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March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016

Iraqi F16

Today’s Major Developments


 Al-Abadi will present cabinet nominations Thursday.

A rumor hits Baghdad that Russia has captured Baghdadi (not confirmed).

Government ground attack on Hit is still pending, but IAF airstrikes take a toll.

More IFP troops, Ninewa Police join Iraqi forces in Ninewa.





Political developments

Prime Minister Al-Abadi issued a statement saying he will present the new cabinet to the CoR on Thursday. [Mada] This set off a final round of political posturing prior to the event.


The Kurdish CoR bloc, after a meeting with President Masoum, issued a statement saying they support any real and substantial reform aiming at fighting corruption and reaching social justice but they refuse any violation of their rights and any monopoly in decision making in the name of the reforms. They stressed using the constitution for real partnership. [Mada]

The KRG spokesman says the cabinet changes are “not important anymore” to President Barzani and the partnership principal in the Iraqi government has no meaning. [BasNews]


The CoR’s National Powers Alliance (Sunnis) issued a statement stating their conditions for supporting the reforms. The conditions include liberating the areas under Daesh control; having people from these areas participate in the liberation and adding them to the security forces; returning the displaced people and meeting their basic needs; releasing the “innocent” prisoners; ending the marginalization; eliminating corruption; and building better security and judicial establishments. The Alliance said it supports the comprehensive reforms and threatens that it would take another position if their demands were not met. [Sumaria]


The State of Law coalition issued a supportive statement after a meeting of its political bureau, demanding a comprehensive cabinet reform according to “constitutional processes”. [Mada]


However, Speaker Jubouri issued a statement saying that the people who delay the reforms are responsible for the security gaps that affects the war on Daesh. [Sumaria]


Prime Minister Abadi’s office issued a statement denying a report from a Saudi newspaper that Abadi has lost Sistani’s support. Abadi says there are some people who are trying to mix the cards in order to destroy the political process. [Sumaria]


Security developments

Our Baghdad correspondent has passed on a late rumor that Russian special forces captured Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the Daesh leader, after a complicated operation. This will be Putin’s surprise for the West, the rumor said. The rumor cites Israeli media, ironically enough, but as with virtually all Iraqi rumors there is no confirmation.


General Joseph Dunford, head of the US Joint Chief of Staff, said that intelligence enabled the US to direct more precise and effective strikes against Daesh targets and its funding sources during the past year and a half. He added that the US is researching even more effective means to cause as much damage as possible to Daesh. [Mada]


Coalition command said that in February Coalition warplanes initiated 1,095 attacks in Ninewa, Erbil, Salahuddin and Anbar, destroying many Daesh targets. [Ghad]


Karkh District police in central Baghdad arrested one of the men wanted on charges of participating in the Speicher massacre near Tikrit in mid-2014. He was arrested in the Yarmouk neighborhood in western Baghdad, after escaping Salahuddin and hiding out in Baghdad. [Sumaria]


4 men wanted on terror charges were arrested—in Abu Ghraib, Tarmiya, and Karrada, the MoI said. [Mada]


17th army division operating in southern Baghdad destroyed 4 booby-trapped houses in Khtaimiya and found 2 IEDs and three mortar shells and detonation rods in Shbaisha, an MoD statement said. It added that the division found a weapon and explosives cache containing mortar and artillery shells in Bazayez Al-Yusufiyah, and destroyed an IED in Arab Jabour. [Harbi]


Security-related incidents reported:

North Baghdad

An IED killed two civilians and wounded seven others in Souq Shallal, in Shaab city. [Mada]

The body of a man shot to death was found in Tarmiya. [Mada]

An IFP soldier was killed and two wounded when armed men attacked the IFP checkpoint in Khadimiya. [Sumaria ]

Security forces defused an IED in Rashidiya. [KM Facebook Page]


East Baghdad

A sticky bomb attached to a minibus killed one civilian and wounded six others aboard in Mashtal.  [Mada]


Southeast Baghdad

An IED killed one civilian and wounded six others in Ja’ara, in Mada’in District. [Mada]


South Baghdad

A sticky bomb attached to a civilian car killed one and wounded two employees of the Ministry of Oil in Dora. [Mada]

Daesh says it attacked a PMF vehicle with mid-size weapons in Arab Jabour. [JustPaste]

Daesh says it attacked a PMF fighter with an IED in Hor Rijab in far south Baghdad, cutting off his leg. [JustPaste]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   8      (Not an overall total)


The IWMC announced 14 Coalition attacks in Shirqat, Mosul, Hit, Baghdadi, and Albu Shihab, killing 46 terrorists and destroying two tunnels, two vehicles, three rocket positions, 6 gathering points, a mortar, and a boat. The IWMC also said that the Coalition attacked a Daesh checkpoint in Tel Ali and an explosives workshop in Abbasi (Hawija District). [AIN]


The Coalition’s own statement announced 20 attacks in Iraq in Baghdadi, Hit, and Habbaniya; Sinjar, Kasik, Mosul, Qayara, Sultan Abdullah, and Makhmur; and in Kirkuk, destroying tactical units, vehicles, Daesh gatherings, mortar locations, heavy weapons, fighting positions, and ammunition storehouses. [AIN]



Ghassan Al-Ethawi, spokesman of Anbar Tribal Council, says that any delay in Anbar operations is tactical. He says that these military operations are continuous and will be until full liberation of the province. [Mawazin]


The Anbar PC’s Security Committee called on the Prime Minister to increase the number of armed forces in the province. It says that despite the large number already there, Anbar needs more troops in order to hold the ground recaptured. [Sumaria]



The Security Committee says Al-Abadi has not yet issued yet his formal approval to form a Falluja Operations Command, but has issued an approval in principle. The Committee says such a command is necessary to liberate the city and district. [Mawazin]


Daesh executed 35 persons who tried to escape Falluja through Nuaimiya or Saqlawiya. Daesh issued a strict warning to the population against any attempt to escape the city. This was reported by Col. Mahmoud Murdhi Al-Jumaili, commander of the 1st battalion of the Tribal Mobilization. [Mada]


Rapid Intervention units killed a Daesh terrorist and wounded 8, destroyed a vehicle bomb workshop and a vehicle, and defused 30 IEDs in Hayakel and Sina’a south of Falluja.

[KM Facebook Page]

Kata’eb Hezbollah says its fighters killed a Daesh terrorist and wounded 3 others who were trying to sneak into the Hayakel area. [Etejah]


Iraqi forces killed 3 Daesh terrorists in Hitawiyeen and Atar.

[KM Facebook Page]


Col. Al-Jumaili also denied rumors that Qarma Tribal Mobilization forces are abandoning their positions, saying that such rumors are aimed to degrade their morale. He said the force of 3,000 fighters is holding its positions very well and is ready to liberate Daesh controlled areas when orders are issued. [Maalomah]


An operation in Subaihat, Qarma, resulted in the killing of Daesh weapons storage official Wisam Ibrahim, and three of his assistants, according to Col. Khamis Al-Halbousi, commander of Qarma Tribal Mobilization units. 4 machine gum mounted vehicles, a Katyusha firing platform, and a large weapons storage facility were destroyed. [Mada]


Iraqi Army’s 14th division troops killed 2 Daesh terrorists and wounded 4, destroyed a vehicle and a rocket launcher, and defused 5 IEDs in the Qarma military sector. [KM Facebook Page]


The MoD said in its statement of operations that 59th army brigade found weapons caches in Zoba’a and Dhabitya. [Harbi]


Daesh says its terrorists shot down a drone north of Falluja. [A3maq]



The Chairman of the Security Committee in the Khaldiya subdistrict council says 1,500 families returned to their houses east of Ramadi. [Sumaria]


General Ismail Al-Mahalawi, Commander of Anbar Operations (AOC), said that engineering units defused 65 IEDs in the 60th street in the center of Ramadi, and 35 more in the city of Albu Aitha north of Ramadi city. [Sumaria]


The Commander says IFP aircraft destroyed 7 Daesh locations in the Albu Ali Al-Jassem area. [Sumaria]


A raid based on intelligence received by Counter Terrorism Service resulted in the arrest of 23 Daesh terrorists hiding among civilians in the liberated area of Albu Tiban, northwest of Ramadi. [Maalomah]


IWMC said that Iraqi Army Aviation (IAA) helicopters destroyed two Daesh positions, killing 8 terrorists and two mortar units north of Ramadi. [AIN]


An Iraqi CH4 drone destroyed a Daesh vehicle in Albu Dhiab north of Ramadi. [Harbi]



A security source in Anbar said that the delayed Hit operation “might” resume tomorrow, as all preparations are completed. [AIN]


Iraqi F-16s initiated several attacks on Hit and killed over 50-60 terrorists in total. 9 terrorists were killed in a weapons storehouse in Ain Kibrit, and the IAF destroyed a tunnel near Hit train station, killing all terrorists inside. Another tunnel was destroyed in Al-Hay Al-Askari where 17 Daesh terrorists were killed, while 10 were killed in a gathering near the concrete factory, and 15 more in a training camp in Al-Matabikh, IWMC said. [Maalomah]


IAA helicopters destroyed a Daesh fuel station in the heart of Hit, according to Joint Operations Command. [Mada]


IWMC said that the 7th army command found a large weapon and ammunition cache in a house in Kubaisa during search operations. Rocket launching platforms and a Jahannam cannon, in addition to a large quantity of ammunition, were also found in the cache. [Ghad]




The IWMC said that Iraqi F-16s killed 20 terrorists and destroyed weapons in an attack on Shirqat. [Sumaria]



Badir Al-Fahal, a Salahuddin Representative in the CoR, said that a PMF militia intercepted a government convoy that included also political and security commands, and banned it from entering the Baiji refinery despite having all permits required to enter the refinery.  The PMF unit threatened to kill all members of the convoy if they did not turn back. [Mada]


A JOC source says Coalition warplanes bombed Daesh in Hamra village south of Baiji, killing or wounding 32 terrorists and destroyed 7 vehicles. One of the injured was a Daesh local leader called Ibrahim Huwaidi Al-Jubouri who was transported by Daesh to a hospital in south Mosul. [Harbi]


Jund Al-Imam PMF units announced the start of a major operation in Siniya-Haditha Road military sector to clear the Daesh supply lines in these areas. Salahuddin Ops Command, CTS units, engineering units, and Iraqi Air Force are participating in this operation. [Sumaria]


The MoD said in a statement that its forces backed by IAA destroyed a trench where 10 Daesh terrorists were hiding along with a 23mm gun, and 15 other Daesh members outside, northwest of Siniya. [Harbi]



Coalition warplanes attacked a Daesh position in Al-Hamra village north of Tikrit, killing and wounding 31 terrorists including Ibrahim Huwaidi Al-Jebouri, a Daesh leader who was taken to a hospital south of Mosul, and destroyed seven Daesh vehicles. [Mada]



Lt. General Raed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the IFP, said that IFP armored units repelled a Dash attack in north Thirthar that used three vehicle bombs, destroying them all before they reached their targets. [Mada]


A policeman, Luqman Fadhil Abbas Al-Abbasi, and nine members of his family were killed at their house in Al-Bad’iya area in Samarra. Police source are not sure if the crime was of terrorist or criminal nature. [AIN]


Southern Salahuddin

An army unit arrested four Daesh terrorists who were trying to cross the Bzaibiz Bridge among a group of IDPs heading to Dujail in southern Salahuddin. The 74th brigade arrested the four and allowed the remaining families to head to their destinations. The families were escorted by a security unit of CoR member Mishaan Al-Jubouri, a Sunni MP from Salahuddin, before they were stopped by security forces according to the MoD. [Sumaria] [Sumaria]

Mishaan Al-Jubouri denied the report and said he sent buses at his own expense to transport displaced people from Bzaibiz to Salahuddin, escorted by his own bodyguards. He said the 4 terrorists were transported in a car belonging to Baghdad Operations Command. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. Mishaan is one of the most “versatile” politicians in Iraq. He was a Saddam loyalist, then in the Saddam opposition, then a Coalition supporter, then an AQI supporter, then a Saddam loyalist again, then a Maliki loyalist and now he is a PMF commander! He used to have a TV channel that taught people how to booby-trap cars, before he said publicly that the AQI was killing a lot of Sunni Iraqis. He got amnesty from Maliki and returned to Baghdad to join the political process. 



A Turkmen CoR member says the arrival of a Peshmerga force in Tooz today violated the agreement signed in Tooz and will complicate the situation in the city. [Mada]

The Mayor of Tooz District responded by saying the force arrived in agreement with all parties, is a “neutral” and non-hostile force, and will work on solving the security violations in the city. [Mada]




A suicide attacker was arrested by Diyala police and local residents before detonating himself in  a commercial area west of Baquba. The man looked afraid and reluctant, before being caught and having his explosive belt defused, a Diyala police source said. [Maalomah]




IAF planes destroyed the bridge in Hawija used by Daesh to transfer personnel and supplies across the Zab River between Ninewa and Hawija, a security source said. The bridge was partly destroyed before, and Daesh was trying to repair it, before it was hit again. [Sumaria]


Kurdish counter terrorism units arrested a major Daesh leader between Kirkuk and Hawija named Malik Rifaat Khalaf Jadu’, a leader in Dibis, who masterminded several terrorist operations, Kurdistan Security Council said. [Rudaw]


Jabbar Al-Maamouri, a PMF commander, said that Daesh transferred its command centers to the health facilities in Hawija and is using ambulance cars for transport of its fighters so as to camouflage its units against Coalition air attacks. Daesh hisbah police now occupy a large part of Hawija public hospital. [Sumaria]




Minister of Defense Khalid Al-Obeidi arrived in Makhmur to inspect the army units there and to get updated on the course of war operations, press sources said. [Sumaria] The Minister confirmed sending additional units to reinforce the army units already in Makhmur. He added that the coming steps will be surprising to Daesh. [Sumaria]

The Minister says more Ninewa Police and IFP troops will arrive in Makhmur to participate in the Ninewa operation. He also says the Peshmerga are participating and their role is a support role. He says the “foreign troops” are in Makhmur for consultation. (He didn’t mention the Marines.) He says there is no delay in the operations and they are going according to the planned schedule. [Sumaria]


A source in Ninewa Police said Coalition planes destroyed a Daesh explosives and IEDs workshop in Qayara, killing 16 Daesh terrorists inside. [BasNews]


Gayath Sourachi, PUK media official in Ninewa, said Iraqi army and US artillery shelled Daesh positions in Makhmur and Qayara, killing 13 terrorists and inflicting heavy material damage on buildings and positions used by Daesh. [PUKmedia]


Sourachi also said that Coalition warplanes attacked Daesh targets in Khaldiya village west of Makhmur, used by Daesh to fire mortar shells, destroying six mortars and killing 6 Daesh terrorists. [PUKmedia]


An army force repelled a Daesh vehicle bomb attack on Al-Nassr village, destroying the vehicle and killing several attackers and forcing the rest to withdraw, a security source in Ninewa said. [Sumaria]


15th army artillery killed Salman Abd Ali, a local commander of Daesh in Tal Al-Sha’ir village, along with 8 others, a security source said. [AIN]


A Ninewa Operations Command (NOC) source says Iraqi artillery shelled Daesh in Zawiya village in Qayara, killing Daesh’s military leader of Qayara and 5 of his associates. [Mada]


An NOC source says Iraqi forces captured 3 Daesh terrorists who were hiding in a house in a village between Makhmur and Qayara. The terrorists didn’t resist and were moved to a security center for investigation. [Maalomah]


A video of Iraqi forces in Kharbadaran village [Mousliya]


Daesh says its terrorists attacked Iraqi forces near Tal Al-Reem village west of Makhmur. [A3maq]



Iraqi F-16s destroyed a Daesh training camp in Ghazlani in Mosul, IWMC said. [Sumaria]


A local source says Daesh killed 15 civilians by electrocution in Bab Al-Tob in Mosul, after accusing them of communicating with the Iraqi government. [Sumaria]


Kata’eb Al-Mosul says its fighters killed a Daesh security official in Al-Risala intersection. [KM Facebook Page] It also says its fighters attacked a Daesh official’s house in Hay Al-Bakr in Mosul with a hand grenade. [KM Facebook Page]

Daesh issues a video about normal life in Mosul. [A3maq]

DaeshDaily comment. It’s totally predictable. When things are going bad for Daesh, it will issue videos and photos to assure its supporters that everything is fine.


Nineveh Plain

Daesh publishes photos of shelling Peshmerga units on Mount Bashiqa. [JustPaste] [JustPaste]


Northwest Ninewa (Tal Afar, Sinjar)

Daesh publishes photos of a battle in Bab Shalow west of Sinjar. [JustPaste]


Other Governorates  



Babel Police said that 4 men were arrested on terror charges, out of 49 arrested altogether. [Mada]



Armed men attacked the car of Abu Hayder Al-Mansouri, Hezbollah official in Zubayr, wounding him and killing one of his escorts, a security source in Basra said.  [Sumaria]



Two men were arrested on terror charges in Al-Bedair subdistrict in Diwaniya by intelligence units, a police spokesman said. [Ghad]




Turkish artillery units targeted Daesh positions across the Syrian border near Azaz with “tens of shells” at dawn on Wednesday, causing casualties among the Daesh fighters, according to an opposition militia commander. [ARA]


Turkish Army troops also fired across the border targeting areas southwest of Kobane injuring four civilians, Hawar reports. [Hawar]


Photos and video purportedly show a border fence being constructed by Turkey on the border near Qamishli. [Hawar]


The pro-YPG Hawar agency writes that a new report in the newspaper Ronahi says documents discovered in areas liberated from Daesh near Shaddadi demonstrate Turkish training and logistical support for Daesh militants. [Hawar]




Northeast (Hasaka, Raqqa)

Daesh has issued a decree that all residents of Raqqa of all ages are required to attend Daesh’s courses in Sharia law and Islamic religion. Some of Daesh’s courses last three weeks, while others last three months, meeting for several hours each day. Daesh also issued decrees forbidding women working as receptionists in hospitals and clinics from performing their job, and requiring that they be replaced with men. [Qasioun]


Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

A high ranking Syria Democratic Forces source says the US has informed the SDF they are not allowed to go into Azaz city. [BasNews]


A report by the Al-Shahba-Manbij Administration Council claims that 1,570 civilians in Manbij have been killed or abducted since Daesh occupied the city in November 2013. [Hawar]


Coalition planes targeted Daesh positions in Manbij on Tuesday evening, including Daesh’s cultural, financial, centers as well as strategic roads and bridges in the city, killing and wounding an unspecified number of Daesh members, according to Welati. [Welati]


Opposition militias shelled the Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo with mortars, locally made rockets, and gas canisters, according to Hawar’s correspondent. [Hawar]


Daesh says its terrorists recaptured Mraighel village in Aleppo’s northern countryside, hours after the village was captured by Syrian opposition groups. [A3maq]


Hawar’s correspondent reports that 25 Daesh militants were killed between Tuesday’s fighting in Zur Maghar between Daesh and the Syria Democratic Forces and Coalition airstrikes on the Daesh-held city of Jarabulus on Tuesday. [Hawar]


Daesh shelling on the village of Al-Qubba 35 km (21 miles) southwest of Kobane killed a woman and her child on Wednesday, local sources said. Another woman and child were reportedly injured in the shelling. [ARA] [Hawar]


Daesh publishes photos of normal life in Soran in Aleppo’s northern countryside. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. One of the photos is actually fascinating. In a small kind of madrassa, where a Daesh teacher is standing up and lecturing young boys about whatever, a young boy just ignores him and keeps looking at the Mickey Mouse picture in his hand!


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Around 50 Russian mine-clearing experts, including dog trainers, are operating on the ground in the recently recaptured city of Tadmur, according to Russian media. [Anadolu]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh has allowed the launch of a vaccination campaign against measles in Deir Ez-Zor on Wednesday, which residents had been seeking “continuously” for their children. [Qasioun]


Daesh executed one of its fighters in a village west of Deir Ez-Zor on Tuesday on charges of having attempted to flee from Daesh-controlled areas, according to the Local Coordination Committees. [ARA]


Daesh executed a child in the village of Al-Kharita in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside for having helped his brother’s wife escape Daesh-held areas, according to local activists. [ARA]


Daesh published photos of battles with Syrian troops in Deir Ez-Zor. [JustPaste]




North Africa

Thirty Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis militants stormed a popular market in the village of Abu Tawila near Sheikh Zuweid, carrying RPG launchers and heavy machine guns and wearing military uniforms. The group remained ten minutes in the market accompanied by photographers and cameramen from Ansar’s “Sinai 24” media outlet, who photographed and filmed the militants before they departed. The raid-cum-photo-shoot came just days after Egyptian troops raided a Sinai 24 media office and seized equipment. [VetoGate]


Egyptian counter-terrorism units carried out airstrikes and a ground campaign against various areas of North Sinai on Tuesday, killing 30 Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis militants, capturing five others, and freeing seven abducted civilians. [ElWatan]


Egyptian security troops reportedly killed the “number two man” in Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis, known as “Muhammad Nasir Mudean” in fighting in the Wadi Lisan area of central Sinai on Wednesday. [VetoGate]


An electricity worker lost his leg in a landmine explosion south of Sheikh Zuweid on Wednesday, according to another worker from his electricity company. [ElWatan]


Egyptian police killed three armed men after they fled a checkpoint west of Rafah on Wednesday. [ElWatan]


A police armored vehicle escaped an IED attack without injury in Arish on Wednesday, security sources said, and another IED exploded in Arish without causing any injuries according to eyewitnesses. [ElWatan]

Daesh says its terrorists detonated an IED on an Egyptian police vehicle in Arish. [JustPaste]


Egyptian military engineers defused two IEDs in clearing operations on the road between Arish and Sheikh Zuweid on Wednesday, security sources said. [ElWatan]




A reconnaissance unit of Operation Karama forces has advanced on the Al-Fata’ih heights overlooking Derna, Daesh’s major stronghold in the Derna area, according to a knowledgeable source, capturing a Daesh member as it approached. [Ewan]


Daesh publishes photos of wiping out Libyan flags in Fata’ih in Derna. [JustPaste]


Libyan military copters have carried out airstrikes on Daesh sites in multiple areas around Benghazi, according to media reports. [Jarida]


Central Coast

The municipalities of the “Oil Crescent” (between Benghazi and Sirte) have sent a convoy of supplies accompanied by notable community members to the Oil Facilities Protection Guard with messages of support and gratitude to the Guard for its battles against Daesh (photos). [Wasat]


Daesh has forced residents of Sirte between the ages of 15 and 60 to attend a Daesh-run course held at various mosques in the city, local sources said. The courses reportedly focused on “declaring the Army to be infidels and describing its commanders as idolaters, and the need to combat the Libyan Army.” [Wasat]


The bodies of two Daesh members were discovered in the Abu Hadi neighborhood in western Sirte on Tuesday, local sources reported. The two male bodies bore gunshot wounds, but the sources did not know if the wounds were inflicted by sniper fire or by an execution-style killing. [Wasat]


Daesh issues a video of its public punishments in Libya. [Isdarat]



As the Government of National Accord takes up residence in Tripoli, the Prime Minister of the government Fayez Al-Sarraj has called for the unification of Libyan institutions and unity of effort among Libyans in fighting Daesh. [Wasat]



The commander of the Oil Facilities Protection Guard – Oases Branch has denied reports that Daesh has attacked the Majid oilfield south of Jalu. [Libya24]


Other countries


The Houthi “Ansar Allah” militia claimed its fighters killed the emir of Daesh in Yemen “Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari,” as well as the group’s sharia judge “Abu Hima,” in an artillery and rocket attack on a Daesh gathering in a village south of the city of Dhabab in Taiz governorate, according to a report in a pro-Houthi media outlet. Other Daesh members were killed and injured in the attack, the report said. The report also said that “an American helicopter” attempted to rescue Abu Ayoub but was not successful. Abu Hima is reportedly known for having issued a fatwa calling for the execution of prisoners held by Daesh in Yemen’s southern governorates. [Arabi21]


Yemen’s Daesh franchise is suffering from defections amid allegations by former Daesh members that the group is excessively brutal and does not respect the blood of Muslims. Erem news notes that unlike in Libya, Daesh in Yemen has not formed alliances with other militias such as the Yemeni Al-Qaeda franchise. [Erem]



Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni Silveri said Wednesday that failure to form a durable unity government in Libya could push the international community to undertake an air campaign against Daesh in Libya. [Ewan]



A Russian policeman was killed and two wounded in an IED attack on police vehicles in the Dagestan area, according to the spokeswoman for the Dagestan police. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement. [Aawsat]

Daesh says one of its suicide terrorists detonated his explosives vest on a police barrier in Dagestan, killing or wounding several policemen. [A3maq]


Russian police arrested 20 suspected Daesh supporters on Wednesday in Moscow following the attack in Dagestan, according to media reports. [LANA]



Daesh issues another propaganda video about the Brussels attacks. [Isdarat]



Daesh says its terrorists attacked and captured 2 “joint” barracks of Taliban and the Afghani police in Nangarhar, killing 9, wounding 11 and capturing 3 of them and seizing weapons and ammunition. [JustPaste] [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of one of its schools in Afghanistan. [JustPaste]




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Ronahi newspaper page


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Daesh audio newsletter for today in Arabic [JustPaste]


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