An Update On ISIS Activities

July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015



  • An Anbar GC spokesman refutes yesterday’s optimistic report about clearing Saqlawiya completely from Daesh and says the military operations are still going on. He says Iraqi forces liberated large areas in Saqlawiya and raised Iraqi flags on governmental buildings used as Daesh offices, but they stopped the operations for a while to provide secure exits for civilians.

The deputy chairman of the GC says Daesh terrorists are still in control of some parts of Saqlawiya but Iraqi forces are executing preemptive attacks on Daesh locations.  The spokesman of the PMFs also takes issue with yesterday’s reports about liberating Saqlawiya but says Iraqi forces have captured many areas around it including the Technical Institute and the fuel station.

Saraya Al-Khorasani, a Shia militia, says its troops captured two villages in Saqlawiya and are advancing to gain more areas.


  • Another Anbar GC spokesman says 7,300 fighters from Anbar graduated from the training camps and most are participating in the fights around Falluja. He also says the Iraqi forces are surrounding Falluja from all sides and preparing to enter the city. He says Daesh killed a family trying to leave the city and is preventing civilians from leaving through the Al-Falahat crossroad.

A PMF commander says Iraqi forces are 5 km (3 miles) from Falluja city center but are advancing slowly because of the difficult terrain and the car bombs and IEDs.

A tribal leader says about 1,000 fighters from 3 local tribes are participating in military operations in Qarma and Saqlawiya.


  • The Iraqi Federal Police (IFP) Commander says Iraqi intelligence communicated with 150 Daesh members in Falluja and got written commitments from them to stay in a mosque and not fight the Iraqi forces when they break into the city.


  • The MoD says the Coalition launched 2 airstrikes on Daesh locations in Falluja, killing 7 terrorists.


  • A tribal leader says Daesh shelled Khaldiya with mortars heavily since Thursday night and was bringing car bombs and armored vehicles in preparation for a major attack. He also says the military situation in the city has become critical.

A source in Anbar Operations Command says security forces and tribal fighters supported by the IAA stopped a major Daesh attack on the Al-Jazeera area in Khaldiya.

A security source says 2 local policemen were killed and 3 injured when a Daesh car bomb attacked their checkpoint at Khaldiya’s entrance. Daesh says it attacked Iraqi forces in Khaldiya with 2 car bombs.

An unidentified source tells Rudaw Kurdish TV that Daesh attacked Iraqi forces heavily in Khaldiya, starting with 2 car bombs that forced them to retreat into the city. The source says 20 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 30 injured in the attack.

A video from local sources on Facebook about the Coalition airstrikes on Daesh in Khaldiya. The source of the video says the Daesh attack was foiled.

Daesh publishes photos of the battles in Khaldiya.

And photos of attacks on the Iraqi forces near Habbaniya.

And executing an Iraqi soldier somewhere in Anbar.


  • The IWMC says two Iraqi soldiers from Jazeera Operations Command stopped 2 car bombs coming from the Baiji road to attack Haditha Dam. It says PM Abadi has ordered that the two soldiers be honored.


  • Al-Jazeera Operations Command says its troops, supported by the Anti-Terrorism Service and tribal fighters, liberated Sinjik in Parwana subdistrict near Haditha, killing and injuring dozens of Daesh fighters.


  • Daesh says it advanced in east Anbar and killed many Iraqi soldiers and destroyed many vehicles. It also says its forces captured an Iraq brigadier general and 3 soldiers.


  • A security source says a car bomb exploded on the Iraqi Army checkpoint in Nukhaib in south Anbar killing 2 soldiers and injuring 6.


  • A PMF commander says Iraqi forces killed a Daesh leader in Dhira Dijla in Anbar.


  • A PMF commander says Iraqi forces stopped an attack by Daesh car bombs and suicide bombers in Al-Kasra, near Rutba in western Anbar.


  • PM Abadi issues a statement after meeting with Anbar Governor and GC, saying Iraqi forces are conducting military operations to liberate not only Falluja but Ramadi also.





  • The IFP commander says the Cornet Missile Battalion destroyed 3 car bombs and an armored vehicle trying to attack Iraqi forces in north Baiji. He also says Iraqi commandos killed 4 terrorists and destroyed 2 vehicles attacking Iraqi forces near Baiji refinery.

Daesh says it attacked the southern parts of Baiji and forced Iraqi forces to retreat. (Video)


  • An MP from Salahuddin says 2,000 displaced families have returned to their houses in Al-Dour district and asks the government to help them with their farms, since agriculture is their main source of living.


  • Local sources say Daesh terrorists coming from northwest Anbar attacked Iraqi forces in west Samarra, killing 3 PMF fighters and injuring 11.


  • A PMF official says Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack on the Strategic Line west of Samarra, killing 7 terrorists.


  • A security source says Daesh executed 3 people by firing squad in Shirqat, accusing them of collaborating with the Iraqi forces.

DaeshDaily comment: These repeated incidents of ISIS violence and intimidation against Shirqat residents seem to reflect its fear that their control of the city is now at risk.



  • An MoI source says a roadside IED exploded in Rashdiya in north Baghdad killing one civilian and injuring 8. A security source says 2 civilians were injured in a roadside IED explosion in Tarmiya in north Baghdad.


  • An MoI source says a sticker IED exploded under a small bus in Sadr City, injuring 6 people.

A security source says a school headmaster was killed and his son severely injured when an IED exploded on their car in Dora in south Baghdad.

A security source says an IED exploded in Mada’in in south Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and injuring 5. A security source says an IED exploded near an electronic games café in Mada’in, killing one civilian and injuring 6.


  • An MoI source says the casualty toll of the car bomb in Zaafaraniya yesterday went up to 6 killed and 25 injured.


  • Former PM Maliki says if the US were serious about arming Iraq we wouldn’t have this dangerous security deterioration. He also says what the US provided was not enough and Iraq had to find other weapons sources like Russia, Iran, Korea and Bulgaria. He says the Coalition airstrikes on Daesh achieved only 10% of what the Iraqi forces are achieving on the ground.


  • Another video about how Daesh booby-traps houses.



  • A security source says Daesh attacked Al-Shaheed compound in south Kirkuk but the Peshmerga stopped the attack, killing 8 terrorists and destroying a car bomb.



  • A source in Diyala police says an IED exploded inside a small bus in Balad Ruz, 55 km (34 miles) northwest of Baquba, killing the driver.


  • Diyala GC chairman says 248 displaced families will return to their houses after Eid, according to a deal with the security leaders.


  • A security source says unknown armed men opened fire on a barber shop in Muqdadiya, killing 3 civilians and injuring 2.


  • Security officials in Diyala say the security situation improved significantly in the governorate after the liberation of Mtaibija, between Salahuddin and Diyala.



  • Daesh opens a public phone booth in Tal Afar.


  • A local source says Daesh executed 12 people by crushing them under a construction shovel in Bab Al-Tob in downtown Mosul, after accusing them of spying.

DaeshDaily Comment: Daesh usually likes to show such gruesome executions, so we can only confirm this news from their publications.


  • A local source in Mosul says Daesh issued orders to prevent any Eid (end of Ramadan celebration) prayers in the city’s mosques except in two locations it designated, one on each side of the city.


  • The Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Parliament (IP) says the final report about the loss of Mosul in June 2014 will be submitted to the IP leadership in a public session by the end of the month.


  • A Kurdish official says unknown armed men shot and killed a Daesh “emir” and 2 of his associates in Wadi Al-Hajar south of Mosul.

Kata’eb Al-Mosul says its fighters attacked a Daesh checkpoint south of Mosul and killed 3 terrorists. They also say one of their snipers killed a Kurdish Daesh terrorist in the Saddat Al-Rashdiya area.


  • Daesh publishes a video about Tal Afar. And a tribal pledge of allegiance gathering for the Jubour tribe south of Mosul.

DaeshDaily Comment: The majority of Jubour tribal fighters are fighting against Daesh in Ninewa and Salahuddin.


  • Ninewa policemen say they object to the MoI order to move their training camps from Erbil to Baghdad.


  • A list of Daesh conditions on people who want to leave Mosul.


  • Sistani’s representative in Kerbala say the many bodies of foreign terrorists after the recent fights in Baiji and other cities prove that neighboring countries are still not serious about preventing Daesh terrorists from coming to Iraq.


  • Syrian official TV says Daesh shelled an official building in Hasaka with mortars, causing a big fire. A Syrian military source says Daesh detonated a third car bomb on the east side of Hasaka without giving any more details.

A Kurdish source says Daesh attacked the Kurdish forces in Hasaka with 3 car bombs to stop their advances. The source also says the Syrian regime’s air force launched 8 airstrikes on Daesh in Hasaka, while the Coalition bombed Daesh in the eastern areas of the city where the Kurdish forces are fighting.

Kurdish forces say they liberated Abu Amsha village in south Hasaka from Daesh but Daesh attacked them with a car bomb and the clashes are still going on. They also say the Kurdish forces liberated some areas south of Kobane and killed at least 24 terrorists in Ain Eissa.


  • A Kurdish military source says Daesh attacked a Kurdish training camp in Alia between Tal Tamr and Ain Eissa, killing at least 20 Kurdish fighters. Daesh started the attack with 3 car bombs, then the terrorists came in dozens of armored vehicles. The source says the Kurdish fighters stopped the attack and the Coalition bombed the camp’s perimeter, destroying Daesh vehicles and killing dozens of terrorists.


  • Local sources say Daesh has been shelling a Kurdish area in Reef Al-Bab in Aleppo with mortars for two days now. They say many civilians have been killed, including a woman and 3 children.


  • A local source says Daesh attacked the Syrian army forces in south Hasaka and the results of the attack are not clear yet.


  • Rudaw TV reporter says the YPG and Burkan Al-Furat forces supported by Coalition airpower regained control of the areas taken by Daesh in Ain Eissa, 80 km (50 miles) southeast of Kobane, after killing dozens of Daesh fighters.


  • The media officer of Islamic Ahrar Al-Sham movement says they arrested 15 Daesh members in Al-Nairib town south of Idlib and confiscated weapons and communication devices.


  • Daesh publishes photos of cutting off a man’s foot publicly in Hama. And their flags in Al-Qastal town in Hama.




  • Turkish police launched a major security campaign in 4 cities, arresting 21 Daesh suspects, including 3 foreigners trying to travel to Syria to join Daesh.

Turkey’s President Erdogan says his country has arrested 1,300 foreigners linked to Daesh so far. He says Daesh is being supported by the Syrian regime in order to “break the demands” of Syrian people. He also says there is lack of information exchange between the world’s countries regarding counterterrorism.


  • The spokesman of the Egyptian Army says the Egyptian military bombed an explosives storehouse in Sheik Zwaid based on intelligence information. He also says the Special Forces destroyed a truck filled with weapons and ammunition, killing 2 terrorists inside.

Security sources say a woman and her 4 children were killed when a mortar shell fell on their house in Sheik Zwaid. No information was provided about the source of the shelling.


  • Tunisian sources say 5 terrorists were killed and 2 security officers injured in a raid on armed groups in Qafsa. The Tunisian authorities have arrested 127 suspects since the terrorist attack in Sousse.


  • Medical sources say 5 more Libyan soldiers died from their wounds in Wednesday’s battle against Daesh in Laithi. The sources say 19 soldiers were killed and 80 injured.


  • Local sources say Daesh detonated the house of a former Libyan MP in Sirte. Eyewitnesses say Daesh terrorists organized a parade in Sirte and raised their flags on governmental buildings.


  • Eye witnesses says two synchronized attacks targeting two hotels in Mogadishu in Somalia, killed at least 5 people and injured many others including a Somali MP. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attacks.


  • Daesh publishes a video of its operations in West Africa.


  • Daesh Twitter accounts of the day:

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