An Update On ISIS Activities

July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015


                Yesterday’s conclusion of the nuclear agreement with Iran was the world’s leading story, and correctly so. Beyond the agreement itself, this development has possible implications for the current crisis in Iraq.  One of today’s news reports is the string of positive reactions from Iraqi leaders in response to the agreement. Many Iraqi civil society activists and intellectuals have expressed support for the deal on social media, hoping Iran will stop using Iraq to advance its anti-American and regional sectarian agenda.

               In diplomacy the constant hope is that creating one good outcome will lead to another good outcome. At the least, we have established a working relationship with the elected government of Iran, though not with the hard-line anti-American elements, who are beyond government control. This relationship should enable some level of communication and cooperation on Iraq, where both the US and Iran support the government, and even on the chaotic conflict in Syria, which has become a no-win situation for all parties involved including the Assad government.


Iraq MoD says Iraqi forces are advancing on several battlefields in Anbar and the operations are going according to plan. MoD also says Iraqi forces killed dozens of Daesh fighters and have already liberated many areas. [Al-Maalomah]


The IAF flies 16 bombing sorties in Anbar. [MoD]


Deputy Prime Minister Salah Al-Mutlaq, the top Sunni Iraqi official, welcomes Anbar liberation operations and urges Anbar tribes to join the Iraqi forces. He also says that with this operation Daesh’s days in Iraq will soon be over. [Al-Sumaria TV]


An MP from Anbar says the local tribes changed their position after the Iraqi forces started Anbar liberation operations. She says Daesh used to control the tribes but they will join the security forces against Daesh in another Awakening movement. [Al-Ghad]


IWMC says the Iraqi forces continued Anbar liberation operations in different areas. They have cleared several areas near Thirthar Dam and defused 43 IEDs. [Shafaaq News]

Iraqi Minister of Trade says he ordered creation of a special operations room to join the Iraqi forces in Anbar and deliver food supplies to liberated areas. [Al-Sumaria TV]


A member of Anbar GC thinks Daesh will most likely abandon Falluja and Ramadi, similar to what happened in Tikrit, when they see the intensity of the Iraqi forces’ attacks. However, he fears for the lives of 50,000 civilians in Falluja and 60,000 in Ramadi who were not able to leave. [Shafaaq News]

A Sunni MP from Mosul says the Iraqi forces “broke the main brain” of Daesh in Falluja, where much of Daesh’s leadership resides, in record time and will be able to liberate Shirqat and Mosul after they control Anbar, Diyala and Salahuddin. [Al-Ghad]

IWMC says Iraqi forces captured a Libyan who was Daesh deputy police chief in Falluja. He was disguised as a woman and trying to sneak out with displaced families in Albu Alwan. [PUK Media]

A Sunni MP says Iraqi authorities are preventing Falluja displaced families from entering Baghdad. He also says the current military operations in Anbar don’t differentiate between Daesh and the civilians. [8th-Day]

Another Sunni MP says it is important that the Iraqi forces achieve victory against Daesh in Anbar but it is also important to open more safe roads for families to leave. [Mustaqila]

However, the chairman of the Defense and Security Committee in the Iraqi Parliament says 1,500 families were evacuated from Falluja and safe roads were opened for them to Baghdad. [Al-Maalomah]

IWMC says Iraqi forces liberated Al-Mahamda village in Saqlawiya, killing 10 Daesh terrorists. [Al-Maalomah]

A security source says Iraqi forces bombed a Daesh center in downtown Falluja, killing Abu Ayyoub Al-Ansari, a Daesh recruitment officer. [Al-Maalomah]

A video of the PMFs in Anbar. [YouTube]

Daesh publishes photos of its attack on Iraqi forces in Zoba’a near Falluja. [Come to Success]

Several Iraqi websites, mostly Shia, report that Daesh has started to booby-trap chickens in Falluja. (Photos) [Al-Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. Either Daesh or the Shia websites have gone too far.



The head of the security committee of Falluja’s Khaldiya subdistrict says Iraqi security forces supported by PMFs and tribal fighters staged a preemptive security operation in Al-Madhiq east of Ramadi, killing many Daesh fighters. He also says Iraqi forces advanced significantly in Hsaiba and Al-Tog, 12 km (7½ miles) east of Ramadi, destroying Daesh frontlines. [Al-Maalomah] [Al-Mada]

Daesh claims to have defeated the attack in Al-Madhiq.


IWMC says the Coalition launched airstrikes on Daesh hideouts in Al-Tash 2nd, south of Ramadi. [Shafaaq News] MoD reports that Iraqi forces captured Al-Tash 2nd. [MoD]

Daesh claims to have shot down an Iraqi helicopter over Al-Tash.


Iraqi forces foil a Daesh attack on the Olympic Stadium outside Ramadi and clear it completely. [MoD]

IWMC says Iraqi forces defused 37 IEDs near the Stadium. [Shafaaq News]

Daesh says they foiled an Iraqi military attack on the Stadium, destroying two armored vehicles.


Elsewhere in Anbar

Al-Jazeera Operations Command says his troops, supported by tribal fighters, implemented a security operation east of Baghdadi subdistrict, 90 km west of Ramadi, killing 14 Daesh members and destroying 4 vehicles. [Al-Sumaria TV]

Al-Suqour Intelligence Cell says it coordinated with the Iraqi JOC and the IAF to launch airstrikes on a Daesh convoy coming from Syria to Al-Qa’im, destroying 10 vehicles and killing 48 terrorists including several Daesh leaders. It also says it targeted the guest house for Daesh suicide bombers in Hit with rockets, killing 28 terrorists. [All Iraq News]

Daesh Ramadan activities in Hit. [Come to Success]

Daesh publishes photos of executing a “wizard” in Anbar. [Come to Success]

A local PMF commander says the IAF bombed a Daesh convoy trying to leave Falluja, killing Daesh’s “mayor” of Qarma and 4 of his associates. [Al-Mada]

The IWMC says Iraqi forces supported by Iraqi and Coalition airpower killed 16 Daesh members  and destroyed 3 vehicles and an oil tank bomb in Qarma. [Shafaaq News] A PMF source says Iraqi forces liberated 5 areas in Qarma, killing dozens of Daesh fighters. [Buratha]

DaeshDaily comment. The seemingly constant reports of military successes in Qarma raise the question after a while of why there are still parts of the city not under government control.



A Peshmerga commander says Daesh terrorists crossed the river and attacked the Kurdish forces west of Tuz District, 90 km east of Tikrit.  He says the clashes lasted for 3 hours and Daesh was unable to advance in the area. [Al-Mada]

A source in the IWMC says Iraqi forces took control of the eastern side of the Tigris River in Baiji after several military operations, killing many Daesh fighters, destroying 5 car bombs, defusing 30 IED, and confiscating a weapons storehouse. [Al-Maalomah]

IWMC says Daesh tried to attack Iraqi forces in Salahuddin (location unspecified) with car bombs but the attack was foiled. The IWMC also says Salahuddin Operations Command destroyed 3 Daesh vehicles carrying machine guns. [Al-Qurtas News]

A security source says 7 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 10 injured in a car bomb attack in Baiji. The source says Daesh attacked the Iraqi troops after the explosion but the attack was foiled. [Al-Ghad]

Daesh publishes a video of its fighters in Salahuddin. [Come to Success]

Daesh says it killed 2 PMF fighters in Baiji. [Independence News]

The Chairman of Salahuddin GC says the government released the previously delayed salaries of its employees in the governorate, after they reported to their work. [Al-Sumaria TV]

The anti-Daesh Free Officers Movement says it killed Sayyaf Al-Mosul, a former Saddam army officer and a top Daesh commander, who participated in the Speicher massacre. [Karemlash]


Several Iraqi leaders welcomed the nuclear deal between the US and Iran including PM Abadi, VP Nujaifi, former PM Maliki, Speaker Jubouri, and the Sunni bloc in the Iraqi Parliament. PM Abadi says Iraq is looking for more cooperation against Daesh after the deal. [Mustaqila] [Mustaqila] [Mustaqila] [Mustaqila] [Mustaqila] (Yes, separate reports from the same source) Similar statements came from Iraq President Fuad Masum and KRG President Barzani [Bass News] [Bass News]

The Association of Muslim Scholars says the deal is an American gift to Iran for its services. [Al-Moslim]

DaeshDaily comment. Since support for the nuclear pact included the Sunni political leadership, the AMS statement serves mostly to demonstrate its own political extremism.



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The Turkish Foreign Affairs minister says his country intends to train Iraqi police, and if the coordination continues between the two countries Turkey will also arm and train the Iraqi Army. [Mustaqila]

DaeshDaily comment. Again today, more help reported from the Turks. The rationale for this apparent policy shift has not surfaced in our sources.


IWMC says that, overall, the Coalition launched 15 airstrikes on different locations in Iraq, killing 26 terrorists and destroying 5 vehicles. [Al-Ghad]

The IAF commander says the four F-16s from the US just started their first training missions and will start their military operations in the near future. [Al-Mada]

A Czech newspaper says some Iraqi MPs are blocking the deal to buy L-159 jets from the Czech Republic because of corruption accusations. [Al-Mada]


Baghdad Operations Command says Iraqi forces cleared the Al-Dhiban Bridge area between Baghdad and Falluja killing 7 Daesh and destroying a vehicle with a machine gun and a trench used by Daesh. [Al-Mada]


According to security sources, a civilian was killed and 5 injured in an IED explosion in Al-Amin in east Baghdad. [Al-Baghdadia]


A security source says the body of a retired Iraqi general was found, days after he was kidnapped in west Baghdad. [Waradana]

Italy’s Minister of Defense arrives in Baghdad and meets with the Iraq Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior. The Minister says her country will train Iraqi police. [Rudaw TV]

DaeshDaily comment. Italy has had previous success in training Iraqi police.


Unconfirmed news about an attack on the prison in Kadhimiya. [Al-Gharbiya]



A Peshmerga source says the Coalition launched several airstrikes on Daesh locations in Daquq District, 45 km (30 miles) south of Kirkuk, killing many Daesh members. The Coalition also bombed a Daesh convoy near Hawija, destroying many vehicles and killing more Daesh fighters. [Al-Mada]


A security source says a Daesh member was arrested trying to sneak into Kirkuk with instructions for Daesh sleeper cells. [Al-Ghad]



Eyewitnesses say the Shia militias burned orchids in Sadiya northeast of Baquba. [Al-Gharbiya]


A security source says the IAA bombed a Daesh gathering on the east side of Mosul, killing dozens. [Al-Maalomah]

A senior health official from Mosul warns that the health situation is disastrous in the city because of the lack of monitoring and the shortage of supplies. [Bass News]

A Kurdish official says Daesh executed 17 fish hunters in Mosul for not giving their “taxes”. He also says Daesh executed 14 of its own members, including 2 Kurds, for not obeying orders. [Al-Sumaria TV]

A member of Mosul Notables Council says Daesh opened a new market to sell women in Mosul. He says Daesh announced by loudspeakers they are going to sell Yazidi and Syrian women, specifically for Daesh foreign fighters. [Karemlash Mosul News]

A source in the forensics department in Mosul says they received 32 bodies of foreign Daesh soldiers killed in the battles with the Peshmerga in Bashiqa and Sinjar. [Bass News]

Daesh publishes a video of the fights with the Peshmerga in Bartella east of Mosul. [Come to Success]

A video of presumably Daesh Asian fighters in Mosul. [YouTube]


A local source says YPG female snipers killed a Moroccan Daesh leader in Hasaka, Abu Osama Al-Maghrebi.  He had threatened to enslave and kill female Kurdish fighters. [PUK Media]

DaeshDaily comment.  It seems making threats against Kurdish women can be self-defeating.


The YPG say they attacked Daesh in south Hasaka, killing 23 terrorists and cutting their supply lines. They also say the foiled a Daesh attack on a village south of Sireen, killing 11. [PUK Media]

However, a Kurdish field source says the YPG withdrew from several areas and villages they liberated earlier around Sireen, following heavy Daesh attacks using car bombs and heavy weapons, explained as a decision to save their fighters’ lives and because there were no Coalition airstrikes on the area for the last 3 days. [Bass News]


Human Rights Watch says the YPG recruited 60 boys under 15 years old since June last year. [Rudaw TV]

Daesh says its troops attacked the Syrian army in Tal Shaeer in Aleppo killing dozens of soldiers. [Come to Success]

Daesh pamphlet distribution in Aleppo. [Come to Success]

Daesh fire department work in Raqqa. [Come to Success]


Daesh publishes photos of attacking the Syrian army in Hama. [Come to Success]

Daesh publishes a video of its charity activities in Homs. [Come to Success]


Ramadan activities in Deir Al-Zor. [Come to Success] And more charity activities. [Come to Success]




An Egyptian military spokesman says security forces foiled a car bomb attack on a military center east of Cairo. [Al-Sumaria TV]

A source in the German Embassy in Cairo says they received threats and decided to close the Embassy. [Al-Moslim]


Kuwaiti authorities says 5 Saudis and 3 Pakistanis are among the arrested suspects in the earlier attack on the Shia mosque. They say 7 of the suspects are women. [Al-Moslim]


Tunisia shuts down unlicensed a religious radio station and 2 TV stations. [Islam Memo]

Daesh website Akhbar Al-Muslimeen, based in Tunisia, was suspended.


Daesh says it attacked a Libyan army commander with an RPG rocket in Al-Laithi in Burqa, killing him and his associates.  [Come to Success]




Facebook Page of the Day

Iraqi 1st Rapid Intervention Division

DaeshDaily note: Facebook pages of Iraqi military units are not official; most are created by members of the units.



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