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July 16, 2015


July 16, 2015   






Iraq Minister of Defense arrives in Anbar to check on the military operations. The Minister says what was achieved in Anbar during the last 2 days was beyond expectations. He also says Iraqi forces are on the inner borders of Ramadi and are surrounding Falluja from all sides. He gave orders to keep opening secure roads for civilians to leave. The Minister was 5 km (3 miles) from Ramadi city. [MoD] [Al-Sumaria] [Rudaw TV]


Anbar’s Governor says the Iraqi government opened Bzaibiz crossroad between Anbar and Baghdad after he communicated with Prime Minister Abadi and the Operations Commander. [PUK Media]



A security source says Iraqi forces captured a trailer bomb and arrested its driver in Saqlawiya, 20 km (12 miles) north of Falluja city. The driver admitted he was a Daesh member and was trying to detonate the 15 tons of explosives in the trailer on the Iraqi soldiers. (photo) [Al-Mada]


The IAA and the IAF launch airstrikes on Daesh locations near Khaldiya, killing 60 and destroying 14 vehicles. (video) [MoD] [MoD]


A source in Anbar Operations Command says security forces shelled a Daesh hideout in Zoba’a villages, killing 6 terrorists. [Al-Baghdadia]


The PMF spokesman says Iraqi forces captured the Al-Adhra area near Falluja. He says Iraqi forces haven’t entered Falluja city yet, to allow safe exits for the civilians. [Al-Sumaria TV]


A member of Ameriyat subdistrict council says Daesh shot and killed 3 citizens trying to leave Falluja for Al-Falahat. He says this is the second time within one week. [Al-Maalomah]


A Daesh video from Falluja. [Twitter]



The IAA kills 70 Daesh members in an airstrike on the fertilizer factory in Ramadi. [MoD]


A source in the Iraqi JOC says the joint forces from the Federal Police and the PMFs captured the ice factory area in East Hsaiba, killing 8 Daesh terrorists including 2 suicide bombers, and capturing 3 vehicles. [Al-Mada]


A security source says the IAA destroyed 4 car bombs attacking Iraqi defense lines in Hsaiba. [Al-Maalomah]


Iraqi Federal Police Command says Iraqi troops killed 8 terrorists near Ramadi and arrested a “Chinese” terrorist. [Al-Mada]


Elsewhere in Anbar

Baghdad Operations Command says Iraqi forces continued their efforts to capture the remaining areas in and around Qarma, killing 8 Daesh members and destroying 7 vehicles. [Al-Mada]

IWMC says the IAF and IAA launched airstrikes on a Daesh gathering in Qarma, killing several Daesh leaders including the snipers’ officer. [Iraq Press]


Daesh publishes a video of the suicide attack on Iraqi forces in Nukhaib. [Isdarat]


Daesh media point work in Rutba. [Come to Success]

DaeshDaily note. Daesh has “media points” within its areas of control where they hand out CDs, pamphlets, and other propaganda to residents.



The Chairman of the Security Committee in Salahuddin GC refutes the reports about Daesh controlling 90% of Baiji refinery. (Not reported here) He says Daesh was defeated in Baiji and only one last step remains, to liberate Siniya and the northern parts of the refinery. [Al-Maalomah]  Siniya is a town just west of Baiji.


A security source says Iraqi forces shelled a Daesh hideout in Siniya, killing 14 terrorists. [Al-Maalomah]


A security source says Iraqi forces cleared the last Daesh pockets in Albu Jwary in east Baiji. [Al-Maalomah]


The chairman of the Security Committee in Salahuddin GC says Iraqi forces killed a Moroccan Daesh leader, Abu Ibrahim Al-Maghrebi, and one of his associates in Al-Fatha near Baiji. Maghrebi was responsible for the suicide bombers in Salahuddin.


A report about the difficulties facing the returnee families in Mazraa near Baiji. [Al-Sumaria]


An Iraqi army officer says Daesh attacked a police station in the Raqqa area of southwest Samarra, killing a Sahwa leader and 4 of his associates and injuring 8 PMF fighters. [Erem]

Daesh claimed responsibility for the Samarra attack and said it killed 13 Iraqi commandos in addition to the Sahwa leader and a military intelligence officer. [Ana Al-Muslim]


A security source says 3 civilians were injured, 2 of them women, when an IED exploded in Tuz District east of Tikrit on the Kirkuk border. [Al-Mada]


A tribal leader in Dujail confirms reports that an “influential militia” kidnapped his brother and 11 other members of Khazraj tribe. He says his tribe (Shia) was one of the first tribes to fight Daesh and asks the leader of the AHH to intervene. [Al-Mada]



Correction: Yesterday we called Saleh Al-Mutlaq the Vice President; he is the Deputy Prime Minister. We apologize for the error.


A Sunni MP says the American worries about Daesh control over the F-16s’ military base are “unacceptable and unjustified”.  [Al-Ghad]

The spokesman of the MoD says the Balad military base (in Salahuddin) where the planes are housed is far away from military operations and is completely safe. [Petra]


An official Jordanian source says the Iraqi government informed Jordan they will close the border between the two countries until further notice. [Xendan]

The spokesman for the Iraq MoI says the closing of the border is temporary pending improvement in the Anbar security situation. He says Daesh used the border as a source of revenue. [Al-Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. This action raises a simple question: Why now? Why not a year ago? Daesh has generated hundreds of millions of dollars by extorting a large fee for every truck crossing the border. Whatever the answer to that question, this decision will be costly economically to Jordan and all the truck drivers who bring Jordanian goods into Iraq.


According to security sources:

  • Iraqi security forces closed some roads and tighten security procedures ahead of the Eid holiday. [Al-Baghdadia]
  • An IED exploded in Bayyaa in south Baghdad killing 2 civilians and injuring 6. [Al-Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a commercial area in Dora in south Baghdad killing one civilian and injuring 5. [Al-Baghdadia]
  • A roadside IED exploded in Bakriya in west Baghdad killing 2 civilians and injuring 8.
  • An employee of the Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Construction was killed when a sticker IED exploded under his car on Palestine Street in east Baghdad.
  • Three unidentified bodies were found in Shula in northeast Baghdad. [Rudaw TV]



A security source says the police found a beheaded corpse of a young Turkmen man in Daquq district center. He says the head was found later in a different area. [Al-Ghad]



The Chairman of the Displacement and Migration Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, from Diyala, says 40,000 families were displaced from their houses in Diyala, mostly from Baquba and Khanaqin, and only 10,000 returned. He says some of these families were forced to leave again because of the constant raids on their houses by Shia militiamen looking for Daesh supporters among the returnees. He also says some families paid 500,000 dinars (around USD$400) as bribes to local government employees in Udhaim in order to let them return.

DaeshDaily Comment: Udhaim was the Daesh stronghold in Diyala, so it’s not surprising pro-government militiamen regard it with suspicion. However, if the report is true, innocent families are being forced to pay bribes AND Daesh members can return safely if they pay.


The “secretary” of Diyala GC says the Governor met with the security commanders in the governorate to discuss the recent security deterioration in Muqdadiya.  Local source say armed men attacked the security forces in north Muqdadiya, killing 3 PMF fighters and injuring others. [Baghdad International News Agency]  [Qoraish]


Daesh publishes a video of releasing their prisoners in Al-Khalis in May. [Isdarat]



An official Iraqi source says Daesh forced the people of Mosul to change the names of the commercial shops and businesses according to their strict code. Ancient Iraqi names, girls’ names, TV or movie names, and others have to be changed. [Petra]


A Kurdish MP says 1,600 Peshmerga soldiers have been killed and more than 6,000 injured in the fights against Daesh so far. He says over half of the injured soldiers need to be treated outside the country. [Al-Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. The implication is that those soldiers are not getting that treatment, and the further implication is that if Kurdish soldiers need medical assistance outside Iraq, so do many of the injured among the other Iraqi forces.


The director of Ninewa Journalists Network says Daesh executed the Network’s reporter in Mosul yesterday, 41 days after he was arrested. [Karemlash]


The IWMC says the IAF implemented 17 sorties and the IAA 46 all over the country, including airstrikes on Ur village north of Mosul that destroyed 3 buildings used by Daesh as weapons storehouses. [Rudaw TV]


An interview with an American volunteer with the Peshmerga. [Rudaw TV]


A Peshmerga source says Kurdish forces supported by Coalition airpower stopped a Daesh attack on Hardan village northwest of Mosul, killing 30 terrorists and destroying 6 vehicles. [Bass News]


A local source says Daesh executed 5 civilians in Tal Afar, including a doctor, accusing them of not cooperating. [Bass News]




The YPG says it recaptured several areas in Kobane and Jazeera, killing 29 Daesh terrorists. [PUK Media]


Daesh publishes photos of the fights in Jazeera. [Come to Success]


Syrian Kurdish forces say they stopped a Daesh attack on Quqas Bridge, crossing the Euphrates, killing many terrorists. [Bass News]


Kurdish forces took control of many areas in south Hasaka and surrounded the Daesh fighters there. [Bass News]


Local sources say the PYD rounded up 30 Kurdish young men to force them into compulsory military service.  [Bass News]


The Syrian government mourns the death of a general close to the Assad family who was killed in a battle against Daesh near the T4 military airport in Homs. [Syria Nass]


A Turkish analyst, close to the Turkish government, says Turkish troops will enter Syria in one of 3 scenarios: The Syrian Kurdish forces expand on the Turkish southern borders; the government defeats the opposition in Aleppo; or to provide safe zones for refugees. [Syria Nass]


A public swimming pool in Raqqa. [Come to Success]


Daesh public gathering in Raqqa. [Isdarat]




A Lebanese security source says authorities intensified security procedures in the southern Lebanon for Eid after getting information from detainees. [Petra]


A car bomb exploded on a security checkpoint in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, killing the driver and injuring 2 policemen. [Yemen Now]


The spokesman of the Egyptian military says a water patrol boat was attacked and burned by terrorists in the Mediterranean near Rafah, with no human casualties. [Al-Khamis]

Daesh’s version is that it targeted an Egyptian “frigate” near Rafah with a guided rocket, destroying it and killing everyone on board. [Twitter] [Photos]


Daesh says it launched 2 rockets on an Israeli electricity company in Asqlan.


Local security and government officials are leaving their houses in Sirte, Libya with their families to escape Daesh. Daesh detonated the house of the Military Police commander, raising the number of the houses of local officials they detonated to 13. [Bawabat Al-Wasat]


Daesh publishes a collection of reports about Shia people and soldiers it killed. [Just Paste]


Daesh Arabic newsletter for today. [Come to Success]




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