An Update On ISIS Activities

February 9, 2016

Displaced Families in Juwaiba

Al-Abadi plans cabinet changes based on professional criteria.

Wave of IED attacks hits Baghdad.

Army operation to clear area east of Ramadi virtually completed.

Pressure increases on Daesh in Hit-Kubaisa area.

PMF force joins pending military campaign in Kirkuk province.

Money, salary issues roil Kurdistan.


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February 8, 2016

Iraqi Army

Today’s Major Developments


Al-Abadi says the Baghdad Wall will eliminate most car bombs.

Parliament members debate de-Baathification, reconciliation.

Army raises flag in Juwaiba, enters Hsaiba; Daesh leaders reportedly moving elsewhere.

Iraq sending 4,500 soldiers to Ninewa; more to come. Ninewa campaign predicted to start just after March 1.

Iran announces it’s sending no more troops to Syria, except advisors


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February 5, 2016

Hilla Demonstrations

Today’s Major Developments


CoR Speaker Jubouri returns from Washington talking about Iraqi reconciliation.

First post-Daesh mass prayer service held in Ramadi grand mosque.

Daesh tries again, loses again in Baghdadi.

Daesh still trying to retake Salahuddin oilfields.

Writings on the walls multiply in Shirqat.

Saudi Arabia offers ground troops to fight Daesh in Syria.


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February 4, 2016


Today’s Major Developments


Turks bomb inside Ninewa.

More second thoughts about the proposed Baghdad perimeter wall.

Iraq forces keep advancing around Ramadi, Falluja

Coordinated ground, air campaigns reach southern Mosul District.

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February 3, 2016

Camp Dublin


Today’s Major Developments


Plan to put a wall around Baghdad meets political opposition.

Army closes in on Falluja.

Baghdadi’s nephew, an important Daesh leader, killed in Ramadi.

Al-Qa’im airstrike kills 85 Daesh members, including several leaders.





Political developments

Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, Commander of Baghdad Operations, said that all cement barriers in Baghdad will be removed, and deployed as part of the Baghdad Wall! [Sumaria]

However, he seems to have made this commitment on his own authority. The Security Committee of the Baghdad Provincial Council will meet with the Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) Thursday, seeking the “truth” about the Baghdad Wall project, which was started without the Council’s approval. The Council says the BOC plan to construct a tunnel and 300 km (186 mile) wall around Baghdad is a very negative step. [AIN]


According to a statement issued by his office, Speaker Jubouri met with Vice President Biden in DC to discuss the political and security situation in Iraq, especially about fighting terrorism, the role of the United States in finishing the liberations of Anbar, and starting the liberation of Ninewa. They also discussed the efforts to secure and reconstruct the liberated areas and facilitate the return of the displaced people. [Rudaw]


Prime Minister Abadi met with the CoR’s Integrity Committee to discuss the challenges the Committee faces in its efforts to fight corruption. Abadi issued a statement saying that political differences affect the work of the government, and that reflects in a negative way on the citizens. He also says that corruption has many supporting elements including the bureaucracy, and many corrupt people are resisting the simplification of government procedures because those procedures would decrease corruption. The Chairman of the Committee says after the meeting that “big corruption targets” in some ministries were identified during the meeting, especially including arms deals.  [Sumaria] [Rudaw] [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh might have not existed without Iraq’s corruption and Iraq will never be able to stand up as a country without dealing with this problem effectively.


The deputy chairman of Ninewa Provincial Council says new troops from the police and army will join Ninewa Operations Command to prepare for Ninewa liberation. He demanded more help for the tribal fighters in Makhmur to speed the liberation operations. [Sumaria]

A CoR member from Ninewa says the Ninewa liberation camps should be united under the Ninewa Operations Command. He says the Minister of Defense doesn’t give a lot of attention to the NOC for political reasons. He says the NOC has not been armed and the NOC commander doesn’t have enough support. He also says it is not clear who is going to liberate Mosul—the Turkish forces, the NMFs, the Peshmerga, the tribal fighters, or the Ninewa police. [Mada]


The Chairman of the Citizen Bloc (the Supreme Islamic Council) in the CoR says the government is neglecting arming and financing the PMFs and warns of a plot to isolate or marginalize the PMFs. [Mada]


However, former Vice President Osama Nujaifi says the PMFs should not participate in Ninewa liberation because of sensitivity of the citizens and in order to eliminate any “sectarian” excuse that could be used by Daesh. He says the liberation should be done by the Iraqi forces, the Peshmerga, the Coalition and the NMFs.

DaeshDaily comment. Mr. Nujaifi of course means Turkey when he says the “Coalition.” It is transparently absurd that a supposedly national government official asks to use foreign forces and leave out Iraqi forces. (Nujaifi and his brother have called many times for Turkish intervention in Ninewa.)


A member of the CoR’s Security and Defense Committee says the Turkish troops raised the Turkish flag over the Fadhiliya neighborhood in Bashiqa and criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ silence about the issue. [Sumaria]


The Ninewa Governor says the situation at the Mosul Dam is secure and doesn’t need all the media exaggeration. [Mada] The Minister of Water Resources says the Mosul Dam situation is good and the government efforts are intended to maintain it and not to prevent it from collapsing. [Sumaria]

The spokesman of the Sadrist faction says Moqtada Al-Sadr instructed the Minister of Water Resources (a Sadrist) to stay away from the Mosul Dam issue in order not to be involved in the financial affairs of the deal and to eliminate any hint of corruption. He says this issue should be dealt with by a specialized committee appointed by the Council of Ministers. He also says using international companies is the only solution for the Dam because Iraqi companies don’t have the capacity. [Sumaria]


The spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council says 6,187 persons were arrested on terrorism charges. He says in a CoR Human Rights Committee hearing that 1,203 were released and 284 were convicted. He also says the SJC received more than 4,000 complaints about human rights violations from the Iraqi Human Rights Commission. [Sumaria]


Security developments

BOC will close Al-Muthanna Bridge in the middle of Baghdad for maintenance, from Thursday Feb. 4 till Sunday Feb. 7. This is its second closure, as it was closed January 27-31 for the same reason. [Shafaq]


Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul, spokesman of the Joint Operations Command (JOC), said that he has no knowledge of the nature of the intended mission of US troops on Iraqi-Syrian borders (alluding to yesterday’s statement by the Coalition spokesman on the impending Mosul campaign). Rasoul said that once such information is available, he would announce it. [AynIraq]


Steve Warren, the Coalition spokesman, said that Iraq is using its F16 fighters very well in executing precision attacks on Daesh. He marked the arrival of two more F16s in Iraq, adding that arrival of the rest of the planes is linked to finalizing the training of pilots. [Mawazin]


Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism units today found a Daesh hideout in Um Najim village in the Taji District north of Baghdad city. A large quantity of explosives was found including 3 detonators, 90 kg of C4 and eight 20-liter containers with TNT. [Mada]


According to security sources:

  • An IED exploded and wounded four civilians in Husseiniya, in north Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • Two persons were arrested on terror charges, in Adhamiya and in Taji District north of the city. [Qurtas]
  • Security troops defused an IED placed in one of the alleys of the Sabiyat neighborhood in Taji. [Ghad]
  • An IED placed in a popular market in Tarmiya District north of the city killed two civilians and wounded eight.[ Mada]
  • Armed men attacked and killed a lawyer and his son in their car, in the Shuala neighborhood in north Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a popular market in Al-Binouk neighborhood in northeast Baghdad killed one civilian and wounded seven. [ Mada]
  • An IED exploded in the Al-Ma’amel area in east Baghdad, killing one civilian and wounding four. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED placed near a popular restaurant in Al-Siba’ neighborhood, downtown Baghdad, killed two civilians and wounded six. [Mada]
  • A roadside IED in Arab Jabour village in Dora, south Baghdad, exploded on a patrol of Tribal Mobilization units, killing two men and wounding four. [Mada]
  • Armed men opened fire and wounded two civilians in Jurf Al-Naddaf in south Baghdad. [Ghad]
  • An IED placed near a popular restaurant in Wardiya, in Al-Mada’in District south of the city, killed two civilians and wounded 5. [Mada]
  • Armed men opened fire and killed an army major as he drove through Jisr Al-Salam in south Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • An IED placed in a commercial area in Al-Shuhada neighborhood near Bayya in southwest Baghdad killed one civilian and wounded four.[ Mada]
  • An IED placed near a construction materials shop in west Baghdad killed two civilians and wounded five. [Etejah]
  • An IED placed in a commercial area in Suwaib in west Baghdad killed one civilian and wounded seven.[ Mada]

Total Baghdad incidents reported:   16    (Not an overall total)




Sa’adoon Sha’alan, the Mayor of Falluja District, said that apart from the very difficult living conditions facing Falluja’s population, Daesh has booby-trapped all entry points to the city, rendering it a big jail. He said that Daesh will not mind killing the entire Falluja population.  [Sumaria]


Baghdad Operations Command said that the 14th army division liberated the strategic village of Albu Shijil north of Falluja.[ Mada]

Army helicopters destroyed 6 Daesh vehicles and 2 construction shovels in Albu Shijil. [Ghad]

BOC said its operations north and south of Falluja killed 20 terrorists and wounded 14 in various areas of operations in Albu Shijil and Taqsim to the north, Nuaimiya to the south, and Qarma. [AIN]


Security sources reported the liberation of Albu Sawda in Qarma, backed by Coalition and Iraqi warplanes and army helicopters, according to a security source. [Baghdadia]


Daesh publishes photos of an Iraqi soldier targeted by one of its snipers in Zoba’a. [CSSN]


A security source in Anbar Operations Command says Albu Shijil and Albu Bali are now liberated and troops are heading towards Hamdhiya, and then Falluja. Leaflets have been air-dropped over Falluja to encourage the population to revolt and describing available escape routes. [AIN]


The same AOC source says he also expects the liberation of Hit by mid-February. [AIN]

DaeshDaily comment. This is at least the third recent story indicating that Iraq will soon target Daesh in Hit. Today’s Falluja stories show Iraqi forces clearing Daesh out of areas between Ramadi and Falluja and closing in on Falluja. If the Falluja campaign works out as hoped, Hit may be next.



Army helicopters attacked and destroyed the building of the religious court in Albu Bali, in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya east of Ramadi, killing 9 Daesh leaders meeting there, including Abu Ahmed Al-Samarra’i, the nephew of Daesh’s leader, and himself a major Daesh leader. [Maalomah]

Awwad Baghdadi, the Daesh leader, is reported to have executed two of his escorts with his personal gun for failing to protect his nephew, tribal sources reported. [Mesala]

DaeshDaily comment. Unless Baghdadi is in the Ramadi area, this seems like one of those Iraqi rumors. Those who think he is there should try to apprehend him.


Major General Sami Al-Aridhi, commander of the 3rd special unit of Counter-Terrorism forces, said that his men, Army units, and the IFP are advancing steadily east of Ramadi in Sajariya, Juwaiba, and Hsaiba. Daesh defenses in Sajariya, including mortar positions  and machine gun positions were destroyed. [Sumaria]


8th Army division and security troops have fully liberated the Albu Ghanem area east of Ramadi and are heading towards Juwaiba, a security source said. [AIN]


Ghassan Al-Eithawi, spokesman of the tribal fighters east of Ramadi said that army units have liberated over 50% of the Sajariya area, and that the announcement of full liberation is coming very shortly. He added that Daesh lost “tens” of its fighters on the battlefield. General Al-Mahalawi, AOC Commander, said that new rocket systems called “Qahira” were deployed by the army in these operations. [Mawazin]


Sabah Al-Noman, spokesman for the Counter-Terrorism forces, confirmed that his forces have entered the Sajariya area with minimal resistance from Daesh, except for the multitude of IEDs in the area. [Qurtas]


A tribal PMF commander says more than 1,000 tribal PMF fighters in areas west of Ramadi haven’t received their salaries for 5 months. He says these fighters are holding the ground in those areas but they only have light weapons and they need more arms. [Mada]


A leader of tribal fighters in Anbar says the 6th battalion of Anbar PMF fighters has moved from the Habbaniya base to Sufiya, to hold the ground liberated from Daesh. [Sumaria]


Daesh says Coalition warplanes mistakenly bombed Iraqi troops when Daesh was attacking in Albu Risha on the northwest outskirts of Ramadi on Tuesday. [A3maq]


Army and security troops repelled a Daesh attack on Albu Risha and Albu Mara’i from Zangoura village and killed six of them with the help of Coalition warplanes, which also destroyed two vehicle bombs. [AIN]


Dr. Adel Layl al-Sabur Al-Delawi, the so-called Daesh doctor, was killed in an airstrike by army helicopters in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya east of Ramadi, a security source said, adding that the doctor previously worked in the Anbar Health office. [Maalomah]


The process of removing IEDs and battle remnants has started in Ramadi, beginning with the 5 Kilo area, said Captain Mohammed Hassan of the first battalion of tribal forces.  [Rudaw]



Daesh says its terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in Haqlaniya with light and mid-size weapons and the attack was synchronized with heavy mortar shelling on south Haditha. Daesh says many Iraqi fighters were killed or wounded while its terrorists returned back safely. [CSSN]


Western Anbar

According to the Al-Suqoor Intelligence unit, 85 Daesh terrorists, including high ranking leaders, were killed today in an airstrike by the Iraqi Air Force on 4 host houses in Al-Qa’im, used as bombing factories and in one case to host Egyptian leaders. The explosions from the strike were heard 10 miles away. Among top leaders killed were

  • Abdul Rahman Ezzildeen Al-Badawi (Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir) the brother of ex-Qaeda leader Abu Ayoub Al-Masri;
  • Abu Abd Al-Mannan Al-Masri, responsible for Sinai post and money transfers from Syrian Oil and Qa’im cement factory to Sinai;
  • Haji Majeed Mohammed Al-Salamni, responsible for foreign fighters;
  • Abu Idris Diyala, from Muqdadiya, an escapee from Badoush prison.

A Saudi terrorist Khalid Al-Khamaali, was badly wounded. [Mada]


Mid-Euphrates Command forces executed an airdrop in Jisr Al-Rawdah, 20 km (12.5 miles) from the Kerbala border, and destroyed two car bombs, while defusing 4 1000-liter containers packed with explosives, placed under the road of a major bridge. [AIN]




Two women were executed by Daesh in Shirqat, on charges of insulting Daesh, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Ali Dahdoh, the Mayor of Shirqat District, says that the number of Daesh fighters in Shirqat is around 1,000, all of them Iraqis, as foreign terrorists have left for Mosul.  He added that 600 of them are on the left side of the city, and 200 are in the center of the district. [Mawazin]


A gathering of 50 Daesh terrorists was observed by intelligence personnel in a gas station near Shirqat. They called for Coalition support. The resulting airstrike killed 20 Daesh and destroying 3 vehicles. Another mobile gas station was targeted in Karabla, Salahuddin by the Iraqi Air Force, which destroyed two tankers. [AIN]


Unidentified armed men kidnapped two Daesh leaders in Shirqat after setting up a fake checkpoint, a security source said. [Maalomah]



Security forces today arrested 27 Daesh terrorists after an operation in Al-Fatha north of Baiji, a security source said. [Baghdadia]


Army helicopters executed several strikes in Salahuddin, destroying two vehicles near Fatha Bridge north of Baiji, a Daesh command center in Tel Al-Dhahab village in northeast Makhoul Mountains, and an armored vehicle north of Allas and Ajil oil fields. [Ghad]



A spokesman of the PMF organization, Ahmed Al-Asadi, said that Daesh controls only 15% of Salahuddin province, mainly Shirqat, west Tikrit desert, parts of south Samarra, and northeast Himrin Hills, adding that the PMFs are repelling Daesh attacks almost daily. [Mawazin]


Following Tuesday’s incident, when a civilian shot dead a Daesh terrorist in Al-Ali south of Al-Alam subdistrict, a wide security campaign was initiated to search and clear the area with the support of army helicopters. The campaign discovered weapons caches and food storage and killed three Daesh terrorists hiding in bushes and caves in the area. One was a suicide attacker who wounded five of the approaching policemen, a security source reported.  [Ghad]


The Saraya Al-Aqida militia said it repelled a violent Daesh attack in Himrin Hills, killing 35 attackers. A statement by the militia said that army helicopters intervened and destroyed a booby-trapped construction shovel approaching the militia’s defensive lines. [Buratha]


It was reported that following a paratroop drop near Tikrit, a special American force killed a PMF leader called Abu Sajjad Al-Zerejawi, and ordered PMF forces in Speicher camp to evacuate the area within three days. [Altaghier]

DaeshDaily comment. There is much to doubt about this anti-PMF story, given the dubious affiliations of the website and TV station, but it serves to show how some sources fabricate stories.


General Shakir Jawdat, Commander of the Iraq Federal Police (IFP) forces, reported the destruction of a Daesh command post and communications tower in the Al-Fatha area north of Baiji, killing 8 terrorists near Shirqat Bridge, 3 more near the fertilizer factory on the road to the city, capturing two Daesh vehicles in Albu Badri  in Samarra, and arresting two terrorists including the Daesh security official of Mohammadi north of Ramadi, [Sumaria]



PMFs destroyed a Daesh convoy carrying a car bomb. west of Samarra. The car bomb exploded during the operation, the IWMC said. [AIN]



BasNews reports that the PKK is conducting military and cultural training for youth in Tooz. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. Is this somehow a parallel story to the Turkish military training Ninewa separatists in Bashiqa?




An IED placed in a popular market in Hibhib, west of Baquba, exploded and killed one civilian and wounded four, a security source said. [Maalomah]


A civilian was shot dead by armed men in Kanaan subdistrict east of Baquba, a police source said. [Mawqif]



A local source says Daesh confiscated houses of people in Hawija because some of their family members escaped Daesh controlled areas. The source says Daesh forced these families to pay a monthly rent to remain in their houses. [Sumaria]


Daesh arrested and executed two men trying to escape Hawija District toward Himrin Hills and then to the safe areas controlled by the army. The two were shot in the middle of Hawija, a security source said. [Mada]


An armed group in a car opened fire on Al-Baghdadi fish restaurant, on Hisabat Street east of Kirkuk, wounding a restaurant worker. [Mada]


Daesh terrorists fired a Katyusha rocket from Al-Bashir on Taza subdistrict south of Kirkuk, which fell on a house, causing damage but no casualties. [Mada]




Daesh executed 12 university students in front of the university campus in Mosul on charges of cooperating with Iraqi security forces, a source in Mosul said. [BasNews]


Another Daesh video about its “achievements”. [CSSN]


Daesh publishes photos of the reconstruction of the mosque at the Mosul hospital. [CSSN]


Nineveh Plain

Coalition warplanes attacked Daesh positions in the Shabak villages of Al-Khazna, Bazwaya, and Al-Ghadeer, killing 18 terrorists including foreigners and wounding 6 of them, according to a Ninewa Police source. [BasNews]


Atheel al-Nujaifi, ex-Mosul governor, denied raising the Turkish flag in Fadhiliya village in Bashiqa, adding that the village is still under Daesh control. He says only Iraqi and Kurdish flags will be raised in liberated areas. The security committee of the CoR reported earlier the alleged incident with the Turkish flag. [AynIraq]


Two Katyusha rockets fell on Zilkan camp in Bashiqa where the “National Mobilization Forces” headed by Atheel al-Nujaifi are being trained by Turks. No human casualties were reported, a security source said. [Maalomah]



Burhan al-Lahibi, a tribal mobilization leader in south Mosul, said engineers are currently clearing the village of Kodila of mines and IEDs. The village was liberated earlier with the support of the Peshmerga and Coalition warplanes. [Mada]


70 Daesh terrorists were killed and 22 arrested, while tribal mobilization lost 15 in the fighting for Kodila, a field tribal commander said. [Shafaq]


Ninewa Operations Command said that the 91st army brigade, tribal fighters, and Peshmerga units, with Coalition air cover, had liberated Kodila and Khattab villages west of Makhmur city. Mahmoud Sorachi, National Mobilization spokesman, said the Peshmerga and tribal fighters launched an attack on Daesh west of Makhmur and the attack will continue to Qayara.  [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. How did Sorachi get into this?


A PUK official said that Peshmerga forces shelled the village of Mahana, near Kodila and the Mosul District line, and killed “tens” of Daesh terrorists with the assistance of Coalition warplanes. [PUKMedia]


Peshmerga units blocked today a Daesh attack on a checkpoint in Makhmur, killing several of them. [Maalomah]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Batisha village near Kasik. [CSSN]


Other Governorates  


The KRG spokesman says the KRG approved 7 procedures to deal with the financial crisis. The procedures include lowering the salaries of government employees (other than Peshmerga and security personnel); establishing a committee selected from different ministries to audit the oil and gas revenues in coordination with international firms; selling oil by public auction (except the oil transported by pipes); using a decentralized system for managing oil and gas production; and establishing an IT system for paying KRG salaries. [Rudaw]

DaeshDaily comment. One of the basic-level defects of Iraq and KRG financial management is that they still pay obligations in cash, which in turn requires moving huge amounts of cash  around. This includes paying salaries. Of course, all that cash in motion contributes to the loss or theft of some of it (There have been huge incidents).    

January salaries will be paid starting next week while the salaries for the previous month will be “saved” for later payment. [Rudaw]


The PUK bloc in the KRG Parliament issued a statement demanding an investigation into the foreign bank accounts of the “political party companies” and some officials. Several media reports mentioned recently that KRG officials and companies belong to political parties have accumulated millions of dollars in foreign banks. [Sumaria]


Slovenia is sending military trainers to train Peshmerga forces Erbil, local Slovenian Radio said. [AIN]


Italy is sending 130 military personnel to be based in Erbil and assist in providing medical support in fire fronts, Italy’s Ministry of Defense said. [Maalomah]



Babil. Babil Police announced the arrest of 63 wanted persons, three of them on terrorism charges. [Mada]


Basra. Prime Minister Al-Abadi transferred security responsibility in Basra from the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Interior, said Basra Governor Majid Al-Nasrawi. [Maalomah]


The Basra Governor says “unusual” movements for foreign diplomats were detected in Basra and some diplomats are visiting the governorate and meeting with people (politicians and non-politicians) without informing the provincial government. He says the diplomats will not be allowed to meet with anyone without informing the provincial authorities; otherwise they would be prevented from entering the governorate. Many foreign diplomats visit Basra and the last one was the French Ambassador who met with the chairman of the Provincial Council. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. We were not aware that foreign diplomats, or anyone else for that matter, require the permission of provincial governors to enter their province.


Basra police arrested 44 wanted persons, including one wanted on terror charges, a security source in the city said. [AIN]


Basra Police arrested a person suspected of participating in the IED attack on the head of the Basra appeals court, a police source said. [IraqPress]


Muthanna. Muthanna Police are reinforcing security measures along the province’s large desert perimeter to “prevent entry of terrorist groups” from the desert area, into an area which is a “tourism attraction,” said Saad Al-Eajibi , Muthanna Chief of Police. [Mada]


Dhi Qar. A foreign convict sentenced to death on terrorism charges since 2013, was executed in Nasariya, according to the Minister of Justice. The delay was due to a retrial after an appeal, the Minister indicated. [Mesala]




Retaliating for Daesh mortar fire, Turkish tanks fired more than 20 tank shells at Daesh positions across the border in Jarabulus on Wednesday, killing eight Daesh militants and injuring a number of others, as well as damaging buildings on the Syrian side. [Qasioun]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

The YPG announced that it killed 98 Daesh militants in January. [ARA]


Coalition planes struck Daesh positions in Shaddadi on Tuesday, causing casualties and physical damage, a resident said. [ARA]


Daesh-planted land mines and hidden IEDs are hampering the return of residents to Al-Hawl and other areas in Hasaka that were retaken from Daesh. [ARA]


A local activist says Daesh moved thousands of tons of grain from the silos in Hasaka southern countryside to Shaddadi and Deir Ez-Zor, taking advantage of the halt in the Syria Democratic Forces operations in the area. Daesh recaptured the silos from the SDF on January 21st. [BasNews]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Al-Nusra Front has deployed fighters to the northwestern Aleppo countryside in a bid to check advances by the Syrian military, Daesh, and the Syria Democratic Forces in the area as other opposition militias lose ground. An unspecified number of Nusra militants arrived in Nabal and Al-Zahra, both under siege by opposition militias. [Qasioun]


Daesh struck a concentration of Syrian Army troops south of Aleppo with a vehicle bomb, killing around 25 Syrian soldiers, according to an activist in the area. The two sides fought violent battles in the aftermath of the bombing, as well as clashing east of Aleppo as Syrian troops continue to drive into Daesh-held territory. [ARA]


The YPG establishes a special operations room in Afrin to manage the thousands of civilians who escaped the ongoing attack by Syrian troops, supported by Russian warplanes, on Aleppo’s northern countryside. [BasNews]


Daesh shelled the villages of Al-Qubba and Tal Al-Abr, southwest of Kobane, from its positions in Jarabulus, a YPG fighter said. [ARA]


Daesh has been forcing fighting age young men into conscription in Manbij, residents report, even as the Daesh presence in the city is thinning and the hisbah units have reportedly disappeared from the city streets. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh publishes photos of executing Syrian government “spies” publicly in Homs. [CSSN]


Daesh says its terrorists sneaked into Syrian Army positions and killed four soldiers in East Qalamoun in Homs. [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

A Daesh mortar shell killed three civilians and injured three others in the neighborhoods of Al-Jawra and Al-Qusour in Deir Ez-Zor. Daesh also fired rockets and artillery on Syrian Army and Lebanese Hezbollah positions near the Deir Ez-Zor military airport, and engaged Syrian troops in ground battles in various neighborhoods of the city, including Al-Rashidiya and Al-Haweiqa. Coalition planes struck the oilfield in Bukamal, causing fires in the area.

Daesh also conducted a campaign of raids and searches in the city of Mayadin east of Deir Ez-Zor, arresting at least ten civilians. [Qasioun]



“Jaysh Tahrir Al-Sham” has declared war on Daesh in the Rif Damashq Governorate, over what it described in a statement as Daesh provocations. Jaysh Tahrir Al-Sham had remained neutral in earlier fighting between Daesh and other militias in Rif Damashq. [Qasioun]




Neighboring countries


Lebanese Army troops killed two Daesh militants and captured 27 others in operations in the northwestern border area near Arsal on Wednesday, according to a Lebanese security source. The captives reportedly include Abu Bakr Al-Riqawi, a local Daesh commander. The Army staged the raid after receiving intelligence on the Daesh militants’ whereabouts. [Hawar]


North Africa


Egypt’s Foreign Minister Samih Shoukry has denied reports that an African intervention force is being assembled with Egyptian leadership for intervention in Libya. Shoukry’s remarks came at a press conference in Cairo with his Czech counterpart on Tuesday. [AfriGate]


North Sinai

Daesh-affiliated Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis executed as many as three civilians in Rafah on charges of collaborating with the Army. The bodies of two young men, one decapitated, were recovered in different areas of Rafah on Wednesday, El-Watan writes. The decapitated victim, Wail Al-Shaeir, had been abducted from his home a week ago. A report on VetoGate refers to three victims, bearing gunshot wounds to the head. The Ansar group also abducted five other civilians on Wednesday morning in the Al-Rasm neighborhood of Rafah. VetoGate refers to three [ElWatan] [VetoGate]


Egyptian troops killed the personal guard of the commander of Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis in a desert area of central Sinai, in heavy fighting in which two Ansar militants were killed and another captured. One of those killed was identified as Ramadan Salima Salama, personal guard to Muhammad Musa Muhaysen, the central Sinai Ansar commander. [VetoGate]


Residents reported sounds of five explosions and gunfire in Arish on Wednesday. A security source linked these sounds to military operations against Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis, who, the source said, were using motorcycle bombs. According to intelligence, Ansar elements were preparing to conduct attacks in the coming days, prompting Egyptian security agencies to strike, the source added. [ElWatan] [ElWatan]


An IED exploded near an Egyptian armored military vehicle south of Sheikh Zuweid, on the road to the village of Abu Zamat near the Israeli border, but the blast came after the vehicle had passed and no damage or casualties occurred, a security source said. [ElWatan]


Egyptian troops performed sweep and search operations in and around Sheikh Zuweid and Arish, looking for Ansar members and roadside bombs. [ElWatan]


Photos of the Egyptian Army uncovering a buried weapons cache in Sinai. [EgyArmySpoxFB]


Daesh publishes photos of detonating an IED on an Egyptian minesweeper east of Arish. [DawaAlhaq]



Daesh arrested 14 young men in eastern areas of Sirte on charges of not having declared their repentance, eyewitnesses in Sirte reported. The same sources added that Daesh set up checkpoints in the streets of Sirte after going into hiding for the previous two days under air raid attack. [AfriGate]


A Sudanese Daesh commander known as “Abu Aisha” was killed and 12 other Daesh members captured in Derna by another unidentified “terrorist group” in fighting over the last two days, according to an unnamed security source in the city. One Daesh fighter reportedly surrendered to the other “terrorist group” after withdrawing from the battlefield, the source said. [Libya24]


Daesh publishes photos of executing “spies” in Sirte. One of the executioners was sitting in a wheelchair. [CSSN]



The Tunisia Ministry of Interior says 3 terrorists were killed in the ongoing search campaign in a mountain area in Gabes. [Sumaria]


Other countries


Daesh publishes a video of its training and operations in Hadhramaut. [DawaAlhaq]



The radio station broadcasting Daesh’s “Voice of the Caliphate” programming in eastern Afghanistan, reported last week, has been destroyed by airstrikes, according to local officials, who say the broadcast ceased on Tuesday. [Aawsat]




Facebook Page of the Day

Ahmed Mansour page, Al-Jazeera presenter and a Muslim Brothers’ mouthpiece


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in English [CSSN]


February 2, 2016


Today’s Major Developments


US will send helicopters and more advisors to help with Mosul campaign.

US now has 3,600 military trainers and advisors in Iraq.

Several more Daesh leaders killed in Anbar, Salahuddin.

Haditha District Council warns of impending major Daesh attack.

Daesh executions resume in Shirqat, Mosul.

Anti-Daesh attacks kill many Daesh members in Ninewa.





Political developments

Steve Warren, the Coalition spokesman, says the Turkish troops in Bashiqa are not a part of the Coalition and the US didn’t give them a green light to fight in Iraq. [Sumaria] In a separate press report, Warren described the Bashiqa camp issue as a strictly Iraq-Turkish problem that should be solved by direct discussions. [IraqPress]

DaeshDaily comment. Turkey and its collaborators in Iraq have continued to say that its troops in Bashiqa are part of the Coalition effort. This has gotten no support from the US, though the US has been careful not to offend Turkey, which is cooperating in some ways with the Coalition effort. We wonder what explanation Turkey will give after Warren’s comments.


The Council of Ministers approves the hiring of an Italian company, Trevi, to maintain the Mosul Dam. [Mada]


Security developments

General Sean McFarland, the Commander of Coalition forces, says that the US is sending Apache helicopters and more advisors to assist Iraq to liberate the city of Mosul. He added that 17,500 soldiers and 2,000 policemen were trained so far, while 3,000 more are currently being trained. [Maalomah]


Steve Warren says the US has 3600 soldiers in Iraq as trainers and advisors. It has also provided US$ 600 Million as financial support to Iraq and the displaced people. [Baghdadia] Warren also said that the involvement of the Coalition in Mosul will be through air support only, except that a small American special forces unit will be placed on the Iraq-Syria border to prevent Daesh terrorists from movement across the borders. [AIN]  Warren also says the liberation of Mosul will be long and difficult and estimated that there are 5-8 thousand Daesh fighters in the city. [Sumaria]

He added that the city of Ramadi was liberated in full, and that Falluja is being surrounded. [AIN]


Baghdad Operations Command said that its operations south of Falluja killed 52 terrorists and wounded 46, in addition to the destruction of a vehicle, several artillery pieces, a mortar unit, 13 fighting positions, 5 hideouts, and two boats in Nuaimiya and in Albu Shijil to the northwest. [AIN]


Lt. General Abdul Kareem Al-Shimarri, Commander of Baghdad Operations, said that the “Baghdad Wall” Project has started. This includes cement walls and tunnels around the capital, and confining entry to 8 access points only. [AIN]


The High Criminal Tribunal today sentenced a Daesh member to death on charges of hosting Iraqi and foreign terrorists in Al-Qa’im, west of Anbar. The convict confessed on all charges. [Mada]


The MoD says Iraq received a new group of F16 jets, and more are coming soon. [MoD Website]

The CoR’s Security and Defense Committee had said earlier that Iraq was going to receive 5 jets. [Mada]


Moqtada Al-Sadr asks his followers for continuous support for Saraya Al-Salam with money and weapons, saying anyone who doesn’t support them is a traitor to the country and religion. [Mada]


The Ministry of Interior said today that a K9 team detected a large quantity of explosives near an entrance to Khadimiya in north Baghdad, coming from northwest of Baghdad. [Ghad]


Security forces captured a Daesh member in the 9 Nissan area in east Baghdad. [IWMC Report]


According to security sources:

  • An IED placed in a popular market in Sheikh Hamad, in Tarmiya in northern Baghdad Governorate, killed two civilians and wounded five others. [Maalomah]
  • 4 persons were arrested on terror charges in Tarmiya, Rashidiya, and Adhamiya in north Baghdad, and Dora in south Baghdad. [Mada]
  • A vehicle packed with weapons and explosives was caught at Al-Shaab checkpoint in north Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED placed in a commercial area in Shaab killed one civilian and wounded seven. [Baghdadia]
  • Armed men in a 4-wheel drive car kidnapped a female school student in Talbiya, east Baghdad. [Ghad]
  • An IED placed in an industrial area in Talbiya killed one civilian and wounded four. [Mada]
  • A private generator owner was killed in an armed attack on Palestine Street in east Baghdad. [Mada]
  • A sticky bomb attached to a minibus exploded in Sadr City, killing one passenger and wounding six. [Mada]
  • Armed men shot dead a civilian in Sheikh Omar, downtown Baghdad. [Ghad]
  • The body of a woman shot to death was found in Zafaraniya, southeast Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • An IED placed near a popular coffee shop in Mada’in, in southern Baghdad Governorate, killed two civilians and wounded nine others. [Mada]
  • A roadside IED placed in Arab Jabour village in Dora, south Baghdad, killed one civilian and wounded four. [Baghdadia]
  • Armed men today kidnapped a civilian in Abu Dsheer in Dora. [Ghad]
  • A roadside IED went off in Yusufiyah, in southern Baghdad Governorate, when a police patrol was passing by, killing one policeman and wounding four, in addition to damaging their vehicle. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a popular market for fruits and vegetables in Ameriya junction, west Baghdad, killed one civilian and wounded eight others. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a fish market in Khernabat, in Abu Ghraib District in western Baghdad Governorate, killed two civilians and wounded six. [Maalomah]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   16    (Not an overall total)


Coalition warplanes initiated 26 attacks, 20 of them in Iraq, the Coalition said. The raids in Iraq were on Ramadi, Habbaniya, and Albu Hayat; Qayara, Kasik, Mosul, and Sinjar. Those in Syria were on Deir Ez-Zor, Manbij, and Raqqa. The targets, were tactical units, fighting positions, vehicles, and explosives caches. [Rudaw]


Australian warplanes participated in the airstrikes on several targets in Iraq, Joint Operations Command said. [Mawazin]




A member of Anbar Provincial Council says Iraqi forces liberated the areas between Jazeera Khaldiya and the Japanese Bridge near Falluja. He says Iraqi forces cut off Daesh supply lines between Falluja and Jazeera Khaldiya and between Falluja and Saqlawiya. [Buratha]

A video of PMFs clearing areas in Saqlawiya [Harbi]


The Anbar Governor asked the Coalition to drop humanitarian supplies to the people of Falluja. He says it’s the only way since Daesh planted IEDs all over the roads and prevented the citizens from leaving the city. [Rudaw]


The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights says Daesh is committing a crime against humanity by using the people of Falluja as human shields and preventing the humanitarian aid. It says that more than 100,000 civilians are trapped in Falluja, which requires serious action by the Iraqi government to solve the humanitarian situation. [Mada]


A Rapid Intervention Unit killed 4 Daesh terrorists, including a Tunisian and 2 Syrians, and wounded 13 others and destroyed 2 hideouts and a vehicle carrying a machine gun in Hay Al-Askari in Falluja. [BOC Facebook Page]


Abu Dajana Al-Masri, the religious mufti of Daesh, was killed today by a Coalition airstrike on a Daesh position in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya. A vehicle, rocket launching platform, and a cache of explosives were also destroyed, the Khaldiya subdistrict council reported. [Mada] Amir Hameed Al-Essawi, a Daesh commander, was also killed in the operation. [Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. Al-Masri used to be a soccer referee in Egypt and his family disowned him because of his shameful behavior; then he joined Daesh and his family disowned him again. He was reported killed a couple of times earlier, including by detonating himself. 


Tribal Coalition fighters and PMFs repelled a Daesh attack on the Albu Shijil crossing north of Fallujah, hours after the Iraqi military troops captured the area, Col. Juma’a Al-Jumaili, commander of the tribal forces said. “Tens’ of terrorists were killed, and six car bombs were destroyed in the attack. [Maalomah]


6 Daesh terrorists were killed in artillery shelling at Tatar checkpoint, in Nuaimiya south of Falluja, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Baghdad Operations Command says its troops killed 45 Daesh terrorists and wounded 32 and destroyed a vehicle and a construction shovel bomb in addition to 13 locations and hideouts and 2 boats in Nuaimiya and Albu Shijil. [BOC Facebook Page]


Two Daesh leaders, Dhar Sabah Al-Eissawi and Mustafa Hamdi were killed in clashes between army units and Daesh terrorists in the Albu Shijil area in Jazeera Al-Khaldiya, a security source said. [Sumaria]


Daesh executed 6 of its own members after they escaped the battle in Albu Shijil. [IWMC Report]


The Ministry of Defense said an operation by the 17th army brigade in Bustan Al-Tikriti east of Falluja resulted in killing 2 terrorists and wounding 3, in addition to finding a weapons cache containing 10 grenade launchers, an aircraft missile, 3 pistols, detonators, and 250 BKC bullets. [IraqPress]


PMF said today that Saraya Al-Jihad, a PMF militia, repelled an attack by a suicide car bomb on its defense line southeast of Thirthar. The vehicle was detained and defused, while the two terrorists in it escaped. [Ghad]


Col. Al-Jumaili, commander of the 1st battalion of tribal mobilization forces in Falluja, said that all preparations are finalized to liberate the rest of Qarma subdistrict after the arrival of reinforcements from Baghdad. [Maalomah]


BOC troops killed one terrorist and wounded another and defused 10 IEDs in Qarma.

[BOC Facebook Page]

A BOC sniper killed a Daesh terrorist in Albu Sawda in Qarma. [BOC Facebook Page]




Abu Fatima, the Daesh security commander of east Ramadi, was killed with 15 other terrorists in a Coalition airstrike on Hsaiba, east of Ramadi, the head of the security committee in Khaldiya reported. [Ghad]


IFP commander Major General Shakir Jawdat said that the 3rd brigade of IFP killed 5 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 3 machine gun positions near Andalus School in Hsaiba. [Mawazin]


A security source says 3 Counter Terrorism Service battalions arrived in Sajariya to liberate the remaining areas under Daesh control. [Baghdadia]


Iraqi forces defused 7 booby-trapped houses and 40 IEDs in the Al-Soura area east of Ramadi. [IWMC Report]


An Anbar Operations Command source says they attacked a Daesh hideout in Jazeera Khaldiya and killed the Daesh military commander of the area, Amer Hamid Al-Eithawi, and 2 of his associates. [Maalomah]



Major General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, commander of the Anbar Operations Command (AOC), said three battalions of special operations units arrived in western Ramadi to finalize liberation of remaining areas around the city. He added that a comprehensive campaign to clear the entire Ramadi District has not started yet. [Maalomah]


Brigadier Khalid Abdullah, commander of the 16th army division, announced liberation of Albu Risha area just northwest of Ramadi in full, after a lengthy battle in the area’s orchards that killed 33 terrorists and destroyed “tens” of their vehicles, with the support of the Iraqi Air Force. He said that 90% of Daesh’s supply line from Hit to Ramadi is blocked, which will make liberation of Albu Dhiab and Albu Jassem north of Ramadi easier. This will also cut the supply line of Daesh to locations east of the city, including Hsaiba, Juwaiba, and Jazeera Al-Khaldiya. [Buratha] Photos of Albu Risha after liberation [IraqPress]

DaeshDaily comment. The Albu Risha area is also symbolic in the fight against Daesh because the late Sheikh Abdul Al-Sattar Abu Risha started the Sahwa project that defeated AQI there.


Iraqi forces found a Daesh vehicle bomb and destroyed it under control in Albu Risha. [IWMC Report]

Photos from Albu Risha after the liberation [Sumaria]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in Albu Risha, killing 16 soldiers and wounding 27 and capturing 3 positions. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh has never reported loosing Albu Risha in the first place.


Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack on Zangoura west of Ramadi, killing 14 terrorists and destroying 2 vehicles. [IWMC Report]


Daesh also says it shelled Iraqi forces in the Adnaniya and Kilo 18 areas west of Ramadi with mortars and Katyushas. [CSSN]
Daesh publishes a video about its attacks in Anbar. [CSSN]



Army helicopters destroyed three Daesh vehicles in the Albu Hayat area of Haditha, IWMC said. [Mawazin]


Haditha District Council says Daesh is mobilizing to attack Haditha from 4 directions, including Sagra and Zawiya from the north, Gabat and the storehouses from the south, and Zera’a and the Rawa vicinity from the west. It called for utmost caution and preparedness. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. This warning should be taken seriously. Daesh could offset its losses elsewhere in Anbar by getting control of the Haditha Dam, which controls the water flow through much of southern Iraq.


Daesh publishes photos of an attack on Iraqi forces north of Haditha. [CSSN]


A security source says Iraqi forces rocketed Daesh in Jazeera Baghdadi, killing “tens” of terrorists and destroying 5 vehicles. [Baghdadia]


Lt. Col. Muhib Al-Ubaidi, is the new Commander of Baghdadi police, succeeding Lt. Col. Basim Shakir, killed in clashes with Daesh last week, Baghdadi subdistrict council said. [Mawqif]


Western Anbar

Daesh publishes a video, “Stories from the land of the caliphate,” in Russian. [CSSN]




Daesh executed 4 doctors in the Shirqat District, a security source said. [Maalomah]


An informed source says Daesh executed 6 men in Shirqat for opposing Daesh. [Sumaria]



The IFP Commander says an IFP commandos unit killed 50 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 7 vehicles in a preemptive operation north of Baiji. [Baghdadia]


A CH4 Iraqi drone destroyed two machine gun mounted vehicles in Makhoul Mountains and killed the terrorists inside, said a security source. [Qurtas]

Daesh publishes photos of destroying an Iraqi military position in the Makhoul Mountains area. [CSSN]


A PMF source claimed today that its fighters killed several soldiers of the Saudi National Guard fighting alongside Daesh terrorists (photos). [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. Shia-supported media tries to show that Saudi Arabia is directly supporting Daesh. The photos are taken from a video we published yesterday of a dead Daesh terrorist wearing a Saudi national guard uniform. 



Jabbar Al-Maamouri, a PMF commander, said that three major Daesh leaders in the wilayat of Kirkuk and Salahuddin were killed in battles around Allas and Ajeel oil fields yesterday, in addition to the deputy military commander of Daesh in the area, killed in an airstrike in Al-Riyadh subdistrict. He added that Daesh suffered very heavy human casualties in their failed attacks. [Mawqif]


A local tribal PMF commander says Daesh launched 20 attacks on Allas and Ajeel oil fields since it lost them last year, with no success. He says Daesh keeps attacking because it’s in bad need for revenues. [Mada]


Daesh publishes photos of a battle near Allas oil field. [CSSN]


A civilian coal trader killed a Daesh terrorist trying to sneak into the southwest part of Al-Alam subdistrict, a Salahuddin police source said. [Ghad]


PMF command said that the results of the mistaken shelling of PMF forces west of Speicher base were revealed and that Salahuddin and the Joint Operations Command are 100% responsible for the attack executed by an Iraqi drone. [AynIraq]


The Ministry of Defense approved enrolling tribal fighters in the regular army, provided that they were not members in the Saddam-era armed forces, with the age range of 14-40, said Yazen Mishaan Al-Jubouri, a PMF commander. [Mawazin]

DaeshDaily comment. This gentleman is the son of Mishaan Al-Jubouri, a Saddam loyalist who became an opposition figure, then a Coalition supporter and contractor, then an AQI supporter, then an AQI enemy and Baath loyalist again, then a Maliki supporter, and then on the PMF side. Now he is part of government efforts to mobilize tribes in Salahuddin against Daesh. This is an example of why the Daesh story in Iraq is not an easy one to tell. 


4 Daesh terrorists including a suicide bomber were killed, and three government SWAT soldiers were wounded in clashes in the Al-Ali area south of Al-Alam subdistrict east of Tikrit, the security committee of Salahuddin Provincial Council said. [Mada]


Two women were killed and three men of the same family were wounded when an IED exploded on an off-road path in Himrin Hills, a source in the Joint Command Forces said. [Mada]


A Joint Operations Command (JOC) statement said an attack by army helicopters destroyed a cave in Himrin Hills used by Daesh as a command center, killing 10 of them. A vehicle was also destroyed and 5 terrorists killed in the area, while the Iraqi Air Force destroyed a vehicle carrying 18 Daesh terrorists and killed them all near Al-Asfar village. [AIN]


The PMF announced that its forces in Himrin Hills occupied several Daesh positions there after killing several terrorists. [AIN]



Violent clashes were initiated west of Samarra when Daesh terrorists attacked areas in the Strategic Line area. Samarra Operations Command (SOC) said that the attack was repelled, but a curfew was imposed in Samarra city. [Ghad]


SOC troops stopped a Daesh attack in Jazeera Samarra west of the Strategic Line, destroying 3 Daesh vehicles. [IWMC Report]


The IFP commander says an IFP unit rocketed a Daesh hideout west of Samarra, killing 8 terrorists. [Mawazin]



Dijla Operations Command troops stopped a Daesh attack in the Zarqa area in eastern Salahuddin and destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb. Daesh terrorists tried to camouflage their vehicles by raising Shia flags. [IWMC Report]


The Badr commander in Tooz says his fighters will cut off the road between Tooz and Kirkuk if the government doesn’t pay their salaries in full. He says the government didn’t pay for 3 months and then this month they paid 500,000 ID (around $400) instead of 750,000 IED (around $610). [Mada]


Armed men shot and killed a civilian near his house near Tuz Khurmatu hospital. [Ghad]



Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

An IED targeting a police patrol exploded in Dazkiya village in Wajihiya, south of Muqdadiya, killing one policeman and wounding three. [IraqPress]


Northern Diyala

Two IEDS exploded near a private generator in northeast Diyala, killing two civilians and wounding six. [IraqPress]


Daesh says it killed four PMF fighters by detonating an IED on their vehicle in Udhaim. [A3maq]


A Peshmerga force freed three kidnapped persons in Tolkana, Khanaqin District, in northeast Diyala, after an extended search process, a Diyala source said. Three Peshmerga fighters were killed and two wounded when an IED exploded on their patrol two days ago while they were looking for the same people. [Sumaria]



A person wanted on terror charges was arrested in Banja Ali neighborhood, in east Kirkuk, Asayesh (Kurdish security) sources said today. The man is a resident of Suleiman Beg subdistrict. [Mada]




Daesh executed four major sheikhs of the Al-Jubour tribe in Qayara south of Mosul on charges of joining the tribal liberation council and cooperating with the Army and Peshmerga. The sheikhs are Abdullah Abd Rabbo Al-Jubouri, Hajim Munaim Al-Jubouri, Khalaf Saddam Al-Jubouri, and Shihab Barakat Al-Jubouri, a PUK media spokesman said. [Qurtas]


A security source said that Daesh gunmen are escaping Qayara towards Mosul, following the recent pressure of Iraqi forces and Coalition air attacks. He added that recent airstrikes on Qayara killed 27 terrorists. Daesh withdrew from Al-Haj Ali village and booby-trapped Qayara Bridge recently, the source said. [BasNews[

Sheikh Nazhan Sakhar Al-Lahibi, the commander of south Mosul tribal mobilization, said that his forces are about to liberate Al-Haj Ali village in Qayara after clearing its surroundings from Daesh terrorists, adding that “surprises” are coming in the next few days. [Karemlash]


Writings on the walls of Al-Qahira and Al-Bakr neighborhoods east of Mosul threatening Daesh of slaughter and expulsion from Mosul, and calling on the population to cooperate with the liberation forces that are arriving shortly, reportedly terrorized Daesh terrorists who initiated search campaigns in these areas. Similar slogans have appeared in Mosul in the past few months in various areas. [Karemlash]


An IED placed in a popular restaurant in Dawasa, downtown Mosul, where Daesh terrorists were having breakfast, exploded and killed 17 of them. [Maalomah]


Abu Loay Al-Masri, Daesh terrorist responsible for recruiting women suicide bombers, was shot dead by unidentified armed men in Hamidat, west of Mosul, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says its fighters shot and killed 2 Daesh terrorists and damaged their vehicle. [KM Facebook Page]

Kata’eb Al-Mosul also says they destroyed a Daesh pickup killing 3 terrorists south of Mosul. [KM Facebook Page]


An IED targeting a Daesh vehicle in Okab valley west of Mosul exploded, killing three terrorists, a KDP source said.[ Mada]


Daesh arrested three internet service providers in Mosul for allowing subscribers to watch sports and movies, a security source said. [Mada]


A security source says 7 Daesh terrorists were killed in clashes with the Peshmerga in the Al-Khazer area. [Mada]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting a Peshmerga position in Fadhliya with a 23mm weapon. [CSSN]


Nineveh Plain

KDP media spokesman said that artillery shelling by the Peshmerga killed four Daesh terrorists near the asphalt factory in Bashiqa. [Mada]


Other Governorates  


KRG President Masoud Barzani issues a statement saying the time for the independence referendum has come and the Kurdish people should decide their destiny and not wait for others to decide for them. He says Scotland, Catalonia and Quebec had referendums, with the right to decide their destiny; so do the Kurds. He also says the referendum doesn’t mean announcing the Kurdish state but it will show the will of the Kurdish people, and the political leadership will execute this will in the right time. [Rudaw]


The Peshmerga is training 750 Christian fighters in the Zirfani (elite) camp in Erbil to be ready to defend their areas in the Nineveh Plain. (photos) [Rudaw]


The Saudi Ambassador to Iraq says his country will open a consulate in Erbil in the coming days. [Rudaw]


Nechirvan Barzani says the salaries of KRG employees will be distributed within days. [Rudaw]



Basra. The head of the Basra appeals court, Judge Adil Abdul Razzaq, survived an attack by a roadside IED on his way home in Kut Al-Hajjaj in Basra. The judge was unharmed but damage was caused. [Baghdadia]


Qadessiya. A man was arrested on terror charges in the Al-Saray area, downtown Diwaniya, an intelligence unit of the Ministry of Interior said. [Mada]


Dhi Qar. Three persons were arrested on terror charges in Dhi Qar province, three of them in Nasariya, and one in Karmat Bani Saeed, in Souq Al-Sheyoukh District. [AIN]


Two persons carrying 50 kg of poisonous chlorine material were arrested in Shamiya District in Qadessiya, a security source said.  [Ghad]




Military developments

The Syria Foreign Ministry says Turkey fired artillery across the border into Latakia province in western Syria, causing civilian casualties, according to Syrian media reports. [Cihan]


Turkish troops engaged in cross-border fighting with Daesh militants near Jarabulus on Tuesday afternoon, a Turkish security source said. The source said that Turkish troops came under fire from Daesh positions in Syria as they were clearing mines from the Karnafil area near the city of Karkamış opposite the border from Jarabulus. Turkish troops returned fire, but no casualties were reported. [ARA]

DaeshDaily comment. Wait a minute! Turkish troops were clearing mines on their own side of the border? And who would have planted them?




The Syria Democratic Council, the political wing of the Syria Democratic Forces, has suspended its participation in the Geneva negotiations after six of its delegates (five Kurds and one Turkmen) did not receive invitations from the UN, according to remarks from Geneva by Haytham Manaa, the Chairman of the Council. [Welati]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Kurdish fighters repelled a Daesh attack on Ain Eissa and Tishrin Dam south of Kobane, Kurdish sources said, adding that Daesh shelled Ain Eissa with several mortar shells. [BasNews]


Daesh says its terrorists sneaked into Syria Opposition locations east of Ain Eissa and killed four fighters. [A3maq]


Photos and video of Mabrouka Camp near Ras Al-Ayn, hosting refugees who fled Daesh from northern Iraq. [Hawar]


Photos and testimony of Arab and Turkmen fighters in the Syria Democratic Forces who say they are ready to fight Daesh. [Hawar]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

The Syria Democratic Forces destroyed three Daesh vehicles northeast of Aleppo while responding to Daesh shelling of the village of Zur Maghar, 35 km (22 miles) west of Kobane, and the Shuyoukh subdistrict, 5 km (3 miles) east of Jarabulus, according to “a military source in Kobane.” [Welati]


Daesh reportedly exchanged fire with Turkish troops across the border near Jarabulus and the Syrian Foreign Ministry claims that Turkish artillery fired on the city of Latakia, see under Turkey above.


Daesh publishes a video about the “good life” in Aleppo narrated by a terrorist from Belgium. [CSSN]



Opposition factions have announced that they now control a number of Daesh’s former sites in the Wadi Barada after recent fighting in Rif Damashq Governorate. Opposition activists report that the militia factions have seized three Daesh positions in Deir Muqaran in Rif Damashq, three positions in Efra in Rif Damashq, and another in Husayniya in Homs. [ARA]


Daesh says it killed a National Defense (Syrian government militia) official and his associate by detonating an IED on their vehicle in West Qalamoun. [A3maq]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Nusra Front in Wadi Hamid area in West Qalamoun killing 6 Nusra fighters. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in the Damascus area. [CSSN]




Neighboring countries

Saudi Arabia. A Twitter user sent a suggestion to the Riyadh municipality that it change the name of a street in the Riyadh neighborhood of Al-Murouj that coincidentally bears the assumed name of the leader of Daesh. As noted in the linked article, “Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Street” was not named for Awwad Baghdadi the Daesh leader. However the municipality tweeted back that the suggestion had been forwarded to the relevant administration for consideration (photo). [Arabi21]


North Africa


Egyptian troops fought with suspected members of Daesh-affiliated Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis south of Sheikh Zuweid in the village of Al-Lufaytat on Tuesday after a suspected Ansar IED-planting cell was discovered in the area. Nine militants were killed in the ensuing clashes and another 15 were wounded. Egyptian troops also conducted raids in the border village of Al-Barth near Rafah, triggering fighting in which five militants were killed and another 15 were wounded. [VetoGate] [ElWatan]



Libya’s delegate to the Arab League, Ashour Bu Rashid, has said that the West is preparing an intervention in Libya to combat Daesh, but that the operation would be limited to airstrikes on Daesh targets and not include ground forces. [Libya24]


As leaders from over 20 states gather in Rome to discuss confronting Daesh in Libya, Erem news spoke to a number of Libyan academics and other intellectuals, most of whom express opposition to the idea of a Western intervention in Libya. A Western intervention will play into the hands of Muslim Brotherhood–aligned militias, one professor said. Another intellectual said that Western intervention would be a pretext for foreign interests controlling Libyan resources and could result in a humanitarian catastrophe for Libya. Daesh could escalate its tactics, he said, suggesting that the group might deploy chemical attacks if threatened by Western powers. Another political analyst argued that the Western position of supporting airstrikes on Daesh in Libya but refusing to arm the Libyan Army suggests that the West wants to weaken Daesh without eliminating it completely from Libya. [Erem]


Maintenance crews are trying to repair damage to a pipeline that exploded on Monday in an apparent attack near Zueitina, the Oil Facilities Protection Guard spokesman has announced. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. [AfriGate]


Misrata’s local government has called for Libyans to unite to fight against Daesh. [Hadath]


Daesh has been stockpiling weapons and ammunition gathered from the arsenal of the fallen Gaddafi regime in hotel buildings in Sirte according to a local source. Daesh has been moving arms to the “Conferences Hotel” [Funduq Al-Mu`tamarat] in the last few days, a local source said on Monday. A military source said that Daesh had told residents on “Radio Sirte” not to leave the city. The same source said that Daesh members in Sirte were fearful of airstrikes that could hit their locations at any time. Many Daesh members have remained inside while others have moved to the outskirts of the city, the source added, noting a palpable drop in Daesh presence in Sirte’s streets.  [Ewan]


Daesh says its terrorists detonated 3 IEDs on a Libyan Army gathering in Laithi area in Benghazi, then its terrorists attacked an army position, killing the soldiers inside it, and then planted an IED before returning safely. Daesh says it detonated the IED when the soldiers came to take the bodies of the dead soldiers. Daesh says 22 soldiers were killed and many others wounded in the attacks. [CSSN]



Algerian police have determined the identity of the person who recruited 21 Algerians, including 8 women, to join Daesh in Syria in exchange for offers of money. The 36 year old communications engineer known as “Abu Al-Mara” from Boumadou in Boumerdes state reportedly had 200 million Algerian dinars (around $1.8 million USD) at his disposal as financial inducement to his recruits. The suspect reportedly joined Daesh in 2013. His wife was not aware of his alleged association with Daesh, while one of his daughters has been in prison since January on charges of recruiting women to join Daesh. [AfriGate]


Other countries

Cyprus. Eighteen people have been prevented from traveling from Cyprus in the last two years on suspicion they intended to join Daesh, and 15 have successfully made the journey to Syria, an unnamed official said. [Hadath]




Facebook Page of the Day

Another anti-Daesh page from Ramadi that publishes photos and info about Daesh local members


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh publishes infographics of 85 suicide operations its terrorists conducted in Iraq and Syria in January. [A3maq]

And another infographic showing it killed 588 Syrian soldiers in January. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes the new issue of its Al-Naba’ magazine. [CSSN] And a new issue of its Dar Al-Islam magazine in French. [CSSN]
Daesh publishes infographics of instructions on how to avoid the swine flu. [CSSN]




February 1, 2016


Today’s Major Developments


Leaders’ meeting in Baghdad focuses on the growing financial crisis.

Parliament member says Turkmen prefer to stay in Iraq.

Daesh kills 8 Peshmerga with mortar attack; blows up Shabak houses.

Residents of Sirte, Libya fleeing the city in reaction to Daesh executions.

Boko Haram kills at least 85 people in Nigerian village.

Full Report 





January 29, 2016

Iraq Olympic Team

Today’s Major Developments


Iraq soccer team qualifies for the Olympics. Citizens told to hold fire.

Ten Shirqat citizens who raised the Iraqi flag are executed by Daesh.

KDP makes overt move to support Ninewa separatists.

Turkish authorities report finding Daesh plans for more attacks in Turkey.

EgyptAir mechanic suspected in downing of Russian airliner.





Political developments

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Baghdad again today, demanding constitutional changes and early elections. [Mada]

Tens of people also demonstrated in Maysan, Wasit, Diwaniya and Babel demanding reforms, and asking the government to deal seriously with the financial crisis. [Sumaria]

Tens of people demonstrated in Najaf asking the government for more reform and to fight corruption. [Mada] The demonstrators in Dhi Qar demanded that weapons should be only in the government’s hands. [Mada] In Basra, demonstrators demanded to fire a local electricity official accusing him of polluting the Shatt Al-Arab river. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Friday in Iraq has been demonstration day for some months now. The crowds are smaller, but weekly protests over such a long period of time are unusual. The consistent theme is Iraq’s corruption and the demonstrators are keeping this issue before the public. In general, they are behind the Prime Minister’s reform program, but are not satisfied with how fast it is working. The next national elections are not scheduled until 2018.


A Sistani rep says the financial crisis in Iraq has reached dangerous levels and the government should use international experts to put together an emergency plan. He also says that the government should take austerity measures but they procedures should not affect the citizens or the fighters. [Mada] [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. It sounds so American. Cut the budget but don’t cut anything that helps me. Iraq’s financial situation is extremely bad, as we are reminded every time we buy gas for our cars. The price of oil has tanked and is not expected to rise soon. Iraq failed over the decades to diversify its economy and is one of the countries most dependent on oil revenue, even compared to other oil-producing countries. It may soon need not just an international plan but an international bailout.


US officials said that the kidnapping of 3 American citizens was due to criminal rather than political motives, adding that ransom money or exchange of prisoners could be the intention. They added that they are not sure yet which militia is responsible for the kidnapping. [Ghad]


An advisor for the Ministry of Water Resources says the Ministry doesn’t have any indications that the Mosul Dam will fail. Several people, including the Coalition Commander, have warned that the Dam might collapse. [Sumaria]


Baghdad Operations Command issued a statement asking citizens not to fire in the air to celebrate the Iraqi soccer team qualifying for the Rio Olympics. The Iraqi team won 2-1 over Qatar in the final game of the qualifying tournament. Several Iraqi leaders including the PM, the President, the CoR Speaker and others issued a statement congratulating the team. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This seems like a reasonable request under the circumstances, but it’s a severe disappointment to a lot of Iraqis. We know from experience that Iraqis like to shoot into the air to celebrate happy events—and to keep firing until all the ammo is gone.


Videos of Iraqis celebrating the victory the Iraq team [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]


Security developments

Based on its ongoing internal investigations, the Coalition military command stated that 5 civilians have been killed and 8 wounded in its airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria. This is the fifth statement of the kind this month. [Shafaq]


Steve Warren, the Coalition spokesman, said the Iraqi government is fully aware of the details of the mistaken bombing of Iraqi army and PMF units by Coalition warplanes. He added that the Coalition does not have enough time to concentrate on Daesh movements between Mosul and Raqqa, due to the priority given the support of Iraqi Army operations. [Buratha]


The US announced the death of an American soldier in a “non-combat situation” in Iraq. Details will be published after the completion of investigations, the US Army said. [Shafaq]


A battalion of special forces graduated today after being trained in special camps by American, New Zealand, and Australian experts. [Mawazin]


Based on its ongoing internal investigations, the Coalition military command stated that 5 civilians have been killed and 8 wounded in its airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria. This is the fifth statement of this kind this month. [Shafaq]


According to security sources:

  • An IED placed near a popular restaurant in Shula, northwest Baghdad, wounded 5 civilians. [AIN]
  • A roadside IED exploded when an army patrol was passing through Al-Meshahda subdistrict in Tarmiya District, northern Baghdad Governorate. One soldier was killed and four wounded, including an officer. [Mada]
  • An IED placed near commercial shops in Husseiniya in north Baghdad killed two and wounded eight civilians. [Mada]
  • Armed men in a car opened fire on a popular coffee shop in Baladiyat, east Baghdad, but a security patrol confronted them, killing one, wounding another, while the third escaped. Automatic rifles and guns with silencers were found in their car. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a popular coffee shop in Al-Turath neighborhood south Baghdad, killing one and wounding nine civilians. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a popular livestock market in Mada’in in southern Baghdad Governorate killed one civilian and wounded 5 others. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a vegetables market in Ameriya junction west Baghdad, killing one civilian and wounding seven others.[Mada]

Total Baghdad incidents reported:   7      (Not an overall total)


The Coalition announced 24 strikes on Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria, 14 in Iraq. The strikes were on targets in Habbaniya, Hit, and Ramadi; Hawija; and Mosul, Tel Afar, and Sinjar; and destroyed several Daesh tactical units and vehicles. In Syria, the strikes were on Hasaka, Raqqa, Mare’, and Manbij, and targeted Daesh tactical units and buildings. [Mada]




The Provincial Council of Anbar said that the Falluja liberation battle will be different from that of Ramadi. New tactics aimed at preserving civilians’ lives will be adopted. The elite Iraqi land troops, Coalition warplanes, in addition to Iraqi Army Aviation (IAA) helicopters will be involved. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. They did not mention the PMFs, who are already participating in the fighting around Falluja. This may be inadvertent, or a statement of preference from a Sunni council not involved in military decisions, but the omission is noteworthy.


Khaldiya subdistrict council says the Army has liberated wide areas north of Falluja, from Albu Shijil towards Saqlawiya Bridge, which connects areas north of Falluja to areas east of Ramadi. [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. This helps to confirm our impression that part of the military strategy for retaking Falluja is to first get full control of the territory between it and Ramadi.


Baghdad Operations Command announced that 16 Daesh terrorists were killed and 33 wounded in the past 24 hours in its field of operation. 7 vehicles, 22 fighting positions, a boat, and 37 IEDs were destroyed in the areas of Albu Shijil northwest of the city and Nuaimiya just to the south. [Mawazin]


An Iraqi Air force (IAF) strike based on national intelligence agency information, destroyed oil storage facilities and 4 oil tankers in Falluja, the IWMC said. [Baghdadia]


Ali Al-Shinawi Al-Saaidi, a commander in the Al-Muntadhar Brigade of the PMFs was killed in combat with Daesh in Al-Thirthar, a PMF source announced. [Buratha]


Army artillery killed 4 Daesh terrorists, targeting a house in which they were hiding, in Albu Arsan village in Zoba’a, southeast of Falluja. [Maalomah]



IAF warplanes destroyed 4 Daesh positions in Juwaiba, east of Ramadi, a security source said. [Mawqif]


General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, Commander of Anbar Operations Command (AOC), said Coalition warplanes destroyed two Daesh hideouts in Jazeera Al-Ramadi, killing all terrorists inside. [Sumaria]


General Al-Mahalawi said “tens” of Daesh terrorists were killed and several tunnels and boats they used for escape were destroyed. He also said operations in Sajariya, Hsaiba, and Juwaiba east of Ramadi are progressing as planned and that only a few areas remain to be liberated. [BasNews]


Al-Mahalawi dismissed Col. Majid Al-Fatlawi, the commander of the 8th army brigade for failure to follow orders. The Commander said in a press statement that the colonel was delaying the attack on Sajariya, east of Ramadi, despite his commander’s orders. [Maalomah]


The Chairman of Anbar Provincial Council, Faleh Al-Eissawi, said the slow advance of the Army in Sajariya is because of the large quantities of IEDs. He says Daesh booby-trapped all buildings and most of the roads in the area, which makes the advance slow and careful. He added that the delay in liberating areas east of Ramadi city will leave the city vulnerable to car bomb attacks. [Maalomah]


The identities of 18 out of 40 remains found in a mass grave in Ramadi were determined, the Khaldiya subdistrict council said, adding that most were army and security soldiers or tribal fighters, in addition to some women and children. The grave was found less than a week ago. [Maalomah]


A video of an IAA helicopter targeting Daesh in Ramadi [YouTube]

A video of the destruction in Ramadi [YouTube]

A video of Counter Terrorism troops securing families in Ramadi [Harbi]

A video of 2 Daesh terrorists captured, and beaten up, by Counter Terrorism troops [YouTube]



A unit of the 7th army division secured the arrival of 442 trucks loaded with foodstuffs and fuel supplies to the city of Haditha and the Baghdadi subdistrict in Hit District. The food shipments were arranged by the Ministry of Trade, while the fuel shipments were the regular allocations.



Daesh says it detonated several IEDs on an Iraqi Army convoy on the road to Ain Al-Asad base, killing ten soldiers and destroying 3 trucks and a Humvee. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes a video of the destroyed trucks. [A3maq]


Six Daesh terrorists were killed while approaching a military checkpoint near Baghdadi, a security source said. [Maalomah]




10 civilians were arrested and executed by Daesh in the heart of Shirqat, in front of an audience, on charges of cooperating with security forces and raising the Iraqi flag, a PMF source said. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Even amidst all the trauma of life in Daesh-occupied areas of Iraq, this is a truly tragic story. Unfortunately, it is far from an isolated story. Iraq and its US advisors have a military plan that is unfolding, successfully so far, but not quickly. There are many brave and patriotic people—in Shirqat, Mosul, and other places—who desperately want to support the liberation of their home areas but are not in on the military timetable. Instead of being part of a triumphant victory, their heroism becomes an isolated gesture, and they end up dead. Shirqat looked like the logical next target a few months ago, but the only action has been some occasional loose talk. Today’s tragedy is one of the consequences.



The commander of Sayyed Al-Shuhada, a Shia militia, threatens to withdraw from Baiji if the salaries of his troops for the last few months are not paid. He is asking the Shia Marj’iya, the President, the Council of Ministers, and the CoR leadership to intervene. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This is the same gentleman who said yesterday that his militia is not obliged to follow any decision about the future of the PMFs.


Jabbar Al-Maamouri, a leading PMF figure, said PMFs engaged a Daesh unit that attacked PMF positions in the Makhoul Mountains, killing three of them, one wearing an explosives belt.  [Sumaria]


The Ansar Al-Aqida regiment, a PMF militia, repelled a Daesh attack in Himrin Hills, destroying two fighting positions and several vehicles, a PMF source said. Artillery shelling by the regiment on Daesh positions followed the battle. [Buratha]


A video of a Daesh tunnel found recently in Baiji [Harbi]



Armed men in 4-wheel drive vehicles kidnapped a university student as he was exiting the College of Education on Al-Basha street, downtown Tikrit, a police source said. [Ghad]


IAA helicopters attacked and destroyed two bomb-rigged tankers on Al-Awashir bridge near Tel Gsaiba in Tikrit, a security source said.


A security source said PMFs repelled a Daesh assault in Jazirat Ain Al-Faras near Awja, south of Tikrit, destroying two armored vehicles and killing those inside.  [Ghad]


A campaign was started by Tikrit police to remove the war remnants in the city. Police have started to remove mines, unexploded shells, and berms. [Ghad]



Waadallah militia of the PMFs, assisted by IFP troops, advanced two kilometers and took control of the roadway from Daesh terrorists after a battle with light, medium, and heavy weapons in Sharif Abbas west of Samarra, a spokesman of the militia said. [AIN]




A woman shot to death after being raped was found west of Baquba, a security source said. [Maalomah]


Seven persons were arrested in different parts of Diyala, three of them on terror charges, said the Ministry of interior. [AIN]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Haqi Al-Jebouri, Diyala Provincial Council member and a tribal mobilization official in northern Muqdadiya District, demanded that the government equip the tribes in northern Muqdadiya with better arms to confront Daesh. He says that light arms, rifles at best, are no match for Daesh modern weapons, snipers, and night vision equipment. [Sumaria]


8 mortar shells fell on the agricultural Al-Lahibat village north of Muqdadiya, causing damage without human casualties, a security source said. This is the fourth incident of this kind in the past 12 weeks. [Baghdadia]


Northern Diyala

Daesh says a PMF commander and 3 of his associates as well as two military engineers were killed by an IED in Udhaim in northeast Diyala on Thursday. [A3maq]


Southern Diyala

Daesh says it detonated a parked car bomb on a several vehicles carrying Iranian Shia pilgrims in Mandali. [DawaAlhaq]



Sheikh Maythem Al-Zaidi, the supervisor of the Abbas Division, a PMF militia, said that Ali Al-Akbar and Imam Ali brigades, PMF groups formed by the Sistani-led Najaf religious authority, are joining his division in an operation to liberate Al-Bashir village in Kirkuk. (Bashir is a Shia Turkmen village southwest of Kirkuk city near Taza, and has been fought over repeatedly). He added that the PMF 16th division, the Peshmerga, and possibly Counter-Terrorism Service forces will participate in the operations. [Buratha]

The Daquq police chief says a big PMF force accompanied by 3 tanks, 3 armored vehicles, and several trucks arrived from Kerbala to Taza preparing for an attack on Bashir. [Rudaw]

A video of the military reinforcements arriving in Taza [YouTube]


A major explosion damaged the gas pipeline extending from Qadir Karam east of Kirkuk to Erbil, the KRG Ministry of Interior said. The director of district and subdistrict police in Kirkuk Police said that the fire was under control, and an investigation has started. [Rudaw]


Coalition initiated three airstrikes on tunnels west of Kirkuk in support of the 10th brigade of Peshmerga forces, according to a Peshmerga military source, who added that at least 6 terrorists were confirmed as killed.  [BasNews]




Sheikh Ali Al-Hussein Yousuf Al-Juhaishi, a dignitary of the Al-Juhaish tribe, was executed by Daesh in Mosul for his “opposition to the organization”, a security source said. [Buratha]


A traditional black eye makeup commonly used by females is now sanctioned for males by Daesh in Mosul and all districts and subdistricts, including police and militants, as part of their version of Islamic Sharia, a source in Mosul said. Severe penalties will be applied to violators. [Karemlash]

DaeshDaily comment. We have hardly ever seen men with this makeup and wonder why Daesh is suddenly supporting gender equality. We will wait for the confirmation.


Coalition warplanes bombed and destroyed the house of Hammam Hamoudi Al-Joaani, the “media minister” of Daesh in the 17th of July neighborhood on the right (west) side of Mosul. Al-Joaani and several others were killed in the attack, according to a PUK spokesman. [PUKMedia]


An airstrike by the Iraqi Air Force on Hatra District south of Mosul killed 22 terrorists including a leader called Jalal Al-Ne’ma, a security source in Ninewa said. [Mada]


The KDP PR official in Ninewa says the KDP is starting a campaign to gather signatures supporting a “Ninewa Region” after the governorate is liberated from Daesh. He says the Ninewa KDP met with several political parties from Ninewa about the issue. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The former Ninewa governor told us once he wants to establish a Ninewa Region and not a Sunni region. If one takes that at face value, it seems to show a non-sectarian perspective. The larger truth is probably closer to this.

  • It’s still an anti-Iraq proposal, even if it promotes a self-governing region, and that makes it look like another sectarian scheme against a Shia-majority government.
  • This agenda is being driven in Ninewa by separatists led by the above-referenced former governor who have been shown so far to represent a distinct minority in Ninewa.
  • The ongoing involvement of the KDP only underscores that Barzani and the KDP are in on the plot.
  • The Ninewa “region” advocated will be much smaller than the current province, the rest of it having been given to the Kurds as part of the deal.
  • The presence of Turkish troops in Bashiqa has nothing to do with helping Iraq to fight Daesh.


A video of civilians who escaped from Daesh in Mosul to Erbil describes the difficult life under Daesh rule. [Sumaria]


Southern Ninewa (Baaj, Hatra)

Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Al-Alam village. [DawaAlhaq]


Other Governorates  


Turkish warplanes bombed PKK positions in Sedkan in northern Erbil governorate. [Rudaw]


The German parliament approved sending 50 more soldiers to join their 100 colleagues already training Peshmerga units in the Kurdistan region. [PUKMedia]




Seven 200-liter barrels packed with high explosive ammonium nitrate, with detonators, in addition to 250 kg of TNT and other explosives were found in Jarasha village in Al-Buhairat subdistrict north of Hilla, a Babel Police source said. They were moved to a safe location. [Mada]


Dhi Qar

A medical source says 23 people died of A/H1N1 virus in Dhi Qar, including children, and the Ministry of Health is trying to cover up the story. [Ghad]

DaeshDaily comment. A few earlier reports about spreading diseases turned out to be not true, but we are waiting an official statement from the Ministry.  



A person wanted on terror charges was arrested in Zubayr district west of Basra, a security source said. [Buratha]




Turkish security authorities have reportedly found documents showing plans for future attacks in Turkey, on the computer of Younis Durmaz, the alleged mastermind of the deadly double-suicide attack in Ankara last October that killed 102 people, which Turkey has attributed to Daesh.

According to security sources, the documents contain maps and plans of a Daesh cell to attack other prominent targets in Turkey, including the G20 Summit that convened in Antalya in November. Turkish security found plans for 26 attacks in 19 different Turkish provinces, and a list of 60 members of the alleged Daesh cell that was purportedly planning to execute the attacks. Turkish police have acted on the basis of the intelligence contained in the computer to thwart attacks and target suspects, the security sources said. [IslamMemo]


Turkish police arrested three foreigners in the southern province of Karaman, on suspicion of Daesh membership and involvement in human trafficking, security sources said. Two of the suspects are Moroccan nationals and one is an Australian national, security sources said. [Anadolu]




A Syrian medical source says 177 hospitals were destroyed and 700 medical workers killed by airstrikes between August 2012 and December 2015. [BasNews]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Daesh released 16 Assyrian Christian captives on Friday, the leader of the Assyrian Charity Association said. The 16 are reportedly from the Tal Tamr area east of Hasaka. With today’s release, 43 captives remain in Daesh hands of the over 200 Assyrians who were abducted by Daesh in February of last year before many were released in exchange for payment, the source said. [ARA]


Turkish artillery units opened fire in response to a gathering of Kurdish civilians in the border village of Sarmsakh near Derik in the Hasaka countryside, without causing any casualties. The group gathered Friday afternoon to protest alleged Turkish border violations in the village and the artillery units fired as the group approached the border, prompting them to scatter and flee. [ARA]


Russian planes staged multiple airstrikes east of Raqqa targeting the villages of Al-Suwayda and Albu Ramadan, where the planes also targeted civilians with heavy bullet fire as they were going out from the mosques from Friday afternoon prayers, according to a local source in Raqqa. The attacks in Albu Ramadan, located near the city of Maadan, killed four civilians and wounded four others, the source said. [ARA]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Russian planes struck Mare’ north of Aleppo and Awn Al-Dadat village east of Aleppo on Friday, where a child was killed and others injured in the airstrikes, according to an activist in Manbij. Russian planes struck Manbij three times on Friday, the activist said, and also struck Al-Bab amid heavy continued fighting between Daesh and Syrian Army troops near the Al-Harara Station, which Syrian troops are attempting to seize from Daesh. [Qasioun] [Qasioun] [ARA]


Local source say Russian warplanes bombed Syrian trucks reportedly carrying humanitarian aid from Turkey to Syria, killing two people and wounding ten. [Anadolu]


The Syria Democratic Forces spokesman has denied reports, which circulated yesterday, that the SDF is preparing to launch a campaign in the Aleppo countryside on sites such as Jarabulus, Manbij, and Azaz.


Daesh renewed its mortar fire on areas west of Kobane on Friday, launching the shells from its positions south of Jarabulus. The shells reportedly fell on Qara Abra and Qara Dhat. Coalition planes targeted Daesh positions south of Jarabulus, according to residents of Kobane who witnessed the strikes from across the Euphrates. [Welati]


Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on Syrian troops in Afash village west of Kowaires airbase, killing 23 soldiers. [A3maq]  Daesh also says it destroyed a Syrian Army armored vehicle in Afash. [A3maq]


Daesh says 25,000 people from villages in Aleppo’s eastern countryside attended its 10-day sharia seminar. Daesh says this is a part of a campaign for all the villages under its control. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. The first goal of spreading its sharia is recruitment. Even if 1% of these people believed in Daesh it would mean 250 potential suicide bombers in that area. 


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh fighters battled Syrian Army troops around the city of Qaryatayn east of Homs, amid Syrian artillery strikes on the Daesh-held city on Friday. [Qasioun]


Daesh says Nusra Front launched a surprise attack from 3 sides on its position in Zamarani Valley in west Qalamoun on Wednesday but it stopped the attack, killing 2 Nusra fighters and wounding 6 and forcing the rest to retreat. [A3maq]

Daesh says its terrorists separately attacked Nusra in Zamarani killing 7 and capturing 6 before returning safely to their positions. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of the battle and the prisoners. [DawaAlhaq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh publishes a video of interviews with some of its terrorists in northern Deir Ez-Zor. [A3maq]




Neighboring countries

Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Ministry of Interior says 2 suicide bombers tried to detonate themselves in a Shia mosque in Al-Ahsaa. The first one detonated himself when the security prevented him from getting in while the other was shot and captured. Two worshipers were killed and seven wounded. [Aawsat]

Video of the Ahsaa terrorist attack [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Videos of capturing the terrorist in Ahsaa [YouTube] [YouTube]


Daesh publishes a video about the mosque attack in Saudi Arabia. [Isdarat]


North Africa


Reuters reported that an EgyptAir mechanic is suspected of loading a bomb onto the ill-fated Russian charter flight that broke apart over Sinai in October, killing 224 people. EgyptAir has denied that any of its workers were involved in bringing down the flight. [AswatMasriya]


An IED exploded on a police armored vehicle near a school in Arish, killing a police captain and a first lieutenant, the Interior Ministry announced. Five other policemen were injured in the blast. [EgyMoIFB] [ElWatan]

Photos of the aftermath of the blast in Arish. [VetoGate]

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in Arish and says eight policemen were killed or wounded. [A3maq]


The Daesh-affiliated Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis group has executed a policeman from the Sheikh Zuweid police department, a security source said. The body of the policeman, who was abducted eight days ago, was found bearing gunshot wounds on Friday south of Sheikh Zuweid. [ElWatan]

Daesh publishes photos of executing a policeman in Sheikh Zuweid. [DawaAlhaq]

Unknown gunmen shot dead a police sentry who was guarding the Sheikh Zuweid police department. [ElWatan]


A security source says a soldier was killed and an officer and two other soldiers wounded when an IED exploded on their vehicle south of Sheikh Zuweid. [IslamMemo]


A seventh day has passed without running water for residents of Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah. [ElWatan]


Two men, of Saudi and Jordanian nationality respectively, have been brought to Cairo for interrogation after being detained in Arish in North Sinai, a North Sinai security source said. The source explained that the men’s presence in North Sinai at this time raised suspicions as there is no tourism in North Sinai. They are being investigated for ties to armed groups in North Sinai. [ElWatan]



Senior Libyan military officials have been in Cairo recently, according to media reports, prompting speculation that preparations are being made for Western intervention in Libya. Momentum for an intervention seems to be building in France, Britain, and Italy. Relatedly, US President Barack Obama announced Friday that he instructed his national security team to counter Daesh’s efforts to expand in Libya, after a US Defense Department spokesman said on Wednesday that the US was “studying military options” in Libya. [Hadath] [Reuters (English)]


Daesh executed three guards of the Oil Facilities Protection Guard (OFP), an OFP official said. Daesh announced the executions in a video it released online. The three were abducted on January 14 near Ras Lanuf, the official said. [Arabiya]


Daesh publishes photos of normal life in Abu Hadi in south Sirte. [CSNN]

And photos of its sharia seminars in Sirte. [CSNN]


Daesh publishes photos of battles in Sabri in Benghazi. [CSNN]



Daesh says two Algerian Army soldiers were killed and four wounded when an IED it planted exploded on them while they were on a search campaign in Skikda woods, killing two soldiers and wounding four. [A3maq]


Other countries

Yemen. After Daesh claimed responsibility for yesterday’s deadly suicide vehicle bombing at the presidential palace in the capital, Sanaa, Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Abd Al-Malik Al-Makhlafi denied there is any Daesh presence in Yemen, instead telling Al-Hayat newspaper that Yemen’s previous government (led by Ali Abdullah Saleh) had allowed Al-Qaeda to establish a presence in the country. This view was echoed by a number of Yemeni analysts who said that Saleh and his Houthi allies are using the specter of Daesh in Yemen to create panic that advances their own interests in the country. [IslamMemo] [Erem]


Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on a security barrier in Aden, killing 15 Yemeni security personnel. [A3maq]




Facebook Page of the Day

A Mosul anti-Daesh page


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in English



January 28, 2016

Iraqi Army

Today’s Major Developments


Iraq rated as 8th most corrupt country in 2015 rankings.

Iraqi forces continue advances near Ramadi and Falluja.

Kurdish Islamic Group leader opposes Barzani’s call for early independence referendum.

Egypt, Russia reportedly identify six suspects in downed Russian airliner case.

Baghdadi plotting further expansion of Daesh share of Libyan oil.





Political developments

A member of the CoR’s Integrity Committee says the Transparency International report about Iraq being one of the worst countries when it comes to corruption is true. He says the main reason for the corruption is that the corrupt officials are protected by their political parties. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The 2015 rankings make Iraq the 8th most corrupt country in the world.

If you want to be an optimist, it was 6th worst in 2014, so it has moved up two places, passing Libya and Angola.

Corrupt officials are protected by their political parties because the parties are major beneficiaries of the corruption. A party gains control of one or more ministries by having party members appointed as ministers. They then appoint other party members to high ministry positions. The appointees share the spoils with their parties and everyone seems happy, except the citizens. One reason for this element of the political corruption in Iraq is that the political parties don’t attract donations and have no other source of funding.


A member of the CoR’s Security and Defense Committee says it finished discussing the Compulsory Military Service Law and it will be sent to the CoR’s Presidency and then to the PM, after which it will be submitted for a CoR vote. The law would replace the debated but never-passed National Guard Law. [Sumaria]


The Sunni Alliance in the CoR, Mutahidoun, issued a statement saying that Prime Minister should dissolve the “criminal militias” and take their weapons and hold them accountable for the crimes mentioned in the recent Human Rights Watch report. The statement also urged the KRG president Barzani to investigate the violations of the Peshmerga in the liberated areas. The report accused Daesh, the Iraqi forces, the Shia militias and the Peshmerga of committing human rights violations. [Mada]


Some CoR members say they are confused and conflicted about the Turkish troops in Bashiqa. Some think Turkey will participate in the Ninewa liberation with the Coalition. A Turkmen MP (perhaps reflecting a pro-Turkey view) says the Turkish troops will reach 3,000 soldiers soon and they will participate with the American 101st Airborne Division in liberating Mosul. [Mada]

Some CoR members are also confused about the arrival of the 101st Airborne Division, even though the US has carefully explained that this is a normal rotation in which the 101st is replacing the 82nd Airborne. However, while some accept this explanation and say it’s within the security agreement between Iraq and the US, others say PM Abadi allowed the US to increase its troops in Iraq without issuing an official statement about it. A member of the CoR Foreign Affairs committee says the presence of American troops in the Ninewa area might be the best solution for the situation between Iraq and Turkey. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment.  The gentleman from the Foreign Affairs committee may be raising a worthwhile suggestion. Otherwise, the confusion seems to stem from the small bloc in the CoR that supports the Ninewa separatists and the Turkish troops in the face of overwhelming hostility from almost everyone else. Having some US troops on the ground in Ninewa when the Mosul campaign begins prevent some of the games that could be played at Iraq’s expense by people claiming falsely to be part of the liberation.


Infographics about Daesh’s Ashbal Al-Khilafa which include 1,200 kids in Iraq and 1,100 in Syria. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Within the Salafi takfiri line Daesh and Al-Qaeda follow, anyone above 18 years old is already “corrupted” and these groups have to stay “fresh” with underage kids to establish their base for the future. The real damage to future generations remains to be seen.


Security developments

4 persons were arrested on terror charges in Baghdad today, including an officer at the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Two were arrested at a hotel in Karrada, the officer in the Al-Jami’a neighborhood, and two (both from Mosul) in downtown Baghdad, Iraqi Intelligence announced. [Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. We reported the arrest of the officer 2 days ago.


Coalition trainers have modified their training to enable Iraqi armies to break through Daesh defense lines, according to General Sean McFarland, the commander of the Coalition. He said the changes in training reflect lessons learned from the battles in Ramadi, Sinjar, Baiji, and Tikrit. [Qurtas]


Al-Tayar Al-Risali, a Shia militia in the PMF, announced they are manufacturing three types of rockets of “huge destructive power” under the names of Al-Youm Al-Mawood 1,2, and 3. [Mawazin]

DaeshDaily comment. As militias do not usually manufacture rockets, we wonder who the real manufacturer is.


General Othman Al-Ghanimi, the Army Chief of Staff, inaugurated today the Military Communications Center, described as invulnerable. This will be a central location for coordinating all military units in the country, using the most updated technologies. [AynIraq]


Police found a weapons cache in Al-Ma’amel in east Baghdad, including explosives belts, weapons, ammunition, and Katyusha rockets, in an unfinished house in the area. Another police unit found a cache of IEDs and rockets in Al-Thaaliba, north Baghdad. [Sumaria]


According to security sources:

  • A sticky bomb attached to a minibus exploded in Hurriya, northwest Baghdad, killing two passengers and wounding five, including the driver. [Mada]
  • A 12 year old girl was kidnapped in Zayouna, east Baghdad, by unidentified armed men. [Baghdadia]
  • Explosives experts defused today an IED placed on a road in Al-Nahda, downtown Baghdad. The operation left no casualties. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED targeting a tribal mobilization checkpoint in Hor Rijab in Dora, south Baghdad, killing 2 and wounding 4. [Mada]
  • An IED placed in a popular marketplace in Yusufiyah in south Baghdad killed two civilians and wounded eight. [Baghdadia]
  • Daesh says its terrorists shot and killed a National Security major when he was leaving his house in Saidiya in southwest Baghdad. [JustPaste]
  • Unidentified gunmen armed with silenced guns shot and killed a civilian near his house in Yarmouk, west Baghdad, a security source said. [Baghdadia]
  • A man was shot dead by unidentified armed men in Ma’moun neighborhood, west Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • An IED placed in a commercial area in Al-Jihad neighborhood, west Baghdad, killed two and wounded 7 civilians. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED placed in an industrial area in Abu Ghraib, western Baghdad Governorate, killed one civilian and wounded seven. [Mada]

Total Baghdad incidents reported:  10     (Not an overall total)

DaeshDaily comment. We notice a pattern change over the past few days, with more incidents occurring in West Baghdad. It’s too soon to evaluate this. In the past, however, similar trends have developed when people were displaced from Anbar. They were infiltrated by sleeper cell members, and went mostly to Sunni western Baghdad.


Army helicopters conducted 20 attacks and Iraqi Air Force 6 in different parts of Iraq. Four terrorists were killed and a Daesh vehicle destroyed in the Qutniya area near Ramadi. An Iraqi CH4 drone attacked and destroyed a vehicle in Jisr Al-Jaf, near Thirthar. Meanwhile, Coalition warplanes attacked Habbaniya, Jubba, Albu Shijil, Dolab, Hsaiba, Shirqat, and Sinjar, killing an estimated 34 terrorists, and destroying 8 positions, heavy and medium weapons, a rocket hideout, two rocket launching platforms, and a rig. [AIN]




Saraya Al-Jihad, a PMF faction, said that 60 Daesh terrorists were killed southeast of Thirthar in a joint operation by the PMF, the army, and the IFP with the support of army helicopters. [AIN]


Maj. General Saad Harbiya, commander of West Baghdad operations, reported that the 14th army division attacked Daesh gatherings near the Thirthar Dam, killing 36, and destroying a vehicle and a motorcycle. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and one wounded in the operation. [Mawazin]


General Harbiya says army units are advancing in Albu Shijil west of Falluja, and have raised the Iraqi flag over several Daesh occupied buildings after killing 6. [Mawazin]


Khaldiya local council said that security forces liberated parts of Al-Rumaila near Saqlawiya, killing “tens’ of Daesh terrorists. Other forces are continuing progress in Albu Shijil, under heavy air support. [Mada]


Col. Mahmoud Murdhi Al-Jumaili, commander of the tribal mobilization forces in Falluja, said his force killed Abu Qatada Al-Iraqi, the Daesh military commander, and 9 of his assistants and destroyed their four vehicles in Kubaishat in Qarma subdistrict. Daesh fighters made a failed attempt to retrieve the body of their commander. A large storehouse for rockets and ammunition and an armored personnel carrier captured by Daesh earlier in Falluja were also destroyed. [BasNews]


The IWMC denied, quoting Anbar Operations Command, the reports suggesting that the siege on Falluja could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. He says there are two safe routes open from and to Falluja, the first in Al-Falahat through Albu Daaij towards the 32nd brigade and the other towards Ameriyat Al-Falluja. [Sumaria]


Daesh executed two men by throwing them from a high building in the Al-Neziza neighborhood in central Falluja. on charges of cooperating with security force, according to local sources in Falluja. [Maalomah]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling Iraqi forces in Zoba’a with mortars. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes a video of the results of a Coalition bombing on a school and a mosque east of Falluja. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. As we’ve seen many times Daesh uses schools and mosques and other civilian buildings as military posts. It is a win-win situation for the terrorists. If they are left alone they will continue their terrorist activities and if they got bombed they will claim their enemies are targeting civilians.



Lt. General Abdul Ghani Al-Asadi, the Commander of Counter-Terrorism Service forces, said today that 95% or more of Ramadi is liberated, and that army and security units achieved the goals set by the command. He says the next few days will witness the liberation of the rest of Ramadi. He added that 6 police battalions are holding ground in liberated areas. [Sumaria]


However, Arkan Al-Tarmouz, an Anbar Provincial Council member, said Ramadi is still a “booby-trapped” city despite its liberation. Hundreds of Daesh terrorists were killed, but they left behind thousands of IEDs in houses and buildings that still need to be cleared. Al-Tarmouz thinks Iraq needs international cooperation to clear the city of all these IEDs. [BasNews]


Maj. General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, Commander of Anbar Ops Command (AOC], said the operation to liberate Sajariya east of Ramadi has started, and that the 8th army division is heading towards the area supported by Iraqi Air Force (IAF) and Coalition air cover, Iraqi Army Aviation (IAA) helicopters, and artillery. [Sumaria]

Brig. General Yahya Rasool, official spokesman of the Joint Operations Command, says the major obstacle in Sajariya is the multitude of IEDs planted by Daesh, confirming that the liberation is a matter of a few days. [Mawazin]


Maj. General Shakir Jawdat, Commander of Iraqi Federal Police (IFP), said his troops killed 28 Daesh terrorists in separate operations in Hsaiba, east of Ramadi. [Sumaria]


The Counter-Terrorism Service, part of the IFP, is ready to proceed with liberating areas west of Ramadi, once Sajariya to the east is fully secured. The liberation of Falluja is the responsibility of Baghdad Operations Command. [AynIraq]


Major Muzahem Al-Jebouri, Commander of the 2nd battalion of the 31st brigade of the 8th division, was killed during an operation to clear houses between Albu Mahal and Albu Sawda east of Ramadi, when he engaged Daesh fighters in these houses, an AOC source said. [Maalomah]


AOC says that in the last 24 hours, 70 Daesh fighters have been killed and 30 car bombs destroyed in several operations in Jaraishi. Coalition warplanes initiated 19 strikes, killing 15 terrorists and destroying several vehicles and tankers. [AIN]


Russian made Sukhoi warplanes of the IAF attacked Daesh gatherings in Albu Dhiab, north of Ramadi, killing “tens” of Daesh fighters. [AIN]


An IED targeted the tribal fighters’ leader in Ramadi, Eissa Hamid Al-Alwani, wounding him and four of his colleagues in the Albu Alwan area, a security source said. [Sumaria]



A security source in Baghdadi said that strict security measures are being taken in and around the city to prevent any possible Daesh infiltration. He added that the 7th army division increased its presence along the defense lines, while intelligence units are spread around the gates of the residential complex, metal fences are being installed, and they will install long range cameras shortly. [Sumaria]


Coalition warplanes destroyed a Daesh convoy of 4 vehicles on Al-Maamal road in Kubaisa, west of Anbar, killing all Daesh terrorists in the convoy, according to a security source. [Baghdadia]


Daesh says its terrorists shelled Barwana with 40 Katyusha rockets and 30 120mm mortar shells. [JustPaste]




Daesh publicly executed a young man called Samir Suhail in the center of Shirqat, on charges of communicating with Iraqi security forces, a PMF source said. [Ghad]



Salahuddin explosives units operating between Southern power station and Shajarat Al-Dur defused and removed 12 IEDs, including 9 x20 liter containers filled with ammonium nitrates and three other IEDS. [Mawazin]



Snipers of Waadallah forces, a PMF militia, killed three Daesh terrorists including a woman sniper in Al-Shareef west of Samarra. Another group pursued a Daesh mortar unit for 40 hours before detecting and destroying it. [Ayn Iraq]


A suicide attacker with an explosives belt was arrested while trying to target security forces in Dijla subdistrict, north of Samarra. [Mada]


Daesh publishes photos of battles in the Samarra Dam area. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of battles west of Samarra. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists killed an Iraqi Army “source” in Jalam area north of Samarra and detonated the house of another source in the same area. [JustPaste]





Maj. General Jassim Al-Saadi, the Diyala Police Commander, said that security forces arrested a man responsible for blasting three power towers with IEDs. The man was arrested in Himrin Hills during a security search campaign. The General added that that targeting of power towers is organized by sleeper cells in Diyala. [Sumaria]


Three persons were arrested in Baquba, two of them on terror charges, Diyala Police said. [Sumaria]


A body of an unidentified woman shot to death after torture was found west of Baquba, a police source said. [Maalomah]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Maj. General Jassim Al-Saadi, the Diyala Police Commander, says some politicians from Diyala are trying to create sectarian tensions by spreading false information while they are sitting comfortably in Erbil hotels. He says those politicians don’t do anything for the displaced families or against Daesh crimes. He says he will go to the court and sue such politicians. [Sumaria]

Diyala’s former Governor had accused the Shia PMFs of killing the three Jubour tribe fighters yesterday near Muqdadiya. The three fighters were killed while in a search campaign in Al-Zor area in Muqdadiya yesterday. [Mada] [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. The three tribal PMF fighters were most likely killed by Daesh, but some people want to mix things up and make it look like a sectarian issue. Sectarianism generates a lot of political support in Iraq, unfortunately.   


The Chairman of the District Council in Muqdadiya says the violence rate increased in Muqdadiya because of the presence of Daesh sleeper cells in an agricultural strip on the Diyala river called Al-Zor. He says the danger is increasing every day and it needs a serious solution. Five PMFs were killed or wounded on Wednesday in a nearby area. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Another win-win situation for Daesh. If its terrorists were left alone they would kill as many people as they want, and if the nearby tribes retaliated or if the government targeted that strip, Daesh media, parallel media and incubator media will claim innocent civilians are being targeted.    


Northern Diyala

The manager of Udhaim subdistrict says 400 tribal fighters from the liberated areas in Udhaim will hold the ground in coordination with the security forces and the PMFs. [Sumaria]


Daesh publishes photos of houses in Udhaim allegedly burned by PMFs. [JustPaste]


Southern Diyala

An IED placed in a trash can in Mandali exploded and killed a policeman and a civilian. [IraqPress]


A security force found a weapons and explosives cache in the Al-Dayniya area of Balad Ruz east of Baquba, containing a variety of weapons including 35 US made hand grenades and 82mm mortar shells, police sources said. [Maalomah]



The director for driving licenses in Kirkuk Traffic Department was wounded when an unidentified assailant opened fire on his car in Barood Khana, north Kirkuk, a security source said. [Mada]


A PMF force estimated at hundreds of fighters and four armored vehicles is situated in Taza subdistrict, according to the security committee of Kirkuk Provincial Council, which says most of this force is formed from the local population, mainly those who lost their villages to Daesh. [Rudaw]


A Coalition airstrike on Shirqat and Hawija killed three Daesh leaders, including the Saudi wali of Dijla, the financial officer of Wilayat Dijla, and a leader responsible for attacks in Salahuddin, a security source said. [AIN]


Bodies of three men shot to death were found in Bawa, in Laylan subdistrict in eastern Kirkuk, a security source said. [Mada]




Daesh published movies in Mosul on the execution of its members deserting battlefields, to terrorize the population, a source in Mosul said. [Ghad]


Daesh executed four employees of Al-Rasheed Bank in Mosul on charges of guiding Coalition warplanes to targets inside Mosul, a PUK spokesman said. [PUKMedia]


Daesh broke into a school in downtown Mosul and kidnapped 30 students, sources in Mosul said. The reason is unclear, but may reflect an effort by Daesh to add more young manpower to its ranks. [Maalomah]


A suicide attacker on a motorcycle attacked a Daesh headquarters in Mahalbiya west of Mosul, killing 16 Daesh terrorists, said Gayath Sourji, PUK spokesman. [Mada]


The NMFs spokesman Mahmoud Sorachi says Mosul is starving and the people are waiting for the Coalition to liberate the city and Daesh is collapsing. [Sumaria]


Daesh publishes photos of normal life in a market in Mosul. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes a video of an exam in the College of Medicine in Mosul. [A3maq]


Southern Ninewa (Baaj, Hatra)

Jalal Hamdan Al-Nima (an Afghan national), the Daesh “Minister of War,” was killed along with 18 other Daesh leaders by a Coalition airstrike on Al-Hatra District south of Mosul. Other Daesh targets were also attacked, according to a source in Ninewa Police. [BasNews]


A series of IEDs planted on Baaj Road in Mosul killed 16 terrorists and destroyed 9 vehicles in a Daesh convoy leaving for Raqqa. [Maalomah]


Other Governorates  


A leader of the Kurdish Islamic Group says it is difficult to make an independence referendum in Kurdistan now because of the political and economic situation in Kurdistan. He says independence is a natural right for the Kurds but it must happen with international support. [Sumaria]


A Gorran official says the KDP registered complaints in a court in Suleimaniya against Gorran and several of its leaders and members, including Nawshirwan Mustafa, accusing them of instigating the riots that led to the burning of the KDP headquarters. [SotKurdistan]


The KRG President Masoud Barzani says during a meeting with the new Swiss Ambassador to Iraq that the international community didn’t provide the necessary support for Kurdistan regarding the displaced people in the Region. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment. The KRG is dealing as best as it could with the displaced people from different areas in Iraq in addition to the Syrian refugees, but it still needs a lot of help.  


The KRG responded to a Human Rights Watch report which accused the Peshmerga of destroying Arab people’s houses in liberated areas. A KRG official says the areas mentioned in the report are still front lines in the battles against Daesh and they are being shelled or bombed and the citizens’ presence there hinders the ongoing operations against Daesh. He says that some of the residents of those areas helped Daesh and some of them were killed or their houses were destroyed during the fight against Daesh, and many houses were booby-trapped by Daesh. He also says the KRG is ready to investigate this issue. [Rudaw]



An operation by Kerbala intelligence and counter-terror forces resulted in the arrest of 6 terrorists who were planning to send car bombs to the Mid-Euphrates cities (Kerbala, Najaf, Hilla, and Diwaniya) and Baghdad. The arrest was made in Rahaliya in Anbar, where initial investigation revealed the long terrorism history of two of the arrestees. [Mawqif]

DaeshDaily comment. This area of Anbar is infamous for deadly attacks on Shia pilgrims going to Mecca for the Hajj.




Political developments

Turkey’s National Security Council, chaired by President Erdogan, issued a statement today stating Ankara’s position that the Assad regime should not be part of Syria’s reconstruction. In the same statement the Council said that terrorist groups should also be excluded, naming Daesh and the PKK and its military arms, a veiled reference to the PYD militia, the YPG. The statement also expressed ongoing support for the Syrian opposition and the Turkmen population of Syria. [BasNews]


A United States State Department spokesman has rejected Israeli allegations, reported yesterday, that Turkey supports Daesh, saying that the US has not seen any evidence for that claim. [Cihan]


Military developments

Turkish troops exchanged fire with Daesh over the Syrian border on Thursday. [See below for details]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Daesh attacked Syria Democratic Forces positions southeast of Al-Hawl in the last two days, seizing control of territory extending across the Iraqi border, including the Iraqi village of Bara. A Daesh vehicle bomb struck SDF positions in the village of Al-Khmayel, north of Al-Arisha. [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


Planes believed to be Coalition aircraft struck multiple sites in Al-Arisha and neighboring villages on Thursday, causing an unspecified number of casualties. Coalition strikes on Arisha on Wednesday killed eight civilians. Arisha lies between Hasaka and Daesh-controlled Shaddadi. US Apache helicopters attacked Daesh checkpoints outside of Shaddadi on Thursday. [Qasioun]

DaeshDaily comment. We don’t have confirmation that these were American helicopters.


A Coalition airstrike on the oil station of Kabiba killed ten civilians including at least one child, and ignited oil tanks that serve the local area. [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


Russian warplanes have killed 100 civilians in Raqqa in the last three days, according to the group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RiBSS). “Their names are documented,” the group said in a statement released Wednesday. The statement said Russian planes were acting in support of the Syria Democratic Forces, which RIBSS described as backed by “the militias of the YPD,” which the statement accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the areas of Raqqa it controls. [Qasioun]


Daesh says several Turkish soldiers were wounded during “limited clashes” after a Turkish minesweeper tried to enter “Islamic State land” near Jarabulus. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Turkish troops exchanged fire with Daesh Thursday evening across the Syrian-Turkish border near Jarabulus, eyewitnesses said. The fighting started when Daesh fired on a Turkish patrol vehicle passing on the Turkish side of the border, prompting Turkish tanks to return fire immediately. Turkish media have not commented on the firefight, ARA writes. [ARA]


The Syria Democratic Forces are preparing for large-scale assaults on Daesh and Nusra Front positions in Jarabulus, Manbij , and Azaz north and east of Aleppo, with the stated aim of rendering the Syrian-Turkish border completely closed to Daesh, according to media reports. The operations will come in coordination with both Russian and American air support, according to Qasioun’s sources. [Qasioun]


Syrian troops with Russian air support launched punishing attacks on Daesh positions east of Aleppo, advancing into the area around Harariya station, local residents said. Daesh militants were reportedly seen abandoning strategic positions in the face of the assault, yielding control of the cities of Wadia and Ayn Jamajim to the Syrian regulars. However Daesh advanced into Syrian Army-held territory in other areas east of Aleppo, attacking Syrian troop formations near Kowaires air base and in the path of the anticipated Syrian advance toward Tadif and Al-Bab, according to residents. Syrian aircraft responded to the Daesh advance with strikes, killing an unspecified number of Daesh militants, ARA writes. Russian planes struck two villages east of Aleppo, killing a civilian and injuring three others. Amid the fighting, the Syrian military “rained barrel bombs” on the countryside north of Aleppo [Qasioun] [Qasioun] [ARA]


Syrian Army publishes a video of Daesh fighters’ dead bodies in Wadia. [YouTube]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Syrian troops in 6 villages north of Kowaires airbase, killing more than 50 soldiers and wounding “tens”. Daesh also says its terrorists destroyed a tank and captured two Syrian soldiers. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of destroying a Syrian tank west of Kowaires. [JustPaste]


Daesh has imposed a marriage fee of 40,000 Syrian pounds ($181 US dollars) on residents of Manbij. [Hawar]


Daesh attacked the Syrian Army positions north of Aleppo, near the Al-Masha School and the Al-Hurra area, an activist said. [ARA]


Coalition warplanes struck Daesh positions in the Ghazl village on the Turkish border at dawn on Thursday, killing nine Daesh militants. [Qasioun]




Neighboring countries


Daesh seized territory in northeastern Lebanon near the Syrian border after battling with Nusra Front fighters, prompting the Lebanese Army to send troops to reinforce the area, according to media reports. Erem’s sources say that Daesh is advancing toward Arsal while the Lebanese Army is shelling both Daesh and the Nusra Front. [Hawar] [Erem]


Daesh publishes a video message threatening Lebanese leaders. [Isdarat]


North Africa


Joint police and army troops killed 28 suspected Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis members and injured “tens” of others in operations against an alleged Ansar cell that Egyptian security officials say was planning to launch further attacks after yesterday’s deadly IED attack on an Egyptian military vehicle in Arish, according to a security source. Egyptian intelligence identified an alleged Ansar gathering south of Arish that was reportedly preparing to launch new attacks to exploit the confusion ensuing from the IED attack, but Egyptian military helicopters attacked the group, killing 20 and destroying three cars and a number of motorcycles, the source said. Egyptian counter-terrorism forces killed another eight militants and wounded 13 in an artillery attack on another Ansar gathering in a village south of Rafah, the security source said. [ElWatan]


Three children were killed and seven other people wounded, including other children and their mother, when a mortar shell, launched by unknown assailants, landed on a house in the Al-Rasm neighborhood of Rafah, a security source said. [VetoGate]


Sheikh Zuweid and most areas of Rafah have been without water for six days in a row, according to residents and local officials. The water authorities in the area blamed lack of electricity for the interruption in service. [ElWatan]


Daesh says its terrorists detonated 2 “big” IEDs on an Egyptian Army convoy west of Arish, killing or wounding twenty soldiers including a high ranking commander and destroying 2 armored vehicles. [JustPaste]



Daesh says its terrorists attacked a checkpoint in Mirada gate, 30 km south of Ras Lanuf, and captured the gate, killing Oil Facilities Protection personnel and capturing then beheading three of them (photos). [JustPaste]


New information has been reported regarding Daesh’s recently appointed commander in Libya. Abu Safyan Al-Ghazali, known to his Daesh colleagues as “Abu Omar Al-Iraqi” has been reportedly sent to Sirte by Daesh leader Awwad Baghdadi to oversee operations in Daesh’s Libya franchise, according to unidentified sources cited by the Egyptian Bawabh news site. The sources also report that Al-Ghazali’s goals include asserting Daesh control over Ajdabiya and over the country’s petroleum infrastructure.

According to the same sources, Al-Ghazali is one of Baghdadi’s closest associates. He is originally from Tikrit, and has skills in explosives and bomb making. He reportedly arrived in Libya accompanied by 30 companions, with a mandate to negotiate with other militant groups in Libya, including Libya Dawn, and Ansar Al-Sharia, to persuade them to accept Daesh’s leadership. [Bawabh]

DaeshDaily comment. This story is alarming. Daesh already controls much of Libya’s oil-producing area. The country still lacks a unified government to deal with its problems. There are reports that the US and European countries plan to help. Maybe sooner would be better than later.


Daesh has begun a training course for former police officers who joined Daesh in Sirte after working for the deposed Gaddafi regime or defecting from its successors in Libya, local sources say. The training started Wednesday with over 210 officers taking part in the four-week course at a complex in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and includes lectures by Daesh leaders from Bahrain, Iraq, Tunisia, and Libya on Daesh’s religious interpretations and its views on jihad, the sources added. Attendance is compulsory and trainees’ addresses are recorded to ensure that they comply. Wasat’s sources also reported that over 100 militants “who are likely Africans” arrived in Sirte on Wednesday evening, traveling in approximately 20 four-wheel drive vehicles fitted with weapons and Daesh banners. [Wasat]


Daesh publishes photos of cutting off the hand of a man in Benghazi, after accusing him of theft. [JustPaste]


Other countries

Yemen. Daesh claimed responsibility for a deadly suicide vehicle bombing that struck at the gates of the presidential palace in Sanaa on Thursday. The attack killed or injured at least 23 people, 8 presidential guards and 15 civilians, including women and children, according to early reports (photos). [Erem] [Arabi21]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists, from Holland, attacked the presidential palace in Aden, killing ten of the guards and wounding more than twenty. Daesh published 2 photos of the explosion and a photo of the terrorist. [JustPaste] [JustPaste]


Russia TheLive News” channel announced that there are six suspects wanted by Russian and Egyptian intelligence in connection with the downing of a Russian charter jet over Sinai last year after it departed Sharm El-Sheikh bound for St. Petersburg. The channel cited “sources close to the investigation” to say that baggage handling staff were suspected of bringing a bomb into the plane’s cargo hold. A Kremlin press spokesman refused to comment on the report. Daesh claimed responsibility for the downing of the jet. [Arabi21]


Afghanistan. Daesh has begun broadcasting a radio program in the Farsi language in Nangarhar Province for two hours each day, under the title “Voice of the Caliphate.” According to reports in the Afghan press, the programming launched about three months ago. [Arabi21]


Daesh publishes a video of its Ashbal Al-Khilafa camp for young boys in Afghanistan. [Archive]


Daesh says it detonated a “guided” IED on the vehicle of a local police commander in Kabul, wounding him severely. Daesh also says it detonated another IED on the Border Police commander in another area of Kabul, wounding three policemen. [JustPaste]


Spain. A cigarette manufacturer in northern Spain has reportedly closed its plant due to the drop in demand for its products resulting from Daesh’s banning of smoking in the areas it controls, according to reports in the Spanish press. [Arabi21]

DaeshDaily comment. Yes, we know this sounds improbable. It sounds like Daesh public health propaganda. We just want to assure you we are not making this up.




Facebook Page of the Day

Another pro-Daesh comical page


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day


Other Daesh media   

Daesh audio newsletter for today in English [Archive]




January 27, 2016

Lt. Colonel Bassem ShakerLt. Colonel Mashkour Al-Jughaifi

Today’s Major Developments


Egypt confirms it will support Iraqi military.

Major Daesh attacks defeated in Baghdadi, Thirthar, but Baghdadi police chief and tribal PMF leader killed.

Daesh military leaders killed in Anbar, Shirqat.

Ninewa separatist scheme resurfaces amidst conflicting statements on reported additional Turkish troops in Ninewa.

Crime rate plummets in Basra from ongoing military intervention.

Gorran CoR member slams Barzani’s independence move as premature and politically self-serving.





Political developments

The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Nassir Nouri, said today that the results of the visit to Egypt by Iraq’s Minister of Defense were very positive. Egypt is ready to train Iraqi units, provide weapons and ammunition to meet the needs of Iraqi forces, and exchange intelligence. [AIN]


The 56th Brigade, defending the Green Zone in Baghdad, banned the entry of journalists into the zone, where Anbar Provincial Council was holding a press conference. A media source said this is a reaction to press reports that 3 soldiers of the brigade were kidnapped near the Foreign Ministry building yesterday. [IraqPress]


Former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi meets with Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani in Baghdad. Allawi and Larijani reportedly discussed the Syrian crisis and decreasing the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. [Mada]


The commander of the Kata’eb Sayyed Al-Shuhada militia says the “resistance” fought Daesh before the PMF organization was established, and they joined the PMFs according to an order from “Wilayat Al-Faqih”. Therefore these groups are not obliged to follow any decision about the future of the PMFs. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. “Resistance” is the self-defining term used by the Iranian backed Shia militias (and Hezbollah). “Wilayat Al-Faqih” strictly means the Iranian religious leadership. He is saying clearly that those militias don’t follow the leadership of either the Iraqi government or Sistani.  

    The Iraqi leadership would be only too happy to have the pro-Iran militias disappear after Daesh is defeated. The concern is that they will instead stay around as militia-supported political entities and undermine the Iraqi government.

    However, many of the young men who joined these groups did so because the corruption and nepotism in the Iraqi military prevented thousands of them from joining the army, not to make a political statement. The government owes them the opportunity to join the military or police as positions become available.


Security developments

The Baghdad Provincial Council Security Committee said that there is a rotation system for the army battalions in Baghdad to avoid “creating relations between these units and the population”. [Mawazin]

DaeshDaily comment. We think this means they are trying to reduce the risk of individual soldiers collaborating with Daesh, and other armed groups, by moving them on before such “relations” can develop. (It’s an ancient management device that goes back to Confucius.) There is a widespread feeling that many of Baghdad’s bad incidents are “inside jobs.”


A rumor that a car bomb was entering the area near Al-Nida Mosque in Adhamiya, north Baghdad, caused the closure of all roads leading to that area, including the one from Mohammed Al-Qassem Expressway, a security source said. [Mawazin]


Two new F16 warplanes arrived at Balad airbase in Salahuddin, making a total of 6 out of 36 to be delivered by the US to Iraq. [AIN]


Baghdad Ops Command said that the 23rd army brigade defused three booby-trapped houses and 21 IEDS in Bizayez Al-Abd in south Baghdad. The 55th brigade defused an IED in Harkawi, south Baghdad, while the 6th IFP brigade defused two IEDS placed inside the Al-Raja complex in Saidiya in southwest Baghdad. [AIN]


Daesh says it detonated 3 IEDs on an Iraqi Army convoy in Arab Jabour, south Baghdad, destroying a Humvee and killing two soldiers. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists targeted 2 Iraqi Army vehicles with 2 RPG rockets in Arab Jabour. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists destroyed an Army military post in Arab Jabour with an RPG rocket. [JustPaste]

Daesh says one of its snipers killed an Iraqi soldier in Arab Jabour. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. Other media made no reports about these Daesh-reported incidents in Arab Jabour.


According to security sources:

  • An IED placed in a commercial area in Niariya, east Baghdad, killed one civilian and wounded five.[ Mada]
  • Unidentified armed men shot and killed a civilian in his car in Talibiya, east Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • An IED placed in a popular restaurant in the Sheikh Omar neighborhood in the middle of Baghdad exploded, wounding 4 civilians. [AIN]
  • An IED placed near commercial shops in Dora in south Baghdad killed 2 civilians and wounded 6. [Baghdadia]
  • Unidentified armed men kidnapped a policeman who was on his break, in Al-Rasheed in south Baghdad, a security source said. [Sumaria]
  • Unidentified gunmen shot dead a member of the PMFs who was passing through Yusufiyah in south Baghdad. [Sumaria]
  • Unidentified armed men shot and killed a shop owner in Saidiya, southwest Baghdad, a security source said. [Sumaria]
  • Unidentified armed men equipped with guns with silencers shot a dentist to death as he drove his car in Nafaq Al-Shurta in west Baghdad. [Mada]

Total Baghdad incidents reported:  8       (Not an overall total)


Coalition warplanes and drones executed 10 strikes on targets in Baghdadi and Ramadi; Kirkuk and Hawija; and Sinjar, inflicting heavy casualties on Daesh vehicles and tactical units. [Baghdadia]



Brigadier-General Yahya Al-Zubaidi, media spokesman of Joint Ops Command, said that Iraq does not need foreign land forces, and that the Ramadi operation showed that operations that are fully Iraqi planned and led can achieve victory. He said that operations in eastern areas of Ramadi are progressing as planned. [Ghad]



The Ministry of Interior said that 40 Daesh terrorists were killed, including two suicide attackers, and 38 wounded, while 31 IEDs were destroyed, in the operation to liberate the Albu Shijil area northwest of Falluja. A Daesh leader, Tariq Shibil Al-Qaraguoli, was killed in the operation. Coalition and Iraqi warplanes are providing air support, while artillery and rocket regiments are actively participating. [Maalomah]


Daesh used 10 vehicle bombs in an attack on the 10th division’s command center in Thirthar, but was repelled with no losses, a security source said.  [Sumaria] Another source says that the attack was by 20 vehicle bombs and 40 fighters, and that one of the vehicles was packed with poisonous chlorine gas. [AIN]

The PMF command reports it repelled a Daesh attack in the Thirthar Basin. Four suicide bombers were killed and a car bomb destroyed.

Baghdad Ops Command (BOC) announced repelling two Daesh attacks, the first in Thirthar killing 35 terrorists and the other in Saqlawiya killing 14. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Notwithstanding the above, cross-reference to the Samarra story under Salahuddin and our comment there. It seems like the Daesh version of the Thirthar battles, told from the other side of the desert. As usual, Daesh describes itself as victorious and claims to have captured parts of the Samarra Dam and killed many Iraqi soldiers.


Anbar Ops Command (AOC) said special forces working in Saqlawiya north of Falluja killed seven foreign Daesh commanders, including Abu Sutam Al-Afghani, and destroyed three vehicles and a rocket launching platform. [Mada]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in the Technical Institute in Saqlawiya, killing or wounding many soldiers and destroying their vehicles (photos). [JustPaste] [JustPaste]


60th army brigade killed 8 Daesh terrorists and wounded 3 others, as well as defusing 31 IEDs in Al-Atar and Jaib Daffar, BOC said. [AIN]


An operation by joint Army and tribal forces in Subaihat in Qarma subdistrict killed Abdul Hameed Mashaan Al-Jumaili (Abu Obeida), Daesh military commander for the area around Falluja, and eight of his assistants. This was reported by the commander of the 3rd battalion of Anbar tribal mobilization forces. Three vehicles and several Daesh positions were also destroyed in addition to a rocket launching platform. [Mada]



Responding to news that the Sajariya area east of Ramadi was liberated but it was not announced, the commander of the Rapid Intervention forces, Major-General Thamer Ismail, denied the story. He says Sajariya and Juwaiba will be liberated in the coming few days, adding that his forces killed over 74 Daesh terrorists recently and captured large quantities of weapons and ammunition.[ Mawazin]


AOC said that it secured safe routes for civilians of Sajariya to evacuate the city to safe areas. 8th army brigade is slowly advancing to complete liberation of the area. [Baghdadia]


A video of Iraqi forces in Sajariya after a Daesh vehicle bomb was destroyed [YouTube]


IFP command said that a combined force of the 3rd armored brigade and Rapid Intervention troops attacked Daesh positions in Hsaiba east of Ramadi, killing 35 terrorists and destroying seven ‘fixed” targets, while clearing several buildings. [Mada]


Army artillery killed 4 terrorists and wounded 2 others after shelling their hideout in Hsaiba, according to Major-General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, commander of Anbar Ops. [Maalomah]


The 10th armored division repelled an attack by Daesh terrorists on Jaraishi, north of Ramadi, with the support of the Coalition and Iraqi warplanes, as well as army helicopters. 20 attackers were killed and 8 vehicles destroyed, said an Anbar Ops (AOC) source. [Mada]


The Counter-Terrorism command announced the liberation of the Abu Taiban area and parts of Zangoura village northwest of Ramadi, inflicting heavy human and material casualties on Daesh. [Mawazin]


The Civil Defense center is now open in Ramadi, said Col. Fawzi Frayeh Hassan, director of the Civil Defense department in Anbar.  [Sumaria]


Two videos of Iraqi Rapid Intervention troops in Ramadi battles [YouTube] [YouTube]



Lt. Col. Basim Shakir, the Baghdadi police chief, was killed in a Daesh attack on the subdistrict, the Jazeera Ops Commander said. The army and IFP repelled the attack, killing 14 terrorists including suicide attackers with explosive belts. Several policemen and tribal fighters were wounded. A police officer and the tribal mobilization commander, Lt. Col. Mashkour Al-Jughaif, were killed in the failed Daesh attack, a source in the local council said. [Sumaria]  [Sumaria]


Daesh says 6 of its terrorists sneaked into the residential compound in Baghdadi that belongs to Ain Al-Asad base, and clashed with Iraqi forces before detonating themselves, killing many people including the Baghdadi police and Sahwa chiefs and wounding another Sahwa commander. Daesh says the attack was accompanied by shelling with 50 Katyusha rockets and tens of mortar shells. [JustPaste]


The spokesman of the tribal PMFs says 10 Daesh terrorists attacked in Baghdadi. One of them detonated himself in the market and the other in the toilet of a mosque in the compound. He says all the remaining terrorists were trapped and killed. He also says the terrorists sneaked from the other side of the river using the bad weather. Iraqi forces repelled the attack in Thirthar because Daesh convoys were detected by Coalition warplanes. [Hurra]


Daesh publishes photos of 5 terrorists and says they were the ones who attacked in Baghdadi. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. Some sources say the terrorists sneaked through the rain water drainage pipes but we couldn’t confirm this.


The spokesman of the 14th battalion of the IFP quick intervention forces said this major Daesh attack on the city with suicide bombers and car bombs has failed and that all attackers were killed. He added that the subdistrict is under full control and that tribal forces are making a house-to-house search to make sure no terrorists are hiding in houses. [Maalomah]

During the search, Baghdadi subdistrict is under full curfew. The search follows intelligence that some suicide attackers sneaked into the city following the earlier failed Daesh attack on the residential compound in Baghdadi, an Anbar Police source said. [Mada]


Anbar Provincial Council accused the Coalition and Iraqi Air Force of ignoring Daesh gatherings near Baghdadi prior to their attack on the subdistrict, and failing to deal with their mortar and rocket units that shelled the city, describing this as a major deficiency. [Mada]


The Iraqi Air Force attacked a Daesh convoy of over 20 vehicles moving towards Baghdadi subdistrict, a spokesman of the 14th quick intervention brigade said. The strike killed over 70 terrorists, among them some Daesh emirs and other leaders according to inside intelligence. [Maalomah]


A security source said that a Daesh terrorist was stabbed to death in Dur Al-Amal neighborhood in Kubaisa subdistrict.  [Baghdadia]


Daesh says it shelled Barwana with 60 Grad rockets and 40 120mm mortar shells, and Albu Hayat with 20 120mm shells. [JustPaste]


A video published by the MoD of the earlier failed attack on Haditha including some footage taken by a confiscated Daesh camera. In the video Daesh terrorists are dressed as Iraqi soldiers and PMF fighters. [MoD]




An attack by Coalition warplanes on a Daesh convoy heading from Shirqat to Mosul killed 7 Daesh terrorists and destroyed the convoy. One of the dead terrorists is a Daesh emir called Amir Majeed Jarallah (Abu Fatima), a KDP source said. [Mada]


Abu Marwan Al-Mousili, the intelligence official of Daesh in Shirqat, and two of his assistants, one of them his brother, were killed when a sticky bomb attached to their car exploded in the Shirqat District, according to Jabbar Al-Mamouri, a PMF commander. [Mawqif]


Two Daesh terrorists were shot dead in Shirqat by unidentified armed men, a security source in Salahuddin said. [Maalomah]


The Salahuddin Governor says 76 families who escaped from Shirqat and were trapped near a checkpoint in Kirkuk Governorate were allowed to enter Kirkuk and are now being transported to Tikrit. [Sumaria]


A video of civilians escaped from Daesh in Shirqat [Ghadeer]



The PMF command says it found a large tunnel inside Baiji oil refinery used by Daesh to evade airstrikes. [Mawazin]



Daesh says its terrorists launched a large attack on Iraqi forces in the Samarra Dam area and captured parts of the dam and 3 barracks, including the Algeco compound, killing or wounding “tens” of Iraqi soldiers and destroying 3 Humvees. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. This story is inherently confusing, due to geographical complications. Samarra is close to the Anbar border, and across the desert from Falluja. The Samarra Dam is actually west of Samarra. The Algeco (Al Ain General Contracting) compound mentioned in Daesh’s story is closer to Thirthar, which is definitely in Anbar, north of Falluja. This Daesh report therefore clashes with the media reports we summarized above under Falluja, which were reported as victories for government forces. Sorting the truth out may take time. At the least the Daesh report challenges the account in the other reports.

Daesh publishes photos of shelling Iraqi forces with mortars west of Samarra. [JustPaste]



A Turkmen family of two men, two women, and two children were kidnapped by unidentified armed men in Tuz Khurmatu, a security source said. [Ghad]


Southern Salahuddin

Army helicopters killed 12 terrorists in a raid on Mkaishifa, IWMC said. Among the terrorists killed were Jafar Hussein al-Khadawi, Abu Sabah Al-Khadawi, Abu Humam Al-Tunisi, the commander of suicide bombers of Falluja, and a Chechen leader. Two assault vehicles and 8 car bombs were also destroyed. [Baghdadia]




Unidentified armed men shot and killed a lawyer in Khalis District northeast of Baquba, a police source said. [Maalomah]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Three PMF fighters were killed by unidentified gunmen while conducting a search operation in Al-Zor orchards in Muqdadiya, a security source said. [Mada]


Daesh terrorists attacked a PMF checkpoint on the road leading to Asewed village in Muqdadiya, killing three and wounding two PMF personnel, a security source in Diyala said. [Sumaria]


Northern Diyala

Daesh publishes photos of an attack on the Imam Wais police station in Saadiya. [JustPaste]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked an Iraqi Army convoy in Mansouriya, killing two soldiers. [JustPaste]


Daesh says it detonated 3 IEDs on a joint Iraq Army and police patrol in Udhaim, destroying 2 vehicles and killing five soldiers and wounding six. [JustPaste]



Iraqi air force F16s launched an airstrike on Hawija, destroying several targets including terrorist gatherings, a car bombing workshop, and a headquarters, killing “tens” of terrorists in the process. [Mada]

Daesh publishes a video of the results of yesterday’s bombing on Hawija. [A3maq]


40 Daesh vehicles fled from Hawija, taking advantage of the bad weather, a security source said. The vehicles headed towards Mosul. [Maalomah]


17 suspects were arrested in a search campaign in Kirkuk that included hotel residents, Kirkuk security source said. [Sumaria]


Two videos of Peshmerga fighters securing families escaped from Daesh in Hawija [YouTube] [YouTube]


Daesh publishes 2 photos of its road work in Hawija. [JustPaste]


A source in Kirkuk criminal court says the court sentenced 2 Daesh members to 15 years in prison. [Sumaria]




Sheikh Nazhan Al-Lahaibi, commander of tribal mobilization in South Mosul, says his fighters are ready to liberate Mosul but the central government is delaying their action. He said that Daesh lines are less than 1800 meters away from theirs, and that mobilization fighters are getting bored of waiting and may start to desert. He says they might initiate their operations by themselves if Baghdad keeps delaying. [Shafaq]


A security source in Mosul reported several airstrikes by the Coalition on selected targets in Mosul, including the Mosul Customs Police headquarters in the Al-Arabi neighborhood, where 4 terrorists were killed and 20 wounded, in addition to Al-Shuhada neighborhood, presidential palaces, and Mosul University, killing 13 and wounding 8. Another attack destroyed a weapons storehouse in Al-Hot village in Qayara. [IraqPress]


A Coalition air attack killed seven Daesh doctors as it hit a building used as a medical center near Al-Kindi Establishment in north Mosul, a Ninewa Police source said, adding that most of the doctors killed are from Libyan and Syria. [BasNews]


Daesh arrested 8 Kurdish families, including women and children, in Al-Zahra neighborhood in east Mosul on charges of providing Peshmerga forces with information. [BasNews]


Daesh executed 4 members of the Naqshbandi movement in the center of Mosul, KDP sources said. The reason seems to be related to division of money, the source said. [Mada]



180 Turkish soldiers, armored personnel carriers, and artillery pieces arrived at the controversial Zilkan camp near Bashiqa, according to informed sources. They entered the country through the Ibrahim Al-Khalil border point in Dahuk, the source said. [Maalomah]

The spokesman of the self-titled National Mobilization Forces, Mahmoud Sorachi, denied the reports and said no new Turkish troops arrived. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. Sorachi learned his lesson from the last time, when he cheerfully exposed the arrival of Turkish troops and was supposedly fired and arrested! Yet, we still see him talking.

Atheel Nujaifi, the former Ninewa governor, also denied the reports and said there are no Turkish troops inside the camp but only outside the camp to stop any Daesh attack. He also says there is coordination with the Coalition and that American and Canadian military personnel visit the camp regularly, but they are not based in it. He says there is an agreement between the Coalition and the Turkish troops in Bashiqa to repel any potential Daesh attack on the camp. [Sumaria]

Notwithstanding the denials, an “informed source” says an average of 200 Turkish soldiers per day is entering Iraq and that their total is now over 3,000, fully equipped. [IraqPress]

Sorachi also said that he has confirmed information that US troops are coming to the area, and that there is a Turkish-US coordination to liberate Mosul. He added that since the war on Daesh is an international one, global participation in liberation of Mosul is welcome.  [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. This is another story difficult to evaluate. It seems unlikely that the Turks would actually increase its troops in Bashiqa after the huge international issue created by the troops already there. Sorachi is a disreputable spokesman, as is Nujaifi. Sorachi is now saying the so-called National Mobilization Forces are part of an international force that includes the Americans.

    Still, this continuing scheme against Iraqi sovereignty among Erdogan, Barzani, and the Nujaifi-led separatists remains a big concern. The spokesman role of Sorachi, a Kurd, is itself indicative of the larger scheme. It is worrisome too that major media have not covered this story.


Peshmerga artillery shelling of Daesh positions in Bashiqa killed 12 terrorists, a Ninewa police source said. [BasNews]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Peshmerga forces repelled a Daesh vehicle bomb attack on their defensive tunnels in Qaryat Quban village east of Bashiqa, a PUK source said. The vehicle was destroyed by an antitank missile. [PUKMedia]


Daesh executed five young men in Hamidat subdistrict west of Mosul, on charges of refusing to join Daesh, according to a subdistrict source. [Maalomah]


Eyewitnesses spoke about American soldiers landing in Hamidat and Mahalbiya subdistricts west of Mosul in two Chinook helicopters.  [Maalomah]

In a separate report, security sources said the operation was at Tal Afar airport, where 9 US helicopters participated. The airport is an important base for Daesh. The 30-minute operation resulted in killing 3 men and arresting seven Daesh leaders, two of them Libyans. [Shafaq]


Other Governorates  


A Gorran CoR member says Kurdistan doesn’t have the basic requirements to establish a state and that Barzani wants to announce independence hastily in order to write down his name in history. She says establishing a Kurdish state is dear to all Kurds, but it needs more time. She also says corruption and violations against the rule of law are even worse than in Baghdad. [SotKurdistan]


The KRG President Masoud Barzani met with the Ninewa Governor to discuss the liberation of Mosul. According to a statement from Barzani office, they agreed on “considering the demographic situation in Ninewa” and on making the necessary arrangements to preserve the people of Ninewa from new crises and disasters. [Rudaw]

DaeshDaily comment. Which means what, exactly?



Basra. A well-armed military unit of 240 soldiers arrived in Basra from Baghdad to support local police in enhancing security and law and order in the city. This force will stay in Basra permanently, according to a provincial council statement. [Sumaria]

The Chairman of the Basra Provincial Council says the crime rate decreased 80% in Basra since the recent security campaign. [Mada]


Maysan. 16 persons were arrested in a security campaign in Majar Al-Kebir District in Maysan, which also captured weapons, explosives, and several unlicensed cars. [AIN]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Residents of Shaddadi south of Hasaka are paying as much as $3,000 US dollars to take the journey toward the Iraqi border to take refuge in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR). The journey is long and dangerous given that Daesh has forbidden residents to leave the city without nominating a sponsor (who stays behind and bears the risk of the person not returning). According to a resident, the costly microbus journey leads to Bashiqa in Ninewa, where Turkish troops are stationed, after which the refugees must decide whether to seek to reside in the IKR or travel onward. [ARA]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Turkish artillery fired heavy barrages across the frontier into Syria in support of the Sultan Murad Brigades, in battles with Daesh in border areas north of Aleppo. One activist said the allied Syrian opposition militias received support from Coalition air raids. Battles are still ongoing the activist said. [ARA]


Daesh has continued its withdrawal from the countryside east of Aleppo, retreating from Tal Al-Hattabat south of Al-Bab in the face of the advancing Syrian Army, according to local sources. Russian warplanes struck Al-Bab and Tadif east of Aleppo, killing three people and injuring an unknown number of others, locals said. [ARA]


Daesh arrested over 30 people in Manbij in raids on internet cafes, alleging that the detainees are passing information and photos to the Syria Democratic Forces. [Hawar]


Female Daesh patrols arrested approximately 30 women in Jarabulus, after beating them in the streets, on charges of not wearing appropriate clothing according to Daesh’s interpretation of Islam, eyewitnesses said. [ARA]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling Nasrallah and Al-Aboudiya villages northeast of Kowaires airbase with 160mm mortars. [JustPaste] [JustPaste]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

A man nicknamed Daesh’s “emir of pornographic films” has safely left Damascus in a deal reached between Daesh and the Syrian government to evacuate Daesh fighters south of the capital. The Daesh fighter, known as “Abu Sayah Farrama” earned that nickname when Jaysh Al-Islam reportedly uncovered a stash of pornography, alcohol, and cigarettes in his headquarters in 2014 (video). [ARA]


The Jaysh Al-Islam armed group has released a video narrating its purported efforts and plans to expel Daesh from areas south of Damascus, including Yarmouk Camp and nearby districts. In the video, the group says it is more focused at this time on eliminating the Daesh presence than the Assad regime, and alleges that Daesh is functioning as an ally of the regime. [Erem] The video can be viewed here with English subtitles. [JaishAlIslam].


Daesh fighters battled with Al-Nusra Front militants in the Qalamoun area on the Lebanese-Syrian border, according to media reports which cite casualties on both sides. Daesh reportedly advanced into Nusra-held territory in the battles, seizing hilltop sites east of Arsal. [Hawar]


Syrian Army troops with Russian air support battled with Daesh fighters in Al-Qaryatayn east of Homs on Wednesday. [Qasioun]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Russian warplanes killed 18 civilians and injured “tens” of others, in bombing raids on Muhaymayda village west of Deir Ez-Zor, local sources said. Russian planes killed another six civilians and injured an unspecified number of others in bombing raids on at least six other sites north and west of Deir Ez-Zor city. [Qasioun] [ARA]




Neighboring countries


Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has accused Turkey of supporting Daesh logistically, and through other illicit means, in a joint press conference with his Greek counterpart in Athens. Cihan notes that the remarks come at a sensitive time in Turkish-Israeli relations and threaten to disrupt the recent attempts at patching over the differences between the two states. The Greek defense minister, who was present with Ya’alon at the press conference, struck a similar note yesterday, saying that Daesh has been transporting oil into Turkey. [Cihan] [Hawar]

DaeshDaily comment: Turkey is certainly an easy target for accusations related to Daesh but the minister’s allegations should be taken with a pinch of salt as Tel Aviv and Ankara continue to renegotiate their relationship, and as Turkey jockeys for influence in Gaza.


North Africa


Five Egyptian soldiers were killed and another 12 injured when an IED exploded on their vehicle in the Al-Midan area west of Arish, security sources said. [ElWatan]


An Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis sniper used a rifle fitted with a silencer to shoot an Egyptian soldier dead at a checkpoint south of Rafah on Tuesday evening, a North Sinai security source said. Two civilians were injured when a mortar shell landed on a home west of Rafah, the same source said. [ElWatan]


Eyewitnesses in multiple cities of North Sinai, including Rafah, Sheikh Zuweid, and Arish, report heavier than usual presence of military aircraft in the skies. Residents of Sheikh Zuweid report sounds of explosions and gunfire in what appear to be search and clearing operations by Egyptian troops. Residents of Arish report new checkpoints and heavier troop deployment around the city, especially in the area spanning from central Arish toward the Mediterranean coast. [ElWatan] [ElWatan]


Egyptian anti-terrorism troops killed a high-ranking Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis commander in central Sinai, after besieging him and another Ansar leader in the Jabal Al-Kharm Mountain, a North Sinai security source said. In an intense firefight that ensued after Egyptian troops encircled the site, the Ansar leader identified as “Atallah Salama Rteima” was killed while the other escaped into the desert and is being pursued by Egyptian troops, the source added. [ElWatan] [VetoGate]


A member of Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis was killed on Wednesday when an IED he was planting in Arish exploded prematurely. [ElWatan]


Wednesday’s arrest campaign in North Sinai netted eight suspects, according to updated figures. [VetoGate]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked an Egyptian Army patrol with light and mid-size weapons on the road between Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid. [JustPaste]



A video of 2 boys, 15 and 16, by the Shura Council of Mujahidin in Derna. The boys were recruited by Daesh to detonate a car bomb near a school, but ran away. [YouTube]


Correction: We are retracting a story reported yesterday about a Daesh attack by sea on oil facilities in Libya after an astute reader pointed out the similarities to a story we reported two weeks ago. After looking into the reporting by other Libyan news outlets we agree with the reader that this appears to be “circular reporting” of the earlier attack and not a new attack.



Tunisian anti-terrorism authorities have broken up a cell in the city of Bizerte that was recruiting Tunisians to travel to join Daesh in Syria and Libya, the Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday. The statement said that the detainees confessed to preparing to travel to Sirte to join Daesh. [Arabiya] [Aawsat]



Algeria’s civil aviation authority has suspended flights between its territory and Libya’s Tripoli airport after the arrest of hundreds of Moroccans bound for Libya last week whom Algiers alleges were trying to join Daesh. The authorities did not announce when flights would resume. [AfriGate]




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