An Update On ISIS Activities

January 8, 2016




Today’s Major Developments:

Iraqi troops keep advancing east of Ramadi with heavy Coalition bombing support.

Daesh loses again in Barwana to Army and tribal fighters.

Reported Daesh attack on Turkish troops in Bashiqa generates conflicting accounts.

Egyptian Army attacking Daesh in Sinai.





Political developments

Speaker Jubouri says “foreign” Special Forces conducted operations during the last few weeks behind Daesh lines in Hawija. [Reuters]
Sistani rep in Kerbala says 2015 saw serious steps toward achieving real reforms. [Mada]


Demonstrations resumed in Baghdad and several other governorates demanding more reforms and asking the government not to “touch” government employees’ salaries. [PUKMedia] [PUKMedia]
The Security Committee of the Baghdad Governorate Council said organized crime in Baghdad is politically motivated.  [Mawazin]


Security developments

A security force arrested the “vice wali of Baghdad” and two of his escorts in the New Baghdad District in east Baghdad today. The arrest was based on intelligence information.  [Baghdadia]


According to Daesh (unconfirmed):

  • Daesh snipers killed three Iraqi soldiers and wounded a fourth in Albu Aziz in north Baghdad. Daesh also says it targeted an Army barracks with a locally made rocket in the same area. [JustPaste]
  • Daesh snipers killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded another in Tarmiya in northern Baghdad Governorate. [JustPaste]
  • Daesh members killed two Sahwa fighters in Latifiya in south Baghdad. [JustPaste] Others detonated an IED on a Sahwa leader in Arab Jabour, wounding him severely. [JustPaste]
  • Daesh destroyed an Iraqi Army Humvee with an IED in Arab Jabour, killing an Army commander and 3 of his soldiers. [JustPaste]


According to security sources:

  • A body of man shot to death was found in Al-Ameen in east Baghdad this morning. [Ghad]
  • One civilian was killed and seven wounded when an IED placed near commercial shops went off this evening in Mashtal in east Baghdad. [Mada]
  • Three wanted men were arrested on terrorism charges in Al-Ghadeer in east Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An IED explosion near commercial shops in Mada’in in southern Baghdad Governorate killed one and wounded six civilians this morning. [Mada]
  • An IED placed near a popular coffee shop in Zafaraniya, south Baghdad, exploded this evening, killing two civilians and wounding eight. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED explosion in a popular market in Mahmudiya in south Baghdad killed two civilians and wounded eight this morning. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a popular market in the Al-Risala neighborhood of Abu Ghraib in west Baghdad killed one civilian and wounded five. [Maalomah]

Coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on Baghdadi, Mosul, and Tal Afar, killing a reported 25 terrorists and destroying 10 combat locations, a heavy weapon, a Daesh gathering, and a tunnel. [IWMC Report]




In the fiercest bombardment ever, according to the Khaldiya subdistrict council Security Committee, Coalition air forces today bombed Daesh-occupied areas in Sufiya, Sajariya, and Jazeera Al-Khaldiya east of Ramadi, killing a large number of Daesh terrorists including leaders from various foreign countries. The bombardment accompanied the assault by security and Army troops on Sufiya. [Maalomah]

Counter-terrorism troops entered and captured the Sufiya area east of Ramadi a few hours ago. [Baghdadia]


Troops also moved 319 civilians from Sufiya to safe areas. These families were under Daesh siege before escaping toward Iraqi forces. [Sumaria] Another story says 90 families held by Daesh in Sufiya were safely moved by the counter-terrorism troops to the Habbaniya refugee camp in Khaldiya, security sources said. [Baghdadia] (We have no way to tell whether these stories are separate or overlapping.)


Qassem Al-Sarhan, Daesh wali of Sajariya, and 4 escorts were killed today by an attack of Army helicopters on Sajariya. Several vehicles were also destroyed, according to a security source. [Maalomah]


Albu Alwan, near Sufiya, was captured today in a surge attack by Army and security troops following a heavy aerial bombardment, according to the Khaldiya subdistrict council. [Maalomah]

After liberating Sufiya this morning, Army and security troops initiated a wide scale attack on Hsaiba east of Ramadi from the eastern and southern sides. [Baghdadia]


Iraqi troops stopped a Daesh attack in Sadiqiya east of Ramadi, killing 3 terrorists and destroying a vehicle carrying a machine gun. [IWMC Report]


Army troops will be heading to both Hit and Falluja after ending Ramadi operations, the Anbar Governorate Council announced today. [Baghdadia]


A video of Iraqi soldiers raising the flag over the Ramadi Grand Mosque [Facebook]

A video of Iraqi soldiers in the College of Agriculture in Ramadi [Facebook]


Baghdad Police command said over 1200 persons have escaped Ramadi recently, and are currently being questioned to identify any Daesh operatives among them. [Qurtas]


Iraqi forces killed 14 terrorists and destroyed 14 vehicles, including 4 vehicle bombs, a weapons cache, and a terrorists’ guesthouse and defused 50 IEDs in the Thirthar area. The IAF destroyed 3 vehicles, a mobile hospital, 4 hideouts and a cannon and killed several terrorists in the same area. [IWMC Report]


Anbar Operations Command announced its troops defused 30 IEDs in Al-Jaraishi north of Ramadi. [AIN] AOC troops also destroyed 34 IEDs in Albu Farraj, north of Ramadi. [IWMC Report]


The 8th Army Division killed 11 snipers and destroyed 7 Daesh positions and two vehicles in the Ramadi operations sector, a Division source said. [Baghdadia]


A video of Ramadi Hospital after it was liberated by Iraqi forces. [Sumaria]


Mortar shells fired at Ramadi from the west killed a woman and wounded 4 children, said the spokesman of the 14th Rapid Intervention Brigade of Anbar police.  [Maalomah]


The Coalition flew 32 sorties in the Anbar military sector, killing many terrorists and destroying 22 combat locations, 5 supply lines, 3 gatherings, 2 tunnels, and an excavator. [IWMC Report]



Artillery bombardment on the industrial sector in the Jolan neighborhood of Falluja destroyed a Daesh headquarters, killing 9 terrorists and destroying 3 vehicles, AOC said. [Mada]


Baghdad Operations Command troops killed 11 terrorists and destroyed 2 vehicles, one a vehicle bomb, and a hideout; it also defused 35 IEDs in ongoing operations south of Falluja. [IWMC Report]


A video of an Iraqi officer being shot and killed while fighting Daesh in Falluja. [YouTube]


Daesh publishes 2 photos of an Iraqi soldier targeted by one of its snipers in Zoba’a. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of Friday prayers in a mosque in Zoba’a. [JustPaste]



Army troops led by Brigadier General Riyadh Jalal, commander of land forces, and supported by tribal fighters, repelled another Daesh attack on Barwana subdistrict in Haditha District, killing 22 terrorists and destroying 5 vehicles, said Naeem Al-Gaood, sheikh of the Albu Nimr tribe. The attack came from the desert north of Barwana; it left 3 tribesmen dead and 7 wounded.  [Sumaria]


An attack with five vehicle bombs was intercepted by the Iraqi forces in Barwana before noon today. All cars were destroyed and the attackers killed. [Mada]


Counter-terrorism troops liberated areas captured by Daesh in Barwana and handled them to the tribal fighters in the area. “Tens” of Daesh terrorists were killed, including 4 suicide bombers. An Iraqi officer and a soldier were killed. [IWMC Report]


Nabil Thamer, Daesh military commander of west Anbar, and 11 of his escorts were ambushed and arrested by Army troops in Al-Sakran, several miles from Barwana. The arrest was made by the 1st Company of Haditha Rapid Intervention forces. [Maalomah]


35 terrorists were killed in 6 airstrikes by Army helicopters on a Daesh contingent in Al-Sakran. Six vehicles including an armored personnel carrier and a bomb-rigged car were also destroyed. [Mada]

The IWMC confirmed the killing of Alaa Nasser Al-Kerbouli, a local Daesh leader, in a bombing in Al-Sakran. [IWMC Report]

Two Coalition airstrikes killed 9 Daesh terrorists in Barwana District. [IWMC Report]


West Anbar

A tribal leader from Anbar says American forces should conduct airborne operations, similar to the Hawija operation, to save many hostages taken by Daesh in different cities in Anbar. [SotIraq]


Daesh says its terrorists shot down a Coalition drone in Akashat in far western Anbar (photos and a video). [JustPaste] [A3maq]




Saraya Al-Salam Brigades of the PMF are on full alert in anticipation of a major Daesh attack on Baiji and Samarra, a Brigades source said. [Mawazin]


PMF forces secured three families escaping Shirqat city and killed a sniper trying to obstruct the escaping families in Makhoul Mountains, a PMF source said. [Sumaria]



Clashes between PMF and Daesh near Allas oil field east of Tikrit resulted in the killing of one terrorist, but one PMF fighter died and one was wounded. [Ghad]



Kareem Al-Nouri, official spokesman of the PMFs, said that the Coalition bombing yesterday that struck PMFs in the Samarra Dam area could have happened by mistake. He said that even the Iraqi Air Force makes such mistakes. Security sources said the errant bombing allowed Daesh to advance in certain places. [Rudaw]


Samarra Operations Command troops defused a car bomb near Al-Razzaq mosque in Samarra city. [IWMC Report]

Daesh publishes photos of battles in the Samarra Dam area. [JustPaste]




Diyala security arrested 5 suspects today in Baquba, including two on charges of terrorism, said a security source. [Sumaria]



Peshmerga fired artillery rounds after detecting Daesh movements towards their lines in Kobya and Batma villages, as well as the water project south of Kirkuk. Several terrorists were killed and vehicles destroyed, said a Peshmerga source. [BasNews]


A security source in Kirkuk said Coalition planes attacked Daesh positions in Kibeba village in Dibis District, destroying machine guns and rocket launchers, and killed several terrorists. [Qurtas]


10 Daesh terrorists were killed in Al-Bashir village south of Kirkuk while meeting in a booby-trapped house. A PMF mortar round hit the house, which exploded, killing 8 persons, while a ninth was killed by a sniper. A construction shovel was also destroyed. This Daesh group was part of a unit that arrived from Rashad subdistrict. [Mada]


The Baghdad-Kirkuk road is fully safe, said the PMF command today, saying that its troops in Amerli, Tooz, Suleiman Beg, and Himrin are guarding the road leading from Baghdad to northern governorates. [Sumaria]


A SWAT unit today arrested a man who participated in the Speicher airbase massacre south of Kirkuk. Abu Shihab Al-Tikriti, from Al-Alam subdistrict, participated in the execution of military students and trainees from that base last June. [Sumaria]




Today brought another bizarre chapter in the saga of the unwanted Turkish troops in Bashiqa, but the stories are totally conflicting.


Reuters said today that Turkish troops repulsed an attack by Daesh on Zilkan camp in Bashiqa, where they are “protecting” Turkish trainers presumed to be training separatist National Mobilization Forces (NMF) personnel. 17 Daesh were killed in the attack before Daesh pulled back. [Sumaria]


Cihan cites “informed sources in the area” reporting that Daesh attacked between 10:30pm and 11:00pm on Thursday night, while citing (presumably Turkish) “military sources” that Turkish troops did not suffer any casualties, while Anadolu cites similar sources to report the same details. [Anadolu]


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in remarks to the press that Turkish soldiers killed 18 Daesh militants in repelling the attack, without commenting on any Turkish casualties.

Erdogan also said that the attack shows that “the deployment of Turkish forces was a sound decision,” and added that “The problems at Bashiqa Camp in northern Iraq appeared following tensions between Russia and Turkey,” he added, saying that “Ankara is behaving in accordance with international law.” [Sumaria] [Cihan]

DaeshDaily comment. Mr. Erdogan apparently believes deeply that he can say anything and get away with it. However, as we have pointed out after a previous Daesh attack on the Turks in Bashiqa, such attacks would not happen if the Turks were not there. He has put Turkish soldiers at risk for a dubious purpose and does not know how to lose gracefully.


According to the Turkish Cihan news agency, the Russian “Sputnik” news agency reported that two Turkish soldiers were killed in the alleged Daesh attack. Cihan notes that no official Turkish source has confirmed this report. [Cihan]


However, the deposed former Governor Atheel Al-Nujaifi, the initiator of the Zilkan camp, whose NMF militia was ostensibly receiving instruction from Turkish trainers there, denied on Thursday that there was any Daesh attack on the camp. [Karemlash]


A PUK spokesman also denied any Daesh attack on the Zilkan camp. So did Peshmerga sources (who may or may not be linked to the PUK). [Mada] [BasNews]



A Coalition air attack on a Daesh convoy between Belj and Baaj killed Mohammed Al-Matyouti (Abu Yousef), the wali of Jazeera, and 15 men with him and destroyed several vehicles. [Karemlash]

DaeshDaily comment. Being a Daesh “wali” (governor) of anywhere seems to be a dangerous job. We notice that we have reported on the demise of numerous walis, including two of them and a vice wali today. The larger picture is that Daesh leaders in general are in dangerous jobs. The Coalition bombing that often targets such leaders and the recent resurgence of Iraqi forces have resulted in many being killed and others relocating to Syria.


Daesh says Coalition warplanes targeted Qayara with two airstrikes, giving no details. [JustPaste]


Daesh imposed new fines on Mosul’s population for violation of certain rules, such as 60,000 Iraqi dinars (IQD) for wearing trousers, shaving, or car washing. It’s IQD 500,000 for anybody who extends a water pipe across the street! [Mada]


Elsewhere in Ninewa

Daesh publishes photos of battles in the Mazare’ area of south Ninewa. [JustPaste]


Other Governorates  


Basra Governorate banned all vehicles belonging to political parties with PMF militia units from driving in Basra without formal security approvals. [Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. The context is the overly dominant presence of Shia militias in Basra. Their members can largely drive around and do whatever they want without worrying about the police. Basra is apparently trying to get some leverage in this situation.


Qais Al-Khazali, the head of AAH militia, proposed to the Governor of Basra that PMFs intervene to impose law and order in Basra, deteriorated by tribal fighting and organized crime. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. No, thank you. It’s like hiring the fox to guard the chicken coop.


Muthanna. The Minister of Interior said today that persons linked to the kidnapping of Qatari hunters in the desert near Samawa were arrested and are being investigated. [Ain]




Germany initiated its operations in Iraq and Syria with a reconnaissance flight by two Tornado jets that flew over Syria and Iraq before landing safely back in Incirlik airbase in Turkey. [Maalomah]




The PYD announced on Friday evening that it was suspending its membership in the coordinating body for anti-regime groups, having learned that other opposition factions at the Riyadh conference last month had described the YPG as a terrorist group. In a statement reaffirming its commitment to the body and the PYD role in founding and developing it, the PYD declared that it was “suspending its membership in the national coordinating body and all its offices and branches.” [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. The implications of this move may take time to sort out. The PYD may be betting that the other anti-regime groups will see that their effectiveness without the YPG will be seriously reduced, producing a change of attitude. However, because of its organizational connection to the PKK, an internationally recognized terrorist group, it cannot get away from the accusation.



Syria Democratic Forces with Coalition air support repelled two separate Daesh attacks on villages where SDF fighters were gathered south of Hasaka on Thursday. Daesh fighters attacked using medium and heavy weapons, prompting clashes lasting two hours before Coalition planes struck the attacking Daesh detachments, killing many and prompting the remainder to flee, a YPG source said, adding that Daesh had suffered heavy losses in the attack.

The Hasaka front has been otherwise quiet for weeks, since the SDF cleared Daesh from the southern Hasaka countryside and Coalition bombing of the area stopped. [ARA] [ARA]


A 20 year old Daesh member executed his own mother in Raqqa after reporting her to Daesh for having encouraged him to leave the group, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and local sources. The woman was detained by Daesh after the son, Ali Saqr, informed Daesh that she was encouraging him to quit Daesh and flee the area. Daesh found her guilty of apostasy (ridda) and her son executed her in public by gunfire before hundreds of witnesses. [Qasioun] [Aawsat]


Daesh says its terrorists sneaked into several villages west of Ain Eissa and clashed with YPG fighters, killing 13 and wounding others. [MRKZGulf]



Daesh fighters are massing in Jarabulus, according to local sources in the city, who note an unusually large and growing presence of Daesh fighters. The group has been reportedly transferring its militants to Jarabulus from other cities it holds west of the Euphrates including Al-Bab and Manbij, according to residents of those towns. According to the same local sources in Jarabulus, the city is under the command of a Daesh “emir” of Moroccan origin. The sources also report that Daesh morale in the city appears to have fallen after advances by the Syria Democratic Forces in recent weeks including the seizure of Tishrin Dam. Daesh has instituted forced conscription of youths in the city and is arming civilians. [Hawar] [Hawar]


Daesh attacked Syria Democratic Forces around the Tishrin Dam area from six different approaches Friday morning, the SDF announced. Daesh fighters advanced on the dam from the west and the south at 5:00am. In the ensuing fighting, the SDF with Coalition air support killed many Daesh militants and repelled the attack, a YPG source said. The SDF announced after the fighting that it was in possession of the bodies of 40 Daesh fighters who had been killed in the battles.

Daesh has launched multiple attacks, including two in the last three days, in its bid to retake the strategic dam from the SDF, who captured it from Daesh late last month. [ARA] [Hawar]


Daesh launched five mortars on the village of Tal Abr, 35 km (22 miles) southwest of Kobane, damaging buildings. [Hawar]


Five opposition factions have issued a statement declaring twelve villages north of Aleppo to be “military zones” which civilians are forbidden from approaching, after the allied militias seized them from Daesh control. The five militias issuing the statement were the Sultan Murad Division, Sham Corps, the Shamiya Front, the Muetasam  Brigade, and the Hamza Brigade. The villages are listed as Touqli, Ghazal Mazraa, Qara Kubri, Yani Yaban, Maryaghal, Rael, Jaka, Shuyarin, Dubyan, Kharba, Qara Mazraa, and Maghidin. They are located in an area that has seen pitched battles with Daesh in recent weeks and control of the villages has alternated between the militias and Daesh. [SyriaLive]


The Ahrar Al-Sham militia in Idlib has executed five prisoners it accused of belonging to Daesh, creating an issue among the various allied opposition militias in the area, who were not informed of the decision. [ARA]


Photos and video of SDF fighters [Hawar].


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Al-Bul village near Azaz. [JustPaste]


In a “friendly fire” incident, Russian warplanes accidentally killed and injured an unspecified number of Syrian Army troops in Deir Ez-Zor city, where Russian air power has been supporting Syrian troops fighting Daesh. [Qasioun]




Daesh audio newsletter for today in Arabic. [Archive]


Egypt. Egyptian authorities are investigating the reported abduction of 21 Egyptians in Libya by Daesh, while family members of the abducted Egyptians have reported that they have indeed lost contact with the alleged abductees, all of whom were reportedly working in the Kufra area in the southeastern Libya interior. [AkhbarLibya]


Unknown armed men stormed a hotel in the Red Sea coastal city of Hurghada and opened fire, wounding two tourists, a German and a Dane, according to security sources. Egyptian security sources said Egyptian police killed both attackers and defused an explosives vest that one was wearing before it could be detonated. An eyewitness said the attackers arrived in Hurghada from the sea. [IslamMemo]


Daesh has claimed that it attacked what it called a tour bus carrying Israeli tourists in the Giza area, allegedly causing injuries and deaths among the tourists and Egyptian security personnel. However the Egyptian authorities and witnesses said that the attack involved a small crowd of a couple of dozen boys and youths lobbing fireworks at a tour bus carrying Arabs with Israeli citizenship, with no injuries reported. [IslamMemo] Daesh had said its terrorists, based on the call from their “caliph” in his recent speech, attacked a bus carrying “Jews” on Al-Haram Street in Giza with light weapons, killing or wounding many of them before returning safely. [JustPaste]


Egyptian troops killed two takfiris belonging to Wilayat Sinai, previously known as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Daesh’s affiliate in Egypt, in villages south of Sheikh Zuweid, in an ongoing security campaign in North Sinai. Twenty-five others were arrested in the campaign and Egyptian troops destroyed 6 homes and 53 barns. In the same area, a young man of 20 and an 8 year-old child were injured by gunfire which Egyptian security agencies said came from a takfiri shooting at an Egyptian sniper. [VetoGate] [VetoGate]


Egyptian troops exchanged gunfire with Wilayat Sinai militants south of Rafah today, killing three commanders in the organization, security sources said. The three men were identified as 1) Ayman Muharib, the son of Sheikh Hasan Muharib, known as Abu Munir, who was killed two years ago, 2) Musa Al-Joukar, a Wilayat Sinai commander who was responsible for an attack that brought a plane down over Sheikh Zuweid two years ago, and 3) Atif Abu Dira, another commander. Two other takfiris were killed in Rafah when Egyptian security agencies destroyed a vehicle carrying IEDs, killing its occupants, security agencies said.  [VetoGate]


Egyptian troops killed three militants who were discovered planting four IEDs on the road to Arish International Airport. [VetoGate]


Egyptian police shot dead a Palestinian “jihadi commander,” Muhammad Ramzi Al-Asi, in Rafah on Friday, after Al-Asi reportedly slipped into Egypt to join “takfiri elements” in Sinai, according to Egyptian security sources. [VetoGate]


A woman was injured in Rafah when unknown armed men opened fire on her on Friday. [VetoGate]


Daesh publishes photos of rocketing an Egyptian Army headquarters in Arish with Grads. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army vehicle on the international road south of Arish. [JustPaste]


Libya. Libyan medical and security authorities have announced that one child and six Oil Facilities Protection guards were killed, and eleven Oil Facilities Protection guards wounded, in the suicide vehicle bombing attack claimed by Daesh yesterday on the Oil Facilities Protection guards in Ras Lanuf, home to the country’s largest petroleum refinery. Daesh released a statement identifying the attacker as Abu Abbas Al-Muhajir, without providing further details. [AkhbarLibya]

The names of the six OPF guards who were killed in the attack have also been released (in Arabic). [AkhbarLibya]


Libyan warplanes targeted Daesh sites in Ajdabiya and Benghazi today, the Air Force Operations Room spokesman said, as well as the Ajdabiya Revolutionaries Shura Council, addition to targeting other extremist groups. [AkhbarLibya]


The fires burning in an oil reservoir in Sidra after Daesh’s attacks earlier this week have been put out, the Oil Facilities Protection spokesman has announced. [AfriGate]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed a Libyan armed group vehicle in Derna with an IED, wounding the fighters inside. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists destroyed with machine guns a vehicle that was carrying wounded Libyan fighters on the road between Brega on the Gulf of Sidra and Ajdabiya, killing the fighters inside. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it destroyed another vehicle with an IED on the same road. [JustPaste]


Morocco. Moroccan authorities have arrested seven members of an extremist group in Dar Bouazza, on the ocean southwest of Casablanca, on suspicions of links to Daesh. In a statement, the Interior Ministry said the suspects had tried to send fighters to Syria and Iraq to train for attacks in Morocco. [Aawsat]


Other countries

Italy. The detention of three Libyan nationals who were detained in Genoa on suspicion of attempting to launder money for Daesh has been extended for three days. [AfriGate]




Facebook Page of the Day

A local news page from Haditha


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


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