An Update On ISIS Activities

February 23, 2017


Mosul Map (Ninewa Media Center)


Iraqi Flag: Government Controlled 

Green: Captured 

Red: Contested 

Gray: Daesh 



Today’s Major Developments


Anbar, Salahuddin officials cite need to liberate Northwest Anbar, Hawija quickly. [..]

Daesh executes former security officers it had held for 2½ years. [..]

Iraqi forces capture most of Mosul Airport. [..]

Rapid Intervention units enter neighborhoods in southwest Mosul city. [..]



Senator McCain reported visiting northern Syria. [..]

SOHR says Coalition has killed 5,677 Daesh members in Syria. [..]

Daesh concedes defeat in Al-Bab. [..]

SDF continues advance east and north of Raqqa. [..]

Daesh affiliate now controls Golan Heights/Jordan triangle in southern Syria. [..]






Prime Minister Abadi met in his office with the CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel to discuss the Mosul liberation battle according to a statement from Abadi’s office. [Sumaria] 


Speaking to AFP and other reporters in Baghdad this week, US Air Force Brigadier General Matt Isler said Daesh had adopted coercive new techniques in its use of suicide car bombs because the jihadists appear to be running out of willing drivers. He says “We saw people being led to a VBIED, being put in (it) and being chained in the VBIED.” He also says “We’ve seen children put in VBIEDs as drivers, people that aren’t able to walk… I don’t know if they signed up for this service.”

The Coalition has often seen VBIEDs depart on missions, only for their drivers to veer off course and attempt to hide behind structures. “We see a VBIED going to its attack, going off and hiding,” Isler said.

“We see a party going to find the AWOL VBIED driver, we see (Daesh) command and control trying to figure out where their VBIED driver’s gone, we’ve seen multiple VBIED drivers going AWOL.”

He says the Coalition first saw drivers being chained into trucks when Iraqi security forces approached the Tigris River as they cleared eastern Mosul. [Sumaria] 


The Coalition says it conducted 14 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Iraq, near Mosul (5), Tal Afar (4), Qayara (1), Rawa (1), and Baiji (3). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

A police source says an IED explosion killed one civilian and wounded four others in Al-Khan. [Sumaria] 

The Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) says 59th army brigade destroyed an IED in Village 6 and confiscated several detonators. [BOC Facebook Page] 

A police source says one person was killed, another wounded when a sticky IED exploded under their civilian vehicle in Al-Rashidiya. [Sumaria] 

The Baghdad Operations Command says security units killed 3 terrorists, including a suicide bomber, in a hideout in Tarmiya. [Sumaria] 


Northeast (Adhamiya, etc.)

The BOC says 44th army brigade defused an IED placed in a trash can in Shaab. [BOC Facebook Page] 


Southeast (Mada’in, etc.)

The BOC says police forces killed a suicide attacker and destroyed his car bomb in Jurf al-Naddaf. [Sumaria] 

A police source says the body of a young man shot to death was found in Jurf Al-Naddaf. Sumaria]


A police source says a sticky bomb attached to a civilian car in Rustamiya exploded, wounding its driver. [Sumaria]


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The BOC says 17th army division found an SPEG9 rocket in Ubaid. [BOC Facebook Page] 


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

A police source says an IED placed in a popular market place exploded, killing one civilian and wounding four others in Radwaniya. [Sumaria] 

A police source says one person was killed and two wounded when an IED exploded under a civilian car in Hay Al-Jami’a. [Sumaria] 

The BOC says EODs of the 6th army division found artillery and a mortar ammunition cache in Al-Arsan. [BOC Facebook Page] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   12(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   8



Northwest Anbar

A member of Anbar Provincial Council called on the Ministry of Defense and Joint Operations Command to expedite the liberation of Anah, Rawa, and Qa’im. He says that Daesh is confiscating citizens property and that the population is threatened with famine due to the deteriorated economic situation. Daesh is executing whoever tries to escape these cities. [Sumaria] 


Commander of Jazeera Operations says Coalition planes destroyed three Daesh guesthouses in Rayhaniya near Anah, killing 6 Daesh combatants. [Sumaria]



Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi Army military position in the Kilo 25 area west of Rutba with 5 mortars. [StoreUp] 


Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi Army military position with 2 drone strikes in the Kilo 110 area, east of Rutba. [StoreUp] 




A DaeshDaily source says Daesh launched a major attack on Iraqi forces in the Makhoul Mountain area. 


We have no confirming information on the following Daesh reports.

Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in the Ain Al-Baidha and Al-Badou compounds areas with 32 mortars. [StoreUp] [StoreUp] 


Daesh publishes photos of an attack on PMFs near Al-Shirqat Intersection. [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh publishes photos of targeting PMF positions in Al-Dibis village with mortars and heavy machine guns. [DawaAlhaq]  Daesh says it targeted a PMF position in Al-Dibis village with an SPG9 rocket. [StoreUp] 



Daesh says it targeted a PMF position on the road between Baiji and Haditha with an SPG9 rocket. [StoreUp] 

Daesh says it targeted PMF positions on the road between Baiji and Haditha, and in areas near Siniya and north of Baiji with 94 mortars. [StoreUp] [StoreUp] 



Commander of Samarra Operations says that suicide attackers, who attacked Ishaqi a few days back, entered the area from Allas, Ajil, and Hawija using faked IDs. The Commander stressed the necessity of liberating Hawija and the Himrin Basin, as well as enhancing ID checking procedures at checkpoints. [Sumaria]  



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

The Khalis district says total casualties of car bomb attacks on two checkpoints in Khalis on Baghdad-Kirkuk road were four civilians killed and nine wounded. The road was blocked for 3 hours while security forces destroyed another vehicle bomb. [ROJ]

Daesh says two of its Iraq suicide terrorists attacked two checkpoints near Al-Khalis on the road between Baghdad and Kirkuk with vehicle bombs killing 15 people and wounding 30. [StoreUp] 


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Daesh says it detonated an IED on an Iraqi Army bulldozer in the Al-A’ali village area near Muqdadiya, severely wounding a soldier. [StoreUp] 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, etc.)

A local source says a joint security force started a search campaign in the Hawi Al-Udhaim area. The source says villages in the area are empty because their residents fear Daesh attacks. [Sumaria]


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

Daesh says it blew up 5 electricity towers in the Al-Mayah village area in Balad Ruz. Daesh says the towers transfer power from Iran to “Shia areas” in Baghdad. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. This is typical Daesh sectarian propaganda. Each time it tries to show that it is only hurting Shia people with its attacks on electricity towers. However, it reported earlier that it targeted towers that provide electricity to Al-Daur in Salahuddin, a Sunni city.  




Social media outlets circulated a picture of police forces arresting a suicide attacker who tried to detonate his car bomb on a checkpoint, and another of the police destroying the car bomb. [Sumaria] 


Daesh says it destroyed 2 Peshmerga vehicles with IEDs on the road between Dibis and Kirkuk, killing the fighters inside. [A3maq]


Daesh says it blew up a section of Cihan Company oil pipe that moves oil from Kirkuk to Turkey with two IEDs. [StoreUp] 


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

A DaeshDaily source says Coalition planes destroyed a bridge and 3 Daesh vehicles in Awn village near Hawija. 


A security source says the Peshmerga received 200 civilians, mostly women and children, who escaped Daesh controlled areas in Hawija. [Sumaria] 


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in Hawija. [DawaAlhaq]

DaeshDaily comment. When Daesh publishes “normal life” photos, it’s a sure sign that people are trying to leave the place.




Mosul liberation campaign

West Mosul

Mosul Airport

A security source says IFP and Rapid Intervention units entered Mosul Airport in the southeast corner of west Mosul and Ghazlani military camp just south of Mosul respectively. Battles are still continuing inside the two locations. [IraqPress] Western media sources report that Iraqi forces are now largely in control of the airport, but the airport is a huge area.


A local source says Daesh ordered residents in areas next to Mosul airport to put their cars in streets and alleys to obstruct the advance of Iraqi forces. The source says such tactics would allow Daesh combatants the space to enter houses and install weapons therein. [Ghad] 

A security source says Intelligence units arrested Abu Omar Al-Russi, the commander of Daesh suicide squads in Mosul Airport, as he entered the airport. The man does not speak Arabic, says the source. [Sumaria]

Local sources say IFP police liberated the Mosul airport after its assault on Thursday morning. [Sumaria] 

In a recent televised statement, commander of Mosul Liberation Operations said the airport is not fully liberated yet.

Ninewa Operations Commander says CTS forces liberated Tal Al-Rayan, near Mosul airport after a fierce confrontation with Daesh, and has raised the Iraqi flag. [Maalomah] 

IFP says it captured sophisticated Daesh communications equipment and computers in Mosul airport. [Maalomah] 

A military source says IFP arrested 8 Daesh combatants in Mosul airport, equipped with modern communications equipment. [Waradana]


A Rapid Intervention commander says Daesh targeted Iraqi forces in the Mosul Airport with Katyushas, killing four soldiers and wounding three others. [Karemlash] 

IFP says Daesh destroyed large parts of Mosul airport to render it unusable for Iraqi forces. [PressIraq]

IFP EODs started defusing several vehicle bombs on the Mosul Airport runway. [PressIraq]

A military source says the percentage of destruction of Mosul airport is around 90%, and that Daesh turned its main terminals to wreckage by using them as defensive barriers. He says Daesh shelled the airport with 9 Katyusha rockets, killing 4 Rapid Intervention soldiers and an officer. The source says the battles are now on the outskirts of the airport, most of which is controlled now by Iraqi units. [ARA]


Southwest Mosul

MoI says that Rapid Intervention units have already entered Al-Mamoun and Tal Al-Rumman areas in southwest Mosul, in addition to the Ghazlani camp south of the city, where battles are raging. [IraqPress]. 


A DaeshDaily source says Daesh executed tens of former security members in an elementary school in Hay Al-Yarmouk in far western Mosul. The source says some of the victims had been in Daesh prisons since June 2014. The source also says Daesh put the victims in orange suits and will issue a video about the execution.

DaeshDaily comment. As usual, Daesh is more dangerous to defenseless prisoners when it is trapped.   


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in Al-Kawar village in southwest Mosul with a vehicle bomb, killing ten soldiers, wounding others, destroying 2 Humvees, and damaging 2 Humvees and 2 BMP armored vehicles. It also says it destroyed another Humvee with an SPG9 rocket near the village. [StoreUp] 


Daesh issues a video of the results of an “American” airstrike on New Mosul. [A3maq]

Daesh says 4 people were killed and 12 wounded, mostly women and children, in the airstrike. [A3maq] 

Later on, Daesh says that the number of the casualties increased, and fifteen killed and twelve wounded in the airstrike. [A3maq] 


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in southwest Mosul. [JustPaste]


Elsewhere in west Mosul

In military action along the southwest border of Mosul city, Daesh made a rash of claims:

A military source says 9th army division destroyed 6 vehicle bombs in Al-Aboor village, near the power station. [Buratha] 

Daesh says one of its Syrian suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces with a vehicle bomb in the Al-Aboor area in southwest Mosul, killing or wounding several soldiers and destroying a BMP armored vehicle. Daesh also says it destroyed a BMP vehicle and damaged 3 others with rockets in the Al-Aboor area and in Tal Kaysum village. [DawaAlhaq] 

Here Daesh says it damaged 4 BMP vehicles in the Al-Aboor area. [A3maq] 

Daesh publishes a photo of the suicide terrorist. [StoreUp] 

Daesh publishes a photo of a drone strike on an Iraq Army truck carrying a cannon in Tal Kaysum. Daesh says two Iraqi soldiers were wounded by the bomb. [DawaAlhaq] [A3maq]

Daesh says another suicide terrorist, from Mosul, attacked Iraqi forces in the Al-Aboor area with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding several soldiers and damaging a Humvee. It also says it damaged an armored personnel carrier and damaged an Abrams tank with rockets in the same area. [StoreUp] 

Daesh publishes a photo of the suicide terrorist. [StoreUp]

Daesh issues a video of the 2 suicide attacks and battles in the area. [A3maq]


A DaeshDaily source says a Daesh Iraqi explosives expert was killed by rocket that targeted his vehicle near Zanjili Square. The source also says Coalition planes targeted a building used by Daesh to accommodate foreign terrorists near Abbousi Square, killing many terrorists. 


A local source says Daesh replaced its local fighters in 10 locations of the old part of the city with non-Iraqi Arabs and other foreigners, especially in sensitive defensive points. The source says this might due to lack of trust in the local combatants and concern that they might collapse or escape upon the approach of Iraqi units. [Sumaria] 


Daesh issued a circular in west Mosul saying that shaving of beards by its combatants is an action of cowardice, saying that it would not tolerate such actions, a local source says. [Sumaria] 

DaeshDaily comment. A shaved beard would help a Daesh fighter to blend in with the local population, after a military defeat, say.


Back in Baghdad, the Security Committee of the CoR expects a rapid end to operations in west Mosul, as “Daesh combatants are escaping the city in scores towards Syria.” It says the injury of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi affected Daesh combatants’ morale adversely.

DaeshDaily comment. Battles always look easier from long distance.


A security source says planes destroyed the Jajan building in New Mosul, in west-central Mosul which is hosting 30 Daesh female combatants equipped with explosives belts. [Harbi] 


Daesh circulated names of 143 of its combatants who escaped battlefields, ordering immediate arrest of any of them on sight. [SotIraq]


North Mosul

Ninewa Police Director and MoI both report that police arrested 18 Daesh combatants hiding in houses during a search campaign in the Qahera neighborhood in the far northeast corner of Mosul. [Maalomah] 



East Mosul

Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi Army military position in the Al-Faisaliya area with 2 SPG9 rockets. [StoreUp] 


Daesh says it targeted 3 Iraqi Army military positions in the Al-Ghabat area with 6 SPG9 rockets. [StoreUp] 

MoI says Rapid Response units shot down a Daesh drone in the Ghabat area. [Sumaria] 


Hammam Al-Alil/ Mosul subdistrict

Commander of IFP says 13 important villages were liberated by the IFP in its drive towards south Mosul, adding that the Yarmouk area, the sugar factory, and the residential complex of the factory were also captured. IFP captured large quantities of weapons and ammunition left behind by Daesh on its withdrawal. He also says tens of IEDs were either defused or destroyed. [Sumaria] 

A security source says a workshop for manufacturing mortar shells and explosives was found by IFP troops inside the sugar factory. [Harbi] 


PMF Press says Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) units liberated Ghazlani camp just south of Mosul. [Harbi] (Yet to be confirmed)

A security source says CTS arrested a Daesh combatant in Ghazlani camp.  [Etejah] 

A security source says an Uzbek camera operator working for Daesh was arrested in Ghazlani camp. [PressIraq]

Daesh says it targeted “Iraqi Army and militias” positions in the Ghizlani Camp, near the Mosul Airport, and many areas in south and west Mosul with 526 mortars, 17 Katyushas, 11 SPG rockets, 9 locally made rockets, and 26 artillery shells. [StoreUp] [StoreUp] 


MoD says 9th army division liberated four villages and a series of hills southwest of the city. [MoD Website]  


A security source says IAF planes destroyed containers full of weapons in Mahalbiya, southwest of Mosul city near the Tal Afar border. [Harbi] 


PMF Press says the PMF liberated Tilal Al-Atshana (eastern and western) southwest of Mosul after a battle with Daesh that lasted for several hours. [Ghad] 

PMF Press says PMFs liberated the Al-Atshana Hills. [Maalomah]

PMF media had reported earlier that its forces were fighting to liberate Atshana Hills, and that Daesh combatants were retreating. [Buratha] 


A PMF leader says PMFs repelled a major Daesh attack southwest of Mosul, killing all 32 attackers. [Sumaria]


News reports say Army units liberated the German Hospital area and the sheep market south of Mosul. [PressIraq] 



Ninewa Police commander says Qayara police arrested Daesh operative Majid Mohsen Jasim (nicknamed Abu Hinich), accused of murdering two local officials. [Maalomah] 


Northwest (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

MoD says army helicopters killed 69 Daesh combatants and destroyed 5 various vehicles in Sihaji and Shara’e Al-Shimaliya villages. [MoD Website]


PMF says it found a series of Daesh tunnels during the clearing of Ayn Talawi village. Weapons and ammunition were found inside. [Buratha] 

PMF says in a statement that its operations in the past 24 hours resulted in killing 50 Daesh combatants, destroying 11 car bombs, capturing 3 armored vehicles and a bulldozer, shooting down a Daesh drone, and finding a series of tunnels. [Buratha] 


A security source says PMFs killed a Daesh Tunisian commander west of Tal Afar. The PMFs killed 2 more Daesh terrorists in addition to a suicide bomber, destroyed a vehicle bomb, and captured 2 vehicle bombs in Ain Al-Agha village west of Tal Afar. [Mawazin] 


Daesh says it destroyed a PMF tank with a rocket in Tal Aska’ village, southwest of Tal Afar. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of dropping a bomb from a drone on a PMF vehicle west of Tal Afar. [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh says it targeted PMFs vehicles with 2 bombs dropped from a drone in Ayn Al-Hasan village west of Tal Afar wounding one fighter. [StoreUp] 


Daesh says it targeted an Iraqi forces SUV in Al-Sahaji village west of Mosul with 3 bombs dropped from a drone, killing one service member and wounding two. [StoreUp] 


Social media outlets showed Hadi Al-Amiri, commander of PMF, handing over rewards of IQD 1 Million to whoever destroys a vehicle bomb, provided that a video thereof is available. [IraqPress]


PMF mourned Ali Abdul Kadhim Al-Sa’idi, commander of the 10th PMF brigade, killed in action against Daesh in Tal Afar.  [Etejah] 

PMF says it repelled a Daesh attempt to enter Umm Al-Shababit village, west of Tal Afar, destroying the attacking squad.  [IraqPress]

A security source says IAF attacked 4 targets in Tal Afar, destroying an explosives workshop, a Daesh tactical unit, a vehicle bomb, and an ammunition cache. [PressIraq]

South (Hatra, Baaj)

PMF media says army helicopters destroyed a Daesh convoy of 9 vehicles heading to Syria. [Buratha]




Turkish deputy prime minister says his country is intending to naturalize 80,000 Syrians (20,000 families) living as refugees in Turkey who meet the Turkish nationality standards, after the referendum on the constitution on April 16. Work permit, academic qualifications, and professional skills are among the criteria set by Turkish authorities for naturalized Syrians. [Dorar]




Reports say Senator John McCain paid a secret visit to Kobane and met with YPG and SDF commanders. US press sources says McCain discussed the progress of operations against Daesh with US military personnel providing support to the SDF in its war against Daesh and potential Raqqa operations. [ARA]


A Hezbollah leader says it will not withdraw from Syria until guaranteeing that Syria is governed by its people. He says Hezbollah itself decides when to leave. He says that Russia is not an ally; there is common ground in positions towards Syria and Lebanon, but nothing beyond that. [Dorar]


Documents showing Daesh executions or other penalty orders against opposition and government affiliates were published by a Syrian website.  The documents show over 120 orders of execution or confiscation of money and property of persons accused of working for Ahrar Al-Sham, other opposition factions, or the government. [ZamanAlWasl]


Speaking to commanders of his northern fleet, Russian President Putin says Russian intervention in Syria paved the way for dialogue between the government and opposition. Putin criticized “some partners” who tried to obstruct Russian efforts instead of supporting its war on terror. He also criticized sectarian alliances, saying that secularism kept Syria going for decades. [SyriaNow]


SOHR says that total civilians killed by Coalition airstrikes in Syria since September 2014 until today is 876, including 209 children and 130 women.  The Coalition has also killed at least 5,677 Daesh combatants, including several top leaders, 90 soldiers, and 141 Nusra militants among others. Total killed of all categories is at 7,043, in addition to tens wounded. SOHR note that getting adequate casualty figures for Daesh and other Islamic groups’ casualties is difficult, and that real numbers might be higher.[SyriaHR]


The Coalition says it conducted 24 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Syria, near Raqqa (7), Deir Ez-Zor (3), Al-Tanf (1), Shaddadi (3), Al-Bab (4), Albu Kamal (3), Um Tamakh (1), and Palmyra (2). [InherentResolve] 



Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Kurdish authorities say that starting Thursday, no power supply from Tishrin Dam will be available, due to lack of water supply from Turkey and the drop in water level in Tishrin Lake below the minimum required for operation. It called on all beneficiaries to seek alternative power sources. [ARA]


Syrian government says Daesh militants executed the American “Abu Farouq Al-Mohajir,” whose body was found in Markada Wednesday. The American, a Daesh militant himself, was the victim of internal conflict within Daesh. [SyriaNow]


Daesh says it severely wounded a “PKK member” by detonating an IED on his motorcycle south of Qamishli. [StoreUp] 



SDF says it liberated 1664 sq. km from Daesh in the past 8 days. This includes 37 villages and 102 farms in Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor. It says it killed 49 Daesh combatants and arrested one, and destroyed several vehicles and vehicle bombs. [PUKMedia] 


SDF also says that it liberated 3 new villages and 16 farms east of Raqqa, and is still moving forward after the meeting of two groups of forces advancing from Makman and Bir Hiba. [PUKMedia] 

Sources say that SDF advances were backed by heavy Coalition airstrikes on Daesh targets that left heavy casualties. [ARA]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in different areas in Raqqa province. [DawaAlhaq] 


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)


Battles between Daesh and government forces in east Aleppo are producing alternating control of hills and positions between the two sides. Daesh started a counterattack Thursday and recaptured some important points it lost earlier near Khanasir-Athariya road, while government forces are still advancing on the Deir Hafer front where Russian planes destroyed four strategic bridges used by Daesh in the area. [ARA]


Government forces captured the Rasm Harmal and Rasm Al-Sheikh villages east of Aleppo from Daesh control, continuing its advances under Russian air cover. The Syrian units destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb that approached them near Rasm Al-Wali. Daesh destroyed a Syrian tank and an armored vehicle near Maghara village and used drones to attack the heat station, causing casualties to Syrian forces stationed there. [ARA]


SOHR says that Syrian forces reached to 4-5 km from Deir Hafer, the Daesh stronghold, and then headed east towards the road connecting Al-Bab and Deir Hafer to Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]


Opposition units published photos of tanks burned by Liwa Al-Aqsa (Daesh affiliate) before their departure from Kafr Sheikhoun. Opposition medical teams are trying now to recover the bodies of its combatants executed by Liwa Al-Aqsa several days back. [Qasioun]

Opposition sources say 45 bodies were found yesterday, and 75 today, including opposition fighters executed by Liwa Al-Aqsa. [Qasioun]

SOHR says the final count of bodies of persons executed by Liwa Al-Aqsa found until this hour is 172. [SyriaHR]

Tahrir Al-Sham officially announced the eradication of Liwa Al-Aqsa in north Hama and south Idlib, announcing that any other movement seeking to shed innocent Muslim blood will meet the same destiny. [EnabBaladi]



Opposition sources say Daesh started gradual withdrawal from Al-Bab city, carrying light arms only. The source says an agreement was reached through special channels to have Daesh combatants leave the city for Deir Hafer and Maskana. Daesh demanded to take its heavy weapons from the city, but the opposition refused. [ARA]


Syrian government sources say the agreement reached was to allow Turkey to save face after its failure to expel Daesh from the city, and that huge amounts of money paid to Daesh were part of the deal. [SyriaNow] 

The pro-YPG Hawar news service quoted Kurdish sources as agreeing with the above Syrian perception of events. [Hawar] [We have no independent confirmation of this story and don’t consider Hawar an independent source.]


SOHR says Daesh also withdrew from Baza’a and Qabasin towns near Al-Bab, through a space allowed for them by Turkish forces and Syrian government units. However, they are still present in Tadif south of al-Bab. While opposition and Turkish forces are clearing Baza’a and Qabasin from war remnants, 7 opposition combatants are reported killed by Daesh land mines in al-Bab. [SyriaHR]

A later report says Daesh withdrew from Tadif as well, which will allow opposition forces to take it over. [Qasioun]


SOHR also says that Turkish troops did not enter 30% of the city, mainly the eastern and southeastern parts, amidst reports that some Daesh combatants are still there. [SyriaHR]


Turkey says its artillery attacked 90 targets and its planes 14 more in Al-Bab city, destroying buildings and shelters used by Daesh in the city. Coalition planes also attacked Daesh targets in the city, killing 11 combatants and destroying a vehicle bomb. [ARA]


Daesh conceded that it lost Al-Bab. It says that after 104 days the Turkish Army and opposition groups captured the center of the city and cut off Daesh supply lines. It says it conducted a suicide attack killing 28 Turkish soldiers and opposition fighters. It says the Turkish Army and opposition groups lost 400 soldiers and fighters in Al-Bab battles in addition to 31 tanks and tens of vehicles. It says capturing Aqil Mountain near the city took the longest time during the Turkish campaign. It says Russian planes targeted Al-Bab city extensively, in addition to the Turkish shelling and bombing. It says 285 civilians were killed. It also says the Syrian Army attacked the Al-Bab area from 3 sides during the battles. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of its suicide attack in Al-Bab. [A3maq] 

DaeshDaily comment. This is another rare occasion where Daesh concedes defeat. We noticed that, for some reason, only Daesh’s A3maq reports such defeats. 


Observers say that Daesh defeat in the Al-Bab area left very little territory under its control in northeast Aleppo. Government forces are advancing towards Deir Hafer and Maskana. SDF, opposition militias,  and Government forces almost encircled Daesh in east Aleppo, where observers believe it will have to leave completely in a short while. [EnabBaladi]


Turkey says that its opposition groups’ control of Al-Bab will put Turkey out of the range of Daesh fire, which is now 30-35 km away from Turkish borders. It also says that this will block PKK and its affiliates from expanding westwards to connect areas it controls along the northern Aleppo border. [Anadolu]



A local administrator in Manbij says Daesh is still cutting off drinking water from Manbij, through their control of the Al-Khafsa station which supplies large areas with drinking water. The administrator says the population is depending on artesian wells and purchasing water tankers transported by tractors to the population. [Hawar]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF positions in Jab Makhzoum village, south of Manbij, with mortars. [DawaAlhaq] 


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Local activists say Daesh set fire to the Jazl oil wells, causing huge fires, trying to prevent advancing Syrian government forces from capturing the area. Daesh counterattacked and recaptured some points near farms and villages it lost earlier. Russian planes initiated several attacks on Daesh targets west of Palmyra and north of T4 military airport. [ARA]


SOHR says Syrian planes and helicopters attacked Daesh positions in Sheikh Idris and Salmiya northwest and east of Hama. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army machine gun-mounted vehicle while the Syrian Army was attacking the Al-Dub Barrier, east of Hama. [A3maq]


Daesh says it killed a Syrian Army officer and six soldiers and destroyed an armored personnel carrier west of Um Jaran Mountains southwest of Tadmur. [A3maq] [StoreUp] 


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Syrian Army says it regained control of the strategic Tal Shu’aib hill after fierce battles with Daesh, which lost tens of its combatants. The Syrian Army says control of this hill is an important step toward breaking the siege imposed by Daesh on Deir Ez-Zor airport and on over 1,300 families living in government controlled neighborhoods of the city. [SyriaNow]

SOHR says battles between government forces and Daesh are continuing near Panorama while Syrian planes are bombing Daesh controlled areas of the city. Fires were seen in the bombed areas. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it targeted Syrian Army positions in the university dormitory area west of Deir Ez-Zor with 8 tank shells and 4 B10 shells. [StoreUp] 

Daesh publishes photos of the event.  [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh publishes photos of a furniture shop in Al-Mayadin city. [JustPaste]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

The SOHR director says that Jaish Khaled, the Daesh affiliate, now fully controls the border triangle among Golan Heights, Jordan, and Daraa. He says that many casualties fell in the area in the past few days, and the situation is unstable. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it stopped an opposition groups attack on the Dhadha Barrier, northeast of Al-Seen Airport east of Damascus on Wednesday. Daesh says the opposition groups were supported by “American” airpower. [A3maq]


Daesh issues a video of an opposition groups vehicle destroyed by Daesh affiliate, Jaish Khaled, near Tal Jamou’ in the Yarmouk Basin. [A3maq]


Daesh burned Palestinian flags and threatened people with execution if they raised the flags in the Al-Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees and in the Al-Hajar Al-Aswad areas. [ARA]

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh considers itself a “state”, and no other identities are allowed other than the Daesh imposed identity. Daesh has killed people in Iraq for raising the Iraqi flag on their houses.  




North Africa


Eyewitnesses say armed men threw the body of a beheaded woman into the street in Arish city. [ElWatan]

Eyewitnesses say armed men shot and killed a man near his house in Hay Al-Zuhour in Arish city. [ElWatan]


Daesh says its snipers killed two Egyptian soldiers at a security barrier in the Al-Matafi area west of Arish on Wednesday. [A3maq]


Daesh says its snipers killed an Egyptian soldier at Al-Ratil security barrier on the road between Al-Jorua and Sheikh Zuweid. [StoreUp] 


Local source say ABM terrorists kidnapped a civilian from his house in Rafah. [ElWatan]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting an Egyptian Army armored personnel carrier with an IED near the Bir Lahfan area. [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh says it destroyed an Egyptian Army M113 armored vehicle with an IED in the Al-Halal Mountain area in Central Sinai. [StoreUp] 




The LNA Special Forces says it killed 2 terrorists in the 12 Buildings area, west of Benghazi. [Libya24]

An official source says the terrorists are still preventing families from leaving the area. [AfriGate] 





Daesh says it killed a Taliban commander in Shamshatoo refugee camp east of Peshawar. [A3maq]




Local sources in Mosul say the shortage of food in west Mosul forces women to mix flour with water and give it to children as substitute for milk. [Yalla] 


Videos of the Day


Iraqi forces inside the Mosul Airport. [Facebook] 


Coalition airstrike destroys a Daesh headquarters near Mosul on Jan 9. [CJTF] 


Coalition planes target Daesh in west Mosul. [MoD] 


Iraqi forces capture several villages in west Mosul. [MoD] 


PMFs kill many Daesh terrorists and capture armored vehicles in battles west of Tal Afar. [Harbi] 




Daesh audio newsletter for today [Bayan]


Daesh publishes the 69th issue of its Al-Naba’ magazine. In this issue Daesh publishes graphics about its “health services” in Ninewa. Daesh talks about attacks in east Mosul, in addition to a summary of this week’s attacks everywhere. Daesh mentions its attacks on Christians in Sinai and Jews in Israel. It also asks its supporters to conduct attacks inside Iran. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes a photo of one of its Iraqi terrorists who might have been killed in the Baghdad area. [Top4Top]


Daesh publishes a photo of one of its media members who might have been killed in Raqqa. [JustPaste]

February 22, 2017 


1st Lt. Abu Bakr Abbas



Today’s Major Developments


Colonel Dorrian confidently predicts government victory in west Mosul. [..]

IFP, airpower gain advantage in battle for Mosul Airport. [..]

Daesh says British former Guantanamo inmate became a suicide bomber. [..]


Turks arrest 35 suspected Daesh operatives in Istanbul. [..]


Turks, allied militias gain stronger control of Al-Bab. [..]

Daesh affiliate, opposition groups, fighting hard in southern Syria. [..]






Iraq’s Minister of Immigration and Displacement says total displaced persons from Ninewa and Hawija are 220,000, adding that 63,000 refugees from Mosul returned to their homes. He says that sheltering facilities are good, and that the Ministry is ready to handle any possible refugee flow. [Anadolu]


The Coalition says it conducted 9 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Iraq, near Mosul (4), Tal Afar (2), Rawa (1), Baghdad (1), and Baiji (1). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

The BOC says 22nd army brigade destroyed a Daesh guesthouse and an IED in Albu Khalid, and captured several detonators. [BOC Facebook Page] 


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

A police source says unidentified armed men attacked a Sahwa checkpoint in Arab Jubour, killing one Sahwa member and wounding another. [Sumaria] 

The BOC says 55th army brigade destroyed 4 IEDs in Um Najim Al-Thaniya. [BOC Facebook Page] 

The BOC says 25th army brigade found an explosives cache in Shakha 1 . [BOC Facebook Page] 


Southwest (Rasheed, etc.)

A police source says two people were wounded when an IED exploded near a commercial area in Hay Al-Furat. [Sumaria] 


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

A police source says an IED placed in a commercial area in Bakriya killed one civilian and wounded three others. [Sumaria] 

The BOC says a Baghdad Operation recon battalion found an ammunition and explosives cache in Al-Shithi. [BOC Facebook Page] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   7(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   4




Daesh says it killed five Iraqi soldiers and wounded eight by detonating 2 IEDs in the Albu Alwan and Albu Farraj Bridge areas in Ramadi city. [A3maq]



The Tribal PMF commander for Al-Baghdadi says 1,400 Tribal PMF fighters from Anbar haven’t received salaries for the last 7 months. He also says the families of more than 40 dead fighters and 77 wounded haven’t received any compensation from the government. [BasNews] 


Military Intelligence says its units found and destroyed several guesthouses containing large quantities of explosives in cooperation with 10th army division in Hit. Tens of IEDs hidden in the guesthouses were destroyed as well. The destruction was safely carried out in the Al-Bakr Al-Sharqi neighborhood in Hit. [Etejah] 


Northwest Anbar

A security source says Coalition warplanes destroyed the Anah textile factory in the industrial sector of the city, which had been converted by Daesh for car bombrigging and producing IEDs and explosives. [IraqPress]


Daesh publishes photos of dropping a “bomb” from a drone on an Iraqi Army vehicle in Al-Saqra village. [DawaAlhaq] 



A security source says a Daesh drone dropped 3 “bombs” on an Iraqi Border Guard station near the Trebil border crossing without causing any casualties. [Sumaria] 

However, the Border Guard Command refuted the report and said none of its units was attacked. [Sumaria] 




A security source says an IED placed in Himrin killed three civilians and wounded six others. The civilians were families escaping Hawija towards safe areas in Tikrit. [Sumaria] 


Eastern Salahuddin (Tooz, Al-Daur)

A security source in Salahuddin says a roadside IED killed a Peshmerga soldier and wounded another while they were on patrol in Tooz Khurmatu. [Sumaria] 



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

In breaking news, the Mayor of Al-Khalis, which extends well north, says 3 explosions targeted 2 checkpoints on the road between Baghdad and Kirkuk. [Sumaria] 


A security source says police arrested a suicide attacker putting on an explosive belt in Zahra neighborhood, downtown Khalis. A search campaign was initiated for possible others. [Maalomah] 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, etc.)

A local source says Daesh imposed extortionate monthly fees on construction brick factories near Jalawla, threatening owners it would blow up their factories. The source says security units informed the owners that anyone who supports Daesh will get punished and urged them to inform on Daesh sleeper cells. [Sumaria] 




The Kirkuk criminal court announced the sentencing of 3 defendants to life imprisonment on charges of joining Daesh and participation in bombing attacks in the province. [Sumaria] 


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

A security source says Daesh executed three young men in public in Hawija for attempting to escape the city. [Maalomah] 

DaeshDaily comment. These incidents occur so frequently in Hawija, as do incidents of escapees being shot to death, that the civilian death toll in Hawija will add up in the end to a very large number. It’s a rolling tragedy.




Mosul liberation campaign

Speaking to Kurdistan24 during a live broadcast interview, US Army Colonel John L. Dorrian spoke about the ongoing offensive against Daesh in Mosul.

Dorrian explained that although the length of the Mosul battle was unclear, he was confident it would end in defeat for the insurgents. “It would be inappropriate for me to estimate the length of the [Mosul] battle,” he said. “But I will tell you with absolute certainty what the result is going to be.”

“The enemy will either surrender, or they are going to be killed,” Dorrian continued. [Kurdistan24] 


Dorrian says United States troops embedded as advisers with Iraqi forces have engaged in combat during the battle for Mosul. He says “When someone is shooting at you that is combat. Yes. That has happened.” U.S. forces have “come under fire at different times” and “have returned fire at different times,” he said, though the mission strategy is still to operate by, with and through local partners. [TalkMedia] 


West Mosul

Mosul airport

In breaking news, Al-Sumaria TV reports that the IFP has entered the Mosul Airport. [Sumaria] 


An airstrike destroyed a Daesh 10-vehicle convoy entering the Mosul airport. The convoy had fighters of Al-Murabitoon, one of the elite Daesh forces. A local source says bodies of Daesh combatants were seen lying on the ground. An airstrike killed the Daesh security official of the airport yesterday. [Sumaria] 

A local source says distribution of various Daesh media publications in west Mosul has stopped. This included news bulletins, propaganda materials, and religious teachings. Observers say these materials had been distributed almost daily. [Sumaria] 


An IFP source says Coalition planes targeted Daesh positions in the Mosul Airport extensively. Also, 35 Daesh terrorists were killed by IFP shelling and Coalition airstrikes. [BasNews] 


Iraqi Army says it will use Mosul airport as a back base for its operations to liberate the west side of Mosul. 

A JOC spokesman says over 17 villages were liberated in the past two days (outside the city limits). 

Meanwhile local sources say Daesh leaders are gathering with their families in 17th of July, Rifa’i, and Najjar neighborhoods to move to Tal Afar, and then to Syria. [Anadolu]

A source in Ninewa Provincial Council says army helicopters killed Walid Al-Badrani (Dr. Qutaiba) and Ali Nadhum in an attack in west Mosul. The two were Daesh commanders considered dangerous. The source says that military units are expected to enter the airport tomorrow,  while saying that most of the liberated areas are void of population, and that only 70 families were received in the Hammam Al-Alil refugee camp. [Waradana]


Elsewhere in West Mosul

Coalition warplanes destroyed the building of Ibn Al-Atheer print house at the old university in Al-Shifa neighborhood, a security source says. The strike killed 2 Daesh combatants in the building, according to a security source.  [IraqPress]


The IWMC says IAF planes dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets on the west side of Mosul. The leaflets contained letters written by people from the east side expressing support for west side residents and urging citizens to cooperate with Iraqi forces. [Ghad] 


The Telegraph says the suicide attacker who set off his vehicle bomb on an Iraqi military base is Ronald Fiddler, an ex-Guantanamo inmate who was released in 2004, and obtained PS 1 million from the British government as a compensation for his “agony.”  The 50 years old who named himself Jamaluddin Al-Harith after converting to Islam, returned to Syria through Turkey in 2014 to join Daesh, and handed over his compensation money to the terror group.  His Daesh name was Abu Zakariya al-Britany. [Sumaria] 


A local source says Daesh initiated a search campaign in three neighborhoods, including Islah Al-Zira’i, after finding writings on the walls stating “Death to Daesh.” Twenty civilians were arrested. [Sumaria] 


Minister of Interior Qasim Al-A’raji arrived in the west Mosul operations sector to inspect the Ministry’s units fighting there. Al-A’raji addressed the troops, saying he will do his utmost to preserve security in the country. [Sumaria] 


The IFP killed 5 Daesh combatants near Al-Aqrab checkpoint, captured by the IFP earlier. IFP sources say the combatants were attempting to enter west Mosul. [Maalomah] 

 A source in Ninewa Provincial Council says Daesh is using drones and child bombers to initiate attacks on the east side of Mosul to divert attention from its situation on the west side, where Iraqi units are advancing. [Waradana]

Daesh is using innovative ways to hide from airstrikes in west Mosul, local sources say. Daesh is forcing the population to wear Afghani outfits to make it difficult for the attackers to discriminate, and are changing their places of residence often, while forcing the population to raise Daesh flags over their homes for the same reason. Daesh also confiscated large quantities of civilian cars and moved them to Ghazlani camp to use them in car bomb attacks on advancing forces. [ARA]

A local source says Daesh removed 30 families from their houses in west Mosul in order to give the houses to the families of its terrorists. The source says Daesh gave different reasons, including that the owners of the houses help people that work for security forces. It also says Daesh redeployed its terrorists around the Old Mosul area. The area is the center of Daesh operations in west Mosul. [Sumaria] 


A DaeshDaily source say Daesh is forcing people to leave their vehicles in the streets (and leave the keys inside the car) in order to use their houses’ garages to hide its vehicles and its anti-aircraft units. The source says Daesh is also using home gardens to launch mortars. The source says a Daesh guesthouse in Hay Al-Sumood was destroyed by an airstrike, causing damage to nearby houses. the source also says Daesh has opened an alternative road towards Al-Sihaji village in Tal Afar, passing a cemetery, because the main road was constantly targeted. 


The IFP says it secured 480 families from Al-Yarmouk village, southwest of Mosul, and took them to safe areas in liberated villages to the south. [Sumaria]  

The IWMC says several families escaped the west side of Mosul and were received by Iraqi forces. [Harbi]


North Mosul

A Ninewa Police captain says Daesh drones killed three civilians and wounded eleven, including women and children, in north Mosul. [BasNews] 


East Mosul

Prime Minister Abadi appointed the Iraqi Ground Forces commander, General Riyadh Tawfiq, as supervisor on all military and security units in the east side of Mosul. The general says he will not be a military governor of Ninewa. He says the provincial government and council of Ninewa will continue their work and he will coordinate with them. [Rudaw]  


Ninewa Police say they arrested 4 Daesh militants hiding in a house in Zahra neighborhood. The arrest was made based on intelligence tips. [Harbi] 

Iraqi intelligence showed a video of a large stash of materials captured from one of the Daesh hideouts east of Mosul. The materials included educational printed materials, equipment, and drones. The video says that it obtained valuable information from Daesh computers it captured. [IraqPress]

Hammam Al-Alil/ Mosul subdistrict

A local source in Mosul says Daesh issued a circular calling on recipients to kill “Abu Osama, the Daesh commander of Ghazlani airport, who escaped the battlefield yesterday. The order is to kill on sight. Daesh closed and evacuated its quarters and prisons in the camp already. [Sumaria]

A local source says Daesh’s defensive positions in Ghazlani camp collapsed due to intensive Iraqi bombardment. The source says tens of Daesh militants left positions and escaped to areas inside the city. Daesh executed 9 of its combatants for attempting to escape the battlefield.  [Sumaria] 


IFP says it killed 13 Daesh combatants during the clearing of Albu Saif and Al-Baydha villages, and found 3 tunnels packed with weapons, and containing lists of names of Daesh combatants. [BasNews] 

Daesh says it detonated a parked car bomb on Iraqi soldiers in Albu Saif village south of Mosul on Tuesday. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of dropping a bomb from a drone on a PMF Humvee in Khabirat village. [DawaAlhaq] 


Northwest (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

PMF says in its Tal Afar operations summary that Ayn Talawi and Sharae Shimaliya villages are liberated. Kharbat Al-Juhaish and Abra al-Janoubia are under siege. It says it advanced 30 km under air support of IAA helicopters, killing Ammar Mustafa Yousif, the wali of Tal Afar, by an army helicopter, as well as 47 Daesh combatants and 5 snipers, in addition to wounding 18 others. It also destroyed 13 vehicle bombs and large quantities of other weapons and vehicles. It says Tal Afar hospital is receiving tens of Daesh wounded combatants and the bodies of those killed in action. [Buratha] 

A military source confirmed the killing of Ammar Mustafa Yousif (Abu Ibrahim), the wali of Tal Afar near Ayn Talawi village. His eldest son, also his personal bodyguard, was also killed. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment. Another Daesh wali bites the dust. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


Military sources say 11th army division artillery and army helicopters destroyed 2 Daesh vehicle bombs and a mortar squad in Ayn Talawi in Tal Afar. [IraqPress


PMF command published a map of its advances in the recent days, showing the liberation of Ayn Talawi and Shara’e Shimaliya villages, advancing from Ayn Al-Hisan village. [Buratha] 


PMF says army helicopters destroyed an AA gun installed over a school rooftop in Sihaji village. The strike also killed 17 Daesh combatants. [Buratha] 

PMF says it destroyed two vehicle bombs and defused a third one in Sihaji village. [Buratha] 

PMF media says at least 100 bodies of Daesh combatants were found in Ayn Talawi, not counting those still under the wreckage. [Harbi] 

Daesh publishes photos of a drone strike on PMFs in Al-Sihaji village. It says a PMF fighter was wounded in the attack. [DawaAlhaq]


The PMFs spokesman announced the start of the 6th stage of the military operations in areas west of Mosul. He says PMFs started military operations southwest of Tal Afar. [Sumaria] 


The Ninewa Liberation commander says Iraqi F-16s conducted 6 airstrikes on the Tal Afar area. He says the airstrikes destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb factory in Khuwainiya village, destroyed a Daesh guesthouse and a vehicle bomb factory, and killed 20 terrorists in Al-Allaw village. They also destroyed several vehicle bombs and killed 6 terrorists in Al-Sihaji village, and destroyed an IED and a vehicle bomb factory in addition to a weapons and ammunition storehouse in Tal Afar. [Harbi] 


Daesh says it killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded two others by a bomb dropped from a drone in Al-Sihaji village southwest of Mosul. [A3maq]

Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack in the same village, destroying a BMP armored vehicle, a Humvee, and a military position. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of Tuesday’s battles in the village. [A3maq]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces with a vehicle bomb during heavy battles in Northern Al-Shara’e’ west of Tal Afar. It also says it conducted another suicide attack in Ayn Talawi and detonated 3 booby-trapped houses in the same area. It also says it shot down 4 Iraqi forces’ recon drones in Ayn Talawi, Lawand, and Al-Abra. Daesh says it killed or wounded eighteen Iraqi soldiers and destroyed 2 BMP armored vehicles and 2 armored personnel carriers, and damaged another armored personnel carrier. However, Daesh says by the end of the battles, Iraqi forces captured Al-Sharae’ and Ayn Talawi. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. A surprising admission. So even Daesh admits that the end of this “victorious” story is that they lost. “Daesh is always victorious,” (even when it’s not).


PMF organization says its 26th brigade shot down a Daesh drone over the Kaysoum village near Tal Afar, liberated by PMFs earlier. PMF also strengthened its control of Shara’e Shimaliya village west of Tal Afar. [Maalomah] 


A local source says Daesh imposed a curfew in Tal Afar for the second time in a week after the explosion of 5 sound bombs in front of Daesh leaders’ houses in Tal Afar. A search and arrest campaign was initiated for the perpetrators. [Sumaria] 


Deputy Commander of PMF Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis says that the Tal Afar liberation will start from its eastern side towards final liberation of the entire western side of Mosul within reasonably short time. He says the next stage of PMF operations will start very shortly. [Harbi] 


A recent report says PMF units already captured Kharabat Al-Juhaish village west of Tal Afar, killing several Daesh snipers. It says they found a large weapons cache in the village. [PressIraq]

A PMF source says that, as of today’s and yesterday’s operations, the road between Mosul and Tal Afar is totally cut off. PMF units are moving now towards the southwestern part of the city. [Forat]



The KRG issued a statement refuting the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel’s report about a Peshmerga fighter killing a displaced man from Mosul. The KRG says the man mentioned by Al-Jazeera was a Daesh terrorist who was wounded and refused to surrender in a battle in Aski Mosul, and was not a displaced man. Al-Jazeera showed a video, obtained from social media, showing a Peshmerga fighter shooting and killing a fallen man. [BasNews] 


An Arab CoR member from Ninewa says the KDP is forcing people in areas liberated from Daesh by the Peshmerga to join the Kurdish forces in order to make demographic changes. [Sumaria]

In response, the general director of the KRG’s Ministry of Peshmerga says the Peshmerga is arming people in Arab areas to defend themselves, exactly as the PMFs are doing. He says the Peshmerga, like the PMFs, are part of Iraq’s national security system. [Sumaria] 


Turkey says its warplanes attacked PKK positions in Hakkari, southeast Turkey and Al-Zab in northern Iraqi Kurdistan, killing 15 PKK militants. [Anadolu]




A security source says security units killed a suicide terrorist who was driving a vehicle bomb at a checkpoint near the cement factory west of Kerbala. The source says the terrorist was trying to drive the vehicle bomb into the city. [Ghad] 



A security source says security units captured a fuel truck tanker and arrested its driver and his assistant near Al-Shuaiba Refinery in Basra on suspicions of hiding explosives inside the tanker. [Sumaria] 



The National Forces Alliance (the biggest Sunni coalition in the CoR) says that 80,000 displaced people are prevented from going back to their houses in north Babel more than 2 years after their areas were liberated from Daesh. It says the Al-Musayyib District Council issued an order that displaced people cannot return to Jurf Al-Sakhar before compensating the victims of Daesh, handing over the Daesh members to security forces, and guaranteeing the safety of the district. The Sunni alliance says this order reflects the chaos in Iraq and the inability of the government to enforce the rule of law. It also says the order aims at making demographic changes in north Babel. The Chairman of the Babel Provincial Council refuted that claim and said people cannot return because of the lack of basic services and functioning government directorates. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment. Since 2003, north Babel and south Baghdad had been slaughterhouses for Shia people, and anyone who supports the government. Thousands of people were killed, including women and children, and thousands of houses were destroyed in an effort from the AQI, and later Daesh, to make these areas purely Sunnis. That created a big sectarian and tribal conflict that has not been solved yet.  The statement by the National Forces Alliance reflects a totally sectarian outlook that focuses heavily on transgressions of people from the other sect while ignoring those committed by their own. 




Turkish security authorities say they arrested 35 people in Istanbul, suspected of being Daesh operatives, after a search campaign that covered 41 locations in the city. It says a large quantity of weapons, explosives, and publications were captured as well. [ARA]




The Russian Defense Minister told his country’s parliament that Russia tested 162 types of weapons and ammunition in Syria that were never used before. He says some of these weapons proved hazardous to their users, and were then withdrawn from the field. [ZamanAlWasl]


The Coalition says it conducted 23 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Syria, near Raqqa (10), Deir Ez-Zor (9), and Palmyra (4). [InherentResolve] 


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Sources say the body of Abul Farouq Al-Amriki, a major Daesh commander of American nationality, was found behind a marketplace in Markada, south of Hasaka. Daesh initiated a search campaign in the city looking for the murderers. The circumstances of his death are unknown. [ARA]


Daesh says 12 people were killed and 15 wounded by airstrikes on Al-Sor town south of Hasaka on Tuesday. [A3maq]



Advancing from three directions, SDF forces advancing from Bir Hiba liberated Hamidi and Qarih, while units advancing from Makman liberated Jarwan village in far northern Deir Ez-Zor, but closer to Raqqa city after overcoming Daesh defenses. The two groups of forces will link up today. [Hawar]


Coalition warplanes killed 19 civilians in Maadan town east of Raqqa; most of them are women and children. Coalition warplanes also attacked the outskirts of Raqqa, leaving unidentified civilian casualties. [Qasioun]


Opposition sources say Coalition warplanes are dropping media materials on Raqqa for population to read, given the absence of satellite dishes and internet services in the city, where Daesh operates a Radio service. News of Daesh crimes in Palmyra and progress of battles against Daesh in various parts of Syria, among a variety of other news is tackled in these dropped leaflets. [EnabBaladi]

SOHR documented 4 SDF and Deir Ez-Zor Military Council fighters killed in battles against Daesh, including one of the DEMC leaders. [SyriaHR]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)


Within the past 24 hours, the Government and its affiliate forces has made a new advance, capturing Al-Mazboura village on its way to control the Al-BabDeir Hafer Road, which leads to Deir Ez-Zor and Raqqa, SOHR says. [SyriaHR]


Liwa Al-Aqsa (a part of the Daesh affiliate Jund Al-Aqsa) finalized evacuation of its fighters from Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib towards Daesh controlled Raqqa. The evacuation followed an agreement with Tahrir al-Sham front under the mediation of Turkistan Islamic Party. Al-Aqsa combatants destroyed their heavy equipment and vehicles, as the agreement required. [ARA]



The Turkish Minister of Defense says fewer than 100 Daesh terrorists remain in Al-Bab, mostly snipers and suicide bombers. He says the opposition groups have captured more than half of the city. [BasNews] 


Turkish army says its artillery attacked 89 Daesh targets and its warplanes 21 targets in Al-Bab city, killing 14 Daesh combatants and destroying 18 buildings and several Daesh weapons and vehicles. [Anadolu]

Opposition sources say they are about to complete full control over Al-Bab city after capturing several important buildings in the Security Square including the officers residence, the religious court, and the endowments building downtown, after fierce battles that left 14 Daesh combatants killed. Opposition and Turkish support units are fighting in the middle of the city under Turkish artillery and air cover. [ARA]

Turkey-allied opposition units fighting in Al-Bab say 6 Daesh combatants surrendered themselves to opposition units in the city. [Qasioun]

Daesh attacked the opposition militias with a vehicle bomb in Al-Bab. [Qasioun]


SOHR also says that the opposition units made advances in Al-Bab, the capturing state security and post office buildings, and are now heading for the northern part of the city. [SyriaHR]



The opposition is accusing YPG and SDF of further violations in areas near Azaz north of Aleppo. The sources say Kurdish units shelled Kaljibrin village on the road between Azaz and Mare’ for the second time in 24 hours with mortar shells killing 15 civilians, many of them children. [Dorar]



The pro-YPG Hawar media service claims that Turkish troops crossed the borders to Yazbagha village in Sharran subdistrict north of Afrin city, beating up residents and looting their properties. The invading reportedly crossed back to its side of the border after the operation. [Hawar]


Turkish Army destroyed several houses in Salib Qaran village with tanks and bulldozers to build the proposed border wall. The village was subject to an earlier raid a few days ago when 5 houses were destroyed. Tanks accompanied the bulldozers this time. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh says it blocked government forces advance towards Halabat, southwest of Palmyra, after destroying a tank and an APC. Sources say the battle continued in this sector as well as in the northeast where Daesh attempted to recapture the Hayan gas field and factory captured by the government earlier. [ARA]


Local activists say three media operators and correspondents were wounded in a Russian air attack north of Hama. [ZamanAlWasl]


Daesh publishes photos of battles with the Syrian Army north of the T4 Airport. [DawaAlhaq] 


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Sources say SDF units are already positioned northwest of Deir Ez-Zor, after advancing across open areas and capturing over 15 villages in the area. The SDF aims to cut off the road between Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor completely. The SDF has over 400 Arab fighters under its ranks from Deir Ez-Zor Military Council and other Arab factions. [EnabBaladi]


Sources say six civilians were killed in 3 airstrikes by Syrian warplanes on Al-Farar village north of Deir Ez-Zor. The Maqaber and Ma’amel areas were also targeted but no reports of casualties are available. [Qasioun]


Syrian army says it destroyed a Daesh machine gun-mounted vehicle in Ma’amel. [SyriaNow]

It also says that it captured a hill in Maqaber from Daesh militants, destroying several Daesh vehicles and killing a number of its combatants. [SyriaNow]


Syrian warplanes killed 15 civilians in its strikes on Sor in Deir Ez-Zor yesterday. [Qasioun]

Sources in Deir Ez-Zor say government forces advanced for 300 meters in the Maqaber area under heavy air and artillery cover, in its endeavors to open the road connecting the airport to the neighborhoods held by the government in the city. [ZamanAlWasl]


Theft and robbery incidents have increased sharply in Daesh controlled areas of Deir Ez-Zor. Observers say that thieves take advantage of Daesh orders that force people to observe the prayer times, which requires merchants and traders to leave their stores, and then the thieves steal from them.  Daesh policy is to cut off the hands of robbers, but the thieves don’t seem to be worried about that, say local observers. [ARA]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Media reports say Israeli warplanes attacked several Syrian Army positions in Qalamoun. Reports say the attack targeted the 3rd army division in Juroud Nahla and Qatifa east of Qalamoun, burning vehicles believed to belong to Hezbollah. No official statement by the government was issued. [ZamanAlWasl]


Jaish Khaled (Daesh affiliate) recaptured Adwan village, they lost to the opposition yesterday, and also captured Ashtara Hill, also taken by the opposition. The Daesh counter attack killed several opposition combatants and destroyed several of their weapons. Two Daesh IEDs also went off, the first killing an opposition commander and some of his escorts, while the second wounded five civilians.  [ARA]

Jaish Khaled published photos of executions it committed against arrested opposition fighters and civilians in areas they recently captured. They also published photos of weapons and other supplies gained by the group during its conquests. [ARA]


Opposition forces used multiple rocket launchers to bombard Tal Al-Jumo’, taken by Daesh west of Daraa. Fierce battles are also raging near Sheikh Said west of Daraa as Daesh is advancing toward this town. [Qasioun]


“Martyrs Documentation Center” in Daraa says total persons killed by Jaish Khaled (Daesh affiliate) during its recent attacks are 110 combatants and civilians. It says the figure will rise further when the numbers of executed and other killed persons in the Jaish controlled areas is revealed. [Dorar]

Opposition units initiated a counter attack to recapture areas controlled by Jaish Khaled in its recent offensive. Fighting is continuing around Adwan village at the moment, after opposition units recaptured some points taken by the Daesh affiliate yesterday.  [Dorar]


SOHR says total casualties of fighting between Daesh’s Jaish Khaled and opposition units reached 117 since February 20 until this date. 76 of them are opposition fighters killed in action or executed by Daesh; 6 of them were beheaded. Nine civilians and four children were also killed. Daesh lost 32 of its combatants. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says heavy battles erupted between the Syrian Army, supported by militias, and Daesh terrorists in the Yarmouk Camp on Tuesday. Daesh says it killed two members of a pro-government Palestinian militia and wounded another. Daesh says two members of Ahrar Al-Sham (Nusra), surrendered to its terrorists in its camp. [A3maq]


Daesh says its affiliate, the Khaled Army, killed 104 opposition fighters on the third day of its continuous attack on the Yarmouk Basin. It says the Khaled Army kept its control on Tasil, Sahm Al-Jolan, and Adwan. It also says the Khaled Army retreated from Hayt town 2 days ago and the battles nearby are still ongoing. [A3maq]


Daesh issued a video of Tasil and Sahm Al-Jolan towns in the Yarmouk Basin after its affiliate, the Khaled Army, captured them. [A3maq]


Daesh says heavy battles erupted after its affiliate, the Khalid Army, captured Tal Ashtara east of Adwan town in the Yarmouk Basin. It says the Khalid Army stopped an opposition groups attack to capture the area. [A3maq] [A3maq]

Daesh says it destroyed an opposition groups heavy machine gun in the same area. [A3maq]




North Africa


A security source says ABM terrorists shot and killed a 65-year-old Copt man and burned his 45-year-old son alive. The source says the bodies of the victims were found near a high school in Arish city. [AhlMisr]


Local sources say a soldier was killed by terrorists in the Al-Halal Mountain area in Central Sinai. [ElWatan]

Daesh says it destroyed an Egyptian Army armored vehicle with an IED in the Al-Halal area in Central Sinai on Monday. [A3maq]


Local sources say three soldiers were shot and wounded in an attack on their positions south of Sheikh Zuweid. [ElWatan]


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Sinai launching Katyusha rockets on Israel. [DawaAlhaq] 




Eyewitnesses say the chief of the Benghazi’s Security Directorate survived a suicide attack with a vehicle bomb in the Sidi Faraj area. [AfriGate]


The LNA Special Forces commander says his troops, supported by Libyan aircraft, captured more military positions in the 12 Buildings area, west of Benghazi. He says one of his soldiers was killed by a land mine and three others were wounded in battles. [Wasat]


A Libyan Counter Terrorism spokesman says a Daesh terrorist was captured while he was trying to escape the 12 Buildings area. [Libya24]


Medical and security sources say four civilians, including two brothers, were killed by land mines in the Qawarsha area, west of Benghazi. [Wasat]





Shia people in Najaf hold a funeral for Abu Bakr Abbas, a Sunni officer from Samarra who was beheaded by Daesh. Daesh had claimed that he was Shia PMF and gave him a Shia name in its publication. [Facebook] 


A convoy of elite Daesh forces is annihilated by an airstrike near the Mosul Airport. [DOS] 


PMFs capture a Daesh armored vehicle bomb near Tal Afar. [Facebook] 


An Iraqi sniper kills a Daesh suicide terrorist inside an armored vehicle bomb (photos). [Twitter] 


Videos of the Day

Iraqi forces near Ghazlani Camp. [Sumaria] [Facebook] 


Rockets get launched from the Qayara Airbase to support IFP units south of Mosul [Facebook] 

The IFP saves 60 families south of Mosul [Mawsleya] 


Iraqi aircraft bombs a Daesh group in west Mosul. [Facebook] 


Ninewa Operations commander visits liberated areas in east Mosul [Mawsleya] 


PMFs kill many Daesh terrorists west of Tal Afar. [Facebook] [Facebook] [Harbi] 

PMFs find a Daesh tunnel near Tal Afar. [Harbi] 

Battles near Tal Afar [Facebook] [Facebook] 




Daesh audio newsletter for today [Bayan]

February 21, 2017 


Coalition Drone




Today’s Major Developments


Security problem continues in northern Diyala. [..]

IFP moving toward Mosul airport after heavy Coalition airstrikes. [..]

Coalition strike in West Mosul reportedly kills many civilians. [..]

Daesh counter-attacks in several locations south of Mosul & in Tal Afar. [..]


Saudi Arabia proposes to join a US-led coalition in Syria. [..]

SDF continues advancing north of Raqqa. [..]

Turkey-supported militia units attack SDF in Azaz. [..]

Syrian Army gains further in Deir Ez-Zor. [..]

Opposition groups battle Daesh in Daraa. [..]






Prime Minister Al-Abadi says there are no foreign troops fighting in Mosul, except for advisors that come from several countries and are not involved in combat missions. He also says Iraq does not want to be a part of an “axis war,” saying that points of agreement are much more than points of differences with neighboring countries. [Anadolu]


The Coalition says a U.S. service member died in a non-combat related incident outside of Ramadi, Iraq, Feb. 20. It says will release further information as appropriate. [InherentResolve] 


The Coalition says it conducted 9 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Iraq, near Mosul (6), Tal Afar (1), and Kasik (1), and Baiji (1). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

A police source says an IED explosion in the industrial sector of Taji District wounded four civilians. [Sumaria] 

A police source says two people were wounded when an IED exploded near a commercial area in Tarmiya. [Sumaria] 

Daesh says it killed an Iraqi Army battalion commander and seven of his associates, and wounded eight others, in an ambush in the Al-Tabi area in Tarmiya on Saturday. [A3maq]


East (Sadr City, New Baghdad, etc.)

A police source says a sound bomb explosion near a bakery wounded one civilian in Al-Ghadeer. [Sumaria]  


Southeast (Mada’in, etc.)

A police source says one person was killed and four wounded when an IED exploded near a popular market in the Old Diyala Bridge area. [Sumaria] 


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

Daesh published photos on Monday of a beheading three Iraqi service members in the Baghdad area. [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh published photos on Monday of detonating an IED on an Iraqi Army patrol in Latifiya. [DawaAlhaq] 

The BOC says 55th army brigade found an explosives and detonators cache in Abu Muslih village in Karaghoul. [BOC Facebook Page] 


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Daesh says it killed two Iraqi soldiers with an IED in the Al-Haswa area in Abu Ghraib on Monday. [A3maq]

Military Intelligence says it arrested two men planning to initiate terror attacks in Abu Ghraib. [Buratha] 

The BOC says a force of Baghdad Operations Command found two rockets and an artillery shell during a search campaign in Al-Sheethi. [BOC Facebook Page] 

A police source says a civilian was wounded when a mortar shell hit his house in Ameriya. [Sumaria] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   12(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   5




The MoD says 1st army division arrested two persons wanted on terror charges and found a large explosives cache in Ameriyat Al-Falluja. [MoD Website]



The MoD says 8th army division found an explosives cache, arrested 11 persons on terror charges, and captured 11 trucks in Al-Qarya Al-Asriya. [MoD Website]



The Hit District Council announced lifting of curfew imposed on Hit yesterday, following an attack with an explosives belt on the 29th army brigade HQ yesterday. The Council says life in the city returned to normal. [Maalomah]


Military says its units in cooperation with 7th Amy division ambushed a Daesh gathering killing 8 of them and wounding several others in Wadi Al-Hijjiya in Kubaisa. [Buratha]


Daesh said it killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded others with a drone strike in Al-Khasfa village west of Haditha on Sunday. [A3maq]


Daesh says one of its Iraqi terrorists attacked a joint Iraqi Army and Sahwa position in the Miskhan area west of Hit. Daesh says after clashing with the Iraqi forces, the terrorist blew himself up, killing or wounding more than twenty soldiers and fighters. [DawaAlhaq] 


The MoD says 10th army division found a large explosives cache in the Hit area. [MoD Website]


Northwest Anbar

A leader in the in Tribal Mobilization says tens of Daesh leaders moved from Raqqa to Al-Qa’im, following the increasing pressure on them in Syria. The source says Daesh dug tunnels in Al-Qa’im to evade airstrikes. [Maalomah] 


Daesh says it targeted Al-Saqra village with a bomb dropped from a drone, wounding an Iraqi soldier. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of its air defense units in Anah city. [DawaAlhaq] 



The Mayor of Rutba says Daesh shot and killed a woman and wounded four other civilians near Rutba city. He says the victims escaped Al-Qa’im but Daesh terrorists found them near Rutba.  [Sumaria] 


Daesh publishes photos of targeting an Iraqi Army military position north of Rutba with mortars. [DawaAlhaq]



Daesh issued a propaganda video of its battles in Salahuddin. The video shows several attacks, including drone strikes. Also in the video, however, Daesh confirmed that one of its senior media officials, Abbas Al-Rufa’i, AKA Abu Maria Al-Iraqi, who was responsible for filming the Speicher Massacre, was killed. [DawaAlhaq] 



The MoD says 43rd army brigade destroyed a Daesh boat carrying combatants crossing the river to Fatha, killing 4 of them.  Meanwhile, an army unit near the defense line in Harariyat-Baiji repelled a Daesh attack, killing 3 attackers. [MoD Website]


Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi forces Humvee with heavy machine guns near the Makhoul Mountains. [A3maq]


Daesh published photos Monday of drone attacks on the road between Baiji and Haditha. [DawaAlhaq] 



The MoD says total number of families returned to their homes in various parts of Salahuddin is now 138,388. [MoD Website]



Commander of Samarra Operations says army units killed suicide attackers and are surrounding another in Ishaqi. 

In a later development, the Governor of Salahuddin says all attackers on the checkpoints south of Ishaqi were killed, and that the army, Saraya Al-Salam (PMF Sadrist forces), and local police are in control of the area. [AIN] 


Southern Salahuddin (Balad, Dujail)

Daesh says 3 of its terrorists attacked a PMF battalion’s headquarters in Ishaqi subdistrict. Daesh says the terrorists clashed with the PMFs for “hours” before detonating their explosives vests, killing 45 fighters, including an Army soldier, and wounding 60 others. [DawaAlhaq] 



Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Military intelligence says it destroyed several Daesh guesthouses containing quantities of explosives belts in Bablan, Muqdadiya, in cooperation with the 5th army division. [Buratha]


Daesh said on Sunday it killed three Iraqi soldiers and wounded another by detonating 2 IEDs in the Al-A’Ali area in Muqdadiya. [A3maq]


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, etc.)

A local official in Udhaim council says 18th army brigade and tribal mobilization units blocked 3 Daesh cars coming from Mtaibija, carrying gunmen trying to enter Wahab Al-Salman village on the border between Salahuddin and Diyala. The combatants escaped into nearby valleys, says the official.  Wahab Al-Salman village, liberated earlier, is devoid of population now. [Sumaria] 


A local source in Diyala says the head of the Daesh shura council in Diyala was killed with an aide in an airstrike on a guesthouse near Narin village in Himrin. The source described him as a very active Daesh operative, and the second in command after the military emir. [Sumaria] 


The Security Committee of the Diyala Provincial Council says a joint force of the army and the PMF destroyed a guesthouse and an explosives belt in Himrin Basin.  [Sumaria] 




A source in Asayesh in Kirkuk says it arrested a man on terror charges as he entered Kirkuk from Hawija. The arrested man is from Rubaidha in Hawija, and had already fought with Daesh in Mulla Abdullah, Maktab Khalid, Al-Shaheed Complex, Basheer, and Fatha. [Buratha] 


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

Security source says a Coalition drone killed “Mullah Samad,” a Daesh leader, in his car near Daquq. [ARA]


A security source says a Daesh sniper shot dead a PMF fighter in Al-Bashir village in Taza subdistrict. [Sumaria] 




Mosul liberation campaign

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights tells Russia Today that Daesh is using different methods to avoid Coalition and Iraqi bombing. It says Daesh terrorists forced people to tear down walls in their houses so that Daesh terrorists can move freely from house to house. The terrorists also forced young men to wear Afghani style clothes to look like Daesh members. Daesh also forced people to put its flags over their houses and to put their vehicles in the streets so Daesh could place its vehicle bombs among them. [Ghad] 


A security source says Daesh forced its members in Mosul to host families of other terrorists from the southern areas of Mosul in their houses. The source says many Daesh families fled their areas near Mosul and now they are staying with Daesh families on the west side. Local activists say people of Hay Al-Ma’moun, the first residential area close to Baghdad-Mosul road, are moving to the north to avoid the upcoming battles.  [Karemlash] 


A Yazidi MP says Daesh members are escaping to Europe through Turkey with Yazidi women and child prisoners. She says they are using fake IDs.  She called for coordinating with Turkey to stop this escape route. [Sumaria] 


The MoD says Iraqi Army 9th division captured the Al-Haraqiyat area near Al-Atshana Mountains. It says the area used to provide Daesh with a lot of revenues because Daesh used it to smuggle oil. [MoD Website]  


Joint Operations Command says Daesh is fighting with “very low morale” as the past 48 hours of combat indicates. Operations commander says Daesh is withdrawing in front of the rapid advances of army and IFP units. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment. Such statements should include specific information that backs up the statement. Otherwise, one could suspect, as we increasingly do, that such optimistic remarks on the decline of Daesh’s military capabilities are a kind of government disinformation. A little research on past such statements would probably conclude that many of them were based on rumor and wishful thinking.


Iraqi Army Air (IAA) command says it is now using laser-guided missiles in its Bell helicopters which allows more precision and decreases collateral civilian damage. [Waradana]

West Mosul

Southeast Mosul (Mosul Airport)

Airstrikes destroyed a weapons and explosives storehouse at Mosul airport, and a tunnel. [Etejah] 


A local source in west Mosul says Daesh radio communications were suddenly cut off for unknown reasons. Observers believe the reason might be the destruction of the communications center at the Mosul international airport. [Sumaria] 

A Daesh security official at the Mosul airport, Abu Abdullah, was killed alongside two of his compatriots in a drone strike, a local source says. Daesh positions in the airport have been subject to continued air and artillery shelling since early morning hours. [Sumaria] 


IFP says its 5th and 6th divisions are advancing towards the airport perimeter and Daesh combatants are retreating. [PUKMedia] 

Commander of Ninewa Liberation Operations says Iraqi forces are now heading towards Mosul Airport with minimal Daesh resistance. He says advancing forces destroyed 5 Daesh vehicles. [Maalomah] 


Elsewhere in West Mosul

A local source says Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh headquarters in Al-Mohammadi mosque in Jawsaq neighborhood in west Mosul, killing tens of Daesh militants and wounding many of them. [Sumaria]


A security source says six civilians were killed when Coalition planes destroyed a house in Al-Shifa’ neighborhood. [Maalomah]

Daesh said on Sunday that 49 people, mostly women and children, were killed, and 78 wounded by “American” airstrikes on residential buildings and trade shops in Hay Al-Shifa’ in Mosul. [A3maq]

Daesh published a video of the results of the airstrike. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. A DaeshDaily source confirmed that many civilians were killed in the airstrike.


A local source says Daesh imposed a curfew in three neighborhoods in Mosul after squads of unknown armed men sneaked into these neighborhoods. Daesh fears the infiltrators could be elite security units. [Sumaria]


Local sources say Daesh relieved the security encirclement around old Mosul and sent elite units to the fronts where Daesh defenses had collapsed. The recent attacks of the PMF and the IFP caused several collapses in Daesh defense lines in southern and western parts of the city. [Sumaria] 


A local source in Ninewa says a series of explosions were heard in Wadi Okab west of Mosul, most likely after several Daesh explosives and ammunition workshops were targeted by airstrikes. The sources say several Daesh casualties were reported. [Sumaria] 


Local sources say a series of violent explosions was heard in Ghazlani camp in west Mosul, possibly due to airstrikes. Trucks carrying bodies of Daesh combatants were seen leaving the location, amid heavy smoke and fire. [Sumaria]


A security source says 3 Daesh combatants were killed by a drone attack on their car in Al-Najjar neighborhood. [Buratha] 


A security source says an airstrike targeted the HQ of Daesh Al-Furqan regiment at the old university printing house in west Mosul. [Harbi] 


The MoD says Iraqi F-16s destroyed a Daesh command and control center in a mosque in Tayran Square in west Mosul. [Harbi] 


Sources in west Mosul say Daesh is transferring its foreign fighters, belongings, and important documents to Al-Qa’im and Deir Ez-Zor as Iraqi units move into west Mosul.  [ARA]


A security source says Daesh is demolishing the houses of men refusing to fight for it in Mosul. Five houses were recently demolished, and families held for interrogation, after men living there escaped to unknown locations. [Sumaria]


A source in the Mosul local council says 800,000 people in west Mosul population might escape either to the east side or to refugee camps in Kurdistan once the fighting inside the city starts. He says life on the east side is returning to normal except for some sporadic Daesh mortar and light weapons attacks across the river on neighborhoods overlooking the Tigris. [Maalomah]


A security source says that Daesh leaders escaped the Tal Al-Rumman and Risala areas toward unknown locations as Iraqi units approached. [Mawazin] 


Daesh issued on Saturday a video of the results of “American” bombing on a hospital in Mosul City of Medicine. [A3maq]

Daesh said 18 people were killed, mostly women and children, and 47 wounded in the airstrike. [A3maq]


Daesh said on Sunday that five people were killed and four wounded by “American” bombing on a flour factory in west Mosul. [A3maq]


Daesh said on Monday that ten women and children were killed and five were wounded by artillery shelling on Hay Al-Ma’moun in Mosul. [A3maq]


North Mosul

A security source says a car bomb exploded in Baladiyat neighborhood in north of Mosul. Material damage was reported but no account of human casualties is available so far. [Sumaria] 


A security source says two civilians were killed and two wounded in a Daesh mortar shelling on Baladiyat. [Sumaria] 


A security source says several students were wounded when a Daesh drone dropped two “bombs near Yafa elementary school in the Al-Rifaq neighborhood. [Harbi] 


East Mosul

Daesh said on Sunday it conducted 2 suicide attacks with explosives vests on “Iraqi Army gatherings” in east Mosul. [A3maq]


A local source said on Sunday that a civilian was killed and nine wounded when a suicide terrorist blew himself up near a restaurant in east Mosul. This is the second time Daesh targeted the same restaurant since the liberation of the east side. [PUKMedia] 


Daesh published photos on Monday of dropping a bomb on Iraqi forces from a drone in Hay Al-Nour. [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh publishes photos of 2 more drone attacks on the same area. It says it killed an Iraqi soldier and wounded another. [DawaAlhaq] 


The PMF Commission issued a statement on Monday mourning the death of three Shia clerics who were killed in the Mosul area. No details were given about exactly how they were killed. [Eshraq] 


Hammam Al-Alil/ Mosul subdistrict

IWMC says an airstrike killed Abu Asad Al-Shami, a Daesh leader in Lazzaqa in Mosul subdistrict southwest of Mosul city. Five Daesh combatants were killed by airstrikes in Albu Saif village in Hammam. [Etejah].


A recent report says Rapid Response units captured Ghazlani camp south of Mosul. [Forat]

IFP says it is in full control of Albu Saif village overlooking the airport. [AIN] 

A security sources says Rapid Response units found explosives manufacturing workshops and several weapons storehouses, as well as a tunnel, in Albu Saif village. [Buratha] 


PMF command says its forces isolated west Mosul from Tal Afar after cutting off the road between the two parts passing through Mahalbiya. A statement says that PMFs are joining the Iraqi Army EODs in clearing the Tal Kaysum and Sihaji villages of IEDs. [Harbi] 

Daesh said on Monday it conducted 4 suicide attacks on Iraqi forces in Tal Kaysum village southwest of Mosul. [A3maq] [A3maq] 

Here Daesh said that two of its suicide terrorists, a Brit and an Iraqi, attacked Iraqi forces in Tal Kaysum with 2 vehicle bombs, killing or wounding several soldiers and destroying a tank. Daesh publishes photos of the 2 terrorists. [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh issued a video of the 3 suicide attacks. As usual, the video shows vehicle bombs moving and then an explosion from a distance behind a hill. [A3maq] 

Daesh publishes photos of dropping a bomb from a drone on an Iraqi Abrams tank in the village. [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh issues a video of targeting 2 Iraqi forces BMP armored vehicle with rockets in the village. [A3maq]

Daesh said on Sunday that “American” planes mistakenly targeted the Iraqi Army in the village, killing or wounding soldiers and destroying several vehicles. [A3maq</