An Update On ISIS Activities

October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015



News highlights

Iraqi forces made a decisive move into the Siniya area in Salahuddin, near Baiji

Anbar officials talk confidently about the impending battle to retake Ramadi




The Coalition bombed Daesh locations in Albu Shijil north of Falluja, killing 37 Daesh fighters and wounding 30, and destroying 2 vehicles carrying machine guns in addition to other vehicles, Katyusha rocket launchers, and mortars.  [IWMC Report] The Chairman of Khaldiya GC says the Daesh sharia judge was killed in a Coalition airstrike on Albu Shijil. [Baghdadia]


The IAA destroyed 14 Daesh vehicles carrying weapons and ammunition between Albu Shijil and Falluja, killing 14 terrorists and wounding 30. [IWMC Report]


An Anbar Operations Command unit conducted a military operation near Habbaniya, killing 15 Daesh terrorists and wounding 15 and destroying 3 vehicles carrying machine guns. [IWMC Report]


Saraya Ashura, a Shia militia, says its troops defused dozens of IEDS in Saqlawiya. [Harbi]

A video of Daesh IEDs in Saqlawiya [YouTube]

Baghdad Operations Command says its troops continued the military operations south of Thirthar killing 12 Daesh terrorists and destroying 7 vehicles and a motorcycle plus 10 hideouts, and defusing 25 IEDs. [Baghdadia]


Baghdad Operations Command troops killed 16 Daesh fighters and wounded 4, destroyed 2 vehicles carrying machine guns, and defused 2 IEDs in Qarma. [BOC Facebook Page]



The Anbar Police Chief says Iraqi forces will liberate Ramadi within days. The Anbar Governor says Iraqi forces are close to liberating Ramadi and the local tribal fighters are playing a big role. [Rudaw] [BasNews]


Iraqi forces supported by Iraqi and Coalition airpower continued their advances in Albu Farraj north of Ramadi, defusing 64 IEDs and guided rockets. A Coalition airstrike killed 12 Daesh terrorists and destroyed 4 vehicles and 3 motorcycles. The IAA and the Iraqi units rocketed and mortared Daesh gatherings in Albu Aitha. [IWMC Report]


Eyewitnesses say Iraqi forces liberated 3 areas in Albu Farraj and reached the Albu Farraj New Bridge that links the area to Ramadi. [Ghad] IWMC says Iraqi forces raised the Iraqi flag on the Albu Farraj Bridge. [Baghdadia]


Daesh publishes photos of rocketing Iraqi forces in Jaraishi. [JustPaste]


The MoD publishes a video of a Coalition airstrike on Daesh near Ramadi. [MoD Website]


Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded in Falahat east of Ramadi.  [IWMC Report]


A video of Iraqi forces freeing 50 families trapped near Ramadi. [Facebook]


The IAF destroyed Daesh locations and weapons storehouses in Ramadi city. [IWMC Report]


A security source says 25 Daesh fighters were killed and 12 vehicles destroyed in different areas in Ramadi. [Baghdadia]


The Commander of the tribal fighters in Khaldiya says Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack in Al-Madhiq east of Ramadi, killing 20 Daesh fighters and destroying 8 vehicles including a vehicle bomb, and 3 weapons caches. [Mada] The Chairman denied reports that American ground troops have participated in the battles in Anbar. [Maalomah]



Jazeera Operations Command troops shelled Daesh in several areas in Haditha district, destroying 4 Daesh hideouts and killing the terrorists inside them in addition to destroying a rocket launcher. [IWMC Report]


Western Anbar

A security source says the Coalition bombed Daesh in Kubaisa, killing 6 terrorists. He says the Coalition also bombed Daesh in Kubaisa orchards killing and wounding many more. [Baghdadia]


A local PMF commander says the Daesh commander in Akashat, Mohammed Al-Eissawi, was killed with 3 of his associates in an airstrike on a Daesh hideout in Al-Waleed. [Baghdadia]



IWMC officially announces the start of the Salahuddin Liberation Operations in northern Salahuddin. [Baghdadia]


A PMF source says PMF troops were redeployed from Hawija area to north Salahuddin. [Harbi]



The IFP Commander says his troops captured Siniya Airbase after heavy battles with Daesh. [Mada]


The Chairman of the Security Committee in Salahuddin GC says Iraqi forces have surrounded Siniya and 8 Daesh vehicle bombs were shelled or bombed during the advances towards Siniya Airbase. [Mada] A Kata’eb Hezbollah spokesman says its troops surrounded Siniya completely. [Harbi] A PMF source says Iraqi forces captured 13 Daesh terrorists, including 3 Saudis, in Siniya. [Harbi]


The IWMC says Iraqi forces liberated several areas north of Baiji and cut of the road that links Siniya to Makhoul and Haditha. [Ghad] The IFP commander says his troops captured the road and destroyed 5 vehicle bombs including 3 Humvees. [Baghdadia]


A PMF source says Daesh has now withdrawn most of its Iraqi fighters from Siniya and Baiji and kept foreign snipers and suicide bombers there. [Harbi]



A Salahuddin Operations Command source says Iraqi forces conducted an airborne operation in Siniya and destroyed 10 Daesh vehicles. Iraqi forces also captured 50% of Tal Abu Jarad. The source says the Iraqi Army artillery shelled Daesh in Fatha, northeast of Baiji across the river. Daesh has lost 80 of its fighters in the battles in Baiji so far. [Baghdadia]


The Chairman of Salahuddin GC says Iraqi forces advanced to the northern areas of the Baiji refinery and will liberate the entire district very soon and move ahead to Shirqat after that. [Baghdadia]


The IWMC says the Coalition airpower bombed and destroyed a Daesh oil tanker bomb inside the Baiji refinery. [Mada]


A security source says Iraqi forces broke through Daesh defense lines at the Baiji refinery in an effort to eliminate pockets of Daesh control and put the refinery entirely under government control. The Badr militia commander says Thursday will be the decisive day in Baiji district liberation battles. [Mada]


IWMC says Iraqi forces liberated parts of the Baiji refinery and the Anti-Terrorism troops are clearing the rest. [Ghad] The IWMC rejected earlier the reports about liberating the refinery completely and said Iraqi forces were surrounding it. [Ghad] The PMF spokesman had said Iraqi forces liberated the refinery completely. [Maalomah] A Salahuddin Operations Command source says Iraqi forces liberated 90% of the refinery. The source also says the IFP established a headquarters in Albu Juwari after heavy battles with Daesh. [Mada]


An AAH source says their troops broke through Daesh defenses at the refinery and the liberation effort is going fast. [Harbi]


A video of the Iraqi forces inside the Baiji refinery. [YouTube]

A security source says Anti-Terrorism troops killed the Daesh commander in Baiji, a Palestinian called Abu Suleiman, and 50 other fighters in the Baiji refinery. [Baghdadia]


The JOC says Salahuddin Operations Command troops captured the former headquarters of the Iraqi Army 14th Brigade north of Baiji after battles with Daesh. [Ghad]


IWMC says the Iraqi Army’s 9th Division troops supported by PMFs advanced on the western axis of Baiji and destroyed 4 Daesh vehicles, killing the terrorists inside them. [Ghad]


A Salahuddin Operations Command sources says Iraqi Army Abrams tanks destroyed 7 Daesh vehicle bombs west of Baiji and are advancing in the area. [Harbi]


Daesh says a Saudi and a Syrian launched suicide attacks on Iraqi forces west of Baiji with 2 vehicle bombs, killing or wounding “dozens” of them. [Dump]


A medical source says 7 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 15 wounded in the first day of the second stage of Salahuddin Liberations Operations. [Ghad]


A Joint Operations Command (JOC) source says Iraqi forces now control Msahaq and Zuwiya in Baiji district. The source also says Daesh is not counterattacking but using booby-trapped houses and cars as a defensive tactic. [Maalomah]


A security source says Iraqi forces captured the Education Directorate building in Baiji center. He also says the IAA is bombing Daesh fighters who run away to Shirqat. [Baghdadia]


A video of Iraqi soldiers celebrating in Baiji center [YouTube]


A local source says Daesh executed 14 of its terrorists in Baiji for running away from the battles in Baiji. [Sumaria]



Daesh says Kurdish and Iraqi suicide bombers attacked Iraqi forces north of Tikrit with vehicle bombs, killing or wounding “dozens” of them. [Dump] [Dump] [Dump]



A Samarra Operations Command unit found 2 rocket launchers in Zankour in Jazeera Samarra. [IWMC Report]



PM Abadi meets with a US Congressional delegation. Discussion topics include the liberation battles in Anbar and Salahuddin, the government reforms, and US military aid to Iraq. [Xendan]


Speaker Jubouri issued a statement congratulating Iraqi forces on their advances in Anbar and Salahuddin and asks the tribes in Daesh-controlled areas to support them. [AIN]


The Minister of Defense unveiled the statue of Lt. Colonel Ali Al-Nidawi in front of the MoD headquarters in Baghdad. Nidawi became a national hero and a social media sensation in Iraq for his role in the battles against Daesh in Anbar and was killed in a battle in Haditha. [MoD Website]

A video of Lt. Colonel Nidawi’s funeral in January [YouTube]


According to security sources:

  • Unknown armed men threw a hand grenade on a house in Hay Ur in east Baghdad, killing a woman and wounding 3 men in the house. [Baghdadia]
  • Two civilians were killed and 9 wounded when an IED exploded in Sadr City in east Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • Two civilians were killed and 7 wounded when an IED exploded in a commercial area in Camp Sara in downtown Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • A civilian was wounded when an IED exploded in Mada’in in south Baghdad. [Ghad]
  • A civilian was killed and 5 wounded in an IED explosion in Wardiya in south Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • Four unknown bodies were found shot: one in Shuala in northwest Baghdad, 2 in Abu Ghraib, and one in Hay Al-Jihad in southwest Baghdad. [Baghdadia]


The Iraqi Army’s 22th Brigade unit defused 10 IEDs in Al-Tha’er in north Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page] Its 25th Brigade unit defused 2 IEDs in Albu Awsaj in south Baghdad.  [BOC Facebook Page]

The 24th Brigade unit defused 3 IEDs in Khazrajiya in west Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page]


Overall, the IAF conducted 7 sorties and the IAA 18.

The Coalition conducted 16 sorties, killing many Daesh personnel and destroying 21 locations, 15 hideouts, 3 heavy machine guns, 6 weapons and explosives caches, a tunnel, and 2 vehicles. [IWMC Report]

DaeshDaily comment: Earlier the IWMC said the Coalition destroyed 4 vehicles in Albu Shijil alone. Consistency is not one of their virtues.



Tens of people demonstrated in Al-Khalis and cut off the Baghdad-Kirkuk road, protesting the decision of the MoI to fire the chief of police of the district. The chief was fired after the recent car bomb explosion in Al-Khalis. [Mada] Diyala Chief of Police says the MoI responded to the demonstrators and rescinded the decision to fire the district chief. [Mada]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

A Dijla Operations Command unit defused an IED in Muqdadiya. [IWMC Report]


A security source says an IED exploded in Abu Saida killing a PMF fighter. [Maalomah]



A security source says 14 Daesh fighters were killed in an airstrike on Hawija. [Maalomah]



Prime Minister Abadi meets with the Ninewa Governor and GC Chairman and other officials from Ninewa to discuss the displaced people issue and the Yazidi kidnapped women. Abadi assured them Ninewa will be liberated soon. [Maalomah]


A PUK official says Daesh shelled the Peshmerga in Mount Bashiqa and the Kurdish forces responded with heavy artillery and rocketing. [PUKMedia]


A Ninewa police source says the Coalition killed Jadullah Abdullah Maarouf, a Daesh top Afghani commander in Ninewa, and 8 other terrorists in an airstrike on Al-Qusiyat north of Mosul. The source also says an IED exploded on a Daesh convoy south of Mosul killing 2 Daesh military commanders. [BasNews]


A medical source in Mosul says the Daesh handled the body of the Daesh emir of Tal Afar to the forensics. The terrorist was killed by a Coalition airstrike west of Mosul. [BasNews]


A YPG commander says his troops killed more than 50 Daesh fighters and cleared 15 hills in Sinjar during the last 4 days. [PUKMedia]

DaeshDaily comment. The YPG’s has soldiers in northwest Ninewa to aid the Yazidis after Daesh captured their villages in Sinjar, and they remained there, protecting the people there and recruiting young Yazidi men and women.

A Peshmerga commander says 67 Daesh members surrendered to the Kurdish forces in Gwer within this week. [BasNews]


Daesh publishes photos of the graduation ceremonies for its first special forces unit in Mosul. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes a photo of a Peshmerga drone it shot down in Tal Al-Reem. [Store2]




A KDP MP says the KDP will not have Gorran continue to participate in the KRG government coalition because of its role in the violent demonstrations. He says the KDP has photos and videos confirming that Gorran started the violent events. [Maalomah]


The PUK says more than 400 people implicated in the alleged criminal actions during the demonstrations were arrested. [Mada]

The KRG’s Minister of Housing (PUK) says the Gorran ministers still have their privileges and Council of Ministers hasn’t issued orders to fill their positions yet. [Rudaw]



The Muthanna GC voted unanimously to reject the MoI’s decision to fire the Muthanna police chief and says the decision violates the Governorates Law. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. These positions were subject to MoI appointment and dismissal until recently. The law, often referred to as the Provincial Powers law, would seem to leave these decisions to the governorates. Al-Maliki resisted implementing it, but Al-Abadi started implementing it earlier this year.



Daesh releases 50 Christian hostages it kidnapped from Al-Qaryatayn. Daesh still has 156 Christian hostages from Qaryatayn, including 75 women and some children. [Rudaw]

Daesh publishes a video of north Raqqa tribes renewing their allegiance. [Archive]


A local source says Daesh captured the Kurdish town of Ihris near Azaz in Aleppo countryside after brief fights with Syrian armed groups. [BasNews] Local sources say the Daesh commander of the area was killed in the battle in Ihris. [Hawar]


A local source says 5 Daesh fighters were killed in a failed attack on the Syrian Army and its militias near Mount Kawaka in east Hasaka. [ARA]

Daesh says its fighters advanced in Aleppo’s northern countryside at the expense of Syrian opposition groups. [A3maq]

Daesh publishes photos of the results of the bombing on Aleppo’s northern countryside. [ShareText]


Daesh claims responsibility for the motorcycle bomb in Qamishli yesterday and says it killed 15 PKK (YPG) fighters. [Dump]

DaeshDaily comment: The YPG said yesterday one of its fighters was killed and 3 wounded, in addition to some civilians, in this attack.



The Turkish Prime Minister says he has informed the US and Russia that Turkey won’t agree to have weapons sent to Syria because there is no guarantee that the weapons given to the YPG won’t go to the PKK and be used against Turkey later. He also says both Daesh and the PKK played a role in the terrorist attack in Ankara on Saturday. [Anadolu]

DaeshDaily comment. The real explanation may be that the new US-supported coalition of opposition groups includes the YPG. The YPG is affiliated with the PKK, thus Turkey’s concern that US weapons provided to the coalition forces could end up in the hands of the PKK and used against Turkish citizens.


The PYD President responds to the Turkish prime minister and says the US dropped 50 tons of weapons for them and they will only use them to defend themselves. [ROJ]


 Saudi Arabia. A Saudi academic describes the imam of Mecca as “Daeshi”. [Islam Memo]


Egypt. The Egyptian MoI says a policeman and a civilian were killed and 6 policemen wounded when a roadside IED exploded on a police armored vehicle in Arish, in the Sinai. [Islam Memo]


Libya. Daesh officially opens its sharia court in Sirte. [AfriGate]


Somalia. Daesh publishes a video message from its terrorists in West Africa to Somalia. [Archive]


A transcript of the big speech yesterday by Daesh’s spokesman [Ana Al-Muslim]



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