An Update On ISIS Activities

January 7, 2016

January 7, 2016



PM Abadi and General Dunford


Today’s Major Developments:

US agrees to sell 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq.

Government forces inflict heavy casualties on Daesh in Anbar.

Top-level Daesh leader wounded, possibly killed, in Haditha.

Daesh executes Mosul citizens for using the internet.

Daesh reportedly still holding 3,000 Yazidi prisoners.

Turkish police arrest suspect in journalist’s murder.





Political developments

Prime Minister Al-Abadi today received General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The General hailed recent Iraq’s victories in Ramadi, stating that they revive trust in the capabilities of Iraq’s armed forces. [Sumaria]


Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari called for diplomacy to ease the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Speaking in Muscat, Oman, he said that a war is going on against terrorism, and that there is no room for side issues that would draw attention away from that. [Sumaria]


Abdul Hussein Al-Anbaki, the Prime Minister’s economic advisor, said that Iraq employees’ salaries for 2016 will be paid in full, and that tinkering with civil servants’ salaries is the last thing the government would think of. [Sumaria]


The Governor of Ninewa, Nawaf Al-Sultan requested the Minister of Interior to reopen Doberdan camp in eastern Ninewa to host Ninewa police officers who now have to travel to Speicher base where they are based at the moment. [Sumaria]

Security developments

The Pentagon approved Iraq’s request to buy 5,000 Hellfire missiles at a value of US$ 800 million, to enhance Iraq’s defensive capacities in its war on Daesh.  [Sumaria]


Daesh says it detonated an IED on an Iraqi Army vehicle in Tarmiya in northern Baghdad Governorate, killing or wounding the soldiers inside. [ADI]


Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Meshahda in north Baghdad. [ADI]


Baghdad police found 4 plastic containers filled with C4 ready for explosion in the Meshahda area. [BOC Facebook Page]


Iraqi engineers defused an IED in Sayed Abdullah in Mahmudiya and another in Al-Ruwad, south of the city. [BOC Facebook Page]


The IWMC announced that 171 Daesh terrorists were killed in today’s operations on all fronts. It also said Coalition planes launched 18 strikes that killed 25 terrorists and destroyed 11 Daesh positions, 12 supply lines, a rig, four IED factories, and ten pieces of heavy weaponry. [IWMC Report]


According to security sources:

  • A sniper shot a soldier to death and wounded another in an attack on a checkpoint in the Tarmiya District. [Sumaria]
  • An IED exploded in Souk Shalal, in Shaab in north Baghdad, killing one civilian and wounding eight others. [Mada]
  • A security patrol today found two bodies of men shot to death, in Rustomaniya in southeast Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • An IED exploded near a commercial area in Abu Dsheer in Dora in south Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding four. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a soda factory in Dari’ya in Mada’in in southern Baghdad Governorate, killing two civilians and wounding six. [Baghdadia]
  • A civilian was killed and five wounded when an IED went off near a fish market in Hay Al-Wihda in south Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED placed near commercial shops in Al-Iskan area west of Baghdad killed one civilian and wounded 6 others. [Mada]



Counter-terrorism troops released 83 civilians from a Daesh siege in Sufiya, east of Ramadi, and transferred them to Habbaniya camp in Khaldiya. There are 40 more civilians awaiting clearance by the Army. [Sumaria]

Daesh commanders escaped the areas of east Ramadi as security troops arrived near Sufiya, according to a security source in Khaldiya. The Daesh leaders headed to the Jazeera area, leaving their troops in Sufiya in a degraded condition. [Maalomah]


Iraqi Army troops liberated the College of Agriculture in the center of Ramadi, raising the Iraqi flag atop the building, the IWMC said. [Maalomah]


Army troops took control of Street 20, Khasea Al-Rawi souk, and the Ramadi municipal building in the process of clearing the center of Ramadi, according to a security source. [Baghdadia]


A security source says Iraqi forces captured Al-Haq mosque in downtown Ramadi and raised the Iraqi flag on it. The Al-Andalus neighborhood was captured earlier today as well, Anbar Operations Command (AOC) said. [Baghdadia] [Sumaria]


A Daesh camp west of Thirthar area in Anbar was targeted by the Iraqi Air Force (IAF) based on intelligence information, a security spokesman said. The airstrike left 75 Daesh terrorists dead, and destroyed many vehicles, armored and booby-trapped, in addition to the entire camp. [Sumaria]


IWMC said Iraqi security forces operating in the Thirthar military sector eliminated the elite Daesh units called “The Army of the Caliphate,” which tried to break the siege on Daesh in the area. Ten enemy vehicles were destroyed, one of them booby-trapped, as well as 6 machine gun-mounted trucks. The report claims that “tens” of terrorists were killed, including field commanders, and that an ammunition truck, fighting positions, and a construction shovel were destroyed. The IAF, Coalition aircraft, and IAA helicopters supported BOC units. [Etejah]


According to AOC, Army troops destroyed a bomb-rigged vehicle trying to attack the headquarters of the 41st Army Brigade of the 10th Division, in Albu Aitha north of Ramadi. [Sumaria]


Iraqi engineers defused 2 IEDs in Albu Aitha north of the city. [BOC Facebook Page]


Daesh publishes photos of its fighters in the Albu Risha area north of the city. [ADI]



Baghdad Operations Command troops continued advancing south of Falluja, killing 12 terrorists and wounding one, in addition to defusing 33 IEDs and destroying a vehicle, a Daesh position, and a weapons cache, the BOC said. [BOC Facebook Page]


A PMF-authorized source told IWMC that engineering units of the Tayyar Al-Risali Brigades of the PMF diffused 87 IEDs in Nuaimiya, south of Falluja. The source added that the units destroyed an ammunition cache, and attacked Daesh terrorists in Subaihat and Al-Abadi villages in Qarma with locally made “Al-Mawoud” rockets. [Harbi]


A video of Iraqi soldiers destroying a Daesh vehicle bomb with a Kornet rocket. [Facebook]



The Anbar GC says Taha Hamama Falaha (aka Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani), the Daesh spokesman, was reported killed by Iraqi forces in Haditha. However, the IWMC says he was wounded in an airstrike on Barwana and was transported to Hit, a couple of days ago, then to a hideout in Mosul by Daesh. He is regarded as the second most important name in the Daesh organization. [Sumaria] [Rudaw] [Mada]


The IWMC says the IAF bombed Daesh fighters trying to sneak into Barwana in Haditha, killing 18. [Baghdadia]

Daesh has used a new tactic in its recent attacks in Haditha, says an Anbar GC source. The recent attacks were made by infantry without using any vehicles, as in yesterday’s attack from Al-Khasfa area on Haditha, repelled by Army and tribal forces. The attack started at 1 AM and ended in the early morning hours [Sumaria]

Intelligence information on the ground allowed Coalition planes to blunt an attack on Haditha from four directions, killing tens of attackers and destroying 19 vehicles, some of them laden with explosives, IWMC said. [Mada]


The 14th Army Brigade announced that all Daesh supply lines in Haditha were cut off after it took control of strategic areas in Haditha and Barwana, while IAF aircraft confined Daesh to areas in Hit.  [Maalomah]


Jazeera Operations Command killed 33 terrorists and destroyed six rocket launching platforms in Al-Haqlaniya and Sakran in Haditha, according to the IWMC. [IWMC Report]


IWMC said two missiles fired from an Iraqi plane on a Daesh meeting in Hit District killed 15 Daesh terrorists, including leaders Abu Humam Al-Jezrawi, a Saudi national and commander of the Inghimasyeen (self-immersion in enemy lines) brigade in Rawa, Ana, and Haditha; Shayban Faiz Al-Ani (Abu Maysara Al-Ansari), responsible for suicide fighters in Al-Khasfa and Al-Sad; Salah Bardan Al-Hayali, the military official of Hit; Abu Walid Al-Halabi (a Syrian who entered Iraq recently); and Abu Hafs Al-Anbari (former security officer of Ramadi). [Sumaria]

Tribal fighters of Haditha liberated today 4 families captured by Daesh in Barwana. The hostages were found during a house to house search by the Army and tribal fighters in Barwana for Daesh fighters who were hiding, said Naeem Al-Gaood, sheikh of the Albu Nimr tribe. [Sumaria]


Western Anbar

A security source in Ramadi announced the killing of terrorist Ala Deli Nasr Al-Kerbouli, the nephew of Anbar CoR member Jamal Al-Kerbouli, in western Anbar. [Ghad]




Daesh publishes photos of battles in the Makhoul Mountains area. [ADI]



A security source says the IAF bombed a Daesh gathering in the Shirqat court, killing 30 terrorists including foreigners. [Mada]


Daesh says Coalition warplanes destroyed a library on the west side of Shirqat (video). [A3maq] [Sendvid]

DaeshDaily comment. This makes it sound like cruelty to civilians or a targeting error—standard Daesh propaganda—but does not mention how Daesh was using the library, perhaps not for residents to read books.



Joint Forces in the Allas oil field east of Tikrit repelled a Daesh attack at 6:00 AM this morning, killing 11 attackers and destroying 4 vehicles, JOC said. [Harbi]


A mass grave for Daesh victims has been uncovered near the Al-Qadisiya neighborhood in Tikrit, The Ministry of Interior announced. Two gas rockets (for use with chemical agents) were found in the same area. [Baghdadia]



A security source says the IAF bombed Daesh terrorists while they were trying to shell Samarra shrines with Katyushas.  [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh didn’t shell the shrines previously because it feared massive Shia retaliation against Sunnis in Baghdad and other areas, which would cause Daesh to lose even more support among Sunni Iraqis. However, Daesh seems desperate for a quick media victory after its recent defeats. 


The BOC said that today its troops in the Thirthar area killed 26 terrorists and two suicide attackers. It destroyed six trucks mounted with machine guns, killing four men inside. It also eliminated a heavy machine gun crew, a Daesh position, and a bridge used by Daesh. [BOC Facebook Page]


Daesh publishes photos of battles near Samarra Dam. [ADI]


Daesh says a warplane bombed Iraqi forces by mistake during the battle near Samarra Dam. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of its snipers targeting Iraqi soldiers west of Samarra. [ADI]




Daesh has devised a new way to destroy palm orchards, a source in Diyala Provincial Council revealed, explaining that the militants have poured gas or oil into the tops of the trees so they die later on. This avoids burning the trees and revealing the location of militants while serving the same goal of adversely affecting the income of Iraqi farmers. [Sumaria]


Three persons were arrested in north Baquba. [Sumaria]


Northern Diyala

550 families returned to the subdistrict of Sadiya north of Muqdadiya. The local council said that all families will return by the summer of 2016. The Governor attended festivities to celebrate the return. [Mada]



Iraqi Army helicopters launched an attack at 1:00 AM on Daesh positions in the Zgeitor area on the road connecting Hawija to Allas southwest of Kirkuk, destroying 6 vehicles and killing 29 terrorists, the Joint Operations Command (JOC) said. [Harbi]


JOC rocket units initiated an attack at 23:11 on Adherban village in Riyadh subdistrict in southwest Kirkuk, killing 23 terrorists, wounding 36 others, and destroying 7 vehicles, the JOC said.  [Harbi]


A paratroop operation, reportedly by Iraqis and US Special Forces in the souk of Hawija reportedly ended in the arrest of five Daesh members. If confirmed, this would be the sixth operation of this kind in Hawija. [Baghdadia] The US has denied previous such reports, but has also said it would not report on Special Operations activities.


An airstrike by the Coalition on the Daesh legal court in Hawija killed or wounded 32 people. Another strike, on the industrial quarter of the city, killed 12 terrorists according to a Kirkuk security source.  [Sumaria]



A KDP official says 18 Daesh leaders escaped Mosul to rural Baaj District to the south because of internal clashes. He says the disputes between Daesh terrorists escalated after the recent defeats they suffered.  [Mada]


A local source says Daesh executed six people publicly in Mosul, after accusing them of using the internet. [Mada]

He also says the Peshmerga shelled Daesh in Bashiqa killing 6 terrorists and wounding many others. [Mada]


Daesh executed three Mosul University students because they refused to volunteer for Daesh’s forces in the Badoush area in west Mosul, a Ninewa police source said today. The three young men were shot dead after one week of imprisonment, the source said. [BasNews]


Daesh has cleared out of its main headquarters, checkpoints, and offices in Mosul and moved to alternative locations, said eyewitnesses in Mosul. This comes after intensifying international Coalition air raids on the city [Mada]


Coalition planes today attacked the Al-Tahrir neighborhood on the left bank of Mosul, as well as the Bashiqa and Filfil areas, a PUK media officer said. The attacks killed 10 terrorists, including the wali of Bashiqa, Omar Azhar Jiyad, as well as destroying six vehicles and several buildings. [PUKMedia]


Unidentified gunmen shot dead “Abo Obeida,” a Palestinian national working as a Daesh security official in Qayara, as he headed to a Daesh base in the city, a tribal source said. [Qishla]


A Peshmerga mortar attack in the Mosul Waterfalls area killed 11 youths in the Daesh youth organization (under age 18) known as “Ashbal Al-Khilafa,” which Daesh deploys across Mosul’s checkpoints. Three Daesh leaders, two Syrians and a Libyan, were also killed in the attacks. [BasNews]


Northwest Ninewa

Peshmerga troops today blocked a Daesh attack on Domiz, in Sinjar, killing “tens” of Daesh terrorists and destroying several vehicles. The attackers withdrew towards Tal Afar and Mosul. [Buratha]


Other Governorates 


800 Yazidi children are being “trained” by Daesh in its training camps, said an official of KRG’s Kidnapped Yazidis office today. He says Daesh is holding over 3,000 Yazidis as prisoners.  [Sumaria]


The PR director of the KRG Ministry of Endowment, Meriwan Naqshbandi, said he withdrew from a forum for Sunni clerics held in Erbil because the meeting failed to raise the Iraqi and Kurdish flags and failed to praise Peshmerga forces’ efforts in providing support to tens of thousands of Sunni Arabs. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The explanation likely is that the organizers are anti-government clerics who paved the way for Daesh advances in Iraq, and some are still strong Daesh supporters. PM Abadi opened the door for national reconciliation, but there are some people who still refuse even the slightly revised Iraqi flag and think Iraq should go back to the Saddam days. Why the KRG would host such a group is a good question.



Babel. Young men in Babel Governorate working to rebuild Sunni mosques destroyed by unknown attackers in Hilla have raised the slogan “I am a Shia . . . Tell the Sunnis that I love them.” [Sumaria]




Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said in a press conference on Thursday that the Turkish-Iraqi border represented a threat to Turkish national security and said Turkey was coordinating militarily with the United States to confront the dangers. The PM referred to both Daesh and the PKK in his remarks about threats emanating from the border region. The PM added that Turkey considered itself a part of the international coalition against Daesh. [Cihan]


The General Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, Hulusi Akar has warned the United States against full Kurdish control along the length of the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border, reiterating Turkey’s opposition to any move to extend Kurdish militia control along the border to connect the Kurdish-held enclaves in the northwest and northeast of Syria. The remarks come amid deadly fighting between Turkey and the PKK on the Turkish side of the border and amid advances by the Syria Democratic Forces, among which the YPG, the PYD militia, is the dominant fighting force, across the Euphrates River into Daesh-held territory in the eastern Aleppo countryside in northwest Syria, which would seem to violate Turkey’s “red line.” [ARA]


Turkish police have arrested a suspect implicated in the murder of Syrian journalist Naji Jeref in Gazientep in late December. The Antep Governorate released a statement on Thursday saying that after analysis of footage from 337 surveillance cameras of the suspects, followed by analysis of the movements of taxis identified in the footage and the questioning of taxi drivers, the authorities were able to identify two suspects whose shoes and hair bore resemblance to what had been observed in the surveillance footage. Upon arresting one man, the police searched his residence, finding explosives, detonators, firearms and ammunition, and clothes that the suspect allegedly was seen removing in surveillance video when fleeing the scene of the murder. Earlier reports suggested that the Turkish police had made more than one arrest but the Antep statement mentions only one. The statement does not mention the nationality or background of the suspect. [ARA] [Qasioun] [BasNews]





Battles are ongoing between Daesh and the Syria Democratic Forces in the Ain Eissa countryside after the SDF, with Coalition air support, repelled a Daesh attack in the area Thursday morning.  The agency reports casualties among Daesh fighters without providing details. [Welati]


The Raqqa Revolutionaries Front has announced that it has joined the Syria Democratic Forces, in order to combat terrorism and extremism represented by Daesh and the Nusra Front. [Qasioun]


The SDF discovered that Daesh had dug trenches in two villages south of Ain Eissa which it captured from Daesh on January 4 (photos). [Hawar]


Video of a church reopening in Tal Abyad. [Hawar]


Photos of residents returning to Kobane in spite of difficult conditions in the city. [Hawar]



Syrian Army troops with Russian air support are attempting to advance rapidly eastward toward the Daesh-held city of Al-Bab. Syrian soldiers clashed heavily with Daesh east of Kowaires airbase on Thursday, with fighting ongoing in the area and casualty counts not available. [ARA]


Daesh fighters attacked Syria Democratic Forces on the east bank of the Euphrates River near Sarrin south of Kobane on Thursday, exploiting heavy fog to travel across the river undetected, using small boats. They killed and injured an unspecified number of SDF fighters before returning across the river, according to a source close to the SDF, who also said that the numbers of dead and injured had not yet been clarified. [ARA]


Fighting has continued in other areas around Tishrin Dam, south of Kobane, where Daesh has in recent days attempted to retake the strategic dam that it lost to the SDF at the end of last month. The SDF reported as many as 50 Daesh fighters killed in battles in villages and hills around the dam. [ARA]


Five maintenance crews are beginning work on the Tishrin Dam, which is in desperate need of work after being held by Daesh. There are conflicting reports as to the role of American troops in securing the dam while work is done. The Local Coordination Committees have said that US Special Forces are deployed on the dam–leading several news outlets to report that the US had made its “first ground deployment” in the Syrian conflict—while the SDF denied that US forces were present on the dam. [BasNews] [ARA] [Welati] [Hawar] [Arabi21] [IslamMemo]


Daesh executed 10 civilians in Manbij on Thursday, local sources say. In a separate report, ARA news says Daesh executed three civilians in the city on Wednesday, one on charges of having insulted God, a second for allegedly practicing sorcery, and a third on charges of supporting the anti-Daesh resistance. [Hawar] [ARA]


Daesh executed a 57-year-old civilian in the village of Al-Raei near the city of Al-Bab after arresting him for speaking Kurdish in public. [Hawar]


The Ahrar Al-Sham militia arrested an unspecified number of people from an alleged Daesh cell in the Idlib area on Thursday on allegations of involvement in the assassination of Abu Tamim, a commander in the Sunna Soldiers Brigade in an IED attack some days ago, a local activist says. [ARA]



A woman was killed by a Daesh artillery shell that landed in the Al-Jawra area of Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun FB page]



Fighting erupted between Daesh and splinter elements formerly belonging to Al-Nusra Front in the Yarmouk camp south of Damascus on Thursday, Qasioun reports, without further detail. [Qasioun]




Daesh audio newsletter for today in English. [Archive]


Egypt. Egyptian troops repelled an attack on a security checkpoint in the village of Mahdiya south of Rafah today, killing three attackers and injuring eight others. [VetoGate]


Wilayat Sinai, the Daesh affiliate in Egypt (formerly known as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis) claimed responsibility for an attack today in which unknown armed men blew up a gas pipeline in the Midan area west of Arish. At least 13,000 homes in the Arish area will be affected by the interruption in supply, Egyptian authorities announced.


The pipeline attacked is considered the major conduit for Jordanian gas into Egypt. In its statement claiming responsibility for the attack, Wilayat Sinai said that “not one drop of gas from the little statelet (duwayla) of Jordan will arrive without the permission of the commander of the faithful,” referring to Awwad Baghdadi, the self-appointed caliph of Daesh’s self-proclaimed caliphate. [Arabi21] [VetoGate]


Daesh says it blew up the gas pipe going from Egypt to Jordan in Sabika west of Arish. Daesh says a drop of gas won’t reach Jordan until the caliph says so. [DabiqNews]


Four underground caches of weapons explosives were uncovered and destroyed in areas around Sheikh Zuweid as Egyptian security agencies continued sweeping operations against militants in Sinai. Another weapons cache containing automatic firearms and ammunition, six sacks of bomb-making chemicals, and 300 kg of TNT was found in a desert area south of Rafah. [VetoGate] [VetoGate]


21 Egyptians were abducted in Libya today. (Story below)


Daesh publishes photos of the results of the Egyptian bombing in Sinai. [ADI]



Deadly blast at Zliten training camp

Daesh has claimed responsibility for a deadly suicide truck bombing that killed and injured scores of police recruits in the coastal town of Zliten, west of Misrata.  Approximately 500 cadets were present in the police training center on a former military base, when an unidentified attacker drove a large explosives-laden truck through the training field entrance and detonated the payload. Differing reports have described the truck as a “water tanker” or a “fire engine.”

The death toll from today’s bombing has been reported as high as 74 victims and will likely climb, with the injured numbering as many as 127. A medical source said only 23 of the victims had been identified so far, and appealed to residents of the city for donations of blood to treat the wounded.

An unidentified source has denied reports of a second explosion at the same site today.

Four suspects associated with Daesh had been apprehended at the entrance of the town yesterday, security sources said.

The Libyan government has announced three days of official mourning for the victims of the attack. [AfriGate] [AkhbarLibya] [AfriGate] [AfriGate] [Aawsat]

A state of emergency has been declared by the Health Ministry at four hospitals, two in Misrata and two in Tripoli, after the blast in Zliten. [AfriGate]

Statements of condemnation of today’s attack at Zliten have been issued from: Martin Kobler the UN Secretary General’s special representative to Libya, and from Federica Mogherini, the EU’s Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security. [AfriGate] [AfriGate]


Egyptians abducted

Twenty-one Egyptians were abducted by Daesh in Libya today. According to an Egyptian whose son is among those taken, all the kidnapping victims are young men from the Minya governorate in Upper Egypt, and 17 are related to each other. Bawaba’s report (in Arabic) contains the names of all 21 young men believed abducted. [Bawaba]


Sidra aftermath

Avicenna (Bin Sina) hospital in the Daesh-controlled town of Sirte has received Daesh members who were killed or injured in Daesh’s recent fighting around the strategic oil facilities near Sidra. [AkhbarLibya]


Libyan firefighters are still working to contain  two burning oil reservoirs at Ras Lanuf which were set alight in the fighting in Sidra earlier this week, the National Oil Company said in a statement. [AfriGate]


A Daesh local commander known as Harawa Abu Bitar Al-Misri was killed in the fighting at Sidra, according to media reports. Facilities Protection Guards have found another three bodies of Daesh fighters in the aftermath, the Guard’s spokesman announced. [AkhbarLibya]


Daesh claimed it targeted an Oil Facilities Protection vehicle on Thursday with gunfire, destroying the vehicle and killing its occupants, as well as targeting Facilities Protection sites with Grad rockets, without giving further details. [AkhbarLibya]


Daesh-held areas

According to unidentified Libyan sources cited by AfriGate, the following are the names and nationalities of the top seven commanders in the Daesh organization in Libya.

  • Abu Amer Al-Libi (Libyan), commander of the organization in Sirte
  • Abu Omar Al-Tunisi (Tunisian), emir of the courts
  • Abu Hamza Al-Misri (Egyptian), head of the so-called “Islamic Police”
  • Abu Abdallah Al-Misri (Egyptian), head of the Hisbah (religious police)
  • Abu Hifs Al-Tunisi (Tunisian), the “official for Istitba (repentance-seeking)”
  • Abu Salam Al-Libi (Libyan), the organization’s “military official”
  • Abu Muawiya Hasan al-Karami (nationality unspecified), the organization’s “legal official.” [AfriGate]

Over 100 Daesh fighters “of dark complexion” have arrived from in a column of over 40 armed Toyota vehicles to the village of Buhadi south of Sirte, according to a local source, who said that the fighters entered the area via the road that leads to Sirte from the south. [AkhbarLibya]


Libyan warplanes made five raids on Daesh sites around Benghazi today. [AfriGate]


Daesh says its snipers killed 3 Libyan armed groups’ fighters in Derna. [ADI]


Daesh says it detonated an IED near a school in Derna (allegedly occupied by an armed group) and damaged it. [ADI]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked the gate of the Oil Facilities Protection military camp south of Ras Lanuf with a car bomb. [A3maq]


A report about the 15 year old boy who committed the suicide attack in Sidra on January 4. The boy, and many other Libyan boys, are being brainwashed by a Salafi-Jihadi organization called Qudwati (my role model). [NewsHadath]


Bangladesh. Daesh says its terrorists stabbed and killed a Bengali man who became Christian in Jhenaidah in southwest Bangladesh. [ADI]


Italy. Three Libyan nationals were interrogated by Italian authorities in Genoa on Thursday on suspicions of belonging to Daesh and attempting to launder money for its benefit, judicial sources in Italy said, explaining that the men were apprehended in Genoa on Sunday and were in possession of stolen vehicles and photos of Daesh members. Italian authorities are reportedly seeking to extend the detention of the men to continue the interrogation. [Erem]




Facebook Page of the Day

Mahmoud Al-Misrati, a Libyan journalist page


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


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