An Update On ISIS Activities

January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019


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SDF Units in Al-Sha’afa (SDF Media Jan 14)







World Bank says reconstruction money will boost Iraq economy in 2019. [..]

Iraq says 80% of Daesh land mines have now been cleared with US help.​​ [..]

King of Jordan visits Baghdad to meet the President.​​ [..]

Iran announces Rouhani will visit Baghdad in March. [..]

France’s Foreign Minister arrives in Baghdad to discuss economic, security ties. [..]

Daesh kills another mukhtar, in Falluja. [..]

Two Yazidi families freed from 4-year Daesh captivity in Sinjar. [..]



Turkey deploys 80,000 soldiers on Syrian border for mass attack,​​ [..]

. . .​​ but Trump threatens economic retaliation,​​ [..]

. . .​​ leading to​​ Monday’s Trump-Erdogan telephone talk.​​ [..]



Israeli airstrikes hit Iranian warehouses at Damascus airport. [..]

Qatar decides against reopening embassy in Damascus. [..]

SDF takes the rest of Al-Sha’afa.​​ [..]

SDF, Coalition​​ now battling Daesh in Al-Susah.​​ [..]


Other​​ countries

Egypt: ​​ Cairo monitoring group​​ details expansion of Daesh social media presence. [..]

Great Britain:​​ ​​ Daesh operatives threaten the Duchess of Cambridge. [..]

Afghanistan: ​​​​ 

More Afghan immigrants in Iran returning home in wake of US sanctions. [..]

Kabul car bomb explosion kills 4, injures 90. [..]

10 Daesh-affiliated terrorists killed, 16 captured in NE Afghanistan. [..]






A World Bank report​​ predicts that​​ the Iraq economy​​ will​​ achieve a 6.2% growth rate in 2019, which would be the highest in the Arab world. Although it was only 1.9% in 2018, there are high expectations for the​​ coming reconstruction projects,​​ for both Iraq and neighboring countries. [Sumaria]


As reported by Sumaria, Iraqi security officials speaking to a Gulf newspaper said on Monday that about 80% of the war detritus left behind by Daesh had been destroyed. They credited US technical assistance with helping to locate buried IEDs and mines, although they added that the “crazy” arrangement of mines and IEDs in Ninewa had delayed clearance operations in Mosul. They said that operations to clear explosives were ongoing on an “almost daily” basis in Anbar, Mosul, Salahuddin, and Baghdad.​​ [Sumaria]​​ 


Foreign policy

Baghdad is witnessing a flurry of diplomatic activity, as it received Abdullah II, the King of Jordan,​​ Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Foreign Minister, and Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister, all a few days after the visit of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State.​​ [Sumaria]


The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, arrived in Baghdad on Monday and was received by President Barham Salih. Enhancing the political, economic, and security ties between Amman and Baghdad are the topics of discussions with the King. [Sumaria]


Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister, says that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will be visiting Iraq on March 11 to discuss the development of mutual relations. He says that after the successful end of Iraq’s elections, the time is ripe for such a visit. [Rudaw]


France’s Foreign Minister,​​ Jean-Yves Le Drian,​​ visited Baghdad on Monday to discuss bilateral relations in the economic and security fields.​​ [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This may look less important than visits by King Abdullah and President Rouhani, but in the context of Trump’s announced Syria withdrawal, France’s efforts to assert some leadership in Syria and Iraq could be extremely important.​​ 


Pro-Western former MP Mithal Al-Alusi wrote an open letter to President Barham Salih urging Salih to open official channels with Israel and sign an official ceasefire with it. Iraq has officially been at war with Israel since the Israeli state’s foundation. [AlQuds]



Southeast​​ (Mada’in, etc.)

The Directorate of Military Intelligence said on Monday that its units had arrested a terrorist in Mada’in who was planting IEDs targeting both security personnel and civilians. [Ghad]​​ 


West​​ (Mansour, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Daesh said it killed or wounded PMF soldiers and destroyed their vehicle with an IED on Thursday in the Al-Annaz area, Abu Ghraib​​ District. [ICDNJan12]



The Security Committee of the Anbar Provincial Council says that​​ the​​ increased​​ number of​​ security breaches in the province are due to weakened intelligence and the need to transfer security powers to the MoI​​ in order to​​ send the army to the desert and border areas. It also says that intelligence units lack adequate supplies. Furthermore, it rejected the return of families of Daesh members without the​​ consent of the security authorities,​​ or​​ without​​ subjecting all members of “Daesh families” to a security check. [BasNews]



Daesh said it captured and then murdered the mukhtar of Al-Masalma village, in the Nuaimiya area, and set his vehicle on fire, on Sunday. [ICDNJan14]


The Directorate of Military Intelligence said on Monday that its units had found a cache of explosive devices in the village of Albu Hamoud,​​ in​​ Qarma subdistrict. It said the cache included 50 bombs of various types, 29 detonators, 14 120mm mortar rounds, and various other explosives​​ packages and bomb-making materials. [Ghad]​​ 



A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Saturday that Hit Police units killed 2 Daesh terrorists, including a suicide bomber. The source said the police had obtained information about a suicide bomber and his “transporter,” and managed to chase and kill the 2 terrorists.​​ 


Anah​​ (including Rawa)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Saturday that Iraqi Army units killed 5 Daesh terrorists who were hiding in a tunnel in the desert west of Rawa.



A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that the Mayor of Al-Qa’im demanded that security units expel Daesh families after the car bomb explosion in the city.​​ 

The Ministry of Health had previously said on Friday that a car bomb explosion in Al-Qa’im killed 2 persons and wounded 23. The explosion took place in the market area. 4 policemen were among the wounded. [Baghdadia]​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The Mayor (short name for a District Manager in Iraq)​​ is taking an irresponsible position. Most Daesh family members have themselves committed no crimes.​​ How about​​ investigating​​ who committed the crime​​ instead of​​ rounding​​ up​​ and expelling​​ the usual suspects​​ in the hope that the perpetrator is one of them.



A security source reported that on Monday​​ an​​ Iraqi aircraft killed 4 Daesh fighters when it struck a vehicle entering Rutba that was carrying weapons, explosives​​ belts, ammunition, and food for Daesh. [SNG]

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Saturday that Iraqi aircrafts​​ killed 3 Daesh terrorists who sneaked in from Syria​​ to​​ the Rutba desert. ​​ 

DaeshDaily comment.​​ As Daesh fighters in Deir Ez-Zor try to escape the SDF and the Coalition, there will be more of them trying to sneak into Iraq.




A source within the Salahuddin security apparatus reported that Daesh launched an attack on the Al-Aqwas checkpoint north of Tikrit on Sunday, killing 5 security officers. [Mawazin]


On Sunday, Salahuddin security forces found 2 corpses of young men with gunshot wounds near Tikrit University. They had previously been kidnapped by Daesh. [Mawazin]


Daesh said it killed or wounded tribal PMF members and destroyed their vehicle with an IED on Saturday north of Al-Alam city. [ICDNJan14]


Daesh said on Sunday that it killed an Oil Facilities Protection policeman and wounded another with an IED near Allas oilfield. [A3maq]


The Security Media Center said on Monday that units from Salahuddin Ops Command had carried out a search operation around the Tal Qusaiba area east of Tikrit, finding 4 terrorist “dens,” which contained 9 IEDs, as well as clothing, food and cooking equipment, and oil tanks. [Baghdadia]​​ 



Central Diyala (Muqdadiya)

Daesh said it targeted the Shia village of Sarhiya, in Muqdadiya​​ District, with 3 mortar shells on Friday. [ICDNJan12]​​ 


Daesh said it damaged an IFP vehicle with light weapons on Friday in the Dour Al-Dhubbat area, in Muqdadiya city. [ICNDJan13]


Northern Diyala (Khanaqin)

On Monday evening, Daesh launched an attack on Iraqi government police in the village of Mohammed Shirk,​​ Khanaqin​​ District. [BasNews]​​ 


Daesh said it severely wounded two Shia with a handgun on Friday in the Tuola Farush neighborhood of Khanaqin city. [ICDNJan12]​​ 


Daesh said it set the house of two IFP members on​​ fire​​ Saturday north of Khanaqin. [ICDNJan12]




The PMF media office said on Monday that the 16th​​ PMF Brigade had fought off a Daesh attack in Dibis​​ District. It said that “several” Daesh fighters and 1 PMF fighter were killed.​​ [Ghad]​​ [PressIraq]

A security source confirmed that 1 PMF fighter had been killed. [SotIraq]


Daesh said it killed a tribal PMF soldier with light weapons on Sunday in Al-Tanak neighborhood, in Dibis. [ICDNJan14]




Daesh said it killed an Asayish member with an IED on Saturday in Al-Hawayej village,​​ in Abbasi subdistrict​​ west of Hawija city. [A3maq]


Daesh published on Saturday photos of targeting the Shia village of Maadan, in​​ the​​ Saadiya​​ area in Abbasi​​ subdistrict, with mortars. [ICDNJan12]


Daesh said it killed or wounded PMF soldiers when it set off an IED on their vehicle on Sunday in Al-Sabti village, in Abbasi subdistrict. [A3maq]​​ 



Daesh said on Saturday it killed an IFP member with an IED near Al-Salmani village, in Riyadh subdistrict. [A3maq]​​ 


Daesh said it killed an IFP member when it targeted a minesweeper with an IED on Saturday near Khirbat Aziz village, in Riyadh subdistrict. [ICDNJan13]


Daesh said it blew up the houses of four PMF and IFP members on Saturday in Dhahiriya village, west of Riyadh. [ICDNJan14]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad)

Daesh said it killed or wounded tribal PMF members and destroyed their vehicle with an IED on Friday in Tob Zawa village, in Daquq​​ District. [ICDNJan12]


Daesh published on Saturday photos of targeting an IFP position in Al-Sous village, in Rashad subdistrict, with mortars. [ICDNJan12]




A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that Ninewa SWAT units, supported by Coalition soldiers, captured 4 Daesh terrorists who were hiding in a tunnel​​ in​​ the Gwer area. ​​ 


Mosul​​ city

On Monday​​ Sawa​​ reported that Mosul city authorities began​​ the​​ demolition of​​ a building that had been used by Daesh​​ for the​​ execution of​​ alleged​​ gay men. [Sawa]


Mosul District

West (Hamidat/Muhalabiya)

Daesh said it killed an Iraqi Army EOD expert with an IED on Saturday after “luring” an Iraqi Army unit to an ambush near Sheikh Yunus village, southwest of Mosul city. [A3maq]​​ 


Western​​ Ninewa


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Saturday that 2 Yazidi PMF fighters were killed in a Daesh attack near Hardan village. The source said that the PMFs killed 2 Daesh terrorists.




The Office of Kidnapped Affairs in Dahuk announced on Sunday that 2​​ Yazidi​​ families had been freed from 2 compounds in Sinjar and​​ brought to​​ Dahuk. Both families were kidnapped by Daesh over 4 years ago. [Forat]



The​​ Asayish​​ Directorate announced that​​ Asayish​​ units​​ in west Suleimaniya had arrested an important armed Daesh fugitive. [Forat]​​ [PressIraq]




Military & security developments

The Turkish daily​​ Yeni Şafak​​ says preparations are underway for the Turkish military operation east of the Euphrates, saying that 80,000 Turkish soldiers are ready to proceed. It says this is twice the number that occupied Cyprus in 1974, which was 40,000 soldiers at the time. It says that the Ops Command will be located in Şanlıurfa (aka Urfa, southeastern Turkey), and that 10 locations will be attacked at the same time. [Qasioun]


Foreign policy

President Trump tweeted on Sunday night that the US would​​ devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds.” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in Riyadh that he “assume[d]” Trump was referring to possible sanctions if Turkey attacked Syrian Kurdish positions, but that Pompeo did not know for sure.​​ 

Trump also asked Kurdish fighters not to “provoke” Turkey. He added that a 20-mile “safe zone” for the Kurds could be established, without providing further details. Finally, Trump said that the war on Daesh is ongoing, and that remaining Daesh fighters could be hit by airstrikes.​​ [Qasioun]​​ [WaPo]​​ [BBC]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This is a threat that can’t be​​ easily​​ dismissed​​ in Ankara.​​ Much of​​ Turkey’s economy is dependent on western tourism. If Americans stop coming that would have an impact, but if European countries followed suit​​ there would be a lot of vacant hotel rooms in Istanbul and elsewhere.​​ 


Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Turkish Foreign Minister, says Turkey informed the US that it is not afraid of any threats to destroy the Turkish economy, adding that the US cannot attain its objectives that way. He also said, “Strategic partners do not communicate through social media,” referring to President Trump’s tweet.​​ [Qasioun]​​ 


Following​​ Çavuşoğlu’s remarks,​​ Turkish President Erdogan and Trump had a phone call on Monday in which they “discussed the idea of creating a security zone cleared of terrorism in the north of the country​​ [Syria],” according to a statement by the office of the Turkish Presidency. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said that Trump “expressed the desire to work together to address Turkey’s security concerns in northeast Syria while stressing the importance to the United States that Turkey does not mistreat the Kurds and other Syrian Democratic Forces with whom we have fought.”​​ [ElDorar]​​ [AFP]





Political developments

Elham Ahmed, the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (political wing of the SDF), says that discussions with the Syrian government have not reached any successful conclusions so far. She says that the Syrian government is still sticking to its old ways of thinking and wants​​ to take over all territories on the pretext of Syrian unity. She says that the SDF​​ has​​ never promoted​​ secession from Syria. [EnabBaladi]


A high-ranking Syrian Kurdish source reported that a delegation from the PYD flew to Damascus to discuss the fate of the area east of the Euphrates with the Syrian government. [BasNews]


The​​ National Coalition​​ for Syrian Revolutionary and​​ Opposition​​ Forces​​ (aka Syrian National Coalition (SNC))​​ says​​ that​​ Tahrir Al-Sham​​ (HTS)​​ had attempted to extend its control over the entire region of Idlib,​​ and that HTS​​ is a terrorist group,​​ and should be eradicated from all places in Idlib and elsewhere in Syria. It says this is the national consensus of​​ the​​ Syrian people. [Qasioun]

Abu Mohammed Al-Jolani, the head of Tahrir Al-Sham, says that he​​ supports​​ a Turkish operation to liberate the east of the Euphrates from the “PKK,” saying that many of these areas belong to Sunni Arabs. He described his group as part of the Syrian revolution. [Qasioun] [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ We should thank the gentleman for clarifying​​ his organization’s motives.​​ ​​ Tahrir Al-Sham is an Islamist extremist organization that is not really on our side and is fighting in Syria because of sectarian motives.


Foreign policy

United States


See above under Turkey,​​ Foreign policy


A video shot by​​ the​​ SOHR showed more US equipment being transferred from their positions​​ in Syria​​ towards Iraq. Sources told the SOHR that the process will continue​​ in the coming days and weeks. [SyriaHR]



Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Foreign Minister, says that President Al-Assad could run in any coming elections in Syria within the framework of a peaceful settlement. He was talking in a press conference with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Al-Safadi. He says that France is committed to a peaceful settlement in Syria according to UN Security Council Resolution 2254, and it is up​​ to​​ the Syrian people to decide in the end.​​ [ElDorar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ The estimable Foreign Minister has produced the perfectly deft distinction. The bottom line is not forcing Assad to give up his position but to hold an internationally supervised election by which the people can elect their own leader. Letting Assad run takes the risk that he might win but would set up the more likely outcome that he would be defeated. So Assad is not likely to favor the French formula either but we would be more likely to edge the process forward by taking that position than by insisting that his withdrawal is a condition for moving forward.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted on Sunday that the Israeli Air Force had carried out strikes on Iranian weapons warehouses at the Damascus airport “in the last 36 hours.” Israeli officials have previously generally refused to comment on specific airstrikes in Syria. [NYT]



Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani says that his country does not see​​ the​​ necessity of re-opening its embassy in Damascus at this time. He​​ also​​ says that the conditions that forced the suspension of Syria’s membership in the Arab League still exist. [Qasioun]



Manbij /Al-Bab/Jarabulus

Daesh said on Saturday it killed three SDF members, including a commander, wounded two others, and destroyed their SUV with an IED near​​ a​​ park on the road between Manbij and Aleppo. [A3maq]​​ 




Raqqa city​​ & district

Daesh issued on Saturday a video of murdering an SDF member near Adnaniya Farm, northwest of Raqqa. [A3maq]

Daesh had previously said that it killed an SDF member with a silenced gun Friday afternoon near Adnaniya Farm. [ICDNJan11]​​ 


Daesh said it killed an SDF “prisons official” with a silenced gun Saturday evening in Raqqa city. [ICDNJan13]


Eastern Raqqa

Daesh said it set on fire the vehicle of an Arab tribal leader who was also an SDF official on Sunday in front of his house in Jadida​​ Khabur village, in Al-Karama subdistrict. [A3maq]​​ 


Central and West​​ 



See story above under Syria, National News



Tahrir Al-Sham pledged not to pursue Ahrar Al-Sham fighters in its area of control following an agreement reached with tribal sheiks in north Hama. It circulated an order to all of its units to that​​ end. [Qasioun]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Forat​​ reported that SDF units had arrested a Daesh member of Canadian nationality in Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun]


Deir Ez-Zor​​ District

The network​​ Deir Ez-Zor 24​​ claims that Coalition planes attacked a Syrian Army position in Albu Lail town, east​​ of​​ Deir Ez-Zor, leaving several soldiers killed or wounded. [ElDorar]


Daesh said it wounded two SDF members on Thursday when it targeted their vehicle with a hand grenade in Al-Hasan village​​ north of Deir Ez-Zor. [A3maq]


Daesh published on Saturday a photo of an SDF member it murdered in the Al-Sabha area, in Al-Busayrah subdistrict. [ICDNJan12]


Mayadin​​ District

Four Daesh “victorious” reports from Dhiban​​ follow. There are no corresponding SDF or independent reports, so we have no way to verify​​ these stories.

Daesh said it killed an SDF member and wounded another with machine guns on Friday in Dhiban town. [ICDNJan12]

Daesh published on Saturday photos of murdering an SDF member it captured in the Dernaj area, in Dhiban subdistrict. [ICDNJan12]

In another report, Daesh said it captured then beheaded two SDF members on Sunday in Dhiban town. [ICDNJan14]

Daesh said it killed an SDF member and wounded another on Sunday when it targeted their building in Al-Tayyana village, in Dhiban subdistrict, with machine guns. [ICDNJan13]

Daesh said it captured then beheaded an SDF member on Saturday in Dhiban town. [ICDNJan14]


Albu Kamal​​ District

Local sources say​​ that​​ SDF units captured​​ the whole town of​​ Al-Shaafa, the secondlargest Daesh stronghold in eastern​​ Deir Ez-Zor after Hajin. It also captured​​ the​​ neighboring​​ village of​​ Albu Badran after 14 days​​ of continued fighting and bombardment. The sources say all civilian resources of the town are destroyed, and​​ all of its population​​ fled to IDP camps. [ElDorar]​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Saturday that SDF units, supported by Coalition planes, killed 17 Daesh terrorists, including a commander, near Al-Sha’afa. The source said that 4 SDF fighters were wounded.​​ 

Daesh published on Saturday photos of Coalition aircraft over Albu Badran village. The photos also show Daesh “air defense” units. [ICDNJan12]


A local political activist said that the SDF​​ captured the​​ Albu Badran area on Sunday night. He said that 13 Daesh fighters had been killed and the “entire area” cleared of terrorists.​​ [PUKMedia]​​ 

Daesh issued on Saturday a video of targeting an SDF “gathering” in Al-Sha’afa town with a rocket. [A3maq]


Fighting between Daesh and SDF is continuing in​​ Al-Susah​​ and its surroundings,​​ backed by​​ Coalition​​ planes and artillery, the SOHR reports. It also says that Daesh members​​ numbers are decreasing significantly,​​ following​​ a​​ mass​​ flight​​ from​​ Daesh-held​​ areas.​​ The​​ SOHR recorded the exit of 25,000 persons from Daeshheld,​​ areas including 16,600 since President Trump’s withdrawal announcement. 1,500 Daesh fighters also deserted,​​ either fleeing to other areas or surrendering to​​ the​​ SDF.​​ [SyriaHR]​​ [SyriaHR]


Fighting between the SDF and Daesh is continuing in the remaining areas held by Daesh east of the Euphrates, the SOHR says. It says that Coalition airstrikes took place on Monday. It also reported a Coalition convoy entering the front-lines area. [SyriaHR]

Daesh issued on Saturday a video of murdering two SDF members it had captured in Al-Susah. [A3maq]



No reports




Neighboring countries


The​​ New York Times​​ says that Pentagon officials are worried that John Bolton, the US National Security Advisor, might cause a war with Iran at a point when President Trump’s influence in the Middle East is declining. It says that the US National Security Council asked the Pentagon last year to prepare options to attack Iran, following pro-Iranian militias’ rocket attack on the​​ grounds of the​​ US​​ Embassy in Baghdad​​ last September.​​ Then​​ Secretary of Defense Mattis thought at the time that the attack was insignificant. [Arabi21] [NYT]


An Iranian military cargo plane coming from Bishkek,​​ in Kyrgyzstan, crashed near Tehran. 15 persons on board were killed;​​ 1 survived.​​ [ZamanAlWasl] [NYT]


A land mine explosion on Sunday evening in Kermanshah Province, near the Iraq-Iran border, killed 2 Iranian soldiers. [Sumaria]



On Monday, Daesh published a photo of one of its terrorists,​​ who it says​​ was killed in Yemen. [ICDNJan14]


Daesh said it wounded an Al-Qaeda member and damaged an SUV with an IED on Sunday in the Dhi Kalib Al-Asfal area, in Qifa. [ICDNJan14]


North Africa


The Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa’​​ takfiri​​ and​​ fatwa​​ monitoring group said in their most recent report that Daesh was moving back online as a response to their​​ its battlefield losses. They said that Daesh was classifying social networking sites based on their targeted use, using Facebook to recruit young people for “lone wolf” attacks, while Twitter was used to disseminate news and propaganda, Telegram was for spreading the more ideological writings of​​ jihadi​​ emirs,” and YouTube was used for propaganda videos claiming battlefield successes.​​ [AhlMisr]


Daesh said its snipers killed an Egyptian soldier on Sunday at Abu Shanar security barrier, in Rafah. [ICDNJan14]

However, Daesh’s​​ A3maq​​ reported that the soldier was wounded. [A3maq]


Daesh said on Monday it destroyed an Egyptian Army water tanker truck and wounded its driver with an IED near Al-Ahrash military camp, in Rafah. [A3maq]



Fayez Al-Sarraj, head of the Libyan Government of National Accord, says his country is boycotting the Arab economic summit in Beirut​​ at the​​ end of this week, following “negative gestures” by the Lebanese government. He says​​ that​​ the host government did not provide the right environment for holding such​​ events. Some Shia groups in Lebanon accuse​​ Libya of​​ kidnapping​​ Shia religious and political leader​​ Musa Al-Sadr back in the​​ 70s. [Arabi21]


Libyan Army General Khalifa Haftar launched an operation to “clear” the southern towns of Libya of Chadian and Sudanese gangs and Daesh-affiliated groups. [Bayan]


Libyan authorities said that the approximately 50 Daesh bodies found in a mass grave had been exhumed, examined, and prepared for re-burial. This follows last Thursday’s announcement of the mass grave’s discovery.​​ [Wasat]





Great Britain

The​​ Daily Mail​​ says that​​ Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, received threatening messages on the Telegram app. Daesh operatives threatened to poison her food. Her son George was subject to threats also. British intelligence is taking the threats seriously.​​ [Sumaria]




Daesh said on Saturday it shot and killed a Somali police officer and wounded his associate at Bakaara market, in Mogadishu city. [A3maq]



The​​ Guardian​​ told the stories of​​ Zahra​​ and​​ Amina,​​ 2 Nigerian girls who were wives of Boko Haram fighters and escaped the group.​​ Zahra​​ escaped and handed herself over to Army units after being sent by the group​​ on a suicide mission.​​ Amina​​ escaped with her children following the death of her husband in​​ one of​​ the group’s battles. Economic and social conditions may force girls to work with such terrorist groups, as in the case of these 2 girls, where the availability of food in Boko Haram was a main motive for them to join. [Sumaria] [Guardian]


A security source reported that fighters from “Islamic State West Africa” (i.e., Boko Haram) stormed Rann town,​​ in​​ northeast Nigeria, on Monday evening. [SkyNews] [Reuters]




The​​ Daily Telegraph​​ says that Afghan immigrants to Iran are returning home in search of better economic opportunities. The main reason is the sanctions imposed by the US on the Iranian economy. About 355,000 Afghans returned home in 2017; in 2018, about 780,000 undocumented Afghans returned, according to the International Organization for Migration. [Sumaria] [Telegraph]


A car bomb explosion on Monday in Kabul killed 4 and injured 90.​​ An MoI spokesman said that the injured included at least 33 children and 12 women.​​ [Anadolu]​​ [Khaama]


The Afghan MoD said​​ on Sunday​​ that at least 10 fighters from Daesh’s Khorasan affiliate (ISIS-K) were killed​​ and 16 foreign fighters belonging to the group arrested in an operation in Jund district, Badghis Province, northeastern Afghanistan. [Khaama]


Daesh said it killed an Afghan Special Forces officer on Sunday in Neighborhood 8, in Kabul city. [ICDNJan14]





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