An Update On ISIS Activities


June 20, 2017







Daesh members reported returning to Ramadi. [..]

Mosul legislative leader says Daesh families will be expelled. [..]

CTS, IFP troops gain ground in Old City standoff. [..]

Tal Afar airstrike kills top Daesh commander & five other commanders. [..]

Turkmen, Christian factions in Nineveh Plain reject KRG independence referendum. [..]


SDF blasts government interference in Raqqa; clashes with Syrian Army. [..]

SDF moves into central Raqqa; fends off Daesh counter-attacks. [..]

More US troops arrive in Al-Tanaf in southeastern Syria. [..]


Daesh captures several police stations in northern Afghanistan. [..]





Speaking from Tehran, Prime Minister Al-Abadi says Iraq is in the final stage of the Daesh period, after which it will turn to an economic uprising. [Sumaria] 

During Al-Abadi’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the two countries agreed on forming a coordinating council to upgrade relations between the two countries. They also agreed on cooperating to confront terrorism and abandon radical and sectarian thought. Both countries agreed on confronting Daesh and terrorism in general. [Anadolu]


The Coalition says it conducted 7 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in or near Mosul (4), Hawija (1), Baiji (1), and Tooz (1). [InherentResolve] 



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.)

The North Baghdad Operations commander says his troops defused a vehicle bomb on the road between Baghdad and Samarra (video). [Sumaria] 


Daesh says its snipers killed three Iraqi soldiers in the Al-Tabi area near Tarmiya. [ICDNJune20]


Security units found a Daesh guesthouse in the Al-Tabi area and confiscated 3 IEDs and other explosives. Security units also defused a booby-trapped house in the Al-Salman area. [MoD Website] 


Northeast (Adhamiya, etc.)

A police source says gunmen attacked a private generator owner with silenced guns, causing him severe wounds in Al-Shaab city. [Ghad]


Southeast (Mada’in, etc.)

A police source says an IED explosion wounded two civilians in Al-Bawi, in Mada’in. [Sumaria] 


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The MoD says 55th army brigade found a weapons cache and destroyed an IED in Arab Nora, while 23rd army brigade found an ammunition cache in Haramcha and arrested a man wanted on terrorism charges in Shakha 7. The 22nd army brigade found a large ammunition cache at Kilo 12. [MoD Website]


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

A police source says an IED explosion in Radwaniya wounded a man and a child. [Ghad]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   9(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   5




The MoI says 6th IFP brigade arrested two terrorists in Ameriyat Al-Falluja subdistrict and captured 30 rockets and a vehicle used to transport ammunition. [Ghad]


Daesh says it killed two Iraqi service members and wounded another with an IED in the Al-Arsan area in Zoba’a on Monday. [ICDNJune20]


Security units found a Daesh guesthouse and an IED factory in the Shahabi area in Qarma. [MoD Website] 



A Ramadi tribal leader says tens of Daesh members have returned to several areas in Ramadi, especially in the Albu Dhiab and Albu Shaaban areas. He asks the Ramadi District Council to authorize removing Daesh families. [Sumaria] 

Daesh says it killed a police officer and a policeman with an IED in the Albu Dhiab area on Monday. [ICDNJune20]



Daesh says it killed two PMF fighters and wounded others with an IED in the Al-Sukhnah area, west of Hit on Monday. [ICDNJune20]



PMFs repelled a Daesh attack from Al-Qa’im District, north of the Al-Waleed border post. Attacking personnel withdrew after heavy losses. [Sumaria] 

Daesh’s version says it launched a surprise attack on an Iraqi Army brigade headquarters near Al-Waleed on Monday morning, killing seventeen soldiers, destroying 31 vehicles, and capturing 3 vehicle carriers, a bulldozer, and a car.  [A3maq]

Here Daesh says it captured 2 personnel carriers and 2 bulldozers. It also says its terrorists returned back safely. [ICDNJune20]




Salahuddin Operations command says its units found 6 Daesh tunnels in Shirqat and destroyed two of them. [MoD Website]


A security source says a sticky bomb attached to a Daesh combatant’s car wounded him and killed his father sitting next to him. The combatant works for the Daesh security office. [Sumaria] 



MoD says army units blocked a Daesh attack on the defense line in Harariyat, killing 3 combatants and destroying 2 vehicles. [MoD Website]



A PMF commander says his units killed 10 Daesh terrorists in the Al-Hamra area, north of Tikrit. He says the terrorists were planning to sneak into Tikrit and conduct suicide attacks during Eid. [Sumaria] 


Salahuddin Operations command units found and destroyed 26 IEDs in Shishin valley and Dayoum near Tikrit. [MoD Website]


Salahuddin Operations command says total families returned to their homes in various parts of Salahuddin are now at 141,912. [MoD Website]

DaeshDaily comment. This number is moving up very gradually. The more useful information would be how many have not returned, creating meaningful percentages for returnees and displaced persons.


6th army brigade rescued a group of 12 Tribal Mobilization fighters besieged by Daesh behind Speicher camp in Tikrit, killing 12 suicide attackers.  [Mawazin] 


Eastern Salahuddin (Al-Daur, Tooz)

Daesh attacked 5th Peshmerga brigade on the Zarqa-Khurmatu-Tikrit road, killing one Peshmerga soldier and wounding 3. The battle lasted for one hour and ended with several Daesh combatants dead and the retreat of the others towards Hawija, Riyadh, and Rashad. [Ghad]

Daesh’s version says it attacked Peshmerga positions on the road between Tuz Khurmatu and Tikrit, killing or wounding many fighters, destroying 3 military positions, and capturing weapons and ammunition. [ICDNJune20]


A spokesman of the Tooz District Mayor says an Asayesh member was arrested after being accused of leaking information to Daesh. [BaghdadToday] 



Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

Commander of Diyala Operations says army units blocked a Daesh attack on checkpoints near Udhaim Dam without suffering any casualties. [Ghad]



Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

A local source says unidentified gunmen beheaded the cameraman of Daesh A3maq news service in an agricultural area near Riyadh subdistrict. [Sumaria]


Daesh says it killed three Peshmerga fighters and wounded two in the Jabal Rabidha area, west of Hawija. [ICDNJune20]


A DaeshDaily source says Daesh executed 4 of its Kurdish commanders in Hawija after catching them trying to flee to Peshmerga-controlled areas with large amounts of money. 


A DaeshDaily source says Daesh rule has forced people in Hawija to give up half of their cattle because of lack of financial resources.  




The Chairman of the Mosul District Council says the council will not accept families coming to Mosul District from other districts. He also says Mosul will expel from the city the families whose members joined Daesh. [BasNews] 

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh families are already being excluded from Qayara, a Mosul subdistrict. Their likeliest response is to move to Mosul city, where they are less likely to be recognized. That won’t please people in the city. 

The Chairman’s statement is significant if he is speaking for the entire council. It sounds good at one level but raises the question of what will happen to those who are forced to leave, likely a very large number of people. Iraq will have to take care of most of them somehow, mostly at government expense. In general, it seems unlikely that Iraq can afford to let local governments force people into displacement on their own authority. It needs to develop a common policy. Moreover, we don’t know of a constitutional provision that would allow punishment of people based on the behavior of their relatives. There is precedent in Iraqi law, however, which allows the government to exclude people if petitioned by citizens. This has been frequently applied. This is exactly what is happening in Qayara.


Mosul liberation campaign

A French journalist wounded by a Daesh IED yesterday has died in Mosul, says France’s Foreign Ministry. [IraqPress]


Central Mosul

Reports from Mosul say there are about 300-400 terrorists from the Caucasus deployed by Daesh near the Grand Mosque, and about an equal number of local fighters. Daesh is preventing civilians from escaping the area by terrifying them with mass executions, like the one that took 100 civilian lives near a mineral beverages factory. [Mada] 

A member of CoR security committee says CTS liberated three important downtown neighborhoods after exceptional efforts, namely Sa’a, Meshahda, and Kharaj. He describe these areas as densely populated, with very narrow alleys, saying that many civilian families were saved and heavy losses were inflicted on Daesh. [Sumaria] 


Ninewa Liberation Operations commander says 9th army division liberated an area south of Al-Shifa neighborhood and the Bashtabia Castle. It also captured Maria church, a juvenile prison, the 5th bridge, and the Ninewa health office, killing 15 Daesh fighters. [Ghad]

With the liberation of the 5th bridge, all bridges connecting east to west Mosul are now under the army’s control. [PressIraq]


Ninewa police say Iraqi army units liberated the Dakka Baraka and Wadi Lagash areas, killing 30 terrorists including suicide bombers and a commander from Russia. Sources also say Daesh’s deputy minister of journalism, Uday Hamdoun, was killed in an Iraqi airstrike in west Mosul. However, another source says another Iraqi airstrike killed 7 civilians and wounded three others by mistake. [BasNews] 


IFP says it killed 27 terrorists and destroyed 3 Daesh vehicles bombs and 6 motorcycles in battles in Old Mosul. [PUKMedia] 

Commander of IFP says a special IFP unit called the “night fighting regiment” is assigned to liberate the Sarjakhana area in old Mosul.  [Harbi] 


A military source in Mosul says IFP recaptured the Wednesday Market and part of Bab Al-Tob after losing them to Daesh a few days ago. The source says 3 IFP soldiers and 16 Daesh combatants were killed in the battle.

 A CTS commander says elite CTS units will handle the recapture of the Grand Mosque from Daesh—very shortly. [Anadolu]


Commander of CTS says it is a matter of a very short time before announcement of the final victory in Mosul, while the MoD says Daesh is collapsing in Old Mosul. [Harbi] 


A military source says CTS forces eliminated the Daesh Nahawand regiment, formed mainly of Asian combatants. A Chinese Daesh operative was arrested. [Harbi] 


A military source says CTS units killed 18 Daesh terrorists in west Mosul and freed tens of families. [Harbi] 


A DaeshDaily source says the Coalition killed a senior Daesh commander from Chechnya and several other terrorists in an airstrike near the fish market in Old Mosul.


Daesh says it killed twenty-seven Iraqi soldiers and destroyed a Humvee and a bulldozer in battles in the Al-Meshahda and Al-Borsa areas and near the medical compound in Al-Shifa’. It also says its snipers killed thirteen soldiers Al-Shifa, Al-Meshahda, and Al-Zanjili. [ICDNJune20] [ICDNJune20] 

Here Daesh says it killed three Iraqi soldiers and damaged a Humvee near the medical compound. [ICDNJune20]

Here Daesh says it killed thirteen Rapid Intervention soldiers, destroyed a bulldozer and 3 military positions, damaged a Humvee, and shot down a recon drone in Al-Shifa, Al-Zanjili, and near the medical compound. [ICDNJune20]

Daesh says it killed four Iraqi soldiers and destroyed a Humvee near Al-Shifa’ and Bab Al-Beidh. [ICDNJune20]

DaeshDaily comment. The larger Daesh’s military defeats, the more numerous its “victorious” stories.


Daesh publishes photos of a “Shia militia member” being targeted by its snipers near Old Mosul. [ICDNJune20]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting IFP positions near the Bab Al-Tob area with rockets. [ICDNJune20]

Daesh says its snipers killed two IFP soldiers on Kornish Street and in the Nabi Sheeth area. [ICDNJune20]


Southwest Mosul

Daesh issues a video of a destroyed IFP Humvee near Ras Al-Jadda. [A3maq]


East Mosul

A DaeshDaily source says armed men in a civilian vehicle shot and wounded two policemen in Al-Qahera in far northeast Mosul. The source also says another group shot at a police vehicle in Al-Tahrir without causing casualties. The source says Daesh letters were found in several mosques in east Mosul threatening that the “caliphate” will return.  


IWMC says 16th army division arrested Ala Sami Al-Khatib, a presenter on the Al-Bayan Daesh radio station, in Nabi Younis neighborhood, after information from local residents. [Ghad]


Western Ninewa

Tal Afar

A local source in Tal Afar says Daesh is erecting a wall of cars by confiscating civilian cars and placing them in locations where advancing army forces would be expected to enter the city. [Sumaria] 


A security source says an airstrike on Hasan Koy neighborhood in Tal Afar killed 6 Daesh commanders including the military commander of Tal Afar, a European national. The source says there are around 2,000 Daesh terrorists in Tal Afar, many of them foreigners. [Buratha] [Sumaria] 


Daesh says it attacked PMF positions north of Abra Kabira village, west of Tal Afar, killing sixteen fighters, wounding others, and destroying 2 machine gun-mounted vehicles, 3 military positions, and an ammunition storehouse. It also says it killed more fighters by shelling the area. [ICDNJune20]



PMF command says it repelled a Daesh attack on their defense lines near Hatra and destroyed two vehicles while killing several Daesh attackers. [Harbi] 


Nineveh Plain (Bashiqa, Tel Keif, Hamdaniya)

Turkmen Front and Babelyoun Christian movement rejected the inclusion of the Nineveh Plain in the referendum on Kurdistan independence next September. The Turkmen accused the Kurds of trying to divide Turkmen for their own selfish purposes. Babelyoun says Peshmerga did not take part in the liberation of any of the Nineveh Plain areas, which were all liberated by Iraqi forces and PMFs, and thus there is no meaning to such areas participating in the referendum. [ROJ]




The American Center for Law and Justice, A Christian group, accuses Daesh of executing 250 Christian children in Syria, the oldest of whom was 4 years old, using a dough mixer. [Sumaria]  

DaeshDaily comment. Daesh is more than cruel enough to do this, but we have not confirmed this horrible story and are just making note of it. 


Australia suspended its air operation over Syria, following Russia’s warning after the coordination of air movement over Syria was suspended. [Dorar]


A major Syrian opposition figure says ex-US Secretary of State John Kerry told him just before leaving office that the US let the Syrian people down. He says that Kerry told him that the whole world agreed to funnel all terrorists to Idlib before striking them, which could cause Idlib to be annihilated. [Dorar]


The Coalition says it killed Turki al-Binali, the self-proclaimed “Grand Mufti,” or chief cleric, of Daesh, in an airstrike May 31 in Mayadin, Syria.

It says Al-Binali had a central role in recruiting foreign terrorist fighters and provoking terrorist attacks around the world. It also says he provided propaganda to incite murder and other atrocities, attempted to legitimize the creation of the “caliphate,” and was a close confidante of the Daesh leader, Baghdadi. [CENTCOM] 

Daesh social media sources announced the death of Turki Al-Binali in a Coalition airstrike on May 31. Few days later, Daesh announced his death “officially.” [Ana Al-Muslim] [ICDNJune9]


The Coalition says it conducted 8 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, all in or near Raqqa. [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


The pilot of the Syrian SU22 shot down by the Coalition was confirmed to be alive and is currently in a hospital. [Qasioun]


SDF accused government forces of trying to obstruct liberation of Raqqa, saying it would respond in the event of any future attacks on SDF forces by the Syrian Army. [Dorar]


SDF says it recaptured Ja’din village from the Syrian Army, while the Army captured Shuwaihan village. [Qasioun] Ja’din is the village over which the Syrian plane was shot down by the US.


A KRG official says two Yazidi women, a 16-year-old girl, and two children were liberated from Daesh in Raqqa. He says they will reach their families in Sinjar on Wednesday. [Rudaw] 


Raqqa city

Battles continue between Daesh and SDF in west, east, and south Raqqa. SDF repelled a Daesh counter-attack in the Bayatra neighborhood now held by SDF. The fighting intensified in the Barid (post office) and Qadisiya neighborhoods as SDF killed 34 Daesh combatants and destroyed 2 motorcycles. [PUKMedia] 

SDF forces say they are closing in on the Qadisiya roundabout in the heart of Raqqa, where Daesh is fortifying high buildings and tunnels. The roundabout is already under SDF direct fire. [Hawar]


SDF says it killed 76 Daesh combatants while foiling a counter attack by Daesh in the Batani neighborhood in east Raqqa city. It says fighting has now moved to the Romaniya neighborhood. SDF also repelled a Daesh counterattack on the Al-Barid neighborhood. [ARA]

SDF forces found a 1 km Daesh tunnel connecting Dara’iya to the Romaniya neighborhood. The tunnel is 3 meters wide and has many branch tunnels leading to different areas in Raqqa. [PUKMedia] 


Coalition airstrikes near the new bridge in Raqqa killed 5 civilians and wounded others. [Qasioun]


SDF has less than 2 km left to reach the Euphrates River and encircle Daesh from 4 directions in Raqqa. SDF reached the Sheikh Al-Jamal area, and has to capture only Kasrat Affan to finalize liberation of southern Raqqa areas outside the city. [EnabBaladi]


North of Raqqa

A Daesh land mine killed two children and wounded two others, all from one family, in Shanina village, 7 km (4 miles) north of Raqqa. [Hawar]


East of Raqqa

SOHR says three civilians were killed in SDF artillery shelling on Raqqa, while a Daesh land mine destroyed a civilian car, killing its civilian owner in Sahamiya east of Raqqa. [SyriaHR]


South of Raqqa

Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF positions in the Al-Khasrat area south of Raqqa with heavy machine guns. ICDNJune20]

Daesh publishes photos of targeting SDF vehicles with rockets in the same area. [ICDNJune20]

Here Daesh says it destroyed 2 SDF machine gun-mounted vehicles and an SUV with one rocket in Khasra Juma’ village, southwest of Raqqa. [ICDNJune20]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/ Manbij/Jarabulus

Turkey-backed opposition forces based in Jarabulus shelled Al-Sheyoukh village, west of Kobane. [ARA]


YPG says it returned the fire of Nusra front on Atma village near Afrin. [Hawar]

YPG says it and YPJ units repelled a Turkeybacked opposition attack on several villages in Shahba in Afrin, killing 10 and wounding 7 of them. [Hawar]


SOHR says SDF units bombarded opposition positions in Mare’ with heavy artillery, killing one civilian and wounding another. [SyriaHR]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)


Government army says it captured a car carrying a large explosive charge east of Salmiya intended to attack government forces. The car was carrying Mosul number plates. [SyriaNow]


Daesh says it killed two Syrian soldiers and captured a heavy machine gun near Qulaib Al-Thor village, east of Salmiya. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes a photo of the machine gun. [ICDNJune20]



SOHR says government planes shelled Al-Sukhnah and surrounding villages while land battles between government forces and Daesh continue in the perimeter of Arak oil fields and the third station east of Homs. [SyriaHR]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting Syrian Army positions east of Tadmur with heavy machine guns. [ICDNJune20]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting Syrian Army tanks east of Homs with rockets. [ICDNJune20]


Syria says Daesh killed a civilian in a shelling of Masoudiya village east of Homs. [SyriaNow]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

A source says the Iranian missile strike on Deir Ez-Zor left 50 Daesh combatants dead, and that one of the missiles hit a Daesh command center, killing 6 Daesh commanders. [SyriaNow]

Opposition sources say Iranian missile strikes did not hit Daesh targets, but rather hit areas near civilian population gatherings and water crossings. [ZamanAlWasl]


The Syrian government says Daesh has imposed its own currency on all exchange offices in Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaNow]


SOHR says Daesh mortar shelling of government held areas in Deir Ez-Zor killed two civilians and wounded several others. [SyriaHR]

SOHR says Coalition warplanes killed three women from one family in Tibni village south of Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]


Russian planes attacked 6 areas east of Deir Ez-Zor, but no report of casualties was made. [Qasioun]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting 2 Syrian Army cannons with 2 rockets west of Deir Ez-Zor. [ICDNJune20]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal Ramadan life” in Deir Ez-Zor. [ICDNJune20]



Coalition planes attacked the agricultural bank building in Mayadin and 4 other locations in the city. Meanwhile, government planes and artillery attacked Baghailiye neighborhood east of Deir Ez-Zor city. [Qasioun]


SOHR says Coalition planes killed a woman in an airstrike on the Cultural Center in Basira, as well as an Iraqi family in Mayadin. [SyriaHR]


Albu Kamal

Daesh flogged its PR official in Albu Kamal with 100 lashes following an argument with one of Daesh’s fighters regarding confiscation of a house. [SyriaHR]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in Hajin. [ICDNJune20]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

More US forces arrived in the Al-Tanaf border post, some from Jordan and some from Ayn Al-Asad base near Baghdadi, Anbar. Iraqi forces captured Al-Waleed border post opposite Al-Tanaf earlier. [Qasioun]


The US says it shot down an Iranian drone that made a drone strike on US forces. A US F-15 shot down the drone immediately. [Qasioun]


The Coalitionbacked opposition says it inflicted heavy casualties on government forces east of the Syrian Desert. The opposition says it destroyed a tank, an armored vehicle, a cannon and several vehicles. [Qasioun]

The opposition denied any coordination with the Coalition on battles against government forces in the eastern desert. [Qasioun]


SOHR says government forces captured the Bir Al-Qasab area from the opposition. [SyriaHR]




Neighboring countries


Iranian intelligence arrested 40 people suspected of joining Daesh in 4 cities in West Azerbaijan province. [Anadolu]


Other Middle East countries


Daesh says it stopped a Houthi attack in Qifa (photos). [ICDNJune20]


North Africa


A police source says 10 were killed and 15 wounded in a car bomb explosion in a heavily populated area in Mogadishu. [Sumaria] 





An anti-corruption primary court judge was killed after a bomb attached to his vehicle exploded in the Shisham Bagh area of Jalalabad city on Tuesday, according to local officials.

The explosion also injured two brothers of the judge and a pedestrian. [1TVNews] 

Daesh says it killed a judge and two of his associates with an IED in the Shisham Bagh area. [ICDNJune20]


Daesh says it killed an Afghani soldier in the Achin area in Nangarhar on Monday. [ICDNJune20]


Daesh captured 5 police stations in Darzab district in Jowzjan, in northern Afghanistan. The battle for the police stations left 13 Daesh combatants and 8 policemen dead. [Anadolu]

Daesh’s version says it captured 5 Afghani Army positions in Darzab. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says it captured 7 Afghani Army positions in the same area. [A3maq]

It also says it killed eight soldiers and captured two in Darzab. [A3maq]


The Philippines

Daesh says it killed seven Philippine soldiers in battles in the Baling area in Marawi, on Mindanao. [ICDNJune20]




Videos of the Day

Civilians, including children, were wounded by a Daesh mortar while they were trying to escape from Old Mosul. [Mawsleya]


Iraqi forces advance and secure civilians in old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya] [Facebook]


Iraqi Army 9th division clears Hay Al-Shifa. [Mawsleya]


Civil Defense units work hard in west Mosul. [Mawsleya]





Daesh Audio Newsletter for Today [Bayan]




June 19, 2017


Old Mosul (Sumaria)






Al-Abadi on three-nation diplomatic trip. [..]

CTS, IFP soldiers move into Old City. [..]

IFP defeats large vehicle bomb counter-attack by Daesh. [..]


Syrian troops attack SDF south of Tabaqa. [..]

Russia threatens US over shooting down Syrian plane. [..]

Iran launches six medium-range ballistic missiles against Daesh in Deir Ez-Zor. [..]


Van driver mows down pedestrians outside London mosque. [..]

Female suicide attackers kill 12 in Nigeria. [..]






Prime Minister Al-Abadi left Baghdad for a regional diplomatic tour that includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran. Al-Abadi’s office says the new Iraqi foreign policy will be based on the national interests of Iraq and on establishing good relations with all regional countries. [ROJ]


Al-Jazeera Saudi paper says Abdul Karim Al-Thani, a member of the ruling family in Qatar, provided his house to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, the former Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, and offered him $1 million dollars and a Qatari passport to facilitate his movement. It also says that Abdullah Al Thani, Qatar’s Interior Minister, hosted 100 radical Afghani fighters at his ranch in Qatar, providing them all with Qatari passports. [Sumaria] 



The BOC spokesman says the IFP arrested a “roving” Daesh terrorist who tours Iraqi provinces. He says he was on the police list before his arrest in Baghdad. He also says the area of arrest was not specified. [Ghad] 


The Coalition says it conducted 7 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in or near Mosul (4), Baiji (1), and Kasik (2). [InherentResolve

Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

A police source says one Tribal PMF fighter was killed and two others wounded when a roadside IED exploded on their vehicle in Hor Al-Basha. [Sumaria]  


East (Sadr City, New Baghdad, etc.)

A Tribal PMF commander says security units captured a Daesh finance officer in Zayouna. He says the terrorist had fled Falluja and was living in Baghdad with a fake ID. [Etejah]  


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

The BOC says 24th army brigade found 5 mortar shells and detonators in Sayafiya. [Ghad] 


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

A Military Intelligence source says Iraqi Army 6th division arrested two dangerous terrorists in Abu Ghraib. [Ghad] 

The BOC says Iraqi Army 24th brigade found 2 IEDs and 27 mortar shells, among other munitions, in the Arab Jalub and Al-Nasr wa Al-Salam areas. [Ghad] 

The BOC says its special units found and destroyed 25 IEDs in Annaz. [Ghad] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   5(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents reported:   3




The Mayor of Rutba says border guards and PMFs are now holding 80 km of the border north of Al-Waleed toward Qa’im. Al-Waleed border access was captured by PMF and Tribal Mobilization forces on Saturday. [Sumaria] 


The manager of Al-Waleed subdistrict says military reinforcements arrived in the subdistrict to secure the area and to prepare for military operations on Daesh in nearby areas. [Sumaria]  




Local sources say 4 sticky IEDs exploded targeting Daesh vehicles in Shirqat. He says the explosions did not leave casualties but caused a state of panic in Daesh ranks. [Sumaria]


A security source says Iraqi forces destroyed a Daesh vehicle in the Makhoul Mountains with a Kornet rocket, killing 10 terrorists. [Sumaria]  



Daesh says its snipers killed two PMF fighters in the Allas oilfield. [ICDNJune19]



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

A CoR member from Diyala says most of the recent Daesh attacks were conducted by Daesh’s Ashbal Al-Khilafa, young boys who were trained to become suicide bombers. [Sumaria]


The Dijla Operations commander says it foiled 7 Daesh attacks, saving tens of lives in operations that were not announced to the public. He also praised the role of intelligence services in blocking these and other attacks. [Sumaria] 


Northern Diyala (Kifri, Khanaqin, Khalis north)

Diyala Police stopped an attack by a 15 year old suicide bomber on a bicycle who targeted a Shia mosque in Qara Tapa with an explosives belt and an IED. The police killed the attacker near a coffee shop before he could initiate his attack. [Ghad] 


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

Diyala Police say they captured an explosives cache hidden in a house in Bargha, south of Baquba. It also defused 2 IEDs in Mandali and arrested 9 persons on terrorism charges in various parts of the province. [Ghad] 




The Kirkuk Government says Daesh’s continued attacks on Tooz and the Himrin Dam will increase the influx of Daesh combatants to these areas after the expected defeat in Mosul. [ROJ]


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

IWMC says the IAF destroyed a Daesh hideout in Al-Abbasi subdistrict, killing 15 terrorists. [Sumaria]  


In an unprecedented step, Daesh terrorists in Hawija are using new seals that do not carry the term “Islamic State”. The reasons for this change is unknown. [Sumaria] 


A local source in Hawija says Daesh banned the use of the phrase “Layla Alwi, a term locally used by its terrorists to describe a type of Toyota 4WD. Layla Alwi is an Egyptian actress whose large eyes resembled the wide front lines of the car. Daesh considered the use of such terms non-Islamic. [Sumaria] 




Mosul liberation campaign

Central Mosul

Joint forces entered old Mosul neighborhoods in the final stage of the battle to overtake Daesh’s only remaining Mosul territory. The IFP and Rapid Intervention units broke Daesh defense lines under intense rocket shelling, killing 15 terrorists, including the Daesh official in charge of checkpoints and gates, capturing the Civil Defense building, and destroying 3 vehicle bombs. CTS forces are advancing on foot in densely populated neighborhoods, following Coalition airstrikes on Daesh targets. A CTS commander says they had hoped to finalize the battle before Eid holidays, but the battle is taking a bit longer. [Mada] 

The MoD says Iraqi units are using loudspeakers to call on the remaining Daesh combatants to surrender. [MoD Website]


The IFP commander says Iraqi forces are in fierce battles with Daesh in Old Mosul. He says Daesh booby-trapped houses, electricity poles, and sewer pipes. He says IFP troops advanced in the area and captured several alleys. [Ghad] [Harbi]


The IFP say its troops are 500m away from Farouq Street in the heart of old Mosul, and they are advancing to recapture a church and a mosque in the Bab Al-Beidh area. [Ghad] 

The IFP says it liberated a mosque in Old Mosul and killed Abu Bak Al-Masri, an Egyptian Daesh commander, in Bab Al-Jadid. [Ghad] 


The IAF dropped over 500,000 leaflets on remaining Daesh-held areas in old Mosul, providing instructions to its population to keep away from Daesh targets and make use of safe routes opened by the army to avoid being used as human shields. [BasNews] 


A security source says tens of Daesh combatants surrendered themselves to army units in the Old City. [Mawazin] 

The number reported to have surrendered is said to be 48. [PressIraq]


Sources in Mosul say a Kurdish correspondent for a western news agency was killed and three French journalists wounded while covering battles in west Mosul. [Ghad] 


France 24 says French journalist Stephan Villeneuve has been killed after a mine exploded in Mosul. He headed the news department at a public broadcasting station.

Two other French journalists were injured in the explosion in Mosul, which also killed Kurdish reporter Bakhtiar Addad, according to France 24 and global journalist rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders. [France24] 


Daesh says it damaged an Iraqi forces Humvee and an armored vehicle with 2 rockets near Kornish Street. [ICDNJune19]


Daesh issues an infographic about the 8th month of the Mosul battles. It says it killed 690 Iraqi soldiers, conducted 19 suicide attacks, destroyed 92 vehicles, 2 tanks, and 26 recon drones, and damaged 46 more vehicles and 3 helicopters. [A3maq]


The IFP commander says the IFP repelled the largest Daesh counter attack in west Mosul: over 345 combatants that breached the outer defensive lines. He says that all attackers were killed in battle. He also says that IFP units are now 600m away from the Grand Mosque. [Etejah] 


A security source in Mosul says army units killed 4 Yemeni Daesh combatants in a battle in the Old City. [Waradana]


The IFP says it killed 2 Daesh terrorists who were trying to escape the Grand Mosque area. [Waradana] 


North & northwest Mosul

A Military Intelligence source says its units captured a large storage house of materials used to manufacture bazookas in Musherifa Al-Oula in west Mosul. It says that large quantities of launchers and rockets were also found. [Ghad] 


West-central Mosul

A report from Mosul says residents of already liberated areas are looking for their lost cars. It says Daesh used the cars to block Iraqi forces advances or burned them to form smoke screens to block the vision of attacking planes. Police asked the population to report their missing cars just in case they are found intact. [Mada] 


Southwest Mosul

Daesh says Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded mistakenly by an “American” airstrike in the Ras Al-Jadda area. It says it damaged a Humvee in the same area. [ICDNJune19] [ICDNJune19]


Western Ninewa

Tal Afar

A PMF commander says Tal Afar liberation operation will start after Eid Holidays in the coming few days. He also says that regional and international pressure was exercised on the Iraqi government to liberate this important city. [Waradana]


A PMF spokesman says that Tal Afar is surrounded by a 360 degree circle and there is no way out for Daesh terrorists, adding that 80% of persons left in the city are Daesh affiliates. [Waradana]


Saraya Al-Jihad, a faction of the PMF, says an unidentified plane attacked their positions on Tal Abta–Adaya road leaving a 12m diameter and 10m deep hole in the ground without causing casualties. [Ghad] 


The PMF says it blocked a Daesh attack on positions between Ayn Talawi and Maqtal Al-Khanzir west of Tal Afar, killing 4 terrorists and destroying a vehicle and an armored bulldozer. [Harbi] 



A PMF commander says PMF units, supported by the IAF, stopped a Daesh attack near the Syrian border, killing many terrorists and destroying 9 vehicles. [Harbi] 


Daesh says a group of its terrorists attacked and destroyed Iraqi Army positions near the Tal Safouk border crossing, killing three soldiers and wounding others. Daesh says its terrorists returned safely. [ICDNJune19]


Daesh says twelve people from one family, including women and children, were killed by an “American” airstrike on a house in the Tal Al-Jayer area. [ICDNJune19]



Turkey says its planes attacked PKK positions in Al-Zab in northern Kurdistan, killing 6 of them and destroying 2 military positions. [Anadolu]


The PKK said on Saturday it stopped a Turkish Army attack near the Al-Zab area, near the Turkish border, killing twenty-one soldiers. [ROJ] 




A Babel security source says Daesh is restructuring its Jazeera and Janoub wilayats after the dismantling of their stronghold in Jurf Al-Sakhar. He says Daesh is trying to regroup in several places, aiming to continue its activities despite the loss of so many major cities. Security forces intend to coordinate with the tribal sheikhs of these areas to contain this upcoming danger. [Ghad] 




The Coalition issued a statement saying pro-Syrian regime forces attacked the Syrian Democratic Forces-held town of Ja’ Din, south of Tabaqa, wounding a number of SDF fighters and driving the SDF from the town. 

It says a Coalition aircraft conducted a show of force and stopped the initial pro-regime advance toward the SDF-controlled town. 

It says at 6:43 p.m., a Syrian regime SU-22 dropped bombs near SDF fighters south of Tabaqa and, in accordance with rules of engagement and in collective self-defense of Coalition partnered forces, was shot down by a U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet.  It says Ja’Din sits approximately two kilometers north of an established East-West SDF-Syrian Regime de-confliction area. 

Following the pro-Syrian forces attack, the Coalition contacted its Russian counterparts by telephone via an established ‘de-confliction line’ to de-escalate the situation and stop the firing, according to the statement.

The Coalition says its mission is to defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria, and it does not seek to fight Syrian regime, Russian, or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but it will not hesitate to defend Coalition or partner forces from any threat. [InherentResolve] 


The Russian Ministry of Defense announced its suspension of the flight safety agreement with the US over Syria, stating that any object flying over Russian operation zones in Syria will be treated as hostile. This comes after US’s shooting down of a Syrian bomber near Raqqa. Russia called the US to investigate the incident and coordinate with Russian and Syrian government before resuming air operations. [Dorar]


The Coalition says it conducted 15 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near Raqqa (12), Deir Ez-Zor (1), and Albu Kamal (2). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


14 Daesh suicide terrorists sneaked into the Shaddadi area south of Hasaka and attacked SDF positions in the city. The SDF killed 10 Daesh terrorists while Coalition planes eliminated the rest of the attackers. [ARA]

Daesh says US planes killed twelve people from the same family in a strike on Tal Al-Shaer south of Hasaka. [ZamanAlWasl]



Raqqa city

Daesh says it attacked SDF positions in Al-Sina’a in east Raqqa and recaptured most of the area, killing eleven SDF fighters, destroying 2 military vehicles, and capturing weapons and ammunition.  [ICDNJune19]

Daesh publishes photos of battles in Hay Al-Sina’a. [ICDNJune19]


Daesh publishes photos of distributing zakat (Islamic tax) to “poor people” in Raqqa. The photos show hardly anything. [ICDNJune19]


The SDF says it blocked a Daesh counter attack in Al-Barid and Al-Battani neighborhoods, killing 16 Daesh combatants. It says the battles are still ongoing in the two neighborhoods. [PUKMedia] 

Government forces captured Resafa village south of Raqqa after intense battles with Daesh combatants and Ja’idein village after battles with the SDF. [Qasioun]

Government forces captured 5 SDF fighters in Ja’Din village while capturing it from the SDF. [Qasioun]

The SDF denied the government force’s capture of Ja’Fin, saying that it blocked its attacks with the support of the Coalition. [Qasioun]

Coalition planes killed two children near Nawawi mosque in Raqqa. Daesh shelled SDF positions east of Raqqa, killing and wounding several of them. [Qasioun]

The SOHR reported calm on the fronts between SDF and government forces following the shooting down of the Syrian bomber by Coalition planes. [SyriaHR]


Coalition attacks on Haswa junction in the heart of Raqqa left severe material damage without leaving any casualties. [Qasioun]

SDF forces captured Al-Basil roundabout and the Old Bridge of Raqqa where forces advancing from east and west Raqqa are about to meet. Daesh is shelling the area intensively to prevent this linkage. [Qasioun]

The SOHR says the SDF shot down a Daesh drone packed with bombs over its positions in Raqqa. [SyriaHR]

The SOHR says SDF forces lifted the siege from 15 of its fighters captured by Daesh near the Baghdad Gate near old city’s wall. It says Daesh used tunnels to reach points behind the advancing SDF units. It also says one SDF fighter was killed and four wounded in the operation. [SyriaHR]


West of Raqqa

Reports say Daesh eliminated all features of religious diversity in Tabaqa by destroying Shia and Ismailia mosques and shrines, and Christian churches. They say the worship houses that were not destroyed were turned into IED workshops and cattle barns. [Hawar]


The SDF says it rescued three families escaping battle areas west of Raqqa. [Hawar]

A Daesh landmine killed three children and wounded three others in Yaroubia village west of Raqqa. [Hawar]


The SDF says it will respond to government army attacks against its forces if they continue. The SDF also says government planes and artillery attacked SDF forces near the Tabaqa and Euphrates Dam. US planes shot down a Syrian SU22 bomber while attacking SDF forces. The US Army stated it was protecting its allies. [ARA]


Pro government sources say the pilot of the Syrian SU22 plane that was shot down is alive and has reached Syrian Army positions near Raqqa. [EnabBaladi]


The SOHR says the SDF captured Shuwaihan village 4 km north of Resafa, which was captured by government forces on Sunday. [SyriaHR]

The SOHR confirmed the capture of Resafa by government forces. [SyriaHR]


North of Raqqa

The SDF is advancing northwest of Raqqa amid intense fighting between the SDF and Daesh in Sina’a and west and northwest of Raqqa and the Qadisiya roundabout in the heart of Raqqa. [Qasioun]



Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo/Idlib/Deir Hafer

Gunmen killed a leading figure of Tahrir Al-Sham front in Sermin, Idlib while a sticky bomb was found attached to the car of another commander of Failaq Al-Sham in the city. [SyriaHR]


Daesh issues a video of battles near the Draihem area, east of Khansir. [A3maq]


Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/ Manbij/Jarabulus

Kurdish sources say Turkish backed opposition forces shelled Al-Shahba subdistrict in Afrin with over 100 shells, and that YG units fired back. [Hawar]

Kurdish sources say the opposition shelling targeted the IDP crossing village of Qatma and Tal Rifaat city in particular. [Hawar]

The shelling targeted at least 5 Kurdish villages, the Kurdish sources say. [Hawar]

Opposition forces say the SDF killed a civilian and wounded several others in an artillery shelling on Mare’. [Qasioun]

The Turkish Army shelled civilian neighborhoods in Azaz with artillery and rocket launchers, leaving several civilian casualties. [Qasioun]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)


Daesh says it stopped a Syrian Army attack southeast of Sheikh Hilal village, killing 22 soldiers, destroying 2 tanks, and capturing a BMP armored vehicle and 2 other vehicles. [ICDNJune19]

Daesh issues a video of Syrian Army casualties near Sheikh Hilal village, northeast of Salmiya. [A3maq]


Daesh says it killed four Syrian soldiers and destroyed a tank in battles near Aqareb Al-Safi village, east of Salmiya. [ICDNJune19]



Russian planes attacked Sukhnah, 3rd Station and Shumariya Mountains east of Homs. [Qasioun]

Government forces attacked the Daesh held Hawla and Tiba areas while battles on the ground continue in Arak and 3rd Station areas east of Homs. [SyriaHR]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Iran attacked Daesh targets in Deir Ez-Zor province with 6 medium range ballistic missiles. The missiles were fired from Kermanshah and Iranian Kurdistan. The targets were Daesh command centers and car bomb factories in the city. The attack was in retaliation for Daesh’s Tehran attacks earlier. [ARA]


Daesh issued a video defaming the Coalition backed “New Army” in Al-Tanaf. It showed executions of several recruits of that army, saying the US used Rakban Camp as a recruitment location for this army. It designated the recruits as “crusaders shoes” and “dirty Jordanian agents. [ZamanAlWasl] [ICDNJune19]


Daesh publishes photos of distributing food to its wounded terrorists in Deir Ez-Zor. [ICDNJune19]


Government forces bombarded Baghailiye east of Deir Ez-Zor with artillery and planes, while Coalition planes attacked boats crossing Al-Bulayl in Deir Ez-Zor, destroying several boats. [SyriaHR]


For the second day in a row, Coalition planes attacked Mayadin with 6 airstrikes without leaving any casualties. It initiated 4 attacks on Sunday, allegedly killing a family and wounding twelve others as well as killing five civilians in strikes on a police station and several medical centers in the city. Coalition planes also attacked Basira city east of Deir Ez-Zor. [SyriaHR]


A woman in Ashara in Deir Ez-Zor died after learning of the execution of her two sons by Daesh on charges of joining Coalition-backed opposition forces in Al-Tanaf. [EnabBaladi]


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Coalition backed Usud Al-Sharqiya, an opposition faction, says it killed 150 government forces and destroyed 21 different vehicles, 5 helicopters, and 2 MiG fighters since the start of battles in the eastern Syrian desert. [Qasioun]


The Syrian government says its units met the Iraqi forces between Al-Tanaf and Albu Kamal. [SyriaNow]

The Syrian army says it has cut off the Daesh supply line between Al-Qa’im in Iraq and Sukhnah in Syria. [SyriaNow]


The Russian-US- Jordanian sponsored ceasefire in Daraa was extended for 24 hours after the end of the first 48 hour truce, which witnessed the stoppage of operations in general, except for some shelling incidents here and there. [SyriaHR]




Neighboring countries


The first batch of Turkish forces arrived in Doha and started its first training with tanks at the Tariq Bin Ziyad Military Base. [Hawar]


North Africa


Security sources say security units destroyed an Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis vehicle bomb that was heading to attack a barrier in the Kilo 17 area, west of Arish. The sources say security units detected the vehicle before it reached its goal in Arish city. A sniper killed the suicide terrorist who was driving the car. The sources also say a group of terrorists in a truck and on 3 motorcycles where waiting near the barrier to attack after the planned vehicle bomb attack. The sources say security units chased the terrorists and killed 2 of them. [AhlMisr] [ElWatan]




The Philippines

Daesh says its snipers killed four Philippine Army soldiers in 3 areas in Marawi city. [ICDNJune19]



Nigerian Police says 5 female suicide attackers detonated themselves in different places in Borno in northwest Nigeria, killing twelve people and wounding eleven others. [Sumaria] 


Great Britain

UK Police say a car attacked Muslims exiting the Finsbury Park mosque, killing at least one Muslim and wounding ten others. [Sumaria] 



Italian police arrested an Iraqi refuge seeker in Crotone Camp in Italy. The man was said to have been spreading radicalism and openly supported Daesh. [Sumaria]




Videos of the Day

Iraqi soldiers save a baby who was trapped under rubble in west Mosul. [Facebook] 

Iraqi Army 9th division finds a mass grave in Al-Shifa for civilians executed by Daesh because they tried to leave. [Mawsleya]


Iraqi forces capture the Khazraj area in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya]

IFP units advance in Old Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Facebook]


Iraqi soldiers find Daesh documents with photos and names of foreign terrorists. [Facebook]


An Iraqi soldier destroys Daesh vehicle bomb in west Mosul. [Facebook]

Iraqi soldiers have a good time inside a Daesh vehicle bomb. [Sumaria] 


Iraqi soldiers in house to house battles with Daesh in Old Mosul. [Facebook]

Iraqi soldiers save civilians trapped by Daesh terrorists in west Mosul. [Facebook]

Iraqi soldiers intercept desperate Daesh wireless calls in Old Mosul. [Iraqia]


Iraqi soldiers lure a group of Daesh terrorists to a house in Mosul, then an aircraft bombs the house. [Facebook]




Daesh Audio Newsletter for Today [Bayan]


Daesh issues a video report about its coins. [A3maq] 

DaeshDaily comment. Usually, Daesh starts talking about its “currency” when it is about to lose a major area. Daesh forces people to buy its “golden dinar” for $155. It’s another way of stealing money from people.  


June 16, 2017 








Iraqi forces repel a Daesh attack in Samarra. [..]

Iraqi Army 15th division captures more Villages. [..]

Qayara tribes kick Daesh families out. [..]


Russia says it might have killed Baghdadi. [..]

SDF captures more areas in Raqqa city. [..]





Prime Minister Abadi will visit Saudi Arabia on Monday according to the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs. [Sumaria]


KRG’s President Masoud Barzani says the referendum for the independence of Kurdistan will take place at its assigned time. He says the KRG will enter into peaceful negotiations with Baghdad on the issue, and that the referendum is higher than internal differences and all other issues. He also says it should be put into place and then concentrate on solving problems afterwards. [ARA]


The Coalition says it conducted 6 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Iraq, in or near Mosul (1), Haditha (1), Rawa (1), and Kasik (3). [InherentResolve] 




Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

A police source says an IED that was planted fish market in Albu Khaled exploded wounding 4 civilians. [Sumaria] 


A police source says a roadside IED in Al-Taji exploded, killing one civilian and wounding two others. [Sumaria] 


A police source says the body of an unknown man was found shot in Rashdiya. [Sumaria] 


Daesh says its snipers killed a PMF fighter in the Al-Salman area near Tarmiya. [DENJune16]




Iraqi forces captured a man on terrorism charges in the Subaihat area. [MoD Website] 



Iraqi Army 13th brigade captured a person on terrorism charges in Al-Tash Al-Oula. [MoD Website] 


Iraqi Army 13th brigade found 170 IEDs and a rocket and defused 2 booby-trapped houses in the Al-Humaira area, southeast of Ramadi. [MoD Website] 



Coalition planes conducted several airstrikes in the Al-Jazeera area destroying a vehicle bomb near Al-Mudaham village, west of Haditha, and an armored machine gun mounted vehicle near Um A-Hawsh village. [MoD Website] 




The Rutba mayor says 48 families (150 persons), escaped Daesh areas in Anah, Rawa, and Qa’im, and were assisted while passing to Ramadi. [Sumaria] 


A security source says three Border Guards were wounded when Daesh attacked their convoy near Rutba. [Sumaria] 

Daesh says it killed or wounded Iraqi soldiers and damaged an armored personnel carrier in an ambush in the Kilo 40 area north of Rutba. [DENJune16]




A security source says a Daesh female “biter” was killed in an airstrike east of Shirqat. The source says the woman was responsible for Daesh’ “women diwan” in Ninewa before fleeing to Shirqat. [Sumaria] 

DaeshDaily comment. A biter is a Daesh member who bites women who don’t follow Daesh orders.  


Daesh says it targeted a PMF military position in Ain Al-Baidha village south of Shirqat with 2 SPG9 rockets. [DENJune16] 



Iraqi forces destroyed 3 Daesh hideouts in the Harariyat area in Baiji, killing the terrorists inside. [MoD Website] 


Daesh says it targeted PMF positions in Albu Draib village and on the road between Baiji and Haditha with 14 mortars and 4 SPG9 rockets. [DMNJune16] 


Daesh says it destroyed a PMF vehicle with an IED in a market in Baiji city. [A3maq]



Samarra Operations command says its units repelled a Daesh attack in Al-Muthanna neighborhood in Samarra city, killing 4 suicide bombers and 5 other terrorists. [Sumaria] 

Daesh says 5 of its terrorists attacked an IFP battalion headquarters in Samarra city. It says the terrorists killed everyone in the headquarters after 2 hours of battles. It says then the terrorists engaged in a battle with a military reinforcement unit that came to the area, killing or wounding more soldiers. It says 2 of its terrorists were killed while the 3 others detonated their explosive vests.  It says it killed thirty-eight soldiers, wounded ten others, destroyed the headquarters and a weapons storehouse, and damaged or destroyed several military vehicles. [ICDNJune16]

DaeshDaily comment. We just want to ask Daesh why Iraqi soldiers didn’t use their weapons in the headquarters after 2 hours of battles? And why would the military reinforcements, in a city, would arrive only when everyone in the headquarters was annihilated?   



Iraqi forces defused 23 IEDs and confiscated 46 cans filled with explosives in Al-Dayoum, west of Tikrit. Iraqi forces also destroyed 4 IEDs and 4 explosives vest in a nearby area. [MoD Website] 


A joint security force searched several villages in the Tikrit area and destroyed 2 IEDs factories, a booby-trapped house, and 50 rockets and other explosives. [MoD Website] 


A local source in Salahuddin says infighting inside of a Daesh guesthouse in Mtaibija between combatants from Salahuddin and Diyala left 4 combatants killed and wounded. The source says the fighting most likely took place as a result of command issues. [Sumaria] 



Baquba/Southeast Diyala

A source in Diyala says kidnapping and silent ransom demands is a new method adopted by Daesh to fund its activities in Diyala. He says Daesh targets selected persons from welloff families for ransoms. The source says families are often afraid to inform security authorities in fear for their family members’ lives. [Sumaria] 


A PMF commander says his troops killed Daesh operatives and arrested 6 others while planting IEDs on the Mansouria Camp road. [Ghad] 


Daesh says its snipers killed a PMF fighter in Abu Khanzeer village in the Al-Waqf area. [DMNJune16]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

The Diyala Operations commander says a joint army and PMF force ambushed and killed 2 members of the most dangerous Daesh IED placement network in Muqdadiya. [Sumaria] 


A local Diyala official says a Daesh terrorist was killed when an IED he was planting on an agricultural road near Abbara in Muqdadiya exploded. [Sumaria] 


A local source says 3 mortar shells fell in the Al-Dayniya area in Balad Ruz without causing casualties. 



Daesh says it destroyed a CTS an IED in the Al-Nida area in Bald Ruz, killing four soldiers and wounding a general. [A3maq] 


East Diyala

A member of the Diyala Provincial Council says Tribal PMFs stopped a Daesh attack on Al-Dawalib village in the Shirwin Basin area. [Sumaria] 




A security source says Police EODs defused an IED placed on an oil well opening in Dibis. North Oil company confirmed the incident, announcing that an attempt to blow up an oil well was foiled. 


Hawija (Riyadh, Al-Zab, etc.)

A security source says a major female Daesh figure from Diyala was killed with her two sons (6 and 9 years old) by unidentified gunmen in vague circumstances in her house in Hawija. [Sumaria] 


A PMF commander says Daesh kept ID documents from tens of families in Hawija. He says Daesh is preparing for the post Mosul Hawija battle and wants to give the documents to families of its commanders so that these families could avoid persecution. [Sumaria] 


Daesh publishes photos of distributing leaflets in Al-Zab city. [ICDNJune16]


Southwest (Daquq, Rashad, etc.)

A security source says Daquq Police defused 2 IEDs in Al-Mattara village. [Sumaria] 




West-central Mosul

The IFP says it now controls 30 of Al-Shifa’s neighborhoods in west Mosul and is handling Daesh’s long range fire. It says it killed tens of combatants in Al-Shifa and Bab Al-Tob and rescued tens of civilian families. [IraqPress] 


A military source says Coalition planes bombed a Daesh house in the Shaarin are in Old Mosul, killing several Daesh members including a Russian commander. [BasNews] 


A field source says CTS forces entered old Mosul from the Bab Sinjar direction. [Harbi] 


The IFP says it blocked a Daesh counter attack on Bab Sinjar with 3 vehicle bombs, destroying several armored vehicles. [BasNews] 


Military sources say joint forces liberated Grand Suq marketplace of Bab Sinjar in west Mosul. [PressIraq]


The IFP says its forces and Rapid Intervention units are advancing in Al-Shifa neighborhood and may announce its liberation in the coming hours. It says that meanwhile, Iraqi Army 9th division finalized its liberation of Bab Sinjar and is now on the outskirts of Al-Farouq, the first neighborhood in the old city. It also says that Iraqi Army 15th division is steadily advancing in the Tal Afar area. [Forat]


A DaeshDaily source says Daesh executed a lawyer, his wife, and their four children because the family was trying to escape Old Mosul. 


Daesh issues a propaganda video about its battles in Mosul. [ICDNJune16]

DaeshDaily comment. The video is a collection of a relatively old attacks. 


Other Daesh reports (unverifiable)

Daesh says its snipers killed twelve IFP soldiers and wounded two others in different areas in west Mosul. [DMNJune16] 


Daesh says it targeted “Iraqi Army, IFP, and militias” in different areas in west Mosul with 93 mortars and several rockets. [DMNJune16] 


Human conditions in Mosul

The UN says Daesh is still holding over 100,000 civilians as human shields in west Mosul. [Sumaria] 


Mosul Subdistrict 

The Ninewa Liberation Commander says Iraqi Army 15th division cleared Al-Zanazel and Abu Qudour villages. [Harbi] 

Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi Army Abrams tank with a rocket in Abu Qudour village northwest of Mosul. [A3maq]


Saraya Al-Jihad, a Shia PMF, says its units secured three children who were trapped in a landmine area in Muhalabiya. [Sumaria] 


Daesh says it killed several PMF fighters, including a captain, wounded others, and captured an armored personnel carrier in battles in Al-Muwali village. [ICDNJune16]

Daesh issues a video of the battles. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says it killed or wounded several PMF fighters and destroyed 6 armored personnel carriers, 2 Humvees, and a bulldozer in battles in Al-Muwali village. [ICDNJune16]


Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces in Al-Buwair village, killing or wounding several fighters and destroying a Humvee. [ICDNJune16]

Daesh issues an aerial video of the suicide attack. [A3maq]


Western Ninewa

Tal Afar

In an unprecedented action, Daesh cancelled Friday prayer and sermons in all of Tal Afar. It also distributed leaflets to its members, promising them heaven and ferries in case they die in battle. [Sumaria] 



Daesh says it killed two PMF fighters in an ambush near Al-Hamdaniya village, south of Baaj. [A3maq]


Hammam Al-Alil/Shura/Qayara

A member of the Qayara Subdistrict Council says Qayara tribes gave Daesh families an ultimatum to leave the city within 48 hours. He says the families of 234 Daesh victims reached an agreement with tribal leaders to expel anyone who supported Daesh from the city. He says the local government in Qayara is preparing to move 100 Daesh families to displacement camps. [Sumaria]  



A security source says an IED exploded in a mosque in Suleimaniya wounding four people, including the mosque’s imam. [Ghad] 




President Erdogan says the US provided large quantities of weapons to the PKK terrorist group and that their officers and soldiers are advancing alongside the group to Raqqa. He says he warned the US of such cooperation with PKK terrorists during his visit to Washington, repeating that Turkey would seek retaliation after any harassment from such units without prior notice. [Dorar]


The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the US ambassador to Ankara and handed him Turkey’s rejection of the US judicial court order related to the arrest of 12 Turkish security officers. It says that US security was not doing their job properly and allowed protestors to carry terrorist flags while approaching the Turkish embassy. [ROJ]




Russia says its planes targeted a Daesh meeting near Raqqa attended by Al-Baghdadi, and there is a possibility that he was killed in the airstrike. The news is still to be confirmed, considering that this is not the first announcement of its kind. The Coalition says it cannot confirm the report at this time.  [Ghad] 

Russian Ministry of Defense publishes photos of the attack believed to have killed Al-Baghdadi in Raqqa. [SyriaNow]

The SOHR denied any Russian airstrikes on Raqqa on May 28, saying that Coalition forces attacked the city killing fifteen civilians, nine of them from the same family. It also says Coalition planes targeted on Kasrat-Ratla road south of Raqqa on the same day, killing eighteen people including, 10 Daesh combatants. [SyriaHR]


The Coalition says it conducted 29 airstrikes on Daesh targets in Syria, in or near Raqqa (20), Deir Ez-Zor (6), and Albu Kamal (3). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


The YPG says an IED exploded while targeting a YPG vehicle in Ain Eissa, wounding two people, one of them a civilian. [Hawar]



The SDF says after 10 days of the Raqqa liberation operation, 4 neighborhoods were liberated, 312 Daesh combatant killed, and 7 arrested. It also says it lost fifteen fighters and wounded twenty-one in battles.  It says it destroyed several vehicles and motorcycles and a large quantity of weapons, capturing a military barracks, an old castle, and several factories and yards. [PUKMedia] 


The SDF says it killed 22 Daesh combatants in the east and west sides of the city, including several leaders. [ARA]


Sources in Raqqa say the SDF and the Coalition are bombarding Nahdha neighborhood and eight other neighborhoods in Raqqa amid Daesh resistance. The source says that the SDF also attacked Kasrat Sheikh Jomaa village south of Raqqa where battles are continuing. [Qasioun]


The Syrian Government says Coalition planes killed several civilians in its attack on Bayatra neighborhood and Jaraksa mosque in Raqqa. [SyriaNow]


The Syrian Government says Coalition planes killed the reputed Badminton coach Ismail al-Khalif and his family in a strike that hit his house in Raqqa. It also says it killed three civilians in Dhiban village. [SyriaNow]


A DaeshDaily source says Daesh executed 11 of its fighters in Raqqa after accusing them of fleeing battles. 


Coalition planes killed a man and two of his children in an airstrike on Khalid Bin Al-Walid school in Raqqa. It also killed a civilian in an airstrike on Dara’iya. A man was also killed by a Daesh landmine in Mansoura. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says its snipers killed an SDF fighter in Hay Al-Mashlab. It also says it targeted SDF positions in the area with 2 C5 rockets. [DMNJune16] 


Daesh publishes photos of dropping a bomb from a drone on an SDF fighter in Hay Al-Mashlab. [ICDNJune16]


The Syrian Government says its army captured 3 more villages southwest of Raqqa, inflicting heavy casualties to Daesh combatants. [SyriaNow]


The Syrian Government says its forces liberated Al-Thawra field and its water pumping station near Tabaqa, thus reaching the outskirts of the city. [SyriaNow]


The SOHR reports say by capturing Al-Thawra field, government forces are only 14 km away from US and SDF forces in the Tabaqa Military Airport. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it destroyed 3 Syrian Army tanks and a heavy machine gun in a suicide attack with a vehicle bomb in the Safyan field near the road between Raqqa and Ithariya. [ICDNJune16]


Daesh says it destroyed a Syrian Army tank with a rocket in Dhahar Anbaj village, south of the Al-Tabaqa airport. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo/Idlib/Deir Hafer

A commanding figure in Jaish Al-Fath (pro-Nusra) escaped an assassination attempt by an IED in Idlib. His escort and one civilian were killed in the explosion. [Qasioun]


Daesh says it targeted Syrian Army units in Rasm Al-Wahba village east of Khanaser with 60 mortars and 4 SPG9 rockets. [DENJune16] 


Afrin/Azaz/Al-Bab/ Manbij/Jarabulus

The YPG says it keeps repelling Turkey backed opposition attacks on Shirawa subdistrict in Afrin either by responding to artillery bombardment sources or by engaging opposition units in the field. It says that Turkey backed opposition shelling on Afrin villages is continuing day and night. [Hawar]


The YPG says total losses of Turkey backed opposition on various areas of Afrin exceed fifty-two killed. [Hawar]


The YPG says Turkey backed opposition and Nusra groups have shelled Ba Sofan village in Afrin with over 30 artillery and mortar shells so far. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)


The Russian army is reported to start establishing a barracks in Hama, hosting 500 soldiers (photos). The camp has been claimed to be part of Russian endeavors to monitor the escalation limiting areas as agreed upon with Turkey, and is located opposite the opposition forces positions. [EnabBaladi]

Government forces engaged Daesh in fierce battles in Bargouthiya and Latamina east of Hama without recording any advances for either side. Russian planes continued attacks on Daesh held Aqyrbat and its surroundings. [Qasioun]


The SOHR says government forces are now holding over 24 km of Athriya-Salmiya-Raqqa road and are advancing southwest of Raqqa while completing its proposed encirclement of Daesh in Deir Ez-Zor areas. [SyriaHR]


The SOHR reported continued fighting in Salmiya countryside between government and Daesh forces. [SyriaHR]


Daesh says it killed six Syrian soldiers who were attacking Qulaib Al-Thor village east of Salmiya. [ICDNJune16]

Daesh publishes photos of battles east of Salmiya. [ICDNJune16] [ICDNJune16]


Daesh says it targeted 3 villages east of Hama with 12 Grad rockets and 11 artillery shells. [DENJune16]



Government planes attacked Hawla and Talbisa north of Homs accompanied by extensive artillery shelling, causing several civilian casualties. Battles between Daesh and government forces continued on Palmyra-Sukhna road east of Homs where government forces are trying to advance. [Qasioun]


Daesh says it recaptured Dhuhur Al-Ganayem area north of the T4 Military Airport east of Homs after killing six soldiers and destroying an armored vehicle. [Qasioun]


Daesh shelling on pro-government Masoudiya village in east Homs killed two and wounded five. Among the casualties was a major tribal sheikh and a security commander. Daesh positions are now 5 km away from the village. [ZamanAlWasl]


The Syrian Government says it is chasing escaping Daesh units near Arak and surrounding oilfields and are advancing to Mustadira mountains. [SyriaNow]


Daesh issues a video of battles east of Tadmur. [A3maq] 


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Deir Ez-Zor

Syrian Government planes killed three civilians and wounded seven in an airstrike on Marat, east of Deir Zor, while bombing 3 other villages and causing material damage. Battles in the city around the 137th brigade locations continued amid Russian air support. [Qasioun]


An Iranian military source says Deir Ez-Zor is the most important point in east Syria, which could put an end to Daesh’s presence in the whole of Syria. He says Government forces and affiliated militias are preparing for a largescale attack to recapture the city and its surroundings. [Qasioun]


The Syrian Government says it killed several Daesh combatants during attacks on 6 Deir Ez-Zor neighborhoods held by Daesh. [SyriaNow]


The SOHR reported that Daesh toured the villages of west Deir Ez-Zor with the bodies of five SDF fighters killed in the Daesh attack on the SDF in Abu Khashab village between Deir Ez-Zor and Hasaka. [SyriaHR]



US and Syrian sources told the Associated Press that most of Daesh’s main leaders escaped both Mosul and Raqqa and settled in Mayadin city east of Deir Ez-Zor. [Sumaria] 


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

Coalition backed opposition Usud Al-Sharqiya say they destroyed 6 government helicopters in a rocket attack on Al-Bali airport in Suwayda. It also says they killed several government soldiers in this attack as fighting continues near Zalaf city east of Suwayda. [Qasioun]


Daesh says it killed seven members of government supported militias, including an Iranian and an Iraqi commander in Damascus city. [A3maq]






An Israeli police officer has been stabbed to death in what initial reports suggest was a coordinated attack by three Palestinians at two locations just outside Jerusalem’s Old City.

At one scene, two Palestinians were shot dead after opening fire at and trying to stab a group of Israeli police officers on Friday night, police said. At the other, a Palestinian fatally stabbed a border policewoman before being shot dead by police. [Guardian] 

Daesh says 3 of its terrorists conducted an attack in Jerusalem, killing a soldier and wounding others. [ICDNJune16]



Lebanese State Security says it foiled an attempt to announce a Daesh wilayat in Lebanon after arresting a Daesh network. It says the network has been under watch for a while and is commanded by a Palestinian from Ayn Al-Hilwa Camp. It says the network was operating in some unexpected areas of Beirut and Lebanon, and that its proposed Emir was also arrested. It says that there will be more information published on this issue in the coming days.  [Sumaria] 


North Africa


Daesh says its snipers killed five policemen in Arish city on Thursday. [DENJune16]


Daesh says it destroyed an Egyptian Army military vehicle with an IED in Arish city on Thursday. [DENJune16]



Security units captured a Daesh cell of 5 members in Aryanah. [Tunisien]





Daesh says it killed three policemen and wounded an officer in an attack in east Peshawar on Thursday. [A3maq]




Videos of the Day

Iraqi soldiers secure civilians in west Mosul. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]


Iraqi forces secure hundreds of civilians in Hay Al-Shifa. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya] 


Iraqi forces captured Hay Al-Shifa. [Mawsleya] [Mawsleya]


A Yazidi girl was liberated in west Mosul. [Mawsleya] 


PMFs captured Daesh vehicle bombs near the Syrian border. [Mawsleya] 


Iraqi Army 15th division advances toward Tal afar. [Mawsleya]





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