An Update On ISIS Activities

December 7, 2018


Notice to readers: Iraq has declared a holiday for Monday, to celebrate the anniversary of Iraq’s victory over Daesh. We have decided to​​ honor that and​​ resume with our Tuesday night​​ issue.​​ 


December 7, 2018


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House Shelled by Daesh in Hatra District (DD Dec 7)







Sadrists make death threats against TV​​ talk show host. [..]

Daesh mass murderer killed in western Salahuddin. [..]

Erbil police chief announces installation of 10,000 security cameras. [..]



Foreign Minister Cavusoglu asks US to leave northern Syria.​​ [..]



Gen. Dunford says US needs to train 35-40,000 more Syrians for Syrian security operations. [..]

SDF, Coalition move further into Hajin; now control 70% of city.​​ [..]


Other​​ countries

Yemen:​​ UN says civilian casualties in Yemen average 123 per week.​​ [..]

Libya:​​ Constitutional​​ referendum may be held by February​​ in Libya. [..]

Morocco:​​ Daesh cell dismantled in Morocco. [..]

United States:​​ 

Trump appoints State Dept. spokesman Nauert to UN Ambassador post. [..]

Lebanese Hezbollah financier goes on trial in DC. [..]





Iraqi​​ Dijla​​ TV presenter Sahar Abbas Jamil says she received death threats from supporters of Muqtada Al-Sadr, saying they threatened to break into the TV station. She says the threats were received after she hosted pro-Iranian journalist Najah Mohammed Ali​​ on her​​ Monitor” program. Sadrists say that a delegation from their movement met the director of the TV station, asking him to pledge not to host Najah Mohammed Ali again for his antagonistic position towards Al-Sadr. [BasNews]



No reports




The Directorate of Military Intelligence says that its units in the 10th​​ Army Division found a large Daesh hideout containing a large cache with 150 mortar shells and other types of ammunition in​​ the​​ Thirthar​​ area​​ to the north. The cache was destroyed on location. [IKH]



Security sources in Anbar said that the Iraq-Syria border is “crowded” with planes, which were conducting overflights on a wide area of desert and agricultural land on both sides of the Euphrates, from Al-Baghouz in Syria to the Makr Al-Dhib area in Rutba. The sources said that these flights were seeking to catch Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi if he fled from his presumed location in Albu Kamal. [Sumaria]




Salahuddin Ops Command says that Army units, in cooperation with the 88th​​ PMF Brigade, killed the Daesh “mufti” Hameed Jassam Al-Falo​​ on the Salahuddin side of​​ the Himrin Hills area, northeast of Tikrit. Al-Falo issued a​​ fatwa​​ (religious legal ruling) in 2014 to kill all men and capture all women from the​​ large​​ Jubouri tribe in Al-Alam, and took part in the​​ murder​​ of 22 Army officers​​ Daesh had captured​​ in Al-Alam. [Baghdadia]​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that PMF units surrounded 2 Daesh terrorists who were hiding in a tunnel in the Himrin Mountains area. The source said the PMFs asked, via loudspeakers, the terrorists to surrender, and when they refused, the PMFs shot and killed them. The source said the PMFs found weapons and food supplies in the tunnel. 


The Center for Security Information says that Army units ambushed and killed a Daesh terrorist and wounded 2 others in​​ the Salahuddin part of the​​ Himrin​​ Hills, as well as finding 13 IEDs in​​ Al-Hasudiya​​ (location unclear). [Ghad]​​ 


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that two tribal PMF members were killed while stopping a Daesh attack east of Al-Alam. The source said the PMFs killed 2 Daesh terrorists, including a local commander.


Eastern Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

Daesh said on Thursday it killed or wounded PMF members and damaged their vehicle with an IED near the Huleiwa intersection, in the Tuz Khurmatu area. [ICDNDec6]​​ 



Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin,​​ Khalis​​ north)

A local source says maintenance personnel from the Ministry of Electricity found an IED placed near a high-tension power pole near Qara Tapa​​ in Kifri​​ subdistrict. Army EODs defused the IED.​​ [BaghdadToday]



No reports



Nineveh Plain (Hamdaniya, Tel Keif, Bashiqa)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that 70 families are still trapped in the Salamiyah camp for displaced people, between Nimrud and Hamdaniya. The source said the camp management secured hundreds of people, but no help​​ arrived​​ from the Ninewa provincial government.​​ 


Mosul​​ city

The MoI says IFP intelligence units arrested a Daesh operative who used to provide Daesh with the names of state employees and contractors in Mosul. He also headed a team of 6 that planted 10 IEDs to target security forces, and was active in Daesh’s “Services Office,” digging trenches and constructing fortifications.​​ [Sumaria]​​ [Rudaw]


The Directorate of Military Intelligence says that its “special missions” units arrested a man on charges of supplying weapons to Daesh in​​ Al-Faisaliya, east​​ Mosul. [Sumaria]​​ [Buratha]


Mosul District (Hamidat, Muhalabiya)

A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that a woman and a child were severely wounded when Daesh targeted houses in Al-Hashash village, near Tal Abta, with mortars. The source said the terrorists fled the area when Iraqi Army 20th Division units arrived.​​ 


Western​​ Ninewa

Tal Afar

The Center for Security Information said on Thursday that 17,600 sheets of counterfeit US $100 bills had been seized in Rabi’a subdistrict​​ in northern Tal Afar.​​ [Rudaw]



The journal​​ Sada, published by the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Carnegie, carried an analysis regarding the KDP’s relationship with the PUK and the Gorran (Change) Movement. The piece​​ argued that the KDP has moved away from its previous strategy of power-sharing with the PUK, and now seeks to dominate the KRG politically without attempting to form consensus with the PUK or Gorran. [Sada]



Abdul​​ Khaleq​​ Tallat, the Erbil Police Director, announced a major project to install 10,000​​ security​​ cameras in the streets of Erbil. He also says that his department made 4,324 arrests since the beginning of the year. [Shafaaq]




Foreign policy

On Friday, the Turkish Foreign Minister called on the US to cease its activities in northern Syria. He told US Envoy James Jeffery that the US should sever its ties with the YPG, and remove its observation posts in northern Syria. [ElDorar]





Foreign policy

United States

General Joseph Dunford says that the US needs to train 35,000-40,000 fighters in Syria, saying that 20% are​​ already prepared. He added that this troop level​​ is needed for the fighters to be able to stabilize and secure the areas they control. [Qasioun]


Anti-Daesh campaign

On Thursday, the Coalition nations held a meeting to discuss the fate of the more than 700 Daesh prisoners held by the SDF. 13 countries met in Ottawa to discuss the destiny of these prisoners; Canada said that each country would define the destiny of its citizens. The SDF says it is holding 795 Daesh fighters and 584 of their wives as prisoners. [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ There has been professed reluctance by home countries to take such people back, which leaves the SDF in the middle.


The​​ BBC​​ broadcasted an interview with a Saudi Daesh fighter being held prisoner by the SDF. Mohammed Al-Shammari refuses to go back to Saudi Arabia, as he is accused of terrorist operations there, and he is certain that death penalty is waiting for him under the rule of Mohammed Bin Salman. He is also accused by the US of recruiting and sending fighters to France and Germany to carry out terrorist attacks. [Qasioun]​​ [Sumaria]




A joint US-Turkey statement said that both states​​ are​​ committed to accelerate progress in the Manbij “roadmap,” beginning implementation by the end of 2018. The statement said that the 2 countries’ Foreign and Defense Ministries agreed to collaborate on counter-terrorism, restoring stability and security, providing humanitarian assistance, and preserving Syria’s territorial integrity. [Qasioun]




Raqqa city​​ & district

Furat​​ says that the bodies of 50 SDF fighters arrived in Raqqa on Friday. All were killed in the previous 2 days, fighting Daesh in eastern Deir Ez-Zor. [Qasioun]


North Raqqa​​ (Ayn Eissa,​​ Tal Abyad, etc.)

Daesh said it stabbed and killed an SDF member near Suluk town on Friday morning. [ICDNDec7]


Central and West​​ 


The “National Liberation Front,​​ a pro-Turkey​​ militia,​​ carried out an attack on Friday in Aleppo against the Syrian Army, killing 4 militia fighters loyal to Assad. [ElDorar]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Mayadin​​ District

The SOHR reported that unidentified armed men attacked a car carrying a member of the Deir Ez-Zor municipal council in Suwaidan, which is held by SDF. It also reported that armed men wearing SDF uniforms broke into a jeweler’s house and stole SL 4.5 million worth of jewelry (about $8,700 US). [SyriaHR]

In Daesh’s version, it said it killed four SDF members and wounded another when it targeted their vehicle with machine guns in Suwaidan village.​​ 

Daesh also said it killed five SDF members and wounded three others when it targeted their vehicle with machine guns in an ambush in Dhiban town, on Thursday. [A3maq] [ICDNDec7]


Albu Kamal​​ District

The SDF says it is advancing in Hajin and already controls several neighborhoods inside the city. Ridur Khalil, an SDF commander, adds that liberating Hajin is not the end of Daesh, and the war against this terrorist organization will take a long time. [ElDorar]

The SDF also said in a statement that they had killed 12 Daesh fighters and advanced 700 meters from one direction and 1 km from another inside Hajin. [BasNews]


The SOHR reported a heavy presence of Coalition planes over Hajin, following heavy artillery and air bombardment on Daesh positions in the area. It says that the SDF and its allies are now in control of over 70% of Hajin,​​ but​​ advancing slowly due to intense minefields and IEDs planted by Daesh.​​ The​​ SOHR says over 300 Kurdish reinforcement​​ fighters arrived​​ at​​ the front lines. [SyriaHR]


A​​ DaeshDaily​​ source said on Friday that Coalition planes killed 15 Daesh terrorists, including an “important” military commander in airstrikes on several areas in Hajin. The source said that SDF units advanced in Hajin and captured Hajin hospital in addition to Al-Sha’itat and Al-Sinbal, two major areas in the city. The source also said the SDF freed hundreds of civilians.  


Forat​​ writes that Iranian forces and Iraqi PMF units are establishing checkpoints in Albu Kamal. These forces are on alert for possible Daesh attacks, given the pressure on Daesh by the SDF and the Coalition. [EnabBaladi]


Daesh said on Friday that Coalition planes conducted more than 100 airstrikes on Hajin since Thursday evening. [A3maq]

Daesh said on Friday that Coalition planes bombed a hospital in Hajin. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ Daesh use of hospitals, and other civilian buildings, as headquarters is well documented. It was basically the same tactic in Ramadi, Falluja, Manbij, Mosul, Raqqa, etc. ​​ 




Unnamed sources say that the Lebanese Hezbollah is re-deploying its units in southern Syria, following recent Israeli missile attacks on its positions in​​ Al-Kiswah, south of Damascus. It moved its units toward​​ Daraa,​​ including rockets launching pads. [Arabi21]


On Thursday, a land mine explosion in Daraa killed 1​​ newly-graduated​​ Syrian Army officer and injured 5 others. The explosion occurred​​ as​​ they attempted to dismantle the mine.​​ [ElDorar]​​ [Qasioun]




Neighboring countries


The United Nations’ refugee agency said Friday there were nearly 1,500 civilian casualties in Yemen from August through October, the latest grim tally to emerge from a four-year civil war as opposing parties hold talks in Sweden.


The announcement came as Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels and the internationally recognized government, supported by a Saudi-led coalition, met for a second day for U.N.-sponsored talks aimed at halting the bloodshed.

UNHCR urged the two sides to do more to protect civilians, saying data from Yemen shows an average of 123 civilian killed and wounded every week during the three-month period, in a war that has killed at least 16,000 civilians.​​ ​​ 

On Friday, at the venue in a castle in the town of Rimbo, north of Stockholm, U.N. envoy Martin Griffiths and various delegates from Yemen were seen walking on the grounds.

The talks opened Thursday on an upbeat note, with the warring sides agreeing to a broad prisoner swap, boosting hopes that the talks would not deteriorate into further violence as in the past.

In a release from Sanaa later Friday the rebels said their delegation had met with Griffiths and looked forward to having success in the talks and making concrete progress. [AP]


The U.N. warned Friday the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is getting worse. Because of an ongoing civil war, more than 20 million in Yemen face starvation.​​ The U.N.’s humanitarian chief has described what’s happening here as a major catastrophe and he said it has the potential to become the worst situation this generation of aid professionals has ever seen.



Saudi Arabia

Two​​ sources said that Saud Al-Qahtani had personally overseen the torture of at least 1 detained female activist earlier this year. The sources said that the woman and at least 3 other activists were​​ subjected to sexual harassment, electrocution, and flogging as part of their detention, and said that Al-Qahtani was present when at least 1 of the women was tortured. Al-Qahtani was an advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) until October, when he was sacked over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. [Reuters]


North Africa


Emad Al-Sayeh, head of the Libyan Elections Commission, says a referendum will be held regarding a new constitution for the country before the end of February. Authorities could not​​ confirm​​ the mechanism​​ or​​ final date of the referendum. Al-Sayeh says this is a step towards ensuring​​ the​​ unity and stability of the country. [Hawar]


EOD teams in Benghazi found 2 IEDs “ready to explode” inside a school in the​​ Al-Saberi neighborhood of the city. [Libya24]


A civilian was shot and killed by a “stray bullet” in the Al-Salmani​​ area of Benghazi city. [Libya24]



The Moroccan MoI says it dismantled a Daesh cell of 6 members in Beni Mellal, in the​​ interior​​ of the country. Moroccan security captured communication equipment and publications promoting Daesh radical thought; initial investigations indicated that the cell worked on recruiting young men in the city. [Anadolu]





President Trump announced on Friday that he​​ is​​ nominating​​ current State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to the be the next US Ambassador to the UN. [Anadolu] [CNN]

DaeshDaily comment.​​ This appointment is being criticized, based on Nauert’s lack of diplomatic experience. We have noticed, however, in numerous State Department press statements we have covered, that Nauert, formerly with Fox News, has been a knowledgeable and articulate spokeswoman.​​ 


The US Department of Justice says that Qasim Taj Al-Din, a major financier of Hezbollah, is standing trial in Washington for evading sanctions that ban him from dealing with US companies. He was listed by the Justice Department in 2009 as an important financier for Hezbollah. [BasNews]




French media said that in June, a Pakistani and​​ a Russian national from​​ Chechenia​​ were arrested after plotting to kill gay men by seducing them through social media. They were arrested after French security monitored their contacts with 20 potential victims. One of the potential victims contacted the police after a harsh conversation with the Pakistani suspect. The Pakistani suspect denied being gay, and said that he was a Muslim and against terrorism; however, authorities found that he had a collection of about 7,000 photos of Daesh. [ZamanAlWasl]




On Friday, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan said that it rejected the decision of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to invalidate votes cast in Kabul during the October parliamentary elections. The IEC called the decision of the IECC “illegal and biased” and said it would continue its work as normal. [Khaama]




On Thursday, Daesh published the 159th​​ issue of its​​ Naba’​​ magazine, which includes​​ an infographic about its attacks last week in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and west Africa. It claimed it conducted 67 attacks, killing or wounding more than 197 people and destroying 34 vehicles. Daesh also published a story about 3 Egyptian security officers who defected and joined Daesh, and were killed later. Daesh had issued a video about the 3 terrorists. [ICDNDec6]


Daesh published on Friday a photo of one of its terrorists, saying​​ he was killed in the Albu Kamal area. [ICDNDec7]





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