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July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015



News reports today have focused heavily on the start of the battle for Falluja.


Iraqi Minister of Defense announces the start of Anbar liberation operations. [MoD Website]

PM Abadi visits the Iraq Joint Operations Command and says Anbar will be liberated very soon.

[Rudaw TV]


Iraqi Joint Operations Command says Anbar liberation operations started at 5 am Monday. The PMFs say 10,000 government and PMF soldiers are participating in the battle to liberate Falluja.

[Al-Mada Press Agency]

The AHH spokesman says they have 3,000 fighters preparing to participate in Anbar liberation operations. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]


The IWMC says Iraqi forces opened a safe road for the civilians to leave Falluja to the Albu Alwan area. [8th Day News Agency]

Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights says 800 families have left Falluja. [Al-Mada Press Agency]


A security source says Iraqi forces captured Daesh’s “wali” (governor) of Falluja, the Jordanian Abu Shahab. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]


A PMF source says the Badr militia stopped its attack on Falluja after Daesh attacked them with 5 car bombs killing 3 of their leaders. [Qoraish Newspaper]


A local PMF commander says Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack on Subaihat east of Falluja, killing 13 terrorists including a Daesh Yemeni leader. [Al-Mada Press Agency]


A source in Falluja hospital says 4 civilians were killed and 6 injured when Iraqi forces’ mortar shells fell on a residential area in Falluja. [Al-Gharbiya News]


A video of Saraya Al-Salam, the Sadrist militia, heading to Falluja. [Facebook]


A tribal leader from Anbar says Iraqi forces surrounded Falluja from all sides and cut Daesh supply lines. He also says Daesh announced through mosques and loudspeakers they will execute any Daesh fighter who tries to leave the city. A local source confirmed the reports.

[Rudaw TV] [Al-Gharbiya News]


Another tribal leader from Anbar says Falluja is the most difficult city to liberate but that will make Ramadi’s liberation easier. He also says the Iraqi government asked Coalition airpower to participate in the battle. [Rudaw TV]


The IWMC says Iraqi forces captured Albu Arab Bridge west of Falluja. [Iraqi Media Network]

A member of Anbar GC says Anbar liberation operations to date have succeeded in “breaking Daesh’s back” and forced the terrorists to leave many areas. [Bass News]


The commander of the 2nd Regiment in Anbar Operations says his troops killed 30 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 17 vehicles in battles around Ramadi and Falluja. [Bass News]


The MoD says Iraqi forces liberated Al-Malaab (stadium) area west of Ramadi. [MoD Website]


A member of Anbar GC says Iraqi forces supported by Coalition airpower captured the Al-Malaab and Khamsa Kilo areas just west of Ramadi, killing dozens of terrorists and destroying 7 of their vehicles. [Bass News]


Iraqi Army’s 5th Infantry Brigade clears the villages near Thirthar Dam. [MoD Website]


Daesh threatens its troops, through intercepted wireless communications, that they will be executed if they retreat. [MoD Website]


A security source says the Iraqi Rapid Intervention Forces and Special Operations are preparing to enter Al-Tash in south Ramadi. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]


Iraqi Army sources say 9 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 14 injured when an IED exploded on their military vehicle in Abu Flais west of Ramadi. [Al-Gharbiya News]


A security source says Iraqi forces liberated several areas east of Ramadi, killing 3 Daesh female snipers. A security source says Iraqi forces killed 4 Daesh terrorists, including women, trying to sneak from East Hsaiba to Al-Madhiq east of Ramadi. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]


A local PMF commander says Iraqi forces implemented a large military operation in Qarma center liberating 3 areas and killing dozens of Daesh terrorists including an officer of the Daesh tribal council. He also says Iraqi forces are advancing in Qarma center and it will be liberated within hours. [Al-Mada Press Agency]


A source in the Iraqi Joint Operations Command says Iraqi forces destroyed Daesh’s first line of defense line in Falluja hours after the Anbar operation started, and captured 5 areas on the outskirts of the city. [Al-Mada Press Agency]


Al-Jazeera Operations Commander says the Coalition launched an airstrike on Albu Hayat, 160 km (100 miles) west of Ramadi, killing 29 terrorists and injuring 5. [Al-Sumaria TV]


A local PMF commander says the IAA bombed several areas in Falluja, killing several Daesh terrorists. He also says Daesh booby-trapped the roads to prevent civilians from leaving the city. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]


The Mayor of Al-Khaldiya District says Daesh launched a major attack on Khaldiya on Thursday using car bombs and boats, but Iraqi forces stopped the attack and have cleared the city during the last 24 hours. He says dozens of Daesh bodies are floating in the river. However, he also says Daesh shelled the city with mortars and Katyusha rockets, killing and injuring many civilians. The head of the security committee in Khaldiya also reported that Daesh tried to sneak into the city in boats, but the attack was foiled and dozens of terrorists were killed. [Rudaw TV]

Photos of Daesh dead bodies in Khaldiya. [Wahat Al-Hurriya]


Daesh says an Iranian advisor for the Iraqi forces was killed in a suicide attack in Saqlawiya.

[Independence News Agency]


Daesh says it stopped Iraqi forces attacks on Ankoura and the 18th Kilo near Ramadi, killing dozens of Iraqi soldiers. [Independence News Agency] [A Daesh Twitter account]


An MP from Maliki’s bloc in the Iraqi Parliament says Iraqi forces should use the “scorched earth” strategy in Falluja, as the city doesn’t have any civilians anymore and all the families have left. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]


A video of an IED explosion on Iraqi forces during live broadcast. [YouTube]



Four F16 jets arrive at Balad Airbase in Salahuddin. [MoD Website]


Daesh publishes a new video of the Speicher massacre. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

DaeshDaily Comment: Many Iraqi news outlets and activist say Daesh is publishing this video because they are losing in Anbar.


A Shia MP says Iraqi people will have massive reactions against the Presidency Council if the executions of those convicted in the Speicher massacre are not implemented. [Al-Maalomah News Agency]

DaeshDaily comment: This seems to reflect the fact that the previous President, Jalal Talabani, had a principled objection to capital punishment and did not sign for executions.


Local sources say one policeman was killed and 4 injured when a booby-trapped house exploded on them in Al-Malha village in Baiji. [Al-Gharbiya News]


Daesh publishes a video of one of its terrorists in Salahuddin. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


A video of Daesh fighters running away in south Baiji. [YouTube]

Iraqi soldiers say Daesh changed the code name in its wireless communications from “bride grooms” to “caskets”.





The Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee in the Iraqi Parliament says the F16 jets Iraq received from the US are “without military usefulness” because Iraq hasn’t received the weapons associated with them. [Al-Maalomah]


PM Abadi asks Iraqi politicians not to “trade with the PMFs blood” for political reasons. [Iraqi Media Network]

DaeshDaily Comment: Several media outlets reported the PM criticized some Shia militias recently after Kata’eb Hezbollah tried to occupy a health clinic in east Baghdad last week but the Iraqi Army stopped them.

An MoI source says 11 people were killed and 23 injured in two car bomb attacks in Shaab in northeast Baghdad on Sunday. A car bomb exploded near a popular market and another exploded when the security forces arrived to the location. [Al-Mada]

Iraqi government sources say 35 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the 5 car bomb attacks in Kadhimiya, Shaab, Iskan, Binouk and Hay Al-Wihda in Baghdad yesterday.           [Al-Gharbiya News] Daesh claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attacks. [Independence News Agency]

An MoI source says an IED exploded near a popular market in Hay Al-Jihad in south Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and injuring 6. [Al-Mada]

An MoI source says an IED exploded near a popular cafe in Hay Al-Amin in east Baghdad, killing one civilian and injuring 9. [Al-Mada]

A security source says a civilian was killed and 5 injured in an IED explosion in Duwanim in southwest Baghdad. [Al-Gharbiya News]


A security source says a civilian was killed and 7 injured in an IED explosion in Mada’in in south Baghdad. [Al-Gharbiya News]


A security source says a civilian was killed and 8 injured when an IED exploded near a grocery market in Albu Aitha, in Dora in south Baghdad. [Al-Gharbiya News]




A car bomb exploded in near a Shia mosque in Kirkuk without human casualties. [Rudaw TV]


A security source says an Iraqi army officer was killed and 2 soldiers injured when an IED exploded in Sinsil, northeast of Baquba. [Al-Gharbiya News]




A report about a Yazidi girl freed from Daesh recently. [Rudaw TV]


A security source says the Coalition bombed Daesh’s biggest explosives factory in Mosul Shallalat (waterfalls), destroying hundreds of IEDs and about 30 car bombs. He also says Daesh ambulances transported 40 dead bodies to Mosul after the airstrike according to forensic sources. [8th Day News Agency]


A Peshmerga source says his forces shelled Daesh locations in Baashiqa, 15 km (10 miles) east of Mosul, killing or injuring 25 terrorists and destroying 5 vehicles. [Al-Mada]


A local source says the Coalition bombed a Daesh convoy in Al-Adhba, 20 km (12 miles) south of Mosul, killing 7 men and destroying 3 vehicles. [Al-Mada]


A Ninewa police source says Daesh executed a former Sunni election candidate. The source says Daesh arrested the candidate in his house south of Mosul last year. [Bass News]


A source in Jumhouri hospital in Mosul says Daesh prevented civilians from entering or leaving the hospital so as not to reveal information about its casualties. [Bass News]


Daesh says it attacked Kurdish and Yazidi soldiers in Kabbara west of Mount Sinjar, killing many of them and destroying a Yazidi temple. [Come to Success News]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says they shot and killed a Daesh security leader and two of his associates in Bawiza area. [Kata’eb Al-Mosul Facebook page]

A Kurdish official says Daesh executed 41 of its own soldiers, accusing them of running from fights. [Erem News]


A Christian MP says the Peshmerga is preventing displaced families from returning to their houses in Telskuf, saying it’s because of the security situation. [Al-Maalomah]


Daesh publishes photos of the markets in Tal Afar. [Come to Success News]


Daesh publishes a video of its terrorists in Ninewa. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]



A Kurdish military source says two Daesh terrorists attacked a security barrier in Tal Abyad with a car bomb but were killed by Syrian Kurdish fighters before reaching their target. [Bass News]


A Kurdish field source says Daesh’s military leader in Hasaka, Abu Qatada Al-Idlibi, was killed with 13 other terrorists in a Syrian airstrike on the road between Hasaka and Shaddadi.

[Bass News]


A Kurdish field source says Syrian forces are advancing on the road between Hasaka and Qamishli. It says Kurdish forces launched another attack on Daesh in south Hasaka killing 4 terrorists. [Bass News]


A Kurdish field source says a second German fighter was killed while fighting with the Kurdish forces in Hasaka. It says he joined the Kurdish forces 2 months ago. [Bass News]


Daesh raises a huge flag on the border between Iraq and Syria. [Come to Success News]

Turkish forces arrest 45 Daesh supporters trying to cross the border from Gaziantep to Syria including women and children. [Islam Memo]


Daesh says it attacked the Syrian forces at T4 airport in Homs with Grad rockets killing 11 of them. [Come to Success New]

And publishes a video of the attack on a Syrian government barrier at the same airport. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]

Daesh publishes photos of the fights with the Syrian forces in Homs. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


Daesh publishes photos of its social activities in Al-Andalus village in Aleppo. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


Daesh orders all mosque Imams to read to a Daesh provided speech prepared by its religious office in Friday prayers. Syrian activists compared this to the Baathist regime policies. [Islam Memo]




Tunisia’s Minister of Interior says security forces arrested 15 suspects linked to the Sousse terrorist attack. [Al-Balad News Agency]


Daesh publishes photos of its attacks on the Libyan forces in Al-Laithi in Burqa. [Come to Success News]

And photos of an IED attack on Libyan military in the same area. [Come to Success News]


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists establishing a checkpoint in Burqa and confiscating people’s items. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


Daesh publishes a video of its terrorists in Derna in Libya conceding they have been defeated there. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


A story about the Saudi chanter who used to work in a “conservative” channel and joined Daesh 2 years ago then was killed in Syria last week. [Islam Memo]


The Huthis say they killed Daesh’s leader in Yemen, Abu Omar Al-Shami, in an intelligence operation in west Sana’a. [Al-Sumaria TV]


Local officials say Al-Shabab attacked a Somali military base in Shbaili Al-Wusta in Somalia center, killing 4 soldiers before retreating. The sources say 2 terrorists were killed in the attack. Al-Shabab spokesman says 12 Somali soldiers were killed. [Al-Moslim]


Daesh publishes a video of beheading a “spy” in Afghanistan. [Come to Success News]


A Daesh leader sends a message to the people of Afghanistan. [Akhbar Al-Muslimeen]


Local authorities in Kosovo say they arrested 5 terrorists trying to poison the water resources in the capital. They say they found Daesh materials with the terrorists. [Al-Moslim]


Daesh Arabic newsletter [Come to Success New]


Facebook Page of the Day

DaeshDaily Preview: This is an Iraqi page that supports Daesh but doesn’t mention Daesh in any way. It talks about the “revolutionaries” in Anbar, Mosul, Tikrit, etc. vs. the enemy, which is the Iraqi forces. They publish reports, photos and videos from Daesh-occupied areas. It has more than 350,000 “likes”. Many people on this page might not be Iraqis, and many people click “like” on this page just to encounter its messages, but even if only half of the people on this page are Iraqis who support Daesh, it amounts to a lot of people. Most are educated people who live in Iraq or outside Iraq, including the US and other western countries.

Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day

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