An Update On ISIS Activities

December 6, 2016


Al-Salam Hospital in Mosul


Today’s Major Developments

Agreement reported for 45,000 Sunni tribal fighters to be included in PMF budget. [..]

Daesh reported to blow up historic minaret in Anah. [..]

CTS, Army move toward southeast Mosul and closer to river. [..]

Mosul displaced persons total edges up to 82,000. [..]

PMFs extend control in Tal Abta area near Tal Afar District. [..]

General Dunford confers with Turkey’s military chief at Incirlik. [..]

Syrian Army extends further into east Aleppo as civilian deaths rise. [..]





A Sunni CoR member says an agreement has been reached that 45,000 Sunni tribal fighters would be paid for by the 2017 federal budget. She says this was an alternative to allocating a certain percentage of the budget. [Sumaria] 


The Prince of Kuwait says he supports Iraq’s achievements in the war against Daesh. [Sumaria] 


150 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment have been deployed to Iraq to help in the fight against Daesh 

They’re part of a 500-strong force that’ll train Iraqi and Kurdish forces. [TheBay] 


The Coalition says it conducted 6 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Iraq, in or near Mosul (3), Ramadi (1), Haditha (1), and Rawa (1). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

A security source says armed men shot and killed a policeman in Tarmiya. [Ghad] 

A security source says the bodies of two men were found shot in Taji. [Ghad] 

Iraqi Army 59th brigade found 20 mortar shells in the Albu Dalaf area. [BOC Facebook Page]

Iraqi Army 44th brigade found an explosives cache in Rashidiya. [BOC Facebook Page]


Northeast (Adhamiya, etc.)

A security source says two people were wounded when an IED planted inside a garbage bin exploded in Shaab. [Ghad] 


East (Sadr City, New Baghdad, etc.)

An MoI source said on Monday that two civilians were killed and ten wounded in a vehicle bomb explosion in Sadr City. 

Daesh’s version says sixty Shia were killed and twenty were wounded when it detonated a parked car bomb in Sadr City on Monday. [A3maq]


The BOC says two civilians were wounded when an IED exploded in Baghdad Al-Jadida. [Sumaria] 

Daesh’s version says it detonated an IED on a Shia gathering in Baghdad Al-Jadida, killing three people and wounding seven. [A3maq]


The BOC says one civilian was killed and three wounded when an IED exploded inside a small bus in Zayouna. [Mada] 


West (Ghazaliya, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

A security source says the body of a Tribal PMF fighter was found shot in his vehicle in Ameriya. [Sumaria] 

A security source says four civilians were wounded when an IED exploded near a commercial area in Zaidan, in Abu Ghraib. [Ghad] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:  10 (Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents:   5



Children in displaced people camps in Anbar are getting infected with strange skin diseases. [Sumaria] 



A local source says the southern areas of Falluja city are still filled with Daesh IEDs, rockets, and booby-trapped houses. The source says there are even IED factories in several places. [Mada] 



The Anbar Police Chief says security units raided the Tourist City in Habbaniya and captured 22 men wanted on terrorism and other criminal charges. [Mada] 


The Chairman of the Khaldiya subdistrict council says security units are searching Jazeera Khaldiya and defusing tens of booby-trapped houses and IEDs in order to allow displaced families to return to their houses. [Maalomah] 



A Tribal PMF commander says the IAA destroyed a convoy of 11 Daesh vehicles in the Saqra area. He says the convoy was preparing to attack a security barrier in Haditha District. [Maalomah] 


A tribal PMF commander says PMFs and IFP units captured 3 terrorists2 Iraqis and a Syrianin Haditha District. He says the terrorists were trying to smuggle Babylonian antiquities to Syria. They have contacts in Babel Province with people who provide them with antiquities. [Ghad] 


Rutba/Western Anbar

A Tribal PMF commander says tens of Daesh terrorists are moving their families from Mosul to the Ubaidi area in Al-Qa’im in order to send them to Syria. He says convoys have arrived in the area but the IAA is not targeting them because it has orders not to attack families who are escaping battle areas. [Maalomah] 


A Tribal PMF commander says Daesh rigged several historical sites in Anah with explosives, including an 11th century minaret, in order to destroy them. [Mada] 

A local source says Daesh blew up the Anah minaret. [Harbi] 




A security source says the IAA killed “tens” of Daesh terrorists in the Shirqat desert. He says the terrorists were moving towards Shirqat city. [Maalomah]


A security source says Iraqi forces captured the northern part of Kan’ous village. [Mada] 

Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi forces Humvee with a rocket on the outskirts of Kan’ous village on Monday. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of battles and a suicide attack on the outskirts of Kan’ous village. [A3maq]

Daesh also says it targeted Iraqi forces with more than 40 mortars. [DawaAlhaq]



Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Diyala Police say they defused an IED and captured 6 men wanted on terrorism and other charges in different areas in Muqdadiya. [Ghad] 




A security source says the manager of the government-owned Baba Gurgur Radio, Mohammed Thabet, was shot and killed by armed men in a civilian car while he was driving his vehicle in Hay Al-Urouba in Kirkuk. [Sumaria] 



Daesh publishes 2 photos of distributing CDs that have a statement by its new spokesman in Kirkuk province. [JustPaste]



Prime Minister Abadi says there is no problem concerning the registration of the children who were born while Daesh was in charge in Mosul. [Karemlash] 

DaeshDaily comment. People spread rumors that the Iraqi government won’t register any child who was born while Daesh was in charge. 


The IWMC says IAF planes dropped millions of leaflets on Mosul, Hawija, and Al-Qa’im, promising the defeat of Daesh. [Maalomah] 



Mosul liberation campaign

East Mosul

A CTS commander says CTS troops in the Shallalat area are waiting for the arrival of the Iraqi Army 16th division from the north to close the eastern side of Mosul completely. He also says his troops found a large Daesh weapons and ammunition storehouse in Hay Al-Zuhour in east Mosul. [Mada] 


The IWMC says Iraqi forces have captured 24 neighborhoods in Mosul city so far. [Maalomah] 


A CTS commander says Coalition planes launched 10 airstrikes on Daesh positions in the Sina’a area in east Mosul. [Anadolu] 

A local source says Coalition planes destroyed the Union of Engineers building in the Faisaliya area in east Mosul. The source says Daesh used the building as weapons and ammunition storehouse. [PressIraq]


The Iraqi Army 9th division deputy commander says Iraqi forces captured Al-Salam Hospital, the highest government building in east Mosul and just 1 km away from the Tigris River, and the Educational Hospital. He also says Iraqi forces broke into Hay Sumer in southeast Mosul and captured the College of Medicine. [Rudaw] [SotIraq] 

The Ninewa Liberation commander says Iraqi Army 9th division entered Al-Salam Hospital in east Mosul. [Mada]


The two reports above put Daesh’s ten reports below from the same location in perspective:

Daesh says “American” planes mistakenly targeted Iraqi forces with 2 airstrikes near Al-Salam Hospital in southeast Mosul. [A3maq]

Daesh says it conducted 3 suicide attacks with vehicle bombs on Iraqi forces near Al-Salam Hospital in Hay Al-Wihda in southeast Mosul. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says more than thirty Iraqi service members were killed and 2 BMP vehicles, a Humvee and several vehicles were destroyed in the suicide attacks. [A3maq]

Daesh says it conducted a fourth suicide attack near Al-Salam Hospital, killing five soldiers and destroying a BMP armored vehicle. [A3maq] Here Daesh says 2 of the suicide terrorists were from Mosul and 2 from Syria. Daesh publishes a photo of one of the suicide attackers from Mosul. [DawaAlhaq]

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists who attacked Iraqi forces today in southeast Mosul, returned safely after the impact of the explosion sent him flying. [A3maq]

In other reported action near Al-Salam Hospital, Daesh says it destroyed 2 Iraqi forces BMP armored vehicles and captured a third one [A3maq]; destroyed an Iraqi forces Humvee [A3maq]; and damaged a Humvee and a BMP armored vehicle [A3maq]; 

Daesh issues a video of battles and a suicide attack near Al-Salam hospital. [A3maq]


A CTS commander says the CTS captured Hay Al-Barid in northeast Mosul and advanced toward Hay Al-Muthanna. Local sources say Daesh has started to burn large numbers of tires in Mosul in order to block the vision of Coalition planes. 

Daesh claims it killed at least nine “SWAT members” and destroyed an Abrams tank and 2 bulldozers in a suicide attack conducted by an Iraqi terrorist in Hay Al-Barid. [A3maq] [DawaAlhaq] 


The CTS commander also says the CTS destroyed a Daesh vehicle bomb in Hay Al-Bakr, killing the suicide terrorist. [IraqPress]

However, another military source says twenty-one civilians, mostly women and children, were killed and thirty-five wounded by a different Daesh vehicle bomb that targeted a market in Hay Al-Bakr. [Etejah]  

Daesh issues a video of battles on the outskirts of Hay Al-Bakr in east Mosul. [A3maq]


Counter Terrorism units arrived at the Nabi Yunus shrine close to the Tigris. This was the site of “Jonah’s Tomb,” which Daesh destroyed in 2014. [PressIraq]


A Ninewa Police captain says the Iraqi Army found a Daesh prison in Hay Al-Qadisiya Al-Oula in east Mosul and freed four prisoners. He also says the army found lists of names of civilians who were executed by Daesh in addition to torture devices. [BasNews] 


A security source says Iraqi Army 9th division entered Hat Al-Mithaq and Hay Al-Wihda in southeast Mosul. [Maalomah] 


Local sources say Daesh is forcing people out of their houses in Hay Al-Nour and Hay Al-Muthanna in order to use their houses as military positions. [Mawsleya]


Daesh issues an infographic about Iraqi forces’ casualties in the 7th week of the Mosul battle. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of battles in east Mosul. [DawaAlhaq] 


North and west Mosul

A military source says Coalition planes targeted the Old Bridge in Mosul, cutting off the last road for vehicles between the two sides of Mosul city. [Karemlash] 

Daesh says “American planes” targeted the roads leading toward the bridge with 12 airstrikes. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of the results of the airstrike. The video also shows people complaining about losing the final bridge in the city. [A3maq]


A member of the Ninewa Provincial Council says Daesh forced hundreds of families to move to west side of Mosul in order to use them as human shields. [IraqPress] 


Conditions in Mosul

The UN says more than 82,000 people have left Mosul city since the Mosul liberation operation started. [Anadolu] 

DaeshDaily comment. The pace of displacements seems to have slowed.

Prime Minister Abadi says the Mosul battle is going the right way regarding protection of civilians. He also says he doesn’t expect fast results from the fighting. He says the liberation of Mosul is a matter of time. [Buratha] [Mada] 


Local sources say the prices of food and fuel items increased sharply in Mosul. [Mawsleya]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in Hay Sumer in Mosul city. [DawaAlhaq] 


Hammam Alil/Mosul subdistrict

Southwest of Mosul city, the IFP commander says his troops found a Daesh IEDs factory in Khuwaitala village, southwest of Tal Zalat, and confiscated more than 300 IEDs and 15 rockets. [Harbi] 


The IWMC says Iraqi forces captured the southern part of Tal Abta in far southwestern Mosul subdistrict. [Maalomah] 

A PMF source says the IAA killed 38 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicles in the Tal Abta area. [Mada] 


A PMF commander says PMFs cut off the road between Tal Abta and Tal Afar. He also says PMFs destroyed 6 Daesh vehicle bombs in the area. [Harbi] 



Daesh publishes a photo of an Iraqi suicide attacker who attacked Iraqi forces southwest of Makhmur city. The photo shows a teenager. [StoreUp] 


Northwest (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on PMFs who were trying to advance toward Al-Faisaliya village (also known as Sada) in far southern Tal Afar, northwest of Tal Abta. [A3maq]

Daesh says 21 PMF fighters were killed or wounded and an armored personnel carrier and 3 vehicles were destroyed after a second suicide attack near Al-Faisaliya village. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says the two suicide attackers were from Chechnya. [DawaAlhaq]

Daesh says it destroyed a PMF’s BMP armored vehicle and a tank with 2 rockets in Al-Faisaliya. [A3maq]


Daesh says it destroyed a PMF T72 tank and a BMP armored vehicle with 2 rockets in Al-Salhiya (Mosul) side of the border) and Al-Faisaliya (Tal Afar side). [A3maq]


A Peshmerga sources says they stopped a Daesh attack near Sinjar, killing 7 terrorists and destroying 4 vehicle bombs. [Etejah] 




A security source says Basra Operations Command captured a man, his son, and a woman on terrorism charges in Zubayr. The source says the three suspects arrived in Zubayr as displaced people two years ago. [Sumaria] 




Turkey’s military says the country’s military chief held talks with his U.S. counterpart during a previously announced visit to an air base in southern Turkey.

A brief military statement Tuesday said the meeting took place Monday at Incirlik Air Base where U.S. Gen. Joseph Dunford was paying a “Christmas visit” to American military personnel serving there. The base is home to jets involved in the US-led coalition’s campaign against Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

It was the second meeting by the top Turkish and U.S. military chiefs in the past month and came amid the Coalition’s efforts to help dislodge Daesh from Mosul and development of similar plans for an offensive on Raqqa in Syria. [AP] 

According to the PYD-affiliated Hawar, a similar meeting on November 6 was followed by the start of the SDF’s campaign on Raqqa. [Hawar] 

DaeshDaily comment. However, the Raqqa campaign has subsequently disappeared without official explanation, as Turkey targeted some of the military units expected to participate in it and they seemed to lose interest in the Raqqa campaign after starting it.




The Syrian Network for Human Rights says three journalists were killed during the month of November, one by the government and two by the opposition. It also says the government wounded eleven journalists, the Russians wounded three, and the opposition wounded one. [EnabBaladi]


The Turkish Prime Minister says the Syrian crisis is heading to a solution. The King of Saudi Arabia calls for a political solution in Syria. [SyriaNow] [Tunisien] 


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


A local source says a Daesh leftover land mine exploded on a motorcycle in Al-Hafayer village, south of Hasaka, severely wounding two civilians. [ARA]


Daesh publishes photos of battles with the SDF (called “PKK”) south of Shaddadi. [DawaAlhaq]



The SOHR says Coalition planes targeted Al-Abbara village north of Raqqa, killing three people including a child. [SyriaHR]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo city

An opposition commander says the Syrian Army captured 12 neighborhoods in Aleppo so far. The opposition lost 60% of the areas in controlled in Aleppo. An opposition Civil Defense official says fifty-three people were killed and more than 200 wounded in Aleppo by the Syrian Army and allied militias on Tuesday. So far, 828 civilians have been killed in Aleppo during the last 3 weeks. [Anadolu] 


A local activist says Syrian planes killed fifteen civilians and wounded tens in airstrikes on Hay Al-Jaloum in east Aleppo. He says the opposition responded by shelling and rocketing government controlled areas. [ARA]

At least thirty-four civilians were killed by airstrikes on opposition-controlled areas in Aleppo. [Qasioun] 


Anas Al-Abdah, President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, says in Erbil says the opposition will not withdraw from Aleppo, responding to Russian demands. He says he is working on a humanitarian truce to evacuate wounded and sick people from the city. [ARA]

However, an opposition military commander says the opposition has decided to leave the city. He says the opposition groups authorized their representatives in Turkey to negotiate a deal through the UN. [Qasioun] 


An opposition commander says the opposition attacked Syrian troops in Hay Al-Zahra in Aleppo with a vehicle bomb, killing “tens” of soldiers (video). [ARA] [EnabBaladi]


A Nusra Front spokesman confirmed that it raided the storehouses of other armed groups in Aleppo. [DawaAlhaq] 


Local residents in the YPG-controlled areas in east Aleppo say opposition groups are forcing residents as young as 14 to join their ranks. [Hawar]



While several activists praised the new opposition commander in Aleppo, Yasser Abdul Rahim, other criticized him because he violated the deal with the Syrian government and shelled Kefraya and Al-Fawaa north of Idlib, prompting the government to shell the besieged areas of Zabadani and Madaya.  [EnabBaladi] 


An opposition Civil Defense source says Russian warplanes killed seven civilians and wounded tens in airstrikes on Kafr Sajna in Idlib province. He also says Russian planes killed a woman and her child and wounded other civilians in Hass in Idlib. [ARA]


Several sources say Abu Dhar, a Daesh Tunisian military commander, and 4 other “emirs” including the Tunisian Bilal Al-Shawash, defected and left Raqqa for Idlib. The sources say the defectors, who left because of disputes over leadership positions, stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, other sources linked this move from Raqqa to Idlib to the Daesh spokesman’s call on Daesh fighters to attack Turkish targets. [ARA] [Dorar] [EnabBaladi]  


Ahrar Al-Sham issued a statement saying it refused orders to accept Daesh defectors who wanted to join the Turkey-backed Operation Euphrates Shield. [ARA]

DaeshDaily comment. The above two stories might be connected.



The PYD-affiliated Hawar says unidentified warplanes targeted Turkey-backed opposition groups east of Akhtarin, killing several fighters. This is the third time unidentified planes targeted the opposition in the area. The Syrian government had said it was not responsible for such airstrikes. Hawar also says tens of Turkish Army armored vehicles carrying around 1,000 Turkish soldiers arrived in the Al-Bab area. According to local sources, Turkey is building a military bases in the area. [Hawar]


The SDF spokesman says the Al-Bab Military Council troops will lead the battles in Al-Bab, and the SDF will not intervene. [EnabBaladi]

DaeshDaily comment. This council is an SDF affiliate. Turkey has a council of its own for the same city. 



Daesh says Coalition planes conducted 9 airstrikes on Al-Bab city. [A3maq]



Turkish warplanes targeted Qart Weran village, west of Manbij. [Hawar]

Tens of civilians left their houses in villages west of Manbij because of Turkish bombing. [Hawar]


The Manbij Military Council says it shot and killed a Daesh suicide bomber who sneaked into Kasra village. It says the terrorist’s explosives vest was filled with chemical weapons. [Hawar]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

A local activist says Syrian planes targeted several areas between Tadmur and Sukhnah, including a displaced persons camp, wounding several civilians, including children. Fifteen Syrian soldiers and allied militiamen were killed in battles with Daesh near the Tadmur Silos area. [ARA]

A local activist says 22 Syrian soldiers and militiamen were killed and 3 vehicles were destroyed by Daesh land mines in the area. He says heavy battles erupted in the area and more Syrian troops were killed or wounded. [ARA]


Daesh issues photos of Syrian soldiers fleeing southeast of Tadmur. [DawaAlhaq] 


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh publishes photos of religious training, mostly for children, south of Deir Ez-Zor. [DawaAlhaq] 


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

A child died of cold and hunger in the Rukban Camp near the Jordanian border, according to a source from the camp. [ARA]


Daesh issues a video of the results of Syrian opposition shelling on Al-Shajara town northwest of Daraa. [A3maq]




North Africa


Local sources say unknown armed men detonated a deserted religious institution that belongs to the Al-Azhar Mosque south of Sheikh Zuweid, destroying large parts of the building with IEDs without causing human casualties. [VetoGate] [ElWatan] 


An officer and two soldiers were wounded when an IED exploded during a search south of Arish city. The [VetoGate] 


The Egyptian Military spokesman had said 8 terrorists were killed and 4 others captured during a search south of Arish. He also says security units destroyed an IED storehouse and several hideouts in different areas in North Sinai. [Bidaiah] [VetoGate]




The Libyan National Army (LNA) says it captured more than 6 Daesh positions in the Qanfouda area. It says the LNA is still advancing in the Qanfouda and Busnaib areas. [Libya24] 


Central coast

The Government of National Accord (GNA) military said it trapped 3 Daesh terrorists in a house in the Giza area and is dealing with another group at an unspecified location. [Wasat]

The GNA military spokesman said on Tuesday morning its troops were still dealing with some small Daesh pockets in the Giza area. [Wasat]

He says the announcement of Sirte’s liberation is postponed until the GNA military can remove land mines and get rid of Daesh’s small pockets south of the city. He also says 5 children from Benghazi were secured in the Giza area. He says more than 90 women and 60 children have been secured so far. [Wasat]


A Misrata Hospital source says one GNA fighter was killed and thirteen wounded during battles with the remaining Daesh fighters in Sirte on Monday. [Wasat]


A GNA military source refuted media reports about negotiations with the remaining Daesh terrorists in Sirte. He says GNA troops have surrounded 10 houses where Daesh terrorists are barricading in the Giza area. He says his troops found the bodies of two infants and tens of Daesh terrorists under the rubble. He also says two GNA fighters were killed and twenty wounded during Tuesday’s battles. [Wasat]


Misrata Hospital says 713 GNA fighters were killed and 3,210 were wounded since the Sirte liberation operation started in May. [Wasat]


AFRICOM says it conducted 3 airstrikes on Monday, destroying 7 Daesh fighting positions. It says the total number of airstrikes increased to 495 since August. [Wasat]


Later on, the GNA military issued a statement saying it completely controlled the Giza area. [Wasat]


However, a GNA military spokesman says even after capturing Giza, it is too early to talk about Sirte’s complete liberation from Daesh. [Libya24] 


A military source says GNA fighters captured a Libyan Daesh commander in the Giza area. [Wasat]


Daesh says it killed or wounded twenty GNA fighters in the Giza area in Sirte after heavy battles. [DawaAlhaq] 


Here Daesh says it stopped a GNA attack that was supported by Coalition planes in Sirte, killing or wounding around fifty GNA fighters. Daesh says the war will not end in Sirte but it will expand in other areas in Libya. [DawaAlhaq] 



The Morocco Ministry of Interior says security units captured two Daesh loyalists in Casablanca who were planning terrorist attacks in the kingdom. [Sumaria]


Other countries 


The Aden Security Directorate says its counter terrorism units captured a Daesh cell of 8 terrorists responsible for assassinations of army and security members and confiscated silenced guns. It also says the terrorists have been in contact with Daesh in Iraq and Syria. [IraqPress]




Videos of the Day


CTS battles in east Mosul [Iraqia] 


CTS troops in a Daesh headquarters in east Mosul [Mawsleya] 


Displaced people suffering from the rain in camps in Erbil. [Sumaria] 


Daesh terrorists captured in Sirte [Facebook] [YouTube] 




Daesh audio newsletter for today [Bayan] 


Daesh issues a video about the situation in Bahrain. The video accuses the Bahraini government of spreading immorality and asks its supporters to conduct attacks against the government, Shia, and American bases. The video talks about several Bahraini terrorists who were killed in military operations in Syria and Iraq. A Bahraini terrorist appears on the screen and talks about how Daesh implemented its own sharia and enslaved “infidels”. [DawaAlhaq] 

DaeshDaily comment. This is one of the rare occasions where Daesh “officially” admits it enslaved people. The reference here is to Iraqi Yazidis. 


December 5, 2016  


Sirte (AfriGate)


Today’s Major Developments


Ashton Carter hopeful that Mosul will be liberated within Obama’s term. [..]

Iraqi offensive gaining ground in eastern Shirqat District. [..]

Daesh still executing people for trying to leave Hawija. [..]

Clever Coalition bombing strategy makes four of five Mosul bridges unusable to Daesh but repairable after they leave. [..]

Iraqi forces capture two more east Mosul villages, lose two battalion commanders. [..]

Daesh counter-attacks near Tal Afar airport. [..]


Lavrov says agreement under discussion with US would encourage remaining east Aleppo civilians to leave. [..]

Syrian attack on east Aleppo continues. [..]


Libyan government army nears final victory over Daesh in Sirte. [..]





Prime Minister Abadi’s spokesman refuted media reports about the Prime Minister’s approval of Coalition troops staying in Iraqi after defeating Daesh. The US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, had said on Saturday, that US and Coalition troops should stay in Iraqi after Daesh’s defeat. [ROJ] 


Secretary Carter says it is possible that Mosul will be liberated before the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump in January. [Sumaria] 

DaeshDaily comment. Carter probably hoped to capture Raqqa too within that time frame. Events beyond his control have probably made that impossible.


A Kurdish COR member says the COR postponed its 2017 budget session until next Wednesday. [ROJ] 

The Kurdish parties participated in the session today, except for the KDP. [ROJ] 


The Supreme Judicial Council says a Syrian Daesh terrorist responsible for Daesh money transfers was captured in an airdrop operation on the Iraq-Syria border. The terrorist admitted Daesh was receiving support from organizations in Arab and other foreign countries. [Mada] 


A Yazidi CoR member says the Iraqi government allocated 2 billion Iraqi dinars ($1.6 million) for the Yazidi girls who survived Daesh captivity. [BasNews] 


The United Nations mission in Iraq said it will stop reporting military casualty figures after Iraq’s military complained the numbers were exaggerated. In a press release published Sunday, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, or UNAMI, said it “acknowledges that the military figures were largely unverified.” The agency said it will discontinue the reporting “unless a sound methodology of verification can be found to better substantiate the figures being reported.” [UPI] 

DaeshDaily comment. We confess that we hated these reports, though mostly because they were confusing and the numbers were sometimes misleading.


The Coalition says it conducted 10 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Iraq, in or near Mosul (5), Qayara (1), and Tal Afar (1), and Al-Asad air base near Haditha (1), Baiji (1), and Bashir (1). [InherentResolve]



Security-related incidents reported

North (Tarmiya, Taji, etc.) 

An MoI source says a police patrol found three men shot to death in Fahhama. [Sumaria]

A security source says security units captured 20 Daesh terrorists in the Rashidiya area. [PUKMedia] 


Northeast (Adhamiya, etc.)

The Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) says 44th army brigade found an explosives cache buried underground in Al-Rashidiya/Al-Sawamra. [Ghad] 


East (Sadr City, New Baghdad, etc.)

An MoI source says two civilians were killed and ten wounded in a vehicle bomb explosion in Sadr City. [Ghad] 

A security source says a civilian driver was wounded when a sticky IED exploded under his vehicle in Habibiya, near Sadr City. [Sumaria] 


South (Dora, Yusufiyah, Mahmudiya, etc.)

An MoI source says two civilians were killed and six wounded in an IED explosion in Mahmudiya. [Ghad] 

An MoI source says one civilian was killed and eight wounded in an IED explosion in Yusufiyah. [Ghad] 

Iraqi Army 25th brigade found an explosives cache in the Shakha 1 area in Latifiya. [BOC Facebook Page] 


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   8(Includes only incidents reported)

Total IED incidents:   4



A member of the Anbar Provincial Council says more than 13,000 displaced families have returned to their homes in several places in Anbar. The manager of the Migration and Displacement Directorate in Anbar says there are still more than 20,000 families in displacement camps in Anbar and over 300,000 in Baghdad, the southern governorates, and Kurdistan. [Anadolu] 



The BOC says 22nd army brigade found a weapons cache, including a helicopter missile, in Halabsa. [Ghad] 


Rutba/Western Anbar

A security source in Anbar says army helicopters destroyed 11 Daesh vehicles including vehicle bombs and armored vehicles, killing several leaders, in the Raihana area, in Anah. The source added that army helicopters intensified their attacks and are chasing Daesh convoys coming from Syria into Iraq.  [Maalomah] 


Daesh said on Sunday two of its suicide terrorists attacked an Iraqi Army position on the road between Haditha and Baiji with explosives vests, killing more than 20 and damaging or destroying several military vehicles. [A3maq]

Daesh published a photo of the two suicide terrorists who attacked Iraqi forces between Haditha and Baiji. [JustPaste]


Daesh issued a video on Sunday of the results of an “American bombing” on West Hsaiba, near Al-Qa’im. [A3maq]




The Mayor of Shirqat says operations to liberate the east side of Shirqat District are advancing well, after liberation of Al-Nahiya, Sahl Al-Madeef, and Bedaida villages. Army helicopters are surveying and attacking Daesh-held villages. [Ghad] 

The Ninewa Liberation commander said on Sunday that Iraqi forces liberated Sahl Al-Madeef village east of Shirqat. [ROJ] 

The IWMC says Iraqi CH4 drones executed two airstrikes in Al-Nahiya village in Shirqat District, destroying one machine gun-mounted truck and killing several terrorists. [Ghad]


Salahuddin Operation Command says army and PMF forces arrested 5 terrorists looting displaced people’s homes in Shirqat for the purpose of setting army and PMF forces up for blame for such thefts. Large quantities of stolen furniture, including 30 refrigerators, were found before they could be shipped to Hawija. [Ghad] 


Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi forces Humvee with a rocket on the outskirts of Kan’ous village southwest of Makhmur. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says it destroyed 4 Iraqi forces Humvees and 3 BMP armored vehicles while stopping an attack on Kan’ous village. [A3maq]

Here Daesh says it killed tens of soldiers while stopping the attack and destroyed 4 Humvees and one BMP vehicle. [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh says it conducted a suicide attack on Iraqi forces on the outskirts of Kan’ous village. [A3maq]



PMF Press says PMF forces repelled a Daesh attack on the Thermal Station area near Makhoul Mountains, killing 20 attackers and taking one of their vehicles.  [Ghad] 


Daesh says its snipers killed three PMF fighters near the Thermal Station area east of Baiji. [A3maq]



Daesh says it killed PMF fighters by detonating an IED on their car in the Zarqa area west of Tooz. [A3maq]



The Chairman of the Security Committee in Diyala Provincial Council says Diyala Police captured in Baquba a senior Daesh terrorist who was responsible for many attacks in Diyala. [Ghad] 


Southern Diyala (Balad Ruz, Mandali)

On Sunday Daesh published two photos of attacking and killing a Sahwa fighter in the Al-Nida area. [DawaAlhaq] 




A security source in Kirkuk says Daesh executed two men for communicating with security forces and two others for instigating and assisting people to escape Daesh-held areas, while a family of five was executed for attempting to escape a Daesh-held areas.  [Mada] 


A security source in Kirkuk says a Coalition airstrike killed 8 Daesh fighters and wounded 14 others in Hawija, as well as destroying several buildings they were using. [Mada] 

A security source says Coalition planes targeted Daesh’s agriculture office in Hawija, killing the office chief and eight of his associates. [Sumaria] 

DaeshDaily comment. We don’t know if the two reports above are overlapping, or if the following report is another version of the same story.

A Peshmerga commander says Coalition planes targeted a Daesh gathering in Hawija, killing 7 terrorists and wounding 16. [Anadolu]



Daesh publishes two photos of “normal life” in Hawija. [DawaAlhaq]  


A security source in Kirkuk says Army helicopters destroyed a Daesh convoy of 8 vehicles heading from Hawija to Mosul. [Maalomah] 



Iraqi Army sources say Iraqi F16s have started nightly airstrikes on Daesh positions in Mosul. The sources say the planes were able to launch the airstrikes after the US installed the needed equipment at Balad Airbase in Salahuddin. [ARA]


UNOCHA in Iraq issued a statement refuting an Al Jazeera report today that misquoted OCHA as calling on Iraqi Security Forces to establish humanitarian corridors in Mosul and warning of an impending halt to humanitarian assistance for a million people in and around the city. OCHA says it would like to underscore that it has not made any such statements. Al Jazeera has agreed to correct its story. [ReliefWeb]

DaeshDaily comment. Al-Jazeera’s sectarian slant on Iraq is a serious problem. This was a deliberate effort to help Daesh by undermining the government’s liberation campaign and was hardly a one-time event. This was one of countless stories by the pro-Daesh incubator” media to portray Sunni citizens as threatened by actions of the Iraqi government (implicitly meaning the Shia-majority Iraqi government) and its troops.


The PMF press says the PMF Commission approved the formation of South Mosul brigade with 4,000 fighters. It says there will be nothing called “local PMFs” or “Tribal PMFs” anymore. [Buratha]


Al-Suqoor Intelligence Cell disagreed with media reports that Daesh’s leader, Awwad Baghdadi, had been killed. Media outlets reported that Baghdadi was killed and Daesh leaders gathered to choose his successor. It says Daesh leaders are still functioning in Raqqa and in areas near Albu Kamal, and some of them moved to Turkey through Syria. [Buratha]


The Ninewa Directorate of Education started the registration process for education staff of schools in the liberated areas in Ninewa. [SotIraq]



During the last 24 hours, Coalition warplanes bombed 4 bridges in Mosul city in order to prevent Daesh from moving its vehicle bombs and armed vehicles. [Anadolu]

Coalition warplanes killed 19 Daesh fighters on the east and west sides of Mosul, a military source said. They also attacked the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th bridges of Mosul. [Rudaw]

An expert analysis reinforces the reports that airstrikes in November by aircraft supporting the Iraqi forces’ advance have rendered four of the five bridges crossing the Tigris River unusable by Daesh. Satellite imagery shows the damage that makes them unusable but repairable once the Mosul operation ends. The bombings on the Al-Shuhada, Fourth and Fifth bridges targeted the parts of the bridges on land rather than their main spans suspended over the water.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi initially resisted plans to target the bridges. But as the battle progressed into east Mosul and coalition troops met with stiff resistance from Daesh, he changed his mind. The importance of the bridges to the militants was immediately demonstrated on the battlefield. After the airstrikes, the number of vehicle bombs used against Iraqi troops in east Mosul was reported to have significantly dropped. [STRATFOR] 

DaeshDaily comment. The Coalition has apparently reasoned that taking the bridges out of service would cause more disruption to Daesh operations than to the government liberation campaign. The US can help Iraqi forces cross the Tigris by erecting pontoon bridges. 


An Iraqi Special Forces commander says that according to medical sources, 12 Daesh terrorists were killed and 37 wounded in Coalition airstrikes on different areas in Mosul. [Anadolu] 


Mosul liberation campaign

East Mosul

The Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) says it captured Hay Al-Tameem and Al-Barid in east Mosul, killing 20 terrorists. [Ghad]  

CTS troops were earlier reported advancing in Hay Al-Barid. Daesh was preventing the people of the area from leaving in order to use them as human shields. [Rudaw] 


An Army source says the Army entered three new neighborhoods in east Mosul today: Al-Murur, Tilul al-Zuhour, and Al-Shuhada. The Army also destroyed an explosives workshop in Al-Shuhada. [BasNews]


The Joint Operations Command (JOC) issued a statement mourning the death of Brigadier General Jabbar Al-Tamimi and Colonel Amer Al-Shibli, commanders of two Iraqi Army battalions who were killed in Mosul. [Ghad] 


Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) commander, General Abdul Wahhab Al-Saedi, says Iraqi forces killed Abu Azzam, the Daesh oil minister, in Mosul. [Sumaria] 


An Army source says 13 civilians were killed and 22 wounded when a truck bomb exploded in the Al-Ikha’ neighborhood in east Mosul.

Daesh says it destroyed an Iraqi forces Humvee near Hay Al-Ikha’. [A3maq]


Daesh says its snipers killed ten Iraqi soldiers in different areas in east Mosul. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. Several videos showed that Daesh snipers targeted children who were trying to escape Mosul with their families. 


Daesh says it damaged an Iraqi forces Abrams tank near Hay Al-Muharibin in east Mosul. [A3maq]


The IWMW says Iraqi Army 16th division connected up with the CTS troops in Hay Al-Tahrir in east Mosul. [Waradana]


The CTS says it cleared Hay Al-Zuhour and Hay Al-Bakr completely from Daesh. It says the CTS has captured 23 neighborhoods in east Mosul so far. [PUKMedia] 

DaeshDaily comment. This number may have gone up over the weekend.

However, Daesh says it killed twelve CTS special forces soldiers (“SWAT members”) and destroyed 3 Humvees in a suicide attack “on the outskirts” of Hay Al-Bakr in east Mosul. [A3maq]

Then a second suicide attack on the outskirts of Hay Al-Bakr killed eight soldiers, destroyed a Humvee, and damaged a BMP vehicle. [A3maq]

Daesh published a video on Sunday of battles and a suicide attack in Hay Al-Bakr. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of 3 suicide terrorists, one from Morocco, one from Iraq, and one from Dagestan who attacked Iraqi forces with vehicle bombs in Hay Al-Bakr. The one from Morocco appeared to be 12-13 years old. [DawaAlhaq] Daesh published other photos of battles in Hay Al-Bakr. [DawaAlhaq] 

Here Daesh says one of its Russian suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces with a vehicle bomb in Hay Al-Bakr. Daesh also says its snipers killed six soldiers in east Mosul while it targeted the Iraqi Army with mortars in Hay Al-Qadisiya Al-Thaniya, destroying a Humvee and damaging another. [DawaAlhaq] 


A CTS commander says his troops captured several areas in Hay Al-Qadisiya Al-Thaniya after heavy battles with Daesh, killing 16 terrorists. [Anadolu]

Daesh published photos of “battles” in Hay Al-Qadisiya Al-Thaniya. The photos just show 2 terrorists shooting from a window and a balcony. [DawaAlhaq] 


North and west Mosul

The IWMC says Iraqi Army 16th division captured 8 villages and neighborhoods and destroyed 4 Daesh tunnels north of Mosul. [PUKMedia] 


The IWMC says Mosul is surrounded from all sides. [Etejah] 


Conditions in Mosul

Daesh issued a video on Sunday of markets in Mosul city. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal business” at a slaughterhouse in Mosul. [DawaAlhaq] 


Hammam Alil/Mosul subdistrict

The IFP commander says his troops are 1 km away from south Mosul. He says Mosul is within light weapons range. [PressIraq] [PressIraq]


The IFP started heavy shelling on Daesh defense lines in south Mosul, especially in the Ghizlani area. [PressIraq]


Daesh issued a video on Sunday of targeting a PMF Humvee with a rocket in Adhba Hills. [A3maq]


The IFP commander says his troops found the Daesh media center in the Mishraq Intersection area, south of Hammam Al-Alil. [IraqPress] 


Daesh issued a video on Saturday of battles near Al-Khabirat near Jurn, well west of Hammam. [A3maq]


The PMF Press says PMF units destroyed a Daesh convoy in an ambush near Tal Zalat, west of Jurn. [Ghad] 


A PMF commander says PMFs stopped a Daesh attack and shot down a drone near Tal Abta, in far southwest Mosul subdistrict near Tal Afar. [Harbi 

A PMF commander says his troops shot down a second Daesh drone near Tal Abta. [Harbi] 



Daesh said on Sunday one of its Kurdish suicide terrorists attacked Iraqi forces with a vehicle bomb on the outskirts of Al-Nahiya village southwest of Makhmur, killing 16 soldiers and wounding others, and destroying 2 Humvees and a BMP vehicle. Daesh also says it shot down an Iraqi Army helicopter and forced it to make an emergency landing near Haj Ali village. [DawaAlhaq] 


Nineveh Plain

Daesh issued a video on Sunday about “normal life” in Tel Keif. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. The video doesn’t show any Daesh fighters. It just shows people in the streets, in a market, and in a mosque. 


Northwest (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

A PMF source says Daesh attacked the Tal Afar Airport from different sides with 4 vehicle bombs and 3 suicide terrorists. The source says 12 PMF fighters were killed and others wounded in the attack. The source says Daesh shelled the airport with mortars before the attack. [BasNews] 

An Iraqi Army captain said 3 PMF fighters and 7 Daesh terrorists were killed in the Daesh attack on the Tal Afar Airport. [Anadolu] 

Daesh issues a video of parading with the dead bodies of 3 PMF fighters in Tal Afar. [A3maq] 


Badr Organization says it stopped a major Daesh attack on Ain Al-Hisan villages near the Tal Afar Airport, killing many Daesh terrorists, destroying a vehicle bomb, and capturing 8 vehicles and a construction vehicle. [Harbi]

The PMF Press says PMF units destroyed 2 Daesh vehicle bombs and an armored vehicle west of Tal Afar. [Harbi] 


According to media opposition sources, around 10,000 people from Tal Afar, escaping the PMFs, arrived in Azaz in Syria, in addition to thousands more who are heading toward Raqqa. [Anadolu] 

DaeshDaily comment. This is another sectarian “report,” this one from the Turkish media. Anadolu report wants to show that the Turkmen are afraid of the PMFs.  However, even if true, which is unlikely, that wouldn’t explain why thousands of them would go to Raqqa.


PMF media says PMF units helped 200 families to reach safe areas around Tal Afar. [Ghad] 


South (Baaj, Hatra)

A local source says the Daesh leader, Awwad Baghdadi, appeared in Baaj District, near the Syrian border. [Sumaria] 



Anas Al-Abdah, the president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, held a meeting with the pro-KDP Syrian National Kurdish Council in Kurdistan. He says he met with the KRG president, Barzani, to discuss the situation in Syria. He also says the KRGtrained Peshmerga Roj Ava should go to Syria as soon as possible. [ARA]

DaeshDaily comment. The last point seems to establish this organization as anti-YPG.


The Mayor of Darbandikhan in Suleimaniya said two suicide terrorists blew themselves up after they were trapped by civilians and security units in Bolnica village. [ROJ] 

DaeshDaily comment. Darbandikhan is a long way from Daesh’s normal operating area.




The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, says an agreement is being developed with the US to allow the armed opposition groups to leave Aleppo. He says within the agreement any armed men who stay in the city will be considered terrorists. [Sumaria] 


Russia and China on Monday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have demanded a seven-day truce in Syria’s Aleppo. Russia says the resolution would allow rebels to regroup and time was needed for talks between Washington and Moscow. [Reuters] 


The Russian Ministry of Defense says one of its MiG-29 warplanes crashed because of a technical malfunction while trying to land on a carrier near the Syrian coast. It says the pilot was rescued. [AfriGate]


The Coalition says it conducted 11 airstrikes on Daesh positions in Syria, in or near Raqqa (3), Albu Kamal (2), Deir Ez-Zor (2), Manbij (2), Ain Eissa (1), and Shaddadi (1). [InherentResolve]


Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)


Around 100 Iraqi families arrived from Mosul to the Rajm Slaibi border area in Syria. [Hawar]


The Turkish Army killed three people who were trying to cross the border near Al-Darbasiya city. Fourteen others are still missing. [Hawar]   


UNHCR distributed heaters to Iraqi refugees in the Al-Hawl Camp southeast of Hasaka. UNHCR has registered 9,000 refugees in the camp and the number is still increasing. [ARA]



Media sources say Coalition planes targeted a water treatment plant in Jarniya city near Raqqa, killing five workers, including the manager of the plant. [Dorar]

Daesh says three people were killed in an “American” airstrike on a water production facility in Al-Jarniya west of Raqqa. [A3maq]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

Aleppo City

An opposition civil defense source says 32 people, including women and children, were killed by airstrikes on 7 neighborhoods in Aleppo. [Dorar]


The SOHR says at least 17 people were killed and many others wounded by Syrian government attacks on east Aleppo. [SyriaHR] 


Ten civilians were killed by a Syrian Army bombing on eastern areas in Aleppo. Opposition groups shelled two government controlled areas in Aleppo with mortars without causing human casualties. Opposition groups shelled Nabul and Al-Zahra, two Shia towns. [Hawar]


There was another report of the anti-government opposition shelling areas in west Aleppo, killing or wounding several civilians. Local activists published photos showing several Russian military vehicles in the area. [ARA]


The YPG stopped a Turkeybacked opposition group’s attack on the Hay Al-Sheikh Khidhir and Al-Sakhour areas in Aleppo. [Hawar]


The PYDbacked Hawar says the YPG found a Turkey backed opposition group’s chemical storehouse. It says the materials in the storehouse were brought from Turkey through a Turkish organization called The European Federation of Turks, which is a Europebased Turkish organization that supposedly provides humanitarian assistance to Syria. Hawar had accused Turkey-backed opposition groups of targeting Kurdish areas with weapons carrying chemical materials. [Hawar]


The YPG found a school in east Aleppo that was used by the opposition as a headquarters. The Syrian Army bombed the school (photos). [Hawar]


An opposition source says opposition groups recaptured 3 areas in east Aleppo, killing 20 soldiers, capturing 7, and destroying 2 tanks and 2 BMP vehicles. [ARA]

DaeshDaily comment. An Associated Press report indicates, however, that government troops have advanced further in east Aleppo.


An opposition commander says some opposition groups, including Nusra Front, attacked other opposition groups in Aleppo and captured some commanders, headquarters, and weapons storehouses. [Ana Al-Muslim]



Local sources in Gaziantep say 250 Syrian refugees returned to their houses in Jarabulus from Turkey on Monday. [Rudaw] 



Daesh publishes photos of battles with Turkey backed opposition groups north of Al-Bab. [DawaAlhaq] 



The Turkish Army targeted 3 villages west of Manbij with more than 111 shells, wounding seven civilians. Manbij Military Council troops responded with heavy machine gun barrages in Jab Al-Dam and Sheikh Nasser. The pro-YPG Hawar media says more than 50 villages have been destroyed by Turkish Army shelling in north Aleppo. [Hawar]

Manbij Military Council fighters destroyed a Turkish Army ammunition storehouse in Jab Al-Dam. [Hawar]


Around 18,000 displaced people arrived from the Al-Bab and Al-Shahba areas to a camp in Qara’ village in Manbij during the last 2 weeks while 15,000 are still without shelter. [Hawar]


Daesh said on Sunday that 2 of its men attacked “PKK armed men” in Al-Nahliya village south of Manbij. Daesh said the first suicide terrorist detonated his suicide vest, killing ten fighters, while the other one killed four of the survivors before retreating safely. [A3maq]



The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) says 85 people, including 18 children and 18 women, were killed and tens were wounded in 48 hours of Syrian and Russian bombing on Idlib province. [SyriaHR] 

One woman was killed and several other civilians wounded by Russian airstrikes on different areas in Idlib province. The opposition Directorate of Education in Idlib suspended the schools in all of the province until the end of the week after the heavy airstrikes on Sunday. [Qasioun] 

Other sources say 8 civilians, including a woman and her 3 children, were killed by Russian airstrikes on Idlib city. [EnabBaladi]

DaeshDaily comment. Idlib province is in the far northwest corner of Syria. It was mostly out of the line of fire until recently, but has become an increasingly frequent target of Syrian and Russian bombing. Part of the reason is that some of the opposition fighters moved from Aleppo into Idlib. The Idlib bombing is thus an extension of the bombing in Aleppo city.


Three civilians were killed and seven wounded, including women and children, by an opposition shelling on Al-Fawaa and Kefraya in Idlib province. [SyriaNow]

The SOHR says 2 men were killed and more than 20 wounded, including 5 children and 5 women, by the opposition shelling on the two Shia towns. [SyriaHR]  

The Syrian Army responded by bombing several areas north of Idlib. [SyriaNow]  


Local activists say the Turkish Border Guard killed ten Syrian civilians who were trying to cross the border into Turkey at the border city of Harem, north of Idlib. [EnabBaladi]


Other Northwest Syria 

Daesh publishes photos of throwing a man from the roof of a building Maslama city after accusing him of homosexuality. [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh issued a video on Saturday of a “PKK member” who surrendered to its fighters east of the Tishrin Dam. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. The man says in the videos he is a member of the “Syrian Democratic Army”, which might mean the SDF. 


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

A Syrian military source says Syrian planes targeted Daesh positions in several areas east of Hama. [SyriaNow]  


A local activist says Coalition planes targeted the Twinan oilfield north of Homs, killing two workers and wounding others, and destroying several oil tanker vehicles. He says Daesh moved all of the vehicles to nearby areas in fear of more airstrikes. [ARA]


The Syrian Army shelled 2 areas north of Homs, killing eight people, including four children. [ARA]


Daesh publishes photos of its religious seminars in Homs. [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh says it stopped a Syrian Army attack south of the Tadmur Silos area, killing 22 soldiers and damaging a BMP armored vehicle. [A3maq] [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh says it killed 10 Syrian Army members with IEDs southeast of Tadmur. [A3maq]

Daesh says it destroyed 2 cars with IEDs that were carrying Syrian Army members southeast of Tadmur. [A3maq]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

A local activist says Daesh targeted Syrian Army position in Deir Ez-Zor with bombs carried by small drones. He also says Daesh targeted governmentcontrolled areas in the city with mortars. He says the Syrian Army responded by shelling the town of Hatla east of the city. [ARA]


A local activist says Daesh launched a major attack on Syrian Army and allied militias near the Panorama area west of Deir Ez-Zor. He says Daesh started the attack with a vehicle bomb, killing or wounding 8 soldiers and militiamen. He also says Syrian planes targeted Al-Kharita town south of the city in addition to several areas in Deir Ez-Zor city and its surroundings, killing or wounding 10 Daesh fighters. [ARA]

Daesh issues a video of destroying a Syrian Army tank in the Panorama area with a rocket on Sunday. [A3maq]


The Syrian official TV says two Daesh vehicles exploded while they were being rigged with explosives in the Deir Ez-Zor area. [SyriaNow]


Daesh issues a video of three Syrian soldiers who surrendered near the Deir Ez-Zor Military Airport. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of its fighters near the Deir Ez-Zor military airport. [DawaAlhaq] 


South (Rif Damashq, Suwayda, Daraa, etc.)

The SOHR says the Syrian Army and Hezbollah shelled Madaya city and Baqin village in Rif Damashq, killing or wounding many people, including women and children. [SyriaHR] 


A local activist confirmed that an opposition group commander and three of his fighters were killed when they walked into a Daesh land mine field near Ain Dhikr. [ARA]

Daesh issues a video of the results of opposition shelling on Ain Dhikr city in the Yarmouk Basin. [A3maq]


Opposition groups targeted the Khalid Army with heavy artillery and heavy machine guns west of Daraa. Daesh responded by targeting the opposition with mortars. [ARA]


Daesh says four opposition members, including a commander, were killed, and a tank was destroyed by land mines while the opposition was trying to advance on the Daesh-affiliated Khalid Army in the Yarmouk Basin. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of the “battles”. [DawaAlhaq]

At the same time, Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in the Yarmouk Basin. [DawaAlhaq] 




North Africa


Eyewitnesses say Egyptian warplanes launched several airstrikes west of Rafah and south and west of Arish. [ElWatan]

Daesh said it attacked Egyptian Army units who were conducting a military operation in the Salahuddin area west of Rafah Friday, destroying two M113 armored vehicles, a minesweeper, and a bulldozer. Daesh also says it destroyed an M113 armored vehicle with an IED in the Qouz Ghanem area west of Rafah. [A3maq]


Four soldiers were wounded when an IED exploded on their armored vehicle on the International Road, in Rafah. [ElWatan]


On Saturday, security units stopped an attack on a security barrier in the Abu Tawila area, south of Sheikh Zuweid, killing 3 takfiris. Two soldiers were wounded in the attack. [VetoGate]


An IED exploded on a security patrol in the Dhahir area, south of Sheikh Zuweid, wounding a captain. [ElWatan] 




The Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman says the LNA launched an attack on the remaining terrorists in the Qanfouda area, west of Benghazi. [Libya24] 


A medical source says a land mine exploded in the Sidi Faraj area in Benghazi, wounding a Chadian man. [Libya24] 


Central coast

The GNA Military says Daesh completely collapsed in Sirte and many terrorists surrendered. [Wasat]

A GNA Military spokesman says only 10-15 Daesh terrorists remain in Sirte and the city will be cleared in the next two days. [Wasat]

Another military source says 30 Daesh terrorists, including 3 commanders, surrendered in Sirte. He says the Giza area will be cleared in the coming hours. [Wasat]


A GNA Military spokesman says Turkey Al-Binali, the Daesh religious leader, was captured in the Giza area in Sirte. The source also says a Daesh Iraqi commander was killed in the area. [Wasat]

DaeshDaily comment. If true, this is big news. This Bahraini terrorist is one of the major Daesh mouthpieces. 

A GNA Military source says a Libyan Daesh leader was killed in the battles in Sirte on Sunday. [Wasat]


The GNA military spokesman says Daesh terrorists started to kill each other in Sirte. He says his troops found beheaded Daesh members in some of the liberated houses. He also says his troops secured 32 women and 15 children in Sirte. [Wasat]


AFRICOM says it conducted 22 airstrikes on Daesh in Sirte on Friday and Saturday, destroying 63 fighting positions. [Wasat]


Undaunted by these reports, Daesh says it killed or wounded 18 soldiers of the Government of National Accord in battles in the Giza area in Sirte. [A3maq] [DawaAlhaq] 

Daesh said on Sunday that it killed or wounded 36 GNA fighters in battles in Sirte. [A3maq]


The GNA Military says it secured 100 women and children during the last 72 hours in Sirte. It says Daesh conducted 3 suicide attacks on the secured roads on Sunday. It also says it found the dead bodies of 15 Daesh terrorists. [Wasat]


A GNA Military source says a female Daesh Tunisian terrorist blew herself up while she was leaving through a secure road for families in Sirte. He says two children who accompanied the woman survived the explosion. [Wasat]


A GNA field commander says his troops defused an IED planted by Daesh sleeper cells 45 km (28 miles) west of Sirte. [Wasat]

Daesh says it destroyed two GNA military vehicles in an ambush on the Coastal Road west of Sirte on Sunday, killing or wounding the soldiers inside. [A3maq]



The Tunisian Ministry of Interior says it captured 2 wanted takfiris and 3 terrorism suspects in different areas. [Tunisien]


Other countries 


Daesh published photos of a training camp in Bayda. [JustPaste] 



Daesh says it killed a Pakistani Police official in Quetta city. [A3maq]



The leader of Daesh’s North Caucasus branch was killed on Saturday along with four other militants, Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, said in a statement.

Rustam Asildarov, an “emir” who swore allegiance to Daesh in 2014, was killed in a raid in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, after he and his fellow militants refused to surrender. The FSB said that Asildarov was behind several attacks, as well as some plots that were never carried out, such as one meant to target New Year’s Eve revelers in Moscow in 2010.

Daesh named Asildarov the governor of a newly declared Caucasus province and has claimed responsibility for attacks in Dagestan. When he was declared the group’s leader in the region, the US State Department officially labeled him a “foreign terrorist fighter.” [DW] 

A video of the raid [WARenik] 




Videos of the Day


Daesh terrorists captured in Sirte [YouTube] 


GNA fighters reportedly capturing the Daesh emir of Sirte, a Saudi terrorist [Facebook] 


GNA fighters celebrating in Sirte [Facebook] 




The new Daesh “spokesman,” Abu Al-Hasan Al-Muhajir, issues an audio message to Daesh terrorists to stand their ground, focusing on Tal Afar. He asks Daesh supporters to attack anywhere they can. He attacked the US, the West, the Shia, the Kurds, Turkey, Iran, and Muslim scholars, and asked Daesh supporters to kill anyone who opposes Daesh. [DawaAlhaq] [JustPaste] 

DaeshDaily comment. Even some Daesh fanboys said it was “unwise” to open the door so widely for world-wide assassinations of anyone who says anything against Daesh. This terrorist has narrated many Daesh videos.  


Daesh issued a propaganda video about the fathers of 4 suicide terrorists and how proud they are of their sons. By the end of the video these men execute prisoners. [DawaAlhaq] 


Daesh audio newsletter for today [Bayan]


Daesh issues an infographic about its suicide attacks in Iraq and Syria during the month of November. Daesh says it conducted 112 attacks in Iraq and 20 in Syria. [A3maq]


Daesh issues infographics about its operations in Sinai during the months of October and November. Daesh says it killed sixty Egyptian Army and Police members. [A3maq]