An Update On ISIS Activities

July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015



   Iraqi forces are advancing towards Falluja and Ramadi, and today’s reports paint an optimistic picture. Nothing is easy or simple in Iraq, however, and we should continue to expect the unexpected. Winning battles around a city are not the same as winning in urban warfare.

   Even an entirely successful campaign in Falluja and Ramadi will not end the war, even in Anbar. It would be a huge hit to Daesh capabilities, and even more to its military reputation, but they still have the far western areas (Hit, Rawa, Rutba, Qa’im, etc.) and can remobilize themselves very soon. Most of the foreign jihadis in eastern Anbar would leave, but some would stay and blend in (cutting their distinctive beards), and the local Daesh supporters will still be in place for a comeback, applying a familiar Daesh strategy. Moreover, as today’s Baghdad reports continue to show, Daesh still has access to the city and can continue to arrange car bomb attacks.


Anbar Map


The deputy chairman of Anbar GC says most of Daesh’s foreign leaders in Anbar have run away. He also says some of its Iraqi leaders have started trying to negotiate an amnesty with the security forces. [8th Day News]





A PMF commander says Iraqi forces crossed the Euphrates River from the Saqlawiya side toward Falluja without facing any resistance. He says Daesh terrorists retreated to the city center. [8th Day News]


Eyewitnesses say Daesh announced a “general deployment” through mosques and loudspeakers in Falluja. [Rudaw TV]


The Iraqi Joint Operations Command says Iraqi forces surrounded Falluja from all sides and have liberated many areas around the city killing dozens of Daesh terrorists. He also says the IAA destroyed several Daesh weapons storehouses. [Al-Mirbad Radio]


The PMFs say the IAF destroyed the largest Daesh intelligence office in Falluja city center. [Al-Maalomah]


Saraya Al-Jihad, a Shia militia, says they liberated Al-Dawajen area north of Falluja after heavy battle with Daesh. [Buratha News]

Daesh publishes photos of destroying an Iraqi tank with a rocket north of Falluja. [Come to Success]

The PMFs spokesman says the Falluja liberation battle will not be long and will be decided quickly. He says many former security personnel and government employees want to join the Iraqi forces and coordination with them is ongoing. He says Daesh booby-trapped many houses and mosques in the city in order to kill civilians and accuse the PMFs of the crime. [Al-Maalomah]


The PMFs spokesman says Iraqi forces have isolated Falluja completely from Ramadi. He also says Iraqi forces liberated several areas in and around Saqlawiya, killing dozens of Daesh fighters. [Al-Zaman]


A source in Falluja hospital says 11 civilians were killed, including 2 women and a child, and 24 injured in the Iraqi forces bombing on Falluja. [Al-Gharbiya News] Other health sources estimated 21 killed and 24 injured. [Erem News]

The Association of Muslim Scholars repudiates the Iraqi forces attack on Falluja and says it might be a revenge operation for the American “defeats” there. [The AMS Website]

DaeshDaily Comment: As usual the AMS never mentions Daesh in the statement. It just says “the number of armed men in Falluja is negligible”. The AMS has always been silent when Daesh or, previously, Al Qaeda in Iraq attacked and killed civilians in Iraq but becomes vocal when the Iraqi forces (or the Coalition before that) counterattacked. It is a propaganda mouthpiece for Daesh as it was for the earlier insurgency. Today’s statement echoes a trend in the Arabic media and social media to focus on the civilian casualties in Anbar.


A Sunni MP issues a statement asking Sunni tribes in Anbar to join the Iraqi forces and fight Daesh. [Al-Maalomah]


The rapporteur of the Iraqi Parliament, a Turkmen MP, says liberating the “snake head” Falluja will be the end of the Daesh project in Iraq. [8th Day News]


Badr militia mourns 2 of its commanders killed in Falluja. [War Media FB Page] We reported yesterday on this battle.


The Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Parliament says there is coordination between Iraqi authorities and the people of Anbar regarding the current operations. [8th Day News]


Daesh publishes a photo of a presumably classified document of the Iraqi Military Staff regarding the military operations in Anbar and the date of the attack on Falluja. The report is dated July 11. [Independence News]


A security source says Iraqi forces are advancing towards Ramadi from 3 sides. [8th Day News]


An Iraqi police commander says Iraqi forces, supported by the Coalition airpower, launched attacks on Daesh in the eastern and southern perimeters of Ramadi, killing 22 terrorists. [Bass News]

A security source says Iraqi forces supported by the Kata’eb Hezbollah missile battalion advanced in the Al-Malaab area of Ramadi. [Al-Maalomah]


A member of Anbar GC says Iraqi forces cleared the Sheikh Masoud area and are advancing towards other areas in east Ramadi. [Al-Maalomah]


A source in Anbar Police says Iraqi forces killed 4 Afghan snipers in Hsaiba east of Ramadi. [Al-Maalomah]


A source in Anbar Operations Command says Iraqi forces killed 35 Daesh terrorists, including 14 suicide bombers, and arrested 24 others while clearing Al-Tash 1st and 2nd areas south of Ramadi. [Al-Maalomah]


An Iraqi Army officer says the Coalition bombed and killed 15 Daesh terrorists who gathered in a mosque in Ramadi center. [Iraq Press Agency]


Iraqi Federal Police commander says Iraqi forces killed 24 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 9 vehicles with machine guns and 7 car bombs and defused 17 booby-trapped houses in the fights in Ramadi and Falluja. [Al-Mada] [Al-Sumaria TV]

Elsewhere in Anbar

The IWMC says the IAA bombed Daesh in Qarma killing several leaders. [Al-Maalomah]

A video of the results of the Iraqi bombing on Halabsa in Qarma. [The Grand Iraqi Revelation FB page]


A source in Anbar Operations Command says Iraqi forces foiled a Daesh car bomb attack on a security barrier in Nukhaib in west Anbar without casualties. However, a source in Anbar Police Command says 2 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 2 injured in the car bomb attack. [Al-Maalomah]


A security source says Daesh transported huge loads of weapons and military equipment from Rawa and Anah in west Anbar to Syria. [Al-Baghdadia News]



An Iraqi Army captain says Iraqi forces control most of the areas in Baiji District, except for some Daesh pockets. He also says Iraqi forces control 60% of the refinery. [Erem News]


Local sources say Shia militiamen kidnapped 15 people, including a leader from Khazraj tribe, in Dujail south of Tikrit. [Al-Gharbiya News]

DaeshDaily Comment: This seems odd since Dujail and the Khazraj tribe are Shia.


Daesh publishes (probably old) photos of road cleanup in Jazeera in Anbar. [Ana Al-Muslim Forums]

Daesh publishes a video of Iraqi Army posts in southeast Baiji. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh publishes photos of shelling an Iraqi Army barracks in Huwaish in Salahuddin with an SPG-9 rocket. [Come to Success]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling Iraqi forces in north Baghdad. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

According to security sources:

  • Two civilians were killed and 8 injured in an IED explosion in Hay Ur in north Baghdad. [Al-Baghdadia News]
  • Two civilians were killed and 7 injured in an IED explosion near a popular market in Mahmoudiya in south Baghdad. [Al-Gharbiya News]
  • A civilian was killed and 6 injured in an IED explosion in Ghazaliya in west Baghdad. [Al-Gharbiya News]
  • An Iraqi soldier was killed and 4 injured when an IED exploded on their patrol in Tarmiya in north Baghdad. [Al-Gharbiya News]
  • An employee of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance was killed and his son injured when a sticker IED exploded under their car in the Sleikh neighborhood in north Baghdad. [Buratha News]


Iraqi Christian MPs say the properties of Christian Iraqis who left the country for security reasons, are being sold illegally by corrupt officials and armed groups. The Integrity Committee in the Iraqi Parliament says it has dozens of complaints from Christians on this issue. [Al-Mada]


Iraq’s Minister of Foreign Affairs asks the Turkish government to help in the fight against Daesh. His Turkish counterpart says Turkey is helping Iraq in this regard and is training 160 Peshmerga soldiers. The statements came after a meeting in Ankara. [Al-Baghdadia News]

DaeshDaily comment: This is the second day in a row with stories about Turkey helping. Up to now, the absence of such developments has been the story. Notice, however, that the training assistance is for the Iraqi Kurds, not the Syrian Kurds. However, what does the following item show?


Turkey blocks 6 websites for supporting Daesh. [Al-Moslim] Daesh issues a statement threatening Turkey for doing that. [Islam Memo]




Daesh billboards in Hawija. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]



The mayor of Muqdadiya District says 5,200 displaced families returned to their houses so far. He also says the electricity was returned to 21 villages. [Al-Zaman Newspaper]


A member of Diyala GC says the security situation deteriorated in Muqdadiya because many Daesh terrorists are hiding in Al-Zor sector, 16 km (10 miles) to the north, making use of the natural cover provided by bushes and agricultural fields there. [Al-Sumaria TV]


A security source says a parked car bomb exploded in a residential area in Al-Khalis in north Baquba, killing 5 civilians and injuring 9. [Al-Ghad Press]

Daesh claimed responsibility for the car bomb in Al-Khalis. [Come to Success]

A security source says an IED exploded in Balad Ruz market, southeast of Baquba, killing 2 civilians and injuring 6. [Al-Baghdadia News]


Local sources say Iraqi security found 5 dead bodies of unknown people shot in Sinsil in northeast Baquba. [Al-Gharbiya News]



A Peshmerga commander says his troops foiled a Daesh attack on Sinjar, destroying 4 vehicles. [Al-Baghdadia News]


Daesh publishes more photos of shelling the Peshmerga in Makhmur. [Come to Success]

Eyewitnesses say the Coalition bombed a Daesh convoy in Shoura subdistrict south of Mosul killing 28 terrorists and injuring 13. [Bass News]

Eyewitnesses say Daesh executed a Sunni mosque imam by firing squad in downtown Mosul. The sources say the imam was arrested mid-March for not committing to Daesh instructions. [Bass News]

A tribal leader says Daesh ordered its fighters to withdraw from Mahalibya and Hmaidat areas west of Mosul after they were targeted by local tribes. [Bass News]

A Peshmerga source says Daesh launched a heavy attack on the Kurdish forces in Baashiqa but the Peshmerga stopped the attack, killing dozens of Daesh terrorists and destroying 9 Humvees. The source also says the Peshmerga shelled Daesh gatherings in Baashiqa, killing many of them and destroying their vehicles. [Bass News]

Daesh handout distribution in Ninewa. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


A Kurdish field source says Daesh attacked a village in Tal Abyad countryside with a car bomb, then Daesh fighters in armored vehicles attacked the Syrian Kurdish soldiers. The source says 7 Daesh terrorists and 3 Kurdish fighters were killed and the clashes are still going on. [Bass News]

A Kurdish field source says fighters from the Arab tribe Shammar joined Kurdish forces in the ongoing fights against Daesh in east Hasaka. [Bass News]

Daesh publishes photos of the fights in Hasaka. [Akbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh publishes a video of shelling the Kurdish forces in Kobane countryside. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh publishes a video of executing 4 Syrian soldiers. [Come to Success]

DaeshDaily Comment: The start of this video shows Daesh is getting more dramatic as it goes along.


A Daesh leader in Syria defected with 6 other terrorists and joined Jaish Al-Islam in Qalamoun. Daesh announced a 25,000 USD reward for anyone who brings him in. [Qasioun News]

Daesh says it captured several villages and a Syrian artillery battalion near T4 airport in Homs. [Come to Success]

Daesh publishes photos of shelling the T4 airport. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh publishes a video of the fights near Damascus. [Akhbar Al-Muslimen]



Daesh publishes photos of attacking an Egyptian army armored vehicle in Sheikh Zuweid. [Come to Success]

Daesh says it destroyed an Egyptian military bulldozer with 2 IEDs and targeted another military vehicle with IEDs in Sheik Zwaid. [Come to Success]

Daesh publishes a video message to the people of Saudi Arabia to attack and kill the Shia. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh says it targeted a Houthi police patrol in Sana’a with an IED. [Ana Al-Muslim Forums]

The Tunisian MoI publishes photos of a terrorist describing him as “very dangerous” and asking people to report on him. [Islam Memo]

A military spokesman says he Libyan jets bombed Daesh locations in Derna. [Bawabat Al-Wasat]

Daesh publishes a video message to the people of Algeria. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh publishes a video of the attack in Shbaili in Somalia. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]




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