An Update On ISIS Activities

November 10, 2015

November 10, 2015








The Governor of Anbar has formed a committee to investigate the case of a local police officer who was displaced from Anbar before being abducted in Taji and tortured by his Iraqi Army captors, who cut off both of his hands. [Sumaria]

A member of Anbar GC says hundreds of displaced families entered Baghdad from Anbar after the CoR Speaker’s visit. He also says there are many people who infiltrated the displaced families near Bzaibiz Bridge. [Qurtas]


A video of IFP fighters destroying a Daesh fuel tanker bomb [YouTube]


Daesh publishes photos of its Hisbah work in Anbar. [JustPaste] [JustPaste]



The Iraqi JOC spokesman says the first stage of liberating Ramadi was successful, and Iraqi forces are targeting Daesh inside the city. [Qurtas]


Coalition planes bombed Daesh in areas north of Ramadi, destroying several hideouts and three vehicle bombs, including an oil tanker laden with explosives, the IWMC says. [Baghdadia]


Coalition planes bombed a Daesh hideout in the Tameem area south of Ramadi, killing six Daesh members including an important commander who had just arrived from Syria, an Anbar Operations Command source says. [Baghdadia]


Anbar Operations Command troops killed many Daesh members and destroyed a vehicle bomb in Albu Farraj in north Ramadi District, the IWMC says, also announcing that Coalition airplanes destroyed several hideouts in Zangoura. [Baghdadia]


Heavy battles are ongoing around Ramadi city between Daesh and Iraqi forces, an Anbar police source says, adding that the Coalition bombed targets inside Ramadi city while Iraqi forces are trying to assist families that move outside of the city. [Baghdadia]


Dozens of families have evacuated Ramadi carrying white flags, and were received by Iraqi authorities at Anbar University, the Khaldiya District Council Chairman says, adding that the families were then relocated to various areas of Anbar including Khaldiya, Habbaniya and Jurf al-Sakhar after a security check. [Sumaria]


Iraqi forces destroyed a Daesh hideout and vehicle, killing five Daesh members near Ramadi. [IWMC Report]


Videos of Iraqi forces after liberating Albu Mari’ near Ramadi [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]



PMF forces stopped a Daesh attack on the Kubaishat area in Qarma, killing seven Daesh militants and destroying three vehicles, a PMF commander says. [Mada]


Baghdad Operations Command troops killed nine Daesh terrorists and wounded four, destroying four vehicles mounted with machine guns in Falluja. Baghdad Operations Command troops destroyed eight hideouts, a vehicle mounted with a machine gun, and a rocket launcher in the Albu Sawda area of Falluja. Iraqi forces also killed a Daesh member in Subaihat. [BOC Facebook Page]


The Falluja public hospital has not received any civilian casualties, a hospital source says, denying reports that civilian areas had been shelled by Iraqi forces. [Baghdadia]


Local sources say “armed men” rocketed Iraqi forces east and southeast of Fallujah. [Rafidain]

Daesh says it shelled Iraqi forces in east, northeast and southeast Falluja. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. Rafidain belongs to the Association of Muslim Scholars and for them there is nothing called Daesh in Iraq.


A PMF source says a PMF unit destroyed 5 vehicles including a Humvee bomb in Fallujah. The PMF destroyed several Daesh locations in addition to two vehicles in Saqlawiya. The source also says that PMF snipers killed three Daesh members in the same area. [Harbi] [Harbi] [Harbi] [Harbi]


A video of Saraya Al-Jihad in Sijar in Falluja [YouTube]
Daesh publishes photos of its billboards in Falluja. [JustPaste]
Daesh publishes photos of targeting an Iraqi Army location with a 23mm cannon southeast of Falluja. [JustPaste]



Iraqi forces with Coalition air support conducted a campaign in Albu Hayat in Hit, killing 65 Daesh members, destroying five vehicles, defusing 65 IEDs and four booby-trapped houses, and destroying a vehicle bomb, the Jazeera Operations commander says. [Mada]


Iraqi military and tribal fighters arrested the Daesh emir of western Anbar, a Tunisian called Abu Muhajir, a security source says. [Baghdadia]


The Jazeera Operations Commander says Coalition planes bombed Daesh locations and gatherings in remaining Daesh-controlled pockets of Albu Hayat, killing 115 Daesh members and destroying six vehicles, five boats, and a weapons store house. [Mada]

Coalition airplanes conducted airstrikes on boats loaded with Daesh members near Baghdadi. [IWMC Report]

Daesh says a Belgian terrorist in an armored vehicle bomb attacked an Iraqi Army and tribal fighters convoy in Albu Hayat, destroying 3 Humvees and damaging 2. [Dump]




Iraqi forces captured a factory for making IEDs and car bombs near Siniya. Iraqi forces also defused 40 IEDs planted on the road near Siniya on the way to Haditha. [Baghdadia]


The PMF Command said PMFs killed eight Daesh suicide bombers in the Makhoul Mountains area. [AIN]



Heavy clashes erupted between Daesh and Iraqi forces five kilometers west of Tikrit, a security source says. [Baghdadia]


DaeshDaily comment: In desert areas in western Salahuddin governorate, Daesh attack units have been operating in smaller groups of around ten fighters or less, sometimes supported by one or two vehicles rigged with explosives. These nimble units, designed for surprise attacks, are less vulnerable to airpower. In addition to their role in Daesh’s strategy to control the local area, the surprise attacks appear intended in large part to distract from their defeats in other areas where they have lost ground, in effect to bolster the credibility of the Daesh slogan that the Islamic State is “remaining and extending.” It is however worrisome to see such operations so close to Tikrit, which was cleared of Daesh forces.


Students of Tikrit University restarted their studies at the University after the government rehabilitated its buildings. [Gharbiya]



Iraqi forces destroyed two Daesh explosives-rigged vehicles near Jazeera Samarra, the IWMC says. [Baghdadia]


Saraya al-Salam says it rocketed Daesh, killing sixteen Daesh fighters, wounding 7, and destroying two vehicles west of Samarra. [Harbi]


A video of Saraya Al-Salam shooting down Daesh fighters west of Samarra [YouTube]



Esteemed Iraqi politician and former leading member of the Iraqi Governing Council Adnan Pachachi dies in Dubai. He was 90 years old. [Erem]


The Kirkuk Governor says it is time for Prime Minister Abadi to resign and that a new technocrat government should be formed. [Erem]


The Supreme Judicial Council has received documents from the director of the al-Mada media organization regarding potential corruption in the sale of US dollars and has decided to form an investigative committee to examine further. [Mada]

A State of Law coalition CoR Member says his bloc respects the rule of law and will not protect anyone implicated in this issue. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment: Without naming anyone directly, the MP seems to be referring to former Prime Minister Maliki, who would have been in office during the time of the conduct under investigation.


An informed source says the Christian Patriarch Mar Luis Sako asked for demonstrations against article 26 in the National Card Law. The article states that the children of Muslim parents would become Muslims even if their other parent was not a Muslim. [IraqPress]

Daesh Daily comment. This new law angered all non-Muslims in Iraq. It violates the constitution and the rights of Iraqis and violates an Islamic principle that says there is no forcing of religion. Apparently Iraqi politicians are more focused on gaining political advantages at the expense of minorities.


Fourteen gun silencers that arrived to Baghdad airport are for training Swedish and Canadian Coalition forces, the Coalition spokesman says. [Mada]


The Coalition recognizes the efforts of the PMFs in liberating Baiji and has no role in managing the PMFs, a Coalition spokesman says. [Mada]


The Chairman of the Baghdad GC says the families of the 68 citizens who died because of electricity shocks during the last wave of rain should sue government officials including him. [Erem]


Prime Minister Abadi meets with the KRG Prime Minister to discuss the oil agreement. Some sources also say Abadi wants to develop a strategic alliance with the Kurdish Coalition in the CoR. [Ghad]


Coalition planes conducted airstrikes over Ramadi, Haditha, Falluja, and Sinjar, killing many Daesh members, and destroying three locations, in addition to an IED Factory in Haditha. [IWMC Report]


Iraqi security forces captured a terrorist cell responsible for planting IEDs and explosives in Baghdad, the IWMC says. [Baghdadia]


An Iraq Army 23rd Brigade unit defused 20 IEDs in the Sur area of South Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page]


An Iraqi Army 52nd Brigade unit defused five IEDs in north Baghdad. [BOC Facebook Page]


Baghdad Operations Command troops killed four terrorists, wounded others, and destroyed several IEDs in different areas around Baghdad. [IWMC Report]


Daesh says it killed 2 “spies” in Albu Aitha and a third one in Arab Jabour in south Baghdad. [JustPaste]


According to security sources:

  • An IED exploded in an industrial area near Husseiniya in north Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding five others. [Baghdadia]
  • A man wanted on terrorism charges was arrested while trying to enter Baghdad in Husseiniya checkpoint. [Maalomah]
  • Five civilians, including a woman, were wounded when 3 mortar shells fell on a residential area in Dhira Dijla in southwest Baghdad. [Maalomah]
  • An IED exploded in a popular market in Shaab in northeast Baghdad, killing two people and wounding seven. [Mada]
  • Iraqi forces detonated an IED under control in Hurriya in northwest Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded near a popular market in Ubaidi in east Baghdad, killing two people and wounding nine. [Mada]
  • Unknown armed men fired on a pickup belonging to the Baghdad municipality, killing a municipal employee and wounding another, in Jurf al-Naddaf in southeast Baghdad. [Mada]
  • An IED exploded in a commercial area near Saidiya in south Baghdad, killing a civilian and wounding 5. [Mada]
  • The body of a taxi driver was found shot in Hay Al- Jihad, in southwest Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • A Ministry of Oil employee was killed when unknown armed men opened fire on his vehicle in Mahmudiya in south Baghdad. [Baghdadia]
  • Three men wanted on terrorism charges were arrested in Mahmoudiya. [Maalomah]



Moqtada Al-Sadr has issued an order freezing the work of Saraya al-Salam in Diyala, citing “infiltration of some members who are hurting the Sadr family reputation.” Saleem Al-Jubouri, Speaker of the CoR, thanked the cleric for his action, saying that weapons should be in the hands of the security forces alone.

[Sumaria] [Sumaria]


Flooding in the Himrin Mountain area uncovered seven Daesh hideouts, according to the chairman of the Diyala Governorate security committee. [Sumaria]



Daesh says its terrorists shot and killed a PMF commander in Baquba. [JustPaste]



A Peshmerga fighter was killed by a Daesh sniper in Al-Aziziya village near Daquq, a Kirkuk police source says. [Mada]


Coalition planes bombed Daesh locations in different locations in Hawija, killing 18 Daesh members, a security source says. [Sumaria]




A Kurdish security source says his Peshmerga forces stopped a Daesh attack on Makhmur, killing and wounding 13 Daesh fighters. Five Peshmerga were wounded. [Mada]

DaeshDaily comment. We reported an attack on Makhmur yesterday; it is unclear from the reporting if this is a fresh attack or a story about the same fighting.



Local sources say the Daesh leader Awwad Baghdadi arrived in Mosul from Albu Kamal in Syria, accompanied by foreign leaders. The sources say he didn’t come in a big convoy, but arrived separately through the desert area between Iraq and Syria. [Karemlash]


A security source says unknown armed men attacked Daesh locations in two villages in Qayara, south of Mosul, and killed seven Daesh members before disappearing. [IraqPress]

A local source says unknown armed men shot and killed an Egyptian Daesh member in Qayara. [Maalomah]


Local sources say a group of three armed men assassinated four Daesh members including a local commander in Mosul city center. [Karemlash]


A Daesh tunnel collapsed in Bartella east of Mosul, killing fourteen Daesh members inside, a KDP official says. [Rudaw]


Daesh arrested four doctors from Mosul General Hospital and removed them to an unknown location, accusing them of delaying treatment of wounded Daesh fighters. [BasNews]


An IED exploded on a Daesh convoy near Ayadhiya, west of Mosul, killing eight Daesh members and wounding three. [BasNews]


Kata’eb al-Mosul fighters used Molotov cocktails to attack a house that had been earlier confiscated by Daesh and used as an explosives factory, the group reports. The house was burned down in the attack. [KM Facebook Page]


Kurdish militia forces stopped a Daesh attack in mountains around Bashiqa on Monday, killing two Daesh militants, a Peshmerga commander says. [BasNews]


Daesh executed 32 of its own members, accusing them of deserting the battlefront, a PUK source says. [PUKMedia]


Northwest Ninewa

A security source says coalition planes bombed Daesh in several locations in Sinjar, killing and wounding 15 terrorists. [Mada]


Daesh says it detonated 2 IEDs on a Peshmerga vehicle, killing 4 fighters and wounding 6 in Kharayij northwest of Tal Afar. [Dump]


Other Governorates  


The Karbala Criminal Court sentenced four Daesh members to death for killing the Iraqi soldier Mustafa Al-Adhari, who was captured in Falluja in May after being wounded in the leg. Daesh paraded the captive soldier in Falluja city before hanging him from a bridge for three days. The four Daesh members confessed to the killing after Iraqi security forces apprehended them in Kerbala. [Baghdadia]


Unknown armed men shot and wounded 2 National Security Service officers in Basra. [Mirbad]



The Turkish President says “Turkish allies” are about to establish a safe area north of Syria. He also says Turkey will prevent Kurdish troops from moving west of the Euphrates River. [IslamMemo]




Coalition planes bombed Daesh positions in al-Hawl and Tal Tamr in Hasaka countryside, a media source says, adding that battles continue in the area between Daesh and Syrian Democratic Front forces. [BasNews]


Syrian Democratic Forces fighters advanced further in rural areas south of Hasaka, liberating four villages, killing twenty Daesh fighters, and cutting off Daesh supply lines, a media source says. Coalition airplanes bombed a Daesh defensive position as Syrian Democratic Forces units advanced, the SDF spokesman says, adding that his fighters have liberated 48 villages from Daesh control to date. [Hawar] [PUKMedia] [Welati]

DaeshDaily comment: Syrian Democratic Forces are attempting to capture more border stations between Syria and Iraq, which would enable them to cut off lines of supply between Daesh’s territory in Syria and Iraq; this would be a major development if it occurs.


A video of the DSF clearing Daesh landmines [Hawar]


A YPG fighter says Daesh shelled YPG positions in Kobane’s western and southern countryside. [ARA]


YPG forces killed four Daesh members and destroyed a vehicle in Mount Abdel Aziz, according to a statement issued by the group, adding that Turkish Army shelling on YPG locations continued in border areas near Kobane [Hawar]


Four civilians including a child were killed and others wounded in Daesh shelling of a village 25 km (15.5 miles) south of Tal Abyad. [Hawar]


A leader of Daesh named Ada’i al-Khatouni was reportedly killed in fighting with SDF forces near Al-Hawl. Ada’i was the brother of Iraqi CoR member Zahed al-Khatouni and reportedly has two other brothers who continue to fight with Daesh. Another brother from the same family was killed in 2012 while manufacturing an IED. [ARA]


Daesh publishes photos of the results of the Russian bombing on Tabaqah in Raqqa. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling the Safawiya village south of Tal Abyad. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling the Sakharat village northeast of Ain Eissa with Grad rockets. [JustPaste]



The Syrian Army broke the Daesh siege on the Kowaires airbase in Aleppo southern countryside. It also captured many villages around the airport. Daesh was in control of these areas for the last two years. [ARA] [SANA]

Daesh publishes a video of the results of the Syrian bombing on the areas around Kowaires airbase. [MuslimNews]


Central and West
A Syrian military plane has reportedly transferred dozens of Assyrian fighters from the Syriac Security Forces known as “Sutoro”, along with YPG forces, from Qamishli to Damascus and then on to Sadad in the Homs countryside to fight Daesh, BasNews writes, citing a local source. [BasNews]

DaeshDaily comment: Sadad is a Christian town near Homs; it is plausible that Assyrian Christian fighters would coordinate with the regime to operate there; however we are more skeptical on the plausibility of Kurdish YPG forces’ involvement.


Daesh publishes photos of destroying a Syrian Army vehicle with a Kornet rocket near Homs. [JustPaste]



Jabhat Al-Asala Wa Al-Tanmiya, a Syrian armed group allegedly supported by Saudi Arabia and Jordan, announces the formation of Syria New Army to fight Daesh in the eastern areas of Syria. [PUKMedia]


Daesh publishes photos of its Hisbah in Deir Ez-Zor. [Archive]
Daesh publishes a video of the battles near the Deir Ez-Zor airport. [MuslimNews]



A Syrian Free Army commander was killed by unknown Daesh assassins in Daraa, Syrian opposition sources say. According to the source there have been several such assassinations against Syrian opposition forces recently. [PUKMedia]


Daesh says it detonated an IED in a Syrian armed group headquarters in Jayrud northeast of Damascus, damaging it and wounding many fighters. [Dump]


Daesh says its terrorists sneaked into Yelda southeast of Damascus and clashed with Jaish Al-Islam, killing 13 of them, wounding many, and capturing 1. [Dump] [A3maq]







A new Daesh anthem [Archive]


Daesh audio newsletter for today in English [Archive]


Jordan. Local sources say the Jordanian Captain went to the training center carrying an AK-47 and didn’t use the official M16 in the attack. During lunch he started shooting, killing six and wounding seven before he was killed. Local sources say the killer didn’t kill himself; he was shot. The killer’s family is still refusing to accept the official statement. They say their son couldn’t have killed these people. [Khaberni] [Ammon] [Ammon]

DaeshDaily comment. Within tribal law, the family of the killer is held accountable for the families of the victims even if he was killed. That’s the reason the family is denying, because now they have to answer to the Jordanian victims’ families. In similar cases, Daesh published videos of such terrorists pledging allegiance before the attacks. What might they say if Daesh publishes a video like that with their family member?. 


Saudi Arabia. Unknown armed men opened fire on a traffic police patrol in Qatif in a Shia area, wounding a policeman and two civilian bystanders, an Interior Ministry spokesman says. [BasNews]


Iran. The Iran Ministry of Intelligence says forty foreign people from countries in the region were arrested in eleven parts of Iran, while trying to join Daesh in Iraq and Syria. [Arabi21]


Egypt. Daesh publishes a video of its terrorists in Sinai, sending a threatening letter to the Egyptian army. [ADI]


Libya. Local sources say five Daesh members arrived in Sirte to collect money and loot, sending them to Daesh accounts in Turkey. [AkhbarLibya24]


A Libyan Army commander says Daesh is about to control the city of Ajdabiya. The Army units in the city are fighting back, but Daesh has staged military attacks and ambushes in the city. [LibyaAkhbar]





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