

A Salahuddin COR member says a tribal agreement was reached and displaced families from Yathrib subdistrict will go back to their houses after they pay blood money to the families of Daesh victims. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This is a breakthrough. Within tribal rules, the family of the killer should leave the area or face retribution. The other solution, and only if the family of the victim agrees, is to pay blood money for the family of the victim. Sometimes even the killer himself could avoid the tribal hunt by paying blood money, but not the justice system. In this agreement, the families of Daesh terrorists, but not the terrorists themselves, will be pardoned, and will be allowed to go back to their houses. It is an important step towards reconciliation. Many Daesh members’ families (by the thousands) are still not allowed to go back to their houses in north Babel, Diyala, and other areas. In some cases, the entire Sunni community of such mixed areas was not allowed to return.

Even in Sunni areas, like Ramadi or Hit, a tribal solution must be reached before the families of Daesh terrorists could return. 




Northern Diyala

The Dijla Operations Commander, in a meeting with tribal leaders and security officials, says the command put together a plan to arm tribal PMFs in Udhaim subdistrict to help Iraqi forces hold their ground. He also says the command is planning to allow the return of 600 families to the area. [Sumaria]


A local source says an Iraqi Army unit clashed with a Daesh sleeper cell, responsible for planting IEDs and gathering information, near Udhaim. An officer and a soldier were killed, two soldiers were wounded, and 3 Daesh terrorists were killed. [Sumaria]


Daesh says it detonated 2 IEDs on a joint PMF and police convoy in Mtaibija in Udhaim, damaging 2 vehicles and forcing the convoy to retreat. [JustPaste]




A PMF commander says the IAF bombed the Daesh hisbah official, a Syrian terrorists called Abu Hajir Al-Ansari, and 4 of his associates in Hawija’s Riyadh subdistrict.  [Sumaria]


A local source says an unknown sniper killed 3 Daesh terrorists in Hawija. [Maalomah]



A Peshmerga source says 175 Daesh terrorists were killed during the liberation operations of Bashir on Saturday. He says Daesh terrorists have been pushed “tens” of km away from Bashir. He also says 2 Peshmerga fighters were killed and others wounded. [BasNews]


A security source says a Peshmerga fighter was killed and 3 wounded while they were defusing a Daesh IED in Albu Mifrij village near Bashir. [Mada]


A security source says a PMF fighter was killed as he tried to defuse an IED in a house in Bashir. [Sumaria]



Daesh launched a major attack against Peshmerga positions over a 100 km (62 mile) area from Makhmur to Mosul. The heaviest attack was in the Nineveh Plain area just north of Mosul. A US serviceman was killed as was a British citizen fighting with a Christian militia unit as a volunteer. The Peshmerga recovered from the attack to regain the advantage, with heavy Coalition help.


Nineveh Plain

A local source says Daesh captured Tesgofa (also spelled Telisqof, Telskuf) after a major surprise attack on the Peshmerga in the area. [Baghdadia].

Daesh says it launched a massive attack on Peshmerga units north of Mosul. Daesh says the attack started with heavy artillery and mortar shelling, then 3 remote-control vehicle bombs attacked the Peshmerga in Tesgofa, Baqofa (just SE of Tesgofa), killing or wounding many Kurdish fighters and destroying their military positions. Then Daesh fighters clashed with the Peshmerga and captured Tesgofa and Baqofa. [JustPaste] Daesh says it shot down a Peshmerga drone near Baqofa. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of the battles. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of the 2 suicide terrorists. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. Tesgofa and Baqofa are in the Tel Keif District adjoining Mosul to the north and west, normally heavily populated by Assyrian Christians and other religious minorities, who evacuated en masse in mid-2014 as Daesh invaded the Nineveh Plain area. The initial success of the Daesh attack was embarrassing to the Peshmerga but probably temporary, as Daesh has no way to hold this largely depopulated area, where it has virtually no local support. As in many previous situations, this attack was probably an effort to distract attention from Daesh’s defeats elsewhere, as it keeps losing ground in Anbar (as reported above) and has now lost Bashir in Kirkuk too.


Multiple and competing reports soon flooded in as the Peshmerga worked to reassert control.

  • A security source said Peshmerga troops were surrounding Daesh terrorists in several areas in Tesgofa and had killed 30 terrorists so far. The source also said the battles were ongoing to re-take the city from Daesh terrorists. [Sumaria]
  • In Erbil the General Secretary of the Peshmerga ministry said final results of the battles are still unknown because they are ongoing. He also says Daesh wants to increase its morale after losing Bashir, creating obstacles for the liberation of Mosul. [Rudaw]
  • A Peshmerga commander later said his troops recaptured Tesgofa, killing 40 Daesh terrorists and capturing many more. [ARA] Another Peshmerga source said Kurdish troops recaptured Tesgofa with support from Coalition airpower. [Harbi]
  • A Peshmerga source said the battles continued as Daesh shelled the area with mortars and rockets. [ARA]


Defense Secretary Carter confirmed the reported loss of an American service member who was killed in combat “near Erbil.” [Sumaria] He was later identified as a Navy Seal deployed with a Peshmerga unit when it was penetrated by the surprise Daesh attack.


A Peshmerga commander reported that a British volunteer in the Nineveh Plains Protection units (Iraqi Christian) was killed in the Tesgofa fighting. A Christian commander confirmed the report. [Xendan]


Daesh says its terrorists also captured Masqalat village, closer to the critical Mosul Dam. [JustPaste]

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked a Peshmerga compound near the Amar Bait area, southeast of the Dam, killing or wounding several fighters. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes a photo of the suicide terrorist. [JustPaste]


A security source says Coalition warplanes and artillery attacked Daesh in Tesgofa and in Masqalat. The source says Coalition helicopters participated in the battles for the first time. Three Iraqi Christian fighters were wounded in the battles.

The same source says Peshmerga fighters regained most of the areas captured by Daesh in other parts of its offensive, in Khazer (Hamdaniya District), Bashiqa (Mosul), and Nawaran (near the Dam). [Ghad]

Two videos that apparently show US helicopters in action in Tesgofa area. [Facebook] [Facebook]


A Ninewa Governorate source says the Peshmerga killed 120 Daesh terrorists in the battles in Tesgofa. [Mada]

Video shows Peshmerga and Nineveh Plain Protection Units soldiers in Tesgofa. [Mosuliya] [Kurdistan24] [Facebook] [Facebook] [Facebook] [Facebook] [Facebook]


A video and photos about Daesh casualties in the Tesgofa area. [Rudaw]

A Peshmerga commander says Daesh used more than 40 suicide terrorists and 25 vehicles in the battles in Tesgofa. [Sumaria]


Daesh blew up the Tesgofa Hospital (photo). [Ghad]


A Peshmerga officer says his troops trapped 40 Daesh terrorists who sneaked into Tolband and Qulband (Kulabor) village in Khazer, in Hamdaniya District. [Xendan]


The Commander of Babelyoun, a Christian PMF unit that has fought with Shia PMFs, demanded from Baghdad that KRG President Barzani allow Christian and Shabak PMF troops to protect their areas. He says the refusal of the participation of the Christians and Shabaks will not help the battle against Daesh. He also says Ninewa is not part of the KRG and therefore there is no reason to prevent its people from liberating their lands. He says the KRG is “marking borders with blood”. [Ghad]



A Peshmerga commander says his troops stopped a Daesh attack on Abu Sheeth village in Gwer subdistrict, killing several terrorists. 2 of his fighters were wounded. This was part of Daesh’s major attack on the Peshmerga over a 62 square mile area. [Rudaw]

Daesh says it shelled and rocketed Peshmerga positions in Gwer and Albu Sheeth. [A3maq]


In other military developments in the Makhmur/Qayara area:

The IWMC says Ninewa Operations command troops killed 5 Daesh suicide terrorists near Kharbadran village. [Karemlash]


A PUK official says 45 people from Laksa village in Qaraj escaped Daesh controlled areas and were received by Peshmerga units in Makhmur. [PUKMedia] (Qaraj is the majority-Arab subdistrict of Makhmur; the other four are majority-Kurdish.)


The JOC says Coalition warplanes killed 7 Daesh terrorists in Al-Nassr village. [Harbi]


The JOC says 25 Daesh terrorists were killed near Mahana village by airstrikes and artillery shelling. [Harbi]



A Peshmerga source says the Kurdish forces stopped a 4th Daesh attack on their positions in the Badoush area, killing several terrorists and destroying 3 vehicle bombs. [Harbi]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says it shot up a Daesh vehicle in the Karama neighborhood, killing 3 terrorists inside. [KM Facebook Page]



Turkish military sources say Turkish warplanes bombed PKK locations in the Qandil Mountains on Monday evening, killing 18 fighters. [Sumaria]




The JOC says Iraqi forces found an explosives cache in the Buhairat area, north of Hilla. [Harbi]




Local sources say Turkey is building a cement wall inside the Syrian border in Hasaka District. [ARA]




The Combined Joint Task Force says the Coalition conducted 4 airstrikes against Daesh targets in Syria: Shaddadi (1), Raqqa (2), and Mare’ (1).


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Local sources say the YPG allowed the people of Jazaa town in Hasaka to return to their houses. The city was liberated from Daesh in August of 2014, but has been under constant attack by Daesh. [Rudaw]


Airstrikes continued on residential areas in Raqqa, killing twelve people and wounding forty, including women and children. [Qasioun]

Daesh issues a video of the results of Russian airstrikes on grain silos, a school, and a residential building in Raqqa. [A3maq]

Daesh says six civilians were killed and three wounded during the Russian airstrikes on Raqqa. [A3maq]


The Syrian Observatory for Human rights says thirteen people were killed and thirty five wounded in an airstrike on Daesh in Raqqa. A source says at least 5 Daesh terrorists were killed during the airstrike. [Hawar]


Daesh says it launched a surprise attack on Jalan village south of Shaddadi. Daesh says it captured the village for several hours after the YPG fighters retreated, then Daesh blew up YPG positions before retreating. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Daesh says it recaptured Shabaniya, Mazra Shahin, Qasajek, Tal Battal, and Azzatiya villages north of Aleppo, from Turkey-backed opposition groups. [A3maq]


A local activist says Daesh captured several of its own fighters as they were attempting to flee to Turkey and executed them in the university compound in west Manbij. [ARA]


Turkish troops shelled Tal Abyad with heavy artillery. [Hawar]


Daesh says two children were killed and three others wounded in a Turkey artillery shelling on Htimailat, north of Aleppo. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of battles with Turkey-backed opposition groups near Dudyan village. [JustPaste]


Syrian Democratic Forces shelled residential areas in Azaz without reports of casualties. [Qasioun]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

A Syrian military source says Syrian warplanes bombed Daesh near Huwaisis village, killing several terrorists and destroying their vehicles. [SANA]

Daesh issues a video of a Syrian army military position in the Huwaisis area east of Homs. [A3maq]


A Syrian military source says Syrian troops stopped a Daesh attack north and east of Sha’er oilfield killing many terrorists including a Saudi commander. Syrian warplanes also destroyed a Daesh convoy north of Tadmur. [SANA]

Daesh issues a video of the battles near Sha’er oilfield, east of Homs. [A3maq]


A Syrian military source says Syrian warplanes destroyed Daesh vehicles and gatherings in Aliya village, east of Hama. [SANA]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

A Syrian military source says Syrian troops clashed heavily with Daesh terrorists in Sinaa neighborhood in Deir Ez-Zor, killing or wounding several terrorists and destroying a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition in addition to mortar. Syrian troops also destroyed a Daesh building in the Jamiliya area. [SANA]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Daesh says opposition group fighters tried to sneak to its positions near Yelda, but its men stopped the attack. Daesh also says Syrian Government troops attacked the Iskan area and other locations in the Yarmouk Camp, but they were also stopped by Daesh. [A3maq]


A Syrian military source says Syrian troops destroyed 2 Daesh vehicles in Muqtara village northeast of Suwayda. [SANA]




North Africa


A security source says security forces captured 59 terrorism suspects in Sumran neighborhood in Arish. 3 more terrorists were captured in the Risa area. [VetoGate]


Security forces defused a roadside IED in the Kilo 17 area west of Arish. [VetoGate]


Daesh claimed responsibility for the IED explosion in the Masa’id area west of Arish. [JustPaste]


Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Egyptian soldier in Qura’i area south of Arish. Daesh also says it destroyed an Egyptian army Humvee with an IED in the same area. [JustPaste]


The body of a 57 year old man was found shot near the Bir Lahfen area south of Arish. [VetoGate]

A senior security source says security forces stopped a terrorist attack on a military position in the Bir Lahfen area, killing 2 terrorists and wounding 3. [VetoGate]


Egyptian security forces killed 19 terrorists and wounded 25 in the Karm Al-Qawadis area south of Sheikh Zuweid and destroyed several vehicles and motorcycles. [VetoGate]


Daesh says one of it snipers killed an Egyptian soldier near the Manakh area east of Sheikh Zuweid. [JustPaste]



Central coast

A military source says the Fajr Libyan militias attacked Libyan army locations in Zella. The source says the Libyan troops were preparing to attack Daesh in Sirte. He says seven soldiers were wounded, but the Libyan Army stopped the attack and pushed the militia back to Jufra. [AfriGate]

The Spokesman of the Libyan General Military command says the Libyan Army crushed “the remains of the armored vehicles that escaped from Benghazi” in Zella, and captured many of them. [Wasat]

The Spokesman of the Sirte Liberation Operations Room says more Libyan troops are arriving to Marada, Zella, Mabrouk, and south of Nawfaliya in addition to troops arriving in areas south of Sirte, preparing for the liberation operations by the end of the week. [Wasat]


Daesh publishes 3 photos of its police in Bin Jawad. [JustPaste]



The Tunisian Minister of Foreign Repairs refuted media reports of Tunisian efforts to bring back Tunisian terrorists stuck in Libya and Syria. [Tunisien]

DaeshDaily comment. We only hope other countries do the same. Too many killers have been sent back to their countries but then recycled back to Iraq and Syria.


Other countries


Daesh says its terrorists killed a Yemeni soldier in Abyan in Aden. [JustPaste]  




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Daesh audio newsletter for today in Russian [JustPaste]


Infographics about Daesh suicide attacks in Iraq and Syria for the month of April [A3maq]


A new issue of Daesh’s Al-Naba’ magazine [JustPaste]



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