An Update On ISIS Activities

March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016


Today’s Major Developments


Coalition estimates Daesh has now lost 50% of its territory in Iraq.

Al-Abadi, political parties still wrestling over cabinet reform; Al-Sadr keeps up pressure.

Hit operation is delayed because three Counter-Terrorism battalions were withdrawn to deal with Baghdad demonstrations.

PMF leaders again insist PMFs are entitled to participate in Ninewa liberation

Ninewa offensive slowed by weather.

Experts start analyzing extent of Daesh’s Palmyra destruction.

Syrian Army challenging Daesh for control of Qaryatayn.





Political developments

In a televised speech, PM Abadi called on Iraqi political fronts to express their position regarding the reforms and the cabinet change and stressing that he can’t make the reforms successful without working with the political parties. He said some parties insisted on nominating the new ministers, while “others” wanted ministers chosen outside of current political quotas for ministry posts. He said it’s not wise to submit a cabinet that would be refused in the CoR. [Sumaria]


Abadi also admitted that the sit-ins in Baghdad are affecting military preparations against Daesh, due to the need for troops to protect the participants in the ongoing sit-in. Abadi said that the current crisis is political and should be solved by agreements among political parties. He also said calling for reform should not affect military operations or the freedom of movement for the citizens. [AIN]


Moqtada Al-Sadr said in a statement that Abadi should stop his “useless” speeches because they don’t represent Iraqi people’s hopes. Sadr said the CoR gave Abadi a chance until Thursday and he should use it and submit the new cabinet, otherwise he might be questioned in the CoR or even face a motion of no confidence. [Sumaria]

A Sadr spokesman says Abadi should expose the people who are putting obstacles in the way of reforms. [Mada]

Al-Ahrar, the Sadrist bloc in the CoR, said it won’t have ministers in Abadi’s new government, but it urged the political parties to vote on the minister appointments Thursday. [Mada]


Speaker Jubouri issued a statement, after meeting with tribal leaders from Falluja, urging Iraqi forces to liberate the city as soon as possible and provide secure roads for the families to leave the city. He also says that he handed PM Abadi a list of names of 2,500 volunteers from Falluja who want to participate in liberating their city. [Rudaw]


Security developments

Col. Steve Warren, the Coalition spokesman, said in a press conference that Iraqi units have advanced 2 km towards Mosul since Thursday. [Mada] Warren confirmed the killing of Haj Imam, the financial officer of Daesh, by the Coalition. [Mada] Warren also said that Makhmur, Hit, and Falluja operations will take place at the same time for military reasons, and that liberation of Qayara and Hit is near. He said that Daesh has now lost 50% of the territory it occupied in Iraq. [Mada]


Major General Maan Al-Saadi, commander of the 2nd Golden Division (Counter Terrorism) said that three fresh military units are ready for any future movements ordered by the Commander in Chief. He said that military units have finalized preparations, and are waiting for the PMF to prepare as well. He said that he is not sure if the next destination is Shirqat or Haditha. [Mawazin]

DaeshDaily comment. This might seem like a minor personnel matter, but the Counter Terrorism Service has been a highly effective fighting force that has taken a leading role and won battles consistently. Putting more of their troops into the fight against Daesh could make a noticeable difference. (But see under Hit/Kubaisa about CTS troops moved to Baghdad.)


Saad Al-Mutalibi, member of the Baghdad Provincial Council’s Security Committee, said the Committee had no prior knowledge of recent security measures taken in Baghdad, specifically the Palestine Street operation yesterday by the Ministry of Interior. [We printed an eyewitness report yesterday.] He rued the lack of coordination, saying that MoI does not even respond to the committee’s questions, but also said that the committee understands the sensitivity of the current situation.  He also said that security violations in Baghdad are due to “security gaps” on the outskirts of Baghdad that are difficult to control, as terrorists blend in with normal citizens. [Mawazin]  [Maalomah]

DaeshDaily comment. Our daily reports lend credibility to this last assertion. A disproportionate number of daily incidents in Baghdad Governorate occur in districts outside the city limits (e.g., Taji, Tarmiya, Mada’in, Abu Ghraib) or in areas far south of the city center (e.g., Muqdadiya, Latifiya, Yusufiyah). Al-Mutalibi is saying in effect that these incidents are often perpetrated by people living in those areas.


The BOC justified yesterday’s intensive security deployment in Baghdad as “a weekly security exercise”. [AIN]


The Ministry of Interior issued a stern statement to its employees, calling on its members to be in a state of top alert, and also reminding them of provisions in the law that impose harsh penalties on those who show ignorance in performing their duties. [Sumaria]

DaeshDaily comment. The latter “reminder” is most likely for the security personnel who showed support for Al-Sadr’s sit-in.


A blast described as from a roadside IED placed near a workers gathering location in Bab Al-Sharqi in central Baghdad killed 7 civilians and wounded 21 others. [Sumaria] [Sumaria] However, Brig. Gen. Saad Maan of MoI said that the attack was by a suicide attacker not by an IED. [Etejah]

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was conducted by an Iraqi suicide terrorist who targeted PMFs and killed or wounded 40 of them. [JustPaste]

DaeshDaily comment. All of its suicide attacks in crowded places are described by Daesh as attacks on PMFs, by which they want people to think Shia PMFs. Its official propaganda is that this upholds Daesh’s role as the defender of Sunni Arabs. All the reports are lies, as these IEDs kill people indiscriminately, almost all of them unarmed civilians. Unfortunately, as Daesh loses ground in Iraq, it will resort increasingly to these coward attacks against soft targets who can’t shoot back, so as to deflect attention from its defeats against soldiers and real PMFs. In this case the victims were among the poorest of the poor, day laborers who wait for someone to come by and offer a day’s work. Any car stopping there would be quickly surrounded by eager workers, making this attack that much more reprehensible.

    Daesh’s media is the “pinnacle” of sectarian Sunni Arab media. Daesh just takes things to the extreme. The Arab media outlets tend to dehumanize people they don’t like. Since 2003, Shia, Kurds, and all Iraqis who opposed Saddam were considered the enemy by this Arab media, and the AQI and Daesh took it from there. Considering millions of people, including women and children, as fighters, and hence legitimate targets for terrorist attacks, is an obvious call for genocide. The person who pointed that out was neither an Arab nor a Muslim; it was Secretary of State John Kerry, and of course his statement was not conveyed by the petrodollar media.


Hakim Al-Zamili, Chairman of the CoR’s Security Committee, said that the Prime Minister ignored the Committee’s recommendation to replace politically appointed security officers in Babel with professionals, which has resulted in the recent security breaches. He added that security cannot be subject to partisan divisions. [Mawazin]


Security-related incidents reported

Northwest Baghdad

Unidentified armed men shot and wounded a policeman in Shula. [Sumaria]

An IED placed in a commercial area in Tobchi, killed one civilian and wounded five others.             [Mada]


North Baghdad

An IED in Saba’ Al-Bor killed two civilians and wounded ten others. [Mada]

An employee of the Ministry of Justice was killed when a sticky bomb attached to his car exploded in Rashidiya. [Maalomah]

A sticky bomb attached to a civilian’s car exploded and wounded its driver while he was driving in Taji. [Sumaria]

The BOC announced that the second battalion of the 45th brigade defused a sticky bomb attached to a civilian car in Hor Al-Basha. [Mawazin]


Northeast Baghdad

A raid by intelligence and national security units ended with the arrest of several men wanted for terrorism in Al-Shaab, in Adhamiya. [Mawazin]


Southeast Baghdad

The body of a woman shot in the head was found in the Al-Sadda neighborhood in Zafaraniya. [Mada]


South Baghdad

A roadside IED targeted a police patrol in Arab Jabour, killing one patrolman and wounding 4 others. [Mada]

The BOC announced that a unit of the 23rd brigade defused 4 IEDs in Al-Akhsaf. [Mawazin]


Southwest Baghdad

A roadside IED killed one civilian and wounded three others in the Al-Furat neighborhood. [Maalomah]


West Baghdad

A roadside IED targeted an army patrol in Ibrahim Bin Ali, killing one soldier and wounding two others. [Maalomah]


Total Baghdad incidents reported:   12    (Not an overall total)




Ahmed Karim Bdewi, the commander of the 3rd battalion of the tribal mobilization forces in Qarma said that an attack by army units in Al-Sijir, in Saqlawiya north of Falluja, killed Abbas Mohammed Abbas, Daesh security officer of Al-Sijir and six of his assistants, and destroyed 3 vehicles. Daesh responded with random mortar attacks on Al-Maftool crossing and the perimeter of the international expressway. [Mada]


Ibrahim Al-Janabi, member of Anbar Local Council, says that the city of Saqlawiya is almost void of Daesh, most of whose leaders have left the city to unknown locations. He says that this is a golden opportunity to recover the city, which is already under siege.  [Maalomah]


Daesh announced through loudspeakers in Falluja that any foodstuffs or humanitarian supplies arriving from outside the city will be burned, according to Col. Jumaa Faza’ Al-Jumaili, commander of the 1st Battalion of Qarma tribal mobilization. [AIN]


The Daesh military emir of Qarma was killed alongside three of his assistants during a military attack initiated by the army and tribal forces in Raefa and Subaihat in Qarma subdistrict, according to Col. Mahmoud Murdhi Al-Jumaili, commander of the 1st battalion of tribal mobilization. He added that Iraqi and tribal forces are closing in on the center of Qarma. [Mada]


1st Rapid Intervention division, backed by air support, killed 15 Daesh terrorists in Subaihat, destroying one vehicle and 20 IEDs, according to a MoD statement. [Maalomah]


Col. Mahmoud Murdhi Al-Jumaili, commander of the 1st battalion of tribal mobilization said that an attack by army units and tribal mobilization forces in the Subaihat and storehouses areas killed 8 Daesh terrorists and destroyed an AA gun. [Maalomah]


The BOC announced that 14th army division killed 9 terrorists and wounded 8 in the Albu Shijil/ Qarma/Taqsim sector. The division also destroyed two vehicles with heavy weapons and two rocket launching platforms, and defused 3 IEDs. [Mawazin]


Daesh publishes photos of shelling Iraqi forces near the Technical Institute north of Falluja with 120mm mortars. [JustPaste]


In this post published by Daesh last year (titled “jihadi tourism”) Daesh published photos of its terrorists enjoying their time and having a very good meal in Falluja. The terrorist who detonated himself on the soccer field in Haswa appears in one of the photos.  [JustPaste]


A video records two Iraqi soldiers in Saqlawiya saying their unit was under Daesh attack for 6 hours and they didn’t get air cover. They also say they were provided with defective ammunition, and blamed the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the IFP for that. [YouTube]



Ismail Al-Mahalawi, commander of Anbar Operations, said that weather conditions delayed the advance of Iraqi land forces in Jazeera Khaldiya. However, the 10th army division killed seven terrorists and destroyed a machine gun mounted vehicle in Albu Ubaid. [Sumaria]

Al-Mahalawi ordered army units to allow the return of all families held at Siddiqiya checkpoint to return to their homes after security checkup and ensuring that there are no Daesh elements among them. [Maalomah]


Daesh publishes photos of battles north of Ramadi. [JustPaste]



Jazeera Operations Command announced today the start of Coalition attacks on targets inside Hit as a preparatory step towards liberating the city. Several targets were destroyed and many terrorists were killed. [Sumaria]


One Coalition target was a Daesh guesthouse behind the old public Hit hospital, which was destroyed, killing 20 terrorists, according to a 7th army division source. [Sumaria]


However, Lt. Aysar Al-Ubaidi, spokesman of the 14th rapid intervention battalion in Hit said that the delay in the ground attack on Hit is due to the withdrawal of three battalions of Counter Terrorism troops from the area to the Green Zone in Baghdad. He said that the date of return of these units is unknown. [Maalomah]


Iraqi Air Force planes intercepted a Daesh convoy of 7 vehicles heading from Rutba to Kubaisa on a desert road, destroying it in full and killing all those inside, PMF media said. [Harbi]



Daesh says its terrorists stopped an Iraqi Army attempt to advance to Abd Aswad village east of Haditha, destroying an SUV and killing the soldiers inside. [JustPaste]



Daesh issues a propaganda video about its operations in Salahuddin. The video is mostly about its snipers. [DawaAlhaq]



Army Aviation helicopters initiated an attack on Daesh positions in northwest Siniya, killing 25 terrorists including several snipers, and destroying two vehicles with 23mm guns. [AIN]


The MoD says Iraqi forces stopped a Daesh attack on the road between Siniya and Haditha, killing many terrorists and destroying several vehicle bombs in addition to a construction shovel bomb. The MoD also says Salahuddin Operations Command recaptured an IFP military location in the area that was taken by Daesh earlier. [MoD Website]



An armed group broke into a house in Al-Qalaa south of Samarra and killed the entire family inside, 11 persons including women and children, a Samarra security source said. [Mada]


Ali Al-Akbar PMF faction said that it repelled a Daesh attack north of Thirthar killing several attackers, and destroyed three Hummers and a construction shovel, according to PMF war media. [Buratha]


Samarra Operations Command said that an impromptu checkpoint they set up arrested 10 terrorism suspects, while other units, backed by tanks, repelled a Daesh attack on the Siniya-Haditha Road military sector, destroying several vehicle bombs, including a shovel bomb, and killed several Daesh attackers.

MoD said Salahuddin police defused an IED in the Samarra area consisting of a 220-liter barrel packed with ammonia nitrate, and removed 7 unexploded Katyusha rockets.  The statement said that 38,924 IDP families have returned to Salahuddin province. [Maalomah]



A Kirkuk police officer said that they arrested a dangerous Daesh terrorist in Tooz. The officer said the terrorist had participated in detonating five vehicles in Tooz, and tens of others on the road between Tooz and Tikrit, and had killed two of his brothers, also members of Daesh. He joined Ansar Al-Sunna in 2006, and was released from Bucca prison two years ago. Another Daesh member, from Ramadi, was arrested in Kirkuk while trying to purchase firearms. [Mada]



Muqdadiya/Abu Saida

Explosives teams from Diyala Police defused an IED near a civilian house without any casualties. The IED was a 5-liter plastic container packed with TNT, Diyala Police said. [Mada]


Northern Diyala

A PMF unit found four explosives belts in a Daesh hideout reported by local residents in Sadiya, in Khanaqin. [Mada]




Al-Abbas Units of the PMF shelled Daesh positions in Bashir village with artillery, PMF media said. [Mawazin]


A video of PMFs destroying a Daesh vehicle in Bashir [Harbi]



Kareem Al-Nouri, the oft-quoted PMF commander, said that the PMF cannot be excluded from Mosul’s liberation, and that it is present and ready. He reconfirmed his earlier statement that current operations in Makhmur are merely aimed to push Daesh back away from Iraqi forces in Makhmur. [Etejah]

DaeshDaily comment. We reported that statement but also reported that the Prime Minister declared that this was the start of the Ninewa liberation. Today we have reported the statement of the official Coalition spokesman that Iraqi forces have moved 2 kilometers closer to Mosul. Who are people supposed to believe?


Basim Al-Salami, a Badr commander, said the KRG is trying to annex parts of Ninewa to the region. He put the rejection of PMF participation in Mosul’s liberation in that context. He also said that Shabak population of Tal Afar wants to join the PMFs to participate in the liberation process. [Mawazin]



Daesh executed five doctors from Mosul Public hospital for refusing to cooperate by going to Qayara to treat Daesh wounded fighters there. The execution took place in public near Ninewa Oberoi Hotel. [Harbi]


A source in Ninewa Police said Daesh extended its deployment in Mosul within the last 72 hours, including starting new hisbah police patrols and searches for mobile phones among Mosul’s population. Violators, including women and children, are locked inside a house in the Bab Al-Tob area. Daesh installed checkpoints on the five bridges of Mosul to check trucks and make sure that residents do not move between the right and left sides of the city. [BasNews]


Daesh destroyed 22 houses in Al-Bakr, Al-Noor, and Al-Zuhur neighborhoods in east Mosul previously used by it as weapons storehouses, a source in Ninewa Police said. The weapons were moved to locations outside the city. [BasNews]


Daesh publishes photos of “normal life” in Saray market in Mosul. [JustPaste]


Nineveh Plain

Two mortar shells fired by Daesh on Zilkan camp in Bashiqa wounded two members of the National Mobilization units affiliated with Atheel Al-Nujaifi, a security source in Ninewa said. [Maalomah]



5,000 Iraqi soldiers were moved to alternative locations in anticipation of Daesh attacks, while a small group stayed in watch towers to guard the military base near Makhmur where the Iraqi army was gathering. [Mada]


Major General Najm Al-Jubouri, the Commander of Ninewa Operations (NOC), denied halting military operations, saying that bad weather conditions only slowed the pace of the operation, as did the high civilian presence in targeted areas. He said that once secure exit routes are open, army units will break into targeted locations. He also added that his units repelled a Daesh attack by suicide bombers north of Khaldiya and Salahiya villages killing 5 of them, while Coalition warplanes destroyed 7 of their positions. [BasNews]

Al-Jubouri added that hospitals in Mosul, Qayara, and Shirqat are filled with terrorists’ bodies, and that their rocket launching facilities in the liberated villages were totally destroyed. [AIN]  He also said that Daesh lost 75 fighters since the start of the operation, among them some of its main leaders in the areas. [Harbi]


Coalition warplanes and multiple rocket launchers attacked Daesh positions in Salahiya, Khaldiya, and Hamadan villages, Rashad Kalali, a PUK official in Ninewa said. He added that Iraqi army artillery joined the bombardment, but no land advances were made due to bad weather. [PUKMedia]


Abu Othman, Daesh leader in Al-Nassr village, was killed by army units, the IWMC said. Wisam Abd Ali Al-Saba’awi, was appointed as his replacement. [AIN]

Daesh issues a video of battles near Al-Nassr village. [A3maq]


Daesh publishes photos of cutting off the hand of a man in Qayara after accusing him of theft. [JustPaste]


Daesh publishes 2 photos of its terrorists deployed in Qayara city. [JustPaste]


Other Governorates  


The spokesman of the KRG’s Ministry of Peshmerga say the Ministry is still not sure if the person who appeared in a Daesh video yesterday was a civilian or a Peshmerga fighter. Daesh issued a video yesterday showing the beheading of a man and claimed he was a Peshmerga. [Rudaw]


Tribal leaders from Ninewa held a press conference in Dahuk, attended by the chairman of Ninewa Provincial Council, and issued a statement condemning Daesh crimes, especially against the Yazidis. [Rudaw]

DaeshDaily comment. The conference is a little late. It would have done more good in June 2014. These tribes include people who were loyal servants of Daesh. Now their leaders are condemning Daesh and talking about protecting Yazidi girls.  Is it a coincidence that this statement comes when Iraqi forces seem to be heading toward Mosul and days of reckoning might be ahead?  




Four persons were arrested in Iskandariya north of Babel on terrorism charges, according to Major General Ali Al-Zughaibi, director of Babel Police. [Sumaria]




As has been widely reported, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be in Washington this week for the Nuclear Security Summit of over 50 world leaders, and will hold “informal” talks with US President Barack Obama as well as a formal meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden. The Turkish president is due to press his US counterpart on Ankara’s disagreement with Washington over the YPG, with whom the US is cooperating in the war against Daesh but whom Ankara views as an extension of the outlawed PKK. [Reuters (English)] [ARA]




Northwest (Aleppo, Idlib)

“Thousands” of families from the Homs countryside who have fled the fighting between Syrian troops and Daesh arrived in areas north of Aleppo recently, especially in Azaz, where local groups are struggling to secure the humanitarian needs of displaced people. [Qasioun]


Battles reportedly erupted in the village of Zur Maghar northeast of Kobane between Daesh and the Syria Democratic Forces, according to the Hawar correspondent, who could not provide further information regarding the result of the fighting. Coalition airstrikes also targeted Daesh gatherings in Jarabulus on Tuesday, killing and wounding an unspecified number of people. [Hawar]


Daesh executed three people in Manbij on Monday, according to a local activist. A man and a woman were both stoned to death on charges of adultery, the source said, and a young woman was executed on charges of communicating with the YPG. [ARA]


The YPG repelled opposition militia and Daesh attacks north of Aleppo on Sunday and Monday, militia attacks in Afrin on Monday, Daesh attacks in Kobane on Monday, and a Daesh attack in Shaddadi on Monday, according to a statement issued by the Kurdish militia on Tuesday. [Hawar]


Daesh says American warplanes launched 4 airstrikes on Ra’el village, while Turkish artillery shelled Toqali village in Aleppo’s northern countryside. [A3maq]


Central and West (Homs, Hama, etc.)

Daesh says its terrorists killed 31 Syrian soldiers and supporting militia fighters in an attack west of Qaryatayn southeast of Homs. [A3maq]

Daesh issues a video of its clashes with Syrian troops near Qaryatayn. [A3maq]


Syrian troops seized control of strategic Hazm Al-Gharbiyat hills overlooking the city of Qaryatayn from the southwest in the Homs countryside after attacking Daesh after midnight on Monday night with Russian air support, the Syrian army announced Tuesday morning. The ensuing battles caused deaths and injuries on both sides, according to an activist in the area. Tuesday morning, Daesh attacked Syrian troops outside Qaryatayn with a vehicle bomb that killed eight soldiers and wounded “tens” of others, the activist said. The bomb attack was followed by a Daesh ground assault on Syrian troops, the activist added. Russian planes resumed airstrikes on Daesh positions in and around Qaryatayn during the battles Tuesday, the activist also said. More than 30 Russian airstrikes were reported on residential areas of Qaryatayn. Syrian units also attacked the city with artillery shelling. Syrian Army reinforcements were reportedly moved from Tadmur to the Qaryatayn area. Syrian Army troops appear to be attempting to seize strategic hilltops on all sides of the city. [ARA] [ARA] [Qasioun] [Qasioun]


In the city of Tadmur (Palmyra), where a modern city sits next to a vast archaeological heritage site, Daesh left behind IEDs and mines which are hindering the progress of Syrian troops in clearing the city. Hidden in the bases of trees or disguised as stones from the ancient ruins, the explosive devices have prevented Syrian troops from deploying to all areas of the newly re-taken city.

As for the site’s archaeological area, one estimate said that after over a year under Daesh control and heavy attacks by Syrian troops, backed by artillery and Russian airstrikes, to dislodge Daesh, the ruins are only 50 percent intact. The chief of the Syrian government’s archeological authority however estimated that the ruins were 80 percent intact and said it would take five years to repair them, although this optimism has been disputed by other experts. Another Syrian expert expressed fear that the ruins were now possibly in danger of theft and trafficking by Syrian troops. Meanwhile the UK’s Telegraph newspaper has cited the Syrian government’s antiquities director as saying that a secret “deal” between the Syrian regime and Daesh helped to protect the ancient monuments from Daesh’s abuse.[Anadolu] [Qasioun] [Arabi21] [Arabi21]


A video of a Daesh headquarters captured by Syrian troops in Tadmur [YouTube]


East (Deir Ez-Zor)

Daesh launched wide-ranging attacks on the Syrian Army-held Deir Ez-Zor Military Airport on Monday. Daesh attacked the Army and its Lebanese Hezbollah militia allies from the neighboring Al-Marieiya neighborhood amid heavy artillery fire targeting Syrian positions in and around the airport. The two sides also battled in Al-Baghiliya west of Deir Ez-Zor amid Syrian rocket fire on the area. Syrian artillery units also heavily shelled the villages of Marat and Al-Husseiniya, causing damage to civilian property. For its part Daesh mortared the Syrian-held Al-Jura and Al-Qusour neighborhoods in Deir Ez-Zor city. No casualty reports were available. [Qasioun]



A media activist in Rif Dimashq confirms Daesh’s claim that it repelled a Nusra Front attack in West Qalamoun and killed 17 Nusra fighters on Monday. However an opposition militia commander also says that 12 Daesh fighters were killed in the battles, including a Daesh commander known as “Abu Azam.” whose death was reportedly confirmed by sources close to Daesh. [ARA]


Daesh issues a video of its clashes with Nusra in West Qalamoun. [A3maq]


The pro-Daesh Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade fought new battles with opposition and Islamist militia groups in west Daraa near the city of Tasil as the latter alliance of militia groups attempted to storm the city which is in the possession of the former. The attack was accompanied by artillery fire by the opposition fighters on Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade positions in the city. Renewed fighting also erupted between pro-Daesh militias and opposition and Islamic factions in Hayt, including exchange of artillery fire. Civilians have been fleeing areas where fighting is taking place as well as areas near those controlled by Daesh-affiliated militias in west Daraa. [Qasioun]




North Africa


Egyptian troops discovered a large IED at dawn Tuesday on a road in Arish that runs between the Safa and Zuhour areas, a security source said. The bomb contained from 75 to 100 to 200 kilograms (165, 220, or 330 pounds) of TNT, according to three different reports, and was wired to an electric detonator. The device was removed to a desert area and safely detonated, the sources said. The device was reportedly discovered as part of a wider clearing operation in the area in which troops also destroyed four militant hideouts and removed four structures. [ElWatan] [ElWatan] [VetoGate]


El-Watan writes that high-level security sources have described the Egyptian strategy against the Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis organization, which now calls itself Daesh’s “State of Sinai,” as involving close surveillance and monitoring of lower-level members who eventually lead Egyptian intelligence monitors to larger gatherings of Daesh members which are then attacked by Egyptian troops, as well as relying on civilian collaborators to provide information on militants hiding in civilian areas. [ElWatan]


Egyptian troops seized an Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis command center in Al-Barth, a security source said, after the militants fled when Egyptian troops raided the village southwest of Rafah. [ElWatan]


Daesh says its terrorists detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army personnel carrier in Sheikh Zuweid. [JustPaste]

Daesh says its terrorists detonated an ID on an Egyptian Army Humvee near Karm Al-Qawadees south of Kharouba. [JustPaste]

Daesh also says it detonated an IED on an Egyptian Army explosives expert while he was trying to defuse it in the same area. [JustPaste]


Daesh says 7 Israeli drones in addition to warplanes and Apaches launched extensive airstrikes on north Sinai. [A3maq]




The “Omar Al-Mukhtar Operations Room” of the Libyan Armed Forces has confirmed that a Libyan MI-35 attack helicopter targeted Daesh’s “operations room” in Derna’s “400” neighborhood Monday morning. Libya’s Al-Abraq airbase has stated that the country’s youngest pilot, 20-year-old Mahmoud Al-Firjani, participated in raids over “400” neighborhood, targeting two houses believed to be Daesh sites. [Libya24] [AfriGate]


Libyan special forces troops uncovered a secret Daesh prison in the cement plant complex in Benghazi’s Al-Hawari neighborhood, the special forces commander announced. The prison consists of several rooms which will not be opened until engineering units can check for booby-traps, he added. A Libyan special forces soldier died from wounds sustained in a mortar strike two days earlier. Operations are ongoing to seize the remaining areas of Benghazi where Daesh has a presence, he said. [Wasat] [Wasat]


Libyan MiG-21 and MiG-23 fighters have conducted 20 airstrikes on the rural Al-Qawarsha area, 14 km (8.6 miles) west of Benghazi city, destroying a command headquarters belonging to a “terrorist group,” according to media reports citing a statement from the media office of the Libyan Air Force’s Office of the Chief of Staff. Libyan aircraft also destroyed two boats 150 km (93 miles) from Benghazi and destroyed a third boat that was entering “Al-Jawhara Port” west of Benghazi, the statement also reportedly said. The Libyan Navy and Army ground forces also conducted joint operations Monday to destroy another boat at the Mraysa Marina southwest of the city with artillery fire. [AfriGate]


Three members of a military engineering unit, including two officers, were killed in a landmine explosion during mine-clearing operations in the Sidi Fredj area outside of Benghazi on Tuesday, according to the unit’s spokesman. Another officer from the unit was injured in the blast, the spokesman added. [Wasat]


Central Coast

Daesh executed a young man in Sirte on allegations of refusing Daesh’s “repentance” process, local sources said on Tuesday. The man had been detained three months earlier, the sources added. The execution was carried out by a Tunisian Daesh member by gunshot to the head, the sources said. Daesh claimed that the victim had belonged to the Libyan Army. The execution comes days after Daesh reportedly executed two former military officers in Sirte on charges of belonging to the Army. [Wasat]

DaeshDaily comment: Daesh’s “repentance” usually involves an invitation to renounce past ties to the security forces and take a re-education course.



Libyan aircraft destroyed four boats of a group of six that were traveling from Misrata according to an official in the Air Force Operations Room. An aircraft was reportedly pursuing the remaining two boats, the official added. From the reporting it is unclear if this story is related to the boats reported destroyed near Benghazi (see above). [AfriGate]


Relatives of those killed in battles against Daesh in Sabratha announced the formation of a “League of Families of Sabratha Martyrs” on Monday and held a meeting with commanders of the Sabratha Field Operations Room. The Operations Room commanders also convened a meeting on the same day with civil society leaders to discuss the battle against Daesh. [Wasat]



Tunisian authorities last week foiled an attempt by an unspecified “takfiri group” in Ben Arous south of Tunis to infiltrate the ranks of the military though a Ministry of Defense recruitment campaign, according to media reports. [Tunisien]



Algerian authorities in the Ayn Qazzam area of southern Tamanrasset Province detained two people, one a Libyan national and the other a Nigerian national, on suspicion of attempting to reach Libya to join Daesh, according to media reports. [Wasat]


Algerian authorities have uncovered a Daesh list of 50 assassination targets inside Tunisia, an Algerian security source said Tuesday, according to Algerian media reports. The list reportedly includes political figures, sports personalities, business people, artists, and media figures, including the Tunisian President, Prime Minister, and prominent Cabinet ministers. The list was reportedly uncovered during arrest operations against suspected Daesh members in Algeria. The investigations also revealed that Daesh militants had gone as far as planning the attacks and had acquired specific means of carrying out various assassinations, including silenced rifles, explosives attacks, and poisons “which kill with only a touch.” [ARA]


Other countries


Daesh says its terrorists detonated 2 IEDs in Kaspiysk in Russia’s Dagestan republic in the north Caucasus area, killing ten Russian soldiers and wounding three and destroying 2 vehicles. [A3maq]




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Daesh audio newsletter for today in Arabic and Russian [JustPaste]


Daesh’s new issue of its Al-Naba’ magazine [JustPaste]



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