An Update On ISIS Activities

November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015







Among today’s major developments:

Anbar edges closer to the military campaign to recapture Ramadi city.

Al Mada newspaper reports possible Central Bank corruption.

Killer of three trainers & two others in Jordan may have been secret Daesh supporter.  



Iraqi planes are dropping leaflets on Ramadi, Falluja, Hit, Kubaisa, Rawa, Ana, and al-Qa’im, in preparation for upcoming liberation operations, according to an Anbar Operations Command source. [Ghad]


The German government will construct six thousand residential units in Anbar for displaced persons in the Governorate, the Anbar GC says. [Sumaria]


The leader of the Shia Al-Nujaba Movement militia says there are some attempts to isolate the 30th PMF Brigade (Sunni tribal fighters) from the Al-Nujaba fighters as part of an American plan to increase sectarianism in Iraq and separate the Sunni PMFs from the Shia PMFs. [Sumaria]



The first stage of the operation to liberate Ramadi is over, the Deputy Governor said, explaining that Iraqi troops have paused their advance on Ramadi to reorganize their forces, in order to consolidate control of ground taken in the campaign, before resuming the assault on Daesh-held areas of Ramadi city. He said Iraqi forces are deployed north and west of Ramadi and it just remains for them to take the city center. [Mada]


Iraqi ground forces and air power have started to shell and bomb chosen Daesh targets in Ramadi city and Jazeera Khaldiya, across the river from Khaldiya city, says the Chairman of Khaldiya Security Committee, adding that many Daesh members were killed in the attacks. Reinforcements of tanks, armored vehicles, and fighters arrived to join Iraqi forces in Khaldiya city, held by the government.   [Mada] [Mada]


Iraqi forces shelled and rocketed a Daesh local headquarters in Albu Farraj, killing six Daesh members and destroying the building as well as a vehicle bomb in the area, an Anbar Operations Command source says, adding that Daesh members are trying to hide in rural areas around Ramadi and avoid conflict with the local population.


Iraqi forces killed three Daesh members and wounded five in Habbaniya. [IWMC Report]


An Anbar Operations Command unit found six IEDs in the Kilo 7 area west of Ramadi. [IWMC Report]


Coalition planes flew four sorties over Ramadi, destroying a Daesh hideout, a weapons store, an oil tanker, and reportedly disrupting Daesh supply lines. [IWMC Report]


A video of Iraqi soldiers listening, amused, to Daesh wireless communications during an airstrike on Albu Mari’. [YouTube]



An IED exploded in Halabsa southwest of Falluja, killing a PMF fighter and wounding another. The Iraqi 59th Brigade discovered eight other IEDs in the same area. [IWMC Report]


MoD says Iraqi forces rocketed Daesh locations in Falluja, killing 14 terrorists including a Syrian commander known as Abu Urouba, and destroying two vehicles. [Baghdadia]


Baghdad Operations Command troops killed five Daesh members and wounded three, in addition to destroying a vehicle carrying a heavy machine gun, in Qarma. [BOC Facebook Page]


Iraqi forces in Qarma captured two local Daesh leaders implicated in many operations against Iraqi forces, as they attempted to escape to Kirkuk. [Baghdadia]


Daesh publishes photos of targeting an Iraqi Army location in Qarma with a 23mm cannon. [JustPaste]

Daesh publishes photos of damaging an Iraqi Army bulldozer in Zoba’a with a 23mm cannon.  [JustPaste]



Iraqi forces conducted a large military campaign supported by Coalition airpower in Hit District, advancing in four areas, according to a Jazeera Operations Command source. [Mada]


Coalition planes bombed Daesh weapons storehouses in the village of Mosakhin, northwest of Hit. [Baghdadia]


Jazeera Operations Command forces continued clearing houses, destroying IEDs, and opening roads in areas around Albu Hayat. They destroyed two booby-trapped hideouts, killed a Daesh sniper, and destroyed an armored vehicle. Another unit in the same command destroyed 62 IEDs and two vehicle bombs, defused another booby-trapped house, and killed two Daesh members on a motorcycle. [IWMC Report]

Iraqi forces supported by tribal fighters conducted a large campaign in villages around Albu Hayat killing eleven Daesh fighters, the Iraqi Seventh Division commander says, adding that his troops also destroyed three vehicle bombs, two motorcycles attempting to attack Iraqi troops, and a local headquarters for Daesh operations.  [Baghdadia]


Iraqi forces killed five terrorists, and destroyed two vehicles mounted with machine guns. [Baghdadia]


A video of Albu Nimr fighters targeting Daesh terrorists fleeing Albu Hayat. [YouTube]


West Anbar

Jazeera Operations Command troops conducted a pre-emptive operation east of Rutba, capturing a water purification station in the Kilo 110 area. The station had been rigged with explosives, which Iraqi forces defused. The forces destroyed two bombs containing chlorine gas, and 12 other homemade bombs. [IWMC Report]


Local sources say Daesh executed 3 civilians in Anah. after accusing them of cooperating with Iraqi security forces. [Baghdadia]




Iraqi forces defused four IEDs on the road between Siniya and Haditha, the IFP commander says. [Baghdadia]


Daesh says it rocketed Iraqi forces in Baiji with 7 Katyushas. [Alors]



A video of Badr fighters killing 2 Daesh members in Mount Makhoul. [YouTube]


A PMF commander says his troops found the bodies of 4 Daesh members killed in the battles in the Makhoul Mountains area during the last 2 days. He says the bodies had tattoos with strange paintings and sentences in foreign languages. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Similar reports appeared previously online. Many Daesh fighters come from not-so-Islamic backgrounds. Tattoos are prohibited within Islam, but these terrorists say they “repented” when they joined Daesh.



Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh assault on Tikrit from four different angles of attack, a security source says. Seven Iraqi soldiers were wounded in repelling the attackers. [Baghdadia]


Iraqi forces captured two wanted men carrying large amounts of cash who had disguised themselves as displaced persons, heading to Albu Ajil near Tikrit from the Makhoul Mountains area. [Baghdadia]

DaeshDaily comment. We have seen similar reports about Daesh members carrying cash in several areas.



Samarra Operations Command troops killed a Daesh commander in the Jazeera Samarra area and several of his associates, as well as destroying five Daesh hideouts. [IWMC Report]


Daesh publishes photos of the battles west of Samarra. [JustPaste]


IFP troops destroyed two Humvees rigged as car bombs using Kornet rockets, the IFP commander says. [Baghdadia]


Elsewhere in Salahuddin

Dijla Operations Command forces conducted a military operation in the Himrin Mountain area, destroying two camps and several IEDs and explosives, and capturing two vehicles. [IWMC Report]


Daesh publishes photos of destroying graves in Salahuddin. [JustPaste]


A video of the demonstrations in Balad against the return of Daesh supporters. [YouTube]



Regional states and non-state entities such as Daesh could be accessing billions of US dollars in hard currency generated by the sale of Iraqi oil, by exploiting irregularities in the registration of companies participating in the Iraqi Central Bank’s domestic currency market. This was revealed by a series of documents obtained by the Mada news organization from Ahmed Chalabi, late chair of the CoR Finance Committee, before his death last week.

The documents were reportedly gathered in the course of a Committee investigation into the entities participating in the currency market run by the Central Bank, in which it sells US dollars, generated from the export of Iraqi oil, on the domestic market in exchange for Iraqi dinars. Its purposes are to inject hard currency into the domestic market and regulate the value of the dinar.

The documents show that many of the firms involved in the multi-billion dollar sale of US dollars to local currency buyers are in fact false companies, some based outside Iraq, acting potentially as fronts for political parties, regional states, criminal activity, or armed groups.

The Iraqi Central Bank confirmed Sunday that the documents are genuine, Mada reported.

In one example cited by Mada, a large amount of hard currency released by the Bank was transferred to what appeared to be small companies in Jordan. In the documents reporting Chalabi’s committee’s investigation, the committee queried how such a small company in Jordan could handle billions of US dollars.

Before his death, Chalabi reportedly alleged that the loss of hard currency through illicit channels could be one cause of Iraq’s economic malaise. During the investigation he reportedly stated that through export of petroleum, $551 billion in US dollars entered the Iraqi central budget, and that the Iraqi government spent just $115 billion of this sum on imports, while selling more than $300 billion in cash to private banks and firms in exchange for dinars. Chalabi said this huge sum could have instead been used to build up the country’s hard currency reserves, intimating that corruption and fraud in the registration of the companies purchasing the hard currency from the Central Bank could be funneling this cash to illicit purposes. [Mada] [Mada] [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. It bears noting that certain countries in the region such as Iran and Syria struggle to obtain hard currency due to international trade embargoes. Although the extent of Iranian or Syrian involvement in the Iraqi currency markets, if any, is not clear from the documents, this is a potential channel by which regimes of the region could obtain hard currency at the expense of the Iraqi central budget and the Iraqi economy. At the same time we expect that some of this cash will have been funneled to Daesh. For example, one of the companies listed in the report was involved in the deal, reported here a couple of weeks ago, to import Toyota vehicles purchased in Jordan for Daesh.

        Mada’s exposé demonstrates that the confrontation against Daesh goes beyond the military field. Indeed even a small portion of those billions of US dollars turned over to improperly registered firms could sustain Daesh for years. Iraq, however, lacks the oversight and investigative capacity to conduct a full inquiry.


The CoR Speaker joins the Baghdad Operations Commander on a visit to the Bzaibiz Bridge (the crossway between Baghdad and Anbar) and orders that buses be provided to help the displaced people from Anbar move to Baghdad. He also demands punishment of security personnel who forced displaced people to pay in order to let them in. The Chairman of Anbar GC says 200 families crossed the Bridge to Baghdad in order to go from there to Kurdistan. [Sumaria] [Sumaria]

A member of Anbar GC says PM Abadi issued orders to open the Bridge for displaced families but the security forces are not following the orders. [Rudaw]


An Iraqi Sunni politician says the only solution for Iraq’s problems is to establish a Sunni region. [Rudaw]

DaeshDaily comment. Isn’t that what Daesh did? Which side is the gentleman on?


Iraqi judges have issued arrest warrants on many Iraqi officials that were not carried out, the judiciary spokesman says, without providing further details. [Baghdadia]


IAF conducted a sortie over Anbar while IAA conducted 13 sorties over various areas.

The Coalition conducted 15 sorties over multiple areas of Anbar and Ninewa, killing an unspecified number of Daesh members and destroying 19 Daesh locations as well as vehicles. [IWMC Report]


According to security sources:

  • Three IEDs exploded in succession on an Iraqi convoy in Tarmiya in north Baghdad, wounding four soldiers and damaging a Humvee. [Ghad]
  • An unknown man on a motorcycle shot and killed a young man in Adhamiya in north Baghdad, using a gun fitted with a silencer. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED exploded in the Siba area of downtown Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding seven.
  • An IED exploded near a popular restaurant in Sadr City in east Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding six others. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a commercial area in Zafaraniya in SE Baghdad, killing two civilians and injuring six. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded on a tribal PMF vehicle in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad, killing two fighters and wounding three. [Mada]
  • A civilian was killed when a sticky IED that had been attached under his car detonated in the Rashid area of south Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • An IED exploded near a wholesale market in Ameriya in west Baghdad, killing two civilians and wounding eight. [Mada]


Daesh says one of its snipers wounded an Iraqi soldier in Khtaimiya in south Baghdad. Daesh also says it detonated 4 IEDs on an Iraqi Army vehicle in the same area. [Alors]


Daesh says it detonated 2 IEDs on 2 Iraqi Army vehicles in different areas of Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. [Alors]


Daesh says it killed a PMF fighter by detonating a sticker IED under his car in Rasheed in south Baghdad. [Alors]




Iraqi forces arrested a man in Baquba wanted on terrorism charges, according to the Chairman of the Diyala governorate security committee says. [Sumaria]


Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

IFP troops arrested a local Daesh leader in Qaitan village of north Muqdadiya, the IFP commander says. [Baghdadia]


Daesh publishes photos of its terrorists in Diyala. [JustPaste]


Northern Diyala

Iraqi forces conducted a search campaign in rural areas southeast of Qara Tappa, uncovering a hideout containing IEDs and weapons, says the Chairman of the Diyala GC security committee. [Sumaria]



Daesh says its terrorists attacked a Peshmerga location in Al-Zab, killing 5 fighters and wounding others and forcing the rest to flee. [Dump]




A Peshmerga source says Daesh took advantage of the bad weather to launch an attack in Makhmur but Peshmerga stopped the attack. A PUK official says the Peshmerga stopped the Daesh attack between Makhmur and Dibis in Kirkuk, killing 18 Daesh fighters. Another PUK source says 4 Peshmerga fighters including an officer were wounded in the attack. [Rudaw] [PUKMedia] [PUKMedia]



Local sources say Daesh executed 70 Facebook and Twitter activists in the Ghizlani Camp in south Mosul. The forensics department in Mosul says it received the bodies of 70 young men shot in the head and the chest. [Erem]


The leaders of the Albu Matyout tribe issued a statement denouncing any member of their tribe who joined Daesh. The leaders say Daesh killed 107 members of the tribe. They also say they support the Iraqi military and security forces, the Peshmerga, and the PMFs in the fight against Daesh.

DaeshDaily comment. Many members of the tribe joined Daesh and some are in leadership positions in Mosul. This statement reflects the deep divisions within the Iraqi Sunni community and sets up some tribal retaliation like what has happened in Salahuddin and Anbar. 


A member of the KRG Parliament says the Mosul Dam is in danger of collapsing and it needs USD 250-500 million for rehabilitation and maintenance. [Rudaw]


A Peshmerga senior commander says no date has been set yet to start the military operations to liberate Mosul or Sinjar. He also says the preparations are not done yet with the Coalition and with Iraqi forces in this regard and the weather is not permissive. [Rudaw] [BasNews]


A PUK official says a Daesh explosives storehouse in Tel Keif east of Mosul exploded because of an electricity fault, killing 3 Daesh members. [PUKMedia]

He also says the Coalition bombed the Daesh sharia court in Qayara in southern Mosul District, killing 7 terrorists and destroying 3 vehicles. [PUKMedia]


Contrasting stories that say a lot about Daesh:

Daesh publishes photos of opening the Qayara General Hospital with modern equipment. [Karemlash]  

Local sources say Daesh executed 3 doctors in Hammam Al-Alil on Sunday, accusing them of providing information about its casualties. [Karemlash]


Daesh publishes a video of life in Mosul city. [Archive]


Northwest Ninewa

A PUK official says Coalition planes bombed Daesh in Sinjar and Tal Afar, killing 11 terrorists and destroying 6 vehicles. [PUKMedia]


A Peshmerga source says Kurdish forces shelled Daesh in Sinjar, killing or wounding 20. [BasNews]


A YPG Yazidi commander says the KDP doesn’t want to do anything to liberate Sinjar and they don’t let the YPG do it. [ROJ]

The YPG says their snipers killed 2 Daesh terrorists in Sinjar on Sunday. [Hawar]


Daesh publishes a video of the battles in Mount Sinjar. [MuslimNews]


Daesh publishes photos of executing a man accused of pimping. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. One of Daesh’s ways of intimidating the communities is not only killing people but accusing them of honor related crimes to destroy their reputation. Some people have the courage to stand in Daesh face even if they know they would be killed, but even such people will think twice if their families’ reputation was on the line. 


Other Governorates  


A PUK official says his party prepared a reform proposal that will include reconciliation among the political parties in the IKR. [Rudaw]


The KRG issues a statement after a meeting between President Barzani and the German Minister of Defense. The Minister says Germany will continue sending weapons and aid to the Peshmerga. She also says Germany and the Peshmerga are not only cooperating in the war against Daesh but also in “giving hope to the refugees to return to their areas”. [BasNews]


Five hundred female fighters finished their training in a Peshmerga compound in Suleimaniya to participate in the war against Daesh. [PUKMedia]



Security forces arrested a man wanted on terrorism charges in Aziziyah in north Wasit Governorate, a local police source says. [Baghdadia]


Police in Dhi Qar Governorate next to Basra arrested a man from Baghdad wanted on terrorism charges as he was trying to enter the city of Nasariya. [Mada]




Many news outlets and social media activists circulated this video about Daesh killing dozens of young boys in Syria who were handcuffed, naked and face down. To our observation, the video seems fabricated, whether by Daesh or by its opponents. Despite the barrage of gunfire, no blood appears in the video. Conceivably, it might be a Daesh video for training kids. Daesh has in the past published videos excerpts that attract criticism, then published the entire video to make its enemies look like liars and idiots. 



The Democratic Syria Forces (DSF) say they liberated 36 villages and 10 farms in addition to border stations with Iraq and killed 172 Daesh terrorists so far in their advance toward Al-Hawl. [Welati]  A field source earlier said the DSF captured the road between Al-Khatouniya a point east of Raqqa and Al-Hawl.  [BasNews]


The DSF found several Daesh training materials and documents in the areas they liberated, written in Turkish and Azeri languages. The documents suggest that many Turkish terrorists are being trained by Daesh in northern Syria. [PUKMedia]


The PYD Asayesh clashed with demonstrators in Al-Malikiya town in Hasaka and arrested some of the young men to force them to join military service. The demonstration was organized by the Kurdistan National Council in Syria, which objects to PYD decisions to impose compulsory military service and change the school curriculum on its own authority. [BasNews]


The YPG said on Sunday the Turkish bombing continued on their positions in border areas around Kobane. [Welati]

A YPG senior commander says the YPG will respond to the Turkish attacks. [ROJ]


Daesh publishes photos of rocketing the YPG with Katyushas in Ain Eissa. [JustPaste]


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights publishes a new report about Daesh female slaves. [ROJ]



A local activist says Daesh attacked the Syrian Army in the Industrial Area in Aleppo and captured strategic locations in the area. [ARA]


Daesh publishes a video of the results of the Syrian Army bombing on the villages around the Kowaires airbase. [A3maq]


Central and West

Daesh publishes photos of executing an old man in Homs, after accusing him of blasphemy. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of the battles in the Dowa area west of Tadmur. [JustPaste] [JustPaste]


Two videos of the confession of a Tunisian Daesh terrorist caught by a Syrian armed group. [YouTube] [YouTube]



The RSS says Daesh executed members of other Syrian armed groups in Deir Ez-Zor after they repented. [ARA]


Daesh says the Syrian Army is trying to advance in the area. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of the battles near the Deir Ez-Zor military airport. [JustPaste]


Daesh audio newsletter for today in English. [Archive]


Jordan. An official source says the terrorist attack that killed two American trainers, a South African colleague, and two Jordanians could be a terrorist attack. The attack came on the anniversary of the AQI terrorist attacks in Amman in 2005. A Jordanian police captain shot the trainers in a police station in east Amman. Local sources say the killer is the nephew of a former MP who was also a leader of the Muslim Brothers in Jordan. The uncle says he is “not convinced” about the story and the family of the alleged killer refuses to bury him until they know the truth. Some sources say the killer wanted to resign but his request was denied. [IslamMemo] [Erem] [Kheberni]

Daesh supporters say the killer pledged allegiance to Awwad Baghdadi and a video will be published about that. [Ana Al-Muslim]

Daesh Twitter accounts praised the killer and the attack. [Twitter]


Egypt. Egyptian authorities say they killed an important Daesh member responsible for several attacks in Egypt, including the attack on the Italian Embassy and the killing of an American and a Croatian citizens, in a shot out in Cairo. [AfriGate]

Daesh publishes photos of the results of the Egyptian bombing on Sinai. [JustPaste]


Libya.  Daesh publishes three photos of its newsletter distribution in Benghazi, Derna and Harawa.  [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. This is Daesh’s way of showing they exist in some areas, even if their existence is marginal.


Libyan jets destroy a Daesh convoy and two locations in Benghazi on Sunday. [ARA]

Local police arrested 3 local Daesh terrorists in Benghazi. [AkhbarLibya24]


A report about Daesh in Sirte. [LibyaAkhbar]


Daesh published a video on Sunday telling doctors in other countriers “you have no excuse not to come to us”. [Archive]


Unknown armed men attacked a Chinese oil company in Ajdabiya, burned several cars, and kidnapped 5 bodyguards. [AfriGate]


Tunisia. Tunisian authorities arrested 3 terrorism suspects, including one who came back from Syria. [Tunisien]


Afghanistan. Daesh publishes a video of one of its attacks in Afghanistan. [ADI]

Daesh says it attacked the vehicle of an Afghani official in Nangarhar with an IED, wounding him and killing or wounding other people with him. [JustPaste]




Facebook Page of the Day

An anti-Daesh page from Mosul.


Daesh Twitter Accounts of the Day



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